It’s still sunny in Hawaii, you know? by: Kyb_khhuyen

its still sunny in HI.jpg

What happen in Hawaii, stay in Hawaii.
But after all, they’re in love, that’s the matter.
So first, English’s not my mother language and i just translated from the original language, so there’s got to be some grammar or words error here.
Second, it’s hard to understand what am i writng, i’m just write down everything i think, it’s messy and, i don’t know, not good.
But if you clicked and read it, thank you.

Kang Sunghoon’s like a kitten, at the age of 16 he ran to a sunny sky, filling himself with the wind of the sea. Kang Sunghoon also happy with those smallest things like a kitten, easy to happy, new school, the beach, those coconut palm trees, the sun, and Eun Jiwon.

“Where do you live?”

At the age of 20, you dare to challenge this whole world, there’re nothing can make you hesitate. That 20 years old Eun Jiwon is full fill of vitality, his skin is tanned from the Hawaii’s sunshine, he wore a yellow shirt, running in the hall to chasing that guy just moved to school.

The sun shined through the window, shined on that little cat wandering around alone, sun shined on Eun Jiwon, his lips slipt out a line that maybe, Kang Sunghoon can ever be forget for the rest of his life, “Where do you live?”

If their teacher didn’t asked Sunghoon to call him up, maybe there wouldn’t be sun shined down the hall that day. If Sunghoon didn’t turned back, maybe in his memory won’t have any 20 years old guy wearing a yellow shirt sleeping in the class. Turn out, life full of miracle, you just need one sentences to change you whole life, “Where do you live?”

What happen in Hawaii, stay in Hawaii.

Jeaduc quitely looking at Sunghoon spinning his hot americano, and he won’t stop even if the coffee cup is becoming cooler. Haven’t seen in 2 years but he still the same, but only, he’s not that happy kitten he used to know.

“You changed your phone number right?”

It’s raining outside. Seoul’s sky full of black cloud, and windy too. Rain droped on the glass window from the coffee house that they sat, bring in the cold of the coming fall.

Sunghoon looking at the sky for a while, he thinks it’s gonna be rain for a long time today. And Jaeduc still looking at him like the first time they met.

Sunghoon doesn’t want to answer Jaeduc’s question. He heard it, but just don’t want to answer it. He’s not upset, not angry, he just feeling empty, don’t have the mood to open his mouth. He let out a heavy sigh, notices on Jaeduc who’s sitting opposite. He placed down the spoon, smile and node his head, it’s for the answer.

“How’s your mom? I’ve watched that show.”

Jaeduc must have talk about the show that Sunghoon went on a vacation with his mother, but it’s a sad memory, nothing good on that trip, like when he talk about that legal accident, not happy at all, he cried a lots.

“She’s still fine. Her back hurt sometimes, but the medicine that Jaejin hyung gave is very useful, she used it well and her back is becoming better.”

Sunghoon’s voice has changed, it isn’t full of vitality like it’s used to.

“Lucky for that.”

Keeping relationship with the rest of Sechskies may be is the best decision that Sunghoon have, also a right thing when he and Jiwon say no to DSP and leaved with the rest, when they are in the top of fame. But leaving together, that’s the best, no one leaved behind.

“I texted to Yoonji to asked her to meet you, hope that won’t disturb you.”

Jaeduc staring at Sunghoon. Since they found out Sunghoon is innocent, Sunghoon suddenly disappeared, no one can contact to him, and nobody see him as well. He just, vanish.

“It’s okay hyung, and don’t take as we’re stranger.”

Sunghoon take a smile, he recognized, seems like Jaeduc is trying to defense on somethings.

The Sunghoon who sitting here is a brand new one, he’s breathing the present sky, watching those shows of 2016, and Jeaduc still the hyung that he used to dance with when he was 17.

Jaeduc smile back, maybe he just thinks to much, he afraid that he would hurt Sunghoon.

“So, why are you calling me here? Just to asked how my mom’s health?”

Sunghoon’s joking, he felt comfortable with Jaeduc, they used to talk to each others a lots.


He straight his back.



“I’ve got a call, from Suwon. He said..” Jaeduc looks into Sunghoon’s eyes. “Jiwon hyung wants to meet us, have a meal, chatting, it’s been so long..”

The bell placed in front of the coffee shop’s door rang, say that someone is coming in. People heard the rain outside, suddenly becom noisy, but not for long, when that door is closed, everythings seems to be back with silent.

What happen in Hawaii, stay in Hawaii.

Eun Jiwon said that. And none of them ever talking about those time in that sunny island, let it be a good memory that they can’t take back.

The day they met, having a meal as Jaeduc said, none of them talking about that meat ball disk Jiwon called. They just sat and chatting about each others, just, nothing happen, 6 months later, Sechskies reunit.

There’s a relationship that hard to tell what’s its name. Friends, then become lover, then become friends again.

But still, a visible line standing between that relationship that both of two persons can’s cross.

It’s hold us back like a chain, reminding ourself that once we stop being a lover, it’s hard to stand as a friend.

It’s good to meet, to smile with each others, sometime holding hand, take some pictures, be nice to the others, that’s enough for a relationship that you just get by the “lover” one.

Sunghoon has been through a lots of things, he tired, desperated, but still as strong as now, he stand up and shined like he used to be. And so is Jiwon, he has the charisma of a man that divorsed. But none of them dare to think about the other one, they’re too scared.

[Won’t you stay for a drink?]

[No, you guys keep playing. I just want to take a rest.]

The phone rang 2 times notice the messenger then stop. Jiwon and Sunghoon didn’t contact a lots, they don’t have anything to say as well. Jiwon put the phone back to his pocket, take the beer can in front of him and pour into his glass. He tends to pour some soju as well, but Jaejin stops him.

