Technopolis by: reynzt15 – END


Jiwon stood on his room’s balcony looking out into the river as it flowed unwaveringly towards the various domains’ water system. He inhaled the stillness that engulfed his surroundings relishing the peace he so often found with it.
Hands encircled his waist from behind, and as he turned his head, Sunghoon rested his chin on his shoulders. Jiwon smiled and faced Sunghoon completely, his hands resting on Sunghoon’s waist as Sunghoon answered his smile with that of his own.
“You woke up… How do you feel?” he asked as he placed a hand on Sunghoon’s belly. It remains flat, unlike humans, but the throbbing Jiwon felt there meant that a new life has really formed.
“Nauseous… but I’m fine. Carrying the heir for you is an honor you know.”
“You always say that. I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”
Sunghoon hugged Jiwon tightly, “I’m not, not even close,” he whispered against Jiwon’s ear. “I wish he’ll look like you though.”
Jiwon smiled against Sunghoon’s shoulder as he returned the hug, “It doesn’t matter who he looks like, he’ll still be our son.”
Sunghoon smiled, then he relinquished his hold on Jiwon and looked at him adoringly, “Shouldn’t you get going though?”
Jiwon nodded, “Yes. I was just waiting for you to wake up.”
“Aren’t you the sweetest…” Sunghoon said, his face glowing, as he straightened Jiwon’s clothes. “Go, my dear mate, we can’t have them waiting long.”
“Okay. I’ll come back soon.” Jiwon said as he kissed the tip of Sunghoon’s nose.
“I’ll be here..” Sunghoon answered as he waved at Jiwon who smiled widely at him and waved back.
Today was Jiwon’s ceremonial turnover. When the prince turns into an adult and finds his chromone, the King would then afford him a portion of his responsibilities in preparation for the succession. Because they had to go through the recent mission, the turnover has been pushed back. Now that everything is back to normal, the King deemed it proper to undergo the ceremony per their customs. Once the ceremony was over, the kingdom’s domestic affairs would be handled by Jiwon.
The Oracle would preside over the ceremony and give him the blessing, and Jiwon is headed over to the Archway, where it would take place.
Bang-goon approached him as he closed the door to his room. “Your Highness, His Royalness and His Imminence are already ready and waiting.”
Jiwon nodded to Bang-goon and smiled. “Thank you Bang-goon. I’m on my way there.”
Bang-goon bowed out as he watched Jiwon saunter towards the Archway. The ceremony only required the attendance of the Oracle, the King and the Prince therefore their presence is not needed.
It has been 10 days since their return from Earth. And once the hubbub from their mission’s success died down, and everything went back to normal, the state of affairs were discussed as well.
First off, Jiwon and Sunghoon were deemed fit to receive the honor of being duly recognized as mates. Sunghoon was then asked to relinquish his masculinity in order to produce the Prince’s heir. The Oracle took charge over the process of Sunghoon turning feline. At first, Jiwon was worried if Sunghoon would be alright, imagining the process to be painful, but Jiyong reassured him that it was painless. All Sunghoon had to do was drink a potion that would replace his male reproductive elements into that of a feline. Then 2 days after that and with the Oracle’s blessing, they are now officially the Crowned Prince and Fe-Prince of Technopolis.
Jiwon couldn’t be any happier. The drought was gone, the kingdom has flourished once more, and having his mate by his side was more than he could ask for. But Sunghoon gave him a more pleasant surprise, for just recently Sunghoon revealed to him the good news.
He was now carrying Jiwon’s heir.
Now as Jiwon stood in front of the Archway, Jiwon took a deep breath. With that he stepped over the threshhold, ready to receive the responsibilities his father has deemed him fit to handle.
Sunghoon stood where Jiwon was looking out into the kingdom a while ago, marvelling at the solitude of his surroundings. The past days had been a series of events it felt like a blur, but he had no reasons to complain. If anything, he was really blessed.
And Jiwon.. just thinking about him brings a smile to Sunghoon’s face. Jiwon had been nothing but a doting mate, taking real good care of him, and providing for his needs. And Jiwon’s ministrations doubled when Sunghoon revealed he was carrying his heir. Jiwon had taken it upon himself to make sure he was comfortable. And once the day darkened, Jiwon made sure he was more than satisfied.
Sunghoon sighed. So this was how it is to be a Royalty’s chromone. He was literally living in luxury.
“What’s with you sighing over there?” Jiwon’s voice sounded over the room as he entered.
Sunghoon turned around to see Jiwon sauntering over to him. Sunghoon could see Jiwon’s crystal has turned from green to blue, a sign that he now holds an interim position as King. He smiled in response.
“Nothing. I was just thinking how lucky I am.” He watched as Jiwon stood by his side and gently held him close by the waist. “How did it go?”
“It went well. Though I feel burdened having such huge responsibility handed over to me.”
“You’ll be fine I know you will. You have more courage than anyone else I know.”
Jiwon smiled at Sunghoon, “Such supportive mate you are.”
“Well of course, you can’t expect anything less from me.”
“You saying stuff like that makes my blood heated..”
Sunghoon’s eyebrows rose at Jiwon’s declaration. The skies haven’t even darkened a bit, and Jiwon..
“It’s still early to feel that way my dear mate.” he said to Jiwon, but Jiwon’s eyes were looking at him differently. “Ho… Hold your horses my dear Prince..” said Sunghoon, his palms raised in defense.
Jiwon smirked at Sunghoon, “You know, it’s never too early or too late for this,” Jiwon said as he carried Sunghoon gently over inside the room.
“Jiwon, wait..” Sunghoon muttered softly. But his protests died on his lips as Jiwon gently laid him down on their berth and loomed over his body.
“You saying my name that way makes it harder for me to contain my excitement..” Jiwon said in a hushed voice, as he stooped lower and kissed Sunghoon on his nose again. “Do you not want me to do this?” he asked gently.
Sunghoon wrapped his arms around Jiwon’s neck and dragged Jiwon’s face towards his own, “Who said I didn’t?” he replied to Jiwon.
Jiwon smiled triumphantly as he stooped down to kiss Sunghoon properly and proceeded to consummate their union.

*****The End******



Technopolis by: reynzt15 part 3



Settling themselves into comfortable positions, Jiwon allowed Sunghoon to take charge of the spacecraft while he kept keen focus on the navigation system. Their target was Mt. Everest, which they could see in the distance. Sunghoon was in charge of flying the craft, as he has a lot more experience in that area while Jiwon would navigate for them.

Sunghoon coughed hoarsely, his breathing now coming in ragged exhales as he fought with the difference in the atmosphere. In his haste to get the mission done and bring back the prince, he forgot to drink the equalizing fluid.

Jiwon looked to him in concern, then comprehension dawning on him, he quickly pat-searched Sunghoon’s suit for the liquid. Finding it in the exact place where he found his, he shook it and tipped it into Sunghoon’s mouth. “Drink Sunghoon.”

Sunghoon obliged, gulping down the substance with gratitude. In a few moments, his breathing evened and he bowed to Jiwon in thanks.

“My apologies, Your Highness. My hastiness…”

“You need not apologize. It’s not your fault. I should have let you rested a bit first…”

Sunghoon vehemently shook his head. “No Your.. I mean Prince Jiwon..” when Jiwon raised his eyebrows at him. “The mission’s more important.”

“I don’t think we can finish any mission when you’re not in your best condition.”

“I’m fine now..” Sunghoon looked at him adamantly. He would never show weakness in front of the prince. He was a guardian, and guardians were born tough.

Jiwon smiled at Sunghoon, admiring his chromone’s tenacity. “You’re stubborn. Are you sure you’re fine? How about food? I still have a bit of supply.”

Sunghoon stopped inspite of himself. He was hungry, but his hunger can wait. What he needs most… “Some water would be nice, Your Highness.”

