You Are All I Need by: Jessica

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  • a Wonnie fanfic
  • completed


Kimpo Airport

“Where is she? I wonder what she look like. Hmm….. Hope she’s pretty though.” said Sunghoon. “Shut up ,Man~! She’s probably older than us like the other girls.” replied Jiyong. “I don’t care. Hope she’s not like the girl before. That girl was terrible, man~!” said Jiwon. “There she is, look at her. She must be tired.” said Younghoon, the manager. “Younghoon oppa, long time no see, huh? So how are you? I’m so tired. Can we go home now?” asked the girl. “wait, aren’t you gonna say hi to people you’re gonna work with?” asked Younghoon. “Oh, yeah. Hello everyone! May name is Seungeun and I’ll be working with y’all as your featuring gasoo. I already know your names so you guys don’t have to repeat yourselves. Can we go home now? I need to rest you know……” asked Seungeun. “Yeah, yeah. Just get some rest and we’ll talk tomorrow.” said Jiwon.

In the car-

“Damn, she’s asleep already. She must be tired and we thought Jaeduc sleep too much.” said Jaejin. “She’s kinda pretty in a way. I wonder if she’s taken or not, hee hee.” laughed Sunghoon. “Oh, whatever.” replied Jiwon. “Hmm……Are we there yet?” asked Seungeun. “Almost. So how old are you?” asked Jiwon. “I’m 16.” replied Seungeun. “Oh, you’re young. How long have you been practicing?” asked Soowon. “Since last Christmas.” Seungeun answered. “We are here and you’ll be staying here. I’ll pick you up at 8 in the morning.” said Jiwon. “8? I can’t!! I really can’t wake up that early. Younghoon oppa, help me out here. You know I can’t wake up that early~!” said Seungeun asking for help. “Um… Let’s make it 12 noon. Seungeun can’t wake up early during the summer break.” said Younghoon. “12 is good for me.” replied Seungeun with a nice smile. “Yeah, whatever.” said Jiwon and thought ‘Damn… What does she think she is? She’s so stuck up. We gotta change our schedule for her? No way, this is not right. Definitely not right.’

12 noon at the Recording studio-

“Hello everyone~! I’m here. What are you guys doing right now?” asked Seungeun. “Oh, we were practicing our dance routine. I haven’t figured out your part yet so you can rest until we start recording. said Jaejin. “What? What do you mean by her part?” asked Jiwon. “Jaeduc, didn’t you tell everyone about Seungeun’s part?” asked Younghoon. “Well, I thought Jaejin told everyone.” replied Jaeduc. “What? I thought you told everybody, Jaeduc. I mean everybody looked like they know Seungeun coming and all.” replied Jaejin. “OK, She’ll be performing on stage with us.” said Younghoon. “What?! What is this, a joke? We can handle ourselves without her you know.” said Jiwon. “Um, sorry to interrupt but…” before Seungeun finish what she has to say, “You!!! Just shut up! We don’t need you to perform with us. We had little trouble with our 2nd album but we don’t need you that much. If you don’t want the job, then you can quit. You don’t look like you can do the job anyway.” said Jiwon. “Jiwon! Watch your mouth! What’s wrong with you?” said Younghoon. “It’s my fault. I forgot to tell the members about Seungeun.” said Jaeduc. “Well, all the paper works are done and she’ll perform with us for 3 months. Now, you guys know it’s not going to change!” said Younghoon. Room was silent and Seungeun felt some kind of hatred and anger from Jiwon towards her. “Maybe….I……I….shouldn’t be here. I don’t wanna ruin the team work. It won’t do any good for us.” said Seungeun nervously. “No, it’s ok. You’ll do fine.” replied Younghoon and looked at Jiwon. “Yeah, I’m….. sorry…. about yelling at you.” said Jiwon and he ran out the door thinking ‘yeah right, what can she do? I can’t believe the producers picked immature 16 year old girl who is so stuck up and all. I just can’t believe it! What’s so special about her enough to let producers think she can perform with us?’


Recording studio-

“Come on Seungeun~! Are you joking around or something? Do it right!” yelled Jiwon and pinched her arm lightly. “Sorry, oppa. I’ll try.” replied Seungeun. “Hyung! Give her a break. You’re being so serious just because you wrote the song.” said Sunghoon. “It’s because I know how it’s suppose to be done, dummy.” replied Jiwon with a little smile. “Try one more time guys.” said recording producer, Jimmy. “Man, she’s hopeless. She got great voice and all, but she’s not putting enough feelings to it. May be it’s because I yelled her before and she’s uncomfortable singing with me.’ thought Jiwon. “Take a break guys.” said Jimmy. “Seungeun, can I talk to you for second?” asked Sunghoon. “Sure, what’s up oppa?” asked Seungeun. “I was wondering, if you wanna have a dinner with me tonight. I mean… since we don’t know each other well, we can talk and get to know each other.” asked Sunghoon nervously. “Sure, why not?” replied Seungeun with a big smile.

‘I gotta talk to Seungeun and loosen her up. She can’t sing my song perfectly if she can’t get comfortable with me.’ thought Jiwon and walked over to Seungeun and Sunghoon. “What are you guys talking about?” asked Jiwon. “Oh, just some stuff.” replied Sunghoon. “Oh, ok. Seungeun, can I talk to you over dinner tonight? I like to give you some advice and directions about how I want the songs to be done.” asked Jiwon. “Tonight? oh….” said Seungeun. “Why? Planned something else?” asked Jiwon. “Well, Sunghoon oppa, I’m sorry but can we get to know each other another time? I really like to finish my work first. please?” asked Seungeun. “Sure, ok.” replied Sunghoon. “Great, thanks Sunghoon. I’ll pick you up at 7 then, Seungeun.” said Jiwon. “Ok, I’ll see you at 7, Jiwon oppa.” replied Seungeun.

Seungeun’s doorstep-

‘Oh man~, what should I say to her? I don’t wanna hurt her feelings again.’ thought Jiwon. “Oppa, what are you thinking? Let’s go! I’m starving.” said Seungeun. “Oh, yeah. Let’s go.” replied Jiwon. Jiwon didn’t realize his heart was beating faster every time. He couldn’t think of anything to say to her or couldn’t even look at her.


“So….. you haven’t said a word since we got here.” said Seungeun. “I’m sorry.” replied Jiwon. “So what did you wanna tell me about?” asked Seungeun. “Oh, yeah. I’m think I already told you.” said Jiwon. “Huh? You haven’t said a word.” replied Seungeun. “Well, you were talking to me, right? You told me your funniest jokes and made me feel good.” said Jiwon. “Huh? What do you mean? What’s that got to do with singing songs?” asked Seungeun. “Well, what I wanted to say was I want you to be comfortable around me. And now you are.” said Jiwon smiling. “Oh, ok then.” replied Seungeun. “I’m sorry about yelling at you every time you made a mistake. I just wanted you to be serious. Well, that’s what I do there. Make people nervous all the time.” said Jiwon. “I kinda of figured that our.” replied Seungeun with a smile. “So, how long have you been featuring gasoo? Don’t you wanna have your own album?” asked Jiwon. “Well, this is my first time and I don’t want to have my own album. You have to work so much. And I would like to finish school stuff first.” replied Seungeun. “Wait, did you say first time? First time with us or first time ever?” asked Jiwon. “I’m guessing you didn’t know. This is my first time every. I don’t think you like the idea.” replied Seungeun nervously. ‘What’s going on? Why is she working with us if she doesn’t have any experience at all? Why did the producers picked her for us?’ thought Jiwon. “Ok, let’s go home now… I’ll pick you up at noon tomorrow. Get some rest for interview tomorrow.” said Jiwon and Seungeun replied with a smile on her face.

Seungeun’s doorstep-

“Bye oppa.” said Seungeun. “Ok, don’t practice too hard. You might lose your voice, you know.” said Jiwon. “Hee hee, ok oppa. Whatever you say.” replied Seungeun. Seungeun gave Jiwon a hug and went inside. Suddenly, Jiwon felt comfort and his heart was beating faster than ever. Jiwon got into his car and on his way home, he couldn’t stop thinking about the moment she hugged him. ‘What am I thinking? Seungeun is annoying stuck up brat! Definitely not my type at all!! but… there’s something different about that girl. I don’t know what, but something…. something special….’ thought Jiwon before he went to bed.

After the interview-

“That wasn’t hard, was it?” asked Jaeduc. “It was kind of fun and nice. I feel like I’m popular already~!” replied Seungeun. “Too bad you can only stay and perform for 3 months.” said Sunghoon. “Whatever, let’s practice can we? Seungeun! You need to practice more than we do. Go practice.” yelled Soowon. “Soowon, lay off! She can handle herself. Why are you picking on her?” replied Jaejin. “No, he’s right. I need to practice.” said Seungeun. “Since you know, go practice. You don’t have time to sit around and chat,” said Soowon with mean looks towards Seungeun. “Hey, let’s eat first. I’m hungry.” said Jiyong. “Seungeun, sit next to me since you turned down my offer last time.” asked Sunghoon. “What~?! Already? That was fast Sunghoon. Already in love~ with Seungeun!.” laughed Jiyong. “Shut up, hyung.” replied Sunghoon at the same time his face turned red. He felt nice inside but he didn’t want everybody to know about it. If Jiwon finds out, then he’ll separate them.

Jekki’s house-

“Attention! This is the moment we find out if Seungeun is qualify to be the wife of Sunghoon. Wait! Wait! Don’t touch yet. Let Sunghoon eat first, Seungeun’s future husband~” said Jaeduc with childish smile. “Shut up!” said Sunghoon. “Go ahead Sunghoon oppa, taste it.” asked Seungeun. “Oh, man. They got some connection going on.” said Jiyong. “Hmm… very nice. You are very good cook, Seungeun.” said Sunghoon. Everybody started dig into food except Jiwon. He couldn’t help himself stop starring at Seungeun’s smile on her face. Soowon was mad at Seungeun for being close with Sunghoon. Soowon was trying to hide his feelings by being mean to her but that made them hate each other.

“What are you guys eating? We gotta practice new dance routine Jaejin made.” said Younghoon. “Oh! Check this out, it’s great.” said Jaeduc. Younghoon turned on the music and Jaejin and Jaeduc showed off their moves and explained every moves one by one. “So, every moves are around me?” asked Seungeun. “Oh, yeah. Of course.” replied Jaejin. “Sunghoon, aren’t you happy. Your wife got 6 guys around her including you. Guess you’re not that special.” teased Jiyong. “Hyung~!” said Sunghoon. “What if… What if I mess up?” asked Seungeun. “You can do it. I believe in you.” replied Jiwon. ‘What did I just say? I believe in you? What am I thinking?’ thought Jiwon. “Wow, Jiwon hyung. That was the first compliment you gave it to Seungeun.” said Soowon. “Just practice the moves would you? Come on, let’s get this right!” said Jiwon.

