Prince’s Promise by: koiniji_00 – END


When Jiwon first met Kang Jiyong and Lee Seulgi together in their hotel room.

It was awkward for Jiwon to meet the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess together. He knows he has been treating Seulgi badly, even when Sunghoon told him who he is, there is still that lingering feeling in his childish mind that Seulgi might want to get in between the both of them again. To his surprise, Seulgi apologized about everything that ever happened.

“I’m sorry, I tried to stop your growing feelings towards each other. I knew it was futile but still I tried. I would also like to apologize for trying to tear you both apart. But fate interfered and made you realized how you both feel towards each other, so in the end, I helped you and Sunghoon. Because for once, I want Sunghoon to be happy. And for once, I would like to be able to help Sunghoon. Jiwon-ah, be strong. For many people, especially in our family, would not want both of you together. So be strong and trust Sunghoon. Trust each other. Do not worry, both me and Jiyong wants the best for Sunghoon.”

“Don’t worry. We trust each other and love each other. Thank you, Seulgi. I’m sorry too, I was being indifferent towards you.”

“It’s alright.”

“I would also like to add,” Jiyong uttered, “please stay away from my Uncle. And no matter what happens, stay with Sunghoon.”

“Jiyong ssi, why though? I mean I have met him already. That’s why Sunghoon is not here. He went to meet him, he says he needs to talk to him.” Both the crown prince and crown princess shared an alarmed look and it made Jiwon fear for Sunghoon’s safety. “Why, why? Is he going to beat Sunghoon? Oh my g—“

“No no no.” Kang Jiyong hastily replied. “Uncle would not do that. Not to Sunghoon anyway. I’m sure, he is just talking to Sunghoon.”

“Oh good.” Jiwon breathed, relieved. “Sunghoon said, he raised him up so he sees him as his second father. But he looks up to you the most, Jiyong-ssi.” Jiyong smiled at that.

 “I know. He kept on following me when we were little. But there are too many eyes in the palace. Eyes and rules suffocated him. I was not able to protect him.” He said with sad eyes as he stares at Jiwon. “So he ran away from home. And met you” he added with a smile which made Jiwon blush. “And he is happy now. I am going to do everything in my power to protect him, to protect the precious smile of my little brother.” He ended seriously, still looking at Jiwon. Jiwon felt the powerful words from the crown prince through his heart. And he doesn’t know why but it made him at ease. At ease that everything will be alright.

“And I will do anything in my power to protect the crown intended to the Crown Prince.” A voice added, the three occupants of the room turned around to see Sunghoon looking at Jiyong with determination. They did not notice Sunghoon going in. Sunghoon always has this talent, he moves like a cat, like he is trained to move like an assassin. Jiyong sadly looked at Sunghoon. My poor Sunghoon.

“He is strong.” A voice entered his train of thoughts. Jiwon glanced to his left to see Jiyong, sitting beside him. “Sunghoon has been taught together with me to be a crown prince. But he never liked the idea of having a title. He never liked the idea of getting the crown from me. He never liked it so he always get punished by my uncle.” Jiwon’s heart crushed at the crown prince’s words. “I know that he knows but he never showed that he is in pain when he is with me. I am thankful that he is being positive in life. I am thankful at the same time worried for him. But he always reassured me everything is fine. I am his hyung, so I should know more things than him. But no, he knows more. And he kept them all to himself. You know, sometimes I hate that part of him. That part of him is taking my innocent Sunghoonie away. There are times when I just want him to be happy. Just be himself.”

“Hyung.” Jiwon choked.

“He grew up as my uncle’s puppet but he never showed me how much it pained him, Jiwon-ah. What kind of a brother am I? I grew up only watching from the sidelines. I grew up wishing he would tell me things, to clarify things that I suspect. But he didn’t, Jiwon-ah. What kind of a brother am I?” Jiyong has now tears on his eyes.

“Sunghoon has been trained fully well by my uncle. Did you ever wonder why Sunghoon is so agile and so quick on his feet? Did you ever wonder why sometimes he has this kind of air around him, especially when he is angry?”

“Yes, there are times when Sunghoon is like that but I didn’t suspect anything. He is just gifted.”

“—But Sunghoon doesn’t like the idea of hurting others. My Sunghoon, my little Sunghoon.” Jiyong continued, as if Jiwon didn’t cut him.

“…hyung, he is mine.”

“Well, he is yours now. I know that. And to make things clear to you, he was trained to kill me, by my uncle.” A gasp from Jiwon was all he heard so he continued “but Sunghoon loves his hyung so much that he disobeyed and ran away from home. Since then he hated uncle more than he hated the crown itself. Sunghoon didn’t know that I know. Ever since my grandma was assassinated, we have suspected the one killing our family one by one is near us. Before you say anything, we didn’t tell the media that they were assassination masked in an accident, instead we just told them it was all an accident.”

