Holiday in Hawaii by: Yellow6Hexagon part 2

holiday in HI.jpg

Chapter VII

As usual, no matter how late Jaejin had slept, he woke up at 5am in the morning, did his morning jog and his normal routine. This time, however, as there are leftover ingredients in the refrigerator, Jaejin made himself some breakfast, which consisted of a bowl of cereal and milk.

Feeling bored, Jaejin decided to wake all the members up at 7am. His first victim was surprisingly, Eun Ji Won, their leader who was always late for everything. Even his sleep.

“Hyung~~~~” Jaejin sang loudly as soon as he stepped into the leader’s room, which was dark.

“Wake up hyung!! Let’s go exercise!!” Jaejin shouted as Jiwon groaned in his sleep and pulled the covers over his head when his dongsaeng on the lights.

“No!! Stop waking us up!!” Jiwon’s voice came out muffled under the blankets.

“It’s healthy to wake up early in the morning hyung.” Jaejin reasoned as he sat beside Jiwon on the bed and shook the bundle.

“No! No! No! I don’t want to wake up!” Jiwon rolled himself up further.

“And hyung, judging by your voice, you’ve been awake for quite awhile now. That’s unusual.” Jaejin noted, patting the bundle.

“How did you know?” Jiwon asked.

“Instinct.” Jaejin answered.

“Huh? That makes no sense!” Jiwon unrolled himself and sat up.

“So hyung, want to go for a jog?” Jaejin asked again.

“Nooooo! I’m too lazy!! I want to play games!” Jiwon shook his head vigorously, pointing at the game consoles littered below his television.

“Where did you even get all these games from??” Jaejin asked, flinching at the sheer amount of different game sets displayed on a shelf nearby.

“Some from Korea and some from Hawaii. That’s just half of my collection.” Jiwon grinned and felt proud of his collection.

“Whatever hyung. Come on!! Let’s go jogging!!” Jaejin attempted to pull Jiwon’s arm up.

“Nooo!! Pleaseee! Jaejin!! Let me off!” Jiwon struggled with the muscular Sechskies number 2.

“Then I’ll wake everyone up.” Jaejin stopped pulling and wanted to walk away but Jiwon stopped him by the arm.

“No wait!! I’ll go! Let everyone sleep more!”

“Okay. Let’s go then. I’ll give you 5 minutes hyung.” A smiled graced Jaejin’s face as he started down the stairs, getting ready for the second jog this morning.

“What?!” Jiwon sighed as he got up to change.


“Hyung…. Are you done…?” Jaejin sat on the swing placed in their garden and swung his legs.

“Jaejin-ah!! Where are you?” Jiwon shouted when he came down from the second floor to find the house empty. He wore a cap and simple sports wear.

“In the garden!!” Jaejin replied back.

“I feel so sleepy now… Can I go back and sleep??” Jiwon pleaded.

“You’ve already stepped out hyung. Let’s just go.” Jaejin then proceeded to pull his hyung out of the Villa and they started the jog led by Jaejin.

“I never thought I’ll be awake at this time of the day, to JOG.” Jiwon breathed.

“You have to build your stamina hyung. We have to care about our health more now especially at our age.” Jaejin nagged.

“Yes yes. I know.” Jiwon nodded.

“I’m just worried.”

“I know you are. I’m worried about everyone too.”

“Then why didn’t you let me wake the others up for the jog?”

“Jaejin-ah… Sleep is important too you know.” Jiwon pouted as he kept up the pace.


“Ha… Ha… Ha… H-How do you know t-this place so well……?” Jiwon and Jaejin had been jogging from their Villa to Waikiki Beach and back 2 times, and now they were taking a break in the cafe at Waikiki Beach.

“There are signs around hyung.” Jaejin said, taking a seat.

“They’re all in English though.” Jiwon blinked, unable to comprehend.

“I just know it.” Jaejin waved a waiter over.

“Whatever. Two iced Americano please.” Jiwon ordered.

“Hyung, I’ve been wondering. Why did you wake up so early in the morning?” Jaejin asked, leaning back.

“Hmmm… How should I put this? I wanted the day to last longer? Time will pass very fast if I slept.” Jiwon confessed.

“That’s why you were already up when I came in.” Jaejin nodded.

“Yeah… I’ll miss this place, the 3 days we spent here. But I want to comeback too! The dilemma, aishhh!” Jiwon took his cap out and ruffled his own hair.

