Prince’s Promise by: koiniji_00


“I am not the Crown Prince, I said!” Sunghoon shouted angrily at his uncle. “I am not and will not going to be the Crown Prince.” He added, anger still evident in his voice. “So stop adding me into your schemes. I am tired of pretending, Uncle. I am tired. I never wanted the crown. It has always been Jiyong hyung’s crown. Always. You thought you had me in your side, but I am not. I was never on your side.” He ended while turning his back on his Uncle, ready to walk away and leave the life of royalty and to face a new life with Jiwon, together. He had done it. He had said it to his uncle. After all those years of being subservient, he had said what he really wanted to say.

Sunghoon has already exited his uncle’s room and has been talking towards his bodyguards not to follow him when a bullet pierced right through his left shoulder blade. Sunghoon was down in an instant, his bodyguards catching him while notifying the others for emergency and to catch the sniper.

Yong Gil went out of his room, staring at the commotion in front of him. With a smile plastered on his face, he said “You should have just agreed, my nephew. You should have just agreed and you might have been still alive right now.”

“Is that a confession?”

Yong Gil was startled to hear that voice, even more from his question. He stuttered a reply, only to be seized by them.

“I have promised you, Jiwon. And I chose you. I will choose you. I will always choose you.”

Jiwon kept on replaying what Sunghoon said earlier as he waited for him. Jiwon knew speaking alone to his uncle would take him time but he has been anxious since the younger walked out of his hotel room. He feels somewhat worried, actually. Especially because Sunghoon’s voice has a touch of finality and he looked so serious as he bid him goodbye.

He knows their relationship won’t be easily approved, especially since Sunghoon comes from the royal family. He knows everything will be difficult but still he followed his heart so he promised in front of Sunghoon and in front of Sunghoon’s brother that no matter what happens, he won’t leave Sunghoon, not now, not ever.

His phone rang and it was Sunghoon, he answered it directly with a smile on his face. “Hello, Sunghoon?”


“…Jiyong hyung?”

“Are you in your hotel room?”

“Yes hyung” Jiwon couldn’t understand what he is feeling, suddenly he became more anxious when he heard the older’s tired and weary voice on the other end.

“I have sent some of my men right there, please be here then. I’ll wait for you.”

“Hyung where is Sungh—“ the call was cut. He sensed a negative feeling from Jiyong’s phone call but he wheeled himself to stay positive

Nothing’s wrong. Nothing’s wrong. Nothing’s wrong.

He told himself nothing is wrong but when the car stopped in front of the hospital he knows. But still he told himself to stay calm. But fuck fuck fuck how can he stay calm!? Sunghoon, what the hell happened! He was just, he was just there with him earlier… they were just together earlier this—

“Hyung!” he ran to Jiyong who has been standing in front of the operating room. “Please tell me it’s not him in there” he pleaded to Jiyong.

“He was shot. Im sorry Jiwon-ah.” Jiyong watched as Jiwon shook his head in disbelief, leaned on the wall and slowly crumbled to the floor. “He is strong Jiwon. He will not leave you. He will not leave us.”

He might have said it to comfort Jiwon but it seems like he is comforting himself more. The younger is glad for his words though. He remembered how tough Sunghoon is. And he will not leave him. They promised… Sunghoon-ah you are not allowed to die. You promised me. You promised you will choose me.

As the time ticks by, Jiwon had a flashback on him and Sunghoon’s past.

The time when they first met and become friends…

Another boring day in class, Jiwon thought of sleeping through it all again. But it never happened because it was the day when Sunghoon transferred to his school. The new high school student became the center of attention in class but Sunghoon or known as Ricky, seems to hate the attention. Ricky sat at the back of him, cursing as he did. He knows the language Ricky used that he turned around to face the new guy with wide eyes, only to be met with a sheepish smile and an Oops, you’re a Korean? On which he nodded.

“Hi I’m Sunghoon.”