“When both of you came here three months ago, Sunghoon told me everything just to keep the one he loves the most safe and sound. You almost had an accident once. You might not know it but it was all planned. The reason why you are here is not because of vacation. It is because he chose you. And because he chose you, he wanted to end everything, his connection to Uncle Young Gil. ”

Jiyong watched as tears welled up in Jiwon’s eyes. He watched as he clutched his shirt and cried. Still, the story is not yet done. He knows he needs Sunghoon’s explanation but the younger is still inside the operating room and cannot answer his questions so he needs Sunghoon’s other half to know the truth first before questioning the younger. Yes, he is hopeful that Sunghoon would be alive.He is strong. He is strong.

In his surprise, Jiwon stood up and started walking away, his eyes full of fire. He knows that look. That was the look that Sunghoon was wearing before meeting Uncle Young Gil. He hastily stand up and moved in front of the younger.

“You can’t!”

“Hyung, move away! I can’t – I just want—Fuck! He can’t do this to Sunghoon without going to jail! No! Going to jail is not enough! I am going to kill him!”

“He is well taken care of.” That answer stopped the younger but still he looked scary and ready to kill his uncle. “He is already arrested and will be going on a trial for all the wrongdoings that he had done. Sunghoon and I have gathered enough evidence to put him up to jail for the rest of his life. And if proven guilty, will be executed. Right now all we need to do is to pray and stay at Sunghoon’s side, alright? He knows this would happen.”

“What?” That statement appalled him.

“He knows this would happen but still—

“He chose me.”


“He chose me.”


“He chose me.”

“I know.”

“Hyung” Jiwon cried, “He was ready to die for me. But what would happen if he dies? What would happen to me if he dies? I couldn’t. He is everything I want.He is my everything, hyung. I couldn’t” he bawled like a child in front of Jiyong. Jiyong felt the love Jiwon has for his younger brother. How much he loves Sunghoon was felt by him and it crushed his heart. What would happen to them, if the younger couldn’t make it?

After hours and hours of waiting, the operation was done. The doctor assigned to Sunghoon went out to face his family.

“It was successful. We managed to get the bullet out. It misses his heart by mere inches. We will be monitoring the patient during the first 12 hours.  Until then, please do call for us if you have questions.”

They exhaled the breath that they were holding. Relieved and happy, both smiled and hugged each other before hugging Seulgi who came an hour ago.

“He made it. That’s our Sunghoonie.”

“Yes, that’s our Sunghoonie.” Jiyong echoed Jiwon’s words with a big smile.

Sunghoon was already transferred to a room when Jiyong told Jiwon that he can see him first. Elated, Jiwon smiled to the older and nodded.

Jiwon went near Sunghoon and hold his hand, carefully with tears of relief flowing through his eyes, he said “Sunghoon-ah, thank you.” Jiwon feel as if how much he loves the younger only intensified. “I love you so so much. Thank you for fighting. And thank you for choosing me. I am only going to choose you too. Always.”

It took him a day before he woke up. Jiwon was asleep beside him and was holding his hand. Sunghoon smiled gently, and when he remembered that he is now free, he smiled wide. With tears on his eyes, he run his fingers through Jiwon’s hair. “I am free now, Jiwon. I love you.” Slowly, he bent down to kiss Jiwon’s head. Jiwon stirred on his sleep at that, blinking his blurry eyes, he saw a set of white teeth smiling down on him before his mind fully registered Sunghoon’s teary face staring lovingly at him. In an instant he was up on his feet and was embracing him. He was careful with his hug, he doesn’t want to hurt Sunghoon.

“I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you!” Jiwon said, showering the other with little kisses all over his face.

“And I you.” Sunghoon answered, kissing Jiwon gently on the lips. “Thank you, hyung.”

“No, I should be the one thanking you. Thank you for fighting, Sunghoon. Thank you for waking up. And thank you for choosing me.” He ended with a smile but his eyes is starting to tear up.

Sunghoon’s eyes are welling up with tears too. “Thank you for fighting for me too. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for letting me feel in love and for letting me feel happiness. Thank you for everything you have done to me. I am only giving you what you deserve. And you deserve the whole me. Now that I am free, we can now live freely too. I am guessing, Jiyong hyung told you my story?”

“He did.” He quietly answered “But still I love you. I love you more. Just please please please don’t leave me behind on whatever you are planning next time.”

“Im sorry, i made you worried, didn’t I. Next time, I will.

“You promise?” Jiwon cutely asked, his cute childlike child acting up

“I promise.” And he sealed it with a kiss.

~ END ~


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