[FANACCS] Picnic with Eun Jiwon (Day 1 – 20170621) trans: sheilaxjung

*Jiwon held a picnic event on 20170621 with 20 selected 1Kyne members. There will be 2 events. Here’s the fanaccs for the 1st day*

When they were all drinking together, she suggested to do the ‘jjioni jjan’ (‘jjan’ is something like ‘cheers’) and he said “who is actually made the ‘jjioni’ nickname’ while laughing.

Jiwon poured the drink to each fans and when he was about to pour her drink, he said “what kind of ‘jjan’ you want me to say again?” And he said the ‘jjioni jjan’ in the end.

A fan asked Jiwon if he ever heard a saying that there are people who are more handsome than Eun Jiwon but none’s handsome like Eun Jiwon. Other fans were all agreed, adding that they call him Eunique, from Eun + unique. At that jiwon only sighed

She said that she’s happier on jiwon’s birthday than her own birthday. So when birthday party topic came out, jiwon said that as long as the fans congratulate him, its enough for him

Fans : how’s the japanese debut preparation going?
Jiwon : i’m doomed
Me : why!? The language?
Jiwon : yes! There are a lot of similar words so it’s hard
Fans : no! Your japanese is great

Fans : what do you like the most between ‘Be Well’ ‘Sad Song’ and ‘Three Words’?
Jiwon : ‘Sad Song!’ Honestly i also like the japanese version as well! I feel like i like the jap ver more
Me : Can you sing a little bit of the japanese version?
Jiwon : ? Of course i forgot it already! I’ll lipsyncs to it!

A fan gave him a sticker and he said that a lot of fans gave stickers on packages for him and he felt bad to throw those stickers away

He asked the fans if they feel cold or not. He worried if they’ll caught a cold just because they went picnic

Fans : oppa eat this chicken leg!
Jiwon : why?
Fans : because it’s the most delicious part!
Jiwon : no~ i’m okay. You guys can eat it~

Fans : please write “Lose weight!!” (On her handphone)
Jiwon : but its on your handphone though..
Fans : its okay so i’ll always look at it and feel motivated
Me and other fans : *whispered* but she’s pretty just the way she is now without having to lose weight. What if he really writes those?
But it seems like Jiwon heard them so he said this while looking at us, “hey i really wrote that though……”

Jiwon said there’s no plan to promote outside korea and japan for now. But they’ll do it if there’s a chance for them to promote more in overseas

Trans by @sheilaxjung
Fanacc credit @EunG1_FAN on twitter
Please take out with full credit

Jiwon said that it would’ve been great if they can go picnic in the daytime but since the fans work, they cant do it.
He took care those who cant drink by giving them soda.
Before he ordered chicken&beer, he asked if any of them drive

A fan asked if he’ll hold a ost concert and another asked if he wants to do a solo concert and jiwon answered “of course i do”

A fan asked him if he can do instalive and he answered that he would rather do a vlive than instalive. He’s working hard to do a vlive but its not easy

Jiwon : today isn’t boring for you guys, right?
Fans : no ㅠㅠ it’s really fun ㅠㅠ oppa’s face is the most fun ㅠㅠㅠ
Fan : how about you? Is it boring?
Jiwon : rather than boring or not..i just wanted to see you all

Jiwon : is there anything you want to do?
Fans : looking at your face
Jiwon : my face? You can see it on TV
Fans : no ㅠㅠ you’re really different in real life
Jiwon : (serious face) different?
The fan meant to said that he’s really different from what the cameras shot but it seems jiwon was already misunderstood it

A fan brought season greeting’s diary to be signed by Jiwon
Jiwon : ahh so if you buy SG you’ll also got a diary? This is my first time seeing this~
Fan : please write “study harder”
Jiwon : who do you want to study harder?
Fan : me
Jiwon : *laughed*

A fan asked them if they’ll release another dance song and Jiwon shouted “기억해줄래!!!” (Will you remember me)
Jiwon : why? Kim Jaeduk danced really hard though!!

The fans asked Jiwon about Jaejin since there’s no news of him recently and Jiwon said that he just called him today (through chatroom) and even though Jiwon said he didnt know where Jaejin is but he’s doing well

Jiwon asked the fans if they watch NJTTW or not. Everyone said “yes its really fun”
Jiwon : they really dont let you off easy

He said that the concert is to be scheduled on september. The fans asked if the full album will be out before that or after
Jiwon : we have to release the full album. Because it’s been so long since we release one

They’re playing a game and during a fan’s turn, jiwon complained “you’re a coward if you do that” but he also did that during his turn and he said “why! I really am a coward!!! I’ve always been a coward!!”

Fan : i wish time will stop
Jiwon : you all have a home~
Fans : no we dont
Jiwon : what are you talking about~
Fans : we’ll sleep here
Jiwon : i think it’ll be better than going home at this hour

Fan : what are you going to do once you’re home?
Jiwon : tomorrow i’ll take my parents to somewhere
Fans : awwww~~~~
Jiwon : what ‘aww’? (Shy)

A fan asked if his knee is better nowadays and Jiwon said it’s good if he doesnt use it but it’s not if he does

Jiwon : i’ll never sing ‘sad song’ japanese ver live
Fans : can you at least sing the ‘DJ Don’t Stop’ part?
Jiwon : huh? That part!? (Bewildered)

The fans asked what he likes the best among 3 votes for fanmeet’s punishment outfits
Jiwon : i dont like them all
Fan : we dont know the results yet but seeing from the response, it’ll most likely be 2 or 3
Jiwon : wait what’s the 3rd one?
Fans : Blackpink’s ‘Playing with fire’
Jiwon : Alibaba is better then

A fan said that Jiwon’s photo in Yellow Universe where he sat on desk (?) is so handsome and asked what was he thinking
Jiwon : huh? What is that
Fans : the internet went wild because of that photo. They said you’re really handsome. They thought you’re a prince
Jiwon : (bit his lipㅠㅠ) stop it…….

“Oppa can you feel that you’re handsome nowadays?”
“Please be honest. After you had a shower, have you ever be like “wow i’m really handsome”?
“Oppa you’re the most handsome”
Jiwon : (bursted out laughing) stop it…stop it!! Lets have a drink~~

Jiwon said besides Jaejin, Jaeduk matches well with Japanese~ and he wondered if that’s because of his accent

Trans by @sheilaxjung
Fanacc credit @Amumal_group on twitter
Please take out with full credit


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