When You Are Mine by: esca

when you are mine.jpg

  • a SuJin (Suwon x Jaejin) short story
  • completed

WARNING: contains mature content

May I kiss you?

Those were his first words. He did not wait for an answer before he pressed his lips to mine. Feathery soft.


My name is Jaejin. You’re Suwon, right? Will you be mine?

He never waited for my answers. From that day on, I was his Suwonie. His.

The first place we went to together was a run-down motel. It had been a sticky hot day but we did not shower.

I watched dumbly as he pulled off my jeans and boxers. He did not bother to undress, merely unzipping his own pants.

He told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed and I obeyed, feeling him come up behind me. I stared at a yellow stain on the pillow in front of me as I felt him run his arousal down my butt. He held onto my hips and spread my cheeks wider with his thumbs before penetrating me slowly.

We did not bother with lubrication. I felt myself stretch and eventually tear. The sliding rhythm became easier as his erection was covered with my blood. I hung my head and watched the streaks of blood run down my thighs.

It was a while before he came. I did not come, but he didnt seem to care. He wiped the blood off himself with the bed sheets, zipped up his pants and left with a See ya later.

I limped all the way home.

The second place we went to was a video-room. We rented Honeymoon – a racy horror movie.

He made me kneel in front of him, between his legs. His penis looked so big close up, only inches from my face. I licked it. He didnt make a sound, but he didnt need to. The people on the TV screen were moaning and groaning loudly behind me.

I took as much of him into my mouth as I could, and sucked as hard as I could. Other than his clenched abdomen and hard arousal, he seemed unaffected. His hands were relaxed by his sides and he kept watching the screen with a bored expression on his face.

His semen was salty and bitter. Who said that come was sweet? It wasnt.

It was the third time we met that I realized he wasnt mine even though I was his.

The beach on a winters night was very beautiful. He was kissing a tall boy on the sand. Jiyong, I think…. One of our common friends. I watched their silhouette from a distance as their movements grew more and more frantic.

Jaejin was facing me, but I wasnt sure if he saw me. Actually, making me watch him having sex with another person was the kind of a thing Jaejin would probably do. He was the one who told me to meet him here, after all.

I didnt see him after that. One phone call. One phone call stating a time and place was the only thing he did to contact me. I did not go to meet him and he did not push it.

Three years passed…and although our paths never crossed, I was not free. I was still his.

Long time no see, Suwon.

I did not answer.

Quiet as always, I see… Can I ask you a question?

I gazed at him blankly.

Will you marry me?

It seems that he hasnt changed at all. Without my consent or refusal, we were married…in Netherlands.

But I had changed…..

Jaejin!! How could you leave me to marry someone so un-sexy?!!!

Shut up, Jiyong! Jaejin hyungs mine!! You go find your own!

Wow, Jaejin. Your wife is so possessive!!!

Damn right!!! You adulterous slut! Stay away from my husband!!

I think Jaejin hyung rather enjoys being fought over.

We sat on the couch in our living room with our arms around each others waist as Jiyong sputtered.

Im gonna find myself another man! And Im gonna be so sweet and nauseatingly happy that you guys are gonna puke!!!!

~the end~


My Love by Videl

my love.JPG

  • a SuJin (Suwon x Jaejin) short story
  • completed

He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to say. All he could do was cry with his love in his arms.

His love, Lee Jae Jin, had died. And only, Jang Su Won, Jae Jin’s love, was there to witness the horrible death of his soul mate.

The thing that hurt Su Won the most, was the fact that Jae Jin could’ve lived. Jae Jin had leukemia. He could’ve taken the chemotherapy treatments and maybe lived to see another day.

And spend another day with his love…

Su Won couldn’t live without Jae Jin. He knew Jae Jin would have wanted him to find another, move on with his life, and forget about Jae Jin.

But Su Won couldn’t! He could never those rainy, passionate nights. Or those hot, hot summers. Never could Su Won ever forget all those days and more!

Su Won could never live without his Jinnie. He couldn’t. No matter what he does. Su Won would always be with Jae Jin, even through death.

Su Won let his love lay against the couch once more as Su Won went over to the desk in the far corner. He started to write his suicide note so people won’t think that Jae Jin killed him instead.

After he was done with his note, he went over to the kitchen and picked up a random knife.

Su Won walked back to Jae Jin and held his lifeless body.

He whispered into the other man’s ear, “I’ll be coming back to you, my love.”

Su Won brushed his hand against Jae Jin’s soft, black-colored hair.

With the left hand of Su Won, which held the knife, he place the knife over his heart.

“We will be happy in the afterlife forever until we get reincarnated into lovers once again, my love,” he said as he gave one last kiss on his love’s pale cheek.

He slowly stabbed himself as he stared at Jae Jin’s soft, beautiful, pale face.

Blood was pouring out of Su Won’s chest as he also felt his life slowly flying out of his body. Although, Su Won felt no pain because he was doing this for the one that he loves.

Finally, when he knew he was about to die, he whispered into his mate’s ear, “Sah rang hae yo, Jin ah,” and died…

In a close distance, you could see a little piece of paper slowly drift to the floor. It read:


To everybody:

I had no reason to live. The love of my life died. My Jae Jinnie died, and I really didn’t have anything to live for. Mi ahn hae to umma, appa wan all my chin goos (Sorry to mom, dad and all my friends) for leaving all of you. But I couldn’t allow my Jinnie to live in the afterlife all by

himself. Do you knnow what his last words were? He said to me, “Sah rang hae.” And frankly, I love him too.

Now it’s time for me to leave this world, and join my love. Goodbye…

Jang Su Won


Endless Dreams by: xerces

endless dreams.jpg

  • a Hoony short story
  • completed

We were all taken by surprise when the car before us decided to come to a stop in the middle of going at least forty-five miles per hour. Good thing that Ji Won had been able to brake in time for us not to crash into it.

“Damn!” Jae Duc had been asleep in the back when this all happened. He wasn’t wearing his seat belt at the time, so when the car jerked to a halt he fell forward and smashed his face into the back of the driver’s seat.

I sat up a bit straighter and tried to get a better view of what had happened up ahead. Seemed like there was an accident.

“Just our luck,” Ji Won let out a groan. “To be almost home and stuck in the middle of the traffic.”

He was right. We were only a couple of miles away from home. I wonder how long it would take for the traffic to clear. Right now it looked like no one was going anywhere.

“Maybe we should get out of the car and walk home,” Jae Duc suggested hopefully while rubbing his nose. But the rest of us were nowhere near being in the good mood he was in.

“Sure ~ be my guest,” Ji Won mumbled sarcastically. I just leaned back and closed my eyes.

“I wonder what happened though,” Jae Duc’s voice came on again after a few minutes. “But – you okay, Sung Hoon? Didn’t hit anything, did you?”

“No,” I shook my head and opened my eyes. “I’m just tired – and car sick…” which was really strange, because I usually don’t get carsick. Maybe I’m just too tired. The final exams were over with for me as of this afternoon – thank goodness. It had been such an awful week for me – studying so hard for those horrifying double E classes – and camping out at Ji Won’s place so he could help me with the math. Jae Duc, on the other hand, had a pretty nice time while the rest of us were struggling to survive finals – he never has to study for anything ~ that brainy ass.

“Well, here’s your chance to rest up a bit, because I think we’re going to be stuck here for awhile,” he said warily as a swarm of police cars approached with their sirens on to the max. How annoying.

I closed my eyes again and leaned my head against the window. Like he said, I might as well get some rest. But how ironic though, because the only reason I tried to stay awake during the ride is to keep Ji Won accompany so he won’t fall asleep himself and crash and kill us all. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but just last month when Hyori was driving home she fell asleep at the wheel and the car toppled into a ditch. She suffered from a head concussion and almost broke her neck or something.

But anyway … even though we didn’t get into an accident, someone did, apparently, and now we’re stuck in the middle of the road.

About ten minutes later the car moved about a yard. I shifted restlessly in my seat.

“What, you can’t sleep?” Ji Won asked me. He was impatiently tapping to the beat of the loud music coming from the Jeep next to us.

“I dunno, this headache is really bothering me. I feel like throwing up…”

“You need to get some fresh air – and maybe some 7UP or Sprite would help,” Jae Duc said from the back. That sounded like a good idea. I looked out the window next to me. I could just get out the car and cross the street – there was a convenient store not too far ahead. It’s just that the area was crowded with the police and paramedics. Obviously someone had gotten injured – but what was taking so long?

“You guys want anything to drink?” I asked before taking off.

“What ~ you really are going? Get me a coke,” Ji Won replied, still tapping impatiently to the beat of that awful music.

“I want some sparkling water,” Jae Duc told me.

“Okay,” I got out of the car and headed groggily in the direction of the convenient store.
I’m not sure whether it was the fresh air or a psychological effect, but not too long after my headache was slowly going away. I was still a bit light-headed though … nearly tripped on my own shoelace. I stopped in the middle of the street to bend down and retie it.

“Get off the road, kid!” I heard someone yell. Who was he talking to? I looked up.

Suddenly I realized that the accident had cleared and the cars were beginning to move again. The ambulance and the police cars were no where to be seen. How did that happen so fast?

People on the road began to honk at me. I quickly stood up and scrambled onto the sidewalk.

I panicked as my eyes scanned the running cars in the streets. Where was my ride now? I decided to forget about the drinks and started to run back towards the direction I had come from.

While I was running, someone had came out of nowhere and crashed into me from the side – hard. The person had been running so fast that I was knocked a good several feet off the sidewalk and back into the street, into the way of huge blue van.

I froze in place. I was gonna get hit.

Lucky for me, the van made a sharp curve and swiveled right past me, missing my body with only a short short distance. I was so numb from the shock though, that I nearly had to crawl my way back onto the safety of the sidewalk. It took me a good while before my mind could function properly again.

As for the person who had knocked into me – it was a girl — I had knocked her down onto the ground. She probably witnessed the whole truck incident and therefore looked almost as pale and scared as I did at the time. I frowned. This was all her fault.

Come to think of it, if it wasn’t for me … it would have been her in the street … and who knows, the truck might have hit her after all. Nevertheless, I went up to her and offered her my hand, although my legs still slightly quivered.

“Hey … are you okay?” I noticed that my voice quivered too.

The girl still had her eyes fixed on the spot in the street where the accident would have happened if the van had hit me. I realized that she was shaking all over as little drops of perspiration appeared on her forehead. She was in more of a shock than I was.

“Calm down,” I knelt down next to her. “It’s okay now … are you okay?”

Slowly she directed her eyes to me. After a long pause –

“Yes, I’m fine now. Thank you very much.”

Thank me very much for what? Asking if she was okay or taking her place in front of that van?
But I was a gentleman and offered her my hand again. This time she took it without hesitating.

“I’m really glad that I bumped into you, otherwise –“ She didn’t get to finish her sentence, because Ji Won chose that time to pull up in his car.

“Where the hell have you been?” He yelled through his windows. “We’ve been looking everywhere for you, come on!”

I let go of the girl’s hand and trotted towards the car. The traffic was getting heavy again, and as if my mind was affected by it, my headache came back to me.

“Ugh…” I placed a hand on my forehead and got inside the car.

“What were you doing?” Jae Duc asked me.

“I was helping that girl…” I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples lightly. Everything was beginning to look a little blurry. Maybe my contacts need to be cleaned too. Suddenly I remembered that I totally forgot to get them the drinks.

“Hey, sorry about the drinks, but I didn’t get them,” I said. For some reason, however, my voice came out of my mouth sounding slurred and unclear.

“I forgot the drinks,” I tried to articulate more clearly this time. No reaction from any of them.
When I opened my eyes, I saw that Ji Won was throwing me strange looks amidst trying to concentrate on the road.

“What drinks?” Jae Duc poked his head up to the front and asked me.

“The drinks that you guys asked me to get you…” I was confused.

“We didn’t ask you to get us drinks.”

“You did too!” Then what the heck was I doing out of the car? I stared ahead. We were in my neighborhood now.

“The kid’s been dreaming, apparently,” Ji Won said to Jae Duc. He always likes to call me kid.

“No, you’ve got to be kidding, I –“

“Since when did we ever asked you to get anything for us? You were asleep the whole time that we waited for the traffic to clear.”

I swallowed hard. But that was too real to be a dream. “How long did it take to clear?”

“About thirty minutes.”

They didn’t look like they were joking. So I had been dreaming? Really? The girl and the truck and the drinks and the accident … no, there had been an accident.

“It’s okay, Sung Hoon,” Jae Duc patted me on the back. “We all talk in our sleep sometimes.”

Which reminds me … “What did I say? Was it something stupid?”

“Ah … ahem,” he stiffened a giggle. Yeah, he giggles.

“What did I say, Jae Duc?” Hopefully it wasn’t anything too embarrassing, but Jae Duc wasn’t saying.

“Hyung! Tell me what I said? What did I say?”

“You … puhahahahah ~”


At that moment Ji Won parked precisely before my house. “Okay kid, you’re home.”

What a relief! Finally home for a nice long break after a long semester at school, but – Jae Duc was still laughing in the back seat.

“What the f –“ I turned around and glared at him.

“Heeheehee,” he was still laughing. Ji Won let out a sigh.

“I’ll tell you what you said … you said – Oh Hyori, come to me, please don’t leave me baby ~” and with that he cracked up on the steering wheel. I huffed and got out of the car. What a bunch of lunatics.

“Hahaha,” I could still hear them laugh while getting my stuff from the trunk. Especially Ji Won. He’s so loud.

“What a gullible kid…” he was saying. I slammed the trunk close.

“Okay thanks a bunch for the ride, hyung…” I yelled at him. “I suppose you guys have better places to go now huh –”

Jae Duc rolled down the window and stuck his head out the car. “Normally we’d crash with ya — but Ji Won here has a girlfriend to attend to now –“

“Yeah, yeah ~” Of course. Who doesn’t know Ji Won’s pretty little girlfriend? Well actually she’s kinda tall.

“Okay – laterz, kid,” Ji Won waved. “Tell your parents that I said hi – we said hi.”

“Okay hyung,” I replied. “Tell YY that I said hi too ~” YY was Ji Won’s little – I mean, tall girlfriend.

They drove off, leaving a heap of dust smoke behind.

My impression of returning home didn’t exactly match what was going on. In fact, impressions never really resemble realities in general, at least not for me.

I had wished for someone to be home to open the door for me when I returned. After all, after a semester of hard work, I should be able to deserve at least that much, no? But instead I had to fish the keys out of my pocket and let myself in. No one was home at this time of the day … no one’s ever home at any time of the day! My parents were such freakin’ workaholics.

Not like I really had much to complain about anyway, because if anything, I had at least a happy family. People come up with all sorts of problems when there are workaholics in the family, like how one spouse might be bitter and kids didn’t get enough attention or so and such, but that’s not what happens in my family. My parents didn’t mind at all that there seemed to be so little personal time to spend with each other. I guess they’re just weird.

“I’m home!” I called out into our empty living room. Of course I didn’t expect an answer, but hey, what the heck.

I shoved my luggage into the front hall and left it there wile I went about exploring my home. Noticed that I’ve been doing some quite pointless things since I’ve gotten back? There was this theory saying how one’s true self reveals when in their home domain. So what did that say about me?

This was one of those times when I wish I were Jae Duc. Guess what happens every time he goes home – he doesn’t go very often, by the way. His mother always greets him at the door, and then – dishes of home cooked food awaits for him in the kitchen. And then after that food, his entire family – mother, father, little sis and little bro – all go out for a movie and then maybe even bowling afterwards.

A single green apple sat on top of the counter in the kitchen. I took the lonely fruit back into the living room and sat down on the couch.

… even Ji Won, whose family was actually very far away – had someone to go to right now. I suppose that his girlfriend could be considered close to being “family.” He sees her in school almost everyday too, I think.

Come to think of it, I had a girlfriend too, once upon a time.

I took a bite of the apple and chewed it thoughtfully. It was crunchy and … sour.

She was … a very long time ago, that girlfriend of mine. And she supposedly left me because I didn’t spend enough time with her.

“You’re so self-absorbed, Sung Hoon,” she told me. “If you’re like this now, imagine how it will be in the future!”

She had a point. I wouldn’t even skip a day of work to celebrate her birthday with her. What I believed was that I should work as many hours as I could so I would have enough money by the end of the night to get her the ring that she had really wanted.

But when she said that to me … I was so disappointed in her that I decided that it was best for me to let go. I didn’t spend every single day afterwards regretting what I did, but I really wished that I had handled the situation differently. If so, maybe we would still be together.

Well, too late to say that now. I finished the last bit of that sour green apple and tossed the core into the trash.

I was so bored.

Anyway … I suddenly remembered that dream I had while we were on the road. That was a random random dream — and I didn’t even realize that I had fallen asleep. I closed my eyes and tried to remember it. I could still vaguely sense the shakiness in my legs when thinking about that blue van.
It was a strange feeling … sort of a numb … I stood up and stepped around the living room to get rid of the feeling. And for some odd reason I couldn’t stop myself from walking –

I walked straight out of the house and down the sidewalk…

Pretty soon I was out of the neighborhood…

Eventually on the road too…

And ended up heading towards the area where my dream took place.

What the hell?

Stop stop stop … I told myself. Stop stop stop… I looked down at my feet and told myself. And then because I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going –

“Hey—“ I bumped into someone on the way.

“Sorry – what … you again?”

I looked up and met the surprised gaze of the girl of my dream, literally.

“Shouldn’t I be the one saying that, why are you always getting in my way?” I asked her just as demandingly. What an AWFUL coincidence.

I noticed that her eyes were red and there were wet streaks running down her cheeks. She wasn’t crying because she ran into me again, was she? I’m sure that I wasn’t that bad.

She turned around and looked back at where she came out from – it was a coffee shop.

“I don’t know what you’re doing here,” she then told me. “But leave, leave now – Sung Hoon honey!”

Sung Hoon honey?

“Sung Hoon honey!” she said again … and came over and gave me a tight hug so tight that my eyes cringed shut with pain.

And when I opened them…

“Ma ~ what are you doing here?” I blurted out, seeing that my mother stood right before me. My mother burst out in silvery laughter.

“Why are you sleeping on the couch, dear? And how long have you been home?”

Sleeping on the couch? Of course – I had fallen asleep again … and … aww man, dreaming of her twice in a row – talk about freaky. I broke out in a fit of cold sweat.

“What’s wrong?” my mother asked me.

“No – nothing. I mean I’m fine,” I resumed to normal behavior and stood up to return my mother the hug. “Hi Ma, I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” she patted me on the back – hard. “So, how long are you going to stay this time?”

I coughed a little. “Um … like a week or two or three…”

She gave me a strange look. “Well okay, it’s up to you. I’ve taken like a week or so off too.”

“Really? Are you serious?” Now that was something new, her taking any time off from work.

“Yes, there’s a new person in training here … so I requested some time off since you’re back home and all.”

I couldn’t help but put a huge smile on my face. It felt good to know that my mother values me enough to take a whole week off just for me. Eheheheheh.

“So – you’re gonna stay home and cook right? You’re going to cook for me right?” I kept on asking.

Ah … it felt good to be home (just in case I hadn’t mentioned it before). It really did. Bad thing was that she made me go to bed right after shower – which was only nine o’clock at night, and my father wasn’t even home yet!

“It’s your normal bedtime, dear~” said my mother.

Nine o’clock was my normal bedtime when I was back in elementary school. It’s just that they stopped coming home from work before I go to bed so I guess she always figured that I would go to bed at nine o’clock. And do we know how to count here – how long has it been since my elementary school days?

I told her reluctantly that I wanted to stay up until my father comes home to say hi … I had done it reluctantly because guys usually don’t stay up late just to say hi to their fathers – ya know? Anyway, there was another reason (of why I didn’t want to go to sleep).

That girl I kept on dreaming of. Was she some kind of psychotic dream stalker or something? Nevertheless I went to bed as I was told. Believe or not, as much as I slept today during the day I was still very tired, and also not feeling very well either. But I knew what was coming…

I was going down that same street again, supposedly getting something from the drug store. It was probably around the same that I always go there, about early – mid afternoon. The weather was extremely chilly. When I reached the drug store, I had already forgotten what I was supposed to buy. I ended up walking around inside, trying to remember what I needed to get, but still came out of it empty handed.

The coffee shop where I ran into that girl was right next door. I stopped by and peered inside its glass windows.

To my surprise, she was in there again, sitting with a dude dressed in khakis. I’m not sure if I was judging correctly, but those two looked like a couple to me. A couple that had been arguing, because she looked like she was crying again.

That was what she was doing that last I saw her…

She suddenly stood up from her seat and walked quickly out of the shop. Khaki boy stood up too but didn’t follow her.

Was this a break-up scene that I just witnessed? She stumbled a bit when coming down the steps of the coffee shop.

“Hey you again –“ I called out to her from aside. “Are you okay?”

Her eyes widened before she looked up at me. “Why … why are you here again?” Tears were still streaming down from her face.

“That’s what I want to know…” I replied. “Are you alright?” I gave the khaki boy inside the store another glance – he was looking back at us with confusion on his face.

She turned to look at him too, and wiped the moisture on her face away with her hands. “I … let’s go somewhere else, I don’t want to stay here anymore.”

So … that was a break-up scene I saw. Poor girl, she must be the dumpee.

Without speaking, we started to walk down the street. I had no idea of what to do but stare down at my shoes for awhile – what was I doing with her? But I when I looked up at her I saw that her cheeks were streaked with tears. I put an arm around her shoulders.

I was once a dumpee too.

Whenever I decided that it was a bad idea to have gotten angry over that comment she made about me … she was already going with someone else. She didn’t even tell me – I found out when I saw her at a dance with him.

I went stag that night – first time in my life going to a dance without a date. Everyone found out then that Kang Sung Hoon had been dumped by what’s-her-face. I hadn’t dated anyone since then.

It’s not worth it.

When I’ve done so much just to give my heart out … it’s not worth for it to be broken over and over again.

“It wasn’t my fault, Sung Hoon,” my ex-girlfriend defended herself. “You should have never had let go of me so easily – you made me feel like I wasn’t important to you at all.”

But it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t like that.

I had thought that I loved her.

“Don’t cry…” I told the girl next to me. “Not worth to be crying over someone like that.”

“That doesn’t help,” was her reply. “ You know that feelings stay even though the other person has stopped caring for you.”

Well, that was true. I won’t deny it.

“Uh … let’s talk about something else … you need to get over it anyway,” I wanted to change the subject. “My name is Sung Hoon.”

“…I’m Shin Ji.”

“Nice to finally know your name, after running into you for so many times,” we stopped at the park next to an elementary school.

“Yes, it is,” she sat down on a swing. “Can you tell me why I always see you before the coffee shop? Were you following me?” She had beaten me to the question.

“Of course I wasn’t following you, I still have no idea of who you are!”

“I’m Shin Ji.”

I shook my head. “That I know, but…” she looked at me curiously. “Are you real?”

She frowned. “What is that supposed to mean – of course I’m real … I do exist in real life, if that’s what you mean.”

“So you know that we’re both dreaming, don’t you?”

She looked down sadly.

“And you know what I’ve figured out –“ I continued. “This your dream, not mine – I have no control over it what-so-ever…so you tell me, what am I doing here?”

Her head bowed even lower. “I don’t know why you’re here.”

This was getting nowhere. “It’s okay … just a dream right? No big deal.”

She looked at me and smiled – a rather sad smile, for some reason.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal … it’s just a dream,” her face was beginning to blur. I knew I must get going.

“Ah, you’re leaving?” so she noticed too.

“Yes…” I replied as she gradually disappeared from sight.

“…I’ll see you next time,” was the last thing I heard her say.

I woke up with the most hideous cough.

“Looks like you’ve come down with something,” my father came into my room to see me before he left for the work. “I had your mother put some chicken soup on the stove – should be ready in a couple of hours. Rest up kid,” he patted my head. Gee – this was worse than Ji Won – not only does he call me kid, he treats me like one too. But then considering that he IS my father…

“Okay Pa ~ see ya later,” I managed to get the sentence out of my mouth in between coughs, but I was too restless to rest up that day. I hated to stay in bed and rest whenever I wasn’t tired — so boring. So I went out shopping with my mother. She had agreed to get me some new winter clothing. We drove past by the area where the accident had happened the previous day. I was really surprised that they hadn’t cleaned up the place totally – I thought Ji Won had said that it took about thirty minutes to clear.

“That was a horrible accident yesterday,” my mother said as she observed the mess. “See how they sectioned off that section of the street? I heard there were at least five cars involved.”

“We came across the accident on the way home,” I told her. “But couldn’t see what was going on – we weren’t close enough to it.”

“Well, that’s a relief. Ji Won’s a good driver, isn’t he?”

“When he’s awake he is.”

My mother threw me a side-glance. “Well that’s good to hear.”

I was exhausted by the time we got back from shopping. My mother had bought me almost an entire new wardrobe – I was beyond happy. My cough, however had gotten worse over the course of just a couple of hours.

“Chicken soup is on the stove,” she told me as she shuffled through the cabinets inside the kitchen.

“And where is that cough medicine I bought last month…”

“I told you to rest up,” my father was giving me that I-told-you-so lecture. And then I was sent to bed after a steamy hot shower. This time it was only eight o’clock.

* * *

“Hi…” Shin Ji greeted me as she was walking out of the coffee shop. This time she wasn’t crying … but she still looked a little upset. “Are you okay? You look a little pale.”

“I’m sick,” I blurted.

She looked even more surprised. “Then what are you doing here?” She asked as if I had a choice of where to be. Didn’t we already go through this last night?

“That’s what I want to know,” my throat was so from coughing so much, and my voice was beginning to sound a little coarse.

“I told you that I didn’t know,” she had little sympathy for me. “You make it sound like it’s my fault that you’re here or something.”

“Well that’s what I think,” I told her bluntly. “At least you have the choice of – going inside for coffee – I can’t go anywhere but stand out here and wait for you.”

Shin Ji just stared at me with this really doubtful expression on her face. I wondered what she was thinking. At that moment khaki boy stepped out of the shop too.

“Shin Ji!” he called her. She turned around long enough to give him a short glance and then turned back to me.

“How long have you been standing out here?”

“About an hour.”

The doubtful look from her eyes gradually disappeared; replacing it was a sheen of gentleness. “You must be freezing,” she unraveled the scarf around her neck and placed it around my neck. I glanced at khaki boy uncertainly.

Although I knew that was probably just an act to get him jealous on her part, I couldn’t help but feel a wave of warmth wash over me. It’s been awhile since an unrelated girl had shown me any sign of care

“Let’s get you somewhere warmer,” she told me without giving khaki boy another look.

I wonder where she had meant by “somewhere warmer,” but I followed her anyway. Like I said, I have no choice of what to do in these dreams. It was a rather strange feeling, actually – not being able to make my own decisions. I didn’t feel like I was forced to do anything, such as waiting for her outside the coffee shop – but for some reason I just did. I really wanted to go inside and get some heat – but for some reason I didn’t.

I pulled off the scarf. “Here you go.”

She looked at me “Aren’t you cold?”

I let out a sigh. “You wanted him to see that scene, didn’t you?” I was referring to khaki boy. “And he saw it, so now you can have your scarf back.”

“No, leave it on,” she told me. “I know that you’re cold, Sung Hoon … and perhaps this is the most that I can do for you.”

I stopped walking. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that –“ she looked away to the side. “ – that maybe you’re right. You’re here because of me, because this is my dream. But I can’t seem to leave you out of it … I don’t know how. So I can at least try to keep you warm, can’t I? And besides, you’re sick already.” She started to walk again.

“Well, you’ll have to do much better than that,” I caught up with her.

“Now what do you mean?”

“How about treating me to some hot chocolate and crème cake? At a coffee shop other than the one you just came from, preferably,” I sniffled.

And for the first time since I’ve met her, I saw her smile.

It was a rather nice smile.

* * *

“Hmmm … 39. 64° C,” my mother held up the thermometer up to the light to get a better reading. “What did you do yesterday? We weren’t out shopping for that long.”

Feeling as miserable as ever, I shrank deeper under my blankets.

The vacation wasn’t exactly going the way I had planned for it to be. This was my third day home and instead of relaxing and having fun with my friends and family I’ve had to stay home and attend to my illness.

“So you can’t come out tonight? Ji Yong’s in town too – and we were thinking about going to the movies after YY gets off work. We even found you guys dates,” Ji Won called later and told me all about his plans.

“Dates? You mean for Jae Duc – Ji Yong has Nina,” I argued.

“Oh, you didn’t know that they broke up? Ji Yong dumped her –“

“He did? How come – Nina’s such a nice person,” I immediately thought of Shin Ji. What was wrong with guys these days, dumping their perfectly fine girlfriends.

