Little Hoony by: kim asia

little hoony2

It has been weeks since Jiwon has seen or talked to Sunghoon. He misses his baby so much.

Sunghoon has been busy working on his 4th album. He should be too. But his brain and hearts just not cooperating.

They’ve both been busy since the disbandment. Releasing albums every year and secretly dating has not been easy. Before the disbandment being together all the time is normal. But since the disbandment, they’d have to be careful. They cannot always be seen together. Going out has been a privilege. Missing Sunghoon so much makes him wish they didn’t disband at all.

Jiwon needs a distraction from his loneliness.


As if fate reached out a hand Jiwon’s phone suddenly rang.

“Hello? Hoon-ah! You don’t know how much I miss you just now!”

“Hyung, I think I felt it that’s why I had the urge to go to your house…”

“You’re coming here?!” Jiwon’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Yup I’m already outside.” Sunghoon said with a laugh.

“Wait I’m gonna open the door!!!!”

Jiwon can’t stop himself from hugging Sunghoon tight as soon as he opened the door.

“Sunghoon! My baby! I miss you so much!” Raining kisses on Sunghoon’s face.

Sunghoon feels guilty he hasn’t been able to at least call Jiwon. He’s been dead tired everyday since the release date of the album is near. When he got a break today, he immediately decided to go to Jiwon’s.

“I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy hyung.” Sunghoon apologized with a sweet long kiss.

Jiwon pulled Sunghoon closer deepening the kiss. Sunghoon pulled away to Jiwon’s disappointment.

“Hyung wait you have a guest.”

“Someone’s outside?!” Jiwon quickly going to the door.

Sunghoon laughed at Jiwon’s reaction. “Relax hyung. Just stay on the couch. Keep your back to the door.  I’ll ask your guest to come in.”

“Close your eyes hyung! No peeking!” As Sunghoon ushered in Jiwon’s guest. “Ok hyung open your eyes!”

Right before Jiwon is…well…a Sunghoon puppy!

“Hoon-ah! It’s you!” Jiwon said while laughing.

Sunghoon can only laugh at Jiwon’s delighted reaction. “I was passing by a pet shop when I saw him. And since we rarely saw each other because I’ve been so busy – sorry again!” Sunghoon punctuated with a kiss, “I thought of getting him so maybe you’d miss me less.” Again another kiss.

“This shaggy hair is your concept for this comeback right?” Jiwon asked as he took the puppy from Sunghoon. “You have the same hair!” Jiwon said while kissing the puppy.

“What are we going to name you little guy?” Jiwon cooed as he kissed and cuddled the puppy.

“Hyung you do know the real Sunghoon is right here right?” Sunghoon said with a pout.

“Awwwh….is my Hoony jealous of little Hoony?” Jiwon said as he let go of the puppy to hug Sunghoon. “That’s it! I’ll call you little Hoony!”

little hoony


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