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My Top 10 favorite Korean drama of 2016

Slice Of Life

top-korean-drama-20162016 was undoubtedly a golden year for all the Kdrama fans.  We got to watch few amazing series, that made us smile when we were feeling down and taught us few life lessons. So on a random Sunday evening, I decided to sit and look back to the dramas of that glorious year. And here are my top favorite ones listed below – 

Moon-lovers1. Moon Lovers –
I’ll admit shamelessly that I was a trash for Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Starting from the first episode to the last, I was hooked into this series the entire time. Lee Jun Gi as Wang So took my fangirling to a whole new level.

weighting-fairy-gif2. Weightlifting Fairy –
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo was like a hidden gem I found while searching for pebbles. “A story about a weightlifter? This drama is soo not my type!”, that’s what I was thinking before watching…

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That Winter The Wind Blows – Kdrama Quotes

Slice Of Life

That Winter The Wind Blows Quotes

♦ “It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to cry – If people had said that to me, I probably would’ve cried a day or two and be fine. Maybe because I didn’t get to cry then, even now when I remember that, the tears are keep on coming out.”

♦ “What a person can do for another is not forgiveness but comfort” – Oh Young

♦ “If it’s money you want there is an easy way for you to get that money… it’s now… when the train approaches… just push me… that moment, that woman seemed like me.”

That-Winter-The- Wind-Blows-Quotes

♦ “But you, Young, became the last reason for me to live like a human being. Could I become the same to you? In this empty world, could I not become your last reason to live?”

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Little Hoony by: kim asia

little hoony2

It has been weeks since Jiwon has seen or talked to Sunghoon. He misses his baby so much.

Sunghoon has been busy working on his 4th album. He should be too. But his brain and hearts just not cooperating.

They’ve both been busy since the disbandment. Releasing albums every year and secretly dating has not been easy. Before the disbandment being together all the time is normal. But since the disbandment, they’d have to be careful. They cannot always be seen together. Going out has been a privilege. Missing Sunghoon so much makes him wish they didn’t disband at all.

Jiwon needs a distraction from his loneliness.


As if fate reached out a hand Jiwon’s phone suddenly rang.

“Hello? Hoon-ah! You don’t know how much I miss you just now!”

“Hyung, I think I felt it that’s why I had the urge to go to your house…”

“You’re coming here?!” Jiwon’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Yup I’m already outside.” Sunghoon said with a laugh.

“Wait I’m gonna open the door!!!!”

Jiwon can’t stop himself from hugging Sunghoon tight as soon as he opened the door.

“Sunghoon! My baby! I miss you so much!” Raining kisses on Sunghoon’s face.

Sunghoon feels guilty he hasn’t been able to at least call Jiwon. He’s been dead tired everyday since the release date of the album is near. When he got a break today, he immediately decided to go to Jiwon’s.

“I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy hyung.” Sunghoon apologized with a sweet long kiss.

Jiwon pulled Sunghoon closer deepening the kiss. Sunghoon pulled away to Jiwon’s disappointment.

“Hyung wait you have a guest.”

“Someone’s outside?!” Jiwon quickly going to the door.

Sunghoon laughed at Jiwon’s reaction. “Relax hyung. Just stay on the couch. Keep your back to the door.  I’ll ask your guest to come in.”

“Close your eyes hyung! No peeking!” As Sunghoon ushered in Jiwon’s guest. “Ok hyung open your eyes!”

Right before Jiwon is…well…a Sunghoon puppy!

“Hoon-ah! It’s you!” Jiwon said while laughing.

Sunghoon can only laugh at Jiwon’s delighted reaction. “I was passing by a pet shop when I saw him. And since we rarely saw each other because I’ve been so busy – sorry again!” Sunghoon punctuated with a kiss, “I thought of getting him so maybe you’d miss me less.” Again another kiss.

“This shaggy hair is your concept for this comeback right?” Jiwon asked as he took the puppy from Sunghoon. “You have the same hair!” Jiwon said while kissing the puppy.

“What are we going to name you little guy?” Jiwon cooed as he kissed and cuddled the puppy.

“Hyung you do know the real Sunghoon is right here right?” Sunghoon said with a pout.

“Awwwh….is my Hoony jealous of little Hoony?” Jiwon said as he let go of the puppy to hug Sunghoon. “That’s it! I’ll call you little Hoony!”

little hoony

The Deathberry by: lemonpop815 part 2



D – 41

Sunghoon snapped his fingers, as if he was calling something and shortly after, a thick book just dropped from thin air onto his open hand and he murmured, “I have to check the eighteenth chapter for an event like this…”

“Hey, white hair, don’t ignore me. You haven’t answered my question and now you just snapped your fingers and said something in unidentified language. Are you calling your friends?”

Sunghoon froze. Jiwon really can see him. He had no choice but to sit in mid-air and said, “Is Jiwon-ssi curious about me?”

“Of course!”

Sunghoon pointed to the clock near him, “Isn’t it about time for work at the bar?”

“Aishhh, how do you know I’m working at a bar?” Jiwon asked, half irritated, half curious, “I know I have to go to the bar now, but my curiosity overcame my guilt because…”

“Stop.” Sunghoon said sharply, “Don’t say anything for now, I don’t want Seunghyun or Seungyoon to suddenly come here and record your deeds and disturb us”

“Seungyoon? Seunghyun? Us?” Jiwon said, “What’s really happening?”

“Jiwon-ssi, you should be getting ready to go to the bar, I promise to tell you who I am and why I’m following you in a few days and I hope Seungyoon and Seunghyun aren’t wandering around us.”

