[TRANS] Ko Ji Yong’s Letter

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Happy Birthday to Sechskies’ killer good looks Ko Ji Yong!

생일축하해, 젝키의 살인미모 고지용!

Hello? This is Ko Ji Yong.

You’ve been waiting for a long time, right? If I knew, I wouldn’t be able to eat. There are a lot of people who’ve waited for a long time, it’s very fun. Hahaha… It’s alright for me to wait for a long time, but for you pretty ones, you can’t do that. [That’s why] we came like this.

It’s been difficult recently, right? Shouldn’t we continue to be #1? Hahaha.. I’m so happy. Whenever I hear Jekki’s name when I’m on stage, during that time, I’m very happy to be born into this world. I don’t know how to repay all the love you all have given to us. [We’ll] practice all the songs well, sing good songs and keep everyone’s love deeply in our hearts. Very deeply… To those…

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