Our Love by: JiWonGuRL

our love

  • a EunKang short story
  • completed

I looked at my lover.. He was always so pretty and happy.. His hair was always so shiny and full of light. Looking at him every morning as I woke up made me so refreshed.. He knew our love would last forever.. and ever. I can never live without my Hoonie. He fills my heart like many million pearls … shining in the distance.. He is always there for me as I am for him. He makes me feel like I have never felt before. I walked in that night from my restless day. As always I took off my coat from the cold heartache weather and made myself a bowl of chicken noodle soup. And then I sat on the couch, watching the television while I was waiting for him to walk through the door. Usually he would come about 15 minutes later.. but that night he came so late.. It was like an hour and he still wasn’t here. I was so worried I began to panic and sweat. Where was he?! Where!! He had to be here soon, right? ….. Finally, after waiting an hour an a half, he was at the door. It was sad though, his face was pure red and filled with blood in some spots. His hair was full of dirt and mud, he was crying uncontrollably…

“Hoonie! What happened?!” I wiped his tears.

“Woonie.. He beat me up..” Hoonie held on to my arms.



“JiYong did this?! Where is he now??” I asked. “I will kill him NOW.”

“No Woonie, you can’t! He is so strong, he’ll kill you first.”

“Noooooooo Hoonie…. You don’t understand. Anyone who hurts you DIES.”

“Woonie….. please…”

I didn’t care anymore. JiYong has had enough of my Hoonie. He has wanted me to stay away from him all this time, but he KNOWS we love each other so much, some much he can’t take it away. Not now, not ever…. I knew where JiYong lived so I could just walk over there and kill his ass~

“Hoonie, stay here. I’m going over to JiYong’s house.. We’re going to have a TALK.”

“Woonie.. be careful!”

“I will. I love you.” I kissed him on the forehead.

“I love you too.”

After that I walked out of the house, walking as fast as I possibly could. I was going to kill JiYong…. I was at his house in a matter of minutes. I rang the doorbell like 3 times and waited for his tough face to show.

“Woonie! What brings you here?” JiYong laughed.

“Shut the fuck up. You KNOW what you did to Hoonie. What the hell is your problem?!”

“Ouch Woonie.. so serious, eh?” HAHAH

OK that was it. I grabbed him by the neck waiting for what he’d say next. I held on with all my might..

“Woonieeeee…..!!!” He yelled out in pain.

“Now..” I said still holding on. “You better stop hurting Hoonie. He doesn’t love you, how could he?! You beat him expecting his love? chi~ He loves me with all his heart, not you!” I let go out his neck letting him breath.

“I will have Hoonie no matter what you do.” He pulled out a black gun and pointed to my head.

“JiYong~ Fine, kill me.. Either way, Hoonie won’t love you, not ever….”

Suddenly, to my sight, I saw my Hoonie. He was more cleaned up now and in shock of what he was looking at..

“Hoonie!” I yelled to him.


My Hoonie ran to me and JiYong…

“Put the gun down JiYong!!!!” He yelled at him.

“Oh Hoonie.. please.. I love you. Why don’t you love me back?!!!!!”

“Damnit JiYong! I have no love for you.. my love is for Woonie….”

“Thats right Hoonie!” I interrupted.

JiYong just looked at me like he was ready to pull the trigger … or was he?!

No … he wasn’t.. He dropped the gun to the ground staring at Hoonie, so lifeless for that moment. Hoonie walked to me and gave me a lovely hug, man.. I loved being in his arms.

“I love you, forever.”

“I love you, forever.”

JiYong finally became woke up out of his daze and looked at us… He picked up his gun from the ground and flicked the trigger. At that moment…

“Hoonie! Get down!” I pulled him down to the ground with me.

At that moment he tried to shot us but missed because of how down on the ground we were. It was so fast you couldn’t tell what was happening or how for that matter.

“Woonie, RUN!” Hoonie yelled.

I ran with Hoonie as fast as we could. We ran to our house, and locked all the doors and windows. JiYong was right behind us.. ready to kill me… We just ran down to the basement and made no sound. I was holding Hoonie in my arms as he was holding me, we both held on tight to each other, not letting either go.

“Hoonie.. We can’t stay like this forever.. e will find us..”

“No.. he won’t. Do you hear him?!”

We listened for a minute, not hearing any noise of the sort. NOTHING….

“Woonie, there’s no one here, you see?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.. Now come on..”

We got out of our space and walked very slowly up the stairs, still listening for any sign of JiYong. There was none, but we were still staying quiet.. I couldn’t take it anymore.. I had to kiss Hoonie.. It was such a deep temptation~ I felt like kissing him forever.. and ever.. I stopped on the stairs and looked up at him. His face was so smooth, he had that look of shyness, the innocent one where he looks so cute. I ran my fingers down his right cheek, feeling a smooth surface, as I brought my lips to his, he responded so sweetly. We kissed for a few minutes.. so deeply in love…. What we didn’t know.. JIYONG was at the top of the stairs watching our kisses. He flicked the trigger again, this time ready to shoot.. and he shot so hard.. right at Woonie…..

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!” Hoonie yelled out in tears.

“You will love me now, HOONIE.”

Hoonie cried and cried.. till he felt JiYong’s run his own fingers on his cheeks.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” Hoonie pushed JiYong away.

“But Hoonie….”

Hoonie searched for the gun that he dropped somewhere. The basement was getting so dark it was hard to see anything. Where was that stupid gun?! He had to find it.. Finally, he found it. JiYong was looking at him, but not all the way because he had a hard time trying to adjust to the darkness. Hoonie flicked the trigger and pointed it to his head…

“NO HOONIE!!!” JiYong yelled aloud.

“I don’t love you, I never will. I belong to Woonie. YOU killed him.. he wanted to kill you SO bad for ever hurting me..

NOW.. I’m killing you.”


“Fuck you JiYong!!!” Hoonie yelled and pulled the trigger as he fell all the way down the stairs.. DEAD….

Now all Hoonie wanted to do was kill himself.. so he can be with Woonie.. but he wasn’t sure if he really would be. After all, their deaths were different, right? He would never be with him there, would he?! He cried for as long as he could, waiting for him to come back. So, feeling tired and depressed, he went straight to bed and thought of Woonie.. He thought of all the good times and wonderful times they shared together, how they promised their love every night. He couldn’t sleep, he just couldn’t. Instead, he wrote a love note to his Woonie.

Dear Woonie,
With an eternal love, the word that remains in the corner of my heart...
Always cherish, my one and only you, that I will truly love you.

Hoonie walked back to the bed and closed his eyes once more. Suddenly, he felt that feeling of Woonie.. his touch.. his touch of sweetness.. where he always strokes his cheeks with love forever.


To the right of him was a white shadow.. so light you could barely see it, but Hoonie saw it very well…


WHAT?! Who was that?! Was it really Woonie?!! The white shadow became darker now, it was WOONIE. Was it really him though, alive???

“Is that you, Woonie???”



It was really Woonie.. everything of him.. he came back from heaven to be with his Hoonie.. together forever they shall be~


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