Jiwon closed his open mouth, he was trying to stop himself from asking further questions. He looked puzzled for a while and finally asked, “All right, can I ask one thing first?”

“Go on.”

“Are you a ghost?”

“Of course not. Please get ready Eun Jiwon-ssi, you will be late.”


Jiwon glimpsed a black shadow beside the white hair again. Although the white hair had told him to pretend not to notice his presence, Jiwon unconsciously kept glancing at the place where the white hair sat.

“Jiwon-ssi, can you help me clean the table?”

“Ah, yes.”

Seungyoon watched Jiwon, waited for him to come out of the pantry and asked, “Is this just my feeling or Jiwon has been looking at us?”

“Of course not. It’s just your feeling,” Sunghoon said nonchalantly as he flipped through the pages of the book he held.

“Oh,” Seungyoon sneered, “Sunghoon, the angel of death who has the name of The Deathberry, is now reading the basic rules of heaven. Are you making plans to take Eun Jiwon’s life without breaking the rules?”

“Seungyoon-ah, if you came here to disturb my job instead of doing your duty as a good deeds recorder, you better get going.” Sunghoon said as he was frustrated by not finding what he wanted, “unless you want to help me.”

Seungyoon looked at Sunghoon seriously and said slowly, “I’m not sure.”

“Okay, no problem if you don’t want to help.” Sunghoon said flatly and then snapped his fingers. The book on his lap disappeared and was replaced with a leather-cover book that was no less thick than the previous book and he murmured quietly, “I cannot remember where I read that rare case thing.”

Sunghoon snapped his fingers again, he mumbled uncertainly and then he replaced the book on his lap with another book. Sunghoon snapped his fingers one more time, and the book on his lap was replaced by another.

“What are you looking for?”

“Did you decide to help?” Sunghoon asked while he opened the fourth book.

“Maybe. I’m curious because you’re reading the old books…The law of the heavens, the law of the earth, the book of angels prohibition…what the hell are you looking for?”

“The law that controls the rare case events, as I recall, there are some rare cases that aren’t controlled in the law. Yuka doesn’t want to help me because it is common for the angels on earth to memorize all the laws.”

“Well, Yuka isn’t wrong.”

“She always pretends to forget that I’m an executor, the least angelic angel, so it’s only natural that I hate anything administrative like these.”

“But you’ve been moved to the heaven since 10 years ago so…”

“You want to help me or not?”

“Err fine. I’ll help you.”

“Can you tell me where I can find the case about a man who suddenly saw the angel of death?”

“You are looking for that case?” Seungyoon snapped his fingers, and a thin book floated in front of Sunghoon, “You have to re-read the category of rare case events later if you still want to be an angel of death.”

“Yes…and whatever…I’d rather be an executor.”

“You have to find it in the investigation division library, not in the law division library,” Seungyoon said while he was writing, “Uh, why did you suddenly look for the rare case events? Did something happen?”

“Based on cases that have occurred over the last two centuries, the investigation division decided that the incident where humans can see an angel of death cannot be categorized as a rare case event…okay, I’m safe.”

“Ya…ya…ya…read it until the conclusion, stupid Sunghoon…”

“However, if a human who sees an angel of death is a human outside the target of the angel of death or whoever classified as listed below, the angel of death in charge needs to immediately assign the assignment letter to the special division. I already said it safe, smart-ass. ”

“Wait…so who just saw you?”

“Who do you think?”

“Eun Jiwon?”

“Do you have any other references?”

“Answer my question first.”

“Yep, he can see me.” Sunghoon said flatly.

Seungyoon snapped his fingers, and a stack of books floated in front of Sunghoon, “So I guess now your plan is a mess, isn’t it?”

“My plan was rejected by Yuka. I forgot that the female idol was an exception case, so I can do anything, as long as her soul can go back to heaven. Eun Jiwon isn’t a special person so I cannot use the same plan as the female idol.” Sunghoon said, “May I borrow this?”

“Of course, so what are you doing now?”

“I’m planning to tell him the truth, but I have to consult with the investigation division and the law division.” Sunghoon said, “You know, I’m afraid my plan will be changed again just because I’m breaking some of the laws of the earth.”

“Wow…This is not the Sunghoon I know before.”

Sunghoon smiled and called another book onto his lap, “Thank you for helping me, Seungyoon.”

Seungyoon widened his eyes in disbelief, he was so aware of the books that Sunghoon borrowed, “What exactly are you planning for an ordinary human like Jiwon?”

“Se-cret, well, since you’ve finished your job here, you’d better get going.”

Seungyoon realized that Sunghoon was casting him out subtly, mumbled, “Well, good night Sunghoon.”


Seoul Bus Terminal, 11:40 PM

“Sunghoon-ssi, can you stop flying around like that?”

“Eh?” Sunghoon bit his lip, “If Jiwon-ssi doesn’t like it, I guess it’ll be better if I do this,” Sunghoon snapped his fingers, and covered himself with white smoke for a split second and appeared in front of Jiwon with all-white clothes, “I should have disguised myself as a human since we left the bar.”


“You know, the people we met on the way thought you’re a madman because you were talking to yourself.”

“Aren’t you the one that started the problem? You asked me on the way here why I live like this.”

Sunghoon smiled, “I’m sorry, I need to know the stories of your life before you go back to the heaven.”

Jiwon and Sunghoon went to the counter. Jiwon approached the counter and asked, “Is there an empty seat for the last bus to Mokpo?”