12 midnight at dance hall-

“Ok, that’s enough for today. Seungeun, you stay with Jaejin and Jaeduc. You need to practice twice as much as we practice. Can you do that?” asked Jiwon. “Sure, anything for you.” replied Seungeun. ‘What did I just say? Anything for you? What kinda answer is that?’ thought Seungeun. ‘Anything for you? What does she mean by that? She likes Jiwon or something?’ thought Soowon but no one suspected what Seungeun was really thinking. Everybody left the dance hall except Jaejin, Jaeduc, and Seungeun.

I’ll be back in a second. I need to call someone.” said Jaeduc. “Alright. Seungeun, show me what you got so far.” said Jaejin. Seungeun did her best but it wasn’t good enough. “Ooh, we got long way to go.’ thought Jaejin and decided to push her up to her limit. Jaeduc fall asleep and Jaejin and Seungeun was practicing hard. Maybe Jaejin pushed her too hard. “Ouch! Jaejin oppa, my ankle hurts.” said Seungeun with afraid looks. “Kim Jae duc~! Come here, we need to get her to hospital.” said Jaejin in hurry. “What’s wrong?” asked Jaeduc. “I think I pushed her too hard. She hurt her ankle.” replied Jaejin.


“What’s going on? What happened?” asked Soowon. “What did you do to her?” asked Sunghoon. “I don’t know. I was asleep. When I woke up, Seungeun was crying and saying her ankle hurts. I think Jaejin was too harsh on her or something.” said Jaeduc. “…” Jaejin didn’t say anything ‘cause he knew it was his fault. “You guys go home and get rest for tomorrow. I’ll stay here. Soowon! Call Younghoon hyung and tell him what happened.” said Jiwon. “No, I wanna stay too.” said Sunghoon. “She’ll be ok. Stop worrying and go home.” said Jiwon. Everybody left except Jiwon, Soowon and Seungeun.

“What happened?” asked Younghoon rushing into the room. “She hurt her ankle.” replied Jiwon. “You two, go home and get some rest. I’ll stay.” said Younghoon. “No, I’ll stay too. I’m the leader and I also have responsibilities here.” said Jiwon. “No, it’s ok. Drive Soowon home and get some rest. said Younghoon. ‘Damn, I shouldn’t have let her come to Korea. She’s not strong enough to finish this job. Maybe she need to go back to America.’ thought Younghoon that night.

Recording studio-

“Hi guys~! I’m back on track! Since I can’t practice the dance routine, Younghoon oppa told us to finish the recording first. Sorry if I made guy guys worried.” said Seungeun with a big smile. “Are… you…. okay?” asked Soowon nervously. “I’m fine. I just hurt my ankle practicing last routine.” replied Seungeun. “Come on, let’s record this thing and get it over with, ok?” said Jiyong breaking the silence in the room.

“Come on, Sunghoon. What’s gotten into you?” yelled Jiwon. “Sorry, I don’t feel so good today. Can we take a break for second?” asked Sunghoon. “Sure.” said Jimmy, recording producer.

“Um… Sunghoon oppa, are you okay? Something wrong?” asked Seungeun. “Oh, I’m ok. Hey, you wanna go out and eat something nice tonight with me?” asked Sunghoon. “Sure.” answered Seungeun. Sunghoon gave Seungeun a sweet kiss on her cheek. Seungeun felt uncomfortable but didn’t want to her Sunghoon’s feeling, so she gave Sunghoon a little smile.

‘What are they talking about? Shit, Sunghoon kissed her and she didn’t do anything about it. Are they seriously going out together?’ thought Soowon. “What are you guys doing?” asked Soowon. “Oh, we were just planning what we are gonna do tonight.” replied Seungeun.

“Jaejin oppa, can we practice the dance routine tonight at dance hall?” whispered Seungeun. “What?!” replied Jaejin. “Shh~. Don’t tell anyone. I want to keep it as a secret. I want to practice the routines and I need your help.” said Seungeun. “No way, you are gonna kill yourself practicing with that ankle.” replied Jaejin with shocked looks on his face. “Please, Jaejin oppa. I’ve got to do this. I have to prove myself…..” Seungeun managed to stop her from what she was going to say. “What? Prove yourself to who? Come on, tell me.” asked Jaejin. “…..” Seungeun didn’t say anything. “Well, if the reason is reasonable, then I’ll help you.” said Jaejin. “Well, Jiwon oppa thinks that I can’t do it. I wanna show him that I can.” said Seungeun. “I don’t know… Promise you won’t do anything stupid, would you?” asked Jaejin. “I promise, thanks oppa.” said Seungeun and walked away with a happy smile on her face. “Tonight at 8!!!! Don’t forget!” yelled Jaejin.


“Ha ha, very funny.” said Sunghoon. “Oh, Sunghoon oppa, can you drop me off at the dance hall? I forgot to meet someone there.” said Seungeun. “Really? Who?” asked Sunghoon. “Um… a… friend from while back.” lied Seungeun. “Oh, sure. When?” asked Sunghoon. “Um… now?” asked Seungeun. Oh, sure. Let’s go.” said Sunghoon but he wasn’t happy about it Sunghoon knew Seungeun was lying but he didn’t want her to feel bad.

Front of dance hall-

‘Where is she? It’s already 8 o’clock. Oh! there she is… with Sunghoon? Does he know about the practice? I should hide until I find out if he knows it too or not.’ thought Jaejin and hid behind the front door.

“Thanks for the lift. Bye oppa.” said Seungeun. “I’ll wait with you until your friend shows if you want.” asked Sunghoon. “No!! I mean, it’s ok. You go home and rest.” replied Seungeun nervously. “Oki doki, good night Seungeun.” said Sunghoon and left.

“Hey, what was he doing here anyway? Are you guys really going out together?” asked Jaejin. “Oh, no. We had a dinner together to get to know each other better. That’s all, honest~!” replied Seungeun. “Yeah, right. Whatever.” said Jaejin sarcastically.

That night they had great practice and decided to practice every night but keep it as a secret to other members. They had fun practicing and they were getting better and better every time.

One night…

‘I’m so clumsy sometimes, I should go back to dance hall and get my jacket that I need to wear tomorrow.’ thought Soowon. Before Soowon walked into the dance hall he heard music and saw Jaejin and Seungeun dancing together. “Hey! What are you guys doing here this late?” asked Soowon. “Hi Soowon…. um…. we were just… um….” Jaejin couldn’t think of any excuse. “We were …. on a date… as you can see…. me and Jaejin oppa.” lied Seungeun and whispered to Jaejin, “Just go with me here.” ‘What?! On a date? I thought Seungeun and Sunghoon were going out together… What’s going on?’ thought Soowon. “Oh, ok… Sorry if I interrupted you guys.” said Soowon. “It’s ok. We were gonna leave anyway… Jaejin oppa, I’ll talk to you later, ok?” asked Seungeun. “Sure, goodnight.” replied Jaejin and then went their separate ways.


Jekki’s house-

“Hyung! Explain to me.” asked Soowon with furious look on his face. “Explain what?” answer Jaejin acting like he don’t know anything. “Everybody knows Seungeun and Sunghoon are going out together. She’s no cheating on him, is she?” asked Soowon. “No!!” answered Jaejin but he didn’t know what to say to Soowon. “It’s not like that….. I mean…. I’m going out with Seungeun…. and Sunghoon isn’t going out with her. They just had some friendly dinner. That’s all.” said Jaejin. Jaejin was uncomfortable lying to Soowon but he had no choice but to lie. Sunghoon walked in to the room and said “What are you guys doing up so late?” “Oh, so you’re up. Let me ask you about you and Seu…” Before Soowon finished his sentence, Jaejin stopped him and said, “It’s nothing. Go to sleep.” “Whatever…” said Sunghoon and walked out. ‘Oh, I forgot why I went in there. Stupid me’ thought Sunghoon and before he went in to the room, he heard Jaejin and Soowon arguing. “So it wasn’t friendly dinner between Seungeun and Sunghoon, was it?” asked Soowon. “Man… Why do you care? It’s just… I’m going out with her….but… Sunghoon likes her and…um…. she doesn’t wanna hurt his feelings so…. we are dating secretly…ok? But don’t tell anyone. ‘cause it won’t do any good to anybody here.” said Jaejin. “Yeah, whatever.” said Soowon but he didn’t believe Jaejin. Soowon knew there’s more to that. Jaejin felt bad about lying to Soowon but it was for Seungeun’s own good and that was the best he could do to keep the secret. ‘I’m going to find out what are they up to… Seungeun, I want you.’ thought Soowon.

Recording studio-

“Finally….. we are finished!!” said Jiyong gladly. “But! We got to take photos, remember?” said Jaeduc. “Awww, I hate pictures…” said Jiyong. “Hey, Seungeun. Do you have time tonight?” asked Sunghoon. “I’m sorry. I already made plans with Jaejin oppa.” replied Seungeun and looked over at Jaejin’s face. “So you are going out with Jaejin hyung…” said Sunghoon. “What?! Oh… yeah… Something like that…” lied Seungeun nervously. Soowon overheard them talking. ‘Seungeun, I know it’s not true. You are lying, I need you, that’s why I love you.’ thought Soowon.

Dance hall that night-

“Ok. this is the last night we are going to practice here, ok? said Jaejin. “Jaejin oppa, I think I can do the routines by myself. Can I show you?” asked Seungeun. “No! Not yet. Your ankle… don’t do anything stupid.” replied Jaejin. “Don’t worry, oppa.” said Seungeun and started doing her part for Jiwon’s song.

“Damn, where’s my sunglasses anyway, oh may…it’s in the dance hall.” said Jiwon to himself. ‘Huh? Music from dance hall? But who?…. Probably Jaejin again, he always practice by himself.’ thought Jiwon. When he was about to go in, he saw Seungeun dancing with Jaejin perfectly. Jiwon was surprised Seungeun was doing it the way he wanted to be done and she looked beautiful to his eyes even thought she was sweating like crazy. Jiwon left the dance hall without disturbing them and on the way home, Jiwon couldn’t stop thinking about Seungeun. Suddenly, he realized Seungeun was with Jaejin ALONE!. ‘No way, Seungeun and Jaejin going out? That can’t be… no way..’ thought to himself. Jiwon couldn’t sleep that night. Al he can think about was Seungeun dancing with Jaejin.