“It’s hard to explain – anyway, so you can’t come?”

“Hack * wheeze * cough * — does it sound like I should go out?”

“Haha, okay then,” he didn’t sound very sorry to hear that I was sick. What a loser of a friend. “That’s too bad, I hope you feel better.” And then he added, “What a waste of that date we found you, man she’s hot!”

“I don’t need a date,” I huffed.

“Of course you don’t,” he laughed again. “You need Hyori,” he laughed even harder.

“How many times do I have to tell you, I don’t – cough * — like Hyori!” I hung up on him.

I wondered what was wrong with Ji Won – you think he would be a little more mature since he’s older and all – but it was just the opposite. And lately he’s been getting more and more shallow by the day.

And Ji Yong … he and Nina broke up? They’ve been going out ever since high school. We all thought that they might get married someday, too. We all thought they were the perfect couple. But Ji Won didn’t sound at all like there was anything wrong with the break-up … maybe he knew of something that I didn’t.

“You should be lucky that you’re not in a relationship right now,” Shin Ji told me as we were taking a walk in the park. I didn’t have to wait long that day – she came out of the coffee shop sooner than I expected her to.

The first thing she did when she saw me was to take off her scarf and wrap it around my neck.

“Why don’t you ever remember to wear something to keep yourself warm,” she complained.

I just shook my head and laughed, at the same time wondering about khaki boy. He was watching us from the window.

“Relationships can get messy, so people should stay away from them,” she concluded.

“According to your theory, then no one should get into a relationship, no one should get married and have kids, and after about a century the human race will become extinct.”

Shin Ji burst out into gentle laughter. She had been laughing and smiling a lot more lately.

“I still have a lot of feelings for him, Sung Hoon,” she said more seriously, a moment later. “Even though he wants to break up with me – I still like him. And I may even love him. Sung Hoon, what should I do?”

Her lines sounded extremely familiar to me. Who was it that had said something similar?

She looked at me, her eyes pleading for an answer, as if I really know what’s the best for her.

“I … I don’t know,” feeling a bit uncomfortable all of the sudden, I looked away from her eyes.

“I don’t want to let go,” she said.

Letting go … I wondered if she had a choice. If khaki boy wasn’t willing to continue the relationship, what was it that she could do about it? But I didn’t want to pour cold water on her. As pessimistic as she sounded, I knew she still had a lot of hope in her mind.

* * *

The conditions of my flu – I guess that’s what it was – improved very slowly for the next couple of days. I slept and ate (although I had no appetite whatsoever, but of course my mother made me) and slept and ate and barely went outside my room.

My parents told me that the guys had been over a couple of times to see how I was doing, but I was too burnt out by my fever to notice that anyone was there. The entire time I was in bed I had felt dizzy, nauseous, achy, and whatever symptoms that were associated with the flu.

Even in my dreams I felt like I was dying.

“Sung Hoon!” Shin Ji exclaimed as I lost my balance and fell to the ground. It felt as if the energy had been drained from my legs. “Sung Hoon, are you okay?”

People who were passing by turned their heads to watch us, but no one really offered a hand to help.

Shin Ji struggled to help me up by herself. She was a bit on the petite side, however, so it was rather difficult for her to move me very far.

“Shin Ji…” I managed to say although the slightest move of any muscle would hurt my already aching body. “It’s alright, just let me sit here for awhile…”

“Okay,” she sat down next to me and leaned my body against her own. We sat there in the middle of the sidewalk like that for awhile. “Sung Hoon – you’re burning.” So my fever was still running. That medicine didn’t work at all. I must tell my mother to get a different brand next time.

“But I feel cold,” I closed my eyes and puffed out short breaths. It was getting harder and harder for me to breath, too. “Very, very cold…”

She took off her jacket and placed it over my body.

“Why did you do that … you’re going to be cold too.”

She put her arms around me and held me closer to her. Strangely I could feel her body heat through the layers of clothing we were both wearing.

“It’s alright, don’t worry about me,” she said, resting her head on top of mine. “I’m about as good as dead, anyway.”

I was in the middle of falling asleep – falling asleep in my dream, funny huh – when I found what she had said extremely queer.

“What does that mean?” I asked her immediately.

“I’m as good as dead … without him…”

I closed my eyes again. It’s been days since I last saw her cry, coming out form the coffee shop – I thought she had gotten over him, a little bit if not a lot. Apparently I’ve been wrong. He really did mean that much to her.

“Forget that dumb jerk … he’s not worth your time. You have me,” I attempted to crack a joke, but in reality I understood that I had already fallen for her.

“Heheh, I know,” she laughed, but then replied in a more serious tone. “I know, but I can’t help it.”

I didn’t know why I was trying to persuade her to forget him; not like I could forget my ex-girlfriend right away either, back then.

“Have you ever been heart broken before, Sung Hoon?” she seemed to be able to read my mind. Of course, this was her dream.


“How did you deal with it – how did you forget her?”

I opened my eyes and smiled at Shin Ji. Forget her? “How do you know that I’ve forgotten her already? Maybe I’m still in love with her.”

Shin Ji smiled back at me. “I know that you have. How did you do it?”

“It takes time, Shin Ji…”

“How long did it take you?”

“A very long time … “ I was slowly falling asleep again when I felt something cold hit my face gently.

“Ah … snow…” I opened my eyes and looked up into the sky. It was finally cold enough for it to snow … and now I must … I must get some rest now…

“Sung Hoon, Sung Hoon!” Shin Ji started to panic for some reason. I looked at her strangely. Her eyes were swelling up with tear again … why?

“Don’t cry … Shin Ji … what did he do to you to make you cry … hmm…”

The tears dripped from her eyes and fell on my face. I reached my hand out and tried to wipe it away … but for some reason I couldn’t touch her.

“What are you talking about … Sung Hoon, no, don’t go to sleep, you can’t go to sleep…”

Oh … I get it … she was crying for me now.

All this time that she’s been crying for him … now she’s finally crying for me…

“No!” she started to shake my body, but my eyelids were so heavy that I didn’t think I could keep them open for the world.

“Sung Hoon … I’m so sorry…” my eyes closed amidst of her sobs.

* * *

She was of course no longer with me when I woke up. I was wearing what I figured to be a hospital gown sitting lying in what I figured to be a hospital bed inside what I figured to be a hospital room. In other words, I had become a hospital patient.

I flipped open the covers and attempted to get out of bed. What happened instead was that I fell from the bed and making a loud crash.

Also, my arm was also stuck to an IV tube at the time but I didn’t know. So … when I fell I brought the entire set up of whatever fluid they had been injecting into me came crashing on top of me, making a loud racket. A nurse rushed inside at once.

“Oh, you’re awake!” she came over and helped me get back into bed. “Stay there and don’t move,” she told me. “I’m going to get the doctor and your parents.”

It turned out that I fell unconscious from a fever that went over 41° C and my parents had rushed me to the hospital. I had been unconscious for nearly 36 hours. It wasn’t just the simple flu that I had caught – it was the death flu, they told me. Personally I’ve never heard of that … but just the name of it sounded bad enough.

I couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital; it wasn’t a specifically pleasant place to be.
* * *

“Hold the elevator!” Someone called as I was ready to go downstairs for checkout. I pressed the open button as quickly as I could. The doors of the elevator reopened and a guy about my age stepped in.

“Thanks,” he said to me. I gave him a slight nod. As we rode down I had a funny feeling that the he was watching me. I had wanted to take a better look at him, but we were standing at an odd angle and I couldn’t turn around to see him without making it obvious. When the doors finally opened again on the ground floor, however, I took a quick glance of him before we went off our separate ways. He did look a bit familiar too me. Where had I seen him before?

“Are you all ready to go?” my parents asked me. I nodded.

“Your mother made a lot of your favorite dishes,” my father told me while we were in the car. “They’re all ready for you to dig in when you get home.”

Too busy trying to remember where I had seen that person in the elevator, I only give my father a murmured response.

“Careful here,” I heard my mother say to my father. “This was where that accident was last time.”


The accident that we came across on our way home almost two weeks ago.

I looked off to the side. There was that coffee shop where I always met up with Shin Ji after she talked to her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend.

Khaki boy!

The guy inside the elevator was khaki boy. I didn’t recognize him right away because he wasn’t wearing khakis at the time.

What was he doing in the hospital?

Some vague ideas popped into my head. I shifted in my seat uncomfortably at the thoughts.

“How did the accident happen?” I hadn’t paid any attention to the news at all this past week.

“A van hit a girl while she was crossing the street … it didn’t brake in time and caused the other cars behind it to crash as well.”

A van hit a girl.
A van hit a girl.

A van hit a girl.

A van, almost hit me, in the dream.

That van, would have hit a girl, if it hadn’t been me.

The first thing I did when I got home was to dig through our newspaper pile for that day’s paper. I yanked it out of the pile and searched the front page. It should have been big news, locally, at least. I couldn’t find it though…

I pulled out the paper from the day after.

Mass Accident On … the headlines read. That was it. My eyes scanned down the page.

A 20 year old girl, later identified as Park Shin Ji, was hit yesterday after at the corner of … by a large blue van…

“Sung Hoon,” my mother came out of the kitchen and called me. “Do you want to eat now? The food is ready.”

I shook my head. “I … don’t have much appetite right now,” I tossed the paper back into the pile, and stood up. “I think I want to take a nap.”

She probably said something else after that, but I was too preoccupied to hear what she was saying. I simply went to bedroom and closed the door.

Shin Ji … I needed an explanation.

* * *

I was on my way to the coffee shop when something happened up ahead.

I heard the sharp screech of a car trying to brake, and then a loud scream of a girl.

Next came a loud crash, and a long honk, another loud crash, and more loud crashes.

Other people started to scream.

I ran as fast as I could to the scene. I wanted to know what happened.

“Excuse me,” I said, trying to push through the crowd of people. I wanted to see what had happened.

The first thing I saw was a mess of cars, all smashed together. The people inside the cars who were still conscious struggled to get out. My eyes wandered to the front of the mess.

A girl lay still at the fore wheels of the blue van.

Some people were telling me to stay away, but I walked up to her anyway.

Blood was quickly draining from her body out onto the pavement around her. Soon the bottoms of my shoes were soaked with her blood, too.

I looked closely at her face.

I know this girl, I thought.

Police came to clear the crowd away. They pulled me aside.

Not too far away, I spotted Ji Won’s car down the road.

He was tapping impatiently to the beat of some annoying music played by the jeep next to us while Jae Duc chatted with him from the back seat.

And I was there, too. I was sleeping soundly in the passenger’s seat.

“You found out,” said a voice behind me. I turned around to find Shin Ji watching the accident just steps behind me.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked her.

She shrugged. “What difference would it have made?” She gestured for me to follow her down the sidewalk as we always did. We looked like two people taking a walk down the street on an ordinary day. The accident was left behind.

“I’m glad to see that you’re okay,” she said out of relevance. “I was worried that something would happen to you after that night.”

“I ended up in the hospital.”

“Well, you woke up, didn’t you?”

Yes, at least I woke up. But she…didn’t.

“In my dream, normally you would see me come out of the coffee shop … that’s because … that’s all I ever dreamed about since the accident.”

I looked at her.

“Through my dreams I attempt to change the course of past – remember the first time I met you? Instead of me, you were the one that was hit – or almost hit,” she looked away almost shamefully. “And then, the truth altered little by little every time after that – there was no accident at all. I was still alive and well.”

As much as the truth had been changed in the dreams, the accident still happened in reality. But there was a little twist to that.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she was reading my mind again. “For some reason my dreams directly affected your health. You knew that your flu got worse because you were wandering around with me in the cold. But you did it anyway. So apparently you had no control.”

I didn’t say anything. What was she getting at?

“So now … I’m going to stop dreaming,” she also stopped walking. Suddenly I realized that we were standing before the coffee shop again. The accident had already cleared, and the cars were moving along smoothly in the streets … or had there been no accident at all to begin with?

“I’ve decided to wake up,” she said. Khaki boy was now standing at the entrance of the coffee shop. He watched us with a grin on his face. “He had agreed to take me back … if I wake up.”

She was … still alive.

I was too stunned to know how to react.

After all that had happened between us … was this the final result?

To see that someone I’ve come to care much for … walk away with someone else … again…

“Is this the last time that I’m going to see you?”

There was a long, long pause.

“…yes, we’re marking an end to our dreams as we speak. You will no longer see me after this. Even if you do…” she slowly bowed her head as her voice trailed away.

“Even if I do … what would happen?” I reached out and lifted her chin.

“Nothing. Because I am asking you to forget me right now.” Tears rolled around in her eyes.

Forget her…

“How can you ask me to do that?” I questioned. It took me that long to finally find someone that could be special to me after all this time – and she’s asking me to forget her?

“Because I will not remember you after I wake up … there’s no use for either of us to keep this memory – do you understand?”

Meaning that … the only way for us to keep in touch was through her dreams. But that was about to end very soon.

If she wakes up … she’ll still have him, at least.

She turned out to be another person that I have to let go.

“Are you not going to say something … Sung Hoon?”

I shook my head and started to walk away.

“Sung Hoon!” she chased after me.

“What else can I say?” I snapped bitterly. “To ask you to stay in your coma so you could be with me – this is your life, Shin Ji, isn’t it? I guess I could always find another girl –“

“Sung Hoon,” she hung on tightly to my arm, tears rapidly rolling down her cheeks. “I’m so sorry…”

I cupped her chin in my hands and brought her lips to mine.

And then there was no more of Shin Ji.

* * *

I suppose I did try hard to do what she had told me to do. After all, a dream is a dream, and no matter what happened in the dream, when the dream is over, life will go on.

I recovered magically after that last encounter with Shin Ji – which was something that I couldn’t understand. What did my illness have to do with her — dream and reality shouldn’t mix. Perhaps I would never find out.

And Shin Ji – I kept on telling myself – was just a dream. If she couldn’t become a part of my life, there was no point in keeping remembering her.

I returned back to school with Ji Won and Jae Duc within a couple of days and started a new semester of school. Everything went about normally just as how it used to … Jae Duc still never had to study for anything and Ji Won still made fun of me about Hyori. Really, I wonder where he even got the idea.

“Hey Sung Hoon –“ YY came up to me after a tae-kwon-do session at the gym one afternoon. “You want to have dinner with us today?” She meant eating with Ji Won, Jae Duc, and Jae Jin over at their apartment.

“Um, it’s alright, I don’t think I can stand any more of Jae Jin’s cooking,” the last I went over Jae Jin cooked and over-cooked everything on the plate.

“Oh…” YY tried to think of something else to say. “Well, Ji Won said that he can cook for you, if you want.”

Pause. And then she said, “We’re really worried about you, Sung Hoon … you haven’t been yourself since break … you don’t even defend yourself when Ji Won makes fun of you.”

I gave her a grateful smile. I understand that they’re all my friends and they care about me … but I just didn’t feel up to it.

“It’s alright… tell him thanks anyway,” I waved her goodbye and left the gym. But still, it was nice to know that someone cared.

I stopped by the water fountain for a drink of water. What a workout I had … really made me thirsty.

“Where are you going this time?”

*Choke * ~ I spat out a mouthful of water. For a moment there I thought I was hearing things. I turned around to see whom that voice belonged to.

It was just some girl talking on the pay phone next to me. I turned back around to finish my drink of water.

“So you can’t pick me up … okay…”

I shook my head and turned around again. I couldn’t have been mistaken. I stood there and waited until the girl turned around enough for me to see what she looked like.

I drew in a breath.

“I see, I see. Sure … maybe next time then…” she was still saying.

It was that same face.

“Bye,” she was about to hang up the phone when she caught me staring at her. She looked back at me curiously with wide eyes, as if she was seeing me for the very first time.

It was the same set of eyes.

Please forget me … Shin Ji had asked me. But did she really think I could do that?

“Um … I’m sorry, for taking so long,” she apologized to me, thinking that I needed to use the phone.

“No, it’s alright. I didn’t need to use it,” I replied, giving her a smile.

“Oh,” she returned to me a confused smile.

Shin Ji hadn’t lied to me … she really didn’t remember me, but…

I suddenly realized that I’ve gone through weeks of misery for nothing.

“I just find you familiar, that’s all,” I told her.

“You do? What is your name?” she asked me.

So what if she doesn’t remember me at all…

“My name is Kang Sung Hoon. Are you Park Shin Ji?”

I will give her the time to get to know me – all over again.

“How did you know – I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. This is my first semester here at the university.”

It’s not like I didn’t have the time.

I smiled. “I must be psychic then ~”

“Well, you must tell me about it some times,” she placed the receiver back onto the hook and proceeded to leave. There’s my first opportunity.

“How about now?”

This time, I refuse to let her go.

“Huh?” She looked at me blankly

“What I meant was … would you like to join me for dinner?”

“Well…” Shin Ji took a look at her watch. “I guess so … plans were canceled for tonight away.”

This was good start.

“Let’s get going then,” I said. She nodded and followed me out of the gym. It felt so much like the past, with her walking beside me down the street.

She had been wrong about one thing, though.

The end hasn’t been market yet.

The dreams – no, our dreams, shall be endless.

It Was You All Along by: Val

it was you all along.jpg

  • a Hoony fanfic
  • completed

Part 1

“Let me out!” screamed a terrified eight year old Sunghoon. He was trapped in total darkness with four walls closing in on him. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he remembered what had happen.

He was playing hide and seek with two boys from his school. Their names were Eun Jiwon and Chu Tae Won. Sunghoon was so happy when they invited him to join them. In school Sunghoon was the most popular kid because his aunt was the famous actress Jung Yeh Ja but when all the excitement about her was over, he was lonely all over again.

In real life, Sunghoon doesn’t have any friends because all the other kids assumed he was too good to play with them.

“Okay,” said Jiwon. “I”ll seek and you guys hide. 10…15…20…25…”

Sunghoon jumped with excitement and started running to find a place to hide. He saw a refrigerator near his house.

He wondered where it came from but then didn’t care because it would make a great hiding place. Sunghoon hid for a while and then he heard Jiwon’s and Tae Won’s voices. He wondered what was going on and then he heard a noise.

“I hope you like it in there Sunghoon!”

‘What?’ thought Sunghoon. He tried to push open the door but it wouldn’t budge. He felt trap and started to gasp for air. He pounded on the door and screamed, “Let me out you guys!”

Jiwon just laughed. “Why don’t you ask your aunt Yeh Ja to help you? Act like you’re better than us just because she is famous.”

Sunghoon’s heart sank. He couldn’t believe it. He thought Jiwon and Tae Won were his friends but they had tricked him. He began to cry. “I don’t act like I’m better. Please let me out.”

Tae Won began to laugh. “This will teach you to mess with us.” Then he and Jiwon left.

In the dark Sunghoon sat and curled himself into a little ball. He was terrified. He was scared of the dark and worse, he was afraid of being alone. Then he heard a knocking.

A little girly voice called out, “Is someone in there?”

Sunghoon stood up and banged his fists against the door. “Hurry up and let me out!”


He heard the noise of wood sliding and the door suddenly opened. Just as he saw light coming he pushed his way out.

He bent over and began breathing fast because he almost ran out of air when he was inside the refrigerator. Then a pair of Mary Janes came into his view. When he looked up he saw a pair of big brown eyes staring back at him. It was a little girl in pig tails that saved him.

They looked at each other for a while and didn’t say anything. Then the girl looked down and kicked her foot into the dirt.

“Umm…what were you doing in my fridge?”

Sunghoon looked at her and then he turned away and ran into his house, leaving the little girl staring after him.


Part 2

‘Huh? What just happened here?’ Kyung Hee thought. “Aye! I’ll never understand boys!” she screamed out loud. She was watching Sunghoon as he ran into the house next door.

“What don’t you understand sweetie?” her grandpa asked as he came out the front porch to look for her.

“Oh nothing grampie.”

“Come here.”

He waved for Kyung Hee to come sit with him on the porch swing. She walked over to him and sat on his lap.

“Yes grampie?”

“Do you like it here?”

She nodded her head. “Ah huh. I get to be with you all the time but I’m still mad at mommy and daddy for leaving me.” She frowned and crossed her arms.

Her grandpa let out a little laugh. “Silly girl, your parents are geologists. They have to travel around the world. They can’t take you with them because you have school. Besides they’ll send you presents.”

Kyung Hee’s eyes got wide. “Presents? A lot?”


She clapped her hands. “Yay!”

Back at home Sunghoon buried his face into his pillow and cried. Then he heard a knock on his door.


Sunghoon quickly wiped his nose on his sleeve.

“Yes? Come in.”

Then his mother came in. “What’s wrong honey? Why are you crying?”

He shook his head. “Oh it’s nothing mommy.”

His mom looked around his room. “Where are your friends?”

Sunghoon tried his best not to cry. “They….they went home.” His mom hugged him. “Oh, you’re sad that they had to go home so early?” Sunghoon held onto his mom tighter and didn’t answer. His mom thought for a while.

“Hey I know. A new family just moved in next door. An old man and a little girl.

You can go play with her. Do you want to?”

“Okay mommy.”


Part 3

~Ding dong~

Kyung Hee stopped putting her toys away and looked up at the front door. ‘Hmm…I wonder who it could be?’

“Kyung Hee! Answer the door!”

“Okay grampie.”

When she opened the door she saw a pretty lady and the boy she helped earlier. “Hi!” She grabbed Sunghoon’s hand.

“Are you okay?” Sunghoon just looked at her and didn’t answer.

“Oh you two already met?”

“Not really. I don’t even know his name.”

“I see. You can call me Mrs. Kang and this is my boy Sunghoon.

Is your grandfather home?”

“Ah huh. My name is So Kyung Hee. Come in.”

Kyung Hee closed the door behind them. Then she ran upstairs to get her grandpa. Then the grandpa told her, “Why don’t you and Sunghoon go outside while Mrs. Kang and I have a talk?” “Okay grampie. Come on Sunghoon,” she said as she pulled him out of the house with her.

When they got outside Kyung Hee felt a hard shove behind her back. She fell on the grass but something there cut her leg and made her bleed. She looked up and saw Sunghoon glaring at her with the coldest eyes she has ever seen.

‘Don’t pretend you want to be my friend,’ thought Sunghoon. He was going to make Kyung Hee pay for what Jiwon and Tae Won did to him.

“Why did you push me?”

“I hate ugly girls! And you are really damn oogly!”

Kyung Hee opened her mouth in shock. She began to cry. Sung H felt bad but he was still mad at what those guys did to him so he wasn’t going to stop.

“What? Oh, are you crying? You are such a baby!”

That made Kyung Hee instantly stop. She stood up. “I’m not a baby!”

“Yes you are!” Sunghoon yelled back.

Then he yanked on one of her braids and pulled the ivory ribbon out. “Ow!” She yanked back her hair and then replied,

“You’re the baby! Who was crying inside my fridge huh?” That made Sunghoon really mad. He pushed her hard. She fell down and cried really loud. Her grandpa and Mrs. Kang ran out.

“What happened Kyung Hee?”

Kyung Hee pointed her finger at Sunghoon. She began to sob again. “He…he-”

“I accidentally made her fall,” cut in Sunghoon.

Kyung Hee looked up at Sunghoon in shock. ‘That liar!’ she thought. “I’m sorry,” said Sunghoon as he began to bawl.

He looked at Kyung Hee with his puppyish eyes.

“I didn’t mean to make you fall.”

Mrs. Kang held Sunghoon. “I know you didn’t mean to make Kyung Hee fall.”

Then her grandpa asked, “Are you okay Kyung Hee?”

Kyung Hee looked up and saw Sunghoon’s lips move. “Baby,” he said loud enough just for her to hear. Kyung Hee bit her lip. “I’m okay grampie. It was an accident.”

“I’m sorry Mr. So but I have to be home and prepare dinner for my husband.

It was a pleasure meeting you. Bye Kyung Hee!”

“Bye,” said Sunghoon and he gave Kyung Hee a wave. Kyung Hee watched them as they left. Then she saw Sunghoon turn around and giver her a little smirk. She glared back at him.

‘It’s war. I’m going to hurt you one of these days Kang Sunghoon,’ she promised herself.

This was the beginning of a NOT so beautiful friendship…


Part 4

Five years later…

During these years Sunghoon and Kyung Hee went to school together everyday. Kyung Hee was the target of Sunghoon’s tortures every single day. He would call her names and hit her. He would push her around in school but in front of adults, he would act like he was her best friend. It was a nightmare for Kyung Hee because Sunghoon requested to have every single class with her and he was her partner in every single project. What’s worse was Sunghoon became the most popular boy in school so she couldn’t get anyone on her side to help her avoid him. Also during this time, Sunghoon met Kim Jaeduck and Lee Jaejin. It took them a while before Sunghoon would trust them. Eventually they became Sunghoon’s best friends as they hang out together more often. He let them in on the fun of teasing Kyung Hee but he would never let them physically harm her. And so it begins…Junior High…

“Heads up!”

Kyung Hee glanced up and saw a blurry object headed her way. Before she could block it, it hit her right smack on the head and gave her a bruise. “Ow!” she yelled and began to rub the spot where it hit her head. Sunghoon began to walk towards her. He was the one who threw the football.

“Aww…did it hurt?”

Kyung Hee glared at him but he just smiled at her. She clenched her teeth and answered, “No.” Right behind Sunghoon was Jaeduck and Jaejin. They were laughing.

“Hope you didn’t make her cry man!” said Jaejin.

Jaeduck shook his head. “Naw…her head has too many bones in it.”

“Maybe that’s why they call her ‘BoneHead!'” yelled Sunghoon.

All three of them started busting out laughing and gave each other high-fives. Kyung Hee stood up.

“You idiots! There are no bones in the head!

You don’t know anything! No wonder all of you are so dumb to make that stupid joke.

I hope all three of you fail and repeat eighth grade!”

Jaejin looked at her. “Aww…you don’t mean that Kyung Hee.

Cuz that means you’ll graduate before Sunghoon.”

“Yeah,” added Jaeduck. “You don’t want to leave your Sunghooney, do you?”

Kyung Hee’s face turned red. “Shut up Jaejin and Jaeduck! Kang Sunghoon is nothing of mine!” She points a finger at Sunghoon. “I hate you!”

Sunghoon just gave her a smile and said, “No you don’t.”

“Ahhh!” she screamed and then stomped off to class.

‘Those jerks,’ Kyung Hee thought. ‘Damn you Sunghoon. Act like you’re King of the school. I hope you get kicked off your throne Your Majesty!’ She began to imagine herself choking Sunghoon and she wasn’t watching where she was going. Then she felt herself bump into someone.

“Ow!” said a voice.

“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.

Here let me help you up.”

Kyung Hee bent down to help the guy up. She noticed he had a long neck and really beautiful eyes. Then she cursed herself for staring at him. He was cute!

“Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay.”

He gave her a really sweet smile. “By the way, my name is Ko Jiyong. And you are?”

“I’m So Kyung Hee. Nice to meet you Jiyong oppa.

Are you new here?”

“Yeah. First day.”

“Let me see your schedule.”

Kyung Hee looked at the list Jiyong gave her. “Hey you take Tae Kwon Doe?”

“Yeah. I’m the Junior Champion back at my old school.

So do we have any classes together?”

“Really? That’s tight! Hmm…we have four classes together.”

‘He has four out of six classes with me,’ she thought. ‘Damn and that monster Sunghoon has all six with me. Maybe Jiyong will be the only guy here who won’t listen to Sunghoon and pick on me. Who knows? He might even kick Sunghoon’s butt in Tae Kwon Doe!’ Just the thought of Sunghoon getting beat up made Kyung Hee yelled out, “Yay!” Jiyong looked at her surprised. “Why are you so happy?”

“Oh nothing. Come on Jiyong oppa.

Let me take you to your first class with me.”


Part 5

Sunghoon tapped his foot impatiently against his desk. ‘Where the hell is Kyung Hee? She should have been back here before me and the others.’ He sent Jaeduck and Jaejin to go out and find her. He began to worry but then he heard Kyung Hee’s voice. He watched her talking to a strange guy. They both sat down in a corner and then that guy handed Kyung Hee back her back pack. ‘This does not look good,’ thought Sunghoon.

Kyung Hee looked over at Jiyong’s shoulder and saw Sunghoon looking at them. ‘Eat your heart out Sunghoon.’ Jiyong had been so sweet to her. ‘I wish Jiyong was my older brother,’ she thought. ‘That way he can protect me from that animal Sunghoon.’ And just then Sunghoon walked up to them.

“Hi. I’m Kang Sunghoon the school’s representative. And you are?” he looked at Jiyong.