“How many people?”

“Two.” Jiwon said while handing over the money.

“The bus will be leaving in about 15 minutes, and this is the change. Thank you and good night.”

“Good night.”

Sunghoon slightly grabbed Jiwon’s hand, led him to the platform, “You just planned to pay for my ticket, right?”

“Um, I don’t think angels have any human money.”

“Jiwon-ssi, the angel’s power is almost unlimited, if it’s just money, that’s a small matter.” Sunghoon said, “For the moment, please stop being nice until we get out from Seoul.”


“I don’t want Seungyoon to come here and mess up my plan.”

It’s been three times since Seungyoon name was mentioned by Sunghoon, and for some reason Jiwon wasn’t happy with it. There’s a spark of hatred sticking out when he hears Sunghoon mention the name.


Jiwon returned to the pantry where he usually does his work, and looked around, searched for the white hair for a while, until he finally looked up and found Sunghoon flying near the ceiling.

“Hey you,” Jiwon called and startled Sunghoon, as if he was unaware that Jiwon returned to the pantry, “Can we talk now?”

Sunghoon snapped his fingers, and made the glasses he wore disappear in an instant and said, “Of course.”

Sunghoon flew down from the ceiling, and Indian sat mid-air.

“Can you sit normally? Like on a chair?” Jiwon asked.

Sunghoon snapped his fingers again and a chair appeared just across the table, and Sunghoon sat down.

Jiwon took a deep breath before asking, “Who are you? And what’s your purpose for coming here?”

“Before I answer, promise me that everything we talk about will be our secrets alone.”

Jiwon nodded quickly, “I promise.”

Sunghoon paused for a moment and said, “I, Sunghoon, the angel of death is in charge of taking your life.”

Jiwon was startled with Sunghoon’s words, but he didn’t want to show Sunghoon he was startled. Jiwon bowed his head for a moment and looked at Sunghoon, “I…aish…well…” Jiwon lost his words. He failed to calm himself and he opened his mouth again, “So finally, I’ll die, right?”


Jiwon’s mind raged. Jaejin was still in a coma, Jaeduk who must divide his time between his duty at the police station and caring for Jaejin, and a biological mother he had never visited since he decided to handle a big corruption case filled his head. Jiwon closed his eyes for a moment to calm down before asking, “Aren’t you going to tell me how many more days before I die?”

Sunghoon gasped. He looked surprised for a split second before smiling, “That’s a forbidden question, I can only tell you that you’ll die soon.”


“There must be a lot of things you want to do before you die, don’t you Jiwon-ssi?”

Jiwon’s expression was very difficult to guess, but Sunghoon understood it. Sometimes, knowing that death is approaching, doesn’t make all the misunderstandings that happened to be resolved just like that. Jiwon stared at the clock behind Sunghoon and sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

Jiwon shook his head and smiled. “Nothing.”

“Please don’t lie.” Sunghoon said seriously, “Even though you’re lying to an angel of death, it doesn’t mean you can get away from the angel who records bad deeds.”

Jiwon suddenly remembered something when Sunghoon mentioned the angels of bad deed recorder and asked, “So the black shadow that was next to you when I cleaned up the soju bottles was an angel who recorded the bad deeds?”

“Oh! You can see Seungyoon?”

“Just a glimpse, blond hair and all black.”

Jiwon read Sunghoon’s expression. Sunghoon looked surprised for a split second before he disappeared for a few seconds and re-appeared in the chair.

“Ah, I’m sorry, there’s a call from the heaven, did you want to ask me something?”

“That black shadow, is he an angel who record bad deeds?”

“No, he’s a good deeds recorder.” Sunghoon looked around, as if he wanted to confirm something, “Jiwon-ssi, you have some last wishes before you go? As long as it doesn’t violate the law of the earth or the law of heaven, I will help you.”

“For now, I can only think of one thing.”


“I want to see my mother.”


As the bus left Seoul, the landscape that was filled with skyscrapers has been replaced with a sky full of stars. He stared blankly at the street and exhaled heavily.

“Can I talk to you, Jiwon-ssi?”

Jiwon slightly jumped. He forgot that Sunghoon had been sitting next to him and turned to him, “Yes…of course.”

“Are you sure you’re okay? You look weird since you told me your life story on our way to the bus station.”

“I think I’m okay, but I also think that I’m in a state that’s not okay. Maybe I’m still surprised that you’re an angel of death and I’m going to die.”

Sunghoon closed the book he was reading, and stared at Jiwon, “You know, as long as I’ve been an angel of death, you’re the first man that did not go crazy after knowing you’re going to die any minute.”

“Ever since I was accepted in the police department, I was always ready for death. Death is a common thing for a policeman like me.”

Jiwon realized that Sunghoon was anxious, “Sunghoon-ssi, rather than being worried about my current situation, isn’t it better if you’re worried about yourself? I’m not sure if seeing angels and angel’s books are a good sign.”

“It’s alright,” Sunghoon replied quickly, “Jiwon-ssi don’t  worry, I’ve contacted the investigation team and asked them to check this out so I’ll stay with you until you see your mother.”

Jiwon looked intrigued as soon as Sunghoon said the investigation team, but realized that Sunghoon will not answer him if he asked about it. Jiwon said, “You better go back to heaven and settle this abnormality, Sunghoon-ssi, I promise I will not tell all of this to my mother.”

Sunghoon smiled and patted Jiwon’s shoulder gently, “I’ll stay with you until you meet your mother.


