Whenever I’m With You by: reynzt15 part 2

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A Big Change

Hi guys!!! Since I’m feeling happy today, what with my brother getting married and my Sechskies merchandise arriving I’m spreading the happiness by updating 2 chapters. Enjoy!!

December Year 1995 Honolulu Hawaii

Jiwon: Nothing much has changed. We’re still together, still in Hawaii. Still looking out for each other like brothers, but this time my heart begs to differ. I know how I feel about him now, I’m sure. I’ve fallen hard for him. It’s strange. I know my preference would still be a woman, but Sunghoon makes me feel…. complete somehow. I can’t seem to see my life without him, sometimes I’d think I was meant to met him for this reason. I’m still his brother though, and since I’m older I should be more responsible. He looks up to me, and I promised his mom I’ll take good care of him. We only have each other after all.

Jiwon watched as Sunghoon ran up and down the shore, playing tag with the waves. Over the years, Jiwon noticed Sunghoon’s features were more prominent than before, and he managed to get buffer, taller, making him more handsome. They were quite famous around the area actually. The opposite brothers, that’s how they call them. It’s still amazing how two polar opposites can get along so well.

“Hyung!!” Sunghoon waved at him from the beach. “Come play with me!”

I like watching you though.’ Jiwon thought.

Jiwon motioned for Sunghoon to keep going, indicating he prefers to keep still.

Sunghoon, instead of continuing, marched up to Jiwon’s position, sat down next to him and put his arm around his shoulders.

“Yah hyung, wae? Are you nervous for tomorrow?”

“No, I’m not..” said Jiwon, elbowing Sunghoon gently.

Sunghoon smirked. “Ei, yes you are!” he teased. “It’s a first for you anyway.”

“Shut up, I’m not at all.” Jiwon adamantly denied, but in reality, he was.

They were going to perform tomorrow during the academy’s foundation day. Sunghoon was known to perform during school events, but it’ll be the first time for Jiwon since he came to Hawaii. He only agreed because it was their last year, they’ll be graduating soon. Their classmates would often say Sunghoon influenced Jiwon positively, but Jiwon begged to differ.  He’d rather say they influence each other.

“Ha! Gwaenchana  hyung, I’ll be right beside you.”

“Oh, that comforts me a lot uri cheonsa-yah..” Jiwon sighed heavily. He was now regretting agreeing to it. “Hoon-ah, what if I mess up?” Jiwon asked nervously, finally admitting his feelings. He likes to sing and dance, but never in front of people. It was only through coincidence that Sunghoon found out.


2 years ago

Sunghoon came home from grocery shopping earlier than he expected. The super had fewer people than the usual, so he didn’t wait long in line to pay.

Upon entering the house, he first put away the groceries he bought and sought to find Jiwon.

A booming sound from Jiwon’s room caused Sunghoon to get curious and take a peek. Jiwon was singing and dancing to Tootsee Roll, oblivious of the fact that Sunghoon was watching him with an admiring smile on his lips.


Since then Jiwon and Sunghoon would spend most of their free time singing and dancing to popular songs. Sunghoon would always try to persuade Jiwon to perform with him but he would always refuse. It took him 2 years to finally make Jiwon say yes.

“You’ll be fine hyung.” Sunghoon consoled. Jiwon didn’t have any idea how cool he looked when he’s performing. Sunghoon had to admit his charisma was overwhelming, it was no wonder Jiwon mesmerizes him. “Shall we practice one last time?”

“We should. I might forget the choreography.”



Day of the Performance

Jiwon: I can’t believe I’m really doing this. Sunghoon, that rascal. I just hope I don’t mess up.

Jiwon paced nervously in the back stage, while Sunghoon sat relaxed and watched him silently. After a while..

“Hyung, sit down. You’re going to implant your footsteps on the tiles.” Sunghoon said as he dragged Jiwon to the chair beside him.

Jiwon slumped on the chair, feeling defeated. “I don’t know why I agreed to this. Ya, should we just run away?” he said nervously.