Jekki’s house-

Ding~ Dong~

“Who is it?” asked Jiyong to the door rubbing his eyes like he wants to go back to sleep. “It’s Seungeun. Open up, oppa!” said Seungeun. “It’s too early. What’s going ton?” asked Jiyong. “No, we gotta practice our dance moves. We got to get ready for next week come back show.” said Seungeun excitedly. “So? We’ll be ok without you for a week. I mean we need you there but we can handle a week without you. So don’t get so pushy, Seungeun.” said Jiyong. “No, I’m going on stage with you. Doctor said if I don’t pressure my ankle too hatred, I can dance with you guys.” said Seungeun happily. “Really? That’s really great for all of us. Can we go back to sleep now?” said Jiyong looking down at Seungeun for waking him up.

Dance hall-

“Ok, guys. Show me what you’ve got so far.” asked Younghoon. Sechskies and Seungeun were perfect team. They finished the whole routine without making a single mistake. Everybody was surprised that Seungeun was able to perform without practicing for months. Jaejin was proud of Seungeun that she had finished the routine perfectly. Jiwon couldn’t stop starring at Seungeun and Jaejin because they were making eye contacts and telling each other they did great. ‘What can I do… they like each other… they really like each other.’ thought Jiwon. “that was great. Jaejin and Jaeduc, you guys take care of this part. I trust you guys so I’ll be back in an hour.” said Younghoon and left the dance hall. “Wow, that was perfect. Seungeun, how did you do that without practicing?” asked Jiyong with surprised looks on his face. Jaeduc was taking a nap in the corner already and other guys were silent. Sunghoon didn’t feel so good about Seungeun and Jaejin dating though he said he was going to help them out. Soowon was still thinking about how to get to Seungeun. Jiwon was thinking about that night at the dance hall wishing he didn’t see it. Jaejin and Seungeun didn’t notice them and concentrating on the dance routine they are going to perform on their come back show. “Ok guys, let’s do this one more time.” said Jaejin. “Seungeun, I wanna talk to you.” said Jiwon at the same time, he pulled Seungeun’s arm and went outside. “What’s wrong, oppa?” asked Seungeun. “What was I thinking? Why did I told her I need to talk to her? What should I tell her now?’ thought Jiwon. “Oppa, can I tell you a secret I’ve been hiding with Jaejin oppa?” asked Seungeun. ‘Oh my god. She’s going to tell me she likes Jaejin. What do I do? What if she wants my help? Damn… Seungeun I love you too with all my heart.’ thought Jiwon.

“oppa, what are you thinking? You’re acting so weird today. Are you sick?” asked Seungeun. ‘Please don’t tell me about you and Jaejin. I already know… Please don’t remind me… I can’t stop loving you. Please! Don’t remind me about you and Jaejin with your sweet lips…’ thought Jiwon but it was too late. “What’s the secret?” asked Jiwon even though he didn’t want to know what it was… How stupid this guy can get???

“Um… secret… You’ll laugh when you hear this… secret is…” before Seungeun finish what she has to say Sunghoon came out and said “I’ll say, Seungeun is dating Jaejin hyung. They’ve been seeing each other every night at dance hall. Is that it? I’m guessing she wants to ask you to move out of her way to Jaejin hyung. I won’t let anybody hurt Seungeun either. Hyung, let her be with a person she likes.” Seungeun was shocked. Seungeun didn’t realize how Sunghoon felt about her. “I… I don’t know what to say but…” before Seungeun finished her sentence, Jiwon ran out side and Seungeun tried to follow him but Jiwon already drove away. ‘Wha… no… this is bad.. it’s not suppose to happen this way… I don’t know what I want now. Why is my heart hurting so bad… I feel… I feel.. like crying… I wanna cry… what’s happening to me?’ thought Seungeun and she lost her conscience.


“What happened? What’s going on?” said Jiwon rushing in. “Seungeun fainted after you left. We don’t know why. When we came out side to get you guys she was laying on the ground.” said Jaejin. Suddenly Sunghoon grabbed Jiwon’s arm and went out side. “Hyung! Don’t hurt Seungeun. I don’t want to see her getting hurt by anyone, not even you! Leave her alone. Let her be with Jaejin hyung if that’s what she wants.” said Sunghoon. Jiwon didn’t say anything. When Jiwon tried to walk out, Sunghoon punched Jiwon’s face. Jiwon fell on the ground and looked at Sunghoon’s face. Jiwon saw tears in Sunghoon’s eyes and walked away.

‘Sunghoon is right. It’s all my fault. I should let go of Seungeun. She likes Jaejin for sure now, I need to stop thinking about her… I wanna be her side all the time.. like… a brother if that’s what she wants… I love you, Seungeun.’ thought Jiwon.

“What happened? What am I doing here?” said Seungeun when she woke up. “You don’t remember? You fainted when Jiwon hyung walked out. What did he do to you?” asked Jaejin with worried looks. “Oh, he didn’t do anything. Where is he anyway?” asked Seungeun. “He went outside with Sunghoon.” said Jaeduc. Sunghoon walked into the room and saw Seungeun awake. “Are… you okay?” asked Sunghoon nervously. “Yeah… I need to talk to Sunghoon alone. I wanted to tell Jiwon oppa first but since you’ve set your heart based on my lies, I should tell you first.” said Seungeun and everybody knew they need to leave them alone. There was Sunghoon and Seungeun in the room and no one else. “What do you mean by wrong idea?” asked Sunghoon. “Me and Jaejin oppa, there’s nothing between us. We were practicing my dance moves at night together. Somehow, I felt like I needed to prove to Jiwon oppa that I can dance and sing good enough. So I practiced every night and Soowon oppa saw us together, so… I lied. I’m sorry.” said Seungeun. “Oh, that’s what happened. I’m sorry too if I hurt you or anything. Why did you felt like you need to prove yourself to Jiwon hyung?” asked Sunghoon. “‘cause….. I like him…” replied Seungeun. Sechskies weren’t allow to date. Since Jiwon was the leader, he was strict about dating and Seungeun thought Jiwon ran out because Seungeun and Jaejin was dating without his permission. “I’m always here for you, Seungeun.” said Sunghoon. Seungeun smiled him back. Soowon was outside listening to their conversation and realized Seungeun loved Jiwon. The way she talks about Jiwon was somehow different. Soowon didn’t know what to do but to stop them from dating each other. Soowon was the only one who knew Jiwon and Seungeun liked each other.

Back stage after performing comeback show-

“Hew~. That wasn’t hard was it?” asked Jiyong. “Oh, I think it was exciting and fun.” said Seungeun. “Get dressed for the interview. We don’t have time to chat, hurry!” yelled Jiwon. ‘Jiwon oppa, talk to me. I’m smiling outside but crying inside, can’t you tell? I need you oppa… please… I’ll do anything for your love and trust.’ thought Seungeun. ‘Seungeun, I wish I can talk to you the way I feel about you. But what if I’m in your way? I don’t wanna get in your way or hurt you like I did before. Please understand. I love you and I wanna stay next to you forever. I know this is the only way I can do that.’ thought Jiwon.


“So none of Sechskies members have girlfriend? Unbelievable!” said SES, Eugene. “Well, tell us about your dream girl, Jiwon.” asked Shoo. Jiwon looked at Seungeun for second and said “Long straight hair, cute smile, great personality, great singer and dancer. Also…. who gives me the joy of life.” “Wow, thank you for your time and hope you find your dream girl, Jiwon.” said Bada. ‘Oh, I already have. One that I can’t touch,,,,’ thought Jiwon.

Few weeks later at Jekki’s house-

Everybody was tired and were happy except Seungeun and Jiwon. Seungeun was hiding her feeling since she started acting. But everybody knew except Seungeun that Jiwon was depressed.

“Well, have a good night for tomorrow. I’ll get going now.” said Seungeun. “I’ll give you a ride home.” said Younghoon. “Wait, let me. I gotta tell her something. Is it ok with you, Seungeun?” asked Jiwon. “Sure.” replied Seungeun.

In the car-

‘What should I say? Man… why do I always do this?’ thought Jiwon. “Um… Oppa…” Before Seungeun finish what she was going to say Jiwon said, “Oh, good luck with Jaejin. You got my blessing. You guys make a great couple, you know.” Jiwon regretted what he said right away. ‘Damn, why did I say that for? I miss you, Seungeun. Please give me your smile. I wanna see you happy just for me. I don’t wanna share with other people. Just smile for me.’ thought Jiwon starring at Seungeun. “No!!! That’s not what I wanted to hear!” yelled Seungeun with tears in her eyes. “What did you say?” asked Jiwon with shocked eyes. His hands were shaking and his heart was beating faster every moment. “I mean… you… you are all I need.” said Seungeun quietly. “What about…” before Jiwon finish his words Seungeun interrupt, “Jaejin oppa and I was practicing our dance moves together. I wanted to show you I can do it. I did it for you, just for you… I just wanted you to like me more.” said Seungeun. ‘For me? Why? Oh Seungeun, I had no idea… I really didn’t.’ thought Jiwon but he couldn’t say anything out loud. ‘Jiwon oppa, say something. I guess you don’t like the idea once again… I understand. It’s time for me to move on. I won’t bother you again.’ thought Seungeun. Seungeun got out of the car and ran inside of her house.


Seungeun’s house-

‘I can’t stay here. I gotta get out of this place.’ thought Seungeun and called Younghoon. “Younghoon oppa? It’s Seungeun. I can’t take any more pressure. Remember you said Korea is not good for me? It’s not the place for me? Well, I think you are right. Listen, I need to go back to America.” said Seungeun. “What?! We are about to start our 2nd song though. What’s wrong?” asked Younghoon. “Don’t ask anything and please, let me do this.” said Seungeun desperately. “Um… ok. It’s only because I trust you. But! You gotta promise me you’ll be back next Thursday. And~, while you are there, we had an offer for you. Back street boys wants you to be their featuring vocal. Can you handle that?” asked Sunghoon. “I’ll take it. When do we leave?” asked Seungeun. “Is tonight ok?” answered Younghoon with another question. “Sure, pick me up now. I’ll pack my stuff.” said Seungeun and hung up the phone. ‘I’ve got to get out of here. At least I got a good excuse to leave Jiwon oppa. Jiwon oppa… good bye…’ thought Seungeun.