A roll of paper flew down from somewhere to the front of Sunghoon. Sunghoon took it carefully and opened it. Jiwon didn’t know what was written on it, though he could see the paper. But somehow Sunghoon seemed to be pleased with the paper, “You should believe me, Jiwon-ssi. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Sunghoon removed the earrings on his left ear carefully and put them in his pocket before saying, “Please take a rest Jiwon-ssi, I’ll wake you up once we get to Mokpo.”

Jiwon understood Sunghoon’s subtle way of ending their conversation. Jiwon turned towards the window and closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep. Too many things beyond logic happen today.


“Do you want me to accompany you as a human or as an angel?”

“May I ask you to accompany me as a human being?”

Sunghoon nodded, “Of course.”

“Then can you stop calling me Jiwon-ssi? Just call me Jiwon.”


“My mother and I haven’t communicated for about 7 years. She would love to see me have other friends than Jaeduk and Jaejin, and she will….”

Jiwon lost his words as he turned right. An elderly woman was carrying a garbage bag out of a 24-hour restaurant. Sunghoon guessed that the old lady was Jiwon’s mother because the old lady looked at Jiwon and said, “Adeul….”

Jiwon nodded awkwardly and said, “Eomma, how are you?”

Jiwon’s mom realized that Jiwon hasn’t come alone, gave a brief nod to Sunghoon who bowed at her, “Aigoo…come in. Let’s not talk outside like this.”

Jiwon picked up the trash bag that his mother carried and dumped it in the trash can and followed Sunghoon and his mother into the restaurant. There were only two customers that morning, and Jiwon’s mother told Sunghoon to sit at the closest table to the kitchen.

“You must be hungry, right? Please wait a minute, let me make something.”

Jiwon and Sunghoon waited in silence until Jiwon’s mother came to their table carrying two bowls of meat soup. Jiwon’s mother sat on the other side of Sunghoon’s chair and asked, “So what’s your name? I didn’t know Jiwon has many friends.  Jaeduk and Jaejin are the only ones who wants to be his friend.”

“My name is Sunghoon Jiwon helped me a lot during my rehabilitation.”


“I was greatly depressed before and I dared to crash myself onto the front of a speeding bus. It was Jiwon who helped me and accompanied me during my surgery until after the rehabilitation period. I came here to apologize because it was me who made Jiwon unable to visit you in the last few years,” Sunghoon said while he was bowing deeply.

“Are you healthy now, son?”

Sunghoon nodded and surprised Jiwon a bit because Sunghoon lied easily and somehow made his mother believe the story. Jiwon stole a glance at his mother, her eyes now filled with tears, and stroked Sunghoon’s hand, “Thank goodness. Sunghoon, come on, please eat while it’s still warm.”

Jiwon’s mother got up and returned to the kitchen leaving Jiwon and Sunghoon on the table.

“I didn’t think angels would tell a lie, Sunghoon.”

“For some cases, it doesn’t matter, and luckily, your case allows me to lie.” Sunghoon took he soup into his mouth and chewed the meat quickly while Jiwon stayed silent, “Instead of taking care of my business, you should take care of your own business. Please clear the misunderstandings of the past 7 years.”

“You don’t need to tell me anyway, I have every intent of doing that, it’s just that your story has a big impact and my mom gets very emotional. It’s a little difficult for me to say good-bye to her.”

Sunghoon ate his soup in one gulp, (Jiwon also didn’t realize that Sunghoon was eating so fast) then said, “I’ll go out for a while so you can say good-bye.”


“Please tell her,” Sunghoon shrugged his head toward the kitchen, “that I went out to smoke, okay?”

Jiwon savored his meat soup after Sunghoon left. He hasn’t tasted his mother’s cooking for a long time. Sipping his soup slowly, hoping that his brain and tongue can remember the taste of his mother’s cooking before he die.

“Where’s Sunghoon?” Jiwon’s mother asked as she brought a tray containing two large cups.


It was silent until Jiwon finally put his spoon on the table, “How can you make a soup that taste never changed for seven years?”

“Well, who do you think paid your tuition fees so you can be accepted into the police academy by selling hangover soup for 24 hours?”

Jiwon chuckled softly and looked at the wrinkle on his mother’s face. Realizing that her only child was watching her face, Jiwon’s mother said, “Is there something on my face?”

“I just realized I never bought mother skin care, Mother’s wrinkles are everywhere.”

“If you come all the way from Seoul just to lecture about wrinkles, you better go home.” Jiwon’s mother said, feeling irritated. Seeing Jiwon suddenly silent and looking outside the window, Jiwon’s mother tries to open the conversation, “I heard Jaejin’s still not awake from the coma?”

Jiwon took a deep breath, and said, “Jaeduk often calls Mom then.”

“Since you decided to terminate the communication with Mom 7 years ago, Jaeduk and Jaejin are calling Mother every day, convincing me my only child is perfectly healthy.” Jiwon boldly looked at his mother, waited until his mother continued her sentence, “Sometimes Mom feels that Moms biological child is not you, but Jaeduk and Jaejin.”

“Sorry, if I cannot be as good as Jaejin and Jaeduk, and sorry because I’m your son.”

“What are you talking about? Even if you have a bad attitude, you’re still my son!”

Jiwon smiled for a moment before saying, “So are you going to forgive me?”

“Because you don’t go home and talk to Mother for 7 years? Anyway, Jaeduk already told me the whole problem, and I’m sure you’re not a foolish kid, so stop blaming yourself, son. What’s happening to Jaejin is not 100% your fault.”