“It’s Jiwon,” uttered Jiwon as he stood up and took a canister from his supply storage, quietly handing it to Sunghoon, “not Your Highness..”

“My apologies, Y.. I mean Prince Jiwon, and thank you..” Sunghoon bowed as he took a gulp of water. He frowned at the canister as soon as he was finished.

“Stop calling me so formally.” Jiwon chuckled at him. “It tastes different but it’s clean. I’ve been living off of it for the past 10 sunrises.”

“My Prince, despite being your chromone, I cannot bring myself to address you so informally. So please accept that the nearest I can call you by your name would be to have your title spoken as well. I still have to get used to being informal with you.”

Jiwon accepted reluctantly, “If that’s what makes you comfortable.”

Sunghoon breathed in relief. “But out of curiosity, won’t this affect the water in our planet if we bring back ice that tastes like this?” Sunghoon asked. The taste would definitely take some getting used to, but his body feels fine, so it seems the water was indeed clean.

“From what I know, my blood would neutralize the taste of the water from another planet.”

Sunghoon nodded in comprehension, “So that is why only those of Royal blood can succeed in this mission.”

“Yes… Are you better now Sunghoon?”

“Yes I am now,” Sunghoon answered, adjusting himself in the seat and carefully starting up the craft.

Jiwon seated himself on the other chair, and peered at the navigation system.

“It’s not that far. We need to go northwest for 10 miles, then we get the craft up towards the mountain peak.”

Sunghoon nodded as he grabbed the joystick and veered it northwest following Jiwon’s instructions. They were flying a bit low, and the gravity was slowing them down so Sunghoon adjusted their weight, pushing buttons in order for the craft to travel faster.

“Fly higher, Sunghoon. We cannot allow Earth people to see us.”

“Ah yes, I nearly forgot.” Sunghoon answered, as he grabbed the joystick and tilted it upward, the craft following along, rising above the trees and higher until they were sure no one would be able to see them.

They kept their course steady, their patience wearing thin from the slow pace until at last they saw a glimpse of the mountain in their periphery.

“That isn’t the peak yet is it, My Prince?”

“No, not yet, but we are close. You have to climb higher.”

“This.. gravity.. is such a pain..” Sunghoon grunted as he manouvered the craft higher, fighting against the force that wanted to keep them to the ground.

Jiwon reached out and gingerly placed his hand on top of Sunghoon’s hand on the joystick. Sunghoon looked at Jiwon questioningly.

“Slowly but surely Sunghoon. We’ll get there..”

Sunghoon smiled and nodded at the prince. They continued climbing up, and soon the peak loomed before them, a vast expanse of snow and heavy air.

Jiwon looked out and saw a number of humans gathered around the area, looking like they were celebrating. He pointed them to Sunghoon, who nodded. Sunghoon then manouvered the craft out of the humans’ line of sight, settling on a more secluded place where they can gather Ice. They landed safely on an area a little ways apart from the main peak, where Sunghoon deemed it impossible for humans to trek.

Opening the craft door, they got out, their bodies suddenly seizing up to the cold icy blast of the wind. Simultaneously, they pushed a button on their suits, which afforded them warmth, their suits hissing up a bit of steam in response.

“I can’t imagine some humans are able to live here. What were they doing out there?” Sunghoon questioned as he kept keen watch over Jiwon who was slowly gathering up blocks and bits of ice, and piling them together. Much as he wanted to help the prince, he was forbidden, for the prince would infuse his blood onto every block of ice he’s been gathering, and piling them up will allow the infusion to spread evenly throughout. So if he were to help, the ice that he gets his hands on would be of no use.

“From what I heard, they don’t live here. This place is too barren for anyone to survive, and the air is too thin for humans to breathe. They only challenge themselves to reach the summit, since this is the highest mountain in this planet.” Jiwon explained, his breath ragged, as he finally stretched up and laid his hand on the boulder sized ice he gathered. With his hand on it, the ice glowed a bright green, but disappeared in a flash. With the infusion complete, the boulder would now survive the trip back without melting.

Jiwon swayed on the spot a bit, and Sunghoon was immediately beside him.

“Prince Jiwon!” he shouted, his voice carried away by the wind, as he supported Jiwon on his shoulders. “Are you all right?” he asked worriedly.

Jiwon smiled faintly. “I’m fine. I think I just need to rest. The blood infusion takes a lot of strength to do.”

Sunghoon half-carried, half-supported Jiwon back inside the craft. He seated him comfortably on the chair, kneeling in front of him in concern.

Jiwon reached out to him, touching his face for the first time since they met. “I’ll be fine Sunghoon. Give me half a beat (approximately 30 minutes in Earth time) to rest then we can leave.”

“Do you need anything? Water or food, to replenish your strength?” Sunghoon asked worriedly, his fingers clasped on Jiwon’s knee.

“Just rest..” Jiwon answered, closing his eyes.


Sunghoon’s face registered a gentle aura as he looked at Jiwon resting. He never had the opportunity to see the prince this close before. Being part of Bang-goon’s platoon, only the Chief Guardian himself had the luxury to stay close to the prince. He somehow thanked the Ancient Ones for making him the prince’s chromone. It was the highest honor ever to be a royalty’s chromone, not everyone is afforded that title.

He gently wiped the bits of snow clinging to the prince’s hair, his emotions surging inside him in a rush. The feeling of wanting to protect the prince, at the same time, wanting to be by his side for a lifetime, engulfed him at that moment.

“So this is what it felt like…”

He only heard stories from other domains about the depth of a chromone’s feelings towards each other once they meet. Never did he imagine that it would be three.. no… 5 times more powerful than they said. Clearly, finding your chromone was a blessing in itself, and Sunghoon could never be more grateful than he is now. Granted, being a royalty’s chromone meant relinquishing his masculinity. But he would gladly do it without a doubt. Turning feline for Jiwon, bearing his son and staying by his side was the only way he could repay the honor he has been given.

After a while, Jiwon opened his eyes gingerly scanning his surroundings. His vision landed on Sunghoon’s back, who was hovering above him protectively, his stance that of a guardian’s alertness.

“Sunghoon..” Jiwon called out.

Sunghoon turned quickly to face Jiwon when he heard him.

“My Prince, you’re awake..” Sunghoon said, his relief clearly evident on his face.

“How long was I resting?” he asked as he stretched himself comfortably on the chair.

“Exactly half a beat like you said. Are you feeling better now?”

“Yes…” Jiwon looked outside and saw the skies have darkened considerably. Fully awake now, Jiwon straightened in his chair as he looked to Sunghoon. “We need to get back. The more time we spend here, the more dangerous it is for us.”

Sunghoon nodded his assent, and sat beside Jiwon. He warmed the craft up for pre-flight, while Jiwon fiddled with some buttons to store the ice boulder into the craft’s cargo hold. Outside, the boulder, glowing luminous green in response, slowly dissipated into the craft’s cargo until it was completely stored safely. After that, Jiwon set to work with the craft’s navigation system, making sure that the coordinates for their planet was properly lodged to the system, not wanting a repeat of what happened to him. With that done, Jiwon then nodded to Sunghoon, who in turn tilted the craft upward, spinning gently in its place, rising slowly then shooting towards the earth’s atmosphere, moving against the pull of gravity the planet was exerting.

Jiwon turned on the comm system, making contact with Bang-goon, who was on standby, informing him of their success and that they would return to Technopolis by tomorrow if their flight goes well.

Before losing contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, however, the two needed to deneutralize their bodies, otherwise they would find it hard to adapt to their surroundings back home, for the equalizer would no longer work once they enter their planet’s atmosphere. Since Sunghoon was preoccupied with flying, Jiwon groped about in Sunghoon’s pocket for the de-equalizer, tipping the contents into Sunghoon’s mouth who gulped it down gratefully. He followed suit, and soon they were bracing themselves for the bumpy ride as the craft shot out of the Earth’s atmosphere into the vast expanse of the galaxy.