“Don’t drink too much, you’ll pass out. Without Sunghoon, we can’t take you back home.”

Sunghoon again.

Suwon take back the glass fill of soju and placed it on the other side of their table.

Jiwon posted a picture on his sns that day, it’s him, Suwon, Jaejin and Jaeduc. He said, flower won’t drink alcohol, and everyone things they take care of each others, that was sweet, and that just how they are, Sunghoon and Jiwon.

Eun Jiwon isn’t drunk, but he can’t straight his back either. Sat beside is Suwon, who is texting on his phone, light from the phone flash back to his face, it’s red but seems like nothing to him, he smile sometimes.

“Texting with your girlfriend?”

Suddenly hang an arm on Suwon’s shoulder make him startle, then the whole body fall down to his’s, Jaeduc’s red face rub into Suwon’s body, he turned back, just to see Jaeduc’s silly laugh and looking into nowhere, he wondered if Jaeduc’s looking to his phone, or those message on it.

“It’s nice, right, having a girlfriend, texting with her..”

Jaeduc mumbled, his head look up to the ceiling, dacing in a silly way with his hands. Then it stop into Suwon’s body.

“Jang Suwon, you are really bad, do you know that?”

He look straight to Suwon’s eyes, see his drunky look in that, pathetic. Jaeduc has his feeling too, but he can’t tell, it’d broke everythings, so as their friendship.

“You bring Jaeduc home first, I’ll take care of Jiwon.”

Jaejin push Jaeduc on the other side, he’s getting too drunk that slowly falling into sleep.

Jiwon didn’t say anything, he just watch Suwon drag Jaeduc out of the restaurant.

When Jaejin is about to clean up the mess they make through the dinner, Jiwon spoke.

“Lee Jaejin, I know what you did, 6 years ago.”

Sunghoon likes Jaejin too. He likes his face, how he dances, how that Busan voice speak to him softly unlike Jaeduc.

Jaejin has his own way to show his feeling, he doesn’t talk, he action. He likes to draw his vision, he draw those persons that he loves on the white paper he placed on the drawing frame.

Jaejin’s hurt too. But he’s quietly, so nobody know he’s hurt.

“I know, why Sunghoon’s there, on that day.”

Jiwon let out a heavy sigh, he isn’t drunk, he’s just tired.

“I’ve tried to avoided, you know? That why I choose Hawaii, i don’t want him to be there, and I trusted you.”

They staring each other without saying anything. The silent keep them tired, makes them want to dead. He feel his heart heavy and he can’t stand it, just want to throw it away, his heart.

“But I can’t blame you now, it’s too late. I was wrong. But you’re not too late.”

“It’s my fault Jaejin-ah, and he’s hurt, he likes you too.”

They’re almost 40, what’s the point to be wait?

“Can you take care of him, for me?”

6 years ago, Jaejin finally has that guts to tell, he likes Sunghoon.

6 years ago, Kang Sunghoon though he’s satified with this life, a kitten happy in the Hawaii’s sun, and Eun Jiwon still stand by his side.

6 years ago, Eun Jiwon said, he’s getting married.

After all, Jiwon is tired, he want to take a rest, forever.

20 years more, who know they might seen Jiwon, sitting in the coffee shop in America, drank the drink he called, watching people playing outside the window.

Maybe, 20 years more, Jiwon might be laying in the hospital, for broking his weeky legs because of those naughty teenager who accidentally hit hime while skating board.

Or, 20 years more, they’re still there, at the restaurent they ate grill meat. All 5 of them, no more beer, just some warm rice wine, with the meat grilling in the furnace bar.

They had that connection that can’t be broke, but no one can call, what’s their relationship they’re in.

“Jaejin, what’s happen?”

Sunghoon ran from outside to the coffee house that Jaejin is sitting there waiting for him. They smile with each others.

Jaejin remember Sunghoon, he never forget, even when they seperated long time ago.

Sunghoon always smile,and Jeajin though, that’s it, that smile, is his sunshine out there, his Seoul’s sunshine.

Turn out, it’s that warm, his sun. His Sunghoon.

“I though, finally i can be brave enough to tell you.”

“But it’s turned out, that wish for you to be happy is so strong that i can defeat it.”

“I though he’s forgotten, but I was wrong Sunghoon-ah.”

“Sunghoon, do you miss your Hawaii’s sunshine?”

If there’s a wish, Jiwon’d wish to turn back to that day when he ran down the hall just to called the 17 years old boy who just moved to his class.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and that is the guy that he loves the most.

If there’s a wish, Sunghoon’d wish to be back when he was 17, standing in the hall looking at that guy walking in the sun shined down from window.

It was a beautiful sunny day, today is a rainy day, and Eun Jiwon is the man that he loves the most.

“Eun Jiwon.”

The familiar voice make he stops while draging his suitcase walking to the airport, noisy everywhere and people nonstop moving.

“Going somewhere?”

Who’s care what happen in the past years. Eun Jiwon said, what happen in Hawaii, stay in Hawaii.

Jiwon know what’ve he done in Hawaii 6 years ago, so is Sunghoon, ran all the way in that island just to see Jiwon’s wedding, which he’s not his groom after all. And Jaejin, he’s regret, of course, but it’s not him, never.

Eun Jiwon loves Kang Sunghoon, he loves the way Sunghoon said, Jiwon has the taste of Hawaii’ sunshine that he loves the most.

“It’s rainy here, right?”

“It’s still sunny in Hawaii you know?”

“Would you like comback with me?”



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