random sechskies stuff

random sechskies stuff

• a bunch of people didn’t like sunghoon back in the 90s bc he smiled too much (so a h.o.t fan spat in his face & a shinhwa fan pulled on his long luscious hair)

• jiwon, the dictator, would always get first dibs and choose the bread that tasted the best whenever their manager bought them bread. suwon would get the worst one bc he apparently had no willpower to do anything ever

• jaejin was asked who out of sechskies he would date if the members were all girls, and he chose jiyong bc he had a really skinny waist

• jaeduk was the only one to not date any celebrities back in the 90s bc he had a gf back in busan (suwon: no one would date him lol)

• jiwon & sunghoon think all cockroaches are the main epitome of evil in this world

• suwon & jaeduk would often call each other honey when they worked as j-walk. and then they kinda stopped after jaeduk became friends w tony

• jaejin would always get left behind bc he would go to the restroom and the van would forget about him and just leave w the other 5 members

• sechskies went on this show where they would have to try not to laugh when the comedians tried to make them laugh. all the comedians were scared shitless of jiyong bc he would never laugh at their comedy


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