Jiyong started to analyze Sunghoon. ‘So this is the guy who’s picking on Kyung Hee.’ Then Kyung Hee’s words came back to him.

Sigh…Jiyong looked at Kyung Hee. “What’s the sigh for?” She looked down at the floor.

“Oh nothing.”

“Come on Kyung Hee. If you called me oppa, that means you can tell me anything.”

“Well…I’m afraid I’m going to get beaten up today.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Kyung Hee lifted up the sleeve of her uniform. “Take a look at this.” Jiyong glanced at her arms. Both of them had dark purple bruises. “And this too,” she added and pointed to her head. There was also a dark purple bruise there. Jiyong looked at her in shock.

“Who did this to you?”

“A psycho by the name of Kang Sunghoon.”

“Why? Doesn’t he know guys aren’t supposed to hit girls?”

Kyung Hee glanced up at Jiyong. “Human guys don’t hit girls. Kang Sunghoon is an animal.” She sighed again. “But it’s okay…I’m used to it by now.” Jiyong squeezed her shoulder.

“Well stop getting use to it. This torture is going to end today.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I’m going to teach this Sunghoon guy a lesson.”

Kyung Hee grabbed Jiyong and hugged him. “Really?” He nodded. “Yay!” she screamed. “You can do it in P.E. today.

His Highness is the champion here but not anymore now that you’re here Jiyong oppa..” Jiyong gave her a smile and nodded.

“Let’s get to class before we’re late.”

Jiyong looked at Sunghoon who had just approached him. “I’m Ko Jiyong. And I know who you are.”

Sunghoon looked at Kyung Hee. ‘Must have told him about me,’ he thought. Sunghoon shrugged his shoulders. “Fame spreads.”

Jiyong looked at him. ‘Kyung Hee was right. That conceited bastard!”

Sunghoon let out a fake cough. “Excuse me, Mr. Ko. I believe you’re in my seat.” Jiyong gave him a look.

“I don’t think so.”

Sunghoon gave Jiyong a glare that could freeze an entire ocean. Just then Jaejin and Jaeduck came in. Sunghoon waved for them to come over. “Hey guys come over here and meet my new friend.” Jaejin and Jaeduck walked over.

“Hey guys,” said Sunghoon. “This is Ko Jiyong. Apparently, he doesn’t know where he’s sitting.”

Jaeduck gave a little smirk. “Aww…he’s new Sunghoon. He don’t know that he’s sitting in your place.”

Jaejin nodded and told Jiyong, “You better move boy. You’re sitting with my friend’s wife.”

Kyung Hee opened her mouth in shock. “He’s lying!” Jiyong looked at all of them. He could tell that Sunghoon and the other two were lying. He turned around to face Sunghoon.

“No I don’t want to move. I like sitting here.”

Sunghoon was ticked but didn’t say anything. He had to stop Jaejin and Jaeduck from fronting Jiyong. Sunghoon just gave a fake smile and said, “I’ll see how long you will like sitting there.” Then he and the boys left.

Kyung Hee let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks Jiyong oppa. Everyday that Sunghoon and his buddies will sit next to me so they could torture me. But now that you’re here, they can’t do it anymore.”

“It’s nothing,” said Jiyong. “I’ll try my best to stop him from torturing you.”


Part 6

~Ring~ It was the last bell of the day.

“Come on Jiyong oppa! Time for P.E.!”

Kyung Hee and Jiyong walked to the gym together. When they looked up they saw the janitor fixing the ceiling. Kyung Hee walked up to him. “What are you doing Mr. Seo?”

“Just fixing the ceiling fans Kyung Hee.

These things are sharp and could cut somebody up!

You two kids better get to class now. I have a lot to work to do today.”

Kyung Hee and Jiyong waved bye to Mr. Seo. Then they both went their own separate ways to the locker rooms to change for class.

Sunghoon sat down on the mat and waited for Kyung Hee and Jiyong to both come out. Jaejin sat down next to him while Jaeduck had another class to go to.

“So you gonna kick the crap outta the new guy Sunghoon?”

“Yeah. That’ll teach him to mess with me.”

Jaejin scrached his head. “Dude, I don’t get it. The only thing he did was sit next to Kyung Hee. So why you tripping for? You in love with her or something?”

Sugn Hoon glared at him. “Hell no! I don’t like her. I just don’t want anyone messing with my stuff alright?

“Okay okay. Chill. Hey here they come.”

Jiyong found a place to sit on the mat while Kyung Hee sat next to him. A guy from their P.E. class named Jang Suwon shouted out,

“Hey Kyung Hee! You dump Sugn Hoon for the new guy?”

She yelled back, “Shut up dork!”

Everyone in class, including Jiyong and Sunghoon stared at her. Kyung Hee just looked away and pretended not to notice. Then she leaned over and whispered in Jiyong’s ear. “Kick Sunghoon’s butt hard.”

Sunghoon looked at Kyung Hee leaning near Jiyong. ‘Damn you Kyung Hee. Is it so terrible to be known as my girlfriend?’ he thought fuming. ‘You’re going down pretty boy.’ He glared at Jiyong who was also glaring at him back.


Part 7


The whistle blew and class began. Sensei Shim called roll and made everyone sat down.

“Alright now you spineless wimps. Let’s see what you’ve learned these past few weeks. Class will begin with a match.

Who are my volunteers?”

Sunghoon raised his hand. “I will Sensei.”

“Ah…Sunghoon, my number one student. Who else?

Hmm…how about Kyung Hee?”

Kyung Hee shook her head so hard that her hair fell out of her ponytail. Sunghoon rolled his eyes. “Not today Sensei. How about Jiyong?”


Sensei Shim looked at Jiyong. “Are you the new boy Ko Jiyong?”

“Yes Sensei,” answered Jiyong.

Sensei Shim rubbed his chin. “Hmm…I don’t know Sunghoon. It might not be fair for Jiyong to fight against an advanced student like you.” Jiyong stood up. “It’s okay. I learned Tae Kwon Doe back at my old school too.”

“Really?” asked Sensei Shim. “Then this should be a good match. Alright everybody. In your places.”

Jiyong and Sunghoon got in their fighting stances. ‘I’m going to wipe that smile off your face,’ thought Jiyong. ‘You’re going down punk,’ Sunghoon thought back.


Sunghoon moved forward. ‘I’m going to punch him so hard-‘ but before he knew it, he had fallen down on his back. He was surprised. “How? What?” Jiyong had sweep kicked him and made Sunghoon fall.

“Winner Ko Jiyong!”

“Yay!” shouted Kyung Hee. She ran up and hugged Jiyong. “You were great! You took him down in less than five seconds!”

“Wait a second!” yelled Sunghoon.

“There are three rounds in a match. It ain’t over yet!”

“Oh yeah,” said the Sensei.

“Hold on everyone. We have two more rounds left.”

Sunghoon looked over at where Kyung Hee was sitting. She was massaging Jiyong’s shoulders. He opened his mouth in shock. ‘That traitor!’ he thought to himself. ‘She’s on the enemy’s side!’ His images of choking Kyung Hee was interrupted by Jaejin calling him.

“Hey Sunghoon.”

“What is it Jaejin?”

“The new guy Jiyong is pretty good but by the way he fights, I know you can beat him. Just don’t underestimate him and don’t let your guard down. You can win.”

Sunghoon slapped Jaejin on the back. “Thanks hyung. I was kind of spacing out there.” Jaejin nodded and understood. ‘You’ll see that I’m the better guy Kyung Hee,’ Sunghoon mentally tried to tell her.

“You were great Jiyong oppa!” Kyung Hee said excitedly.

“Thanks. Umm…Kyung Hee?”


“You sure Sunghoon is the best fighter here? He didn’t seem to last very long.”

Kyung Hee nodded her head. “He is the best fighter here. I think he didn’t last long because you’re so much better than him.

“Maybe,” said Jiyong with doubt.


Part 8

“Okay Round Two!” yelled Sensei Shim as he pulled his arm down. “Fight!” Sunghoon and Jiyong got into their positions. Jiyong let out a punch but Sunghoon caught his arm and flipped him over. During that time Sunghoon whispered in Jiyong’s ear, “You stay away from my Kyung Hee.” Jiyong fell down surprised at what he had just heard.

“Winner Kang Sunghoon!” yelled Sensei Shim as he held up Sunghoon’s arm.

Kyung Hee opened her mouth in shock. ‘That bastard Sunghoon won!’ She began to tear away at her gi with her teeth.

Sunghoon saw her looking at him. He crossed his eyes and stuck his tongue out at her. ‘That jerk is so immature!’

“Wait Sensei!” she yelled. “Three rounds remember? One more to go!”

Sensei Shim called for attention. “Okay you losers watching on the sidelines. We have one more round.”

Sunghoon walked up to Kyung Hee. “Don’t worry about it. Get ready to kiss my feet when I win Kyung Hee honey.”

“Get bent and die Kang Sunghoon.”

Sunghoon flashed her one of his trademark smiles and went back to take his place. Then he heard Kyung Hee yell out, “You can do it Jiyong oppa!”

‘Jiyong oppa?’ thought Sunghoon. ‘She never called me oppa!’ Sunghoon knew that he couldn’t lose his concentration or he’ll lose for sure. ‘Win the match first and deal with it later.”

‘Wow’ thought Jiyong. ‘Sunghoon is good. Hmm…I wonder if he’ll be my friend if he does end up beating me. He don’t hate Kyung Hee. I think he might even be in love with her! Heh heh…well well..Mr. Tough Guy must be thinking about Kisado.’ Besides, I haven’t met a good match like this in a long time.”

“Round Three. Fight!”

This time Sunghoon let out a punch and Jiyong caught his arm. He flipped Sunghoon over but he didn’t fall down.

Sunghoon twisted his body back so he fell upright. He sent out a round house kick and knocked Jiyong down. ‘Victory is mine.’ Sunghoon smiled.

“Winner is Kang Sunghoon!” yelled Sensei Shim. “You were excellent too Jiyong” he said as he helped Jiyong up. Jiyong looked at Sunghoon and smiled. “You were great. You should show me your moves sometimes.” Sunghoon looked at Jiyong surprised. He didn’t expect Jiyong to say that. Jiyong extended out his hand. “Truce? Except don’t pick on my dongsang Kyung Hee anymore okay?”

‘Dongsang?’ thought Sunghoon. ‘That means there’s nothing going on between them. I guess this Jiyong guy ain’t so bad after all.’ He shook Jiyong’s hand.


Kyung Hee couldn’t believe her eyes. Both of them are shaking hands and acting like each other’s buddy! She ran up to Jiyong’s side. “Why are you being friends with this jock strap?” Jiyong placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Come on Kyung Hee. Let’s all be friends.”

Then Jaejin had to add his two cents in. “Yeah. Isn’t that why you came up here Kyung Hee? To give Sunghoon his victory kiss?” She looked over at Sunghoon who was giving her this stupid smile and he was shaking his eyebrows up and down. She brushed off Jiyong’s hand.

“No! And I hate you too Jiyong!” Then she stomped off.


Part 9

As Kyung Hee walked by the gym door, her hair got caught in the door’s hinges. ‘Oh great,’ she thought. ‘It’s not like I’m not embarrassed enough already and now this. I bet they’re all laughing now.’ She began to tug at her hair to pull it loose. However, unsuspecting by anyone, just above Kyung Hee’s head was a loose fan’s sharp blade. And it was about to fall.

It all just happened so fast.

Something instinctly made Sunghoon look up. There it was. Just a few more cracks and the heavy twirling fan would fall. Right onto an unsuspecting Kyung Hee. Sunghoon felt as though time had stopped and everything had frozen in place. But time did not stop. And he was moving.

Images flashed before Sunghoon’s eyes. Kyung Hee would be crushed and killed. Then there will be no more Kyung Hee. How lonely and empty his life would be.

When Kyung Hee turned around to see if anyone was laughing, she saw Sunghoon’s cocky smiling face end in a face of horror. She began to wonder what he was doing. There he was running as fast as he could towards her. It was so fast. She heard a loud crash and felt her body slam against the wall. She blacked out for a second before she realized what was happening. Too close. That was way way too close. Sunghoon felt his heart beat so loud that it was pounding in his ears. When he grabbed Kyung Hee he didn’t stop running until he made it outside the gym and the wall stopped him. It took him a second to realize that his lips were pressed against something soft. He opened his eyes. ‘Oh my GOD!’ His eyes got even wider. ‘I’m kissing Kyung Hee! She’s gonna kill me!’ He began to think really fast. ‘I’ll just close my eyes and pretend like I know nothing.’

It took a while but Kyung Hee finally came back to her senses. She felt something pressed against her entire body. ‘Oh my gosh! Sunghoon is kissing me!’ She pushed him off of her. “You pervert!” she yelled as she balled her fists up until her knuckles turn white. Then there was that look on Sunghoon’s face again.

Kyung Hee knew something was wrong. Her hand slowly felt the back of her head. Her long hair was gone. The front was still long but the back was severed all the way up to her shoulders. She was in shock. “How could you do this to me?” she cried out. Sunghoon shrugged his shoulders.

“Umm….Victory Kiss?”

‘I can’t believe I said that!’ Too late. Sunghoon saw Kyung Hee turn even angrier. Then he felt a painful slap across his cheek. He turned his head back just in time to see her run away. Then slowly, he went over to the gym doors to pick up what was left of Kyung Hee’s hair. Slowly his tears fell upon the shiny black hair he was holding.

Sunghoon was hurting and it wasn’t from the slap. It was a different kind of pain.


Part 10

Kyung Hee didn’t stop running until she made it home. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. ‘That jerk kissed me!’ she repeated to herself over and over. ‘That was my first kiss too! It was supposed to be for the guy of my dreams. Not a walking nightmare like Sunghoon!’ “Why does Kang Sunghoon hate me so much?” she asked herself out loud. “What did I ever do to him?”

Kyung Hee touched the back of her head. Her hair really is gone.

Five more years later….

During this time changes both happen for Kyung Hee and Sunghoon. (*They’re 18 and in high school)

Kyung Hee became more distant towards everyone. Everybody assumed it was because of her hair. She was no longer the sociable, bubbly girlie but now she became a silent aggressive jock. She traded in her baby tees, hair bows, skirts, and platforms for sweatshirts, baseball caps, tennis shoes, and baggy jeans. She would hang out with the nerds and jocks and just about anybody except for the popular girls (who are all stuck up). No one dared to mess with Kyung Hee though. She developed a reputation for herself as a fighter when she managed to beat up the biggest girl bully in school. Kyung Hee is a really small and skinny person but no one could really tell underneath all of her clothes (so she seems bulky).

Jaejin and Jaeduck stopped teasing Kyung Hee as time passed too. They’ve gotten more mature and dated around too.

Kyung Hee still talks to Jiyong but she had stopped calling him oppa.

Ever since that incident, Sunghoon knew that Kyung Hee had changed. He had toned down on picking on her but he didn’t stop. He knew it was the only way and excuse he had if he wanted to talk to her. When he entered high school, he brought along his popularity and good looks with him. Sunghoon became every girl’s dream guy. Well-built body, styling hair, seductive eyes, and a killer smile. He dated every girl that every guy in his school want to date.

But sadly no matter how many girls he dated, they all mean nothing to him. He was never able to tell Kyung Hee how he really felt about her so he planned on keeping it silent forever.


Part 11

“Heads up!”

Kyung Hee looked up and caught the ball that was aimed towards her.

Sunghoon started jumping around and yelling,

“For the honor of football, Kyung Hee is She-Man!”

“Go back into the cave where you crawled from Porcupine,” she snapped back, referring to his hair. She threw the ball back at him.

‘Porcupine? It took me an hour to get my hair like this!’ Sunghoon thought. ‘Damn why does her words have to get on my nerves so much. No one else can ever do that!’ “Aww…you grouchy because everytime you look at me you know you can only look but can’t touch?”

“Puh-lease…If I touch you I might get a disease.”

“Poor Kyung Hee. Gonna die a single, lonely old nun.”

Kyung Hee gave him a secretive smile. “Just because I don’t date around like you do doesn’t mean anything. And beside….how do you know I’m single?” Sunghoon looked at her. ‘Is she dating someone I don’t know?’ He was about to ask but just then Shin Chun Ok (Sunghoon’s latest girlfriend) walked up and interrupted their disses.


She ran up to squeeze him. Sunghoon rolled his eyes. ‘Damn Chun Ok. Why did she have to be here? She’s so annoying!’ But he gave her a smile anyways.

“So what are you doing here?”

“I want you to take a look at my dress!”

It was a tight little black V-neck dress that showed plenty. And Chun Ok was a little chubby too.

“It’s nice.”

Sunghoon really didn’t care anyways. He planned to break up with her soon. Kyung Hee was watching them the whole time. She rolled her eyes. Chun Ok caught Kyung Hee watching them. She began to talk to Kyung Hee in her fake sugary voice.

“I know what you’re thinking. But sorry this dress doesn’t come in a large.”

Kyung Hee gave her a fake smile. “No but your mouth sure does.” Then she walked away. Chun Ok rolled her eyes behind Kyung Hee’s back. “Whatever.” Sunghoon glared at her. He didn’t like it when other people made fun of Kyung Hee just because she dressed like a guy.

“You didn’t have to say that you know.”

Chun Ok stomped her feet. “Why do you always take her side?” she whined.

Sunghoon just walked away.



Part 12

Sunghoon waited for Kyung Hee after school but didn’t see her so he decided to drop by her house. She wasn’t home but her grandpa was.

“Sunghoon! Long time no see! Come in.”

“Hi Grandpa So. Is Kyung Hee home?”

“No. She told me she’s going out with her boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend? Who is he?”

Grandpa So gave him a little smile. “Sunghoon. You’re old now. Don’t be teasing an old man. You and Kyung Hee still pretending to hate each other while you both know that you both have a burning attraction.”

“Attraction?! Hell NO!”

Grandpa So just smiled. “Okay I’ll just play along. She’ll be home later. The sooner you meet up with her the sooner you’ll see her.” Sunghoon smiled and shook his head. Grandpa So always wanted him and Kyung Hee to be together.

“Okay. Good bye Grandpa So.”

“Bye Sunghoon.”

[8 hours later…]

Sunghoon banged on the So’s front door. Grandpa So answered it. “Is Kyung Hee home?”

Grandpa So yawned. “No. Where is she?”

“I don’t know! I wasn’t with her.”

“It’s okay Sunghoon. She’s a big girl now. She can take care of herself.”

“It’s late. It’s past midnight right now. Aren’t you worried? What kind of grandfather are you?”

“Kyung Hee’s been out this late for the past two months. Why are you so worried?”

Sunghoon blushed. “I’m not worried.” Grandpa So yawned some more. “You can wait here if you want.” “No. I”ll go out and look for her,” said Sunghoon. Then he left.

Sunghoon began to walk down the street. He sat on the curb and waited. Ten minutes later he saw Kyung Hee walking up the path with a dreamy look on her face. He was so happy to see her but he was also very mad. He ran up to her.

“What is wrong with you? What is a girl like you doing out so late on a school night?”

Kyung Hee looked at him surprised. “None of your business.” Then she began walking home. He followed her. Sunghoon knew he couldn’t ask but the thought of Kyung Hee with another guy was tearing at him inside.

“Well your grandpa was worried.”

“I can take care of myself.”

They made it home together in silence. Kyung Hee came home and closed the door. Sunghoon watched her go in and saw the door as a sign. ‘She has shut me out of her life forever.


Part 13

A couple more weeks had pass. With Sunghoon’s popularity, he used everyone he could to find out who Kyung Hee was dating. But it was no use. No one was able to find out. He broke up with Chun Ok and she knew it was because of Kyung Hee too. She was mad but wasn’t able to do anything to Kyung Hee because she was threatened by Sunghoon.

Also she was afraid of Kyung Hee too. Not knowing who Kyung Hee was dating was bothering Sunghoon so much he couldn’t sleep. There was only one thing left for him to do. Spy on her…

It was 11 p.m. Kyung Hee had left her house and took a taxi. Sunghoon began to follow her silently in his car. It took twenty minutes but then Sunghoon saw Kyung Hee get off at a park. He parked his car away from her view and got out of his car. He snuck up to a bush nearby and watched her. Then he saw her run up to a strange guy he has never seen before. ‘I wonder who he is.’ Then Sunghoon began to analyze Kyung Hee. ‘Figured she wouldn’t dress up. Not even for a date.’ “Miss Tomboy.”

“Jiwon honey!”

Kyung Hee ran up to hug her boyfriend.

“I miss you. I also have something to tell you.”

“I miss you too.”

Jiwon held her. He tried to stroke her hair but like always, it was tucked inside that stupid baseball cap. Kyung Hee looked at him. He didn’t seem to happy to see her. “Is something wrong?” she asked. Jiwon nodded and told her to sit down. He held both of her hands.

“Is there something you want to say Kyung Hee?”

“You go first Jiwon.”

“It’s us. I don’t think it’s working out.”


“Well…we’re not compatible.”

“What do you mean? We like the same things.”

Jiwon gave an exasperated sigh. “We like the same things that guy buddies should like. Not like couples. I thought I’d get over it but you’re really not attractive.”

“What?!” she asked in surprise.

“I mean look at you Kyung Hee. I mean sure you’re pretty, I think But I can’t tell from your hat covering half your face. I don’t even know how long your hair is! And you dress like a guy!” and he continued listing her bad qualities….

Sunghoon looked at Kyung Hee from where he was sitting. He could tell she was trying her best not to cry. Her feelings weren’t hurt but her pride was. ‘Jiwon…hmm…he looks and sounds familiar…’ he thought. Sunghoon chewed on his lip for a while and then it hit him. ‘He’s that stupid kid that locked me in the refrigerator!’

Sunghoon felt anger rising inside him as he looked at Jiwon. As he was listening, he began to realize Jiwon was putting Kyung Hee down as he was breaking up with her. ‘Don’t you dare hurt Kyung Hee like that.’ Sunghoon came out from where he hid.


Part 14

“You understand don’t you Kyung Hee?”

Jiwon looked at her. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She was about to answer but then her eyes widened when she saw Sunghoon walking up to them. ‘Oh no! He’s going to make fun of me because I just got dumped.’


Sunghoon ran up to Kyung Hee and hugged her hard. Then he spun her around.

“Gosh I miss you!”

“Huh? Who are you calling hon-”

Sunghoon got Kyung Hee in a head lock and closed her mouth just in time. He looked over at Jiwon who was looking at them both in shock. “Who the hell are you?” asked Sunghoon.

“I’m Eun Jiwon. And who are you? Why are you calling my girlfriend honey?”

“I’m Kang Sunghoon and you got it wrong pal.

Kyung Hee is my girlfriend.”

Kyung Hee looked at Sunghoon. ‘What is he doing?’ Then she realized she was still in a head lock. “Let go! Your armpit smells!” Sunghoon twisted her away and whispered, “You want me to help you from being embarrassed or not?” She nodded her head. “Then stop dissing me!” Then Sunghoon turned them both around to face Jiwon. He gave Jiwon his famous smile.

“Oh so you’re the guy Kyung Hee tells me that’s a lousy kisser.”

Just to prove his point, Sunghoon bent over to kiss Kyung Hee. The kiss came out awkward and he ended up kissing her nose instead.

Jiwon gave them both cold glares. “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about but I just dumped Kyung Hee so you can have her.”

Sunghoon let out a loud fake laugh. He faced Kyung Hee. “Honey you’re so sweet. You didn’t want this loser to feel bad so you let him think that he’s dumping you.”

‘Thank you,’ she thought silently. She smiled and nodded. “I had to dear.”

Jiwon looked at them in disgust. “Hope you two are very happy together!” Then he left.


Part 15

Kyung Hee sat down on the bench. ‘God…I hope she’s not gonna cry,’ prayed Sunghoon as he sat down next to her.

“Go ahead and laugh.”


“I know you want to. Now is the perfect time to make fun of me.”

Sunghoon wanted so bad to put his arms around her and let her cry on his shoulders.

“Naww…not in the mood tonight. I’ll save it for some other time.”

Then suddenly Kyung Hee began to cry.

“You’re not crying over that jerk are you?”

“Why do you care?” she yelled at him.

“I…I don’t care except I think you’re wasting your tears.”

Sunghoon felt his heart breaking as he saw Kyung Hee cry. ‘He’s not worth it,’ he thought but he kept those words to himself. ‘She’ll never cry over me.’

“No. I’m not crying over him.”

“Yeah right.”

“No really. I’m not.”

“Then why are you crying?”

Sunghoon felt a bubble of hope rise inside him. Kyung Hee let out a sigh. “My parents are going to come visit me tomorrow and they want to meet my boyfriend.” Sunghoon looked at her.

“So…what are you gonna do now that Mr. Wonderful is gone?”

“I don’t know. Gosh I’m such a loser.”

Sunghoon let out a fake sigh. “Well…I can pretend that I’m your boyfriend.”

Kyung Hee looked at him surprised. “You’ll help me?” ‘Maybe Sunghoon isn’t so bad after all. I guess he can be really sweet sometimes.’

Just looking into Kyung Hee’s big warm brown eyes wanted to make him tell her all of his feelings. But he couldn’t. “Yeah. It’s Be Kind To Geek Week.”

Kyung Hee stood up. “I don’t need your help you conceited snob! I’ll just ask Jiyong!” Then he ran off. “Damn!” Sunghoon cursed himself.

“Why did I have to say that?” he asked himself. But he received no answer.


Part 16

~Ding dong~

“Mommy! Daddy!”

“Kyung Hee!”

Kyung Hee hugged her parents as they came inside the house. “We miss you so much.” “I miss you too.” Then Grandpa So came out and they all had tea while they talked. After a while the subject of her boyfriend came up. Her mother asked her,

“So Kyung Hee dear, where is that boyfriend you have always been talking about?”


Kyung Hee glanced at the clock. It was 7:30. ‘Damn Jiyong is half an hour late! Jiyong, why aren’t you here yet?’ It seemed to be an answer because just then the front door bell rang. She jumped up and ran for the door.

“I’ll get it! It must be him.”

She opened the door. “I’m so glad you’re hereù” but she was cut off by her scream. It was not Jiyong but that thing Kang Sunghoon. He was holding flowers and he leaned over to hug her. “I miss you too honey!” he said really loud for everyone to hear. Kyung Hee blocked the door but he made it inside her house anyways.

“Hi Mr. and Mrs. So. Hello Grandpa So. I’ve heard so much about you from Kyung Hee. My name is Kang Sunghoon.” He shook hands with all of Kyung Hee’s parents. The parents nodded their heads in approval. The grandpa just smiled.

He knew what was going on. He didn’t say anything because his wish for Kyung Hee to be with Sunghoon is going to come true.

“So you must be the boyfriend Kyung Hee is always talking about.”

“I think so. Kyung Hee is the best thing that ever happened to me. I can see she got all her good qualities from her family.”

Kyung Hee rolled her eyes while she listened to Sunghoon’s political speech. ‘He must be the world’s best liar!’ But her parents were pleased. They like Sunghoon. But then her mother asked, “Do you know the young boy who lives next door?” ‘Oh no,’ thought Kyung Hee.

Sunghoon raised an eyebrow. “Umm…kinda. Why Mrs. So?”

“Kyung Hee mentions that boy too. She said he was an annoying pest but we haven’t gotten the chance to meet him yet. So I just want to see if you know him too.”

‘Annoying pest?’ he thought. ‘I’ll let that one slide.’ “I do know him Mrs. So but he’s not an annoying pest. It’s just that a long time ago…Kyung Hee wanted to date him but she could NOT so she has a grudge against him.” Kyung Hee opened her mouth but quickly shut it. She need Sunghoon’s help so she couldn’t say anything. Her mother asked, “Is that true dear?”

Kyung Hee gritted her teeth. “Yes it is mommy.”

Sunghoon smiled. They sat down and talked. Hours past and it was getting late and he had to go home.

“Well it was a pleasure meeting you Mr. and Mrs. So. Good night.”

“Good night Sunghoon.”

“I’ll walk him home,” said Kyung Hee.


Part 17

Just as they got out the door Kyung Hee slammed Sunghoon against the wall.

“What the hell are you doing here? Where is Jiyong?”

Sunghoon smiled and said, “Is this how you treat your boyfriend?”

“Answer me!”

“Jiyong couldn’t make it so I decided to help him out.”

“Oh no. My parents are staying for two weeks! Jiyong can’t pretend to be my boyfriend then.”

Sunghoon gave out a sigh. “Well, I guess I’ll torture myself for a few weeks and pretend to be your boyfriend. Kyung Hee looked at him suspiciously. “How do I know you didn’t do anything to Jiyong to take his place?” Sunghoon was stunned. He hadn’t thought about Kyung Hee thinking that. Truth was, he had to beg Jiyong to let him take his place.