Kimpo Airport-

“I’ll see you on Thursday. Don’t forget to come back though. We need you here too, you know.” said Younghoon. “Hee hee, ok oppa. Just cover for me to other guys…” said Seungeun. ‘Jiwon oppa, I won’t bother you anymore. This time, I’ll forget you for sure…’ thought Seungeun.

Music bank backstage-

“What?! When did she decide this? Without us discussing it together?” Sunghoon couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “She’ll be back next Thursday and she decided this last night. She called me at night saying she wanna go back to America for week or so. So I gave her the offer and she took it right away. It’s good for her to work with one of world famous gasoo.” said Younghoon. “Aw~ man…” said Jaeduc with disappointment. “She’ll be back next Thursday, don’t worry.” said Jaejin. “….no, she won’t” said Jiwon quietly. “What?” asked Jiyong. “She’s not coming back.” said Jiwon. “Hyung! Younghoon hyung said…” Before Soowon finishes Jiwon went on. “That’s just an excuse to get out of country. She left because… because of me… and she’s not coming back.” Jiwon knew Seungeun left because of last night he didn’t answer he when she told him how she felt about him. I’ll talk to you later. Get on the stage now!!!” yelled Younghoon.

Recording studio-

“Jiwon hyung! What’s up with you? Why didn’t you answer any of the questions? I almost had a heart attack.” said Jaejin. “Oh, sorry…” said Jiwon. “Jiwon, come here for second.” asked Younghoon. “What’s up?” asked Jiwon. “What did you do to Seungeun? Every time we talk about Seungeun, you freeze up and every time we talk about you, Seungeun try to avoid talking at all. You know how I’m strict about dating. What’s going on?” asked Younghoon. Jiwon didn’t answer. He couldn’t stop thinking about the night before she left. “Hyung! I got to go get her back. I need to talk to Seungeun in person. I need to tell her something before it’s too late.” said Jiwon. “What? What do you have to tell her? What’s going on between you two?” Younghoon asked. “I can’ lose her now. I can’t do anything with her.” said Jiwon and left the room. Younghoon tried to stop him but Jiwon left already. ‘Even if Seungeun doesn’t like me the way I like her, as long as I can stay near her, I can take anything. Seungeun, I wanna be your guardian angel forever. I wanna protect you. You are all I need too….

thought Jiwon on the plane way to America.


“Wow, Seungeun! Great voice you’ve got there.’ said Back street boys member, Nick. “Thanks.” replied Seungeun. Suddenly, door opened and Jiwon was standing front of Seungeun starring at her. “Oppa…” Seungeun couldn’t believe her eyes that Jiwon was standing front of her. “What…. are you doing her?” said Seungeun trying to hide her happiness. “To get you…” replied Jiwon. “Huh? What do you mean? Let’s talk outside.” said Seungeun.

“I…. I… just had to see you… I felt like losing you. I need you Seungeun. Please don’t leave me. Come back t us.” begged Jiwon. “I can’t. I already signed their contract I’ll be there on Thursday.” said Seungeun and tried to walk away but Jiwon grabbed her arm and said “No!! I won’t leave you here. I’ll stay here with you until Thursday. I love you. You are all I need…” said Jiwon and stole her first kiss.

LA Airport-

“It’s been fun working with y’all.” said Seungeun with a smile on her face. “Us too of course… Thank you for helping us out and hope we get to work together soon. We’ll miss you.” said the manager of Back street boys. “I still can’t believe you turn down our offer. I thought you liked working with us, then why are you leaving?” asked Nick with puppy looks. “Of course I want to stay. If I can I wanna stay too but I’ve got other promise to keep back in Korea. I’ll keep in touch, Alright?” said Seungeun. “Sure, if you change your mind, you know who to call right?” asked manager. “Of course.” replied Seungeun and got on the plane thinking ‘Jiwon oppa, I miss you too. I’ll be there as soon as I can.’

Kimpo Airport-

“Where is she? It’s been an hour since her plane arrived. What’s she doing in there?” said Jiwon. “Slow down man… You’re lucky Younghoon hyung doesn’t know what happened in America between you and Seungeun. If he finds out about it, you know he won’t leave you guys, right?” said Jaejin. “Don’t worry. We can take care of this. He’ll never find out. We’ll be careful.” said Jiwon. “Jiwon oppa! Jaejin oppa! What you guys talking about?” said Seungeun. “Seungeun!” said Jiwon and they hugged. “Aw, man~ Stop that stuff.” said Jaejin “What?! Don’t worry. We don’t get caught.” whispered Jiwon.

Recording studio-

“What up~! I’m back, everybody!” said Seungeun happily. “Seungeun! You’re back. We missed you so much. Why did you leave?” asked Sunghoon. “Oh, I wanted to get some fresh air. You know, America fresh air.” replied Seungeun with a big smile. “Seungeun, glad to have you back. How’s everything back in America?” asked Younghoon. “Great! They offered me a 1 year contract but…” before Seungeun finish her words, “You’re not gonna go, aren’t you? We need you here!!!” said Soowon. “I haven’t finished, oppa. I turned them down. They said I can go back anytime I want to.” Seungeun finished what she had to say. “Hew~. Don’t go, ok? We need you.” said Jaeduc. “Let’s have a welcome back party here. How’s that?” asked Jiyong. “Great idea from you. Never expect that. Let’s do it.” said Jaejin. “Ok, tonight at…8 o’clock, here.” said Jiwon. “Great~. I’ll just go home and get some rest for tonight then. Bye everyone.” said Seungeun. “I’ll give you a ride home. See you guys later.” said Jiwon and left the studio with Seungeun.

In the car-

“Jiwon oppa, this is not the right way. Where are we going?” asked Seungeun. “You’ll see.” said Jiwon with a smile that didn’t last long. Suddenly, his car stopped. “Oh, shit! Not again… I gotta get this junk fixed.” said Jiwon. “What’s going on?” asked Seungeun. “Seungeun, can you pushed the car? My car got some engine problem. I forgot to check It out. Can you push it from the back?” asked Jiwon. “What?! You want me to push?” asked Seungeun. “Well, yeah since you don’t have Korea driver’s license.” replied Jiwon. “Ok…”said Seungeun.

When Seungeun was about to push the car, trunk opened. ‘What the…’ thought Seungeun and when she looked inside, trunk was full of roses. Full of red roses. “Oppa… I don’t know what to say…” said Seungeun with tears in her eyes. “Don’t cry. I just wanted you to know how much I love you.” said Jiwon and hugged Seungeun.

That night party was great but Younghoon knew about Seungeun and Jiwon. While they were having fun, Younghoon starred at them and thought of way to separate them. ‘I knew it! Jiwon and Seungeun got something going on… I’ve got to stop them. It’s no good for either of them.’ thought Younghoon. I’ve got to think of something to send Seungeun away to America and work there. She can handle working there but how can I convince her?’ thought Younghoon. During the party Jiwon and Seungeun were together whole time and either of them knew what Younghoon was planning for them.


“Jiwon oppa, you wanna go to the arcades? I’ve never been to Korea arcades.” said Seungeun. “Really? That’s one of my favorite place! We’ll go there after the show, ok?” said Jiwon and Seungeun with replied with a smile. Younghoon looked at Seungeun and Jiwon. As usual, they were talking to each other and laughing, having fun. Younghoon couldn’t just send her away because she just came back. Also, Sechskies desperately need her right now. ‘We’ll have to see how they turn out. But I have to do something before things gets too serious.’ thought Younghoon.

“Guys! Our schedule has been changed. All schedules has been canceled because of IMF special news. You guys can do whatever you guys want, but don’t get discovered by other people, got it?” said Younghoon. :Great! Let’s go out all together.” said Jiyong. “Sorry, Seungeun and I got other plans. We are going somewhere that she’d never been to.” said Jiwon looking at Seungeun. “Whhhaaattt? Already? Damn…. well, how about you guys?” asked Jiyong. “Let’s go clubbing. It’s kinda dark so nobody will recognize us.” said Jaejin. “It’s all cool.” said Sunghoon even though he wanted to hang out with Seungeun. Everybody knew what was going on between Jiwon and Seungeun but they were hoping Younghoon didn’t notice anything.


“Oppa, this place is fun!” said Seungeun. “Well, I come here when I don’t feel good or anything.” said Jiwon. “I guess it helps release stresses and everything, huh.” said Seungeun. “Sort of. Come on. Let’s try that one.” said Jiwon. They were having blast. ‘I guess they are really in love.’ thought Soowon hoping they didn’t see him. ‘I don’t get it. At first, Jiwon hated her and now he can’t do anything without her. Seungeun, why is she going out with him? What’s so cool about him that I don’t have? I wanted her so bad and now I can’t even go near her. She’s always with Jiwon hyung.’ thought Soowon.

Beep—-! Beep—-!

“Oh, sorry oppa. It’s my beeper. I’ll be back in a second.” said Seungeun and left.

“Hello? Did someone paged?” asked Seungeun. “Uh-huh, uh-huh. Really? Right now? um… can we meet tomorrow? Oh… I….. I’ll be there in 30 minutes.” said Seungeun and hung up the phone.

“Oppa, great news! Japanese production wanna check me out.” said Seungeun. “Really? That’s great!” replied Jiwon. “But I gotta go right now.. Is it ok with you?” asked Seungeun. “Oh, sure. We can go out another time.” said Jiwon. “Thanks oppa. I’ll call you from Japan.” said Seungeun and ran out of arcades leaving Jiwon standing.


“Hew~, he asks too many questions.” said Seungeun after the interview. “Don’t worry. You’ll pass.” said Younghoon. “Oh, and um… I think you need a new manager since you’ll be working separately from now on. You know if you are going to stay here, you won’t be working with us, right?” asked Younghoon thinking he’ll separate Jiwon and Seungeun for sure. “What?! So if I take the job, then Sechskies are going away?” Seungeun replied with another question. “Well, yeah. You can’t have two contracts according to Japanese contract you are going to sign.” said Younghoon. “…….” Seungeun didn’t say anything. Working in Japan was one of her dream, but she couldn’t imagine herself without Jiwon in her lief. She realized she can’t have both. She had to choose but which one? “Seungeun, I gotta go back to Korea. Sign the contract later by yourself and I’ll see you in Korea.” said Younghoon and left. Seungeun sat in the same place for an hour or so thinking what she’ll do.