“If I hadn’t insisted on continuing the case, Jaejin would still be on regular patrol on the outskirts of Seoul instead of sleeping at the hospital.”

“Jiwon-ah, you’ve done your best for the case, what happened to Jaejin is inevitable. Its fate.”

“Fate?” Jiwon said quietly.

“Yes, fate. Isn’t fate that brought you together with Sunghoon so that you’d finally want to see me after 7 years?”

Jiwon threw again his eyes out the window. His mother continued, “What happened to Sunghoon must be because of your unbearable habit to help other people, isn’t it?”

“Jiwon-ah, how many years do you think I’ve known you? Mom is very familiar with your habits, including your weird way of thinking about to terminate the communication so that I will not be a corrupt hostess when you decide to continue the corruption case. Rather than apologizing to me, it’s better to apologize to Jaeduk and Jaejin because I’m sure they’re not like me who can understand your strange way of thinking.”

“Speaking of strange thinking, I know this attitude of yours…are you planning to go for a long time without contacting Mom, Jaeduk and Jaejin? You want to go with Sunghoon and solve his problem?”

“That…” Jiwon rose from his chair and hugged his mother tightly. His emotions overflowed and he unknowingly cried, “Eomma, mianhae…”


“Jeongmal mianhae, I have never been really loyal to you, and now I have to leave you alone…”

“What are you talking about?” Jiwon’s mom said as she let go of Jiwon’s embrace, “You’ll only accompany Sunghoon for a while, right?”

Jiwon wiped the tears on his cheeks and said, “That’s right.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, you’re make me worried, promise me, once Jaejin wakes up, please all of you come together here without worrying about anything.”


“Jiwon-ah, please…”

“Well, I promise.” Jiwon’s chest suddenly ached as he said his promise, “I’m sorry eomma, because right now Sunghoon needs me more than Mom or Jaejin and Jaeduk.”

“I understand, go pick up Sunghoon, I’m afraid he’ll do something strange if he is left alone too long.”


Jiwon gasped when he realized he was at the beach. He’s even more astonished when he found Sunghoon sitting cross-legged facing the rising sun. Sunghoon seems to realize Jiwon was behind him because he turned back, with a cigarette in his mouth. Sunghoon took a long drag on his cigarette, blew smoke from his mouth and said, “Is it over?”

Jiwon didn’t answer Sunghoon’s question. He stood next to Sunghoon, looking at the rosy tinge that appeared from the eastern horizon. All of his regret filled his mind now. Was he able to send his mother enough money until he died? Can he see Jaejin getting up from his coma? Will Jaejin forgive him? Can he explain everything about the big case to Jaeduk? Can he leave his mother to Jaeduk?

“Will I see the sun rise here with Jaeduk and Jaejin before I die?”

“Eh?” Sunghoon rose from his seat and turned to Jiwon. He saw Jiwon was crying, and muttered, “Jiwon…”

“How many days…how many days left until I die? How many days…”

Jiwon sobbed softly and Sunghoon pitied him. Sunghoon unknowingly hugged Jiwon, patted his back slowly. Sunghoon’s guess wasn’t entirely wrong. Even a human like Jiwon cannot stay calm as he realizes his time is getting closer.


D – 40

Jiwon and Sunghoon returned to Seoul via the last bus from Mokpo. Nothing happened during their stay at Mokpo, other than when Jiwon asked, “Can you let me go around alone until lunchtime?”

And of course Sunghoon granted Jiwon’s request. Sunghoon kept an eye on Jiwon from afar without Jiwon being aware of it. The letter he received last night was a request for an investigation of Jiwon. And from all the rare cases ever investigated, Sunghoon had never found a human case that could see an angel other than an angel of death and he was fortunate enough that he can to be part of the investigation team (they already knew very well that Sunghoon had such a great power as an executor) allowing him to use his powers of about 10% in case Jiwon suddenly does something dangerous.

Jiwon was silent until they arrive at Jiwon’s house at 4 am. Occasionally turning around, as if he wanted to make sure Sunghoon is still around him. Sunghoon was bored, because Jiwon decided to go to sleep for three hours before his part time job. He opted to read the old investigative reports of rare cases while taking down notes on his parchment.

Sunghoon didn’t realize how many hours passed because he was busy reading until he realized that Jiwon was sitting across from him and saying his morning prayer.

Sunghoon was groping his left ear, as if he was making sure that he was wearing his earrings again, and suddenly Seungyoon came, and strangled his neck hard, making several books stacked on the table fall, scattered on the floor.

“I thought you were pretty smart, Sunghoon.”

“What…what do you mean, Seungyoon?” Sunghoon asked breathlessly. Seungyoon’s nails stuck on his neck skin, and Sunghoon began to feel the pain.

“You want Jiwon to be your and the investigation team’s experiment object, aren’t you? You’re trying to be a knight, trying to grant his last wish…” Seungyoon stuck his nails deeper, making Sunghoon cough and out of breath as Sunghoon’s hand tightly grabbed Seungyoon’s hand, wishing Seungyoon to release him but it’s useless, “But actually you’re doing a little experiment on him, wishing he could…”

Jiwon cannot believe what he is seeing now. He had just finished his morning prayer and when he opened his eyes, the black shadow he had seen before at the bar, now became clear. The black shadow was a male figure, about the same height as Sunghoon, dressed in black and has blond hair. The creature was strangling Sunghoon’s neck and from his nails that’s piercing Sunghoon’s neck skin, there was a disgusting black spot forming which Jiwon thought that was poison.