Sunghoon quietly reached out and held his hand, making Jiwon stop fidgeting. This was the first time any of them held hands, and the sudden gesture surprised Jiwon. Sunghoon didn’t say anything. He just sat there and held his hand for a minute or so. A while later, their names were called. Sunghoon stood up, Jiwon following suit. Sunghoon then turned to face Jiwon.

“Hyung, you trust me right?”

“Of course.”

“Then believe me when I say you’ll be fine. Just pretend that it’s only the two of us. Or you can pretend that each and everyone of them is me. Pretend you’re dancing for me.” Sunghoon said as he still held Jiwon’s hand tightly.

Jiwon smiled. “Arasseo.. I’m doing this because of you anyway.”

Sunghoon smiled at him in return. “Kaja. Let’s make all the girls swoon.”

And they went up the stage to the roar of the audience. As soon as the music started, Jiwon forgot that he was in front of people. He felt that he was in their house, merely practicing, with only Sunghoon beside him. They danced in perfect sync without making mistakes, and if the audience’s cheers were any indication, they were the stars of the program, capturing the hearts of men and women alike.


*Lee Ho-yeon sat inside the auditorium quietly, watching the performances go by. He was quite interested in the 2 teens who danced to a remix of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby and 69 Boyz’ Tootsee Roll. Even if the songs were a few years old, those two made it look fresh with their charms. He was especially drawn to the one with a pretty smile, although the darker one was more charismatic on stage. Together, though, those two owned the stage. Maybe it’s time for him to present another group to the industry.

He walked along the campus in hopes of finding the two when he came across them in the cafeteria.

“Hyung, what do you want to eat?” the blond-haired boy asked.

So they’re Korean!’ Mr. Lee thought excitedly.

‘You know what I like, just get them for me.” ordered the black-haired boy, sitting on one of the tables, while a group of girls seated themselves on the next table clearly wanting his attention. Strangely though, the boy didn’t pay them much attention. He was focused on his friend who was still in line waiting to pay.

“Hey Matthew, why don’t you and Ricky sit with us?” asked one of the girls.

Mr. Lee watched with interest. His attitude’s very different from the others, but that cold personality has a charismatic appeal.

“No, thanks. You’re already crowded.” the guy named Matthew answered, clearly annoyed.

“Hyung, your food’s here.” said the blond-haired boy as he sat down next to Matthew.

His smile was different this time, as he thanked his friend. It seems he’s only warm to people he’s close to.

“Hey Ricky, why don’t you and Matthew join us!” said the girl once more, clearly not taking no for an answer.

The guy named Ricky just smiled. “Thanks, but we prefer it this way.”

“Gosh, you two only spend time with each other, are you guys dating or something?”

At that, Matthew glared. Even Mr. Lee had to admit he looked scary, as the girl suddenly cowered.

“Say what again Jean?” Matthew rose, as Ricky tried to calm him down.

“Hyung,  geudeul-eul singyeong sseuji mala (don’t mind them). Cmon sit back down.”

But Matthew seemed irritated at the girl.

“I was just joking.” said the girl timidly.

“You wanna know why I don’t want to join you? Because I don’t like you. Need I say more?”

“Hyung! Geumanhaeyeo.” Ricky pulled at Matthew’s shirt forcing him to sit. “She just wants your attention. You shouldn’t have been so cool on stage a while ago if you didn’t want to be bothered.” said Ricky jokingly, clearly wanting to ease Matthew’s tension.

“Wow, look at you, pinning this as my fault.” but he smiling slightly at Ricky.

“I’m just saying…” said Ricky. “Hyung, jeongmal meosisseoyo (you were really cool). I’m not surprised they’re acting like that.”

“Stop it already. That’s the last time you’re going to make me dance in front of everyone.”

Mr. Lee couldn’t hold much longer, he approached the two boys and quietly introduced himself.

” Annyeonghaseyo..”

Since he was older, the two boys got to their feet slowly and greeted him, bowing low.