 Shaking their hands, He didn’t know it’ll be the start of their story.

Since then, they were inseparable, wherever Jiwon is, there is Sunghoon. And wherever Sunghoon is, there is Jiwon. They were a package, together. Also, they live together. It comes to the point that Jiwon’s girlfriend would let him choose between him and Sunghoon. He hates it, so much that he always broke up with her afterwards. So is with Sunghoon. When the comparing comes and the choosing comes, he knows it is the time to break up with her. They were both miserable when it comes to their love life, but at least they still have each other to lean on to.

That time when they had a fight…

“Sunghoon, why are you avoiding me?”

“I am not.”

“You are. You have been avoiding me in the school, even in the house. You have been avoiding me.”

“Jiwon hyung, I am not avoiding yo—“

“The hell you aren’t! This is because of your girlfriend right?”

“What?” Sunghoon asked in a small voice

“She came to me, and fucking told me to stay away from you. Ha, I was right. So is this it, Sunghoon? This is the end of our friendship, am I right?” Jiwon bitterly said to him, adding “3 years of friendship just because of a girl. Really, Sunghoon?”

“No, no , you don’t understand. No no—“

“Yes, I don’t understand! How come I would understand when you have been avoiding me!? When you don’t tell me anything!? How come I would understand when that girl that just suddenly came from nowhere claims herself as your fiancé and now tells me to stay away from you because I would never understand you? Who the fuck is she to tell me that?” He turned his back on the younger, ready to go out of their shared house.

“Eun Jiwon!” Sunghoon suddenly shouted, made him rooted on his feet. “Don’t you dare leave the house!”

“Who are you to order me around?” he said, still angry at Sunghoon but he became like a deflated balloon when he felt the younger hugged him from behind and leaned on his back, his face on his nape.

“I am sorry. Please, let’s not fight. I won’t avoid you from now on. Seulgi noona is not my fiancé. She is a childhood friend of mine. She is not betrothed to me. We were never betrothed. Please believe me. I—“ he turned around then crushed the younger in a bear hug.

“I believe you.”

When he had an epiphany that he loves the Sunghoon…

Sunghoon was out with his current girlfriend that time and Jiwon was at home thinking how lately he was affected bySunghoon’s girlfriend. At first he thought he liked Sunghoon’s current girlfriend but later discovered that he is jealous of Sunghoon’s girlfriend. He couldn’t understand why. He thought maybe because of how sweet Sunghoon is towards his girlfriend is and how Sunghoon was so attentive towards his girlfriend that he just put him aside. At first, he couldn’t believe he was jealous but when Seulgi told him he is an idiot for not noticing what was wrong with him, he had an epiphany. But he put it aside for how can he fell in love with his bestfriend? He thought he was straight but this happened. This is not happening. No, I am not in love with Sunghoon, he tried to convince himself that he is indeed straight and not in love with Sunghoon by flirting with girls who likes him. He even dated one of them but to no avail, he is really in love. Deeply madly in love with Kang Sunghoon.

That time when they kissed for the first time…

“Where’s your girlfriend, Jiwon?”

“She already broke up with me two days ago. How about you, where’s your girlfriend?”

“You know I have no one right now. And I’m tired with the choosing.” He said, then mumbled to himself “and the one i’m in love with won’t love me back, for sure.”

“Who?” Not knowing Jiwon heard him, he innocently muttered a “huh?” at him. “Don’t play innocent. You surely said those words”

“What words?” he answered, getting up, escaping towards his room.

“Yah, don’t you run away now!”

And then they were running all over the house. 20 minutes later, Jiwon was still in pursuit while he is already tired from all the running so he called out with a laugh “Jiwon hyung, I’m tired! Stop running after me already!”

“Only if you would tell me, who your love is!”

“I didn’t say anything about love, did I?”

“Yes, you did!” And the game went on only stopping at the kitchen table with Sunghoon and Jiwon on each other sides of the table. Jiwon ran and managed to captured Sunghoon. But he only didn’t captured Sunghoon’s body, he also ‘accidentally’ captured his lips.