“Surprise~~.” said Jiwon standing front of Seungeun. “Jiwon oppa? Is it really you? How did you get here? When?” asked Seungeun. “Slow down girl~. I’m here to see you , of course. So how did you do?” asked Jiwon. Seungeun couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t possibly tell Jiwon what was her choices. “What’s wrong? Did they rejected you?” asked Jiwon. ‘I can’t do this to Jiwon oppa. I love him and he loves me. I don’t want to leave him. Besides, I can work in Korea, too. It’s not like I got no job or anything.’ thought Seungeun and decided to be with Jiwon at the moment she saw him. “Yeah, they did. But I don’t feel bad at all. Actually, I feel good about it. I get to stay with you in Korea. You know how much I love you, don’t you?” asked Seungeun. “Of course I do. I love you, too. I’m glad you feel ok. Since you don’t feel bad, I’m glad they rejected you too. I get to work with you in Korea.” replied Jiwon with a smile on her face. “Oppa, let’s go home now.” said Seungeun.


“You did what? Are you out of your mine? I trusted you. How can you be that stupid?” yelled Younghoon. “I want to stay here. It’s not like Japan is the only place I can go. I want to stay in my own country and work for my country.” said Seungeun. “No you don’t. You turned them down because of Jiwon, didn’t you? I know about you two. You know it’s no good for both of you.” asked Younghoon. “…..” Seungeun didn’t answer. “Listen, I care about you and it’s not too late to go back. Go to Japan. I know you’ll succeed there. Korea is too small for you. You can hang with big fishes from now on. Come on, go to Japan.” said Younghoon. It was too late. Seungeun already chose to stay with Jiwon and that was final. “Fine, but don’t blame me in the future.” said Younghoon and let Seungeun go.

Seungeun’s house-

‘May be Younghoon oppa is right. What of if I’m making a mistake? No, I did the right thing. If they really want me, they will ask me again.’ thought Seungeun. She was suppose to meet Jiwon at the arcades but she totally forgot about it. That night, Seungeun decide to work hard in Korea and be the best.


3 months later-

Beep—-! Beep—-!

“Dang! Whose beeper is it? Didn’t I tell you guys to turn off the pagers?” said Jimmy, recording producer. “Oh, sorry. It’s mine. I think it’s emergency. I’ll be back in a second.” said Seungeun. “Fine, take a break,” said Jimmy. “Who is it?” asked Jiwon. “I don’t know. Let me check first.” replied Seungeun.

“What?! Really? What do I need to think about? I’ll take it!” said Seungeun on the phone and hung up. “Guess what? I got a chance to work in England!!!!” yelled Seungeun. “That’s great! I knew you would make it anywhere.” said Jaejin. “England? Wow, that’s great.” said Sunghoon. Everybody was happy except Jiwon. Jiwon knew he had to let go of her if she leave to England. “So, who are you going to work with?” asked Soowon. “Guess~.” replied Seungeun. “Hm… Come on. Tell us.” asked Jaeduc. “Well, pl. I’m going to work with…. nobody!! They want me to work by myself!” replied Seungeun. “Your single album already? Wow, that was fast.” said Sunghoon. “Actually, there’s more. They want me to be an actress, too.” There’s this popular sitcom in England called ‘USA High’ and they want me in it!” said Seungeun. “Great! But what’s going to happen with us?” asked Jiyong looking at Jiwon. “….” Seungeun couldn’t say anything. She knew it was going to hurt Jiwon and that was the last thing she wanted to do. “I guess this will be the first and last time working together.” said Soowon.

“Seungeun! Are you out of your mine? Turn down the England offer? No way. This time, you are going and work there.” said Younghoon. “I want to stay here.” said Seungeun. “Being with Jiwon only going to hurt him. Don’t be so selfish. If you tell him you turned down the offer for him, he’ll think he’s just in your way and no good for you. Do you want him to think that? This is the time you leave him. If you guys really like each other, then you’ll meet later after you guys both succeed. Seungeun, you have lot of things ahead of you. You can’t give up now because of this one crush, It’s not worth it and if you do, it’s going to ruin Jiwon’s life, too. Think about it over night. We’ll talk tomorrow.” said Younghoon not giving Seungeun a one chance to talk.

Seungeun’s house-

ring~ ring~

Seungeun didn’t even want to answer the phone. She wanted to think about her decision. ‘Younghoon oppa is wrong. He told me the same thing when I turned down Japan’s offer. There might be a bigger stuff waiting for me. I want to stay with Jiwon oppa. It’s not just a crush. It’s more than that.’ thought Seungeun.

ring~ ring~

“Hello?” Seungeun answered the phone and it was Younghoon. Younghoon didn’t want to take any chances of Seungeun staying in Korea and wanted Seungeun to leave 100%. “Seungeun, I’m sorry to tell you this but I have to.” said Younghoon. “What’s wrong?” asked Seungeun. “Well, the thing is if you don’t leave to England, Jiwon’s career is over.” said Younghoon. “Huh? What are you talking about?” asked Seungeun. “What I’m saying is, if you don’t leave Jiwon, he’s going to leave the Sechskies and you’ll take his place. We can do that with our contract since it’s the time for Jiwon to sign another contract.” said Younghoon. “How can you do that? There is no Sechskies without Jiwon oppa. Even if I take his place, it won’t be the same. Sechskies will not survive!!!” said Seungeun. “Well, you got the gun now. I don’t make the choice, you do.” said Younghoon and hung up the phone. Seungeun just stood there with shocked eyes and couldn’t think at all.

Jekki’s house-

“Jiwon, I wanna talk to you.” said Younghoon. ‘I can’t take any chances. This is the time and place to finish them.’ thought Younghoon. “Yeah, what’s up?” asked Jiwon. “Seems like Seungeun can’t go to England and I think it has something to do with you.” said Younghoon. “So you know.” answered Jiwon. “Yeah, I know. If you really care about Seungeun, you’ve got to let her go.” said Younghoon. “I’m not stopping her. I didn’t say anything.” said Jiwon. “What I’m saying is, break up with her so she can go to England.” said Younghoon. “What?! I can’t do that to her.” replied Jiwon. “If you don’t break up with her, she’ll stay here and lose her only chance to success like in Japan.” said Younghoon. “What do you mean by that? I thought Japan rejected her.” asked Jiwon. “No, she turned them down so she can stay with you. If she turn them down again, she’s not going to survive here. Korea is too small for Seungeun. I’ve known her since she was a baby. I know her.” said Younghoon. “But breaking up will hurt her feelings and me.” replied Jiwon. Jiwon! Why are you so selfish? Don’t you want her to be happy? She’ll get over you when she get there. Let her go.” said Younghoon. “I’ll think about it.” replied Jiwon. “You do that.” said Younghoon and left Jiwon alone in the room.

‘Leave Seungeun? She turned down Japan for me? She’ll turn down England just like she turned down Japan if I stay with her. It might hurt a little but if it’s the best for Seungeun, then it’s the best thing I can give it to her. Seungeun, it might hurt at first, but you’ll get use to it.’ thought Jiwon.


“I wanted to see you, too. But since you called me, why don’t you start first?” said Seungeun coldly. “Well, what I want to say is…. I’ve met someone.” said Jiwon. ‘I can’t believe I’m lying to you, Seungeun. But please forgive me later…’ thought Jiwon. “What?!… who?” asked Seungeun. “You… don’t know her. I guess it won’t hurt much since you’re leaving to England. I’ve been waiting for a chance to tell you and here it is.” said Jiwon. “Well, that’s right. What I wanted to say was the same thing. I’m going to England.” said Seungeun. ‘Jiwon oppa, I’m happy for you. You won’t be mad at me for leaving you. I guess I’m the one whose going to get hurt, huh.’ thought Seungeun. “Well, this is good bye, right?” asked Jiwon. “I guess.” replied Seungeun and went their separate ways.

‘Seungeun, please don’t mad at me.’ thought Jiwon. ‘Jiwon oppa, I’ll always love you.’ thought Seungeun on the way home.

Kimpo Airport-

“Well, here it goes. Bye Seungeun.” said Jiyong. “We’ll miss you.” said Jaeduc. “I’ll miss you guys.” replied Seungeun. “Hey! Just because you’re going to be a big star, that doesn’t make you a star now. So practice hard, alright?” said Jaejin. “Ok, I’ll never forget the time we had in the dance hall.” replied Seungeun with a little smile. “Don’t forget to keep in touch.” said Sunghoon. “I love you, so come back.” said Soowon. “I love you too, Soowon oppa.” replied Seungeun. “Then promise me you’ll come back.” asked Soowon but Seungeun didn’t answer. “Come on, you are going to come back, aren’t you?” asked Soowon. “….. I promise I’ll come back.” said Seungeun. “Hey, Jiwon hyung! Aren’t you going to say anything to her?” asked Jiyong. “Oh, bye.” said Jiwon. “Bye.” replied Seungeun without looking at each other. ‘I’ll always love you.’ thought Jiwon. ‘I’ll miss you. There’s always a place for you in my heart, Jiwon oppa.’ thought Seungeun. “I’ll miss you guys. I’ll keep in touch all the time!!!’ yelled Seungeun before she went inside.

Jekki’s house-

“It’s so quiet without Seungeun here.” said Jaeduc. “Yeah, I miss her already.” Jaejin. “What, Soowon hyung! Why did you say you love Seungeun. You meant like a sister right??” asked Sunghoon. “No, I meant I loved her.” replied Soowon. Jiwon didn’t say anything. Nothing mattered to him anymore. She was gone. ‘At least she’ll be happy in the future. and I get to see her on TV.’ thought Jiwon. “Damn, Soowon hyung liked her too?” asked Sunghoon. “Yeah, but I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t wanna make her feel bad.” replied Soowon. “What’s up with this? Do we all have same taste in women? said Sunghoon. “shut up!!!” yelled Jiwon. “Just be quiet. She’s gone now. Concentrate on singing, got it?” asked Jiwon. “Ok, ok.” answered Jiyong. “Jiwon hyung is so up tight. What’s up with that?” asked Jaeduc. “Stupid! He miss Seungeun. Can’t you tell? He’s the one whose hurting so bad.” replied Jaejin. “Guys!! We have to record Taiji’s song for tomorrow show.” said Jimmy, recording producer. “Let’s go.” said Sunghoon. Everybody was trying to forget about Seungeun since she was like their baby sister.


“Hello.” said Seungeun. “Glad you decided to work with us. Now, let’s go see what you can do here.” said the manager. “Yeah.” replied Seungeun. ‘Jiwon oppa, I miss you so much. I don’t know if I can make it without you. Just one time, I could see you one last time.’ thought Seungeun. “Seungeun, what are you thinking?” asked manager. “Oh, I’m sorry.” replied Seungeun. “Let’s talk about your album. your acting schedule is already set.” said manager. “Oh, great.” replied Seungeun. Seungeun wasn’t too excited about working in England. Seungeun replied all the question with short answers and she couldn’t stop thinking about Jiwon.