Trying not to make a sound when he got up from the chair, Jiwon stretched his hand out toward the creature’s shoulder, while shouting, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, FUCKING CREATURE!”

Sunghoon, realizing Seungyoon was surprised from Jiwon’s shout broke away from Seungyoon’s stranglehold, and quickly changed his position, now Jiwon’s hand grabbed Sunghoon’s left hand, which was trying to hold Jiwon and grab his shoulder.

Sunghoon, gasping for air from Seungyoon’s strangulation said, “Heaven business, I have to go.”

Without waiting for Jiwon’s answer, Seungyoon and Sunghoon’s body was covered in white smoke and disappeared.

Seungyoon opened his eyes slowly. Sunghoon brought him back to the heaven so suddenly and now both he and Sunghoon were lying down in front of the main building of the investigation division. Seungyoon looked to his right, where Sunghoon laid.

“What do you want to happen with you bringing me here, huh?”

No answer. But instead, Seungyoon heard Sunghoon moaning in pain and gasping for breath. Seungyoon softened his voice, once he felt something was wrong with Sunghoon.

“Hey…Sunghoon, what happened?”

Seungyoon crawled toward Sunghoon and shrieked with surprised when he saw Sunghoon’s left hand full of bruises and bad smell emanating from a disgusting looking wound, “Yah! Sunghoon-ah! Sunghoon-ah! Hang on Sunghoon!!”

The Deathberry by: lemonpop815


  • a EunKang fic
  • on-going
  • from WordPress


People always said that another day will lead you to another life.

Another day and another life.

What a cliché.

Sunghoon always laugh whenever he hears humans talk about future matters. There are times when humans are too pessimistic, but there are also times when humans are too optimistic. And it was so wonderful to see how disappointed they were when their hopes were flung to the ground.

“You know Yuka, humans are the most ridiculous creatures I’ve met. Other than angels who record those good deeds.”

“So whose life are you taking in the next 49 days? A corruptor? A criminal? A wealthy philanthropist? An idol? A teacher whom everyone respects?”

“An ordinary person.  An ex-convict, the most boring type because I already know the kind of face I’ll put on when I take his life.”

“Well congratulations.”

“Well for me, taking a human’s life is a duty, but for humans, death is a way to end their boring adventure in the world.”

“Well whatever. Do you want me to remind you of the rules before you leave or do you want me to just say good-bye?”

“I choose the second one.”

“Well, enjoy your duty and have a nice day with…”

“Eun Jiwon.”


He prefers other angels to call him Deathberry.

It sounds dark, scary, horrible, but it had a pleasant impression.

Still fresh in his memory, when he was assigned to replace Bolt as an angel of death.

Heaven was enraged.

How can an angel of death have a god-like face? His skin is pale like porcelain, his lips pink, his handsome face like sculpture combined with his silver white hair.

All angels doubted whether he could do his job properly and quickly with that face.

The heavens was enraged again because he easily completed his task with level S difficulty.

His first task was to take the life of a female idol that many people love because of her generosity.

Even though its already time for the female idol to pass, the angels can’t take her life that easily because a lot of people were praying for her to live long. If an angel forcibly takes her life the angel can lose his power. But Sunghoon completed his task on time and without any difficulties.

“Don’t judge the book by its cover.” Sunghoon said back then, while returning his assignment letter to Yuka, “An angel of death must know how to take a life.”

And here he is now, with his new task. He must take the life of an ex-convict named Eun Jiwon after 49 days.

“Gotcha.” Sunghoon said excitedly, once he recognized his target and began to follow Jiwon carefully, “A predictable person.”

Eun Jiwon, his target, now turned quickly into a narrow alley. He sped his pace which made Sunghoon use his power so he can follow Jiwon closely.

“Black hoodie, narrow alley, hurriedly running, and an ex-convict.” Sunghoon muttered, he was aware of Jiwon’s suspicious movements. And now, his mind was fixed on several things. “Illegal goods transaction, drugs sale, information exchange from the black market…oh really…he is someone who is very predictable and I wouldn’t be surprised if I meet…”

“Hi Sunghoon.” A glimpse of a black shadow appeared not far from where Jiwon stood, carrying a thick white book and waved kindly at him.

“Seungyoon, why are you here?” Sunghoon asked in surprise, acknowledging Seungyoon’s presence.

“What do you think? I’m on duty of course, recording the good deeds of Eun Jiwon.” Seungyoon said smoothly while he was writing something in his book, “Do you think Seunghyun will be here, writing down his bad deeds?”


“Don’t judge the book by its cover.” Seungyoon said half-mockingly, “Eun Jiwon likes to feed stray dogs in this district. Every day.”

“Oh…” Sunghoon said slowly as he looked away from Seungyoon toward Jiwon who was bending over, making sure all dogs were there to eat.

Seungyoon still smiling, looked at Sunghoon and Jiwon alternately. It took him three minutes before he finally realized why Sunghoon was suddenly in the human world and trailing Eun Jiwon. Seungyoon said, “Ah…so…are you in charge of taking Eun Jiwon’s life?”


Seungyoon sighed for a moment, “I don’t know if I can say a forbidden thing but I don’t want Eun Jiwon to die just yet.”

Sunghoon looked at Seungyoon and said, “Well…It’s strange to hear you say something cliché like that.”

