Pattaya Escape by: koiniji_00


WARNING: contains mature content

A thrust. A groan. A moan.

“Is it good, Sunghoonie?”

Another deep thrust and a groan from Jiwon made Sunghoon arched his back, made him moan. Sunghoon lays flat on his stomach with Jiwon above him. They have missed each other after not seeing the other for two weeks because of work.

Earlier that day

Jiwon arrived at the airport secretly hoping even in an international airport, nobody would recognize him, and hastily went out to look for a taxi. Sunghoon called him beforehand that he is not in Seoul and that he is on a vacation, in other words “I’m in Thailand, follow me.“ so he booked a ticket and leaved Suwon with a bye. The younger only raised a brow at him before rolling his eyes and shaking his head with a laugh when he visited his room to say bye. “Typical Suwon” he muttered and leaved the younger’s room.

Sunghoon did not forget to tell him the name of the hotel he has been staying, thankfully, so he went there immediately, eager to see the younger. The weather is good so Sunghoon might be out as of the moment, he can surprise the younger with his arrival then, he thought. But it seems he was the one who got surprised. He knows he really should not be feeling this way, there are many reasons on why he is seeing them laughing, but he cannot help it. Jealousy seeps through his veins as he saw Sunghoon talking to a younger guy with a smile on his face. Why does Sunghoon needs to smile while talking, anyway? But he needs to stay calm and not let jealousy win, he tried talking to himself but thoughts just keeps on invading his mind. Why does he have to be younger? Am I going to lose him to a younger guy? Hell, no! I am more manly and handsome and –


Sunghoon’s surprised voice took him back from talking to his self. He looked back to see him already looking at him with a big smile on his face. See that, ha! I won!

“Hyung! You are already here!” Sunghoon greeted him, still smiling. “Meet my new friend, Renz.” He said in English. With jealousy acting up again, he only greeted this Renz guy with a nod and a small smile.

“Where is your room? Should I choose another room or should I choose your room?” he talked to Sunghoon, fully ignoring Sunghoon’s new friend.

“Of course my room!” That statement seemed to satisfy him and he looked at Renz with a smug face. He then excused himself “well then, I’m tired, Sunghoonie. Let’s go. “ he added in English, “Nice meeting you, Renz.” He then proceeded on putting his right arm to Sunghoon’s waist.

At first, Sunghoon didn’t say anything about it so he thought the younger didn’t notice his jealousy but he was wrong. As soon as they were inside Sunghoon’s room, the younger had asked him if he was jealous.

“No, I’m not. Why would I?” he answered. Sunghoon just laughed at him. “I was not, really really.”

“Yes, I know, you were not. By the way, Renz know some –“

“No.” he cut Sunghoon’s words and answered him immediately.


“I said no.”

“Let me finish my sentence first, hyung. I said, he told me a waterpark where we can go to have some fun.” Sunghoon said, his eyebrows narrowing, looking at him suspiciously then he laughed, hard. “I cannot believe you!”

“No , I’m not jealous okay!” Jiwon pretended to sulk.

“Alright, alright, you weren’t jealous.” Sunghoon chuckled. He went beside the older, kissed him on the lips softly and said, “I only have my eyes on you and my heart is only for you.”

“I said I was not jealous” Jiwon said but he was smiling from ear to ear.

Their whole afternoon was full of fun. They went and played at the water park. Went to a café and eat afterwards. It’s a worthy vacation. It made them very happy. Times like this they wished they can just be together always but no, they have other responsibilities to attend to. They are just happy for the vacation they were given.

They went back at the hotel full of smiles and laughter. They saw Renz at the lobby and they thanked him for telling them about the water park. Jiwon was the one who thanked him and Sunghoon was just beside him, smiling at the sight of Jiwon thanking Renz. As a way of saying, good job to Jiwon, he put a hand at the small of his back, Jiwon looked at him with a grin.

After having their dinner at their room, they were sitting side by side, with wine on their hands, they were whispering sweet words to each other when Jiwon leaned in and kissed Sunghoon, softly.

“I miss you.” He said to the younger softly while looking intently at the younger’s eyes.

Sunghoon in return, kiss him on the lips softly too. “I miss you too.”

Then as if they are each other’s center, they gravitated towards each other and meet each other’s eager mouth. Jiwon licked Sunghoon’s lower lip, asking the younger for an entrance. Opening up, Sunghoon let him in. Their tongues met in a dance that they were fully familiar. They separated to catch their breath and to put down the glasses of wine on the table. In sync, they stood up and leaned forward together for another round of fiery kisses. This time around, they not only have their mouths in action but also their hands. They are embracing each other, pulling each other towards them as if there’s still a space between them. Instantly, their hands roamed downwards and they separated to ease the other with their clothing. As soon as they were only on their boxers, they went back on kissing each other. They found their way to the bed blindly. Their hunger for each other showed when they couldn’t get away from each other. They are both desperate to feel the other. So in no time, Jiwon flipped Sunghoon and entered Sunghoon from behind, the younger screaming at the pleasure.

“Sorry, was I too hard?” Jiwon asked, stopping his ministration to Sunghoon’s hole.

“Don’t pull away. Just, just continue.” Sunghoon said, panting. Jiwon continued and waited for the younger’s say if it’s okay to move already, though he is dying to move. “Move”

And with that, Jiwon moved, slowly at first but then he couldn’t stop himself from deep thrusting Sunghoon’s hole. Hearing Sunghoon’s moan fuels him to thrust more deeply.

A thrust. A groan. A moan.

“Is it good, Sunghoonie?”

Another deep thrust and a groan from Jiwon made Sunghoon arched his back, made him moan.

“More, Jiwon” The younger eagerly said, craning his neck to look at Jiwon.

“As you wish” replied the older with a thrust.

They kept at it till dawn breaks.


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