Recording studio-

“Jiwon hyung! Concentrate!” said Sunghoon. “Oh, sorry.” replied Jiwon. ‘Seungeun, I can’t believe what I had done. If I can see you one more time. If I could smell your hair one more time, if I could hear your heart beating one more time, I’ll give anything for that.’ thought Jiwon. ‘I’ll write a song for you. For only you. Hope you know how I feel about you.’ thought Jiwon.


Jekki’s house-

“Damn, Jiwon hyung was in there for months now. What’s wrong with him? He’s going to spend all the free time there?” said Sunghoon. “Like I said, he’s writing a new song for next album. Hope it’s worth months in there.” said Jaejin. “Hey! It’s Seungeun on the phone here.” said Jaeduc. “How are you? We are doing great. We miss you so much. I saw you on TV. You are getting better.” said Jaeduc on the phone. “Let me talk to her.” said Jaejin and took the phone away. “Seungeun? It’s Jaejin. You look great on TV. Did you see us getting awards? We miss you.” said Jaejin. Sunghoon took the phone. “Hey! did you miss me?” said Sunghoon. “Jiwon hyung is writing a new song. He’s been in his room for months. He only come out here to get food.” said Sunghoon. “When are you coming back?” asked Soowon. Everybody was busy asking question to Seungeun. “I’m visiting Korea for 2 weeks. I’ll be there tomorrow.” answered Seungeun. “Great! I’ll see you at the airport then?” asked Jiyong. “Great. We miss you!!!” said Jaeduc and hung up the phone. “Wow~. She’s popular already. I knew she’s got a talent.” said Jaejin. “Yeah, right. You use to make fun of her for not doing the routines right.” replied Jaeduc. “I’, glad I get to see her again.” said Soowon. “I really missed her. Hey! What about Jiwon hyung? Should we tell him?” asked Sunghoon. “The door is locked.” replied Jiyong. “We’ll tell him when he’s hungry.” said Sunghoon.

Next day-

“Hey! Did anyone told Jiwon hyung about Seungeun?” asked Jaejin. “No, He’ll see her when she comes here.” said Sunghoon. “Yeah, let’s go.” said Jaeduc. “I miss her so much. I can’t wait to see her.” said Jiyong. “She’s like my baby sister. I’ve always wanted a little sister.” said Soowon.

Kimpo airport-

“Seungeun! Here!!!” yelled Jaeduc. “Jaeduc! Quiet. What if people recognize us.” said Jaejin. “Oops, sorry.” replied Jaeduc. “Guys! You are all here.” said Seungeun happily. ‘Where’s Jiwon? He didn’t want to see me or something?’ thought Seungeun. “So, how are you guys?” asked Seungeun. “We are ok. I’m so glad you are doing great in England. We missed you.” said Jiyong. “So are you going to rest here or work” asked Soowon. “Actually, when I told my manager I wanna go to Korea, he said I can go if I go on a few shows. Wait! but I heard one or two shows, I get to go on with you guys, wasn’t it?” asked Seungeun. “Well, since Jiwon hyung is sitting in his room writing a new songs, we can’t go on a show.” replied Sunghoon. “Oh….” said Seungeun. ‘I guess he really moved on.’ thought Seungeun. “Come on, let’s go home now.” said Soowon.

Jekki’s house-

“Maybe… I should just go home, you know.” said Seungeun. “No, you’ve got to see Jiwon hyung since you are here.” said Jaejin. “But you guys don’t even know when he’ll come out.” said Seungeun. “Well,,, he’ll come out soon.” replied Jiyong. “So how’s working in England?” asked Jaeduc. “I wish I could work there. It’s so cool.” said Jaejin. “Well, it’s almost same as here.” replied Seungeun. “You’re still single right? I mean since Jiwon hyung is waiting here and all.” asked Sunghoon. “What?! I thought he got a girlfriend.” replied Seungeun. “What?! No way. After you left, he couldn’t do anything. Now he’s going crazy about his new song. My guess is the song is for you.” said Jaejin. “But…. before I left here said he found someone else.” said Seungeun. “No way. He was dying after you left. We were too.” replied Soowon. “……” Seungeun didn’t say anything. ‘What’s going on? He’s writing a song for me? But why? I left him here.’ thought Seungeun and she didn’t know what to believe now. She just wanted to see Jiwon.

“Hey, Sunghoon! Get me some food here!” yelled Jiwon. He didn’t come out of his room. “Jiwon hyung! Guess whose here with us!” asked Sunghoon. “Sunghoon! I don’t really care. Get me some food.” replied Jiwon. “Jiwon oppa?” Seungeun opened her mouth first. ‘huh?! Do I have a hearing problem or something? I really miss Seungeun, don’t I… I thought I heard Seungeun calling me.’ thought Jiwon. “Hey! Sunghoon! Hurry!” replied Jiwon. “Sunghoon oppa, I’ll get the food for him.” said Seungeun. “Sure. You two need to talk. It’s been so long.” replied Sunghoon.

“Jiwon oppa, open the door.” asked Seungeun. ‘Again? What’s wrong with me? Now I think she’s talking to me.’ thought Jiwon. “Oppa, open the door!” yelled Seungeun. ‘It can’t be.’ thought Jiwon and opened the door. Jiwon couldn’t believe his eyes. Seungeun was standing right front him with a smile on her face. Jiwon couldn’t resist himself. Jiwon hold her in his arm and didn’t let go of her. “Oppa, I missed you.” whispered Seungeun. “Me too.” replied Jiwon. They went inside the room and other Sechskies members were starring at them. They were curious what Jiwon and Seungeun was going to talk about but they want those two to have some privacy so they went out for lunch.

“How did you get here? When?” asked Jiwon. “Well, I have to go on a few show while I’m here and I just got here few hours ago.” replied Seungeun. “Really? That’s nice.” said Jiwon. “Not quite. See, I thought I was going to hang out with you on the show but since you are in here, they canceled few of them. Now I have to work by myself.” said Seungeun. “What?! I didn’t even know about that. Let me call Younghoon hyung and change some schedule.” replied Jiwon and called Younghoon right away. After Jiwon talked on the phone, he said “Well, done. We’ll work together for a week. But we got another schedule after that.” said Jiwon. “That’s great! I love you oppa.” said Seungeun. ‘Oops! I wasn’t suppose to say that. What was I thinking?’ thought Seungeun. ‘Love? She just said that to make me feel better or something? I’m sure she hates me right now. She just want to be polite and want to be friends like she always does. Her love doesn’t mean the same love towards her from me.’ thought Jiwon. “Let’s go get something to eat.” offered Jiwon. “What about your song?” asked Seungeun. “I’ll finish it later.” replied Jiwon and left the room together.

Next morning-

“Guys!! Wake up! I don’t want you guys to sleep while I’m here.” said Seungeun. “Please~. One more minute.” replied Jiyong. “No guys. Wake up. Let’s do something with Seungeun.” said Jaejin. “You guys sleep. I like to hang out with Seungeun alone.” said Jiwon. ‘Huh? Does Jiwon oppa still like me after I left him?’ thought Seungeun. “Let’s go. I want to show you something.” said Jiwon. “Ok,, whatever you say.” replied Seungeun.

Some Korean park-

“Oppa! Where are we? What are we doing here?” asked Seungeun. “This is my favorite place. I wrote my first song here.” replied Jiwon. “Oh, that’s really nice.” said Seungeun. “Isn’t this place beautiful?” asked Jiwon. “Yeah, it is. I think this place is going to be my favorite place too.” replied Seungeun with a smile towards Jiwon. ‘That’s what I wanted for long time. I really missed that smile. A smile from you towards me, only me.’ thought Jiwon and replied Seungeun with a smile. ‘I love you oppa even though I can’t prove it to you.’ thought Seungeun. They walked miles talking about what they have done since Seungeun left Korea. “I’m really glad you are succeeding.” said Jiwon. “Thanks.” replied Seungeun. They weren’t being honest. They wanted to protect each other so bad, they couldn’t be honest. “Oh, I gotta go. I got a show to go on tonight. I’m sorry.” said Seungeun. “That’s ok. I got a song to finish anyway. I’ll give you a ride.” said Jiwon.

Jekki’s house-

“Jiwon hyung! Where’s Seungeun? We are going to have a surprise party for Seungeun tomorrow night.” said Sunghoon. “Bring Seungeun tomorrow night.” said Soowon. “I’ll bring her. She’s at the studio getting ready for her come back show whatever.” replied Jiwon. “What’s wrong?” asked Jaejin. “Nothing. I’ll be working on my song. Jaeduc, bring me some food, would you?” asked Jiwon. “Yeah, sure.” replied Jaeduc. Jiwon went into his room. “What’s wrong with him?” asked Jiyong but no on answered. ;Seungeun, this one is for you.’ thought Jiwon. ‘I’ve got to finish this before she leaves. Then… I need to spend some time alone. I’ll meet Seungeun after I finish the song. She’ll understand as always.’ thought Jiwon.


“Seungeun! Ready to go on?” asked producer. “As always.” replied Seungeun thinking ‘I miss you already Jiwon oppa.’

“Glad to see you again, Seungeun. How’s your career in England with big stars?” asked Kim Hee Sun. “Great, but I still miss Korea.” replied Seungeun. “Did you ever thought about coming back to Korea and start singing here?” asked Heesun. “Actually, I have. That’s why I’m here today. To say remember me ‘cause I’ll be back.” replied Seungeun. “Great, still sing?” asked Heesun. “Yeah, I like to stay that way for now.” replied Seungeun thinking ‘My heart is already taken by Jiwon oppa.’ “Thanks for your time and let’s hear Seungeun’s new song.” said Heesun.

Seungeun’s house-

“It was a great day. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” said Seungeun and all the staff left her house. ‘I want to hear Jiwon oppa’s voice. I miss him so much. I should call him.’ thought Seungeun and started dialing. “Hello? Jaeduc oppa? It’s Seungeun. Can I talk to Jiwon oppa for second?” asked Seungeun. “Oh, he’s in his room again…… No! Don’t disturb him. I’ll talk to him later. Bye.” said Seungeun and hung up the phone. Song…… it is really for me? Nah, probably not.’ thought Seungeun and went to bed.

