Sechskies guide

a guide 2 sechskies

eun jiwon: grumpy bunny, hates compliments for some reason?? also adopted sunghoon in hawaii

lee jaijin: in charge of pterodactyl & monkey. official babysitter of yg’s kids

kim jaeduck: the human form of love and purity ((also v gay and lives w former enemy tony))

kang sunghoon: ……,,.so pretty.,,,,its almost like ur not 38 yrs old…….!!fuck

ko jiyong: the one that always wears suits aN D LOOKS FCUKING GREAT IN THEM!!1! *punches wall*

jang suwon: savage robot man. 11/10 actor. lives to talk shit abt group members. also maknae

and their name is german for “6 crystals” but kies means gravel so….??

6 rocks. best rocks. 6 very good rocks. support these 6 good quality rocks u will not regret i swear


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