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This is a pretty insane idea I had… It just suddenly occurred to me. I did promise a Sechskies fanfic but honestly I didn’t know how to start, so I hope you can keep up with this story. I decided on how they all met years ago. The dates and everything else are all fictional though based on real life. I don’t know how to end this yet so there’s no fixed number of chapters.

This is an EunKang fanfic with a taste of WonJin on the side.. After all who doesn’t like strange Lee Jaejin?


As part of a group, Jiwon knew better than to get too close. But his feelings tell him otherwise. He never did liked anyone else.

Sunghoon did notice, but he knew they both had to keep their feelings in check. It wasn’t a question on what would happen if their feelings get revealed.

Jaejin had been hiding his feelings for a while, and he did a really good job of it. No one needed to know how he felt about Jiwon, or he’d be an outcast…again… Jaeduck and Suwon just stood on the sidelines, watching the love triangle unfold in front of them. They didn’t know what to do though, for acknowledging it would make everything awkward not to mention ruin the group they’ve protected all these years.

First Meeting

Year 1993 Honolulu, Hawaii

Jiwon: I noticed him as soon as he walked in. The blond-haired handsome boy looked around the classroom in pitiful silence.

I’ve been there. I never knew anyone when I came here so I know what he’s going through. But I figured he must be from another country, judging from the way he dressed, so I pretended to sleep knowing that I’ll never be able to strike a conversation with him. My English is not up to par anyway.

He took a vacant seat behind me. Strangely I felt queasy, I didn’t know why. I guess it’s just my imagination but I somehow felt someone was watching me. I shrugged it off and continued pretending. I didn’t even have to participate in class. I studied it all before, but there was no point in joining class discussions. They laugh at me when I’d explain anyway. As if these kids know better.

The teacher then called the class into attention.

“Quiet down all of you!” she shouted as the chatter slowly died down. “Good. Now we have a new student, he just transferred from overseas. Ricky, please come up to the front and introduce yourself.”

Sunghoon got up and walked shyly to the front, but his smile was beaming as he greeted everyone. (If Jiwon was watching him though, he’d know he was Korean by his way of greeting.) Sunghoon bowed low.

“Hello everyone my name is Ricky Kang. Nice to meet you.” Sunghoon greeted in broken English.

There were quiet murmurs of ‘Nice to meet you’ and ‘hello’ from everyone. The girls though were more interested. A specially obnoxious one, named Sienna, waved at Sunghoon flirtatiously.

“Put down your hand Ms. Robbins, this is not a casual meeting.” said the teacher. Then she turned to Sunghoon and said, “Please get back to your seat Ricky, and oh, do wake up Matthew, the one sitting in front of you. It’s time for class to start.”

Dismissed, Sunghoon made his way towards his seat, and sat down, then slowly reached out towards Jiwon and patted his back gently.

“Hey, hey…”

Jiwon was awake, but since he was pretending, he appeared irritated at being woken up.

“Aishh… Mwoya… (what?!)“.. Jiwon said irritatedly.

Sunghoon was surprised. “o? neo hanguginiya? (Oh, you’re Korean)

Jiwon looked at him suddenly, surprised at hearing his native tongue. Before he could say another word though, the teacher called their attention and Jiwon and Sunghoon was forced to listen.

Jiwon couldn’t wait for class to end so when he heard the bell ring, he quickly turned his seat around so that he was facing Sunghoon. He propped his hands on the backrest, and rested his face there all the while looking at Sunghoon curiously.

“Annyeong..” he said tentatively.

“Annyeong… Ireumi mwoyeyo? (What’s your name?)” Sunghoon asked.

Jiwon smiled just then, and the sudden change in his demeanor made his face brighter that Sunghoon was mesmerized. He quickly shook it off.

“Yeokshi… I’m Jiwon. They call me Matthew here but I prefer my birth name.

How bout you? You’re birth name?”

“Sunghoon. Wow, I thought I was gonna die from speaking English here.”

“Sucks doesn’t it?” Jiwon agreed as Sunghoon nodded. “You should have seen how it was for me.”

Sunghoon couldn’t help but sympathize with Jiwon. It must have been hard for him to mingle with non-Korean students.

Jiwon was still looking at Sunghoon, admiring the perfect face in front of him. He thought if ever Sunghoon was a girl, he’d be a stunner.

“School just got more interesting.. Maybe I should attend often.” Jiwon said mysteriously. “Sunghoon-ssi, how old are you?”

“Cheoyo? I’m 14, well in Korean age.”

“Geureom, Naneun hyung-ida (So, I’m older). I’m 16. Weird isn’t it. This academy doesn’t choose the age group, they teach kids of different ages here.

It’s okay if I don’t use formal language with you right?”

“Of course hyung! I’d like that!” Sunghoon smiled brightly. At least he wouldn’t feel left out anymore.