Few days later…

“Still in his room? Thanks anyway.” said Seungeun and hung up the phone. “Come on, Seungeun. Let’s do this and get over with.” said Jimmy, recording producer. “Oh, sorry.” replied Seungeun.

Jekki’s house-

“Jiwon hyung! Long time no see even though we were in a same house~.” said Jiyong. “Sorry, I just finished my song.” replied Jiwon. “Let me see. Seungeun was looking for you since last week.” said Jaeduc. “Oh. Anyway, let’s go see Jimmy and ask for advice.” said Jiwon. “Right now? Let us see first.” asked Soowon. “Later.” replied Jiwon. “Dang~. Let’s go then.” said Sunghoon. ‘Seungeun, this one is for you. Only for you.’ thought Jiwon on the way.

Recording studio-

“Seungeun, concentrate.” said Jimmy. “Sorry.” replied Seungeun. ‘Jimmy! I just finished my song…” Jiwon stopped talking when he saw Seungeun recording. ‘Jiwon oppa… I missed you,’ thought Seungeun. ‘Seungeun… Why do you look so beautiful today… I missed you.’ thought Jiwon at the same time. “Finished your song? Let me see.” said Jimmy. “Hmm, very good. Getting better and better every time. First was good and this one is better. Have you decided the title for this song?” asked Jimmy. “Actually, I just decided now. All I need…” replied Jiwon. “Sounds good to me.” replied Jimmy. “Guys, wanna try Jiwon’s new song now?” asked Jimmy. “Sure, after Seungeun.” replied Jiyong. “Oh, Seungeun. Let’s do this right, ok?” said Jimmy. Seungeun finished recording perfectly. “Dang~. That was good. Why didn’t you try that for last 3 hours?” said Jimmy. ‘Because… Jiwon oppa wasn’t here watch me singing.’ thought Seungeun starring at Jiwon. “Seungeun, I wanna show you something.” said Jiwon. “What is it?” asked Seungeun. “This.” replied Jiwon and gave her his new music. Seungeun went over the song and it was great. “Wow, looks great.” said Seungeun. “Actually, this is for you.” said Jiwon. “What? For me? but why?” asked Seungeun. ‘Because I love you.’ thought Jiwon but didn’t answer her question out loud. “Hyung! Let’s record this.” said Jaejin. “Go ahead. I want to hear you sing.” said Seungeun. Jiwon replied with a smile and left Seungeun.

“Let’s do it!” said Jiwon. “Jiwon hyung is excited alright.” said Sunghoon. ‘I know… I know you love Seungeun.’ thought Soowon.


Kimpo Airport-

“I better get going now.” said Seungeun. “We’ll miss you. Start writing letters or something.” said Jaeduc. “Alright.” replied Seungeun. “Good bye. Don’t forget about us.” said Jiyong. “We love you.” said Soowon. ‘Bye Jiwon oppa. I love you.’ thought Seungeun. “I need to talk to you. I have to tell you something.” said Jiwon and grabbed her arm. “Opps, where are we going?” asked Seungeun. “I have to tell you something. I can’t let you go like this.” said Jiwon. Suddenly, Jiwon stopped running and let go of Seungeun’s arm. “What’s going on? Something wrong?” asked Seungeun. “Yeah, definitely. I have to say this… I… I… don’t care what’s going to happen to me. I’m speaking from my heart. I don’t care if I have to quit singing… If… If you want to stay in England… That’s fine with me…. but what I want to say is… that…” Jiwon couldn’t say. “Oppa, what are you talking about?” asked Seungeun. “Listen, What I want to say is… I love you. I’ll be here where you can see ,e. So… any time, when you want to come back to me, I’ll be here… always.” said Jiwon. ‘Oppa, I love you too.’ thought Seungeun. Seungeun wanted to say out loud but she couldn’t. Seungeun kissed Jiwon. They couldn’t think. They just wanted to be together for now. ‘……’ Younghoon saw them kissing and he couldn’t do anything. ‘I’ve got to separate them.’ thought Younghoon. “Seungeun! Come on! You’re gonna miss your plane.” yelled Jaeduc. “I’ll be right there.” replied Seungeun. “I guess I won’t be seeing you for long time, huh.” said Jiwon. “I’ll be back. You meant what you just said right?” asked Seungeun. “Of course. I only love you.” replied Jiwon. “Good, I’ll come back soon enough.” said Seungeun and went on the plane. ‘I love you. I promise I’ll come back.’ thought Seungeun. ‘Seungeun, you’ll always have my heart.’ thought Jiwon.

Year later……

“Have you guys got the mail from Seungeun?” asked Jiwon. “We got the mail from Seungeun TWO DAYS AGO!!! Have a patient, Jiwon hyung.” yelled Jiyong. “Oh, yeah. Seems like a month though.’ replied Jiwon. “Jiwon hyung, you’ve been asking for Seungeun’s mail every day for whole year. If you miss her that much, why don’t you visit her?” asked Jaejin. “No, I can’t. Probably, she’s busy working on her album.” replied Jiwon. “Whatever. But if I were you, I would go see her than waiting here.” said Jaejin. ‘You don’t understand. If I go see Seungeun, Younghoon hyung is not going to stand there and watch us. He’ll find another way to separate us.’ thought Jiwon.

Front of Jekki’s house-

‘Jiwon oppa is going to be surprise alright.’ thought Seungeun. Seungeun missed Jiwon so much, she came to visit Jiwon after finishing her 2nd album recording. Seungeun’s manager let her go because she couldn’t concentrate and they thought she missed her country. ‘Jiwon oppa, I’ll be there in a second.’ thought Seungeun.

“Jiwon Hyung! What you doing?” asked Soowon. “Writing letter to Seungeun. Don’t you guys forget to keep it as a secret from Younghoon, got it?” asked Jiwon. “Yeah, of course.” replied Sunghoon.

Ding~ Dong~

“Who is it?” asked Jiwon. “Guess.” replied Seungeun. ‘Wait, I know that voice. Is it? It can’t be?! She’s in England.’ thought Jiwon and rush to the door and opened the door. Seungeun was standing front to Jiwon smiling. Giving the same smile she have it to Jiwon a year ago. “Missed me?” asked Seungeun. Jiwon replied with a hug. ‘Oh, Seungeun. I missed you so much. So glad to see you again, my love.’ thought Jiwon. “Let’s go outside.” said Jiwon. “But I gotta say hi to other guys, you know.” replied Seungeun and looked at Jiwon. Seungeun knew Jiwon wanted to spend time alone with her right now. “Perhaps, I could see them later.” said Seungeun. “Cool.” replied Jiwon. They went into Jiwon’s care and drove away.

“So… How are you?” asked Jiwon nervously. “Good.” replied Seungeun. “I… I missed you.” said Jiwon. “Me too. so here I am.” said Seungeun. “I wanted to there and see you but I was afraid what Younghoon hyung would do to you.” said Jiwon. “Yeah, I’m kind of afraid too.” replied Seungeun. “So, are you here for good or leaving soon?” asked Jiwon. “Actually, I can only stay here for 3 days.” replied Seungeun. “Oh, still… I get to see you.” said Jiwon. “Oppa, why did you lie to me last time? Remember? You said you found someone else.” asked Seungeun. “Oh, that. You don’t want to know.” replied Jiwon. “No, I want to know what happened.” said Seungeun. “Ok, but promise me it’s going to be a secret between us.” asked Jiwon. “I promise.” replied Seungeun. “Well, Younghoon hyung told me to break up with you. He said if I stay with you, I’ll ruin your career. Because… if I stay with you, you would turn down England just like you turn down Japan.” said Jiwon. “How did you about Japan?” asked Seungeun. “Younghoon hyung told me about it. It doesn’t matter now. We are happy the way we turned out. We both have each other and career we wanted. From now on, don’t do anything stupid like that for me,” replied Jiwon. “Ok…” answered Seungeun. ‘Younghoon oppa, I know you want to take care of us but it’s getting worse because of you. Let us be together, please… You have no idea how much I love Jiwon oppa.’ thought Seungeun.

After Seungeun got home, she couldn’t stop thinking about what Younghoon had done to Jiwon and herself. She couldn’t imagine, what Younghoon will do later if he finds out she’s here to see Jiwon. ‘I need to talk to Younghoon oppa. He’ll do anything to separate us.’ thought Seungeun and started dialing Younghoon’s phone number. “Hello? It’s Seungeun. I’m not in Englnad. I’m with…Jiwon oppa…. Give me a chance to talk….oppa…. I DON’T CARE!!!” Yelled Seungeun. “Now I got your attention. What I was going to say was I’m not leaving Jiwon oppa just because you don’t like it. That’s final. I can give up my singing career for Jiwon oppa. I love him more than that. I will give up my life for him.” said Seungeun. “I’ll see you at 8 o’clock tonight.” said Seungeun and hung up the phone. Seungeun knew Younghoon is made by his voice. Seungeun didn’t care, she just wanted to be with Jiwon. That was all she needed to do. ‘Don’t worry, Jiwon oppa. It’s me that Younghoon oppa have problem with. I’ll take care of it.’ thought Seungeun before she went out the door.

dance hall-

“Jaejin, let’s go to Seungeun’s house. I want to talk to her, you know.” said Jaeduc. “5 more minutes. Just 5 minutes.” replied Jaejin. “We’ve been practicing for 4 hours now. I’m tired. If you’re not coming, I’m leaving you here.” said Jaeduc. “Alright. Let’s go.” replied Jaejin. Jaejin opened the door but he stopped Jaeduc and himself. “What now?” asked Jaeduc. “Shh! Somebody is here, listen.” said Jaejin. It was Seungeun and Younghoon arguing next room.

