The scene… by: ginvodka


Everyone is cringing over Suwon’s kiss scene with Yura in the drama, except for Suwon himself. Jiwon sneakily peeks over to Sunghoon, but why is he so calm? Doesn’t that looks familiar? He takes another peek… Does he not remember?! But of course Sunghoon remembers. He is just trying to act cool as he is too embarrassed with his childish act.

They were watching all the episodes of Plan Man, which features the Dal Shabet girls, in one-shot. He became gloomier and gloomier as the show progressed.

“Hoon-ah, what’s wrong?” Jiwon who noticed him sulking asked right away.

“Nothing…” But he kept playing with his fingers, looking absolutely everywhere but at Jiwon.

“Hey baby, what’s wrong?” Jiwon laid her arm on Sunghoon’s shoulder.

“It was nothing…” He stood up, intended to return to his room. Jiwon immediately held on to his wrist and drew him back. Losing balance, he fell sitting on Jiwon’s lap. Jiwon automatically wrapped his arms around his waist, but he resisted. “Let go of me, hyung, I’m tired, I wanna take a rest.”

“Not until you tell me what happened.” Jiwon tightened his arms, drawing Sunghoon’s body closer to him and rested his head on his back. Sunghoon wanted to tell Jiwon not to be childish, but he realised he is not in the position to say so because he, himself is the one being childish.

“Hyung, just let go of me.” He struggled, breaking off from Jiwon’s arms and prepared to roam back into his room.

“Yah! Can’t you just tell me what’s wrong?! You can’t hide it from me, it’s all written on your face!”

Sunghoon kept quiet.

“So secrets are allowed in between us now?”

“It’s not a secret!”

“Then what was it?!”

“It’s you! OK?! Who and what else if it wasn’t for you?! You’re the only person who is capable of swinging my mood! Happy now?!”

“What do you mean it’s me? What have I done?!” Jiwon was confused.

“What have you done?! You! Were you so happy to spend time with the girls?! You even cook for them! What’s with that Gwiyomi thing?! Didn’t you said you’ll reserve your aegyo-ness to me and only me! Oh, what’s that girl’s name again? SUBIN?! You allowed her to touch you?! Since when you can stand those girls who try so hard dolling themselves?! Heol! And you’re asking me what happened!” Jiwon cannot help himself but kept smiling, revealing his front tooth as Sunghoon furiously spit those words.

“Wait a minute, are you… jealous?!” Jiwon could not believe this is happening. “You do realise it’s my programme? I’m the only host, there is no other host to back me up. Of course I have to do all I can to make it interesting. Sorry if it upsets you, I promise to keep distance with female guests, no, I’m gonna tell the production team to only invite male guests. Ok?”

“You can do whatever you want.” Sunghoon blushed, embarrassed by himself. He turned around and quickly walked towards his room. He felt a strong grip on his arm before he could open the door. Jiwon caught his elbow and pulled him back forcefully, crushing him into his chest. He pressed his lips against Sunghoon’s before he could say anything.

Sunghoon struggled. He growled softly, trying to say something but Jiwon took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, sliding his tongue into Sunghoon’s mouth. Jiwon smiled when Sunghoon finally gave in. He smiled again when Sunghoon lean forward asking for more as he lighten the pressure on their lips. So Jiwon responded. He kissed him passionately, soft and unhurried, until he could barely breathe…


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