Whenever I’m With You by: reynzt15 part 4.5

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Side Story 2: Meet the Parents

Gosh this is freaking me out. I’m a nervous wreck!! I just hope I don’t slip up. I hope I don’t do or say anything stupid. Keep calm Kang Sunghoon.

Despite looking calm, Sunghoon’s insides were a jumble of nerves. Only Jiwon’s warm hand against his own calmed him down, but it was still not enough.

“Eomma, wasseoyo!” Jiwon called out, literally dragging Sunghoon with him. He looked back and arched an eyebrow at Sunghoon, who was frozen in his spot. Lowering his voice, he asked, “Yah, mwohago issni (what are you doing)?”

“I’m really nervous hyung.” Sunghoon whispered back.

“Relax, Mom’s not gonna bite.” Jiwon assured him.

Sunghoon breathed in and out to calm his nerves.

“Ooh wasseo?” Jiwon’s mom stepped out from the dining room. “Yeobo, they’re here.” She called out to her husband who promptly showed up behind her.

Sunghoon bowed low, greeting them politely. His nervousness seemed to dissipate as soon as he saw Jiwon’s parents. They felt familiar somehow.

“So this is THE Kang Sunghoon. Jiwon told us a lot about you.” Jiwon’s father walked up to Sunghoon and shook his hand.

Jiwon’s mother did the same, hugging him to her instead. “Actually, all Jiwon talked about was you.” she said smiling up at Sunghoon making him blush.

“Mom, Dad you’re embarassing him.” Jiwon protested, as he put his arm around Sunghoon’s shoulders, squeezing his arm lightly in reassurance. “We’re actually quite hungry Mom. We haven’t eaten lunch yet.” Jiwon purposely diverted their attention from Sunghoon knowing he’s getting more embarassed. It worked.

“Aigoo! You two shouldn’t be skipping meals! Come on, the table’s waiting.” and she hurried over to the dining room.

Jiwon’s dad smiled. “We should eat before the food gets cold.” as he too turned towards the dining area.

Jiwon nodded and ushered Sunghoon towards the dining room, where his parents waited.

The table was groaning with food. Jiwon marvelled at the delicious feast in front of them.

“Mom, are we expecting someone else? I think you can feed a whole basketball team with these.”

“Nonsense! Seat yourselves so we can eat.” she ordered. “Sunghoon-ah, don’t be shy. You can eat anything you please.”

Sunghoon bowed in gratitude. “Nae eomoni.”

And so dinner started, with Jiwon’s parents quizzing Sunghoon about their time in Hawaii. And before Sunghoon knew it, he was enjoying the company immensely that he didn’t notice the time passing by as they talked and laughed over the sumptous food.


Sunghoon stood in the sink, about to wash the dishes when Jiwon’s mom shooed him away.

“Anieyo, you don’t have to do that!” she protested. “Go and have fun with Jiwon. I’ll take care of these.”


“It’s just the dishes, Sunghoon-ah. Besides, try and stop my son from playing too much video games.”

Sunghoon smiled in agreement. “He is a bit addicted to them.”

“”Which is why we want to thank you. If he didn’t meet you, I often wonder if he’ll even finish high school.”

“Eomma, of course I would have.” Jiwon said behind them. “I’m seriously offended by your lack of faith in me.” he complained jokingly.

“Aigoo… Ne adeul mianhe (I’m sorry my son).” she jokingly retorted.

Sunghoon smiled at the playful banter between the two.

“Jiwon-ah, where’s your father?”

“In his study.”

“Aah, as always. Go and have fun the two of you, I’ll take care of these.” Jiwon’s mom said as she shooed them away from the kitchen. “Sunghoon-ah, don’t be shy here okay? I think of you as my son already.You can come here anytime you want, you’ll always be welcome here.” she smiled at Sunghoon, then pointing at Jiwon, “You make sure he’s comfortable okay?”

“Arasseoyo eomma.” Jiwon replied as he motioned for Sunghoon to follow him.

