To the One I Almost Loved by: koiniji_00

To the One I Almost Loved.jpg

A High School AU
Genre: Angst
Rating: G

“To the one I almost loved,
I hope you are doing well.
Hey, I hope you are doing your best.
Those times we haves shared,
The conversations we have together,
Those odd times when you sit beside me,
Are all precious to me.
The little things, like borrowing notes
And sharing papers are all noted by me
How I would glance at you sometimes,
And how I hope you would do the same.
How I hope you have me in your eyes,
In your mind, and how I hope
I am slowly crawling into your heart.
Sadly, I can only wish for those things.
Now, let me say this, I like you.
You caught my attention.
You lit up a fire within me.
You made me aware on how I should treat myself.
I became conscious on things,
I finally know how to draw a line.
I like you,
You became the fuel of my heart,
You became the reason of my smile and happiness.
This is a confession, a love letter for you.
I like you, you know.
Be well on your life,
The one I almost love.”

Sunghoon watched as they walked passed him.

Jiwon and his girlfriend, he wished for their happiness.

Inside his room, the sealed letter was unsealed,

He read it again,

And burned it.


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