“Seungeun! I know you like Jiwon. Just because you got little crush on some guy, that doesn’t mean you have to throw your perfect career.” said Younghoon. “I’m not. I just like to see Jiwon oppa on my free time. Believe me, it’s not going to hurt Jiwon oppa’s or my career.” replied Seungeun. “You are wrong! Listen to me. I know better than you do. You are natural. We all knew that since you were 4 years old. But Jiwon need to practice every minute he gets.” said Younghoon. “If you let us see each other, I’m sure he’ll practice more than you think!” replied Seungeun. “No, he won’t. Before you came here, Jiwon was concentrating on hi songs and now you ruined his song, damn it!” said Younghoon. “I can’t believe you are actually doing this to me. I can’t do anything without Jiwon oppa.” said Seungeun. “You’ve got to learn to do things without him. You were perfect before you met Jiwon. I shouldn’t have bring you here in the first place.” said Younghoon. “No, I’m glad you brought me here, I met new friends and great singing career in England. Also, I found my love.” replied Seungeun. “It’s just a crush!!!” yelled Younghoon. “No, it’s not. How do you know? You have no idea how much you’re hurting me.” replied Seungeun. “Sigh… I’m doing this… because… I care about you.” said Younghoon. “Well, I don’t need you. So leave me alone!” yelled Seungeun. “You can do whatever you want but I’m Jiwon’s manager and he’s going to listen to me!!!” replied Younghoon and walked out. Seungeun couldn’t believe what she said to Younghoon. ‘Younghoon oppa, I didn’t mean anything. I just want to be with Jiwon oppa. Why can’t you understand? Why can’t you think about it in my position?’ thought Seungeun. Jaejin and Jaeduc walked in to the room and sat next to Seungeun. “Don’t worry, we’ll help you.” said Jaeduc. “May be, you guys should cool out for few months. You’ve got to understand how Younghoon hyung feels too.” said Jaejin. “I know he cares about us but this isn’t helping us.” replied Seungeun. “Don’t worry. Jiwon will take care of this.” said Jaeduc. “No, don’t tell him about this. Promise me you won’t.” said Seungeun. “Why? It’s his problem too.” said Jaeduc. “No, I don’t want him to get hurt or get mad at Younghoon oppa. Please I’ll take care of this soon. Promise me you guys won’t tell anyone about this.” asked Seungeun. “Ok, but if you need any help, just ask us. ok?” asked Jajin. “Ok.” replied Seungeun.


“Seungeun! Come on! I got something for you!!” yelled Jiwon. “Hmm?” Seungeun woke up and answered the door. Jiwon was standing there with two bicycles wanting to ride them. “Oppa, I’m too tired.” said Seungeun. “Come on. You’re gonna leave in two days. We gotta spend time together as long as possible.” replied Jiwon. “Aww. Fine. I’ll get change little quick.” said Seungeun and went inside again.


“That was fun, was it?” asked Jiwon. “I feel fresh waking up early and ride a bike with you.” replied Seungeun. “See? You’ve would have regreted if you didn’t come.” said Jiwon. “Yeah.” replied Seungeun. “I’ll miss you.” said Seungeun. “Come on. Don’t say that. Save it for later. We’re happy together now.” said Jiwon smiling. ‘Oppa, you look so happy. I cna’t believe I have to leave you. Sweet, honest guy like you.’ thought Seungeun. ‘What are you thinking, Seungeun? I can tell by your eyes. There’s something wrong. Please tell me, I don’t wanna see you like this.’ thought Jiwon. “Let’s go your favorite park. Remember last time we went there?” asked Seungeun. “Of course. Whatever you want, but first, finish your food.” said Jiwon.

Recording studio-

“What are we gonna tell Younghoon hyung about Jiwon hyung?” whispered Sunghoon. “I don’t know. We’ll make something up.” replied Jiyong. “Maybe we should tell Younghoon hyung about them. They don’t know what they are doing. What if they get discovered?” asked Soowon. “Come on, they like each other. They know what they’re doing.” replied Jaeduc. “What are you guys talking about? Where’s Jiwon?” asked Younghoon walking into the recording studio. “He….is at home. Changing some of his rap parts. He thinks he can make it sound better or something. He said he want to be alone.” said Jaejin starring at other members. “Jaejin, you don’t have to lie to me. I know where he is and you guys go home. I’ll take care of this.” said Younghoon and left the room. ‘This time, I’ll get them; thought Younghoon.

Seungeun’s door step-

“I had fun today.” said Seungeun. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Get some rest.” replied Jiwon. “Hi, guys. I’ll been waiting for you guys.” said Younghoon. ‘Oh, no! What’s he gonna do now?’ thought Seungeun. “Hyung, how…. did you I was here?” asked Jiwon nervously. “Well, ask this lady here. Didn’t I tell you guys not to see each other?” asked Younghoon. “Younghoon oppa, I like to tell you something. I wasn’t sure until you showed up here. My contract in England expires end of this year. I want to quit and go back to school get my education.” said Seungeun. “What?!” replied Jiwon starring at Seungeun. “I want to be with you. I don’t want to do anything without you. I wasn’t comfortable in Englannd anyway. They didn’t give me any time to study or do anything but singing.” said Seungeun. “Seungeun, you’ve got to be kidding. There’s lots of people out there who wants to in your position. Thiank about it for moment.” said Younghoon. “You helped me making up my mind. It just made it more clear that I need my education.” replied Seungeun. “No, don’t. I don’t want you to give up anything for me.” said Jiwon. “It’s not for you. IT’s for my own good.” replied Seungeun. “….” Younghoon didn’t say anything. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning. We’ll talk then.” said Seungeun and went inside. “It’s all your fault.” said Younghoon. “….” Jiwon didn’t answer. ‘Seungeun, what are you thinking? How come you didn’t tell me about this? It would be great for me but I don’t want to be in your way.’ thought Jiwon.

Next Morning-

“Mom, it’s Seungeun. Yes, it’s true. I miss school and you too. I had fun and now I need to go back to my regular life. Thank you for agreeing with me. I’ll be there tomorrow.” said Seungeun and hung up the phone. ‘I’m making a right choice. I came to Korea in a first place to have fun and make a good memory out of it. I did and I went too far. I should stop when I’m ahead.’ thought Seungeun and walk out the door.

Recording studio-

“Seungeun! I heard you are quitting.” asked Sunghoon. “What’s going on?” askd Jaejin. “Well, I had fun and I think I need more education so I just called mom and told her I’m going back.” said Seungeun. “I’m sure you know what you are doing and good luck to you.” said Soowon. “Why are you doing this?” asked Jiwon. “Jiwon oppa, I’m doing this for myself and I get to see you.” replied Seungeun. “Are you sure you are doing this not considering me in there?” asked Jiwon. “Well, you are part of it. But not all of it. You helped me decided quickly. You and Younghoon oppa.” said Seungeun. “….” Jiwon didn’t say anything. “Oppa, don’t worry. I’ll be ok either way. I can do it you know.” said Seungeun. “Yeah, I know.” replied Jiwon. “Well, I need to get going. I’m gonna see my mom then go to England. Bye guys.” said Seungeun and went out the door without hearing good byes from Jiwon or anybody.

Few months later-

“Seungeun! Get the phone for me, would you?” asked Seungeun’s mom. “Ok… Hello?” asked Seungeun. “………” person on the phone didn’t say anything. “Hello?” asked Seungeun again. “Hi……” said the other person on the phone. “………. Jiwon oppa?” asked Seungeun. It was Jiwon. Jiwon has been calling Seungeun since she went back to regular life. “Yeah, how are you?” asked Jiwon quietly. “Good, and you?”asked Seungeun. “Good. Listen…. um….. I’ll be there tomorrow for the… um….. super concert thing.” said Jiwon. “Yeah, I’ve heard. Good luck. I’ll be there to watch you.” replied Seungeun. “Ok…” said Jiwon. “…… Bye.” said Seungeun and hung up the phone. They couldn’t get comfortable since Seungeun quit singing careeer. Jiwon still thinks it’s his fault and Younghoon was reminding him every day about it. Seungeun knew how Jiwon felt about it and couldn’t say anything to him ‘cause Seungeun knows Jiwon was part of her decision. ‘I’ve got to do this.’ thought Jiwon and walked away from the phone and started packing his stuff.


“Finally, we are here!” said Sunghoon. “Yeah, I’m sorry I had to do this to you guys.” said Jiwon. “No, it’s ok. We had fun and you gave us the hook ups and stuff. We’ll be ok but not better.” said Jaeduc. “We’ll miss you.” said Jiyong. “I’ll miss you guys too. Just remember, if you guys need any help, just call me.” said Jiwon. “Of course. Always friends.” said Sunghoon. “Come on guys. We are not spliting yet. We got the concert front of us right now. Ok?” asked Jaejin. “Yeah.” said Jiwon. Jiwon wasn’t really excited. Before Jiwon left Korea, Jiwon didn’t sign his new contract, in fact no one did. Jiwon hooked the other guys with American producer and they all got excepted. Jiwon was going back to school. Jiwon didn’t tell Seungeun about it and no one knew about this except them and Younghoon. Younghoon didn’t come to America. ‘Younghoon hyung, I’m sorry I had to do this.’ thought Jiwon and left the airport.

Super Concert-

‘Where’s my seat?’ thought Seungeun walking around. “Seungeun! Here!!” yelled Seungeun’s friend, Jannet. “Oh, thanks.” replied Seungeun. “So, have you met your friends yet? I’m sure they will let you into back stage.” asked Jannet. “I don’t really want to go back there.” said Seungeun and sat down. “Whatever you say.” replied Jannet and watched other people walking in.

‘Where is she? Is she going to come and see me perform for the last time?’ thought Jiwon. “Is Seungeun here yet?” asked Sunghoon. “I don’t know.” replied Jiwon looking at people coming in. “Wait…. Did you tell Seungeun about us quitting?” asked Sunghoon. “…..” Jiwon didn’t answer. “Well, You’ve got to tell her. Go! Here’s a little mask I bought yesterday. Go on and look for her.” said Sunghoon pushed Jiwon out the door.

‘There she is with her friend. Should I go and talk to her?’ thought Jiwon but he was already behind Seungeun. Jiwon put his hand over Seungeun’s shoulder. Seungeun looked behind her and saw Jiwon. ‘Jiwon oppa….’ thought Seungeun and grabbed his hand. They both ran out. When they got to the point where no one was there, Seungeun hugged Jiwon and whispered, “I missed you.” “Me too.” replied Jiwon.

They went to back stage and started telling each other what they did. They forgot about what Seungeun did, they were just glad they’ve met again and happy that way. ‘How can tell her that we are quitting?’ thought Jiwon. ‘What are you hiding?’ thought Seungeun. “Something is wrong…. I know. What is it?” asked Seungeun. “….” Jiwon didn’t say anything. “As long as I can be with you, tell me.” asked Seungeun. “We all are quitting Sechskies.” said Jiwon. “What?!” replied Seungeun. “Other members are going to sign the contract here and I’m going back to school.” said Jiwon. “When…… did you decided this?” asked Seungeun. “Long time ago. Don’t worry. I’ll be ok.” said Jiwon. “Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Seungeun. “Yeah, 100% sure. I want to try this again. I’ve failed before but I think I can do it now as long as you’ll help me out with it.” said Jiwon. “Of course.” replied Seungeun and hugged Jiwon. ‘We’ll always be together.’ thought Jiwon and Seungeun at the same time.


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