Bang-goon was understandably tense for the whole day. He hasn’t slept a wink since Sunghoon disembarked on his mission to save the prince and bring him back to Technopolis. And the lack of communication was ticking him off. The only reassurance he had was that the navigation system shows where the craft carrying them was, and as long as the craft kept moving, he knows they were safe.

He watched as Sunghoon’s spacecraft landed on Earth, and what was once two dots, which indicated Jiwon and Sunghoon’s crafts, on their navi merged into one. He saw them move towards the mountain he indicated to Jiwon, and for a beat he held his breath as he watched the craft stay stationery during that period. He was only able to breathe freely again once he saw that it was moving, and the communications system started crackling with Jiwon’s voice.

“Bang-goon, are you there?” came Jiwon’s voice over the intercom.

A collective sigh of relief can be heard over the room as Bang-goon’s platoon all look towards him upon hearing Jiwon’s voice. Even Bang-goon himself allowed a small smile to escape his lips.

“Yes, Your Highness I’m right here..” he responded, almost saying how glad he was to hear the prince’s voice but he held back. Chief Guardians never show weakness to anyone.

“We managed to succeed Bang-goon. We’re currently on our way back, but it’ll take longer than expected. The boulder adds to the weight of the craft, so we might get back there by mid-day tomorrow at the earliest.”

“Copy that Your Highness. Can I talk to Sunghoon?”

“What you need to say to my chromone you can say directy to me. He has his hands full on flying the craft, I deem it unwise to distract him,” Jiwon said with an air of authority that Bang-goon was surprised. Then he smiled unknowingly, realizing that chromones do, in nature, look out for each other.

“It’s nothing, Your Highness. I was just going to tell him to get you both back here safely.”

“We’ll do that. You will inform my parents?”

“Yes. I’ll head over to them now.”

“Thank you Bang-goon. I’ll contact you again once we enter Technopolis.”

“Yes Your Highness. Be safe.”

“We will.” and there was a click as the line disconnected.

Bang-goon ordered one of his platoon guards to man the station as he left to inform The King about Jiwon’s progress.


“So they managed to travel with Ice?” King Jaejin asked, his voice now sounding hopeful.

“Yes, Your Royalness.” Bang-goon answered as he kneeled down before the King and his mate in the Archway, where the Royalty are currently monitoring the state of their domains. “If nothing goes wrong they’d be here by mid-day tomorrow.” he added, noting the expected time of arrival Jiwon told him.

“Let us hope they make it back safely,” King Jaejin whispered, still worried over the time it’ll take to complete the travel.

Jiyong squeezed Jaejin’s shoulder in reassurance, “let us trust Jiwon. He knows how important it is to succeed. Besides, I presume Sunghoon will assist him to the best of his abilities,” Jiyong uttered with raised eyebrows at Bang-goon who bowed in response.

“Yes, Your Fe-Royalness. Sunghoon is one of my most able guards. I am sure he’ll protect Jiwon at all costs.”

“Then there is no need to worry. We’ll just have to wait.” Jiyong said.

Jaejin nodded sullenly, “We wait. Bang-goon, do get back to your station. I need you there in case Jiwon establishes contact again.”

“Yes Your Royalness,” Bang-goon acknowledged the dismissal, leaving the Archway with a bow to the Royalty.


Jiwon looked to Sunghoon, who had a firm grip on the joystick, as they travelled through the galaxy.

“Sunghoon, are you okay?” Jiwon asked.

Sunghoon looked to him in confusion. “I’m fine Your Highness, why’d you ask?”

“It’s Jiwon, how many times do I have to correct you.”

Sunghoon smiled sheepishly. “My apologies. The informality in addressing you will take some getting used to.” Sunghoon said, as he adjusted their craft which tilted a bit to the side, the boulder making its presence felt. Sunghoon felt the change in weight greatly with the boulder of Ice with them. But he wouldn’t show his discomfort to Jiwon. He had to keep everything stable, his senses already perked to its maximum sensitivity. But noting how Jiwon was looking at him in concern, he must be showing how strained he was flying the craft. “Why the question though?”

“You seem… tired.. If you want me to relieve you for a beat I can do that.”

Sunghoon smiled at Jiwon in reassurance. “I appreciate your concern My Prince, but I can manage. Besides, we’re nearing home. See those stars?,” Sunghoon said pointing at a clump of stars clustered together to which Jiwon nodded, “past those stars and our planet will be visible.”

Jiwon smiled back at Sunghoon. “I get it, I’m just worried about you that’s all. You haven’t had rest since you started the mission.”

“I’d rest well once we finish the mission and land home.” Sunghoon answered.

“Well then, we have to concentrate on getting home.”

“Yes, we do,” said Sunghoon who smiled at Jiwon and nodded.

Jiwon smiled back, focusing on the mission at hand. Soon… soon he’ll be able to spend more time with Sunghoon. Once they get back home, he’d spend days discovering his chromone.

In a little while, their craft moved past the cluster of stars Sunghoon pointed to Jiwon a while ago, and Jiwon could now glimpse the familiar shape of their planet.

“Hold tight please Prince Jiwon. We’re now entering our planet’s atmosphere so the rough ride will soon start.”

Jiwon gripped the edge of his chair, and soon enough, as their craft barrelled through their atmosphere, the craft rattled and swayed, as Sunghoon strained his arms and kept a firm grip on the joystick to keep the craft on course.

After a few beats, they passed the atmosphere’s rough entry and Sunghoon can now see the kingdom in the distance.

“Sunghoon, let’s first deposit the boulder on the mountain. We need to revive the river.”

“As you wish My Prince,” Sunghoon followed, veering the craft expertly towards Mt. Equin.

Sunghoon now flew the craft with ease despite the weight, the surroundings familiar as the craft reached the top of mountain.

Jiwon then pushed open the button to the cargo hold’s door, and the boulder of Ice fell down with a splash at whatever water was remaining on the mountain top.

The effect was instantaneous. Soon the water overflowed, and the rivers slowly filled up again.

Jiwon and Sunghoon looked at each other with smiles on their faces. Somehow they seemed in sync as both reached out a hand to grasp each other in congratulations.

Their mission was a success, and both of them are heroes.

“Let’s go home,” Jiwon said to Sunghoon, who nodded and manouvered the craft towards their landing pad, their craft making a billow of smoke as it came in contact with it.

“We’re home, My Prince.” Sunghoon said with a smile.

“Yes we are.” Jiwon said as he got out of his chair, and held out his hand for Sunghoon to take.

Shyly, Sunghoon stood up as well and obliged, and they got out of the spacecraft with their hands clasped together, to the cheers of everyone from the King to Bang-goon’s platoon who all came to congratulate and welcome them home.


I’ll try finishing the last part or epilogue later. For now, please enjoy this update.





Technopolis by: reynzt15 part 2


Part 2

I edited a bit in Part 1 because my calculations was screwed up. I’ll just say it here. The lifespan of a Technople is 700 days not 100 days. I messed up since they gain adulthood at 240 days so how can they die after only a hundred days..! Sorry bout that.



Jiwon didn’t know how long he was unconscious, but as soon as he opened his eyes, he felt the thick air around him. He propped himself up on his elbows, and slowly sat up as he looked around him.

The craft was a mess, but nothing was severely damaged inside. He’d have to check the outside as well, but for now…

Miraculously, his navigation system was still working. Peering into the screen, he noted where the dot was positioned, an indication of where he currently was.


So this was Earth. He only heard stories about this planet. It was said that the people who live here looked much like them in many ways, except that they didn’t have hexagonal crystals lodged on their foreheads.

Jiwon knew that he have to adapt to this planet if he was to hide his presence. If they found out that he wasn’t from this world, him and his people would be in danger. He must learn to hide it.

Closing his eyes and concentrating, the crystal slowly dissolved and camouflaged itself into the color of his skin until it was unnoticeable.