“Please sit down. There’s no need to be formal here, we’re overseas anyway.”

The girls on the other table looked  curiously at them but since he was speaking Korean, they lost interest.

“I’ll make it short. My name is Lee Ho-yeon.” and he took a business card from his pocket and gave it to them. “I’m the owner of an agency called DSP Media based in Korea, and we’re currently recruiting talented young teens to join us. Do you mind if I ask what your names are?”

“Eun Jiwon-ibnida. Igeossneun Kang Sunghoon-ibnida (I’m Eun Jiwon. This is Kang Sunghoon).” Jiwon answered, taking a look at the business card.

“I saw you dance a while ago during the program, that’s why I took interest. Do you guys want to singers?”

Jiwon looked at him skeptically. Mr. Lee knew that look and he had to admit, for a teenager, he’s smart when it comes to strangers. He smiled at him.

“I’m not a fraud if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Well, they all say that in the first place.” Jiwon answered.

“Yes they do, but I can assure you that I’m legitimate.”

“We’ll have to think about it.” Jiwon replied. He doesn’t want to jump into decisions hastily, especially since both of them are being recruited. Jiwon wouldn’t mind doing it with Sunghoon, but he wanted to be sure just in case.

“I knew you were going to say that. Anyways, I’ll be staying in Hawaii for a week. You can give me a call of the decision you make okay?” Mr. Lee said then he stood up.

“Nae, algesseumida ( yes, I understand).” Jiwon replied, also standing up and bowing. Sunghoon followed suit.

After Mr. Lee left, Sunghoon faced Jiwon. “What do you think hyung.”

Jiwon was deep in thought. “We’ll talk about this at home Hoonie-ah.” he said.

“Arasseo hyung.”


Jiwon just got off the phone after he placed a long distance call to his dad. His father had connections in the entertainment industry due to his business. Jiwon called to confirm if DSP Media was really a legitimate company.

“You’re saying you were approached by Lee Ho-yeon?” his father asked.

“Yeah, Dad. He gave us his business card.”

“Aren’t you lucky. He’s the owner. I don’t know if he’s the CEO but he owns the company. They’re still small though if you compare them with others since they’ve only started. But **Firetruck is really popular.”


“It’s a group they’re handling. You’re saying you want to try? You’ve never liked singing in front of people.”

“Well, I get to sing with Sunghoon so I think it’ll be okay. Besides I love music anyway.”

“Ah, Sunghoon-ssi, no wonder. I should visit the temple and thank Buddha for letting you meet Kang Sunghoon.”

“Arasseo, ara.I’m lucky I met Sunghoon. You know, you and Mom are the same.”

Jiwon’s father laughed. “It’s just that you’re a totally different person now as compared to 2 years ago.”

Jiwon sighed. They’re making him look like such a bad student, and only Sunghoon managed to change him. He’d have to agree though. He has a lot to be thankful to Sunghoon for.

“Dad, is it okay if we do this?” he asked. If his parents were against it, he’d have to forget about it. One thing about Jiwon is that he would ask his parents regarding big decisions.

“Well… it would mean foregoing your college education though. But… if you really wanna do it I see why not. Besides, you’re still young.”

Jiwon contemplated the offer. Accepting it meant going back to Korea, where they would definitely train. Rejecting would still mean going back to Korea and applying for college. Jiwon always wanted to try different things but becoming a singer was one he never imagined. Since the opportunity already presented itself, he wanted to take the risk, but only if Sunghoon joined him.


Jiwon opened his eyes, and saw Sunghoon standing in his bedroom door watching him.

“Come in Hoonie-ah,” said Jiwon sitting up from his bed.

Sunghoon sat beside Jiwon, trying not to look too embarassed at seeing him topless. It was his room anyways.

“Ahem…” he cleared his throat.

“Did you talk to your Mom?” Jiwon asked, oblivious to the fact that Sunghoon was blushing.

“Uhm, yeah.. she said it’s up to me, though from the sound of it, she’s highly opposed to the idea.”

