His Gaze by: ILYNAUICHEONSA/koiniji_00

9jPNB7w - Imgur.gifS59MUaT - Imgur.gifBkN4I8r - Imgur.gif

G1: I don’t care if I was being way too obvious. I just want to stare and stare and stare at him as long as I want. But then he looked back at me and smiled. And I felt so elated that a smile broke out on my face. But I do not want to be more obvious so I told him to look back at the audience, to look back at our fans and he did, still with a smile on his face. I, too, looked at the fans but only for a moment. I’d rather stare at him, sorry fans. Though I know they have captured our moment already. I still don’t care though. It is more convenient for me because I can search for it and looked back at the moment again and again and again. I won’t get tired of it. I know everytime I’d watch it, I could feel the wonderful sensation that I felt that time. I am thankful for the fans instead. I am thankful for them for capturing the moment. I’ll give them more moments so I hope they would pair us always. Always!

SH: I knew he was looking at me so I looked back at him and I felt so wonderfully beautiful with how he was looking at me—the look in his eyes that says I am the only one, you are so beautiful my love, that I smiled so wide at him, hoping my smile could convey how happy I am at the moment. And it did. I made him smile. I love seeing him smiling widely. And I felt so good at myself for making him smile that I continue on smiling. But then he gestured the fans and I remembered we were not alone. It’s always like this when I look at him, I would always forget everything around us. I’m glad he gestured the fans though I’m pretty sure it’s too late already. I am pretty sure they have captured the moment already. I don’t care though. I even feel glad and thankful for them, especially the fans that always pair us both. I know them. They might be happier than me right now.


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