His smile gave Jiwon a different feeling he couldn’t describe. He likes his smile, it’s warm and alluring. He had to keep reminding himself though that Sunghoon is a guy. Otherwise, he’d definitely think he’s falling for his charms.

“Great! Jjigembuteo, you and I are friends.” and he straightened up from how he was sitting, then extended his hand towards Sunghoon for a hand shake.

Sunghoon took it gladly and shook his hand, wondering why he suddenly felt tingles. He brushed it off as goosebumps and smiled at Jiwon brightly.

Jiwon felt the same sensation he did, but he didn’t want to acknowledge it, so when Sunghoon smiled at him, he couldn’t help but smile back. ‘There is something to look forward to now.’ he thought briefly.


Author’s note:

Whenever the name of a character is italicized, then followed by a train of thought, then that means it’s the point of view of the character. It’s like talking in first person.

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Strange Feeling

Sunghoon: I didn’t notice it at first, but the more I look at Jiwon-hyung, the cooler he becomes. He’s got that devil-may-care attitude I envy. I honestly wished I was more like him. That certain attitude draw girls to him, girls love bad boy personas. I have to admit he’s handsome. When you look closely at him, his eyes are really charming. And every time he smiles at me, it makes my heart skip a beat seriously. Wait what am I thinking?!?

Sunghoon sighed as he entered the class, noticing how Jiwon was surrounded by a group of girls, while Jiwon was trying his damnedest to ignore them. He spotted Sunghoon, and instantly smiled at him. Sunghoon smiled back and wave.

“Hey get away from there.” Jiwon rudely told a girl sitting on Sunghoon’s chair.

The girl, whose name was Fara, pouted at Jiwon. “I’m not leaving. Sunghoon can sit on my lap..” she said flirtatiously, which elicited giggles from the other girls.

Sienna on the other hand, finding the opportunity, gently sat on the arm of Jiwon’s chair. “Hey Matthew, wanna come by my house later and have fun? My parents are abroad.” she whispered, the meaning behind her invitation didn’t go unnoticed.

Jiwon suddenly stood up, causing Sienna to lose balance and fall to the floor.

Some of the students laughed. Sunghoon had to hold his laughter too but in his head he was thinking, ‘serves you right‘.

Jiwon smirked. “I’m sorry, Sienna, I suddenly felt the urge to pee.” Then turning towards Fara, he added. “You, if I come back from the washroom and see you still sitting there, I’ll carry you, chair and all, over to your proper place and switch your seat with Sunghoon’s. Then we’ll reveal just what’s in that desk of yours.”

Everyone knew Fara loved to doodle, but since she’s older than most of them (19 to be exact) her drawings consisted of lewd pictures, (it’s up to your imagination), which she always placed on top of her seat. Her classmates knew better than to touch it though. But each and every one of them know better than to mess with Matthew too. And Matthew can be scary.

Fara shot to her feet and glared at Jiwon. Then she stomped over to her chair and crossed her arms, the other girls following her, Sienna still massaging her buttocks.

Sunghoon walked up to his chair and grinned at Jiwon. “Thanks hyung.” Jiwon clapped a hand on his shoulder, smiling and said, “No problem. But I wasn’t joking though. I really gotta pee.” then he quickly made his way out towards the washroom to relieve himself, leaving Sunghoon smiling.

One of their classmates, Ronald, sidled up to Sunghoon and commented.

“You know, Matthew’s really something. Any other guy wouldn’t have given Sienna’s invitation a second thought.”

Jiwon-hyung’s different‘ Sunghoon thought. “Matthew hates flirts. He got his heart broken before by one, so he hates them.” Sunghoon said simply.

Ronald smirked. “There’s no such thing as honest relationships nowadays. It’s almost the 20th century. Everybody’s sleeping with everybody. Why don’t you give Fara a chance? She’s been eyeing you ever since you got here.” Ronald looked sideways towards Fara and whistled low. “Man, those are great legs.”

“She’s too old for me.”

“Hey, the older, the better. Besides, what are you? 14? It’s not a big deal. I got laid the first time when I was 12 you know.” Ronald boasted, to which his friends whistled in admiration. “Those older girls are really something.

They’ve got more experience than most girls…”

“You want to experience my fist Ronald? Or do you want to shut up and stop wrongly influencing my brother?” Jiwon’s serious tone cut off everything Ronald wanted to say.

Ronald gulped. It’s not a good thing when Jiwon glared at you like that. He quickly went back to his seat.

“Stupid assholes.” Jiwon murmured as he took his seat. Jiwon was fuming.

Sunghoon was only 14. He didn’t need all those BS from stupid guys.

“Relax hyung..” Sunghoon said in Korean. “They wouldn’t be able to force me anyway. Fara-noona stinks.” Sunghoon said as he wrinkled his nose which Jiwon found exceptionally cute.

Jiwon had to laugh at Sunghoon’s expression. Sunghoon was the only one who could really calm him down. He had to agree though. Some of these girls only wash every two or three days, growing accustomed to the cold climate they came from, and since Hawaii’s weather’s mostly humid, it’s hard not to smell weird sometimes.

