[ARTICLE] Piece of May/June 1997 Article

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Because of your busy schedule, who us the one who is most likely to sleep due to lack of sleep?

Jae Jin: Me! (Oh, he [volunteered] himself!)
Ji Yong: Sung Hoon sleeps a lot though…
Sung Hoon: *Can’t stay still* When it comes to sleeping, it’s no doubt to be Ji Won-hyung
Ji Won: What do you mean! I’m the one who doesn’t sleep the most! (The atmosphere became strange, didn’t it?)
Sung Hoon: Ji Won-hyung doesn’t normally sleep much but when he does, he sleeps for a long time. When we were in Hawaii, there was a time where he did not eat or go to the restroom. (Now that he accepts it, Ji Won is feeling awkward and laughs)

Out of the 6 of you, who is the one with the most prowess?
Su Won: Ji Won-hyung. Always the last to enter the van~
Ji Won: As the…

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