Kiss the Rain by: 4J2S

kiss the rain.jpg

  • a JyongHoon (Jiyong x Sunghoon) short story
  • completed

The dark clouds roared loudly as SungHoon dug though the pile of books laid before him.

Another day was wasted away as he stared off at JiYong, hoping beyond all hopes to catch his eye.

For the last two weeks, SungHoon entered into the knowledge filled area, spying on him.

He didn’t mean it intentionally, just when he sees JiYong, his mind seem to shut down.

From a distance, SungHoon watched as he got up, heading towards the spot he was occupying.

He heart quickened, disorienting his steady breath.

Needing something to take the suspicion away from him, he grabbed a hold of one of the assortments of books upon the cart.

JiYong strode pass, but not before taking a quick glance over to where SungHoon stood.

He read the title to the book at hand and thought, ?hat the hell?’

He shot a puzzled look over to SungHoon before continuing on.

SungHoon watched the back of JiYong as he blended into the crowd disappearing from sight, leaving nothing but the musky scent of his cologne lingering in the air.

He took in a deep breath, taking thehis smell as he glance down onto the book.

How big is too big?


Deciding on the size of your breast.

“What the fuuucccc….” He quickly placed a hand over the lips about to finish the words.

Slamming the book together, he read the title.

From Man to Women. Complete guide to having a sex change.

*Smack* as the open palm of his hand made a direct hit on the middle of his forehead.

“Great…there goes my chance with him….Probably thinks I’m some kind of a freak now…”

He tossed the book back to the tray and returned to the table holding his learning utensils, in otter shame.

Even though he completely bombed his chances with JiYong, he stayed in his spot memorizing each movement.

SungHoon watched as JiYong stood up with one swift motion, preparing to leave.

Once JiYong seem to be out of hearing range, SungHoon dropped his head down onto the hard wood board of the table, banging his head repeatedly.

“It would so much easier getting over you, i f you weren’t so f*cking irresistible.”

At the moment, SungHoon was just lucky that it was late into the night, that most of the students had already left for home, not here to witness him make a total fool of himself.

He regained his composure as he stuffed all the scribbles of JiYong’s name in various styles into his book bag and headed out to the open air. Outside, heaven cried out the endless tears onto the earth.

“Great, just my luck. I knew I should have just gone home.”

A streak of lightening cascaded down with a loud bang, taking him away from his train of thought.

SungHoon took one last look up onto the gloomy clouded sky, before stepping forward with his bag held high above his head.

The splashing sound of his feet hitting the puddled encircled the skies as he ran out the gate towards the bus stop.

He stood by the bench, listening as the lonely streets fill with the sound of the water droplets falling.

Closing his eyes, he absorbed the music, clearing up the cluttered thoughts.

When he opened them back up to use his sense of sight, he stiffened.

The shadow of a stranger seem to be coming closer.

Soon the figure stop, the dark form impression of the person behind him cascaded onto the cement floor, leaving an eerie feeling.

He looked straight, concentrating deeply on the rain drops realizing that it was still raining, but he didn’t feel the refreshing liquid hit him.

His gaze turned up to look upon the sky to see the black rim of an umbrella covering his head.

Slightly embarrass, he lowered his hand to his side, dropping the backpack that was once covering his head.

SungHoon was now beyond curious who this man/woman was.

Trying to be inconspicuous, he turned his head just a little to get a peek.

That turned out to be just a waste of time as all he saw was darkness.

Be brave. Just turn and look at who it is….but….what if it’s some psychotic killer?’

‘Are you chicken…I can’t believe I’m like this…just turn and see…what are you a sissy?’

I’m not a sissy you are…wait…you are me…well then shouldn’t you be on my side…’

Just look…you didn’t take three years of karate to act like this…right….’

Guess so….if I dies it’s all your fault…you hear me brain..it’s all your fault…’

Stop complaining and look….oh one more thing…stop talking to yourself…’

You started….’ He realized he was still talking to himself as he cut of his own words.

He took one breath, then another, and smelled the ever overwhelming scent of the mystery person’s…cologne?

So it’s a guy.’

SungHoon tightly shut his eyes, slowly turned his body, then opened his eyes and almost fainted.

There standing before him was….JiYong??

To nervous and shocked to do anything, he quickly turned away facing forward.

The shuffled sound of his step came closer as his warmth penetrating the distance that’s between them.

SungHoon unconsciously learned back till his back was touching him.

His heart quickened, as he turned once more seeking the dark brown orbs that can reflect his soul.

With the loud thunder in the background, JiYong and SungHoon stood staring into each other’s eyes.

Losing themselves in the heat of lust, JiYong closed his face in.

Their lips touched as another shot of lightening blasted from the sky.

Slowly JiYong dropped the umbrella that was shielding them both from the rain.

His arm instead went around the slender waist of SungHoon as they were interlocked in a passionate kiss as the delicate water fell from the world above glueing the two together.

The street lamp illuminated the image of the two’s passion as an open umbrella captured the rain, making a pool of water.