But Sunghoon played it smoothly. “Yeah right. Look at you Kyung Hee. Only an idiot would date you. What makes you think that I would do this if it wasn’t for a buddy?”

Kyung Hee looked at him with doubt. But then Sunghoon continued talking. “Besides, this means you have to be nice to me or your parents will find out the truth.” It seemed like blackmail to her.

“Oh I’ll be nice to you alright,” she said as she raised her fist. But just then her dad opened the door and she dropped her fist immediately. “That’s so cute. You don’t want to say goodbye to Sunghoon? Stay out with him then. It’s just ten but be home by midnight. There’s school tomorrow.”

“Thanks Mr. So,” said Sunghoon and he pulled Kyung Hee away before she could answer. “I’ll have her back by midnight.” He took her hand and led her to the park.

“Okay. Here are the rules if you want me to be your boyfriend.”

“Rules? Puh-leaze! I don’t want to date you!”

“Oh yeah? Tell that to your parents then.”

That made Kyung Hee shut up. She listened as Sunghoon went on.

“First of all, I have good taste. My girlfriends will be wearing dresses and smell good. And you look like a guy! And you smellù” Sunghoon took a whiff of her. “Eww! You smell like a guy too!”

Kyung Hee took a smell herself. “Do not!”

“Do too! Second rule. When we kiss you have to promise to let go because I know you can’t help yourself and you’ll end up gluing yourself to me.”

Kyung Hee gave him a disgusted look. “Gross! That’s my rule! No kissing!”

Sunghoon cocked an eyebrow. “Won’t it look weird if you never kiss your boyfriend?”

Kyung Hee shuddered form the thought of kissing Sunghoon. “The things I do just to please my parents.

“Hey I’m the one who’s sacrificing. Now I have to go two weeks without dating any girl. I’m supposed to be with a beauty and not a beast.”

Kyung Hee sighed. “Alright. Then go ahead. Kiss me.”


“You heard me. Remember when you kissed me in front of Jiwon? You were aiming for my mouth weren’t you? But you missed and hit my nose. I guess we have to practice.”

Sunghoon swallowed. He always imagined what it would be like to kiss Kyung Hee but he didn’t really think he was going to have that chance. “Well at least take off your cap so I know I’m kissing a girl.” Kyung Hee took her cap off.

Long strands of hair fell down past her shoulders and down her back. Sunghoon ran his hand through her hair. “Hey your hair grew back!”


“Why do you always keep it up in a cap then?”

“Oh I don’t know. May be because I have a fear that a psycho would chop it off.”

Sunghoon pulled his hand away. “Look it was an accident. Besides, it was five years ago. Can’t you forget and move on already?”

“How would you feel if I cut your hair?”

“It’s different because my hair is nice while yours is nappy,” he said.

“Oh yeah? Could have fooled me.

I thought your hair was a dead animal with all those spikes.”

“So are we gonna kiss or not?” he asked.

Kyung Hee sighed. “If you only would stop making fun of me.”

“Okay I guess I have to stop for now since I’m your boyfriend.” Then she slowly closed her eyes. Sunghoon looked at her. Her innocent face reminded him of all the good times they had together. Well actually, good for him, nightmare for her. But there she was standing very close to him. Eyes closed, her long hair swaying. Then he bent forward to kiss her.

And there it was. Magic and fireworks.

It was a feeling he couldn’t describe. He never felt this way when he kissed a girl before. And he knew it too because he had kissed a lot before. Kyung Hee wrapped her arms around Sunghoon’s neck. ‘Hmm…I never felt like this when I kiss Jiwon. I could kiss Sunghoon forever. Wait a minute….what the hell am I thinking?’ Kyung Hee broke the kiss off.

“Okay that’s enough practice.” She put her cap back on because she knew her face was turning red. Sunghoon was kind of disappointed that it had to end so soon.

“Uh, yeah. Come on Kyung Hee. I’ll walk you home.”


Part 18

[School, the Next Day]

Sunghoon stopped by Kyung Hee’s locker. He forgot to discuss with her if they were going to pretend to be a couple in school or not. ‘I hope so. Maybe I’ll get to kiss her again,’ he thought with a smile. Then he saw Jiwon walking up to him. “What are you doing here?” Jiwon gave him a smirk. “I transferred here. I just want to know for sure if you and Kyung Hee have been dating.”

Sunghoon began to sweat. ‘Uh oh.’ “Of course we have and it’s been for a long time too.” Jiwon gave him a look that showed Sunghoon that he didn’t believe a word he said. “Oh really? Then let me ask someone.” Jiwon grabbed Suwon as he was walking by. “Hey you. Who is So Kyung Hee’s boyfriend?”

Sunghoon looked at Suwon. “Oh that’s easy! It’s Kang Sunghoon.”

“It is?”

“Yeah,” said Suwon. “They’ve been together forever. They’re like a married couple!” Jiwon let Suwon go. “See?” said Sunghoon with a cocky smile. “So what?” Jiwon snapped back. “She acts and looks like a guy anyways.”

“Sunghoon honey!”

Sunghoon and Jiwon turned around to see who was calling Sunghoon. Both of them did a double take. It was Kyung Hee and she looked damn fine. Her hair was put up but strands fell down layering her face. She was wearing a light blue slip dress that emphasized her great figure and matching platforms. The school’s tomboy had just turned into the school’s prom queen. She looked like an angel. Sunghoon couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Neither could Jiwon.

“Sunghoon!” She went up and kissed him on the cheek. “Are you waiting for me?”

Sunghoon finally snapped out of it. “Uh…yeah.” Then he leaned over to give her a real kiss. ‘I can kiss her anytime I want to now that she’s my girlfriend,’ he thought. Heh heh. Kyung Hee turned around. “Oh hi Jiwon. What are you doing here?” Jiwon looked at her awkwardly. “Um…hi Kyung Hee. I just transferred here. You sure look pretty today.”

Kyung Hee gave him a smile. “Thanks. Well nice seeing you. Sunghoon and I have to go to class now. Bye..” Sunghoon wrapped his arm around her waist and led her to class, leaving Jiwon looking after them.

As they entered the door, Jaejin and Jaeduck ran up to Sunghoon. But then they saw Kyung Hee. Jaejin gave her a little smile. “Hi. I’m Lee Jaejin. I’m single and ready to mingle. And you are?” Kyung Hee rolled her eyes. Then it was Jaeduck’s turn. “Can I check your dress to see if you were made in heaven?”

“It’s me Kyung Hee. And those were the lamest lines I’ve ever heard.”

Jaejin and Jaeduck opened their mouths in shock. “No way!” yelled Jaejin. “But you’re a girl!”

“I’ve always been a girl!”

“You know what Kyung Hee? I’ve always had a crush on you,” Jaeduck said to her sweetly. “Back off guys,” said Sunghoon. “She’s my girl.” Jaeduck pouted his lips. “Damn it figures.”

Then Jiwon came in. ‘Damn,’ he thought. ‘She never looked this good before.’ He wanted her back an he always gets his way…


Part 19

The next two weeks went by fast. Sunghoon acted like the perfect boyfriend. He treated her nice and was always there by her side with flowers. Her parents like him a lot. Before Sunghoon knew it, his dating charade with Kyung Hee was over and so was school. Her parents stayed until their graduation and then afterwards they took a plane back to the U.S. Then entire graduated class decided to go on a campout because it will be the last time they will see each other since everyone is going their separate way to college.


[The Camping Trip]

Everyone was sitting around the campfire and talking. Chun Ok had sat herself between Sunghoon and Kyung Hee. Jiwon was watching Kyung Hee the whole time. Jaeduck was telling a scary story about a psycho killer in the woods.

“He goes around chopping of peoples’ heads and he especially likes girls. Heh heh…”

Jaejin threw a stick at him. “That’s a stupid story Duc-ee.”

Jiyong threw in more wood into the fire. “But I heard it’s true though.”

Suwon widened his eyes. “For real?”

Sunghoon laughed. “Oh come on. It’s a bunch of bull. Even if it is for real, he’ll just be after the girls.” He gave Kyung Hee a supposedly scary face but it turned out so goofy she ended up laughing. Chun Ok grabbed onto Sunghoon though. “Sunghoonee! I’m scared. Hold me.”

Sunghoon was taken by surprise. He tried to pry Chun Ok off of him but she held on tight. Kyung Hee glared at them both. ‘That Casanova. Just because every time he smiles his eyes would light up and his hair is so soft he thinks he’s-‘ Kyung Hee stopped herself. ‘What am I thinking? It sounds like I want him or something.’ She stood up. “Excuse me but I think I’ll got for a walk.” Then she left.

Jiwon stood up too. “I think I’ll take a walk too.”

That alarmed Sunghoon. ‘He is not going to take a walk with my Kyung Hee.’ He ended up having to force Chun Ok off of him and ran where he saw Kyung Hee disappeared. Chun Ok was mad. “Kang Sunghoon, you come back here!”

Everyone at the campfire started giggling.

[Somewhere in the woods]

Kyung Hee looked all around her. ‘It figures. Sunghoon wouldn’t come after me,’ she thought sadly. ‘I mean why would he?’ Then she heard a voice. “Kyung Hee!” She smiled and turned around. It was only Jiwon. Her face fell. “Oh hi Jiwon.”

He sat down on a rock next to her. “Aren’t you going to come back to take Sunghoon away from the Chun Ok girl?”

She shook her head. “No…I guess they’re mean to be together.” Jiwon looked at her. “Kind of like you and me?” Kyung Hee scooted herself away as her eyes widened. “Uh, Jiwon. It’s over between us.” Jiwon grabbed her hands. “But you can give me a second chance!” She pulled her hands away. Then Jiwon asked her, “Remember what you told me what you wished for a long time ago?”


“You said you wanted to find your first true love and be with him forever.” Kyung Hee stood still. She did say that. Jiwon was her first love. But then she thought of Sunghoon. Or is it Sunghoon? “I don’t know!” she yelled as she took off running. Jiwon smiled. ‘She’s coming back to me.’


Part 20

As Jiwon walked back to camp he heard a voice calling for Kyung Hee. He recognized Sunghoon’s voice. In the middle of the road Jiwon looked down. He saw a huge hole that was about ten feet deep. Jiwon gave an evil smile. He had a plan. He began to rustle the leaves near the hole.

Sunghoon heard a noise. ‘Is it Kyung Hee?’ “Kyung Hee is that you?” No answer. “Come out come out wherever you are.” The leaves continue to rustle. ‘What if she’s hurt and couldn’t answer?’ Sunghoon started to walk towards the noise and ended up falling into the trap. It was so cold and dark in there. Sunghoon began to panic.


Jiwon came out from where he was hiding. “Hey Sunghoon. Looking for something?”

Sunghoon looked up and saw Jiwon’s face. “Damn you Eun Jiwon! Get me out!” Jiwon just smiled. “This all seems so familiar. You know, it took me a while but then I remembered. Didn’t I do this to you before ten years ago?”

Sunghoon started to tremble. Because of what Jiwon did to him, he had a fear of the dark and being trapped alone.

But he wasn’t going to show it. Sunghoon glared at Jiwon. “So what? I don’t give a damn. Just get me out!”

Jiwon laughed. “I guess history repeats itself when you mess with me or anything of mine. This time I mean Kyung Hee. She is my girlfriend and I want you out of the way. And I guess this solves my problem.”

“Kyung Hee don’t like you! She’s with me.”

“Oh really? Didn’t seem like it when your ex held you like that. I guess you can’t let your first love go and I think you know that I’m Kyung Hee’s first. She’ll come back to me.”

Sunghoon sat down on the cold ground. Kyung Hee did say that before. ‘Is she going to go back to him?’ As he was thinking, Jiwon had left already. Sunghoon looked up. “Hey!” His worst nightmare had came back and this time Kyung Hee was not there to save him. He was stuck here all alone in the dark. “Kyung Hee…where are you?”

After a while Kyung Hee headed back to camp. She took out her flashlight to shine her way back on the main path.

[Down in the pit]

Sunghoon looked up and saw a beam of light. He stood up. “Help!”

Kyung Hee looked around. ‘Was someone calling for help?’ “Hello? Is someone out there?”


Kyung Hee ran to where the voice came from. She saw Sunghoon jumping up and down in a hole. “Sunghoon! What are you doing down there?”

“I fell in. Help me out!”

“Okay.” She placed her flashlight on the ground. Then she reached over and tried to pull Sunghoon up but he was too heavy for her. “I can’t”

“What do you mean you can’t? Use those puny muscles you have!”

“You’re too heavy! Let me go back to camp for help.”

“Hell no! What if you leave me here?”

“What? I’m not like that!”

“How do I know?”

“Sunghoon. Let go!”


Sunghoon ended up pulling Kyung Hee into the pit with him. She landed on top of him. She got up and started yelling at him. “You selfish jerk! Now we’re both stuck down here!” Sunghoon backed up against the wall. Then he started yelling. “Damn! Not again! Why me? Why does it have to be so dark?” Kyung Hee looked at him. “You’re afraid of the dark?”

“Yeah! You got a problem?”

Kyung Hee looked at him surprised. “No.” She started to look at the real Kang Sunghoon for the first time in a long time. The smart-aleck tough guy was gone. And there he was. The innocent and vulnerable Sunghoon she first fell in love with when she was eight. But she still hasn’t realized it yet….


Part 21

Sunghoon started to gasp for air. That scared Kyung Hee. “Sunghoon….are you okay?” He shook his head. Then suddenly, he leaned over and hugged her hard. He buried his face into her neck and didn’t let go. Kyung Hee stood still. She didn’t know what to do. “Sunghoon…are you okay?” Still no answer.

She continued to hold him as he shivered in her arms. She ran her fingers through his hair and whispered in his ear like he was a little child that needed comforting. Sunghoon began to breathe easier and calmed down. Then he realized he was holding onto Kyung Hee a little too hard. He let go, his face blushing. “Uh, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s okay.”

Sunghoon gazed at Kyung Hee from the light that the moon shone on her. Her eyes were closed. She was like a sleeping angel. She looked like it too with her raven hair flowing down her back, her little white dress, and she was so naturally beautiful that she didn’t need makeup.

Sunghoon began to lean forward to kiss her but then suddenly she opened her eyes. He pulled back instantly, his cheeks turning red.

‘Crap! Did she know what I was about to do?’

Kyung Hee patted him on the shoulder. “Hey Sunghoon…”


“Look. There’s a full moon out tonight.”

Sunghoon looked up at the sky. The moon was full and bright. Then he looked over at Kyung Hee, who was smiling. Then she asked him, “Do you remember when we were ten, we saw the moon’s reflection on the lake? You told me the moon was a ball so I would go in and get it.”

Sunghoon smiled when he reminisced about his childhood past. It had been a happy one ever since he met Kyung Hee. “Yeah. You went into the lake and started to get the moon ball. And you kept asking me why the ball would disappear everytime you came near it. You were so stupid!” He started laughing. Kyung Hee gave him a look.

That made him stop laughing. But then she gave him a little smile to show that she wasn’t mad and it made him feel better.

“Yeah because of your dumb lies I almost ended up drowning.”

“Yeah…I had to jump in and save you. I was so worried.”

Kyung Hee looked at him. “Were you?”

Sunghoon faced her. He was gazing directly into her eyes. He always thought the best part about Kyung Hee were her eyes. They were big, innocent, and honest. Every time he looks back, he always remember them as the first thing he saw when he met her. “Yeah kinda. I mean if you ended up drowning then I have no one else to pick on.”

Kyung Hee looked down and smiled. She knew what Sunghoon really meant though. They continued talking about their past and before they knew it, they both fell asleep on each other’s shoulders.


Part 22

It was morning when Jiwon woke up. He went over to Kyung Hee’s tent but she wasn’t there. He patted Chun Ok on the shoulder. “Hey Chun Ok. Do you know where Kyung Hee is?” Chun Ok rolled her eyes. “That girl hasn’t been back all night and neither was Sunghoon. She must haveù”

Jiwon left before she could finish talking. “Ahh!” she screamed because no one ever listened to her.

Jiwon called the others so they can help look for Kyung Hee but he had the feeling she was with Sunghoon. He took them to the place where Sunghoon had fell. Sure enough, there they both were. Kyung Hee was leaning against Sunghoon asleep. Jiwon was mad. “Hey!” The yell woke up Sunghoon and Kyung Hee up. They glanced up to see what it was.

Sunghoon stood up. “Hey you guys, help us out!” Jaeduck started laughing as he pulled Sunghoon up. “Ooo…Sunghoonee…what were you and Miss Kyung Hee doing down there all night?”

Everyone else except Jiwon laughed. “Shut up Duc-ee” said Sunghoon. Then he leaned over to help Kyung Hee up.

“Let’s go home,” Sunghoon said to the others.

It was evening by the time Sunghoon got home. He was exhausted so he took a shower and headed straight for bed.

He looked over at Kyung Hee’s room, who was exactly across from his. Her lights were out so she must be asleep. Sunghoon sat down on his desk and began writing in his journal. He had kept one ever since he was ten and he wrote in it whenever something came up. When he finished his entry, he turned off his lights and went to sleep too.

It was eleven at night when Sunghoon woke up. It was dark out but he couldn’t sleep anymore so headed downstairs to look for something to eat. His mom was in the kitchen.

“Hi mommy.”

“Hi Sunghoonee.” She walked over to kiss him on the forehead. “How was camping?”

“It was fun.”

He sat down at the table with his mom. She touched his hair and let out a sigh. “What’s wrong mommy?” He began eating his noodles.

“Nothing son. It’s just that you’re all grown up and going to be off to college soon.”

“Don’t worry mommy. It’s only a couple of hours from here. I’ll be back to visit you and dad often.”

His mom smiled. “I know. Can you believe it? You and Kyung Hee know each other for ten years now and in just two more days it will be the last time you’ll ever see each other.” Sunghoon choked on his food.


“Oh didn’t you know? Kyung Hee came over an hour ago and made those noodles for us. She told me she’s leaving for the U.S. with her boyfriend in just 2 more days.”


“Yes. A boy from your class. I think his name is Jiwon.”

Sunghoon stopped eating. ‘So Kyung Hee is going to go back to Jiwon.’ His mom looked at his unfinished food.

“Something wrong dear?” Sunghoon shook his head. “No mommy. I’m full. I think I’ll go to my room.”


Part 23

Sunghoon leaned over his bedroom window. He saw Kyung Hee changing her clothes. Just then she glanced over and saw Sunghoon watching her. She threw a shirt at him. “What do you think you’re doing you Peeping Tom?” He blocked her shirt. “Can you come over?” Kyung Hee looked at him. ‘He looks so sad.’ She nodded. “Okay.”

Sunghoon pulled her across from her house and into his room. She sat down and started to look around. She never had been in Sunghoon’s room before but he was always in hers. “Well what do you want to talk about?” Sunghoon looked at her with sad eyes. “Umm…is it true you’re going to the U.S. in two days?”

“Oh you heard about it already?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why do you care anyways?”

Sunghoon got mad. “Why do you always assume that if there’s something involving you that I don’t care?” Sunghoon started to front her as she backed up into a corner. She was shocked. She never saw Sunghoon this mad before.

“Because you never seemed to care before.” Sunghoon grabbed her wrists and held them up. “Well you know what? I DO care.” He began to let her go. “It’s just that you don’t care about me enough to realize it.” He sat down on his bed.

Kyung Hee sat down next to him. “Sunghoon…what’s wrong?”


“Please tell me.” Sunghoon looked at Kyung Hee. His mind kept telling him that this will be the last time he will ever see her. ‘It’s now or never.’ Sunghoon took a deep breath and told her exactly how he felt.

“I love you.”

Kyung Hee stood up in shock. “What?!”

Sunghoon stood up with her. “I love you.” Kyung Hee couldn’t believe her ears. “Wait…do you know what you’re saying?” He nodded his head. “Yes and I do mean it. I love you So Kyung Hee.” She moved away from him.

“Do you know what you’re saying? I’m going to leave Korea in just two more days with Jiwon. I’m planning to be with him forever.”

Sunghoon nodded his head sadly. “I know. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

Kyung Hee sighed in relief. “It’s okay.” But then it hit Sunghoon. “NO!”

Kyung Hee looked at him surprised. “What do you mean ‘No'”?

He looked at her directly. “Why should I be sorry for saying that I love you? It’s the truth!”

Kyung Hee backed up again and then she began to cry. Sunghoon tried to move near her to comfort her but she pushed him away. “No! After all this time you say that you love me?” He looked at her sadly.

Kyung Hee looked at him through her tears. “I’m sorry Sunghoon. I want to be with the one I love.”

Sunghoon looked at her back. “But do you really love him?” She paused. She thought about it and couldn’t find the answer herself. So she didn’t answer and looked away.

Sunghoon thought that was the answer. “It’s okay because if I do truly love you then all I can wish for is for you to be happy.” He leaned over to hold her shoulders and kissed her on the forehead. “Goodbye.”

Kyung Hee looked at him as he walked away. “Sunghoon…wait.”

He felt hope go through him. “Yes?”

“Is it okay if I take something of yours as a memory?”

That flicker of hope instantly died. He bowed his head down. “Go ahead. Take anything you want.” Then he left his room and Kyung Hee left too. Sunghoon didn’t know it but his journal was gone.


Part 24


“Boarding Flight Number 637! All passengers please come aboard at this time.”

Kyung Hee looked out the window of her airplane seat, looking at Korea for the last time. Jiwon sat down next to her.

He held her hand and gave her a little smile. “Don’t worry sweetie. It’ll be okay just as long as we’re together.” Kyung Hee gave him a weak smile and nodded. Jiwon looked at her carefully.

“You sure are pretty today. Remember back then when you were so much like a guy? I mean I couldn’t believe that I had dated you back then.”

Kyung Hee was taken aback. ‘Does look always have to matter?’ she thought. She sighed and didn’t listen to Jiwon as he continued talking. She pulled out of her handbag the book she took from Sunghoon. She didn’t know exactly what it was except that it had Sunghoon’s name on it.

She opened it up. ‘Oh my gosh! I took his journal!’ She closed the book instantly. Her curiosity got the best of her. She opened it up. The book was held in place by something. She took it out and saw the it was a little bundle strand of hair tied together by an ivory ribbon. She realized it was her hair and the ribbon was the same one Sunghoon took from her when he pulled on her pigtails.

Tears fell down her face as she held onto her hair. ‘Sunghoon…you had loved me so long ago?’ She began reading his entries.

October 20

Too close. I can’t believe it. It had all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think. I would have lost Kyung Hee if I hadn’t seen that fan falling. If it did fall and kill Kyung Hee…what would become of me? She’ll be gone forever, leaving me in this cruel and lonely world. You would have thought that I would have told her that I loved her right then because I came so close to losing her. But I didn’t. When I pushed her out of the way in time, I also chopped off her beautiful long hair. I know it was her prized possession. I said something really stupid and now she hates me forever.

Why must I always hurt the one I love the most?

Kyung Hee paused in shock. After all these years, she had blamed Sunghoon for cutting off her hair when all he did was risk his own life to save hers. More tears slipped down her face as she continued reading.

February 14

Ha Ha! Hey, today I was teasing Kyung Hee in the cafeteria again. She was so mad. She hated it when I called her Macho Man. Is it my fault she looks so much like a guy? Hmm…but underneath all that she was the still same So Kyung Hee that I love. It’s so hard telling her how I feel cuz every time we talk, we end up arguing or dissing each other about something. It’s Valentine’s Day today and I don’t even have the guts to give her the dozen roses I have right here. I hope she’s not out with some other guy though…

Kyung Hee let out a little laugh. It figured Sunghoon would write something like that. She flipped the book all the way to the last entry.

July 7

I love camping. Yesterday I was out camping with everyone and the most important of all, Kyung Hee. That stupid jerk Jiwon made me fall into a pit but like always, Kyung Hee was there for me. I don’t know what to do without her. We talked about our past together and of course, she reminded me of how I tortured her. Underneath the moonlight, she looked so pretty. I began to realize that my childhood happiness was all because of her. She didn’t laugh at me when he found out my fear. And you know what? Since Kyung Hee was down in that dark hole with me I’m not afraid of the dark anymore. But I’m still afraid to admit to Kyung Hee that I love her. What if she rejects me? All I know is that I can’t live without her….

Kyung Hee shut the journal. She began to do some thinking of her own. She looked over at Jiwon, who was sleeping.

Then she realized it. All her tears and happiness were all because of Sunghoon. He was the only one who was able to make her laugh or cry. She knew right then she couldn’t leave.

“Flight 637 is prepared for take-off.”

Sunghoon watched the plane for Flight 637 take off. He walked away form the fence when the plane was no longer seen. Tears fell down his cheeks as he started to head home. ‘It’s over.’ Sunghoon got into his car. He leaned against his seat and sighed. ‘If we were meant to be together, then Kyung Hee will show up right now.’

“Kang Sunghoon!”

Sunghoon sat up instantly. He recognized that voice. “Kyung Hee? Can’t be!” He looked up and saw her running towards him. He was so happy he couldn’t speak. He got out of his car right away and ran towards her. She ended up in his arms. He spun her around. He gently placed her down and said, “I don’t get it! Your plane left already! I mean how?”

Kyung Hee smiled. “I got off the plane before it took off. Jiwon wasn’t exactly happy about it but it’s okay.” Sunghoon looked at her shyly. “But I thought you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you fell in love with first?”

Kyung Hee gazed into the face of the person she knew she wanted to see every day. She leaned over to kiss him. Then she whispered, “It was you all along.”

~*:: The End ::*~


Promise by: esca


  • a JinHoon (Jaejin x Sunghoon) songfic
  • completed

<listen to track #2 of Blue Note as you read this…>

Jaejin hyung drops the half-smoked cigarette and grinds it with his heel. Refusing to meet my eyes, he stares at the crushed cigarette…ashes… There was a time when he followed my every movement with his warm black eyes, not wanting to miss even the smallest of my gestures… But now, he’s saying all these words he doesn’t mean. As if I wouldn’t know what he really means….

Its better this way… Hoonie… These things don’t last forever…

He can’t really believe that…

I’m glad that you’re getting a chance to study abroad…

He doesn’t look happy…

Besides, you’ll be back in… what… four years?

Staring at the ground, he does not see me shake my head. He does not see my tears as they silently runs down my cheeks.

You say that you’ve watched me for so long…but we must now part
I miss you so much that I cry… I’ll leave you with this request…

I will never be back… and if I do come back… I won’t be his anymore.

It’s only a little time separating us….

He doesn’t know that there’s a whole world separating us.

My parents who know about him. My parent’s he’s never met…

The engagement I was forced into. The engagement he doesn’t know about…

My fiancée who’s going to go study abroad with me. My fiancée he’s never heard of…

I’ve kept so much from him… He doesn’t even know..how happy I had been with him, that my world had been so perfect with him alone..

And when you come back, maybe we can be friends again…

I know that cannot be his friend after being his love. But perhaps that’s all he wants from me now…

Friendship… And it hurts so badly that I can’t breathe.

But I’m hurting him now, so I can forgive him as he hurts me. Hurting each other. Why does something so perfect have to end with so much pain?

I hope you’ll remember me after I leave… The times that we’ve been together…
You must never forget my wish to treasure those moments…

Will I have the courage to face him someday? Am I being too greedy if I want him to be mine until we meet again? The words escape my lips with the wish that I know will not come true.

If we ever see each other again…. when we do… I cannot be a friend….but perhaps, someday I’ll have the courage to tell him the truth. Perhaps Ill have the courage to defy the world that stands between us.

Could you please remember me as I was…?
Remember me as I said If we ever see each other again….

He doesn’t understand why I must leave.

I cannot explain….cannot make excuses.

I know you hate me for leaving you..but could you please forgive me this once…?
I leave with all the love you’ve given me…but I’ll always remember you…only you.

There is nothing that I can do. I know that this is good bye…forever.

I hold out my hand to touch his cheek as he gazes back at me with watery eyes. I lean forward to kiss his lips.

As his eyes close, the tears spill over and run down his cheeks. I lick them away, savoring the salty taste as I swallow my own tears.

Could you please remember me as I was…?
Remember me as I said if we ever see each other again….
I know you hate me for leaving you..but could you please forgive me this once…?
I leave with all the love you’ve given me…but I’ll always remember you…only you.
If we ever have to part again, let’s not say good-bye…
If our time together was precious…
Please keep it somewhere in your heart…forever….

 {words in italics are lyrics from Promise… song and lyrics by Kang Sunghoon}

Koala by:Val


  • a Jinnie fanfic
  • completed

Chapter 1
“Revenge is mine, Koala.”

