[TRANS] Ko Ji Yong, the one who slid for the stage

90skies archive

Happy Birthday to Sechskies’ killer good looks, Ko Ji Yong!

젝스키스의 살인 미모 생일축하해!

An incident that made you blush
The Jekki members have made atleast a mistake on stage once, and I’m no exception. I’ve slipped for the stage. It happened so quickly, so I couldn’t find an alternative, I fell down naked. And confidently stood up. As if nothing’s wrong. But, at that time, there was white fog right in front of me, my face couldn’t blush, [so] I was pale. And this incident ended in 5 minutes.

An incident that angered you

Jekki’s hair right now is dyed. For everyone’s individual personality. But, Jekki’s hairstyle can’t be seen on live broadcast, it was non-broadcast, but we had to wear hats when we have the live broadcast. Because the singers’ fashion take the lead, fancy and flowery [fashion] should be controlled, since this is said by the broadcasting…

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