“But that’s the truth, and I’m afraid that I can’t tell you the details. You know, the taboo of angels who record the human deeds”

“And you know, it’s one of those stupid things in Heaven. Good deeds don’t affect the angel of death and prevents them from taking his life.” Sunghoon said flatly.

Seungyoon laughed flatly and said, “Only you, the cold-hearted angel of death can take the lives of good people easily.”

“Bolt is stupid, he has to give up his precious power just for someone whom other people say is good.”

Seungyoon paused for a moment and asked, “I know it’s a taboo thing, but I’m sure you’ll answer this stupid question. Will you use the same trick when you took the life of the female idol on Eun Jiwon?”

“Yep, I’ll get him to see me, and with a bit of this and that, I’ll take his life with ease.”

“Are you sure that it will work smoothly?”

“50:50. Sometimes humans are difficult to guess.” Sunghoon said, as he was preparing to follow Jiwon, who’s finished feeding the stray dogs, “Let’s end this conversation for now, I’ll go first.”

Seungyoon watched Jiwon walking down the narrow alley and said, “Well, we’ll see.”


D – 47

“Can’t this guy do something interesting?” Sunghoon said, “His routine is wake up, cook, feed the dogs, read books in the library, work in pc room, work as mall security, work as a dishwasher in bars, feed the dogs, cook and sleep.”

Sunghoon watched Jiwon who has finished reading his book in the library and prepared to leave for his part time job. He had intended to use his power as soon as he saw and recognized his target, but Sunghoon changed his mind once he realized how boring the man named Eun Jiwon was.

Sunghoon was in the corner of the room, observing Jiwon who was cleaning the room in silence or occasionally tidying up the newly used PC. It’s so boring until he saw Seungyoon pop up in the middle of the room.

“Busy day, Seungyoon?”

“There’s a charity event in the district and I’m a bit overwhelmed by it.” Seungyoon replied while he was busy writing, “Have you decided when to start your plan?”

“I changed my mind, he wasn’t attractive at all. I just needed to be near him until the day he dies.” Sunghoon said wearily, “By the way, are you sure that you came here to work? A PC room is where people do bad deeds.”

“Of course, I came to record the good deeds done by the people in this district.”

“So you mean Eun Jiwon is doing good deeds?”

“Exactly. You think Seunghyun should be here?”

Sunghoon shrugged his head towards one of the customers who had just cursed loudly and said, “Don’t you think Seunghyun should stay here, recording the bad deeds?”

“He’s bored, he’s off to record bad deeds somewhere else.” Seungyoon said. Seungyoon looked closely at Sunghoon before saying, “I just realized you didn’t bring Eun Jiwon’s memoirs.”

“I did it on purpose. And I don’t need it anyway, his life is so flat.” Sunghoon said and yawned, “So what kind of goodness is he doing in this place?”

“Aren’t you an angel of death? You should know that you can’t ask a question like that” said Seunghyun who had just appeared suddenly beside Seungyoon.

“I know.” Sunghoon replied coldly.

“Instead of asking me or Seungyoon, or just blindly guessing, wouldn’t it be a little quicker if you read his memoirs?” Seunghyun asked.

“His memoirs is very thick, I don’t like reading thick books.”

Seunghyun and Seungyoon looked at each other, they didn’t think the best angel of death in heaven can be so careless.

“I’m just going to warn you, I hope you don’t regret it because that can be careless.” Seunghyun said.

“Are you threatening me or you’re scarring me? Or do you have other intentions?”

“Oh, come on, Bolt, the angel who once said he was a cold-hearted angel of death, in fact couldn’t do anything when he was finally assigned to take the life of the female idol.”

Sunghoon snorted and laughed, “Bolt was just careless.”

“Exactly. It’s like what you’re doing right now.” Seunghyun replied impatiently.

“I’m glad you’re worried about me, but you don’t have to, I can do my job well.”

Seunghyun shook his head firmly and looked at Seungyoon, “We’ll see in the next couple of days. I bet he’ll be a total mess.”




Sunghoon massaged his forehead. He just picked up Eun Jiwon’s memoirs and frankly, he didn’t understand why such a man chose to live in a hard way.

Sunghoon was still trailing Jiwon the next couple of days, figuring out what Jiwon does, Seungyoon and Seunghyun’s reminder of Bolt’s tragic case was all in his mind.

Jiwon sat still, unflinching on his desk, his eyes closed. Sunghoon watched silently when Seungyoon suddenly appeared next to the closet, and immediately wrote on his book.

“Hello, Sunghoon.” Seungyoon said without stopping from his writing, “Busy?”

“Of course not, he just sat there on his desk after he ate his breakfast and now you suddenly appear, writing down his good deeds.”

Seungyoon laughed mockingly, “You cannot guess why I came here even though he just kept quiet?”

“Wha…” Sunghoon clapped his hand hardly, and said, “He’s praying?”

Jiwon who had been sitting quietly suddenly startled, as if there was something that bothered him. He watched every corner of his house carefully, before closing his eyes again, continuing his prayers.

“What is he prays for?”

“Ya, you know the prohibition right? Moreover you’ve brought his memoirs, so why do you still ask me?”

“I want to understand all the problems faster. I only have 45 days left and I still have no plans.”

“My advice, stop following Jiwon and start reading his memoirs.

“I just read his memoirs until he was about 10 years old and frankly I didn’t understand anything. So I just decided to read and follow him at the same time.”

“Good luck, then.” Seungyoon said as he closed his book, “My business here is over, bye.”

Jiwon got up from his chair as soon as he finished his prayer. Jiwon picked up the black hoodie and stepped out of the house.