Sunghoon bowed to her. “Thank you for the dinner eomoni.” she smiled in acknowledgement before Sunghoon followed Jiwon to his room.


It was already nearing midnight. Jiwon and Sunghoon both spent the past hour playing video games in his room, with Sunghoon losing each time.

Since it was already late, Sunghoon decided to spend the night in Jiwon’s home. He already called his mom to inform her and they both agreed that it’ll be safer for him to return home in the morning.

Sunghoon sat in Jiwon’s bed, already in pyjamas (which he borrowed from Jiwon) while Jiwon was still in the bathroom. Being alone, Sunghoon thought back to this afternoon and he couldn’t help but smile. Jiwon’s kiss was still on his mind, remembering the feeling of Jiwon’s lips against his. Lost in his musings, he didn’t even notice Jiwon step out of the bathroom clad in only a towel…

Stepping out of his bathroom, Jiwon watched Sunghoon with a smile. ‘He’s out of it again‘, he thought as Sunghoon seemed lost in thought. Quietly, he approached him until he was in front of him. He stooped down and with quickly kissed Sunghoon’s cheek.

Sunghoon snapped out of his daydreaming as soon as he felt Jiwon’s kiss. He looked at him in surprise, touching his cheek with a hand.

“Ya, why do you do that?” Sunghoon whispered, afraid his parents might hear them.

“Do what?” Jiwon said innocently as he sat beside him drying his hair with a towel.

Sunghoon blushed upon seeing Jiwon half-naked. It wasn’t the first time he saw him like this, but it’s the first time since they had a relationship that he couldn’t help but flush red.

“This, kissing me by surprise. You’re making it a habit.” he whined, but not with conviction.

Jiwon chuckled lightly, “What? Don’t you like it.” he asked.

“Well I really don’t mind.” he answered truthfully, his cheeks blushing even further.

Jiwon smiled sweetly at him. Standing up to hang the towel he used, Sunghoon noticed he was only wearing boxers.

“Uhm hyung, is that what you’re wearing to bed?”

“Uh-huh. It’s pretty hot nowadays. Why?” he asked as he once again sat beside Sunghoon.

“Nothing really.” But in reality, Sunghoon’s heart was racing. Jiwon looked incredibly hot in just his underwear.

Sunghoon’s mouth was suddenly dry. He stood up to take a drink. Jiwon always had a pitcher full of water and a glass by his bed when they were in Hawaii, and Sunghoon was glad for his habit. He desperately needed to calm his racing heart.

Jiwon, on the other hand, was already lying on the bed watching Sunghoon, and smiling to himself knowing Sunghoon was feeling uncomfortable seeing him half-naked. As soon as Sunghoon sat back down, Jiwon tapped the space beside him. “Come here my angel. I wanna hold you.”

Gently, Sunghoon lay beside him, his head resting on Jiwon’s arm. Jiwon scooted closer, hugging Sunghoon to him tight while Sunghoon’s hand went around Jiwon’s waist. He felt incredibly warm against Jiwon’s bare skin.

Jiwon kissed Sunghoon in the forehead, as he was always used to. “I love you.” he whispered.

“I love you more.” Sunghoon replied.

Sunghoon treasured these moments between them. It is only when they are alone that they can freely express their feelings for each other, without having to watch out if anyone else noticed. He closed his eyes, inhaling Jiwon’s scent. He loved having him close like this, loving the warmth of Jiwon’s embrace.

Jiwon kissed him again on the forehead and Sunghoon smiled against Jiwon’s chest.



“Can I kiss you properly this time?”

Sunghoon looked up at Jiwon, looking at him straight in the eye.

“What?” he clarified.

“I want to kiss you properly. Can I?” Jiwon asked.

“S…s..sure.” Sunghoon stammered.

Jiwon smiled widely. He held Sunghoon’s face in his hand, “Close your eyes.” he told him. “I want you to feel it rather than see it.”