Lee Jae Jin stared back, unflinching, into the eye of the black revolver. He tilted his head slightly to the side and slowly lifted his eyes to look directly at the gunman.

Jan Si Eun stared back at the man before her, whose background had dubbed him the code name Koala. There was friendly about this thug, although the name would suggest otherwise. She stared at him hard, her eyes clearly burning with unbashed hatred for him. In her bitter rage, she spat on the ground.

“Tonight I’m going to make you pay for all that you’ve put me through.”

Jae Jin knew that this day would come sooner or later. He suddenly felt vary and exhausted. There was nothing left for him to do. He turned his head away and shut his eyes.

“Do It.”
A year ago…

“Uh, excuse me. How the hell did I end up with the code name Koala?”

Jae Jin’s question interrupted the underground metting of the Sechskies and they all turned to look at him. Ji Won, the confident and composed leader, placed his hands behind his head and leaned back in his chairas he streched out his legs onthe table.

“This is a dangerous mission, Jae Jin. We want to keep things as confidental as possible. We wouldn’t want the authorites to find out our real identities now, would we?”

“yeah, but Koala?”

“It’s cute Jae Jinnee!” insisted Jae Duc, satisfied with his nickname. “Mine is Duck. Girl love pet names.”

“You should talk, grumbled,” grumbled Ji Young. “Why don’t you take Ostrich?”

“Yeah,” chimed in Sung Hoon. “How about Porcupine?”

The trio started bickering and Jae Jin turned away from the nonsensical argument. His eyes caught Ji Won and he seemed amused through the entire ordeal.

“How come you don’t get an animal code name? Gam Shi sounds better than what we have!”

“I’m the leader and Gam Shi suits me just fine.”

“That’s not fair though!” Jae Jin whined.

“Yeah!” the others agreed in unison.

The threatening look in Ji Won’s eyes clearly stated that he was not to be questioned. They all slumped back into their seats and their grumbling was kept at a barely audible tone. Ji Won smiled and sat upright, folding his arms militantly as he leaned closer.

“Now that we have the code names assigned, we have to bring this meeting to order and discuss the important matters that lay before us. What should we do about Jang Su Won?”

The name brought silence among the SechsKies members and it drew their attention. All their faces twisted into hateful scowls when they envisioned the person who bore that name. Jae Jin hated Su Won with a passion. He had been the one who had taken Su Won under his own wing when he had first joined.

But Su Won had turned against them and just last week, he left SechsKies without an apology or reason. Upon joining SechsKies, Su Won had known that it was blood in or blood out. No one was allowed to leave unless they were dead. Su Won had violated the sacred code and now his punishment was death.

“I say we go to his house and rob the place, rape the women, and kill his entire family,” suggested Jae Jin, in a matter of fact tone.

The others punched their fists into the air like Nazis in agreement. Ji Won raised his hand for silence and calmed their enthusiasm. An evil smile lurked on his face as he motioned for the others to come closer.

Ji Won laid out the blue prints for Su Won’s home and whispered in code his plan of attack. Not too long after, their meeting was adjourned and they started to carry out their mission.

Chapter 2
“We could have taken the main road, you know.”

Ji Won turned around and flashed the beam of light in Jae Jin’s face, nearly blinding him.

“Would you stop whining Koala? We’re almost there!”

Jae Jin shielded his eyes from the bright light and snapped back through the bandana covering half his face. “Stop calling me that!” he hissed. “Which brings me to another thing. Couldn’t we have taken a car instead of going on foot?”

Everyone continued walking and ignored him. Jae Duc put a hand on his friend’s shoulder for comfort and pulled down his disguise.

“Just two more miles Koala, you’ll make it. Just watch your step.”

“Okay…Duck,” said Jae Jin, smiling as he emphasized the last word. He took longer strides and quickened his pace to get to his destination faster but –


“Eww! Nasty! Sick!”

Jae Jin lifted up the sole of his sneaker and squinted to make out the dark substance covering the bottom end of his shoe. “Shit! Why does the worst stuff always happen to me?” he complained.

The others burst into laughter and formed a ring around him. “Ew, get away from us Koala!” they chanted. The guys broke out into a run after the taunt and Jae Jin chased after them.

He realized the leaves and debris getting caught in his shoe was slowing him down. He stopped for a moment and when he looked up, no one was in sight. The others had run off and left him behind.

“Great,” he grumbled. “Just great.”

Jae Jin started to scrape the gunk off his shoe on a nearby tree. It was night time and the woods were completely dark so Jae Jin wasn’t able to make out the svelte figure leaning against the tree. He smeared his business against it.

“Gross! What are you doing?!” shrieked a high-pitched, girly voice.

Jae Jin was already backing away from the voice that had startled him but the girl came closer and gave him a hard shove. He fell back and snapped his ankle.


“Ow!” he yelped in pain.

Jae Jin took off both of his shoes and threw them in the other direction. He grabbed his ankle and winced from the pain. The girl covered her mouth with her hand in ardent shock and sudden remorse.

“I’m so sorry!” she apologized. “I didn’t mean to push you that hard but you wiped your shoe on my back.”

Jae Jin continued massaging his swollen ankle as he looked up at the girl. She had jet-black hair down to her shoulders and her dark, bottomless eyes were staring back at him. She had taken off her cardigan and was wearing only her dress, her fair skin glowing in the moonlight.

“You made me twist my ankle!”

“Here let me see it.”

She started to pull off his disguise but Jae Jin stopped her.

“What are you doing? My ankle hurts, not my face!”

“Ow! You’re hurting me!”

Her fingers were being crushed under the applied pressure of Jae Jin’s fingers. He let her go and she moved away from him instantly.

“I’m sorry. I just want to see what you look like.”

Through the slit, Jae Jin glared at her and folded his arms. “It’s alright. Now do something about my ankle.”

The girl gave him a confused look. “Uh…what can I do about it?”

“At least take me to a doctor or something! You can’t leave me here in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night!”

The girl gave him an apologetic look. “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. Here, let me carry you to a doctor.”

She knelt down and offered her back to Jae Jin. He stared at her back. He didn’t really think that she would do anything to help him since it was his fault in the first place but he wasn’t going to refuse her offer either.

“Thanks!” he exclaimed as he hopped on her back.


Jae Jin’s sudden weight had been too much and they both toppled over. The girl fell on top of him and got off right away, her face furiously blushing.

“I’m sorry! I wasn’t ready!”

Jae Jin had turned a decent shade of red himself. He had never been this close to a girl before so when her supple body lay against his, he was frozen still and wasn’t able to move at all. He turned his glance away from her.

“It’s okay. I should have said something.”

“Here, let’s try it again,” she said, offering her back to him again.

This time Jae Jin got on with more success and the girl took him in the direction of town.

“No, no! The other way!”

Jae Jin nudged her face the other way and pointed towards the path ahead. The girl turned her head and looked at him with a curious expression.

“But leading through that trail is nothing but a couple of houses. Are you sure?”

Jae Jin nodded. “My uh, friend lives there. It’s less than 2 miles away from here and he can drive me to the doctor.”

The girl nodded and carried him back the other way.

Chapter 3
As they were continuing their path through the woods, no sound was heard except for the crunching of leaves beneath the girl’s feet.

“What’s your name?” they both asked suddenly at once.

“I’m Jang Si Eun,” the girl answered. “You?”

“Lee Jae Jin.”

“Nice name,” she commented.

Jae Jin didn’t answer and tightened his hold around her shoulders.

“Are we there yet?”

“I don’t know…where exactly is your friend’s house?”

Jae Jin looked up at the winding road ahead and wasn’t sure which way the guys took.

“Ehh…I don’t know. Keep going and I’ll tell you.”

Si Eun exhaled and continued carrying Jae Jin. After a while, her legs gave out on her and she dropped him.


Si Eun landed on the ground next to Jae Jin.

“What are you doing?”

She started to gasp. “You’re too heavy! I can’t take you any farther.”

Jae Jin got up. “I guess this is far enough. We’re even now.”

He started to walk away in even paces and Si Eun’s mouth fell open in shock.

“You walk fine, you liar! You made me carry you all this way for nothing!”

Jae Jin’s cocky face formed a smirky smile. “I’m a fast healer.” He started to leave but then he felt something heavy jump on his back. He turned his face back slightly and was surprised to see Si Eun clinging onto him.

“Now it’s your turn to carry me!”

“What? No!”

Jae Jin tried to heave her off and her body kept swinging in different directions but she wouldn’t fall off. Jae Jin bent over and breathed heavily in exhaustion and finally decided to give up.

“Okay, okay. I’ll carry you to where I need to be and then you’re on your own.”

Si Eun let out a squeal of joy and Jae Jin started to carry her up the road. Jae Jin walked for a while and he felt Si Eun’s arms folding closer around his shoulders. Her warmth invaded every part of his senses and he was suddenly feeling shy around her. He didn’t want to think about it and soon enough, he spotted the guys just a few yards away. He stopped in his tracks and hid himself and Si Eun on the side.

“What is it?” she asked as she slowly got off.

“I’m here already. You must go now.”

Si Eun started to leave but then she turned back. “Can I see what you look like?”

Jae Jin’s eyes grew big and he did want her to see what he looked like but Ji Won’s thunderous voice roared in his mind. “Don’t you dare reveal your true identity!” Jae Jin shook his head in disgust. “I can’t believe I’m thinking about Ji Won in a time like this.”

“Jae Jin?”

The call of his name brought him back to the present.

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that.”


Si Eun looked down disheartened and started to leave.


She turned back.


“When will I see you again?”

She smiled. “Same time tomorrow at the same tree?”

Underneath the bandana, Jae Jin smiled. “Okay. I”ll be there waiting. Bye.”

Si Eun waved goodbye and disappeared up in the road ahead. Jae Jin ran up to meet with the rest of the SechsKies members.

Chapter 4
“What took you so long?” demanded Ji Won.

Jae Jin didn’t look at him and crouched down from the view.

“I got lost! I wouldn’t have if you guys didn’t run off without me!”

The others tried to blend in with their surroundings and didn’t bother to argue. Ji Won nudged Jae Jin and pointed out the house up on the hill.

“That’s Su Won’s house. In just one more hour, the alarms and locks on his gates and doors will be disarmed thanks to Ji Yong here.”

Ji Yong folded his hands together in a smug manner. “Yup. He’ll remain defenseless and he won’t be able to notify the police in time. The cellular signals are out of range so we should encounter no problems.”

“Good,” said Jae Jin. “I just hope there won’t be anything holding us back.”
Meanwhile at the Jang residence…

Si Eun entered the doors of her mansion only to be greeted by her growling father.

“Where have you been all day miss?”

“In the forest, playing by myself.”

This enraged her father. He had forbid her to go out late at night and especially in that forest, where no one would be able to hear her cries for help.

“Are you crazy? Don’t you know that we’re in hiding right now? We must be as discreet as possible! You’re going to blow our cover!”

Si Eun stood up defiantly to her father. “I just want to go out a little bit. No one knows where we are. Besides, Su Won goes out all the time.”

At the mention of his name, Su Won came out from the kitchen.

“Did I just hear my name mentioned?”

“Yes,” said Mr. Jang in an exhausted tone. “Talk to your sister for me about going out this late.”

Su Won tried to calm his sister down and sat her against the plush sofa.

“Si Eun, it’s dangerous for a girl to be out this late at night. You should come home earlier.”

She began to pout. “You’re taking appa’s side too?”

“Of course not. I’m always on your side. I’m just looking out for your safety.”

Si Eun nodded and agreed. “Fine. I’ll come home earlier.”

Su Won smiled and hugged her.

“Thank you.”

She broke away from his hug and started to head upstairs for a bath. Su Won picked up the newspaper and flipped all the way to the classified ads. Back in the days SechsKies always put their mission as ads in the newspaper to tease the authorities. It was easy to decipher but a select few were harder than usual. They only had to read it backwards and read every odd word.

Su Won’s heart stopped when he completed the message.

“Tonight you die Jang Su Won.”

Su Won placed down the newspaper and sat himself up in a composed manner. The locks on his doors started to make clicking sounds. Su Won knew that he had company. Before he was able to warn his family, gunfire started piercing the house from all directions.

“Omma! Appa! Si Eun!” he screamed as he ducked and covered his ears.

Si Eun ran out from the bath in her robe and her parents came out from their rooms. The moment Mr. and Mrs. Jang opened their door, the bullets hit them. Si Eun fell back in shock as her parents fell down dead. She started to scream. Su Won edged his way upstairs and reached Si Eun. She was becoming hysterical and tears poured out of her eyes.

“Oppa!” she screamed and then pointed to their dead parents. “Our parents! Who’s behind all this?”

Su Won looked at his sister and suddenly regretted ever joining SechsKies.

“Blood in, blood out,” he thought grimly.

“They’re here,” he whispered.



Si Eun’s eyes grew big at the mention of the notorious gang. “I thought you dropped out already Su Won!”

“Apparently I’m a member for life Si Eun.”

Si Eun’s tears stopped and her anger overtook her. She wanted revenge. “I’m going to kill those bastards!” she screamed and started to run for the doors. Su Won grabbed her.

“There’s nothing you can do Si Eun! You’ll just get killed!”

Si Eun tried to break free of Su Won’s grasp.

“Let me go! I have to kill them!”

Su Won hit Si Eun’s pressure points and she fainted. He carried her behind a secret mirrored wall and hid her there for safety. He came out to face his destiny. SechsKies had made it inside the Jang residence with ease and kicked aside the cluttered mess they caused.

Chapter 5
The five remaining SechsKies members pulled down their bandanas and formed a circle around Su Won.

“Well well well…” said Ji Won in a mocking tone. “We finally meet again Jang Su Won.”

“Get the fuck out of my house,” Su Won ordered, glaring back at the five people before him.

“Tut tut,” said Sung Hoon, wagging his finger before him. “You shouldn’t be ordering but begging us for mercy Su Won.”

“But of course, we don’t have mercy for traitors like you,” added Jae Duc.

Ji Yong folded his arm across his chest and gave no response. Su Won turned helplessly to Jae Jin, who he knew had the most compassion for him. Jae Jin wasn’t able to look at him. He had thought that killing Su Won would have been a simple task, but now seeing his blood-tied brother again, it made the mission seemed impossible. He forced himself to glare at Su Won.

“Tonight death awaits you, Su Won.”

Hearing those words from Jae Jin’s mouth made Su Won realize there was no chance of survival. He wasn’t the type to beg for mercy and his only regret was he wasn’t able to save his own family. Su Won closed his eyes in despair and waited for death to come get him.

Si Eun finally came to and saw the people surrounding her brother. She wasn’t sure what to make of the situation but she knew it wasn’t good when she saw her parents lying on the floor and Su Won closing his eyes.

And then it happened.

The most ruthless looking man in the group fired a shot and Su Won died instantly. Si Eun started to hyperventilate as Su Won slowly fell down to the ground before her eyes. She wasn’t able to hold it in any longer. She screamed. Outside the mirrored wall, the SechsKies members heard the scream.

Jae Jin lifted up his revolver and pointed to the exact spot where the scream had come from. Si Eun stared back at the guy pointing the gun straight at her. He had a mole on his chin and she knew she would never forget his face as long as she lived.

Jae Jin fired.

Si Eun moved in time but she wasn’t fast enough. The mirrored wall shattered and pieces flew into her eyes. Her eyes started to bleed and she started to run in the painful darkness.

Si Eun started to feel for the hidden passageway as she heard the footsteps close behind her and luckily, she pressed it in time and escaped into another pathway. Jae Jin chased the figure down the hall but it disappeared.


Jae Jin looked around desperately but no clue was given to where that person went. Ji Won was not going to like this. Jae Jin fired a shot randomly and then came back to join the group.

“Did you get that person?” asked Ji Won.

Jae Jin nodded.

“It was a maid. I got her already,” he lied, hoping that Ji Won would not see right through him.
Si Eun started to feel for the walls closing around her. She desperately fumbled for the light switch in the secret tunnel and when she hit the switch, she screamed in despair. Si Eun had become blind. The light was on but she was engulfed in total darkness. Her eyes were bleeding and tears of blood were dripping to the ground.

In her state of mind, the only thing she could visualize was that man. The one with the mole who shot at her. She swore she would destroy SechsKies and kill that man.

“Wait for me omma, appa, Su Won. I promise I’ll make SechsKies pay.”

The only question was how? A muffled voice echoed in her mind and she knew the answer. Jae Jin would help her.

Chapter 6
Jae Jin waited the next night until everyone had gone off to sleep before he snuck out. He had been waiting all day for night to come. He was anxious to see Si Eun again. He had dressed up nicely and doused himself with cologne just for this special occasion. His only worry was that she might be disappointed in his looks.

He raked his hands through his hair as he waited for her arrival. After a few minutes of waiting, the sounds of twigs snapping and leaves crunching let Jae Jin knew that someone was coming. He turned around to look at Si Eun and his grin turned into an ‘O’ of horror.

Si Eun felt her way towards the woods. It had been her second home and she went through it without encountering any problems. Some tree branches scraped against her arms and legs but she made it there safely.

“Jae Jin?”

Jae Jin stared at her. Si Eun was blind. He backed away in disbelief as he tried to connect the pieces of the puzzle. Her name was Jang Si Eun. Jang Su Won’s sister. The traitor he had just killed. He suddenly felt sick to his stomach, he had been the one who had shot her.

“Jae Jin?”

He looked up at the blind girl and reached for her hands. “Si Eun…I’m right here.”

Si Eun’s started choking on her sobs as she pulled his hands closer to her. When he came closer, she threw her arms around him and hugged him with all her might.

“Please don’t leave me. I just lost everything and right now I need you by my side.”

Although he had known the answer, Jae Jin forced himself to ask her why.

“What happened Si Eun?”

She buried her face in Jae Jin’s shoulder as she continued crying. She eased up her sobs to tell him. “Last night SechsKies came to my house and killed everyone. I was the only one who got away. In just one night I lost everything I had.”

Jae Jin held her tighter as sudden remorse overtook him. He could feel himself drowning in his own guilt. He held onto Si Eun, who was still crying. He stroked her hair and tried to calm her down.

“Shh…don’t worry, I’m here. I’ll help you.”

Si Eun nodded. “I know you will. You’re a nice guy Jae Jin.” She paused for a moment. “Can you take me back to my house?”

Jae Jin’s voice was caught in his throat. She did not know what had become of her house yet. The SechsKies members had taken it as their own lair when she had escaped. There was no way possible that he could bring her back there. She would only get killed.

It was a tough decision but Jae Jin figured out how to bring her back safely. SechsKies always had women around them and since they have never seen Si Eun, that should be no problem. Jae Jin had to find an excuse though.

“Si Eun. You can’t go back. SechsKies renovated your home already.”

Si Eun opened her mouth in shock and the tears continued coming. She slid out of his hands and fell to the ground.

“I really don’t have anything anymore.”

Jae Jin continued talking. “I can take you back to my house. You can live with me there.”

Si Eun was at a loss for words. She felt touched by his generosity although they had barely known each other.

“Thank you, Jae Jin. You’re my savior.”

Jae Jin swallowed the hard lump in his throat as he lifted her up onto his back. The only hope he had left was his secret to remain forever buried.

Jae Jin carried Si Eun back up the hill and to her house. He hit in the new numbers opening up the gates and quietly made his way in. He carried her back to his room and locked the door behind them.

“Si Eun. I live with a couple of other guys. They’re real assholes so don’t ever leave my room. They might come onto you since you’re defenseless right now.”

Si Eun opened her mouth to protest but then closed it immediately and nodded her head vigorously. She suddenly felt like a burden to Jae Jin but she had no other relatives in Seoul and even if she did, she knew SechsKies would have already taken care of that fact.

Jae Jin gave her his old clothes to change into and lead her towards the bathroom. She felt around the place and found it oddly familiar. She didn’t think anything of it since most homes in Seoul were constructed the same. She took a quick shower and changed into the clothes. After a while she came out but Jae Jin was gone.

“Jae Jin?”

Chapter 7
Jae Jin chewed on his nails nervously when he thought about Si Eun, who he just left alone in his room. He wasn’t even paying attention when Ji Won was calling him.

“Koala! Are you deaf?”

Jae Jin jumped in his seat with a startled jolt at the loud yell.

“What?” he snapped back. “We’re not on a mission now so call me by my real name!”

He wondered if Si Eun had heard what Ji Won had just called him. He hoped not. Ji Won gave him a glare while the others watched on curiously. Jae Jin had seemed tense ever since the beginning of the meeting.

“Okay then, Lee Jae Jin. Since you’re back with us now I’d like to issue the next order of business.”

Murmurs spread through the Sechskies, wondering what the next mission would be. Ji Won quieted them down and informed the group of the final task.

“Apparently Jang Su Won has a sister named Jang Si Eun who we haven’t found yet, so our problem is not resolved.”

Jae Jin’s eyes grew wide at the mention of her name. He looked away with a worried expression on his face. Jae Duc looked at his friend and saw the change.

“Jinnee, are you okay?”

Jae Jin nodded and didn’t answer. He waited for Ji Won to continue.

“I’ve looked everywhere for a photo of her but she doesn’t have one. Su Won here was smart enough to burn all identifications linking to his other family members and now we just have to search all of Korea for her. Whoever finds her first will receive a reward.”

“What’s the reward?” asked Ji Yong, who appeared to be slightly interested.

Ji Won’s lips curved into a wicked smile. “You can have her.”

Whoops of perversion and laughter spread among them. Jae Jin glared at them all, not quite believing that he was a part of this. But he was. He was no better than any of them because he was one of them. He excused himself and headed for his room.

Jae Jin came back to his room and climbed into his bed. Si Eun was already asleep in it. He got up and moved away from her but his stirring caused her to wake up.

“Jae Jin?”

“Yes, it’s me,” he whispered, assuring her.

She nodded and held out her hand for him to take.

“Jae Jin, will you help me?”

“Of course I’ll help you. You can stay here as long as you like.”

“I don’t mean that. I want you to help me destroy SechsKies.”

Jae Jin’s fingers slipped from Si Eun’s fingers at the request of this impossible task. He didn’t know what to say to her.

“Jae Jin?”

“We’ll see.”

Si Eun nodded and then went back to sleep. Jae Jin watched her drift off to sleep, the events of the last two days had drained her completely.

Jae Jin watched Si Eun as she turned her head to the side and her breathing became deeper. He wasn’t sure what he should do about her. Keeping her from the guys would be difficult since they all had a habit of barging into each other’s room. His stomach began to grumble and he remembered that he had not eaten anything all day.

Jae Jin didn’t care. He had much bigger problems to worry about. He flipped off his light switch and lay next to Si Eun as he went to sleep. He would deal with this matter tomorrow.

Chapter 8
“Where exactly are we going?”

Jae Jin kept his eyes on the wheel as he made a left turn into town. He had locked the door to his room from the outside, making sure that Si Eun would not be able to escape or no one would be able to get in. It didn’t stop him from worrying though, becase Sung Hoon had stayed behind.

Ji Won sat on the passenger side next to Jae Jin and continued looking ahead. “I heard this Si Eun girl goes to Seoul University. I already asked the dean to contact her for me regarding the news of her family’s tragic death.” Ji Won paused to smile as he continued. “Apparently since I don’t know what she looks like, the dean is more than willing to give me a photo identification of Miss Jang.”

Jae Jin nodded and continued driving. Beads of sweat were trickling down the side of his face as he tried not to think about Si Eun. Jae Duc leaned up closer towards the driver’s seat and saw Jae Jin’s knuckles turning white from the grip he had on the wheel.

“Koala, something wrong? You seem awfully nervous.”

Jae Jin shook his head immediately. “Wrong? No, nothing’s wrong,” he answered quickly. “It’s just that I wonder if she knows anything about us.”

“Don’t worry about that,” reassured Jae Duc as he leaned back into his seat. “We’ll just make sure all connections leading to us from her get broken. It shouldn’t be too difficult.”

Jae Jin nodded and continued looking straight ahead. From the corner of his eye, Ji Won gave Jae Jin a suspicious look. Ever since the death of Su Won, he has been acting strangely. Ji Won decided to pay no further attention to it until they could find Si Eun.


Sung Hoon let out a yawn as he started to stretch in bed. He rubbed his eyes and spotted the note that lay next to his pillow. It read:

Porcupine, you lazy ass animal. The guys and I are out looking for Jang Si Eun right now. Around 12 o’clock there should be a fax from Seoul University regarding the photo of Si Eun. Check it out first and we’ll be home later. Ostrich.

When Sung Hoon finished reading the letter, he crumpled it up and tossed it on the floor. He turned his head to the vanity table and checked his clock for the time. It was nearly noon. He headed towards the bathroom to do his morning routine.

After he was done, he headed towards Jae Jin’s room. The fax machine was in there. Sung Hoon twisted the knob but found it locked. He stared at it and found another lock barricading the door from outside.

“Stupid Koala,” he thought. “He locked the door. Oh well. When he comes home, we’ll just get the picture then.”

Sung Hoon started to head back to his room but then he heard a crashing noise that came from inside Jae Jin’s room. He turned around immediately and pulled out his gun from behind his back. He fired at the locks several times and then kicked the door open. Inside Sung Hoon was surprised to see a girl crawling around on the floor.

“Who are you?” he demanded to know.

Si Eun backed away from the strange voice in her room. “Oh no,” she thought. “Jae Jin’s roommate.” She tried to reach for anything that could possibly protect her and her breathing was growing rapid. Sung Hoon was getting angry at the fact she wasn’t answering nor looking at him.

“Who are you?” he repeated.

No answer was needed though. The blinking lights and beeping noise on the fax machine went off. Slowly an image emerged from the printer. The photo of Jang Si Eun. Sung Hoon looked at it and then at her. He smiled as if he knew.

“That Koala. He found the girl already and decided to keep her for himself eh? It’s my turn now.”

Sung Hoon threw the gun aside, knowing very well that Si Eun was defenseless. Sung Hoon jumped on the girl and tackled her to the floor. She screamed. Sung Hoon clapped a hand over her mouth.

“There’s no use screaming. No one can hear you.”

Sung Hoon took his hand away so Si Eun could talk.

“Jae Jin wouldn’t like it if he knew you touched me.”

Sung Hoon froze. “Did she know all of our real names? She must have somehow overheard Jae Jin,” he thought. Now Sung Hoon must cover for him.

“Who’s Jae Jin? Never heard of him.”

His answer made Si Eun more terrified. She was already shaking as she tried to break free from his grasp.

“Then who are you?”

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m known as Porcupine, a member of the infamous group called SechsKies.”

Si Eun’s blood ran cold. They had found her. “Oh no. What did they do to Jae Jin?” She didn’t have time to ask. Her hate for SechsKies gave her immaculate strength. She hurled Porcupine off of her and ran as fast as she could.

“Hey! You better get back here!”

She ran in the darkness and due to her impaired vision, she wasn’t able to see the staircase in front of her. Her foot got caught and then she startled stumbling down the stairs as Sung Hoon watched her from up above.

Chapter 9
Jae Jin stomped his foot on the gas pedal and sped all the way home. Ji Yong and Jae Duc were making “whoa’s” in the back seat while Ji Won grabbed onto the handlebar of his door. He stared at Jae Jin.

“We’re just going home to pick up Porcupine for lunch. What’s the rush?”

“I’m starved, okay?” he snapped and then slammed the brakes to a stop. He made it home in record time and when he opened the door, he found Si Eun rolling down the stairs. On reflex Jae Jin caught her the moment she landed and placed her down on the sofa gently.

The rest of SechsKies came in and stared at the unconscious girl in surprise. Ji Won came closer and got a better look.

“Who’s this?”

“Jang Si Eun,” answered Sung Hoon before Jae Jin was able to say anything. He glared at Jae Jin and then smiled. “Koala here found Miss Jang and was busy pleasuring himself before he decided to tell us about it.”

Ji Won turned to him immediately and glared.

“You made us wake up at six in the morning and drive into town when you already found her?”

Jae Jin was still inspecting the bruises that Si Eun got from the fall. He wanted to nurse her wounds but he had to face them. The situation was starting to grow worse.

“I wasn’t sure if she is Jang Si Eun. I wanted to go get the picture and then hand her over later.”

Jae Duc came to Jae Jin’s defense. “Oh, you wanted to make sure Koala? Well, good job. You’re the first one to find her.” Jae Duc looked at Ji Won, who wasn’t quite calming down yet. He decided to ease Ji Won’s temper, knowing how rash Ji Won could be at times. “Okay, who gets the girl after Koala?”

“I should,” insisted Sung Hoon. “I found her second.”

Jae Jin stared at Jae Duc, not quite believing what his best friend just initiated. He couldn’t blame him though. Innocent Duck didn’t know. Jae Jin started to sneak away from the crowd during the distraction that Si Eun caused.

