It’s You by: indiiea

its you.jpg

Jiwon didn’t know what to expect when Sunghoon suddenly fell down on a knee. Are you practicing Be Well here? was a fleeting thought in his mind, but Sunghoon kept kneeling on one knee and reached for Jiwon’s hand. He took Jiwon’s fingers, holding them gently in his hand. With a stagger Jiwon realized what was happening, his breath caught in his throat.

Sunghoon said, his voice sweet, “Jiwon-ah, 20 years ago you promised me that if we were old and unmarried, we’d live together in Hawaii. That time is now.”

Amid the bright lights and people of the mall Sunghoon was proposing. Jiwon could help the light burst of laughter and the gigantic smile that spread across his face. He clapped his other hand against his mouth, lost for words.

Sunghoon fastened the grip he had on Jiwon’s fingers for his attention. “Will you marry me and live happily?” Sunghoon asked, eyes shining and smile shining like the sun.

He was like a sun in Jiwon’s life. Always there, even on cloudy days. Sunghoon could always cheer Jiwon up and he could afford to let down his walls and just be himself with Sunghoon. As the years had gone by, he had realized he was most content when Sunghoon was at his side. It was not a difficult question.

“Of course,” said Jiwon and tugged on Sunghoon’s hand for him to stand. Jiwon threw his arms around Sunghoon and enveloped him in a tight hug, ready to never let go. He whispered in Sunghoon’s ear, “Of course. It’s you. It’s always been you.”


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