Another thing, the air. The air around him was too thick. His lungs felt heavy whenever he drew a breath. Taking one small vial from his suit, he shook the green-hued liquid briefly, then waited while it turned clear before drinking it down in one gulp. The liquid inside equalizes their body chemistry to that of their surroundings so that they can adapt fairly quickly. It was often used by their military whenever a mission abounds which require them to leave the safety of Technopolis’ atmosphere. It sure comes in handy now.

Jiwon then inspected the craft. Nothing severely damaged inside. He pressed a button and the craft slowly opened a door with smoke billowing up in its wake.

Jiwon wandered outside, slowly inspecting the craft all around. Luckily, only one side of it seemed to have suffered damage. The crack was large, but repairable. In order for him to repair it, it’ll take him at most a day (in Technopolis, that is).

The imminent problem however, was food. He needed to sustain himself. He couldn’t use up all his energy from trying to repair the craft when he hasn’t fed himself properly. He looked around him, but nothing seemed edible. There were only grasses everywhere. Jiwon shook his head in frustration. He was alone, and he didn’t know what to do.

Getting back inside the craft, he tried the communications system if it was working, AND FORTUNATELY, it does but still he needed to configure it properly.

Its configurations were set from the distance between Saturn and Technopolis. He needed to establish contact with his chief guard, otherwise, his parents would worry. He set out to work, repairing the one thing that might save him.



Jiyong and Jaejin paced simultaneously in the comm room, their worry imminent.

They knew his communication lines were open, if only Jiwon knew the exact configuration on how to establish contact with them. But as it is, he hasn’t and his parents were worried if he was injured. They prayed he was unharmed.

“Bang-goon… are you there?” Jiwon’s voice crackled over the speakers in the comm room as he called out his chief guardian’s name.

Jaejin and Jiyong’s sigh of relief were simultaneous, as Jiyong hurried over, followed by Jaejin, wanting to talk to him.

“Jiwon, are you all right?” Jiyong asked his son worriedly, while Jaejin stayed behind his mate with a hand on Jiyong’s shoulder in comfort.

“Fe-Father, is that you?” Jiwon’s voice was garbled, but he was understandable.

“I’m fine. But I don’t know where on Earth I am. And I’m hungry.”

Bang-goon came forward and pressed the button connecting their communication lines, “Your Highness, if you can wait a moment, we’ll just pinpoint your position through the navigation system so that we can direct you properly.”


Bang-goon and his platoon set out to work, turning and pressing knobs and buttons until finally Jiwon’s exact location pinged on the screen, the small blue light twinkling rapidly. They zoomed in and found him in Nepal, a few miles away from Mt. Everest.

“Your Highness, you are currently in Nepal,” Bang-goon informed him while his platoon got busy extracting information about the place. “You are currently in a dense forest area, if you walk to your right a bit you’ll find a stream. It says it’s clean to drink, the water might taste different from what you’re used to, but it’s safe. Also have you drank the vial yet Your Highness?” he asked.

“I already did. The air was too heavy around me.” came Jiwon’s reply. “So water is no problem, but how do I find food here?”

“From what we gathered, there’ll be plenty of edible plants by the stream. It’s not clear what, but mushrooms and leafy ones do exist.”

“Okay, I can thrive on those.”

Their conversation was cut short when one of Bang-goon’s platoon leaders hurried over them delivering worse news.

“Sir, we just received word that another domain died out over the southern region.” he said stiffly, his head bowed low in front of his chief and the two royalties.

King Jaejin shook his head in dismay. “Another domain,” he said almost inaudibly.

Jiyong turned to him and hugged him quietly. But Jiwon heard it all.

“That means I have to repair the craft, find Ice and get back there within a day.”

He said with a voice full of frustration. “But Bang-goon, the damage to the craft would take a day at most to repair, and that is with the help of your platoon.

Alone it’ll take me 2 days at least, and I don’t know where the hell on Earth I can find Ice.”

“Jiwon, don’t push yourself.” Jaejin said, “It’s important that you get back safely.”

“There is still hope Your Highness,” said Bang-goon, addressing Jiwon politely as he scrolled over the data about Nepal, “the mountain there has Ice on its peak. It’s nearer your location.”

“If only I could fly the craft there…” said Jiwon frustratedly.

“There is a way, Your Royalness,” said the booming voice of the Oracle, who entered the comm room sweepingly.

Everyone looked towards the Oracle, and they all bowed in unison.

“Imminent One, to what do we owe your presence?” King Jaejin asked, standing up and facing the Oracle curiously.

The Oracle has not set foot outside the Archway since 1500 days ago, and he does so again today, as the drought continues to threaten the very existence of the Technople.

“Another domain dying out Your Royalness is a cause for concern. That is why I came here. But we still have hope. And it couldn’t be any more fortunate for us that His Highness landed on Earth. For Earth is a planet nearest to us in nature, and acquiring Ice from it would sustain our rivers far longer that Saturn’s ice.

It is because Earth has life they call humans and animals, so their surroundings are filled with ample resources to sustain those lives.”

“You mean it was better for Jiwon to land on Earth?” Jiyong asked the Oracle.

“Yes. The drought is a lot more severe than a thousand days ago, and we need a more stable form of Ice than before if we want to bring back the water. This planet will provide for it.”

“And how will Jiwon be able to do that if his craft is incapacitated?” King Jaejin asked in turn.

“You have to find his chromone and rescue Jiwon from that place.”


The Oracle started to explain the complexity of a chromone.

“You see, the craft only recognizes Jiwon’s chromosome, but if you find his chromone, he can fly another craft towards Earth. You see the beauty of our crafts, just like our people, once 2 crafts are imbued with the same chromosome, they merge into one and allow chromones to fly together. Since His Highness’ craft is already on Earth, it wouldn’t take a day for his chromone to reach him. For a craft recognizes that of a chromone’s craft and works like a magnet towards each other. It is like it has it’s own navigation system and only follows that path until the two crafts merge. In merging, the better craft maintains all of its qualities, meaning the damage to His Highness’ craft need no repair if his chromone finds him.”

“So we need to find his chromone, is that what you’re saying Imminent One?”


“But that would take longer.” King Jaejin nearly whined, knowing full well how vast Technopolis was.

The Oracle smiled in answer, “Your Royalness, you seem to have forgotten. Your mate was born into your Chief Guardian’s platoon remember? He was your Chief Guardian before he was your mate right? Those of royalty have their chromones born into the platoon of their Chief Guardian’s. It was made that way by the Ancient Ones, our Creator, so that the lineage shall continue without having the trouble of finding him from the thousands of domain Technople has.”

“You mean…”

“Yes. His Highness’ chromone is someone in Chief Guardian Bang-goon’s platoon right now. And you can find him with the help of this,” The Oracle lifted the chromine Jiwon used before. “Once his chromone laid his palm on this device, it’ll turn bright green, the same as His Highness’ did. If it isn’t him, it does no harm at all.”

“But a lot of the military already used that chromine.” Jiyong said, noting the time when he was still Jaejin’s Chief Guardian. They use that device to man their crafts.

“No, Your Fe-Royalness. The chromines used by Royalty are different from everyone else’s. Each one is different. You see that it is necessary in case one of the royalty fails to find his chromone before the age of 240 days. And His Highness’ has already reached adulthood has he not?”

King Jaejin nodded, finally comprehending. He looked at Jiyong and Bang-goon, a silent command.

Bang-goon nodded in understanding.

“Summon all of the platoon into the quadron right now!” he thundered the order.

His platoon scampered into action, while Jiyong commanded Jaejin’s Chief Guardian to take charge over the positions left by Bang-goon’s platoon.

Jaejin, on the other hand, addressed Jiwon, “You heard everything didn’t you, Son?”

“I did Father.”

“We’ll find your chromone for you. For now, sustain yourself. Find water and food. And keep yourself hidden.”

“Yes, Father.”

