Jaeduck + Jaijin: Busan Boys

젝키야 사랑해♡


Prior to debut, Jaijin and Jaeduck were in a dance team called “Quick Silver” based in Busan. Having no where to go in Seoul, they lived together at a janitor’s house for a while.

Hi~ This is Duck
It’s really embarrassing to write a letter to you.
After we met, I could learn dance,and I could become a member of Sechskies.
Looking back, I feel like it’s all thanks to you that I could live a life full of wonders and fun.
Recently, you’ve been making me laugh a lot and you’ve been telling me good things when it’s just two of us together. Life is really fun.
Innocent and honest Jaijin~
Let’s keep having fun together.
Also let’s practice dance
-Jaduck’s letter to Jaijin (2016)

My friend
Always be healthy. Health comes first.
We’re making same memories in the same era…
We have to be healthy to do anything.
Every moments of right now will be remembered as the most radiant in our lives.
I love you ❤ bro
-Jaijin’s letter to Jaeduck (2016)

pic cr: Abril


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