Sunghoon followed the instruction, swallowing the lump in his throat, his heart thumping hard against his chest.

Jiwon gently caressed Sunghoon’s face with his finger, tracing his jawline slowly. He brought his finger to a stop below his chin, then gently lifted Sunghoon’s face up to him.  Then, he traced Sunghoon’s lips with his thumb, before bringing his own lips downward, claiming Sunghoon’s lips in a soft kiss.

Sunghoon felt Jiwon’s lips against his, kissing him gently. His lips felt soft, gentle, waiting for something, and Sunghoon knew Jiwon was waiting for him to open up. His hand gripped Jiwon’s waist tighter, travelling upward toward his back, loving the feel of Jiwon’s muscle against him. He inched himself closer, kissing Jiwon harder by pressing his lips to his, wanting to taste him.

Jiwon felt Sunghoon inch his body closer, their need for each other obviously getting stronger. Sunghoon’s mouth opened slightly, a confirmation of his intentions, and he took advantage of it, lightly running his tongue against Sunghoon’s lower lip, then claiming it with his lips. Sunghoon’s sudden breath intake only drove him wild, and he deepened the kiss, holding him tighter to him. He kissed him gently at first, but their passion were both on a high, and Jiwon wanted to taste all of him. His tongue wanted entrance, teasing Sunghoon’s lips into yielding. And as soon as he felt Sunghoon’s tongue against his, he took it with his own and kissed him with passion, desire screaming in his veins. He reveled in Sunghoon’s taste, feeling slightly drunk, his desire for him was undeniable, as Sunghoon moaned with pleasure against him.

They kissed with reckless abandon, undmindful of the passing time, their tongues clashing against each other, both wanting more.

Jiwon crushed Sunghoon’s lips to him in one final swoop, feeling giddy from his taste, before both of them stopped trying to find air.

Breathing heavily, Sunghoon’s eyes were lidded full of desire as he looked up at Jiwon and smiled. “Wow..” he managed to mumble.

Jiwon held him tight, looking at him in the eye. Breathing heavily he pecked Sunghoon on the lips once more, smiling at him lovingly. “I have to admit that was intense.” he mumbled, as he caressed Sunghoon’s face with his thumb, all the while looking at him with so much love.

Sunghoon saw the way Jiwon looked at him and he couldn’t help but fall for him deeper. He was drowning in Jiwon’s eyes. “I love you so much hyung.” he whispered before he could stop himself.

He once thought he couldn’t love him any stronger than he already felt but such deep feelings didn’t seem to have surfaced just yet. He’s falling more in love with him everyday and it doesn’t seem to stop. Even now, Jiwon’s smile truly thaws at his heart.It felt like his heart was doing jumping jacks every time Jiwon smiled at him like that. He loved everything about him. Everything and more…

“And I love you too so much.” Jiwon smiled as he once again kissed him lightly. He held him close, he held him tight. If he could bring their bodies closer he would.

He wanted Sunghoon to be one with him, but not yet. They’re both not ready to go there yet. Jiwon wanted to take things slow with Sunghoon. He wanted to cherish each and every moment he spent with him so he won’t rush it. “Go to sleep my angel. Sweet dreams.”

“You too hyung. Goodnight.”

They slept soundly in each other’s arms till late next morning.


Meeting Sunghoon’s mother and sister the next day yielded almost the same results. Sunghoon’s mom graciously accepted Jiwon as her adopted son, and she expressed her gratitude to Jiwon for taking good care of Sunghoon wile they were in Hawaii. Jiwon assured her it wasn’t a problem. He was more than happy Sunghoon was there to keep him company. They also spent the night together, making out and declaring their love for each other.

They try not to think about the coming days when they’ll no longer be alone a lot. So they enjoy their free time laughing, playing and kissing knowing that tomorrow everything will change.


I’m seriously sleepy now. Here’s the side story as promised. Have fun reading. Good night.. (oh, it’s already morning).😩😩😩


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