[REQUESTED] Jiyong’s old interview trans: sheilaxjung

You can watch the video when he’s being interviewed in here

video credit : Silver G1 (on youtube)

I = Interviewer

J : Jiyong

I : Finally we meet the one whom we missed a lot. Hi, Ko Jiyong

J : Hello

I : Nice to meet you

J : As you can see, I lost so much weight and I also didn’t dye my hair. I don’t know if I look nice or not but I try to look nice

I : How have you been?

J : I travelled a lot, I practiced acting and I also met my schoolmates and my hometown friends whom I didn’t get to meet for so long

J : Both acting and singing are hard. Even though I haven’t properly acted, as I keep learning, it does make me think that it’s a hard thing to do. Until now, I haven’t got the hang of it

J : I don’t have the confidence for it now, but I want to try a crying acting. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m a man but I found a charismatic actor is really cool. Such as Ahn Seunggi, Park Jungwoo and Jung Woosung

I : All Sechskies members have appeared in so many shows. Is there any reason why you came appeared way later than them?

J : I want to appear once I’m prepared for it, hoping for a good result

I : How do you feel while recording for Kang Sunghoon’s album?

J : First of all, us in a recording room together has been so long. It’s almost 2 years. It was really refreshing. During the recording for Sechskies’ 2nd album was so hard, we were only high-schoolers back then

I : Do you keep touch with other Sechskies members?

J : We keep in touch even though we didn’t get to meet each other a lot after we disbanded, since we have other things to do.

I : Do they tell you what are they up to?

J : I don’t really know the details of what Jaejin hyung is doing yet. Jiwon hyung and Sunghoon are promoting as a solo. Suwon and Jaeduk hyung are promoting as a duo

I : We got an information that you’re filming a mini series, your fans were so excited but there was a problem caused the filming to be cancelled. What happened?

J : I was almost to be casted on a mini-series. It’s because I feel like the characters didn’t match me so I gave it up. I need more time to practice acting.

I : You were active as an internet jockey. Can you explain what kind of program is it?

J : First of all, it’s a law program aired on channel O. Since i’m originally close with Kwon Hyunggi (lawyer) and the deputy head so I ended up working with them.

I : it must’ve been hard to do that kind of program. Did you experience any hard things?

J : of course. Since I know nothing about law. I also had a hard time trying to understand difficult words. But I learned a lot in short times. From a person who doesn’t know anything about law now I now a little bit about it. I used to talk really fast but now I talk more slowly. Since I talked too fast, I made a lot of mistakes (NG) during filming. I thought “ah before I learned anything, I have to fix this first”. It’s been a huge help for me.

I : Eun Jiwon laughed when he knew about you were doing a law program

J : i think it’s natural for him to do that. Even my sister, family and my friends all laughed at me. So I kinda expected Jiwon hyung to do the same

I : Kim Jaeduk was asked about how he feels seeing Eun Jiwon performing as a solo. And he answered that Eun Jiwon looks lonely

J : I also felt the same when I saw Jiwon hyung’s first stage but as I keep watching his performance, I thought that he’s cool

I : Kang Sunghoon is also performing a solo with different genre compared to Sechskies used to had. He transformed into a ballad singer. What do you think of him?

J : During Sechskies’ days, he’s known to be the cute and bright one. So, when he sings ballad songs, I thought “he’s all grown up now”

I : Please send Kang Sunghoon a video message, thinking that he’s watching the show

J : Sunghoon-ah, it’s been so long. Calling your name has also been so long. We’ve known each other and been friends for 12 years already since we’ve met during 3rd grade. Anyway, seeing you doing well while performing a solo makes me proud and feels good. So, let’s work harder in the future. I wish you to be Kang Sunghoon who shines brighter as a solo

I : Have you ever had the thought of wanting to stand on stage again as a singer?

J : Of course I’m reminded with the memories from old days. But I don’t have that kind of thought for now.

I : It’s for now. But we don’t know what will happen in the future

J : I don’t know but i don’t think I’ll ever do that again, most likely.

I : Please tell us your activities plan in the future

J : First of all, I’ll study harder in acting. Until I think that I’m prepared enough, I’ll keep practicing. I don’t know whether a drama or movie will be the start but since my wish is a movie so I hope it comes true.

I : Can you at least tell us around what time will we expect your first work?

J : I think it’ll probably be around next year

I : Okay last one, please greet your beloved fans and our viewers.

J : It’s nice to see you all after so long. I’ll be Jiyong who works hard in other side of entertainment industry. I hope you all support me

I : Thank you so much. I wish you to be a cool actor

Translated by @sheilaxjung

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