Me and my addiction

I’m an addict…I first got addicted to Wu Chun when I saw him in Hana Kimi at a local channel.  I researched, joined clubs and projects so that I’d get to talk to people with the same interest as mine.  When he went here, I was one of those who lined up just to get to see him.  I didn’t care if it’s just outside our office building, all I cared about was to see him!  I even joined a contest that would give you a chance to go to TW.  I won, but ironically I don’t have a passport! 😦  My Ipod was filled with Chun’s pictures, CFs, series and albums.  I was so happy when I sent Chun a birthday greeting and he saved it in his blog! 🙂

Since BOF is the Kor version of MG, I decided to watch it.  And there started my fascination with Hyun Joong.  I loved it every time he smiles and I love how soothing his voice is.  Then I watched WGM and got to know how 4D he is and got a glimpse of how he is when he has a girlfriend and how he’d be when he gets married.  Bit by bit my Ipod was filled with  SS501 songs and series.  Not to mention the photobooks, DVDs, etc. I order courtesy of my friend!

Chun and Hyun Joong are similar and different in some ways.  They both love their family and sincerely care for their fans.  They both have a good body and are both awkward in some ways when in front of a crowd.  What I love about Chun is the way he “connects” with his fans.  How you’d feel special since he exerts effort to read forums and such.  What I love about Hyun Joong is how fascinating he is, there would never be a boring minute with him.  I know it’s hard for Hyun Joong to show affection, but then again, I can’t help but compare since they both my firsts. 🙂


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