“And one more thing Your Highness..” The Oracle said addressing Jiwon as well.

“Yes, Imminent One?”

“The days on Earth pass by fairly quickly. You will have to wait till the sun has set and risen 7-10 times before your chromone finds you. And please remember that only your blood can be used for the Ice.While your chromone may have the same chromosome, the blood structure is different, do you understand?”

“Yes I understand.”

“Stay safe Son. We’ll find him for you as fast as we can.” King Jaejin assured Jiwon.

“I know Father. I’ll disconnect first. I have to find that stream.”

“Yes go ahead.”



Jiwon disconnected as he stood up and pressed open the door. He needed to find that stream.

He set out towards his right, the direction Bang-goon told him to. Soon he heard the sound of rippling water, and he was amazed. In Technopolis, the river ran in a straight line, and the water neither had ripples nor rocks of any sort in it.

Beneath the rivers of Technopolis were a filter of sorts, one that rids their waters of any impurities. Here on Earth, the water was totally different.

“This is clean!?” Jiwon asked himself incredulously. “I just hope you’re right about this Bang-goon.”

If Jiwon wasn’t as hungry as he was, he wouldn’t even try drinking it. He moved to a cleaner part of the stream and tentatively tasted the water with a finger.

Nothing seemed wrong with it, and soon Jiwon was drinking ravenously, missing the feeling of quenching his thirst. Next he looked around, and saw a bunch of mushrooms on a tree nearby.

“Weird how even the mushrooms look the same here,” Jiwon said as he came close to the tree and picked out the bunch. He only needed a few to sustain himself, and the bunch would be enough until his chromone finds him. Since he had no container with him, he’d have to come back to drink. He shrugged. “As long as I stay away from this planet’s people, there is no need to worry.”

His craft, however, needed camouflage. Jiwon went back inside, deposited the mushrooms in a chamber, and pressed another button to hide the presence of his craft, taking on the color of its surroundings. He also activated the shield so that people stay away. His Father told him to stay safe and stay hidden and that’s what he will do.

So he began the waiting, hoping that the Ancient Ones guide his chromone rightfully to him.



Bang-goon’s platoon, a total of 40 able Technople, were lined up neatly in the Quadron as the Oracle approached them one at a time, telling them to put their palms down on the chromine, while Bang-goon, Jaejin and Jiyong looked on.

Meanwhile, at the same time, King Jaejin had ordered another craft to be prepped while the search was ongoing just so they can save time. They waited with bated breaths as the Oracle tested each platoon member if they were Jiwon’s chromone.

They were nearly giving up since the Oracle was nearly finished testing, when the second to the last member laid his palm on the chromine and it glowed bright green in response, and everybody let out a sigh of relief. Bang-goon ordered the member to step out of formation towards them while telling the other members to go back to their posts.

The Oracle asked the member, “What is your name?”

“Sunghoon, Imminent One,” he said with a polite bow.

“Sunghoon, you were born to be the Royal Prince’s chromone, his lifetime mate, do you accept?” King Jaejin then addressed the member.

“It would be my greatest honor, Your Royalness,” Sunghoon answered, kneeling on one knee in front of King Jaejin and Jiyong in respect.

“Arise, His Highness’ chromone.”

Sunghoon arose and looked at the authoritative people in front of him. He tried to compose himself, but in reality he was over the moon. To think that he would be the Royal Prince’s chromone, he was born lucky.

“Sunghoon, Bang-goon will debrief you on what you need to do.” Jiyong said to him and Sunghoon acknowledged him with a polite bow as Bang-goon stepped forward and started briefing him about his mission.

After the debrief, and with the prepping of the craft done, the Oracle once again told Sunghoon to place his hand on a chromine different that what he had tested him with before, and it glowed green once more, this time, his chromosome being recognized by the spacecraft.

“The spacecraft now recognizes only your chromosome, and that of your chromone, the Royal Prince. Once your craft establishes contact with that of His Highness’ craft, a merging will take place. You need not worry about finding him, the navigation system will pave the path for you. Just make sure to keep your hand on the joystick at all times while you travel, do you understand?” The Oracle asked Sunghoon in earnest.

“Yes, Imminent One, I understand.”

“Then travel safe.”

King Jaejin came forward and placed a hand on Sunghoon’s shoulder, “Please bring my son back safely and make sure he completes his mission. You can do that right Sunghoon?”

“Yes Your Highness, as it is your wish, so is it my will to carry out.”

“Thank you, and come back safely, both of you.”

Finally, Sunghoon entered the craft. He seated himself, and placed his hand on the joystick, and immediately the craft flared to life. In seconds, he was flying and in minutes, he shot out of their atmosphere towards Earth, the navigation system guiding him. The craft barelled through the galaxy in a blurring speed, as if being pulled towards its destination and all the while, Sunghoon kept his hand on the joystick with a firm grip. He needed to maintain his course and his hand on the joystick will save both of then for sure.



The bumpy ride started as soon as Sunghoon’s craft entered Earth’s atmosphere, and Sunghoon’s grip on the joystick tightened.

After what felt like hours, Sunghoon’s craft landed neatly on solid ground.

As soon as it landed, Jiwon’s craft shed off it’s camouflage and glowed a bright green, the same brightness Sunghoon’s craft was emitting.

In a flash, the crafts merged into one, now having 2 chairs with a joystick in between, Jiwon sitting on one of the chairs Sunghoon on the other.

Jiwon looked toward Sunghoon in awe, his senses still reeling from the craft merging.

“You found me..” Jiwon said in a whisper.

Sunghoon alighted from his chair, and kneeled in front of Jiwon.

“Your Highness, my name is Sunghoon. I have come to rescue you.”

“You’re my chromone.”

Sunghoon didn’t look up as he answered, “Yes Your Highness.”

“Arise Sunghoon, and never bow in front of me again.”

Sunghoon arose and looked at Jiwon in confusion. “Your Highness?”

Jiwon smiled, and noticed just now how beautiful Sunghoon’s features are.

“Sunghoon, a chromone does not distinguish between royalty and his subject. We are alike, therefore, we are equal, there will be no need to bow to me in the future.” Jiwon said, relieved that Sunghoon arrived quickly.

Jiwon had already counted 10 sunrises and sunsets, made the trip to the stream 30 times to relieve his thirst before he felt the craft rattle, a sign that his chromone’s craft was near. He quickly settled into the chair and placed his hand on the joystick, and waited until the two crafts merged.

Sunghoon smiled back at Jiwon, “Yes Your Highness, but I still have to get used to it. Everything was dropped to me within the day I’m still recovering from the shock.”

Jiwon chuckled, and placed a hand on Sunghoon’s shoulder, “we’ll chat all we can when we get back but for now, let’s finish the mission together, shall we?”

Sunghoon nodded once, “Yes Your Highness.”

Jiwon smiled at Sunghoon again, then they both settled into their chairs to carry out their mission.

Technopolis by: reynzt15


Before you start reading please know the following technical terms. Since this is a fantasy, please bear with me. I tried 

Technopolis – setting of the story. It is an imaginary planet where the characters were born.

1 day in Technopolis = 1 month in Earth

Chromone – short for chromosome clone. Those with the same chromosome structure are the only ones who can mate and reproduce. They can only reproduce once.

Technople – people/inhabitants on Technopolis.

Archway – place where the Oracle resides.

Mt. Equin – a mountain as high as 5000 m. The mountain where all rivers originate.

Fe-Father – a chromone who chooses to become feline for his partner.

Domain – equivalent to a city or town on earth. A domain only consists of 20 families of Technople.


A hexagonal planet located in the outskirts of the universe 800,000 light years from Earth. Everyone here is born male. When they reach the adult age of 240 days (for a day in

Technopolis equals a month on Earth) they get fully grown and have the option to turn into a ffeline if, and only if, they find their destined partner who shares the exact chromosome structure as them. Ruled by the Royal Family, the kingdom thrives on plants and water just to live.