“There’s nothing to worry about hyung! Just enjoy the rest of our time here!” Jaejin smiled, giving advice to his hyung.

“You’re right. That’s right! Jaejin-ah! Collect and pay for our iced americano later! Hyung is going to buy something!” Jiwon saw something on the beach and a bulb lighted up in his head. The oldest member jumped up from his seat and exited the cafe.

“What? Hyung! Aishh…” Jaejin sighed when Jiwon was no longer in sight in a few seconds.


“Hyung! Jiwon hyung?! I’m done!” Jaejin shouted to no one after exiting the cafe with two iced Americano in hand.

“Jaejin-ah! I’m here!” Jiwon’s voice came from a distance away where he stood under a palm tree, with a few bags in hand. Jaejin crossed the beach and reached his hyung.

“What did you buy hyung?” Jaejin asked curiously, trying to peer into the bags.

“Something we can play later! Let’s go back now!” Jiwon hid the bags behind him and hailed for a taxi immediately.

“We can jog back hyung.” Jaejin suggested.

“What?! With this bags?! No! C’mon! Get in! Stop being such an exercise freak!” Jiwon then pushed Jaejin forcefully into the taxi and get in himself.


When Jaejin and Jiwon arrived home, it was already 10.30am. Everyone was awake except for Sunghoon.

“Jiwon hyung! Jaejin! Where did the two of you go?” Jaeduck asked the two as soon as they stepped into the house.

“Went jogging, forced by Jaejin.” Jiwon answered and plopped down on the couch.

“Awww. Poor hyung.” Suwon monotoned.

“Did you guys eat breakfast?” Jaejin asked.

“Yeah. Suwonnie cooked us some western breakfast!” Jaeduck felt proud for his dongsaeng.

“There’s some left. Do you want some?” Suwon asked.

“Nah… I drank coffee already.” Jiwon declined.

“I had breakfast in the morning.” Jaejin declined too. Suwon nodded.

“What’s that hyung?” Jaeduck asked when he saw the bags beside Jiwon.

“Don’t touch! Tadaaa!!!!” Jiwon pulled the things he bought out after smacking Jaeduck’s hand away.

“Water guns???”

“Yeah!! I saw some children playing on the beach just now! So I decided to buy some for us!” Jiwon answered.

“I question your age hyung.” Suwon sighed.

“These look fun!” Jaeduck picked one of the guns up and pretended to shoot Suwon, expecting him to act shot, but as usual, Suwon waved his hand in front of him, dismissing the idea. Jaeduck pouted.

“When are we going to play this?” Jaeduck asked, pumping air into the gun.

“At Waikiki!” Jiwon answered.

“I thought the waters have jellyfishes roaming.” Suwon asked, glancing at the marks on Jiwon’s calf.

“We were there just now, and we checked with the main office. The waters are safe now.” Jaejin replied to Suwon’s worry.

“Come to think of it, where’s Sunghoon? He was the most excited one for today’s activities right?” Jiwon asked, looking around to spot the blonde.

“He’s still asleep. Excuse me, he learnt that from you I suppose, hyung.” Suwon teased.

“Really? SUNGHOON-AH AREN’T YOU GOING TO GET UP? WE’RE GOING TO WAIKIKI WITHOUT YOU!!” Jiwon literally screamed until his voice reaches the third floor and penetrated through Sunghoon’s walls.

“Hyung!!! That’s too loud!! You could’ve gone up directly to tell him right?!” Suwon complained, plugging his ears with his fingers.

“Too lazy.” Jiwon grinned. Just after Jiwon said that, one of the Whitekies door slammed open, revealing Sechskies main vocal.

“I’m awake! Don’t leave me!” Sunghoon shouted as he bend over the rail to look downstairs and saw everyone gathered in the living room.

“Sunghoon-ah! Palli!! We’re really going to leave you!” Suwon shouted, acting like they were really going to leave.

“I’m coming down in a second!” That made the other members chuckle. Truthfully, Sunghoon was down in a few seconds.

“Can we go now?” Sunghoon asked, panting lightly.

“Hold your horses. I haven’t even change yet.” Suwon held up his hand.

“Then we’re going to leave you Suwon.” Jiwon smiled devilishly.

“Jaeduck hyung, are you not going to change?” Suwon asked.

“Nope. I can go like this.” Jaeduck shook his head innocently and looked down at his own outfit. He was wearing a simple blue button up shirt and loose three quarter shorts.