“Well, you’re still technically a minor.”

“Hyung, there are a lot of singers younger than me. Nan…hago-ssipeunde (I wanna do it)…. but only if you’ll join me.”

Jiwon smiled at that. He faced Sunghoon, whose cheeks were really red now. “It amazes me sometimes how we think alike. So, is that our only term?”

“Well, yeah, and that we’d only be joining after graduation. It’s only months away..”

“Yeah, 6 more months. So it’s a duo then.”

“Nae hyung..”

“Arasseo.. Tomorrow morning I’ll give Mr. Lee a call. Anyway this calls for a celebration.”

Sunghoon raised his eyebrows. “What are you planning hyung?”

“Drinks. It’s about time you learn.”


Author’s note: *Lee Ho-yeon is currently the owner of DSP Entertainment, the former agency of Sechskies. I don’t know if he was the CEO at the time they were discovered.

**Firetruck was the first group that DSP launched. They were successful and up to now are still loved by older generations.

The next chapter is a side-story, not really a full chapter. Hope you enjoy!! 😘😘😘😘


Side Story – What Happens When You’re Drunk?

Sunghoon looked apprehensively at the bottles of beer on the table. He hasn’t tried drinking before, and this will be the first.

“Hyung…” he called Jiwon, who was busy cooking something to eat while drinking.

“Hmmm?” Jiwon answered.

“You said so yourself that I’m still technically a minor, so why should I drink?”

“You’re not drinking to get drunk, you’re just learning. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you in check.”

I’m not worried.’ Sunghoon thought. “When did you start drinking hyung?” he asked.

“Same age as you are now.” Jiwon said simply.

“Oh, so I should take after you?”

Jiwon laughed, scooping up the fried chicken onto the plate and putting it on the table. Sitting down he opened one bottle and gave it to Sunghoon, who took it reluctantly.

“Hoon-ah, when I was your age, I got so drunk I couldn’t even make it back home. So no, you’re not taking after me.” Seeing as Sunghoon still held the bottle, Jiwon took it from him and poured some into a glass, then set it in front of Sunghoon.

“You weren’t alone?” asked Sunghoon.

“No,” Jiwon answered as he opened a bottle and poured a glass for himself. “It was Sienna’s 16th birthday party. You see, her parents are always away, so on her birthday she held a party for everyone. Since I was inexperienced, I ended up getting drunk. I woke up the next day, naked in bed with Sienna.”

“What?!” Sunghoon thought he misheard Jiwon. Surely, Jiwon wouldn’t allow losing himself like that.

Jiwon snickered. “I think she just undressed me. I still feel like a virgin though.”


Jiwon laughed. “I’m joking. I did wake up naked but not beside Sienna.” Jiwon took a piece of chicken and gave it to Sunghoon. “Here, eat first, then take a sip. Beer doesn’t taste good when it’s no longer cold.”

Sunghoon followed what Jiwon said and coughed. The beer tasted bitter to him. “Ack! You like this kind of thing?” Sunghoon wondered.

“It’s only the first one that tastes nasty. After a while you’ll get used to the taste, and you’ll find it refreshing.” Jiwon said while carelessly eating a chicken.

“Hyung… were you really alone when you woke up?” Sunghoon asked, still curious of Jiwon’s past experience. He never told this story to him before, maybe because they never drank together.


“Geureom, who were you with?”

“I was with Don.” said Jiwon seriously, but his eyes were laughing.

“Ei hyung!!”

Jiwon laughed again. “You look so serious, why do you wanna know?”

“I’m just curious…” Sunghoon said, taking a sip of beer hastily.

Jiwon looked hard at Sunghoon before answering. “Jessica.”


“I was with Jessica.” Jiwon answered, downing the whole glass of beer.

“Aahh…” Sunghoon no longer wanted to know the rest. Whenever Jessica is mentioned, Jiwon’s eyes would always lose their glow. Sunghoon drank half the glass, regretting his question. He took a piece.of chicken to mask the bitterness of beer.