Lately, there have been problems of drought, as the sun decided to stay up for long periods of time, drying up some of their rivers, and dwindling their water supply. It has happened before, but not to the extent that their kind has been dying due to lack of water. If it continued, they would be in trouble.

Because of the crisis, Royal King Jaejin met with the High Oracle.

“Imminent One, I seek your guidance.” King Jaejin said respectfully as he entered the confines of the Oracle’s domain.

“For what purpose is your visit?” asked the Oracle.

King Jaejin bowed his head while addressing the Oracle. Beyond his powers as a ruler, the Oracle is above them all. They consider him the omnipotent one, and they would always run to him for answers. Because his lifespan is longer than the average Technople, he has outlived many of them. And above all, he has excellent memory. He remembers everything that happens in his lifetime.

“The drought has reached an alarming state already. Some of our domains have succumbed to the drought, two of them died out yesterday. I wonder how I can bring back the water. It has happened before, but it has been 1,500 days ago. I wasn’t born back then. Do you have any idea how they cured it?” King Jaejin asked worriedly.

2 domains dying out would mean a crisis. If another domain succumbed, it’ll be a disaster. If another one did, a catastrophe. They cannot afford anymore loss of their kind since they only reproduce once in their lifetime. And their lifetime spans for only 100 days, before they burn out and become stars.

The Oracle was the only one born with genes who can last longer than them, living for 3000 days before an heir would sprout from his belly and replace him once he died.

What’s harder is to find a partner to mate with, for only a chosen few are destined to meet their chromone in their lifetime, so only a few can reproduce.

“Aaaahh…. 1500 days ago, your ancestor, King Jaeduk, ordered his son, Prince Suwon, to bring back solid water from one of the planets near us. Prince Suwon came back and brought what he called Ice, which has lasted all these years. Our sun has finally melted it all, so we have to bring back some more.”

“Then I shall order my chief guardian to make the travel.”

“Your Royalness, only someone of royal blood can bring back ice from another planet and prevent it from melting. That is one of the gifts bestowed upon the royal family during birth. If anyone outside the royal family attempts the mission, the ice wouldn’t even reach the atmosphere of where it came from. Only those of your blood can prevent it from melting.”

King Jaejin looked at the Oracle in hesitation. “You mean only my son, Prince Jiwon, can attempt the travel?”

“Yes. Seeing as neither you or your mate Jiyong can leave, then it’ll be Prince Jiwon who’ll do the mission.”

King Jaejin paced back and forth, clearly worried. He didn’t like the idea of Jiwon leaving the safety of the planet. Besides, their craft, although of high quality and capability, can only man one of their kind so Jiwon had to travel alone.

“Can he not be accompanied by one of his guards in another craft?”

The Oracle only looked at King Jaejin and shook his head. “Despite the advancement of our spacecraft, our navigation system can only guide one craft at a time. If Prince Jiwon takes someone with him, either he or the guard will get lost. Unless he is his chromone, then there should be no problem. Our craft’s navigation only recognizes one chromosome structure. I take it his Highness hasn’t found his chromone yet?”

Jaejin shook his head.

“ I know you are worried, your Royalness, but for the Technople…”

King Jaejin stopped pacing. Indeed, for the Technople. He must set aside his personal feelings and do what is right for his kingdom. Resolved to bring back the water to their rivers, King Jaejin bowed low to the Oracle and exited the Archway.


Jiwon was thirsty. They have been limiting their intake of water for the past days because of the drought. He was even afraid of eating now since there was limited water.

Just then, his chief guardian, Bang-goon, knocked on his room and told him he’s being summoned into the Royal Court.

Jiwon stood up and followed Bang-goon out into the Royal Court wondering what his father wanted.

His father and his chromone, Jiyong, were both sitting on their thrones quietly discussing when they entered. Bang-goon left with a respective bow while Jiwon stood before his parents in curiosity.

“You asked to see me Father?”

“Jiwon, you are aware of our current predicament, aren’t you?” Jaejin asked quietly. “We need to do something about it otherwise our kind will suffer further.”

Jiwon looked at his father in understanding. “Of course we have to do something. Tell me Father, I’m willing to do anything to help our kind.”

Jaejin looked into the dark eyes of Jiwon, his round earrings shining against the starlight, a mark of a royal.

“You have heard the story of how Prince Suwon saved this kingdom before. I must ask you to do the same.”

Jiwon stood in attention, his focus on his father unwavering. “You mean I would have to bring back ice as big as the river at Mt. Equin in order to alleviate the drought right Father?”

Jaejin nodded gravely, knowing Jiwon would comply if it meant helping their kind. “You don’t have to bring something as big as that. One block of ice is enough. But you have to infuse some of your blood into it, otherwise it would melt. Only our blood can withstand the temperature of other planet’s atmosphere, that is why it is essential that someone of royal descent should do it.”

“Because of our blood.” Jiwon nodded in understanding. “I’ll do it Father.” Jiwon said with conviction.

Jiyong went down from his throne and hugged his only son. “Son, as much as I don’t want you to go on such dangerous mission, there is not much we can do. Your father and I are needed here.”

“I know fe-Father. I’m willing to do it.”

“We only have a day to prepare. We cannot prolong this any longer. If the sun continues to get stronger, another domain might suffer.” Jiyong continued.

Jaejin also descended from his throne and approached Jiwon. He touched his forehead to him, a sign of blessing for their kind.

“I cannot reiterate how important it is for you to succeed in this mission, Jiwon.”

“Yes, Father. I will make sure to bring back Ice.”


Preparations were now under way as Jiwon memorized everything about the process of leaving and coming back to their planet. His destination was Saturn, as he could just grab one block of ice from its numerous rings. Saturn was also nearer to them than Neptune or Uranus. It would only take Jiwon a week for a round trip.

With all the preparations done, the High Oracle gave him the chromine, a device that installs one’s chromosome into the navigation system in order to recognize who drives the spacecraft. Jiwon placed his hand palms down on the device, making it glow green.

“The spacecraft now recognizes only your chromosome, and that of your chromone. Be safe, Your Highness.” The Oracle said, waving his two-fingered hand over Jiwon’s head in blessing.

Jiwon bowed low to the Oracle, then gave his parents a hug, before entering the spacecraft. Inside was a simple chair made for one, with only a joystick on its side. Jiwon would have to trust the navigation system to guide him, as during the preparations, the coordinates for Saturn’s location was already entered. Jiwon only had to have his hand on the joystick all the time during his travel. If he even took it off an inch, the craft would stay on its course for only two minutes before it goes on a course of its own.

He seated himself, and placed his hand on the joystick, and immediately the craft flared to life. In seconds, he was flying and in minutes, he shot out of their atmosphere into the vast expanse of the galaxy.


Jiwon had been travelling for three days. Tomorrow he’ll reach Saturn mid-day, and once he got the block of Ice, he’ll turn the craft around with a simple jerk of the joystick, but making sure that his hand never leaves it.

Unfortunately, he had to go through one of Saturn’s rings filled with asteroids. During the prepation, he underwent a simulation. The craft would be able to recognize asteroids and avoid them completely, but it would be a bumpy ride. Jiwon had to hold on to the joystick tightly, otherwise any bump would steer him off course.

This was worse than the simulation. The bumpy ride towards Saturn’s ice ring was taking its toll on Jiwon. Although the craft recognized asteroids, it couldn’t avoid them fast enough. And the craft failed to dodge one huge one, hitting the one side of the hexagonal spacecraft, causing Jiwon to lose his balance and fall off from his chair, his hand leaving the joystick.

Jiwon’s clear shout of “NO!” was the only word he uttered as the craft spinned. Hitting his head on one side of the craft, his vision blurred as he tried to reach for the joystick.

Unable to focus and regain his balance in the two minutes the craft was programmed to stay on course, he lost consciousness and slumped to the floor as the spracecraft started spinning out off course towards the vast expanse of the universe.