Ji Won raised a hand to cease the commotion.

“No one is getting her until I make sure that Su Won left nothing behind leading to SechsKies.”

He reached for the vase of roses nearby. He took out the flowers and threw the water on Si Eun’s face.

“Wake up!”

Si Eun started to sputter out the water in her mouth and nose. Although her eyes were open, she still wasn’t able to see but she heard the many voices around her.


Ji Won smiled as he came closer and looked directly into her face.

“Yup and you know what that means right?”

Si Eun raised her hand to strike the voice but instead she missed, slapping the air beside him instead. Ji Won looked at her in amused shock. He waved a hand in front of her face and she didn’t blink. He gave a vicious laugh when he realized what was wrong.

“She’s blind!”

Everyone came for a closer look and they laughed as well. Si Eun cringed at those evil voices echoing in her ears. She placed her hands over her ears to shut them out. Ji Won grabbed her arm.

“Tell me. How much do you know?”

“Enough to make you rot in jail asshole.”

Jae Duc started to snicker but when Ji Won turned around to glare, he supressed it immediately. Ji Won pushed her back into the sofa and snapped his fingers for the others to move closer.

“I guess a little torture will make you talk. Guys, want to take turns?”

“Yeah!” they all shouted excitedly.

Si Eun edged back into her seat and shook her head wildly as fear overtook her. She knew what they meant. Gang rape. “Where is Jae Jin?” she wondered. She needed time to stall them to find a way out of this dilemma.

“Who here has a mole on his chin and shot me?”

Ji Won stood still. So she had seen what they look like.

“That would be Koala. Koala? Come here. Miss Jang wants you first.”

No response was given and all the guys turned to look for Jae Jin.

“Where did he go?” asked Jae Duc, scratching his head.

Ji Yong shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. He was here a minute ago.”

“Koala,” thought Si Eun. She was gripping onto the cushions of the sofa as the name slowly became engraved in her mind. Her mystery man now had a name.

Ji Won looked at Si Eun. Information that he had gathered lately about Jae Jin was slowly clicking in his brain. How Jae Jin acted nervous, his excuses, and more so, Jae Jin had shot Si Eun claiming it was the maid. Before he could make his final convictions, the vrooming sound of a motorcycle came closer and broke down the door.

Chapter 10
Jae Jin came storming in and made his grand entrance. He was wearing a blue bandana that covered half of his face so the others wouldn’t recognize him. He drove right through the group causing them to disband and grabbed Si Eun. He was starting to drive out but the gang had already gotten up to stop him.

Si Eun was terrified the entire time and was starting to hit Jae Jin to let her go. “Si Eun, it’s me Jae Jin,” he whispered in her ear to calm her down.

“Jae Jin?” she whispered back and grabbed a hold of him. She was already crying for joy and relief. She suddenly felt safe in his arms.

“Who are you?”

Ji Won came closer although Jae Jin had pulled out a gun at him. Jae Duc dropped his gun and stared at those familiar eyes in shocked recognition. He was already moving closer towards Jae Jin.


Jae Jin left Si Eun on the bike and came closer to Jae Duc as well. He kneed Jae Duc in the stomach to prevent him from further saying his real name. Jae Duc gasped as he doubled over but he turned to look at Jae Jin.

“Why?” he whispered in a faint voice.

Tears were already soaking Jae Jin’s disguise when he had hurt his only friend. “I love her, Duckie,” he whispered lightly in Jae Duc’s ear. “I’m sorry.”

With that, he slammed his elbow in the back of Jae Duc’s head and rendered him unconscious. As everyone was still looking down at Jae Duc’s body in shock, Jae Jin used that time to hit Si Eun’s pressure points and made her faint as well. Now he didn’t have to hold back for anything and she would not have a chance to hear who he really was.

“Lee Jae Jin.”

Ji Won’s deadly voice echoed throughout the huge mansion. He came closer to Jae Jin and glared at him straight in the eye. Jae Jin pulled out the gun and pointed it directly in between Ji Won’s eyes. The fearless leader didn’t even flinch.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Don’t even think that I can’t recognize you under that stupid bandana.”

Jae Jin pulled it down.

“I know you can tell it’s me. It’s over Ji Won. I’m quitting SechsKies.”

Ji Won’s eyes grew big.

“Why? For that girl?”

“You don’t understand. I love this girl.”

Ji Won laughed at his response. He shook his head at Jae Jin’s stupidity.

“Jae Jin, the only way to leave SechsKies is if you’re dead. You don’t want to end up like Su Won, do you? Now just hand over the girl and I’ll pretend that this never happened. There are plenty more out there you can choose from.”

Ji Won came closer to Si Eun and Jae Jin moved the gun back to his head.

“One more step Ji Won and I’ll blow your brains out.”

Ji Won gave him a cocky smile.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

He proceeded to come closer and this time Jae Jin lowered his gun to shoot Ji Won the leg. Ji Won fell back in sudden pain and the other two pulled out their guns.

“Don’t be stupid Jae Jin,” warned Ji Yong. “The girl’s not worth it.”

“You traitor,” spat Ji Won on the floor. “You’re dead.”

“I don’t think so,” answered Jae Jin. He pulled out the smoke bomb and threw it to form a smoke screen. Random bullets were flying everywhere but he had hopped back onto his bike and drove Si Eun to safety. Si Eun was slowly regaining her consciousness from the ringing of gunshots.

“Jae Jin?”

“Yes, Si Eun?”

She reached up to feel his face but luckily it was covered by the bandana. The texture of the cloth made her feel safe since it was Jae Jin’s trademark disguise.

“Where’s SechsKies?”

“They’re dead.”

“They are?”

“Yup. I just bombed their homes. Now SechsKies is no more,” he lied.

He wanted to rid her of the impossible promise she had. As they were riding into the distance, the wind blew harder and it swept a wave of guilt over Jae Jin. He had known the guys for a much longer time than Si Eun but it was his decision and he would have to live with it.

At that moment Jae Jin did feel like a traitor when he thought about Jae Duc. He had chosen a girl over his friend. Hopefully one day Jae Duc will understand and forgive him.

Si Eun smiled as she leaned closer towards Jae Jin’s body and held him tightly. Jae Jin looked down at her and saw the smile on her face. He realized that just her smile made it all worth the trouble.

Chapter 11
Jae Jin drove Si Eun back to his old hideout. No one knew about this except Jae Duc. He knew Jae Duc wouldn’t reveal his secret location though.

He dusted the couch off and slowly sat Si Eun down. Jae Jin knew that he had to live in hiding from SechsKies for the rest of his life. They were not the forgiving types. Su Won had been an example.

“What do we do from now on?”

Si Eun’s sudden question made Jae Jin startled. He was thinking the exact same thing. He sighed as he sat down next to her.

“I don’t know Si Eun. SechsKies might be dead but they might have other members. We have to live in hiding for a while until we can make sure it’s safe to go out.”

Si Eun started to cry. Jae Jin sat up and looked at her.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m so sorry. Because of me, you have to go through all this trouble.”

Jae Jin held her hand in his.

“Don’t worry about it. I knew the consequences already when I agreed to help you.”

Suddenly the touch of Jae Jin’s hands in her own made Si Eun think. It might be out of gratitude or it might be out of love. She wasn’t quite sure yet but he made her feel complete.

Si Eun reached up and held Jae Jin’s face in her palms. Jae Jin was surprised at her sudden actions and suddenly felt her kissing him. He stood still for a moment before he kissed her back. Their mutual attraction for one another couldn’t be denied any longer.

The next morning…

Si Eun began to stir in her bed and started to wake up. She reached for the blanket and pulled it up to cover her bare skin. When she started to feel around, her hand came in contact with a warm face. She smiled as she traced the strong cheekbones on the beautifully structured face.

Her finger stopped moving as she felt a bump on the smooth skin. She stroked her thumb over and over it again to make sure she wasn’t mistaken. The first image that came to her mind was Koala. The man with the mole that had shot her.

Jae Jin started to wake up when from his sleep when he felt that light scratching on his face. He smiled as he held Si Eun’s hand. He sat up and pulled her over closer to him.

“You’re up early.”

He began to notice that Si Eun was hyperventilating. Her hand was trembling from his touch. He was starting to get worried.

“Si Eun, what’s wrong?”

“Koala had a mole on his chin,” she said in an indicative voice.

Jae Jin’s mind started to race with frantic thoughts. Si Eun had seen what he had looked like. He swallowed once and started to explain himself, trying to ease the nervousness in his voice.

“Oh really?”


“What does that have to do with me?”

Si Eun paused. “But you have a mole too,” she stated in an accusing tone.

Jae Jin blurted out the next thing that came to mind. “It’s a huge zit.”

“A blemish?”

“Yes. I’m sorry you had to feel that.”


Si Eun started to feel bad that she had been implying that Jae Jin could possibly be Koala. Impossible. He would have killed her already. She felt stupid for not even thinking about the other possible alternatives to what that bump could have been. Even a possible mosquito bite.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized.

“It’s okay. You were just being safe.”

Jae Jin let out a quiet sigh of relief. He felt Si Eun’s tense body starting to relax. She had bought the story but he knew he had to be careful around her from now on. No more touching his face ever again.

Chapter 12
Several months later…

Jae Jin laid on the couch with Si Eun by his side. He flipped through the T.V. channels and tried to find a decent show to watch. Looking down at Si Eun, he finally knew what being happy meant. He was truly happy that he had escaped the gang life and he had Si Eun by his side.

Si Eun however, seemed very nervous at the moment. Yesterday the lawyer she had secretly called had stopped by when Jae Jin had gone out and informed her with very important news regarding her brother’s will. The unexpected gift Su Won had left behind had just put an end to all her problems. Now facing her was the obstacle of telling Jae Jin.

“Jae Jin?”


Si Eun paused before she continued. Jae Jin saw the reluctance in her voice and pulled her to sit on his lap. “What is it, Si Eun? You know you can tell me anything,” he said, reassuring her.

She took a deep breath. “I want to see again.”

Jae Jin stopped rubbing her hand when she said those words. It made her worried.

“Jae Jin? Is something wrong?”

“No, no,” he answered abruptly. “Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that I don’t have money to get you an eye operation right now. Si Eun, you should know that I want to restore your eyesight more than anything.”

Truth was, Jae Jin was content living like this. He did not want Si Eun to ever see again or their blissful life together will be no more. He didn’t want to see them end like this.

“It’s okay, Jae Jinnee,” she continued. “I have my own money. My brother Su Won was very rich. He transferred a lot of money into my account so I have more than enough to pay for the operation. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner but my brother used to be in a gang.”

Jae Jin choked. Of course Su Won had the money. He did too. His hand began to apply more pressure to Si Eun’s. He wasn’t able to find an excuse out of this one.

Si Eun felt Jae Jin’s hand closing around hers. His palm felt sweaty and she sensed that he was nervous about something.

“Are you okay Jae Jin? You’re not mad because my brother used to be in a gang right?”

Jae Jin loosened his hold on her hand. He exhaled.

“Of course not. I’m just glad that you’ll be able to see again.”

She smiled and rested her head on Jae Jin’s shoulder.

“I’m glad too. In just a few more days, I’ll be able to see what you look like.”

Jae Jin caressed Si Eun’s hair softly as he pressed his lips against her forehead. In just a few more days it will be over. He didn’t want to think about that. He brought her hand to his lips and held her for the rest of the night.

Chapter 13
At the hospital…

“Si Eun, don’t be worried. These doctors are professionals and in just a few more hours, you’ll be able to see.”

Si Eun slowly nodded her head and reached for Jae Jin’s hand.

“Jae Jin, will you still be here when I come out?”

Jae Jin looked at the ship ticket he had in his hand. He had planned to wait to hear the news of Si Eun’s successful operation and then leave. He looked at her and squeezed her hand just once.

“Don’t worry Si Eun. I promise I’ll be here.”

Si Eun smiled as she let go of his hand. Slowly the paramedics wheeled her into the operating room and Jae Jin watched them go.

From around the corner Ji Yong frozed in his tracks and hid from where he stood. His eyes stared widely at the traitor he recognized before him. Lee Jae Jin. After nearly a year of searching, he couldn’t believe his luck stumbling into him just while he was picking up Ji Won’s medicine.

An evil smile crossed his lips. Tonight it’s Jae Jin’s turn to die. Ji Won never fully recovered from his gunshot wound. He now walks with a limp and it angered Ji Yong that Jae Jin had chosen a girl over them. He picked up his cell phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, Sung Hoon? Tell the guys that I found Jae Jin.”
Si Eun’s operation had been successful. She gradually began to wake up and she felt the cloth covering her eyes. She waved her arms frantically in search of Jae Jin. He was there.

“Jae Jin?”

He smiled as he held her hand for the last time. “Yes, I’m here Si Eun.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. “I was worried.”

“You shouldn’t worry. I always keep my promise but now I must go.”

Her breath was caught in her throat. She wasn’t sure what Jae Jin was implying but by his manner of speaking, it didn’t sound too good.

“What do you mean go? You mean you’re going home to get something right?”

“No. I mean I must leave you now.”

Si Eun shook her head in denial. It couldn’t be. Jae Jin couldn’t possibly leave her. She reached out and grabbed onto both of his arms. She had an iron hold on him and refused to let go.

“Why?! I’m going to be better soon! I won’t be a handicap anymore! Why do you want to leave me?”

Suddenly Jae Jin sounded tired. He removed her hands from him and slowly moved away.

“I’m sorry, Si Eun. I already bought myself a boat ticket to sail out of Korea and I’m not telling you where I’m going. I’m a very ugly guy and it’s better off if you remember me like this, then finding out who I truly am.”

“I don’t care!” she protested. “I don’t care how ugly you are, Jae Jin! I love you and I want us to be married!”

Jae Jin was hurting inside seeing his love shattering like this. But there was no other choice, it would kill her if she knew who he was. Better to let things end like this.

“I’m sorry, Si Eun. I’ve made up my mind already. Goodbye.”

“No, Jae Jin!”

Si Eun fell out of her bed and started to crawl over towards him. Jae Jin continued staring at her with disbelieving eyes.

“Please don’t leave me. I’m begging you!”

He didn’t speak. Instead he opened the door slowly and then closed it behind him. From behind the closed door, he could still hear Si Eun screaming.

“I’ll be at the dock in half an hour! I don’t care if you do leave Jae Jin! I’ll wait there forever if I have to!”

Jae Jin continued walking down the empty hospital hallways. Tears were already streaming from the corners of his eyes and he didn’t bother to wipe them away.

Chapter 14
Jae Jin had not gone far before a van screeched to a stop a mere foot in front of him. A couple of men jumped out of the van and suddenly he was surrounded by a familiar group of people. His former family. SechsKies.

Ji Won slowly limped closer to Jae Jin and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. He spat on him.

“You fucking traitor. Where’s the girl?”

Jae Jin wiped the saliva off of his face and glared back at him. Before, he would have flinched and cower before those eyes, but it had been a year already and things had changed since then. He wasn’t afraid of his former leader anymore.

“She’s gone, Ji Won. Let the past be buried already.”

Ji Won became outraged at Jae Jin’s response and punched him, knocking him to the ground. Jae Jin fell back against the hard pavement and scraped his elbows. Ji Won came closer and slammed his foot down on Jae Jin’s leg.

“Then tonight you die, Lee Jae Jin. Out of all the SechsKies members, I thought you were the most loyal and weren’t ignorant like Su Won. Obviously I was wrong.”

Jae Jin spit out the blood curdling at the side of his mouth.

“Damn it, Ji Won! Get this through your fuckin’ head. I’m no longer a part of SechsKies. I don’t have to listen to you anymore!”

Ji Won didn’t answer and continued beating him. Ji Yong and Sung Hoon joined in but Jae Duc moved a little way back. They started to trample Jae Jin on the ground and took turns hitting him.

“Finish him off already Ji Won,” said Ji Yong as he kicked Jae Jin aside. “My hand’s starting to hurt from beating his face in.”

Ji Won smiled and shook his head.

“Not yet. I want to have some fun torturing him.”

Ji Won came closer to the shaking body before him. Jae Jin started to edge away from Ji Won but he knew it was no use. Ji Won was cold and ruthless and he knew he had to go through much more pain before Ji Won would let him die. Jae Jin closed his eyes when he saw Ji Won coming but suddenly his eyes flew open when he heard a gun shot.

“Move away from him.”

Everyone turned to look at Jae Duc. He had a gun in his hand and he aimed it directly at Ji Won. Ji Won glared at him, not fearing it at all.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Duck? Put that gun down.”

Ji Won ignored him and came closer to Jae Jin. When Ji Won had taken that first step, Jae Duc fired the gun and shot him in the arm.

“You traitor! How dare you!”

Ji Won grabbed onto his arm while Ji Yong and Sung Hoon ran to his sides. They all stared at Jae Duc in shock. During that moment, Jae Duc looked down at Jae Jin.


Jae Jin stared at his best friend with disbelieving eyes.


“You heard me. Run! I don’t know how much longer I can hold them off.”

Jae Jin got up and started to run. He looked behind him and saw Jae Duc giving him a final bittersweet smile. As he continued running into the distance, he heard several gunshots ringing into the night.

More of the SechsKies members’ blood had been spilled tonight. Jae Jin wept at the thought of losing his best friend but he continued running. The path that laid before him lead to his doom or redemption.

Chapter 15
Jae Jin ran to the dock as fast as he could, knowing that Si Eun would still be there waiting for him. Indeed she was. A smile of relief came to his face as he came closer. In just a few more minutes he would have Si Eun in his arms and they would leave this damned place behind. Just him and Si Eun, together forever.

However, the next few minutes were not what Jae Jin had anticipated when everything went into slow motion. He suddenly stopped in his tracks when he saw the cold look on Si Eun’s face and she pulled a gun out from her purse.

Si Eun fired the gun.

Jae Jin gasped and immediately applied pressure to his wound. He was trying to recover from the shock that Si Eun had just shot him. When he looked up, the shiny black gun was pointed directly at his face.

“Revenge is mine, Koala.”

Suddenly to Jae Jin’s devastating horror, he understood. Si Eun had just regained her sight and she did not know who he was. His eyes grew wide as he continued staring at her. She continued to speak.

“Tonight I’m going to make you pay for all that you’ve put me through.”

Jae Jin’s arms dropped limply to his sides. His whole life had just been torn to pieces, falling around him. He looked at Si Eun. He knew her life would be ruined as well if he revealed his true identity. He’d rather let her remember him as Lee Jae Jin and never let her know that he was the cold-blooded killer that helped murder her entire family. That would destroy her if she knew. Jae Jin couldn’t bear to do that.

“Do it.”

The gun nearly dropped from Si Eun’s hand when she heard him say that. “Kill him stupid,” said the little voice inside her head. “Kill him now.” All the while, Si Eun wasn’t able to take her eyes off of him.

“Look,” she said and was surprised to find her voice a little shaky. “You killed my family and I’m just making you pay back what you owe me. A life for a life.”

Jae Jin turned his face towards the light. He wasn’t afraid although he knew it was the end. In that short amount of time that he had left, he just stared at Si Eun, wanting to capture every distinct detail of her features. “Oh god, I love you so much,” he thought to himself.

“Yes, I understand. You’re right, this is the way it has to end.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered and then closed her eyes for a brief second. She paused to breathe. “If I don’t kill you tonight, then you’ll continue to destroy many more innocent lives.”

She immediately felt angry at herself for apologizing. Why should she be sorry? However, she was very aware that she was shaking her head slightly as she was trying to explain it to him. There was an ache in her chest and tears in her eyes. There was just something about him.


Si Eun could see the moonlight in his eyes as he held a steady gaze on her. “He’s not going to struggle,” she realized. She decided to make it quick and merciful.

“Any last requests?”

Jae Jin opened his eyes. “Yes,” he whispered. “Please let my fianc? know that I forgive her.”

“Who’s your fianc??”

He didn’t answer and closed his eyes. A bemused smile danced on his lips as he waited for the eternal darkness. Anger and revenge immediately took over Si Eun when she realized how calm he was. She aimed the gun directly at his heart and fired. In that blinding instant, the man known as Koala fell down dead.

She came closer to the body and nudged it once for any implication of life still remaining. The body laid cold and unmoving. The gun dropped from Si Eun’s hand and she suddenly felt weak. Involuntary tremors coursed through her body and she felt her resolve draining away. Si Eun grabbed Koala and dragged his body towards the wharf. She threw his body overboard and he floated away.

Si Eun wiped her hands on her pants as she got up after she gave Koala his burial at sea. She walked back to the bench and reclaimed her spot. Si Eun placed a hand on her duffel bag and checked the time on her watch. Jae Jin is late but she’ll wait forever if she had to. When he does come, Si Eun will start her life all over with him with the wonderful news she had in store.

Jae Jin was going to be a father.


Koala II by: Val

Chapter 1

Oceans of it, swirling pools of deep crimson that flooded his mind and clouded his vision until it was all he was able to see.

Death and darkness.

Tides of it surrounded him, wanting to drown him in its tantalizing liquid but he continued to fight, refusing to let it suck him in and become its next victim.

Soon, at the breaking point of dawn, a figure laid out on the sand. He trembled at his narrow victory against death. His body had washed up by the beach.

The open wound in his chest had stopped bleeding but now wrinkled flesh curled around its edges after his long soak in the salty seawater. He dug his fingers into the grainy sand as he slowly raised his head and coughed.

He fell back into the sand again and stared aimlessly ahead. The beach stretched on for miles. There was a strange glint in his eyes as he whispered to himself.

“Si Eun…”

Lee Jae Jin was still alive.
Jang Si Eun wrapped her wool jacket tighter around herself, shivering from the early morning’s breeze. The wind rushed by her, swaying her hair to the side and she was hardly able to keep her eyes open. A rush of sadness swept through her.

Jae Jin never showed up.

All the tears Si Eun held in had been drained many hours ago when she came to this conclusion. She glanced down at the ferry ticket in her hand and ripped it into little pieces. She tossed it in the air and the wind scattered the pieces.

There was no use left for it.

As Si Eun sobbed, she got up in a daze and headed down the boardwalk, not knowing nor caring where the path lead her to. She just had to leave this forsaken place. She was unsure of how she made it there but soon enough, Si Eun had made it back to her and Jae Jin’s old home.

During her state of lost vision, she had grown accustomed to finding her way back and the way to their home had become ingrained in her conciousness.

Si Eun came closer towards the house and opened the door, unaware of her surroundings. If she had paid attention, she would have seen the trail of blood leading to the house and covering the doorknob.

Her hand had been smeared with the blood and yet she wasn’t aware of it. Her mind had become a gray haze as she entered the bedroom Jae Jin and her once shared. She plopped down at the edge of the bed and there, more tears began to fall.

‘Jae Jin… how could you leave me?’

Si Eun edged herself up closer towards the center of the bed and her hand felt the fabric of jeans. She squeezed the material and was surprised to feel the warm, strong leg of someone. She gasped as she finally saw the blood staining her hand.

Si Eun came closer to the stranger on the bed and pulled away the blanket that had been covering his face. A man laid before her, letting her wanting to believe that he had been there all along.

“Jae… Jin?”

Chapter 2
“Jae Jin!”

Si Eun screamed his name as she fell on top of his body, wanting to hug away all of her pain. ‘He never left me,’ she thought ecstatically as she cried her tears of joy. The person on the bed remained unconscious and finally came to when Si Eun’s loud cries drove him awake.

Jae Duc held his head to ease the throbbing pain. He coughed once and the ribs against his lungs ached inside his wounded chest.

It had been a close escape when he had to ward off 3 of the infamous SechsKies members. When he was fully conscious, he was aware that someone was holding him.

‘It’s Su Won’s sister!’ he thought incredulously. He started to search around immediately for any signs of Jae Jin.

There were no traces of Jae Jin to be found and Jae Duc was starting to get confused with the entire situation. He decided to just ask the girl instead.

“Si Eun?”

Si Eun looked up from her embrace and smiled with tears shining in her eyes. She leaned against him again and held him more tenderly as she whispered his name.

“Jae Jin… I’m so glad that you didn’t leave me… don’t you know how much I love you?”

Her words threw Jae Duc off balance. His eyes grew wider at her mistake of believing that he was Jae Jin. ‘Where is Jae Jin?’ he wondered frantically. Jae Duc pulled Si Eun away from him.

“I’m not -”

His words were cut off from the sound of the door being kicked in.

“I know you’re in here, you fucking traitor! Don’t you dare hide from me!”

Si Eun and Jae Duc recognized that murderous voice anywhere. Eun Ji Won. They stared at each other and instinctively, Jae Duc drew Si Eun behind his back.

“Shh… don’t make a sound,” he instructed her.

Si Eun nodded quietly and hid behind him. She glanced down and saw the open wound in Jae Duc’s upper arm. She winced at the sight and leaned against him for comfort.

Jae Duc was feeling tensed and frightened at the moment. After that battle with Ji Won, he didn’t have any strength left to fight. Sung Hoon had been killed during combat and he knew that Ji Yong had to be with Ji Won.

“Si Eun…” he whispered. “There’s a small window inside the bathroom. Climb out of there and escape.”

She shook her head.

“No. I won’t leave you.”

Jae Duc stared at her in disbelief.

“Now’s not the time for you to argue with me!” he whispered back heatedly, raising his voice up a notch. Si Eun squirmed at his yell and Jae Duc instantly made his voice more gentle.

“Just go first and I’ll be right behind you.”

She looked at him wistfully and finally agreed after much deliberation. Si Eun raised herself out of the window and peeked her eyes up to see if he was coming out but Ji Won and Ji Yong had already entered the room.

Jae Duc limped away from the two men as they inched closer to him. At this tense moment, Jae Duc somehow found the time to appraise Ji Won. Although he was still limping from the previous bullet wound in his leg from Jae Jin, he still moved stealthily as a snake.

The bullet wound in the arm Jae Duc had given him didn’t seem to faze Ji Won either. But then, their leader had always been tough.

“You are so fuckin’ dead. How dare you kill a SechsKies member.”

Ji Won’s words came out like cold ice as he penetrated Jae Duc with his frosty eyes. Si Eun gasped at the news Ji Won just given her.

‘Jae Jin must have not killed them all during the bombing,’ she thought.

As if the pieces of the puzzle were beginning to fit for her, it started to explain how Koala was still alive along with the evil leader. She thought Jae Jin only managed to kill one of them.

The room suddenly turned eerily quiet as both Ji Won and Ji Yong pulled out their guns. Jae Duc clenched his eyes shut, waiting for death to come get him. He was defenseless and he knew that they would spare no mercy for him.


Ji Won and Ji Yong both fell back in pain from the sudden bleeding chest wounds they acquired. They stared at each other in shock as Jae Duc opened his eyes.

It grew bigger at his immense surprise and he turned around towards the window to see if it was indeed her who did the shooting.

Si Eun’s hands started to tremble violently as she dropped her gun to the floor. Her throat grew taut, constricted with vile that she had to use that horrid weapon again.

Jae Duc immediately saw his chance to escape and jumped out the window.


He grabbed Si Eun’s hand and ran for the motorcycles Ji Won and Ji Yong had parked out front. He revved the engine and pulled Si Eun to sit right behind him.

“Hold on tight!”

Si Eun held on tight around his waist, despite the pain she knew she’d cause. She allowed her heartbeat to recede and forced herself to believe that she had done the right thing.

She continued to hold on as he drove her to the road up ahead, unsure of where it was going to lead them to but just as long as they left that house of sin.

Chapter 3
His strength and willpower finally started to come back to him as Jae Jin slowly lifted himself up off the sand with his shaky elbows.

He eased up slowly, not wanting to make that ache in his chest any worse. He flipped his body over and ended up sitting on the beach, his back resting against a rock.

Jae Jin tried to keep his tired eyes from closing as he checked his surroundings. He had been floating in the ocean for many hours already and now it was the late afternoon. The pier wasn’t far from where he was and his home wasn’t much further away from the pier.

Using the rock as support, Jae Jin got up and nursed his wound as he headed back towards the dock. He knew that Si Eun would just shoot him again if he came and was still alive, but he had to see if she was still waiting and if she was okay.

Jae Jin stumbled up the road as he ran back to the place he had left Si Eun. He held onto the railing and looked around.

‘Si Eun’s not here…’

He was grateful that she had left but also devastated that her words of ‘waiting forever’ had been a false promise. Jae Jin’s head snapped back up as a thought occurred to him and he whispered it to himself.

“Could she be waiting for me back at our old house?”

Some of the fishermen and pedestrians stared wide-eyed at the running man who was in tattered, blood-stained clothes, acting as if though he had all the energy in the world.