“It’s the past. Do you wanna hear the rest?”

“Hyung, if you’re uncomfortable with it, there’s no need. Let’s talk about something else.”

“Yeah, well, I made so many mistakes before I met you.”

“Then I guess, I should thank the heavens you haven’t made mistakes since I got here.”

“I told you you’re an angel.” Jiwon said, smiling at him.

There he goes again. Saying things out of the blue. Just why does my heart flutter whenever he calls me angel? I can’t understand this. I really can’t.

Sunghoon downed the glass of beer, prompting Jiwon to stop him.

“Ya! Slow down! You’re not used to drinking, you’ll get drunk easily that way.” taking away the glass from Sunghoon. He poured him another glass, but warned him. “Cheoncheonhi.”

Sunghoon gave him an 👌 ok sign.


They were both on their 4th bottle. Sunghoon looked already tipsy, his cheeks flushed red.

“I think you’ve had enough Hoon-ah.” said Jiwon, taking the glass from Sunghoon.

“I’m shill fine hyyung..” Sunghoon slurred.

“No, you’ve had enough. Gosh, you’re a lightweight. It’s a good thing we’re home.”

Jiwon started clearing the table, while Sunghoon sat slumping, his head resting on the backrest of the chair. Jiwon smiled.

‘Angels are not supposed to drink anyway.‘ Jiwon thought.



“What if someone told you they like you, how would you react?”

“It depends on who’s confessing.”

“What if it was me?”


“I’m just joking..but what if it was someone like me hyung, how would you react?”

Jiwon sat next to Sunghoon and looked at him square in the eye. Sunghoon’s eyes were unfocused. Jiwon sighed. Sunghoon was clearly drunk.

‘If it was you, I’d gladly accept you with no questions, but since you’re drunk, I’m gonna let this one go.’ Jiwon thought.

“Let’s go Hoon-ah. You’re drunk, let’s get you to bed.”


“Sunghoon-ah, let’s go.” Then putting Sunghoon’s arm around his shoulder, he guided Sunghoon towards his bedroom.

“Hyung, I need to pee.” Sunghoon said suddenly, making his way towards the bathroom tipsily, Jiwon right behind him.

After relieving himself, Sunghoon made his way towards his bed, Jiwon following along, making sure that Sunghoon got tucked in.

Instead of lying down, Sunghoon sat down and pulled Jiwon beside him, forcing him to sit down.

“Ya.” Jiwon tried to get up, but Sunghoon held him tightly by the arm, holding him down.

“Hyung, I guess I’m drunk.”

“Yes you are, you’re such a bad drinker. The alcohol goes straight to your brain rather than your stomach. Go to sleep Hoon-ah.” Jiwon said, trying to make him lie down, but Sunghoon was adamant.

“Still, I want you to know one thing.” and Sunghoon did the unexpected, he hugged Jiwon tightly who grew still at the sudden action. “Hyung, saranghae. Neol jinjja chuae. (Hyung, I love you. I really like you.)” then Sunghoon  grew limp against him, succumbing to sleep.

Jiwon sighed, pushing Sunghoon away from him and gently laying him down the bed. He caressed Sunghoon’s face with a finger, marvelling at his perfect features.

“If only you were sober when you said that, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you how I feel no matter how weird it may seem. But I’m afraid you’ll forget this come morning. Still, it’s a good memory Hoonie-ah. Thank you. I really like you too.” he confessed to the sleeping Sunghoon, watching the rise and fall of his chest.

Then Jiwon did something he’s never done before. He kissed Sunghoon on the forehead, bidding him good night.

This was really a night of firsts.


Ai cham! My heart! 💞💞💞 Gosh, just when will they reveal their feelings for each other. Even I’m curious.😂😂😂

Please do note that the conversation  on the latter part is where Sunghoon’s supposed to be drunk, but since I find it hard to slur the words he utter, I decided to just write neatly. But please bear in mind that he’s drunk. 😂😂




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