Bang-goon came running towards the Royal Court where Jiwon’s parents were.

“Your Royalness!” he shouted as he barged in through the doors of the Court.

Jaejin and Jiyong stood up as soon as Bang-goon barrelled towards them. Their son’s chief guardian kept watch over Jiwon’s travel. If he came running before Jiwon’s designated arrival, it only means something happened.

“Bang-goon, what news?” Jaejin’s voice thundered through the court worriedly.

“Your Royalness, His Highness’ craft has shifted off course. He crashed landed.”

Jaejin and Jiyong both took a sharp breath…

“Where?” Jaejin’s voice barely a whisper.


My Hero by: kim asia

my hero

July 14, 2004

Sunghoon’s 4th comeback was successful. His beautiful voice bringing life to plain words.

Jiwon has been teasing Sunghoon about the title song, Invisible Greeting.  The introduction sounds like a part of a Chinese song. Every time he hears the song, he can’t help but see Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan in his mind. ‘He should have asked Jaejin to do a featuring,’ Jiwon thought chuckling.

‘Where is he by the way?’ Jiwon wondered. Sunghoon has been busy the past week.  Again. Whenever he asks what he’s doing, the only answer he gets is, “Its a surprise hyung.”

“Hmmm…Do you know what big Hoony is up to little Hoony?” Jiwon asks as he scratches the little puppys  chin.

Little Hoony wagged his tail in response.

DJ: next song we have is a digital single from Sechskies’ killer smile, Kang Sunghoon titled My Hero!

I believe I need you. Always be it’s my life. You’re my friend, you’re my heart. I never say you, goodbye. Days gone by, always by your side. You always have, uhm, when it gets hard. What happened to me, only you. When I was a small kid, for me who was weak, the one who fought hard. Yeah, like a cartoon. It’s just like the protagonist; you were shining in those days.

You are the best friend, now and forever. Till the sun disappear, until that day, always by your side, proudly, you want to stay, the best friend. I’ll give you my all. If we are together, there’s nothing to fear. The most precious in the world, a shining name, I’m a friend.

For a man, it’s a lot awkward. Warm words, yeah, as always, you do not have to say. If you are, I know my whole mind.

Time goes by, a long time ago, oh no. Our appearance, even if it changes, my heart is like this forever.

Sunghoon quietly came inside Jiwon’s house while Jiwon was listening to his new song. As the song ended, Sunghoon hugged Jiwon from behind.

“Hi hyung. Did you like my new song?” Sunghoon asked.

“Hoon-ah! You surprised me!” Jiwon said as he turned around in Sunghoon’s embrace.

“Did you like my new song? Did you listen to the lyrics carefully?” Sunghoon asked Jiwon with a kiss.


“Well?” Sunghoon prompted.

“That the poem you made when we were still in Hawaii?” Jiwon asked.

“Yup. That’s the poem I made for you.” Sunghoon removed little Hoony from Jiwon’s arms. “At that time I thought of you as my best friend. A good hyung that takes care of me. I didn’t know what I felt then was not just simple love. I know its a day early, I really wanted the song to be released tomorrow, on our special day…but anyway, even if I can’t tell everyone how special you are to me I want the words my heart wanted to tell you be shared to our fans. It took me time but I finally found the notes to match them. Saranghae hyung.” Sunghoon kissed Jiwon. Long and passionate.

Jiwon touched, can only hug Sunghoon and kiss him back.

Big or little Hoony by: kim asia

Real talk with JJ

Its rare for Sechskies members to be seen together on a show after they disbanded. This Real Talk episode is special since its Jiwon’s 4th album comeback and Sunghoon and Jaejin are guests.

Sunghoon, Jiwon and Jaejin are watching the VCR Jiwon took of his house where he’s proudly showing his Sechskies pillow, Jekki albums and video collection. As Jiwon focused the camera by the door, Jiwon’s favorite roommate made an appearance.
“Jiwon hyung! How come your dog looks like Sunghoon-ie?!” Jaejin exclaimed.
Not knowing what to say, Sunghoon can only look helplessly at Jiwon.
Jiwon laughed, “She does kinda look like Sunghoon doesn’t she?”
“She?” Sunghoon asked, eyebrows raised.
“Yup, she’s my girlfriend, Torri. She keeps me company when I’m alone and lonely.” Jiwon said
“Now,  that’s a good girlfriend.” Sunghoon answered back.

Little Hoonys guesting

Jiwon’s house, after Real Talk taping
Little Hoony happily welcomed Jiwon and Sunghoon as they entered Jiwon’s house. Tail wagging fast and jumping around.
“Hello my baby, little Hoony.” Jiwon said as he picked up little Hoony, cradling him. “Where’s my kiss, my baby?” Asking for a kiss.
“I thought you said he’s a she?” Sunghoon asked.
“I can’t really say my baby’s a he and his name is little Hoony right?” Jiwon answered scratching little Hoonys tummy. “But he does stay with me when I’m alone and lonely. Dont you baby?” Talking to little Hoony. “He also sleeps with me so I wouldn’t feel the emptiness beside me. You’re a good baby aren’t you my baby little Hoony?” Jiwon said while scratching little Hoony’s chin.
Hearing what Jiwon has been saying and seeing how much attention he’s been giving little Hoony, Sunghoon can’t help but be jealous.
“So little Hoony has been good to you.” Sunghoon said.
“Yup! My little Hoony has been very good.” Jiwon answered back hugging little Hoony close.
“If that’s the case I’ll leave you two love birds alone.” Sunghoon said. Turning his back fast, tears glistening his eyes.
“Hey! Where’s my baby going?!” Jiwon put little Hoony down and ran after Sunghoon pulling him close.
“Its OK hyung. I know I’ve been a bad boyfriend. I haven’t always been there for you. I’m glad at least little Hoony is serving his purpose. Just call me when you want to spend time with me.” Sunghoon answered his voice cracking.
“My baby is always jealous of little Hoony.” Jiwon said as he held Sunghoon’s face smiling. “Come here my big baby Hoony. Let me see that pretty face and the beautiful smile I love so much.”
“No hyung, seriously its OK. Just spend time with little Hoony. Call me when you want me over.” He may want to stay and spend time with Jiwon but Sunghoon has pride too.
Jiwon encircled his arms around Sunghoon’s waist his hands reaching for the sides and tickled Sunghoon. “No fair!” Sunghoon shouted while laughing.
“There’s my sunshine!” Jiwon said his hand caressing Sunghoon’s cheek. “You do know I love you right?” Jiwon asked.
“Yeah…its just that…”
“You should never be jealous. Of anyone. You know you are always in my heart. You will always be on my mind. You’re my love, my dear, my world. I don’t know where I’ll  if you’re not with me.” Jiwon paused.
Sunghoon, touched by what Jiwon said cannot stop his tears from falling and leaned his head on the crook of Jiwon’s neck.
Jiwon took pleasure in their embrace before taking a step back, wiped the tears from Sunghoon’s cheeks and continued, “My sweet baby, my sunshine, my Hoony I love you and only you.” Jiwon sealed his declaration with a kiss.

Untitled by: ginvodka part 2

untitled by ginvodka.jpg



The Black Death arrived in Europe by sea in October 1347 when 12 Genoese trading ships docked at the Sicilian port of Messina after a long journey through the Black Sea. The people who gathered on the docks to greet the ships were met with a horrifying surprise: Most of the sailors aboard the ships were dead, and those who were still alive were gravely ill. They were overcome with fever, unable to keep food down and delirious from pain. Strangest of all, they were covered in mysterious black boils that oozed blood and pus and gave their illness its name: the “Black Death.” The Sicilian authorities hastily ordered the fleet of “death ships” out of the harbour, but it was too late: Over the next five years, the mysterious Black Death would kill more than 20 million people in Europe–almost one-third of the continent’s population.