“I didn’t me—“ he had no time on finishing his sentence because Sunghoon’s lips was on his this time. And he would rather play with his lips than talking right now.

After their sudden lip-locked, they became awkward around each other but Jiwon man up and confessed , with Sunghoon backing him up with an “I love you” of his own.

Eun Jiwon groaned. “Fuck” he cursed. “I’m sorry hyung. I didn’t –it was not—I was supposed to—I was—Seulgi noona—I mean”

“Seulgi? I won’t run. Now tell me what’s that girl’s been telling you.”

“Hyung don’t say that about noona.”

“Alright, alright. Now tell me.” He ordered, trapping Sunghoon on the kitchen counter.

“Uh..” Sunghoon muttered, looking at other places but not at Jiwon’s face. “I kinda confide to her what I felt and she kinda told me to kiss you? And that I would know afterwards and that I won’t regret kissing you and that she also told me—“

Sunghoon was talking too fast and Jiwon was just smiling wide at him but then he got serious and then he said, “I love you.”

“—I huh? What did you say?” Sunghoon squeakily said.

“I said, I love you.” He said again, softly, seriously.

Sunghoon was quiet for a while, just looking intently at Jiwon who was also staring at him. He was searching the other’s face, looking for a sign that he was lying but all he can see from the older’s face is his soft smile and the serious look in his eyes that made his heart flutters so much. Then, in a cute and small voice, he also said “I love you” with a smile on his face as he slowly went up to put his lips on the older for an another round of heart-fluttering kisses.

He also suddenly remembered the first date

It has been two months since they have gotten together and been two months since Seulgi went back to Seoul. Jiwon was so happy that they are going out for their first official date since they only have been doing dates inside their shared house. They went to a cafe, ordered their coffees, talked about their day but then he got bored because Sunghoon is in front of him not beside him. He then suggested that they just go home.


“I’m bored.”

“You can’t be. I see I am boring now. Are you going to break up with me now?” Sunghoon dramatically said but Jiwon took his words seriously.

“No! Of course not! I’m just… you should have sat beside me, Sunghoonie, not in front of me.”

“Really” Sunghoon shook his head “My Jiwon is such a cutiepie” he added making the older blush.

“I am not!”

And when Sunghoon had told him who he really is

“I’m Kang Sunghoon.”

“Of course, I know that. Now tell me what that Seulgi is doing here again? Is she going to tear us apart again?” he bitterly asked Sunghoon. Sunghoon can see a hint of fear on his eyes too. He wanted to ease the older but he needed to tell him his secret first. The secret that could tear them if not said. He hoped and prayed Jiwon would still accept him as how he knows him. He hoped and prayed this revelation would not make things hard for them.

“Hyung, I’m Kang Sunghoon, the son of Kang Dong Won and Kang So Hee, half-brother of Kang Ji Yong.”

Jiwon knows them, of course he knows them. He might have been away from Korea but he grew up knowing South Korea. Seeing Jiwon shocked by his revelation, he continued in a small voice “I’m sorry for not telling you who I am. I just don’t know how to say it to you. I came here on my own. I am Kang Sunghoon, with no title, I am Kang Sunghoon alone in here, please hyung say something.” He added when he saw Jiwon closing his mouth, his jaw moving, but not saying anything.

“…Is Seulgi your” Sunghoon was somewhat relieved when Jiwon asked him about his Seulgi noona instead of him being a royalty. But still, he knows Jiwon is just trying to take things slowly.

“No.” He answered directly. “Seulgi noona is betrothed to Jiyong hyung. She first came here to persuade me. She wanted me to come home, but I do not want to.”

Jiwon became afraid, is she going to take his Hoony away from him now? “Is she going to take you—“

“No hyung. Nobody can separate me from you. No one, not even Jiyong hyung, not even my uncle.”