Jae Jin didn’t seem to notice any of their stares cause the image of Si Eun was burning brightly in his mind.
Jae Jin made it back to their old home, breathing heavily and a sheen perspiration dampened his forehead from that intense jog. He rested his hand on the doorknob and when he lifted his hand away, he saw the blood staining his hand.

“Si Eun!”

His instincts immediately alarmed him that Si Eun was possibly in danger. He dove right in and ran from room to room. Jae Jin kept calling her name and came to an abrupt stop when he entered the bedroom.

“Fuck! Eun Ji Won!”

Ji Won and Ji Yong opened their weary eyes to look up at the person who just yelled. They were still lying on their backs and elbowed away from him. Ji Won, as the cool and confident leader, kept his voice calm and composed as he addressed Jae Jin.

“Lee Jae Jin, what are you doing here?”

Jae Jin stared at him wildly.

“What am I doing here?! Where’s Si Eun?”

Ji Won gave a villainous smile as an escape plan formed in his mind. He looked over and saw the muscles tensing in Ji Yong’s shoulders so he knew that they were both unfit for another fight. Jae Jin clearly did have the upper hand.

“I tied her up and left her inside one of the kitchen cabinets. You better hurry and get her out before she suffocates to death.”

Jae Jin wasn’t able to think clearly when he was frantically worried over Si Eun’s safety. He believed Ji Won’s words and raced towards the kitchen. He searched through the pantry and all of the cabinets but she was nowhere to be seen.

“That damn liar,” he hissed.

Jae Jin strode back to the bedroom but the two people were gone. He looked up and saw the fluttering of the curtains and knew that those two had escaped through the window. Jae Jin sunk to his knees, suddenly feeling helpless that he didn’t know of Si Eun’s whereabouts.

It was useless to follow Ji Won and Ji Yong. They were already long gone and if he had followed them, he would just be lured into their trap.

Jae Jin sat there in the corner to drown in his own despair for a while and then got up to leave in a desperate search for Si Eun.

Chapter 4
The wind flew swiftly against Jae Duc’s body, sending his hair in disarray and drying the blood on his face. He looked down at his waist and saw the slender hands wrapped around him. He bit on his lower lip as he continued racing through the highway, unsure of where to go.

After many hours of driving in silence, Jae Duc felt confident that Ji Won wasn’t able to chase him down. He led Si Eun to a nearly abandoned motel and hid their motorcycle among the bushes.

“Come on. They won’t be able to find us anymore.”

Jae Duc had walked on without her but Si Eun grabbed for his hand, craving for his warmth. Jae Duc stared at her in mild surprise but thought that the girl had been scared and was in need of some comforting. He held her hand as he led her into the room.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure we’re safe now.”

Si Eun smiled slightly but her nose crinkled when she faintly noticed the strange satoori accent that he had now acquired. She remembered that Jae Jin had once told her that he came from Pusan.

‘Did he get that accent back?’

She decided not to ask, since he might take offense.

“I can’t believe that they’re still after us.”

Jae Duc understood what she meant by ‘they.’ SechsKies. He nodded mutely and sat down on the bed. He let go of her hand, unaware that she had leaned against his shoulder.

“I know. I’m sorry that I pulled you into this.”

“Don’t apologize, Jae Jinee. I killed one of their men too.”

Jae Duc was about to inform her that he was not Jae Jin but her last sentence had registered in his mind first.

‘I killed one of their men too.’


His sudden yell startled Si Eun as she stared at him. She calmed down and then started to understand that Jae Jin couldn’t believe that she actually killed someone.

“Last night at the dock, I had an encounter with Koala of SechsKies and I… I killed him.”

Jae Duc fell back and landed on the floor with a thud. ‘No,’ he thought to himself. ‘Jae Jin can’t possibly be dead.’ His stare went completely blank as he shook his head in disbelief.

“Koala is dead?”

Jae Duc grabbed Si Eun’s wrist in a viselike grip and demanded that she repeat herself. He refused to believe that his friend could have died like that. She must be joking or something.

“I did kill him, Jinee. His body is now buried at sea.”

Her final words made Jae Duc’s worst fears come true. He let go of her wrist and Si Eun stared at him, afraid that he disproved of her doings but he did know that she did it only for revenge. She knelt down on the carpet and reached out to touch him.

“Jae Jinee…”

“Don’t touch me!”

Jae Duc slapped her hand away as he screamed at her. The anger inside him started to build up and his breathing became more irregular. The only way to ease it was revenge. Jae Duc shook his head in disbelief.

‘Jae Jin had risked his life for this girl and she had killed him. She deserves to die.’

The reminders that Si Eun didn’t actually know who Jae Jin really was because she had been blind and the fact that she had just saved his life wasn’t enough for Jae Duc to stop. His best friend was now gone and he decided to let Si Eun join him.

‘Forgive me, Jae Jin. At least the one you love will come join you soon.’

Si Eun looked over at him with forlorn eyes. She decided to reach for him once again and then reveal the status of her condition.

“Jae Jin… Did you know that I -”

Jae Duc slapped her hand away once more. He slowly pulled out the blade that had hidden beside his ankle and inside his shoe. He watched Si Eun closely as he edged closer to her, ready to stab her and halted immediately when he heard her cry out,

“I’m having your child!”

Chapter 5
The knife fell onto the metal vent, its clanging noise vibrating the silence of the room.

Jae Duc was stunned still while Si Eun was trembling at his reaction. His eyes started to intensify as he absorbed her words.

“You’re having a child?”

Si Eun nodded mutely, fearing for her own life if she spoke.

‘This is even worse than I thought!’

Jae Duc’s head started to pound as he raked his fingers through his tangled hair. He had to reconsider his original plan now.

His knuckles popped loudly as he fisted them together. He forced himself to devise a plan that would ensure their safe escape from Ji Won first and then deal with the other problem later.

“We have to get out of here so we have to change our names. From now on, call me Kim Jae Duc. Your name is going to be umm… Lee Si Eun.”

Si Eun gave him a startled look. She couldn’t understand why he would want her to carry the honor of having his last name when he acted so cold and distant towards her a moment ago.

“I can keep your last name?”

“Yes, yes. Whatever. You can keep the last name, Lee.”

Si Eun felt a glimmer of hope left in their relationship. Perhaps Jae Jin wasn’t so emotionless towards her at all.

“Thank you, Jae -”

Jae Duc gave her a look that promised retribution if she got his name wrong. He didn’t want to be reminded of Jae Jin’s death. Her use of his real name will enable Jae Duc to restrain himself from killing her.

“Jae Duc. I’ll do whatever it takes just to be with you.”

Jae Duc gave her a pinched smile as Si Eun followed him outside to the motorcycle. They were on the road once again and Jae Duc made a solemn promise to his departed friend.

‘Jae Jin… I promise to raise your child as my own but once Si Eun conceives, I’m going to kill her.’
“Si Eun… Jae Duc… where are you guys?”

Jae Jin started to grow weary in his search for them. Days had past and he ended up fruitless each time. Jae Jin knew his efforts were being wasted. He had to do something productive in his search.

He decided to give up looking for Si Eun for a while and started to enter the work force. Being a former SechsKies member, he had an enormous fortune at his disposal. He invested well and several months later, he was able to construct a business empire.

His main company was based in Seoul but he had several assets in other parts of the country as well. He started to invest in buying abandoned land to sell it to the government as airport bases.

Jae Jin figured that this way he would be able to cover more ground and with his wealth and influence, he’ll be able to find Si Eun and Jae Duc in no time.

However, his theory proved him wrong. Jae Duc had been the master of hiding in Sechskies. If he didn’t want to be found, no one would ever find him.

It was all just a matter of time. Jae Jin kept praying each day for their safety and for the day he would be able to find them.

So far, his prayers have not been heard.

Chapter 6
Five years later…

*knock knock*

Si Eun opened the door of her house, seeing her landlord Mrs. Wang holding her son Jae Jung by the ear. A four-year-old Jae Jung tried struggling free but it was no use.

Si Eun knew immediately that her son was up to mischief again. She saw the bow and arrow in his hands that Jae Duc had made for him and knew it was the source of the problem.

“I’m so sorry, Mrs. Wang! What did Jae Jung do this time?”

“Mrs. Lee, your demon child shot me on my bum!”

Si Eun clasped her hand over her mouth in horror. She gave Jae Jung a glare and pulled him to her side. She shook her finger at him in a disciplinary manner.

“Jae Jung! You apologize to Mrs. Wang this instant!”

Jae Jung rubbed his swollen ear and gave Mrs. Wang a defiant look instead.

“No! I’m not going to apologize!”

“Jae Jung!”

Si Eun was appalled at her son’s rude behavior but she had never raised a hand at him before. Luckily, Jae Duc appeared out from the bedroom at the same time to see what all the commotion was about.

“Hey, who’s squealing at this early hour?”

“Jae Jung shot me in the bum!”

Mrs. Wang gave Jae Duc a knowing look that he must have been the perpetrator. Jae Duc looked down at Jae Jung, who was immediately defending himself.

“I was trying to shoot a pig, Duckie! Mrs. Wang was in my way!”


Jae Duc tapped a finger against his chin as if he was thinking and started to realize exactly what had happened.

“You can’t blame Jae Jung for shooting you then, Mrs. Wang.”

“And why can’t I blame him for that?”

“Easy. He couldn’t tell the difference between you and the pig.”

Jae Duc flashed her a megawatt smile while Mrs. Wang seethed in anger at the audacity of it. Si Eun’s jaw dropped open in shock while Jae Jung started to giggle.

“I should have known this child would turn into a hooligan when he’s not even living with his real father!”

“Oh yeah? I can say the same thing about your 4 kids and their 3 dads!”

“Well, I never!”

“Never what? Never went on a diet?”

Mrs. Wang sucked in her breath, her chest heaving in anger. She turned to give Jae Duc a fierce glare but he didn’t flinch. After a few moments, she turned heel and left.

When Mrs. Wang was far out of sight, Si Eun began to scold him.

“Jae Duc! She’s going to raise our rent if you insult her like that!”

“What? About Mrs. Wang looking like the pig? I’m not insulting her, I’m insulting the pig.”

Si Eun started to sigh, knowing it was useless to argue against Jae Duc. He spoiled Jae Jung rotten. Jae Duc bent down to give Jae Jung a pat on the head to sent him off to terrorize the town again. When Jae Jung had left, Jae Duc picked up his work supplies to leave as well.

“Well, I’m going to work in the fields now. I’ll see you at dinner time.”

“Bye, Jae Duc.”

Si Eun watched Jae Duc disappear into the distance. There was this bridge between them that neither of them could cross. Jae Duc is a wonderful parent to Jae Jung although he wouldn’t let Jae Jung call him dad.

It broke her heart that he was denying Jae Jung’s birth right. But at least he had the decency to give Jae Jung his last name, Lee.

Si Eun realized over the past few years that she was falling out of love with Jae Jin. A part of her still loved his old self dearly but she felt nothing for the new him.

She hummed an old melody to herself as she headed out to the other side of the field to work.
Jae Duc remained silent as he carried his rake off to work in the fields. The burning question of why didn’t he kill Si Eun yet ran through his mind.

‘Why didn’t I kill her when she gave birth to Jae Jung?’

Yet he knew the reason why. He is in love with Si Eun.

He had betrayed his own best friend and his punishment was seeing her everyday yet not being able to touch her.

Out of all his faults, Jae Duc is proud of the fact that he raised Jae Jung to be an intelligent little boy. He knew Jae Jin would have been proud.

Jae Duc forced the unpleasant thoughts out of his mind and started to work.
A few days later at Lee Corporation…

“Mr. Lee! Mr. Lee!”

Jae Jin spun around in his chair, his back against the view of the entire city of Seoul. He twirled a pen around his fingers as his vice-president burst into his office frantically.

“What is it, Mr. Chae?”

“I’m sorry sir, but I wasn’t able to do a routine inspection of the land you just purchased last month. There’s this little monster interfering with our work.”

“Eh? Some little kid is causing this much trouble for you?”

Jae Jin grinned at the thought of high-class men being outwitted by a little kid. However, Mr. Chae was wiping the sweat off of his baldhead as he recalled the ill memory.

“Yes, Mr. Lee. I’m very sorry to bother you with this minor detail but…”

“It’s okay, Mr. Chae. I’ll do the routine inspection myself tomorrow. It’s been a long time since I’ve been back in Pusan. It’s about time I gave myself a little vacation from the work.”

“Thanks for understanding, Mr. Lee.”

Mr. Chae breathed a sigh of relief to get the matters off of his hands. He bowed once and left the room, closing the door behind him. Jae Jin picked up his documents and looked at the picture of land he had just recently purchased.

The land is located near his homeland in Pusan. It had been such a long time since he’s been back that he decided that it was time for a trip down memory lane.

Chapter 7
The next day…

Jae Jin had a taxi drop him off at the main land. He decided to tour the grounds on foot to get a better feel of the area.

He compared the land with the old pictures his photographer had provided for him and saw no resemblance. The land was well cared for, not abandoned and filled with weeds as the photo pictured. He was having second thoughts about selling the place now.

Suddenly, Jae Jin realized he had been involved in a gang too long. He knew from the moment he had stepped onto the land, someone had been following him.

The tall grass was swaying at an unnatural angle and his sharp ears detected muffled laughter. It must be the little monster of Pusan.

A wooden arrow swooshed by Jae Jin, nearly grazing his ear. Jae Jin moved in time to avoid it from hitting him. He turned towards the direction where it came from but was greeted with another arrow.

This time Jae Jin deflected the arrow, knocking it aside. A scream of exasperation came from the field and another arrow was shot. Jae Jin caught it with one hand this time.


The legendary monster of Pusan revealed himself. It was a child of no more than five. He came out staring at Jae Jin wide-eyed. He pointed a shaking finger at Jae Jin and started to speak, his voice filling with awe and respect.

“Wow… you caught that with your bare hands!”

Jae Jin looked at the little kid, a feeling of deja vu sweeping over him. He felt as though he had met this kid before but couldn’t place his finger on it.

The child bore an uncanny resemblance to someone he knew but he wasn’t able to tell. He paused to think for a few moments and it suddenly hit him.

The kid looked just like him!

The hair, the bone structure, and that tiny little mole on his chin. Every small feature of that kid bore resemblance to him.

“Hellooo… ahjusee? Can I have my arrow back?”

Jae Jin snapped out of his trance and looked at the child once more. He glanced at the nicely hand carven arrow in his hand and gave the kid an amused grin.

“Are you the child that scared my men away when they tried to inspect this property?”

“Hmph! So what if I am? It’s my home. They have no right to trespass.”

“Sorry, kid. I own this land. They weren’t trespassing.”

“You can’t own this land! My family lives on it!”

Jae Jin sighed, wondering how to explain it to the boy. He hadn’t planned to evict the tenants yet since he hasn’t decided whether or not to sell the land.

“I bought this land already. Your family is just renting it from me.”

“Boo hoo…”

The child started bawling loudly and Jae started to bend down to meet the little boy at eye level. He brought the boy closer to him for a comforting hug.

When Jae Jin had let his guard down, Jae Jung began to attack.

“Take that, dumbass!”

‘Ornery little brat.’

Jae Jin muttered that silent thought to himself. Obviously the boy was a good actor but Jae Jin was much too quick for him. He twisted the little boy’s arm around his back before he was able to stab Jae Jin with his bow.

“Don’t you have a dad to teach you some manners?”

Jae Jung stared at Jae Jin, his eyes welling with hot tears. His throat started to constrict, making it hard for him to speak.

Jae Jin stared at the boy, suddenly feeling remorseful for his harsh words. He could tell that this time his tears were real.

“Um, I don’t have a daddy. Duckie lives with my mom. She said he’s my daddy but he said he’s my uncle. So I don’t know…”

Jae Jin kept silent, not knowing what to say to Jae Jung. Stepfamilies were formed all around the world and Jae Jung was obviously too young to understand what it meant.

“Don’t worry, kiddo. In time, you’ll learn about stepfamilies.”

“What’s a stepfamily?”

Jae Jin let him go and Jae Jung flashed him a wide grin with two of his front teeth missing. Jae Jin started to smile back at him and was about to answer until a female voice interrupted them.

“Jae Jung, supper time! Where are you?”

The woman’s voice sounded achingly familiar to Jae Jin. He looked towards the direction her voice came from but her figure was hidden beyond the tall grass.

“Well ahjusee, I have to go now. That’s my mommy calling me. Will I see you tomorrow?”

Jae Jin felt a kinship with the little boy. His name also called out to him. He wanted to know more about Jae Jung but in the past few years, he taught himself not to attach to anything.

“Your name is Jae Jung?”

“Uh huh. My mommy named me that.”

“Well, I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow, Jae Jung but I’ll be hanging around here for a while.”

“Okay! Maybe I’ll look for you tonight! Bye!”

Jae Jung waved Jae Jin goodbye and ran off into the distance. Jae Jin watched him go and saw a woman’s silhouette on the other side of the field.

Her profile looked familiar but he was starting to think that his mind must have worked too hard all day long and it was making him see things.

Jae Jin stared off into the distance at the sun. It was starting to set and it seemed to be smiling at him. A strange thought passed through his mind.

‘If only Si Eun and I were still together, we’d probably have a child around Jae Jung’s age…’

Chapter 8
That night…

“Are we a stepfamily?”

Jae Duc spit out his rice, choking while Si Eun gave him a good whack on the back. Jae Jung stares at his parents nonchalantly, innocent about the point of his question.

“Where did you get that from?”

“Well, I told this man that you’re not my dad so he says we’re a stepfamily.”

Jae Duc slammed down his bowl of rice, breaking it against the table. He was instantly outraged by the information Jae Jung had just given him.

“Who the hell said that to you? I’ll murder his ass!”

“But he’s right though, Duckie… if you’re not my dad, then who is my dad?”

Jae Jung kept prodding, insistent about the answer to his question. Si Eun looked at Jae Duc as if she wanted to know the answer herself.

“No, we’re not a stepfamily…”

Jae Duc hesitated for a moment before he continued. Si Eun had breathed out a sigh of relief while Jae Jung is still perturbed about the answer.

“I’m not your father, Jae Jung. Your father is another man. A good man.”

Si Eun knew they both bore no real affection for one another but she hadn’t figured that Jae Jin would go this far, denying that Jae Jung is his real child. She gasped.

“Jae Jin!”

“I am NOT Jae Jin!”

Jae Duc turned over the table in anger at the mention of Jae Jin’s name. Si Eun’s fear held her silent while Jae Jung threw a raging tantrum.

“I hate you both! I hate you for not being my daddy! And I hate you for not telling me who my daddy really is!”

Jae Jung ran out of the house with Si Eun running after him. Jae Duc started to follow but then stopped himself. He decided it was best that Si Eun explain it to Jae Jung instead of him.

He cleaned up the mess he caused and decided to wait for them to come back.
“Jae Jung!”

Si Eun lost Jae Jung in the dark when he took a shortcut in the road. She ran further down the road and collided into someone when she turned the corner.


“Oh, I’m sorry miss, are you okay?”

Si Eun wiped the dust off her skirt and turned her gaze towards the person she just bumped into. They stared at each other in shocked recognition.


Ji Yong’s mouth curled into a evil smirk as he grabbed a hold of Si Eun’s wrist. He and Ji Won had heard from a reliable source that there was a couple that matched Jae Duc and Si Eun’s description in the area.

They had been searching for days and Ji Yong finally found one of them. His hold on Si Eun tightened, nearly cutting off her circulation.

“Ji Won and I have spent the last five years looking for you and that traitor, Jae Duc. Tell me… where is he? I promise to let you die a painless death if you let me know where he is.”

“No! Let go of me!”

Si Eun tried to twist free but it made Ji Yong hurt her even more. Jae Jung ran out of nowhere and started to pound on his mother’s captor with his little fists.

“Let go of my mommy!”


Ji Yong realized instantly who the child must be. He must be Jae Jin and Si Eun’s child. He grabbed a hold of the kid around the collar and decided it was best to keep him alive for security reasons.

He knocked Si Eun to the side while the child squirmed to get away. The kid started to bawl and Ji Yong was confident that he had overpowered them both.

“You’re mine now, kid.”

“Boo hoo…”

Obviously Ji Yong wasn’t as clever as Jae Jin. When Ji Yong had let his guard down, Jae Jung stabbed him in the thigh with his bow.

Ji Yong lost his hold on Jae Jung and collapsed to the ground. For a fleeting instant Si Eun turned to look at Ji Yong, wondering why he hadn’t attacked them yet again.

A rake had been left on the ground and Ji Yong had landed on it. Sharp razors were poking out of his chest and he writhed above it in pain.

Si Eun covered Jae Jung’s eyes to prevent him from seeing the gruesome sight.

“Hey, Ji Yong! Where are you?”

Si Eun instantly recognized that voice. She grabbed Jae Jung’s hand and ran for it. She was running too quick, she didn’t see the little pothole in the road.

She stumbled over it and twisted her ankle.


Jae Jung felt his mom’s hand letting go of his and he turned to see what was the matter.

“Mommy! Are you okay?”

“Jae Jung! Leave me and run for it!”

“Why? I can’t leave you!”

“Listen to me! I told you to go! The bad men are coming after us!”

Jae Jung turned back to look at his mother in desperation. He didn’t know what to do. Suddenly a face loomed over his mind and he remembered Jae Jin’s promise to meet him later on that day.
Jae Jin inhaled the fresh scent of nature as the crickets chirped merrily around him. He couldn’t remember a time when he felt so relaxed. But then a familiar but frantic voice broke his state of serenity.


“Jae Jung, what’s wrong?”

“My mommy’s hurt! She’s too heavy for me to carry and I can’t…”

Jae Jin held onto the trembling child. He patted his back and started to whisper reassuring words into Jae Jung’s ear.

“Don’t worry, Jae Jung. I’ll help your mommy. Take me to her.”

Jae Jung started leading Jae Jin to a narrow street not far away from the fields. The road was closer to many of the homes but many of the houses were run-down.

Jae Jin had decided earlier that he would pay a handsome price to the tenants so they could move out of the decrepit area.

“Mommy! Where are you?”

Jae Jung let go of Jae Jin’s hand when he saw that his mother wasn’t there at the original spot he had left her. Jae Jin looked around for an elderly woman as well but wasn’t able to spot any.

“Mommy! Where are you? I have a nice ahjusee that is going to help you.”

“Jae Jung…”

Jae Jin turned towards the corner where the voice came from. His grin of relief slackened as he stared as the woman’s face shone in the moonlight. His heart squeezed as he stared at Si Eun.

He lost his voice to speak but Si Eun didn’t.

“You. It’s you…”

Si Eun’s eyes widened in terror as she recognized the man before her. His face had haunted her dreams nearly every day of her life. She backed away when Jae Jin took a step closer.

“G-get away from me! Somebody, help me please!”

Jae Jung grew distress as his mother started hurling blades of grass or whatever she could at Jae Jin. Si Eun pulled Jae Jung closer for protection while Jae Jin looked on helplessly.

“Mommy! This is the nice ahjusee I’ve been telling you about! He’s going to help us!”

“No, Jae Jung! He’s an evil man! He killed your uncle and your grandparents!”

“No! I…”

Jae Jin was unsure of what to say in his defense. He took a step closer unconsciously when he saw Si Eun’s swollen ankle. He wanted to help her.

Si Eun gasped several times in fear and finally passed out from the fright. Jae Jung continually yelled for his mother and shook her but she wouldn’t wake up.

“Ahjusee… my mommy has fainted.”

“It’s okay, Jae Jung. I’ll take her home.”

Jae Jin lifted Si Eun’s frail body into his arms with ease. He noted faintly that she had lost a lot of weight despite the fact she had given birth to Jae Jung.

Time had not been kind to her. She looked weary even though she was unconscious. Jae Jin knew it was because of him that she still wasn’t able to live a comfortable life.

Jae Jung followed behind them quietly as Jae Jin carried her to their house. He waited for Jae Jung to open the door to let them in and carried her inside.

Jae Jin laid Si Eun’s limp body on the couch and watched her breathing become regular. A photo frame on the TV stand caught his eye and he saw Jae Duc in the picture, his arm around Jae Jung and Si Eun was on the other side.

They looked like the picture-perfect family. Jae Jin wondered if Jae Duc was upstairs but didn’t bother to check. His conscience was telling him that Jae Duc and Si Eun must be a family now so he shouldn’t interfere with their lives.


Jae Jin began to realize that Jae Jung was still in the room with them. He gave the boy a reassuring smile and looked down at Si Eun once more.

He leaned down to press a tender kiss on her forehead and whispered his farewell. He turned back to Jae Jung, knowing that he was his son and gave his first and final instructions as Jae Jung’s father.

“Goodbye, Jae Jung. Be a good child to your mother and Duckie.”

“Ahjusee, where are you going?”

Jae Jin smiled and didn’t respond. He walked out the door and using all of his willpower, he forced himself not to look back.
In the midst of her swoon, Si Eun realized that Koala had kissed her. Her mind kept screaming get away yet a part of her wanted him to stay.

She wasn’t able to wake up but she was able to think in her subconscious state. She thought of her family and her betrayal of feeling this way towards the man that killed them.

Si Eun hated Koala but yet, it was him that she thought about every single day. She was torn between her mixed emotions of love and hatred for him. As her thoughts made her more perplexed, she became glad that sleep finally took over.

Chapter 9
Early next morning…

Jae Duc woken up from his deep slumber and went out to the living room. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and was startled to find Si Eun and Jae Jung sprawled out on the carpeted floor.

“Si Eun! Jae Jung! What happened to you guys?”

Jae Jung woke up from Jae Duc’s yell and laid there half-awake, his eyes partially opening to look at Jae Duc.

Si Eun woke up immediately and pushed her hair out of her eyes. She edged towards the corner of the room and started to tell him what happened.

“Last night when Jae Jung ran away, I ran into that guy Ji Yong. He grabbed Jae Jung but later he tripped and killed himself when he landed on a rake. Then I heard his voice… Ji Won. He… he’s nearby…”

Jae Duc listened to the story in horror with the cold realization that Ji Won had finally found them. Mental pictures of bloodshed ran through his mind and his knees gave out on him so he had to sit down.

“How… how did you guys escape?”

“That man…”

Si Eun felt like retching. Her previous thoughts from the night before were coming back to haunt her. Her feelings were mixed and the confusion was killing her inside.

“Koala… he’s… he’s still alive.”

Jae Duc took a moment to absorb the impact of her words. His fingers gripped onto the arms of the sofa tightly until his knuckles turned white.

‘If Jae Jin’s alive, why didn’t he come see me?’

Jae Duc wondered for a fleeting instant that Jae Jin knew he was there but yet didn’t want to see them. He looked up for a moment and the family picture caught his eye. Something told him that it was the source of the problem. He had to correct it immediately.

“Jae Jung… that man you met in the fields, Jae Jin… he’s…he’s your daddy.”

“What are you saying, Jae Duc?” Si Eun screeched. “He is NOT Jae Jung’s father! You are!”

Jae Duc got up from his chair and went over to Si Eun’s side. He knelt down before her and grabbed her by the shoulders to shake some sense into her. Jae Jung continued to stare in wonder.

“Listen to me! Koala is Lee Jae Jin! Lee Jae Jin is Koala!”

“No… he can’t be…”

Si Eun shook her head in denial as she pushed Jae Duc away.

“NO! You’re Jae Jin! That man Koala is NOT Jae Jin!”

“I swear on my life that I am not Lee Jae Jin.”

Jae Duc raised his hand to make that solemn oath. Si Eun stared at him miserably, praying that this was a nightmare. Jae Jung started to whimper when he saw his mother’s distressed state.

“Then who are you?”

Jae Duc sighed.

“I haven’t lied about my identity. My name is really Kim Jae Duc, formerly known as Duck of Sechskies.”

“So you killed my family as well…”

Si Eun scooted further away from Jae Duc when she realized this morbid fact. She kept a protective arm around Jae Jung as Jae Duc tried to convince her of his doings.

“I know you must hate me right now but you must listen to what I have to say!”

“NO! You killed my family! Koala is NOT Jae Jin. He killed my family!”

Si Eun covered her ears with her palms. Jae Duc grabbed her roughly by the arm and forced her to face him. Jae Jung watched on with frustration, unsure of whose side to take.

“Si Eun, you have to listen to me! Jae Jin spent the next years of his life making it up to you. The only flaw Jae Jin has is his loyalty. He loved Su Won dearly but when he betrayed Sechskies, Jae Jin felt that it was his duty to punish him. He never knew you then and now, he’s brought upon the downfall of his former family for you. Can’t you see how much he loves you and treasure you above all else?”