Because they did not understand the biology of the disease, many people believed that the Black Death was a kind of divine punishment – retribution for sins against God such as greed, blasphemy, heresy, fornication and worldliness. By this logic, the only way to overcome the plague was to win God’s forgiveness. Some people believed that the way to do this was to purge their communities of heretics and other troublemakers – so, for example, many thousands of Jews were massacred in 1348 and 1349.

– –


Jiwon has been away, traveling around for more than a decade when he heard about the plague breakout. Although it was three or four centuries ago when plague hit their county, people had always said it may reoccur in areas that have long remained silent. Without second thought, he headed back to the tribe. He may be a victim of the KANGs’ mistake, but over the years they have become his family. Even he does not stays with them, they would always make sure he is in good condition and never hesitate to do whatever they can when he needs help.

He can’t believe his own eyes. The place where it used to be jolly with the crowd of villagers had become a ghost town; all merchants are closed, no one is on the streets, the ground infested with lush weeds. The disease spread in a frightening speed, people are forced to quarantine any of their infected family members in the house. They will paint a red cross on the door to warn the others of the plight. No one was allowed to go near. The plague doctor or nurse who is on duty the day will visit the plague victims to check on their condition and send them food. The atmosphere was so intense, the only noises that may break the silence were the victims’ moan and the collectors who go around picking up dead bodies with a cart to send them to the mass burial pit. “Bring out your dead!” they cried.

He wandered around the town for a while to observe the situation then took off to the village where the tribe located. It was another disaster there. There were human and animal corpses scattering around, emitting unpleasant odour. The collector clearly doesn’t visit the village as often. He went door to door in searching for any villager, but it seems the tribe had moved away. He then looked around for any trace of signs that they left behind to track their location. That was when he heard something from the other end. At first he thought it was some pest running around, but he soon decided to go check it out as the faint noise sounded too regular.


It all started with swells that appear in the groin, armpits and neck. Then it developed to flu-like symptoms – fever and chills, cough, headache, muscle pain. Eventually he suffers diarrhoea, vomiting and coughing out bloody sputum. The physician makes daily visit to check on his condition and give him medication. He feeds on the potions prepared by the tribe too, but no witch craft can cure a deadly disease like plague, as they do not know the exact cause of it. Everyone else left the tribe, they’re moving into the mountains to avoid from the breakout. His mother however, sent off her daughter and stayed back to take care of him. It wasn’t until when he became affected with gangrene that the physician forced her to leave. “His body is rotting, there is no way he can survive,” he told her. She insisted to stay for her son, but the physician forcefully dragged her away, “you still have a daughter to look after!” he said, sending her to reunite with the tribe and warning them not to allow her to return to the village.

No one step foot to the village after that day. His body became extremely weak, he was so drowsy, he lost count of the days. He dragged his slump body outside the house, laying below a leaking pipe for source of water. He thought he would die there, but someone came… He was awaken by the noise; the noise of doors banging, the noise of things scattering on the ground. He saw a shadow walking in and out of cottages as if he is searching for someone or something. ‘He probably thinks I’m one of the dead bodies,’ he thought. He wanted to call out for help, but his throat was dry and tight he couldn’t make a sound. He used all his energy to move his index finger, tapping against the pipe beside – One… Two… Three… Four… Five…


He was 14 years old when he first met Jiwon. The latter saved him from the hands of Death. He didn’t remember exactly how because he passed out, but Jiwon fed him something. He must have brought along something really effective towards plague, he saved his life. His mother cried tears of joy the day they reunited. She held tight to her son and Jiwon’s hand on each side for the whole night, showing her gratitude. Everyone was grateful to Jiwon that he returned to the tribe when they needed him the most.

Despite having different personalities and their ‘age gap’, the both of them clicked immediately because they shared similar interests. Within a month, they have become best friends who can rely upon each other, understanding each other so well that one doesn’t even need to voice out his thoughts but the other person would know what is in his mind.

Little did he know, there was this man figure who he used to follow around wherever he goes when he was still unbalanced on his feet learning to walk; the ‘big brother’ who is always cautious of the surrounding for a wobbling ‘object’ that would roam towards him unexpectedly.

“I’m glad I found you,” he grinned when Jiwon storied him their past encounter and how clumsy he was as a toddler.

“I was the one who found you, remember?” Jiwon referred to the incident which he saved him.

He hugged Jiwon tight around his waist only to think to himself of how lucky he is to have met Jiwon. “Fate brought us together,” he said as he inhaled Jiwon’s unique scent.

Being one of the KANGs, he did not inherit the family’s talent; his power wasn’t all that strong. In fact no matter how well he studied or memorised the spells, they never work out as how they are supposed to be when he performs them. He can’t even cast a circle of protection properly. But the thing he regrets the most is that his senses are so poor, he didn’t realise Jiwon’s true identity until that day…


His Gaze by: ILYNAUICHEONSA/koiniji_00

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G1: I don’t care if I was being way too obvious. I just want to stare and stare and stare at him as long as I want. But then he looked back at me and smiled. And I felt so elated that a smile broke out on my face. But I do not want to be more obvious so I told him to look back at the audience, to look back at our fans and he did, still with a smile on his face. I, too, looked at the fans but only for a moment. I’d rather stare at him, sorry fans. Though I know they have captured our moment already. I still don’t care though. It is more convenient for me because I can search for it and looked back at the moment again and again and again. I won’t get tired of it. I know everytime I’d watch it, I could feel the wonderful sensation that I felt that time. I am thankful for the fans instead. I am thankful for them for capturing the moment. I’ll give them more moments so I hope they would pair us always. Always!

SH: I knew he was looking at me so I looked back at him and I felt so wonderfully beautiful with how he was looking at me—the look in his eyes that says I am the only one, you are so beautiful my love, that I smiled so wide at him, hoping my smile could convey how happy I am at the moment. And it did. I made him smile. I love seeing him smiling widely. And I felt so good at myself for making him smile that I continue on smiling. But then he gestured the fans and I remembered we were not alone. It’s always like this when I look at him, I would always forget everything around us. I’m glad he gestured the fans though I’m pretty sure it’s too late already. I am pretty sure they have captured the moment already. I don’t care though. I even feel glad and thankful for them, especially the fans that always pair us both. I know them. They might be happier than me right now.

Still Fallin’ by: ILYNAUICHEONSA aka koiniji_00

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Genre: Fluff
Author’s note: An attempt on an EunKang/JionHoon songfic again. Hahaha. This is a ‘Still Fallin songfic. Still Fallin sung by Hunter Hayes. Listen to it! It’s a nice song~

He is the most important person to him. He is the only one he notices and he is the only one he keeps on observing. Even after all this times, after all those years they have known each other, he can still keep him mesmerized, anticipate, he can still keep him on the edge somehow. But he sometimes doesn’t like what he discovers. Just like when he discovered how he keeps on smiling even when he is hurting. How he keeps everything within instead of relying to him. He feels guilty, he feels hurt. But at the same time he admires him more. It’s just that, he just wishes he would rely on him more often too.

They have been together for years already and everyday with him still is exciting. Their days are always filled with smiles and laughter. Every day is still full of surprises, like it hasn’t been years since they have known each other. After all this time he had think he would be used to the pull of his heart when it comes to Sunghoon, but no, it stillmakes him nervous, he still gravitates toward him, his gravity, his Sunghoon. Alone or with other people, he still reaches for his hand because he needs it. His kisses still lights a fire within him. He still longs for him even when they are just in a room together with a group of people.

After everything that they have been through, Sunghoon is still laughing with him, they are still making memories, they are still together, also, he is still a fool for Sunghoon and there are a million reasons why he is a fool for the younger.

After every late night drive they have, after every I love you, I miss you, and all the kisses and lovemaking, he is still the only one that he wants.

After every sunrise holding him, all his dreams are still all about him and his future with him. Every day and every minute, he is still and always will be falling for him.