Sunghoon had thought Jiwon would repeat his usual routine, but his predictions were wrong. Jiwon was walking towards one of the famous hospitals, and wore his hood once he arrived at the main lobby of the hospital. Trying to be invisible, Jiwon tried to disappear in the crowd. He quickly turned at one of the wards.

Sunghoon read the name plate on the door of the patient’s room before following Jiwon inside, “Lee Jaejin…I’ve seen his name in Jiwon’s memoirs, but I forgot when Jiwon and Jaejin met.”

Sunghoon reminded himself to immediately read Jiwon’s memoirs once Jiwon gets back from the hospital. He chose to stay by Jaejin’s bedside, watching over Jiwon who was crying silently.

“Jaejin-ah…mianhae. If I can go back through time…I’ll prepare my plan better.”

The man named Jaejin stayed silent, not responding to Jiwon’s words, only the sound of ‘beep’ which came from a nearby machine can be heard. Jiwon held Jaejin’s hand carefully, trying not to hit the IV.

Jiwon rubbed Jaejin’s arm carefully, as if he was trying to reassuring Jaejin and himself that it’ll be all right. Sunghoon just observed Jiwon who was crying in silence, until Seunghyun walked through the wall suddenly.

“Eh? Seunghyun?”

“Hello, Sunghoon.” he said kindly, “Have you finished reading his memoirs?”

“Not yet, but…”

Seunghyun’s expression changed. There was disappointment on his face, “I don’t think you fully understand the definition of careless, Sunghoon.”

“I’m thinking up a plan…”

“Plan,” Seunghyun scorned. He started to write something in his book and made Sunghoon shriek.

“What are you doing?!”

“Don’t you know I’m an angel who record the bad deeds?”

“Yes, I know, but whom are you writing down the bad deeds?”

“I thought you knew the prohibition, Sunghoon, the angel of death shouldn’t interfere with the angel who is recording the good and bad deeds, especially when it comes to…”

“The man whom the angel of death will take his life. I still have the contents of Chapter 4 memorized, thank you.”

“So it’s obvious, right, to whom I’m writing down the bad deeds?”

“But why…”

“You’ve got his memoirs, and I know that all your questions will be answered if you read the book.”

“I know… but I just want everything done faster.”

Seunghyun wrote in silence, and said, “Just stay in this room about five minutes after Eun Jiwon leaves and you’ll know the answer.”

Sunghoon paused. Seunghyun’s idea was not bad. When Jiwon walked out of the patient’s room, he stayed there, faithfully waiting for anything, something to happen. Soon, Jaejin’s bedroom door opened again, someone with long eyelashes sighed, disappointed and sat down next to Jaejin’s bed and said, “Jiwon hyung is still the same as ever. He lied to everyone, said he’s fine, even though we both know, Jiwon hyung has never been alright, so you have to get up soon, Jaejin, we have to clean up Eun Jiwon’s name.”

The man grabbed Jaejin’s hand and said his prayer silently. Before Seungyoon came back and nagged him again, Sunghoon chose to go home. He has a plan now.


D – 41

It has been a few days since Jiwon felt something creepy around him. Sometimes he saw a glimpse of a shadow of a man dressed in white, sitting across from his desk, watching him from the corner of the room, whether he is at home or the PC room.

The shadow grew clearer as days passed, unlike a few days ago when he first saw the shadow. This morning, he tried to keep calm because the shadow was clearly visible now. Jiwon was not sure whether it was a ghost or a human-like creature, but it is clear that seeing it wasn’t a good sign.

Jiwon tried to ignore the creature, who was looking at him sharply. He closed his eyes, praying for Jaejin’s healing, praying for Jaeduk’s health, and for the first time Jiwon prayed for himself.

He begged God to protect him from any bad intentions from the creature.

He opened his eyes, and saw the creature wasn’t looking at him anymore. Jiwon breathed a sigh of relief and used this opportunity to get out of the house, to his workplace, half wishing that the creature wouldn’t follow him.

Unfortunately his hopes vanished because once he got to the PC room, the creature was waiting for him at the corner of the room. Jiwon tried to look at the creature briefly and he was surprised that the creature wasn’t entirely frightening. His face was handsome like a sculpture.

But still, Jiwon thought to himself, even if he is handsome, he wasn’t human. Jiwon focused on his work until finally he heard the creature mention his name.

Jiwon quietly glanced over to where the creature was standing, and vaguely listened to the creature talking, “Eun Jiwon is a complicated man! Even you visit him every two hours!”

Jiwon narrowed his eyes, trying to find out if any other creature was after him, but he can’t see anything. He could only catch a glimpse of a black shadow that stood not far from where the handsome creature was standing. Jiwon understood now, something he couldn’t see was after him.


Jiwon quickened his pace. The creature was still following him wherever he goes and although Jiwon knew this can’t be accepted by logic, at least he wanted to know why the creature was following him.

Jiwon closed his door and looked around for the creature. Jiwon found the creature sitting on the fridge, staring at him

Jiwon gathered his courage, and looked straight into the creature’s eyes. They looked at each other until the creature started to feel strange, he turned left and right, as if he wanted to find out if Jiwon was really looking at him, and Jiwon said, “I know you’re sitting on my fridge, and you’ve been following me all day long. What do you want?”

The creature was startled and gently pointed at his nose and said, “Me?”

“Yes, I’m asking you, I can see you and I want to know why you’ve following me all day.”

“Can you really see me?”

“Do I look like lying?”