She refused to acknowledge that the man she had intentionally tried to kill is Jae Jin. He is Koala of Sechskies. He killed her family. He couldn’t be Jae Jin.

“Si Eun, please… Jae Jin loves you…”

Si Eun looked up from her cowered position at Jae Duc. She raised up her hand to brush the tears in his eyes away. She had never seen him cry before. Somehow, she knew that today is the day for all the hidden truths to come out.

“Jae Duc…”


“I just want to know….Did you ever love me?”

Jae Duc smiled. It was the same question he had been fretting over the last few years and wasn’t able to answer it back then. But somehow today, he finally knew the answer.

“I did. But I love Jae Jin more,” Jae Duc paused to take a deep breath. “Now we run before Ji Won finds us.”

“Too late. The girl dies tonight.”

Ji Won’s large frame blocked the doorway and the three stared at him in fear. Jae Jung jumped at him but Ji Won swatted him away like a little nuisance.

“Damn traitor…” he hissed when saw Jae Duc.

Jae Duc tried to attack him but one punch from Ji Won knocked him unconscious. His main target had been Si Eun. He yanked Si Eun upright by her hair and dragged her out of the rundown house.

“Everything is your fault! I lost my status and my gang because of you!”

Ji Won dragged Si Eun to a barren field near a cliff with a raging river underneath them. From there he started to strangle Si Eun. She tried to break free but it was no use. Ji Won was just too strong for her.

“Sechskies killed my family! You all deserved to die!”

Ji Won smirked.

“It wasn’t Sechskies that killed your family but me. I killed every single person in the Jang household and you’re going to be my last victim.”

“You? But Jae Jin…”

“Jae Jin was useless to me from the beginning. He did nothing but just look on. I knew he didn’t want to kill your family in the first place.”

“Jae Jin…”

She had forgiven him. Si Eun hadn’t realized it until this crucial point. Earlier her mouth spewed out the hateful words at him but in her heart, she had forgiven Jae Jin.

She wished for a brief moment she could tell him that but it was too late. Her arms grew limp from the struggle and her vision started to darken when she wasn’t able to breathe much longer. Only a small circle of light was visible in her dim field of vision.

Suddenly, a gust of air whooshed into her lungs and she was free of her captor. Si Eun opened her eyes slowly and saw Jae Jin wrestling Ji Won to the ground.

“I don’t care if I fuckin’ die! I’m taking you with me!”

With an immaculate strength, Ji Won heaved Jae Jin off his body and they both lost their balance and started to fall off the cliff into the ravine. Si Eun had been in their path and was pushed over by their stumbling bodies.

Jae Jin grabbed onto a tree branch over the cliff just in time to avoid going over and grabbed onto Si Eun’s hand.

Ji Won wasn’t so lucky. Jae Jin turned around in time to see Ji Won landing on a sharp rock at the bottom. A pool of blood came out of Ji Won’s mouth and yet he didn’t make a peep of pain.


Ji Won gave Jae Jin a morbid smile as he finished speaking his last words. His body convulsed a few more times and he finally became still. The fearless leader of Sechskies was now dead.

Jae Jin felt a pang of regret. It was true that he had betrayed his own gang but Sechskies had changed over the years. They were no longer the low-profile gang that they had started out with but emerged to be one of the most cunning and ruthless.

“Jae Jin!”

“So you know who I really am now…”

Si Eun nodded in response and started edging herself closer to the cliff. Jae Jin tried to reach for her but when he moved, the branch started to sway dangerously.

The branch was not strong enough to support two people and Jae Jin knew it. The rapid water beneath would carry anything away and there was no guarantee of survival.

He looked at Si Eun once and he knew what he must do.

“Si Eun, Jae Jung’s a beautiful child. Thank you for having him.”

Si Eun started to tremble furiously as she kept a tight grip on the shaking branch. She stared at Jae Jin with a frightened look in her eyes.

“Jae Jin, don’t talk like that! You make it sound like you’re going to leave me or something!”

Jae Jin smiled instead. He lifted up her hand and pressed a gentle kiss on her fingertips.

“It’s just a brief separation, Si Eun. I promise I’ll find you again.”

“What? Jae Jin?”

Without further ado, Jae Jin jumped off the branch. Si Eun watched in horror as he fell into the river and the water carrying him away downstream. He was gone in a matter of seconds.

“JAE JIN!!!”

Si Eun continued screaming his name but she knew he wasn’t able to hear her cries. Her heart wrenched in pain as she continued crying until the sun began to set.

Jae Jin had left her… again.

Chapter 10
One week later…

It was March 8. Today was a very special day yet no one knew the reason why. Yet a meddling twosome knew. Jae Duc and Jae Jung.

Si Eun came home wearily from work that day and was approached by the two at the dinner table. Both of them were wearing matching I-know-something-you-don’t-know grins.

“Is something wrong, Jae Duc?”

“Umm…nothing wrong in particular, Si Eun. Do you remember what day it is today?”


“It’s the anniversary of my parents’ death!”

Jae Duc gave her a look. He was absolutely shocked at her bad memory. He did not mean anything cruel by his next words.

“What kind of child, are you? It’s tomorrow! They were killed after midnight so technically it is March 9, remember?”

Si Eun gave Jae Duc a harmless scowl.

“Then there’s nothing special about today then.”


Jae Duc and Jae Jung both slapped their foreheads in unison. Jae Duc got up and walked up behind her while Jae Jung held Si Eun’s hands firmly together.

“I’m going to blindfold you now so we can go.”

“Go where? Where are you taking me?”

Si Eun was momentarily confused. Jae Duc wrapped a scarf around her eyes and she wasn’t able to see anything any longer.

“Somewhere special. Don’t peek.”

She gave into their demands and remained quiet as they loaded her into the car and drove off. It was a long while before the car finally stopped and they led her out of the car.

Si Eun took off her blindfold and checked out her surroundings. Something about it was remotely familiar.

“Where are we?”

Jae Duc gave her a mysterious smile and shrugged his shoulders. Jae Jung nudged Si Eun’s hand and she looked down at him. His eyes were misted with tears as he kept a grin on his face.

“I just want you to know mommy, that today is the happiest day of my life.”

“Mine too, Si Eun. I’m glad to be a part of your life.”

Jae Duc gave her a smile and then leaned over to give her a feathery kiss on the cheek. Jae Jung kissed her hand and both of them walked away, leaving Si Eun alone in the forest.


Si Eun felt a sudden chill, as she stood alone in the forest. She knew where she was now. It was the same forest located near her family’s old home and uneasy feeling washed over her.

She still wasn’t able to comprehend on why today was such an important day except –

Of course. Si Eun paused. Today was the day that she had met Jae Jin exactly 7 years ago. Suddenly, she felt his presence. Si Eun’s eyes rose, and then stopped. There he was.

At the exact same tree, wearing a bandana.

For his part, Jae Jin felt as if he had been waiting his entire life for this moment. He started to skirt around the trees with Si Eun following behind him and he felt her grab him by the collar.

She spun him around and he looked directly at her with his bandana still covering his face. Si Eun’s hands started to tremble as she finally unmasked Jae Jin for the first time.

She started to sob loudly and threw herself into Jae Jin’s arms. He held onto her tightly and pressed a kissed to her forehead. Si Eun steadied herself to look up and meet Jae Jin’s eyes.

“I should have known from the beginning,” she whispered, her voice hoarse with emotion. “I was such a blind fool.”

“You’re right.”

Jae Jin agreed with her assessment of herself. Si Eun gave him a curious look but he gave her a warm smile.

“Was. But you’re no longer a fool, Si Eun. You now know the truth.”

“I don’t deserve you. You went through so much to find me, Jae Jin and I…”

Jae Jin stopped Si Eun from further berating herself by pressing his finger to her lips.

“I’m the one who destroyed your family, Si Eun so it’s I who must ask for forgiveness.”

“It’s the past, Jae Jin. Let it be buried.”

In those past years of bloodshed and hidden truths, Jae Jin finally felt light-hearted that it was finally over. Now he and his love could begin anew.

“Si Eun, I would’ve spent my entire life searching for you if I had to. There’s nothing in this world that will make me forget you. I love you too much to let you go.”

Si Eun stared at him for the longest time. Jae Jin swallowed once nervously as he waited for her reply to his declaration. She kissed him gently and whispered her response in his ear.

“And I love you… Koala.”


[TRANS] Sechskies 50 Questions, 50 Answers – Eun Ji Won

90skies archive

Jekki’s trustworthy older brother Eun Ji Won

jiwon 1.jpg

  1. Name: Eun Ji Won <Matthew>
  2. Birth date: June 8, 1978
  3. Real name: Eun Ji Won
  4. Family situation (family living with him): Dad, mom, out of 3 guys and 2 girls, I am the youngest
  5. School you’re currently going to: KFS, 11th Grade <Korean Foreign School>
  6. Height: 174 cm (5’8″)
  7. Weight: 56 kg (123.5 lbs)
  8. Foot size: 275mm (US size 10)
  9. Favorite food: Korean, Chinese, Western, Japanese food
  10. Favorite color: Black, green, blue
  11. Most memorable gift: Car
  12. Closest friend (in the group or otherwise): There are a lot, but more in Hawaii
  13. Your personality: Hyper
  14. Your own charm: Something like snow?
  15. Your dancing skill: A little bit more than average
  16. Jinx: X
  17. Your unusual habit: 360-degree rotation <when I’m sleeping>
  18. Your disadvantages: I don’t know
  19. Your advantages: I don’t know
  20. First love: In Hawaii… Many were older than me by 2 years…..
  21. First kiss:…

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[TRANS] Sechskies 50 Questions, 50 Answers – Kang Sung Hoon

90skies archive

Jekki’s cute singer Kang Sung Hoon

sunghoon 1.jpg

  1. Name: Kang Sung Hoon
  2. Birth date: February 22, 1980
  3. Real name: Kang Sung Hoon
  4. Family situation (family living with him): Parents, from one guy and one girl, I am the oldest
  5. School you’re currently going to: KFS Foreign School
  6. Height: 172 cm (5’7″)
  7. Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
  8. Foot size: 290mm (US size 11)
  9. Favorite food: Korean food
  10. Favorite color: Green, ivory
  11. Most memorable gift: Clothes
  12. Closest friend (in the group or otherwise): Jiyong, Junghwan, Suwon, team leader Jiwon hyung
  13. Your personality: Hyper
  14. Your own charm:  Hmm… I really don’t know
  15. Your dancing skill: I can dance well
  16. Jinx: None
  17. Your unusual habit: Fingernail-biting
  18. Your disadvantages: Can be quite short-tempered
  19. Your advantages: Easy to be friends with
  20. First love: Elementary school, with my close friend
  21. First kiss: I’ve had it already, but it’s a secret on when!
  22. Hobby: Appreciating music
  23. IQ: I don’t really…

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Tomorrow Never Came by: val

tomorrow never came.JPG

  • a Duckie short story
  • completed

A small red book stood alone in the empty world of black and white. I came closer to get a good look at it and the pages fluttered open to a specific entry. I picked it up and found out it was the memoirs of a dying boy’s last days.

Kim Jae Duc. These entries chronicled the last days of his life as he fought his battle with cancer. The moment I picked the book up, I felt a cool breeze circulating me and it’s giving me the chills as if Kim Jae Duc’s spirit is still here. Read along with me because I’m afraid to read it alone. Kim Jae Duc might not like me going through his personal belongings.


Dear Journal, (Journal sounds more masculine, don’t you think?)

First of all, you must be wondering why a guy would keep a journal right? The reason I have you is because I need something to reveal my innermost thoughts and secrets to but I can’t tell a living soul. I, Kim Jae Duc, have a terrible, dark secret. Besides my parents and the doctors, you’re the only thing that knows the truth about me.

I am going to DIE.

I can’t believe it. I’m still so young but now I have to face the harsh reality that I’m going to die soon. Oh why God, why me? One day I was healthy like a lamb, the next day I found out I was going to die. It was supposed to be one of those glorious summer days but when I just woke up and got out of bed—ow, that pain again.

It felt like something was eating my insides and it was slowly moving its way toward my back. At first I thought the aches and pain came from my dancing but then I realized how much worse it got at night. I’ve been trying to avoid the pain and I’ve been really good at working around it but suddenly today the pain struck. It hurt so badly —I was dancing and suddenly this deep, excruciating burst of pain caused me to double over and black out.

When I came to, I’m lying right here in this hospital bed and that’s why I’m writing to you right now. The first noise I heard was someone crying. I recognized that voice anywhere. It was my mommy.

Oh God.

Whatever it is, I’ve got it bad. I know it’s not for certain but the first thing that came to my mind is that I’m going to die. The doctors already ran some tests and this sonogram on me so I’ll know the results in the morning. I don’t want to think about this anymore. I need to think about something else that will take my mind off of it.

Seo Hye Young. I wonder what she’s doing right now. Is she thinking about me?

Very unlikely.

She’s been yearning for Jae Jin the past 4 years already; she doesn’t even know that I existed. But wait, she was there when I fainted. I wonder if she’ll be one of those Florence Nightingale nurses and heal me with her love.

Hee hee.


I think I’ll go to sleep now. Good night and see you in the morning.

Love, Duckie


June 10

Pancreatic/Liver Cancer.

That’s what I’ve been diagnosed with. Oh my gawd, I don’t believe it. I do have a real disease and I’m going to die from it. When I checked my stomach, the skin was still smooth and intact. But I kept thinking that there’s going to be this little alien (like in the movies) that’s going to pop out any minute now and it’s going to kill me.

The tumor had already spread to my liver and around my pancreas and I’ve reached Stage III. No operation can be done for me and no medicine in the world will save me.

Those mother fucking doctors. (Pardon my French)

How could I reach Stage III without anyone noticing or detecting that there is something wrong with me? But it’s my fault that I didn’t go to the doctor sooner. And now, I must pay for my mistake. That’s so unfair! I can’t die yet! I still haven’t asked Hye Young out and I still haven’t opened my dance school. I never felt so hopeless in my life.

Today, just to distract myself, I thought of Hye Young. When I think about it, there isn’t anything remarkable about her looks, she was just ordinary. Long black hair, 2 brown eyes, 1 nose, a mouth, and around 5′. Overall, just average.

But I did fall in love with her the moment we met. It was her kind and gentle heart that captured my own. It was 4 years ago and I was practicing some new moves I created. I think I showed off too much and my ankle snapped when I was doing my back-down dance. Hye Young appeared out of nowhere and she fixed it for me.

At that moment, in my head I heard a choir singing and a mist surrounded Hye Young as if heaven was welcoming her. Seo Hye Young was an angel.

My angel.

But too soon I came to learn that she came looking for Jae Jin. I know she’s my best friend’s girl and she’s off limits but my heart won’t let me stop loving her. I’m getting a headache from all this. I’m going to take a nap now.

Laters, Jae Duc


June 11

Hi Choom Ggoon!

I’ve decided to give you a name instead of calling you ‘journal’. It’s my nickname that my friends had given me and since I can’t call myself that, I’ll call you that now. 🙂

Today the doctors told me that I could go home tomorrow. They said I’ll be fine for now but I need to come back in a few days for check up again. Jae Jin came to visit me today. I know I should sound more enthusiastic about it since he’s my best friend and all, but I was disappointed that Hye Young wasn’t there. As if Jae Jin could read my mind, he informed me that Hye Young would be visiting me when I come home tomorrow.


Did he know? He couldn’t have possibly guessed, I’ve been too discreet about my secret crush on Hye Young.

Still, I couldn’t help but feel that I’ve betrayed my best friend. Jae Jin spent the whole day with me, filling me in with what I’ve missed and all that but I kept pondering him with questions about Hye Young. I tried to make myself less obvious and nonchalant as possible but I talk too much for my own sake. Let’s just see what happens tomorrow. I think I’ll end this entry here.

Me, the Quackster


June 12

Oh my gawd!

HyeYoungcametoseeme!HyeYoungcametoseeme!HyeYoungcametoseeme! Hold on, let me catch my breath. I’m getting too excited over this simple, friendly gesture. Now that I’ve calmed down a bit, let me tell you what happened Choom Ggoon. Hye Young came to see me! Yes, me!

Can you believe it?

I couldn’t either but when I came home today she was already at my house with flowers. Well, she wasn’t the only one there because all of the guys in Quiksilver and a few other friends from school were there too. But still, it doesn’t matter to me. Hye Young was there.

Everybody was unusually nice to me and pretends that nothing is going on but I did overhear the doctors telling my parents to go on with our normal daily life as if nothing happened.


Those bastards. Always forgetting my birthday on purpose but today they showered me with gifts like there’s no tomorrow. Jeez. The best gift they can give me is a few minutes alone with Hye Young. I wanted to talk to her.

No! It’s not what you’re thinking. I may seem easy-going and talkative and there’s this sickness in my hands that’s making my life run short, but I’m still not ready to confess my undying love for her yet. Maybe I’ll say that tomorrow but not today. There are too many people at my house and I can’t stand the embarrassment of being rejected.

Everyone stayed pretty late and Hye Young was the last to leave. I walked her to the door and she blessed me with the news of visiting me tomorrow. Hopefully tonight I’ll see her in my dreams.

Yours truly, Duckie


June 13

Choom Ggoon!

You won’t believe what happened today! I know, so many surprises huh? Hye Young told me she loves me! Can you believe it? I’m going in a wild frenzy right now at this unexpected confession. I’m becoming delirious and overjoyed beyond my wildest imagination. I’ve always dreamed of Hye Young someday saying those words but now that she has, I just don’t know how to take it.

I asked about Jae Jin and she told me that they were just friends now so I’m not the bad guy. Yay!

So should I just close my eyes and plunge right in or give it some time? No, I really can’t give it time. The grains of sand in my hourglass are running out fast and every minute is precious to me. Hye Young was so sweet, she didn’t pressure me to say that I love her back (although I do) and she said that she’d give me some time. I don’t think, I know I’m in love. More updates later.

Mr. Seo Hye Young (hee hee)


June 13 thru June 18

This whole week had been my dream of an ideal heaven. I spent every waking moment with Hye Young. She was just too cute! She took me to the mall, ice-skating, swimming, and even raving! I can’t remember when I had this much fun. Hye Young had even kissed me several times during our dates.

(Jeez, I’m blushing right now just telling you this :))

At first I was so surprised to say or do anything but after a while I began to open up and kissed her back. It felt completely natural as if I’ve been kissing her my whole life. I think I just discovered what the meaning of life is.

Seo Hye Young.

Up until now, I haven’t realized what it felt like to be fulfilled and be truly happy. I guess when you don’t have much time you cherish it more now. Things with Hye Young are going along so well now that I would hate to see it end. My outlook for the future is really bleak and fleeting.

But you never know, you might be hearing some wedding bells soon. I gotta go call Hye Young now and make plans for tomorrow. Sorry this entry isn’t long.




June 19

I hate Lee Jae Jin and Seo Hye Young. That ===== and that stupid =====. Sorry Choom Ggoon. I had to scratch out those cuss words. They don’t really deserve that from me. But I can’t believe them! Let me tell you what happened. Today Hye Young took me to Lotte World and it started out wonderful but it ended in disaster.

My heart was broken. 😦

Anyway, we were heading on home and Hye Young said she needed to go to the bathroom real quick. I waited for her but after a while, I got worried so I looked for her. I saw her talking to Jae Jin and they must have not seen me come closer to them.

My senses have become dull but my hearing was sharpened. I overheard their talking about how their plan is going well to make my last days better. Hye Young had pretended to like me all this time. It felt like someone had stab me with a thousand knives.

I don’t want their damn pity!

I strode over to them and gave them a piece of my mind. Then I ran home. They had called several times and I hung up on them each time. I don’t ever want to see them again. Never would be too soon for me. I never felt so betrayed in my life. My best friend and my only love scheming against me. I think I’ll go cry myself to sleep now. G’nite.

Jae Duc


June 20

Sorry Choom Ggoon. Tonight I don’t feel too well. I can hardly hold up this pen to write. I haven’t heard from those two people yet so I don’t have any news to fill you in with. I’ll be heading off to bed now. Talk to you later.

Kim Jae Duc


June 21 thru June 28

[The missing entries]


June 29

My dearest Choom Ggoon,

Don’t think that I’ve been neglecting you. The last night that I wrote to you the merciless pain hit hard and I was rushed to the hospital immediately. They did an angiogram and a laparatomy on me. The pain was unbearable.

The angiogram made me stick tubes in my veins and the laparatomy is the exploratory examination where they had to cut me open.

Now I’ve got holes and stitches everywhere. But you know what? During my hallucination, I could have sworn I saw Hye Young in the operating room but I don’t think she’s allowed in. Maybe I miss her too much and I’m seeing things. After the operation, I look like a freak, but luckily, I still have my hair. I forgot to mention to you that patients diagnosed with this type of cancer have a life span of 3 weeks to 3 months.

Not very long huh?

And I’ve already wasted…how long? I have no idea because I didn’t check with the doctor soon enough to find out when the cancer had spread. This silent disease is now eating me away. I could go any day now. These long days that I had spent in the hospital bed, I kept replaying the scene of Jae Jin and Hye Young in my head over and over again. Two people in the world that I loved the most hurt me more than this cancer ever could. I don’t want to think about them anymore and right now, you’re my only friend.

No one understands what I’m going through. They don’t know what it feels like living each day wondering if it’s going to be their last. Well, that’s it from me for now. Bye bye…



June 30

Hye Young came by today. I didn’t want to see her though. I specifically told my mommy that I wanted no visitors but when Hye Young left, my mommy came in with this card from her. I threw it into the corner, not bothering to even read it. It’s probably one of those ‘Dear Abby’ letters, begging me for forgiveness. I want nothing to do with her anymore.

I hate Seo Hye Young and Lee Jae Jin.

Wait, I take that back. Hate is such a strong word. To be honest Choom Ggoon, I still love them both but I’m not ready to forgive them for what they did. It was deceitful and down-right wrong.

My mommy brought breakfast in bed for me today. I felt so bad just looking at her. I loved my parents dearly and this whole time I’ve been neglecting them. I was so selfish, thinking only about myself and not them. My parents seem to age these past few weeks worrying over me but I just told them how much I love them both. My mommy’s choking sobs and my daddy’s proud face let me know that they understood.

Later on I over heard them whispering to each other about how I’m going downhill so fast. How much weaker I was and how much paler I was becoming. I don’t care. (I know I’m being selfish again) I don’t give a damn about anything anymore. I just want to die right now and not listen to all this crap. Ironically, what I really wanted is more time to sort out my feelings and figure out how to solve this whole mess. I’m just going to sleep on it now Choom Ggoon.

Thanks for listening.



July 1

I want to live. Up until yesterday, I didn’t have a chance to acknowledge that it’s my unconditional right to live.

My cancer must have spread to my brain or something because it made me hella cranky and less understanding.

Last night a startling revelation came to me.

So what if Jae Jin and Hye Young tricked me? They were only doing it because they loved me as much as I loved them. I called Jae Jin and apologized for acting like such a jerk. He accepted it graciously like any good friend would. Now all I have left to do is confess my love to Hye Young. It was an abrupt decision on my part but I had no choice. I was desperate and I’m running out of time.

It doesn’t matter to me anymore whether or not she loves me back but at least I told her. I will say the words that I’ve been hiding inside me so long and reveal the truth. I love Seo Hye Young. Yes, I will definitely tell her that I love her Choom Ggoon and I will NOT back out. Yes, I will tell her I love her.




That was the last entry written by Kim Jae Duc. He never did tell Seo Hye Young that he loved her. He had died unexpectedly that night during his endless slumber. His mother had come in to check up on him, but she found her son’s body had become cold and lifeless. He had died with the regret of not telling Hye Young that he loved her because Jae Duc’s tomorrow never came.

If he had only opened that letter Hye Young had given him, he would have known the truth about her. Inside the envelope was Hye Young’s confession that she had been secretly in love with Jae Duc the past 3 years. The first year she had dated Jae Jin but during that time her feelings had changed and Jae Jin knew it too. Hye Young still came in to Quiksilver’s practice though, but only to see Jae Duc.

He brought laughter into her lonely life and upon hearing the news that Jae Duc had a terminal illness, Hye Young was but a fraction of her former self. She didn’t care that Jae Duc had cancer, she just wanted to know if he had love her or not, and she wanted to spend his last remaining days with him.

So many ‘ifs’, yet they weren’t carried out. If only one of them had made the move first, there could have been infinite possibilities for Jae Duc and Hye Young, even though their time together will be severed short. But now, we’ll never know. You must be wondering how do I know that Hye Young loved Jae Duc too? The answer really is simple.

I am Seo Hye Young


The End

Copyrighted by val


Everlasting Love by: Videl


  • a EunKang short story
  • completed

(In Philadelphia)

{Matthew (Ji Won)’s Point of View}

I boarded the crowded bus called SEPTA (South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority). I sat down in a seat next to a younger male that seems Korean, as I am. I found him to be a guy I know in the college I go to.

He was really smart, but also really ugly.

I also saw one of my very close friend named Suwon behind me.

“Sup Suwon?” I said, giving a manly handshake.

“Yo, man. Hey, you know that young boy you sittin’ next to?” he replied.

I motioned my head towards the geek sitting next to me and he nodded his head.

“Yeah, what ’bout the geek?” I whispered to the guy behind me.

“Yo man, I swear, he cute,” he whispered.

I backed away in surprise. Why the hell is Suwon telling me this?

“Uhh,” I said hesitately, “I’m not like that yo.”

“Yeah you are, man. I see you be watching guys pass by,” Suwon said.

I was going to grab Suwon by his throat and scream out, “What you say, you fuckin’ bitch?!” but hey! It’s a public transportation vehicle.

And plus, it was true. I had a past boyfriend to try out the homosexual life. Of course, it didn’t go far, which I was KIND OF thankful for. Notice the kind of if you didn’t before. I had to admit, I kind of enjoyed going out with a guy. Because a guy knows what a guy wants.

Lucky for me, Suwon didn’t know that I’d went out with a guy. Since Suwon is a little on the g side. He’s going out with a guy name Jaejin Lee or something.

I leaned back and thought about it for awhile.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around.

“Yo, dude get’s off at yo stop, so better conversate fast yo,” Suwon whispered while pointing at the geek.

“Alright yo, chill. Hey yo, don’t you gotta go now?” I asked taking a look at the surroundings.

“Oh shit! See you later yo. I’m out,” he said, patting my shoulder, and rushed out of the side, back door.

The door almost closed on him to. I sighed while closing my eyes for a second. Although, I felt a stare so I opened them and look around. Sure enough, the dork was staring at me.

“Hey, my name is Matthew,” I introduced myself and continued, “And you are…?”

“My name is Mickey,” the boy replied with a small smile.

Kind of a cute smile. But the thick, black glasses just really messes it up.

He looks kind of…Korean?

“Hey, are you Korean?” I asked.

He nodded his head sheepishly, “Yeah.”

I asked him, “What’s your Korean name?”

“It’s Kang Sung Hoon,” he said, “What about you?”

“I’m Eun Ji Won,” I replied.

We hit it off with a good conversation and continued talking. After thirty minutes of non-stop talking, we arrived at our destination.

We both got off and headed home. He insisted that we exchange phone numbers and so we did.

I called him the next day and the next thing I know, we’re in his car, driving some where, just chilling.

Strange thing was though, he looked totally different. He had contacts on, instead of those thick, black glasses, his hair was dyed a assortment of colors, he had on some black, baggy jeans, and a GAP shirt.

Suwon was really telling the truth. Mickey, is really really cute.

Well, as time past on, we -me, really- got drunk. I told him about my ex-boyfriend.

I told him that his name was Ko Ji Yong. That he broke my heart. That it was only an experiment to see what the homosexual life was. That I actually enjoyed the experience. That I may have loved him..

I saw him, Ji Yong, pass by. I totally regained my senses by then. Mickey stopped the car and got out.

I stopped him and dragged him back into the car. I made him sat in the passenger side and drove off to nowhere in particular. I told him he shouldn’t do that. He told me that I shouldn’t be driving when I’m drunk, which I wasn’t.

Years past, and thankfully, we never bumped into Ji Yong. He asked me to marry him, and I accepted his proposal.

His family accepted, my family didn’t. Although, I made them accept it.

We adopted children.

A few years later, he went off to South Caroline to study. Two years later, I received a letter, stating my Mickey died..of a school shooting.

My Mickey never came back. He left me…

Suddenly, I woke up from my horrifying dream. Next to me was a figure.

My Mickey…

I hugged him tightly, finding he was still alive.

Tears gushed out of my ears as I said to him, “I love you, my Mickey.”

“I love you too, my Matthew,” he replied.

It was a sign for our everlasting love…