“We’re going like this too.” Jiwon said with a straight face, looking at Jaejin and himself, who were wearing sports wear which is more than enough to go to the beach.

“All you evil hyungs.” Suwon grumbled before stomping up the stairs.

“Suwon-ah. Why are you not ready?” Sunghoon asked, confused.

“Come here, Hoon. We’ll have to wait.” Jiwon shifted himself on the couch and pat the empty space next to him.

“Wait hyung, we’re going to Waikiki? I thought jellyfishes are there.” Sunghoon asked the question for the second time.

“Jaeduck, explain.” Jiwon sighed, tired of explaining one more time.

“So apparently Jiwon hyung and Jaejin went for a jog this morning and they found out that Waikiki beach is safe again!” Jaeduck kindly explained.

“Really?! Yes!! I can go surfing again!” Sunghoon cheered.

“Let’s fill this first.” Jaejin stood up randomly and took the water guns into the kitchen.

“I’ll help!” Jaeduck offered as he pranced behind Jaejin.

“What are those hyung?” Sunghoon asked when Jaejin and Jaeduck were out of sight.

“Water guns!! I bought them this morning!” Jiwon declared proudly.

“Wait… Why does that sentence sound weird? Hmmm…” Sunghoon frowned, thinking deeply.

“Huh?” Jiwon tilted his head.

“OH! HYUNG IT’S THE WORD MORNING! WHY ARE YOU UP SO EARLY IN THE MORNING? AND EVEN WENT JOGGING WITH JAEJIN HYUNG?!” Sunghoon realised loudly, his main vocal voice echoing throughout the Villa.

“Calm your petals down flower!!” Jiwon plugged his ears with his finger.

“Okay okay…” Sunghoon breathed as he blew out a breath of air.

“So? Why did hyung wake up so early in the morning? It’s not like you to wake up so early even if Jaejin hyung kept bugging you.” Sunghoon asked calmly.

“It’s no big deal. I just happen to wake up early.” Jiwon waved the question off.

“Tell me hyung!” Sunghoon persisted.

“Nothing!” Jiwon snapped back.

“Hah… Let me guess hyung…… You can’t sleep because you miss this place? Is that it?” Sunghoon guessed.

“Y-You… H-How did you know?” Jiwon widened his eyes out of shock. Being members for more than twenty years ain’t a joke.

“I can feel it hyung. You are feeling more and more down as our days in Hawaii shorten.” Sunghoon told Jiwon.

“Huh? Is that suppose to make sense?” Jiwon blinked.

“Yep! Hyung! We can always come back in the future! Remember our promise? If we’re not married even in our old age, we’ll stay together in Hawaii right? And this is where we’ll stay!” Sunghoon smiled brightly. Jiwon froze for awhile before splitting into a genuine smile.

“Of course Hoon!” Jiwon pat the flower’s back hardly.

*cough cough*

“H-Hyung! Too hard!” Sunghoon coughed as Jiwon hit his back a little too hard.

“What are you doing to Sunghoon, Jiwon hyung!?” Jaeduck asked frantically when he saw Sunghoon coughing.

“Nothing~” Jiwon laughed.

“SUWON-AH! ARE YOU DONE? WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE A GRANDFATHER?” Jiwon screamed. His lead vocal and leader’s voice ain’t a joke as well.

“coMING!!!” Suwon’s voice suddenly turned louder when he slammed his door open in a hurry and it travelled throughout the house.

“LET’S GO!!” The five members cheered as soon as Suwon arrived downstairs all ready to get wet and sandy.


“YAYYYY!! We finally arrived!!” Sunghoon screamed when they finally reached the golden sandy beach bustling with people all around. Towering buildings and little cottages and shops surrounded the area.

“Woahh!! There are so many people compared to the last time we came here!!” Jaejin marveled.

“Shall we split up from here?” Sunghoon asked, eager to go.

“Yeah! I want to try scuba diving!” Jaeduck nodded, head turning everywhere.

“Parasailing for me!” Jaejin raised his hand.

“Jet ski looks fun!” Suwon looked out into the sea.

“Jiwon hyung, you?” Sunghoon asked.

“That.” Jiwon pointed.

“Canoeing?” Jaejin said, looking at a few canoes out in the sea.

“Yep!” Jiwon nodded enthusiastically.

“I guess we’ll all be trying out different things then! Let’s meet back here 2 hours from now!” Jiwon announced as the members nodded. Within seconds, everyone was already trying out their new sport.

Sorry but next chapter will be the last 😦




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