He felt elated when he heard those words from Sunghoon. His fears have been defeated by the younger’s words. Relieved and weak on the knees, he leaned on the wall of their bedroom. Fighting with Sunghoon always takes so much of his strength, partly because of fear and partly because of the anger he felt as of the moment.

Their first night together …

Their day start sweetly with lots of kissing and hugging from each other. Even when Sunghoon was cooking, Jiwon was glued on his back.

“What do you want to do after eating?” Sunghoon asked

“I want to do… you.” He answered seductively, sucking the junction between his shoulder and neck.


“All right all right. I know, rest. I want to rest.”

“Prepare the table now so that we can start early and have some sexy time for the whole day.”

“Really!?” Jiwon exclaimed. “Yes! Sexy time!”

“Firsts should be romantic though.”

“Hoony-ah, you know I am not romantic.”

“Our next –“the doorbell was heard. Someone was at the gate. “Ill get it.” He said to Jiwon with a wink and a flying kiss.

Jiwon was thinking on how to make their lovemaking romantic for Sunghoon when he noticed the younger has been on the door for a minute now. “Hoony-ah” he called as he walked to the door only to stop on who he sees on the door with Sunghoon. Isn’t that the crown prince? He stuttered a word, anything to say, gladly Sunghoon was there to catch him up. “Hyung, this is my boyfriend.” He coughed on his spit, goodness this is not what he was thinking Sunghoon would tell! But he is happy because Sunghoon did not deny who he is in his life.

“I know.” Another cough from Jiwon. What’s with this siblings!? But of course, he would know. Jiwon straightened up, ready to talk something when Sunghoon answered his hyung which made him think it is better to let the siblings have this talk first.

“So I was right. Seulgi noona was sent by you. How could you sent your fiancé–”

“We were just worried about you, Sunghoon. I was supposed to come here but Uncle suggested–”

“Uncle?” Sunghoon answered with a hint of fear that was noticed by Jiyong and Jiwon.

“Wait, are you here to bring him home?” Jiwon butted in, ”because Sunghoon is an adult, he kn—“

“Jiwon hyung, please let me talk to my brother first.” Sunghoon hold his arm, calming him down. This is what he fears the most ever since Sunghoon told him who he really is. This cannot be happening. Jiwon watched as the brothers walked towards the gate where a car is waiting. He watched as they talked, deciphering their facial expressions is the only thing he can do but even that, he cannot do because the siblings are good in masking their expressions. His heart was thudding loudly in his chest as he watched Sunghoon. Will a beautifully started day ends with separation? I cannot make it happen.

Jiwon was still watching when Sunghoon bid his hyung goodbye. And Jiwon watched the younger as he slowly approached him. One look on his face, his heart shattered.

“No you’re not.” Jiwon said with a lump in his throat. Sunghoon didn’t say anything instead he dived in for a kiss but Jiwon didn’t answer his kisses, instead he said. “I won’t let you.”

Answering Jiwon, he said “It’ll only be for a few days. I’ll be back. I won’t leave you. I told you nobody can separate me from you, right? Well then, here’s a promise. I will come back, always.

“I will not let you.” Jiwon said, kissing Sunghoon aggressively. They are still standing on the door and Sunghoon opened the door so that they can move inside. The breakfast forgotten, they went passed the living room and kitchen.

“Come with me.” Sunghoon proposed. Jiwon answered him by lifting him up, letting him crossed his legs on his waist. They walked to their room, still in a lip-locked. Sunghoon has one of his hands on his nape, massaging it while the other on his scalp, running his fingers on his hair, knowing it’ll make the older turn on. He was right, he was answered with a groan from the older.

Sunghoon only noticed that they were inside their room when Jiwon put him down. Jiwon hastily grabbed his shirt, the younger mimicking his move, then went back on kissing Sunghoon afterwards.

Their first time together was heightened with fear with the fact that they might be separated; their relationship might not be approved by his family.




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