Still Fallin’ by: ILYNAUICHEONSA aka koiniji_00

still fallin.JPG

Genre: Fluff
Author’s note: An attempt on an EunKang/JionHoon songfic again. Hahaha. This is a ‘Still Fallin songfic. Still Fallin sung by Hunter Hayes. Listen to it! It’s a nice song~

He is the most important person to him. He is the only one he notices and he is the only one he keeps on observing. Even after all this times, after all those years they have known each other, he can still keep him mesmerized, anticipate, he can still keep him on the edge somehow. But he sometimes doesn’t like what he discovers. Just like when he discovered how he keeps on smiling even when he is hurting. How he keeps everything within instead of relying to him. He feels guilty, he feels hurt. But at the same time he admires him more. It’s just that, he just wishes he would rely on him more often too.

They have been together for years already and everyday with him still is exciting. Their days are always filled with smiles and laughter. Every day is still full of surprises, like it hasn’t been years since they have known each other. After all this time he had think he would be used to the pull of his heart when it comes to Sunghoon, but no, it stillmakes him nervous, he still gravitates toward him, his gravity, his Sunghoon. Alone or with other people, he still reaches for his hand because he needs it. His kisses still lights a fire within him. He still longs for him even when they are just in a room together with a group of people.

After everything that they have been through, Sunghoon is still laughing with him, they are still making memories, they are still together, also, he is still a fool for Sunghoon and there are a million reasons why he is a fool for the younger.

After every late night drive they have, after every I love you, I miss you, and all the kisses and lovemaking, he is still the only one that he wants.

After every sunrise holding him, all his dreams are still all about him and his future with him. Every day and every minute, he is still and always will be falling for him.


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