“Heul.. There was nothing to worry about then.” Jiwon smiled at Sunghoon, ruffling his hair in the process.

Sunghoon didn’t really like people touching his hair, but with Jiwon it was different. He actually likes it when he does. It makes him feel special.

‘I’m getting this strange feeling again.’

They abruptly quieted down when the teacher came in to start the class.

Reluctantly, Jiwon turned around to face the front.

“Okay class. Today will be a practical recitation.”

There was a collective groan. Everybody hated practical.

“Now, now, this will be easy. We already discussed everything anyway.”

Their teacher took out the roll call sheet and began calling names.

“Those I call, please come up to the front and solve the following problems. Dimitri, Amelia, Matthew, Reeves and Sienna.”

Jiwon scratched his head in irritation, but he quietly made his way towards the board and picked up a marker.

Everybody wrote down the problem the teacher and said, and tried their best to solve it. Jiwon, on the other hand, just looked at it, not even writing his solution. The teacher was about to reprimand him when he wrote his answer quickly and gently put down the marker. The teacher looked at him, clearly stunned. She looked at her book, then back again at Jiwon’s answer.

4(4×)+2(×) = 72

x = 4

The teacher cleared her throat. “Everybody stop. Mr. Eun, care to explain how you arrived at your answer?”

Jiwon shrugged. “It’s simple. You just multiply and add everything. Then you divide from 72 to get the value of x.”

“And how did you get the answer without writing the solution?”

Jiwon looked at her incredulously. “I used my head Mrs. Chen, in case you didn’t notice.” he replied sarcastically.

Mrs. Chen raised her eyebrows, about to give a scolding. She caught herself though, and just shook her head in defeat. “If you were wrong, you’d definitely get detention from such disrespectful treatment… but since you’re right, take a seat, Mr. Eun.” she couldn’t really scold him when he was right.

Jiwon just shrugged at her. Unbeknown to him, all the girls were eyeing him admiringly. He may be a goon inside the classroom, but everyone knew Jiwon was smart.

Dana, Jiwon’s seatmate, whispered to Jiwon as soon as he was seated. “That was impressive Matthew.”

Jiwon scoffed. “Impressive mwoseun.. Every 5th grader in Korea can answer that question.” Jiwon mumbled in Korean.

Sunghoon had to smile to himself. Jiwon was probably right. It was a pretty easy problem but unlike Jiwon, he probably would have written down the answer.

He had to admire Jiwon for his mental ability. That was what’s impressive.

Jiwon turned his head around to look at Sunghoon. “Hoon-ah, wake me up when it’s time to go home. This class is boring.” and he smiled at him widely.

“Let’s go someplace fun later.”

Sunghoon just nodded at him and smiled. He could see how Jiwon would be so appealing to girls and scary to the boys. He appeals to boys too, if he really thought about it. Despite his temper, Jiwon was actually caring and protective of his friends. With that devil-may-care attitude, along with his gentleness, who wouldn’t like him? Sunghoon stared at Jiwon sleeping. ‘Even his back looks handsome.‘ Sunghoon thought.

Before Sunghoon got lost in his thoughts, the teacher called him to the front.

Sunghoon sighed. ‘Jiwon-hyung’s right. This class is boring.‘ as he answered the given problem as easily as Jiwon did.


First Date???

Their classes were all done for the day. Some of Jiwon’s classmates, Don, Bill and Seth, invited him to hang out with them but Jiwon refused.

“I’m giving Ricky a tour today.” he said simply, as he gathered his belongings.

“Wow, you’re so lucky Ricky.” said Don enviously.

“Why?” Sunghoon wondered.

“Matthew here gives a tour only to those he’s really fond of, not to mention the places you’re going to, teenagers are not even allowed to go there.”

“Oh really?” Sunghoon asked dubiously. “And how many tours have you given hyung?” He asked Jiwon in Korean.

“This is only the 2nd. The first one, well, let’s just say it’s the past.” Jiwon said.

Their classmates, not understanding their conversation, eventually confirmed what Jiwon just said.

“Did you know you’re only the second one to get that tour? Jessica was the first one, boy wasn’t she something..” Seth started, but he abruptly stopped his rattling as soon as Jiwon glared at him.

“I… I’m sorry Matt… I didn’t mean…” he stammered.

Jiwon took a deep breath to calm himself. “Forget it. I’ll let you off just this once. Mention her again, you’re dead.” Jiwon threatened.

Seth nodded vigorously.

Jiwon: Stupid asshole talking about Jessica in front of Sunghoon. As if I needed any reminder of my stupidity. But honestly, why do I feel bothered?

Jiwon mentally chastised himself then forcefully pulled Sunghoon by the hand towards the parking lot away from their friends.

Sunghoon on the other hand, was curious, but knew better than to ask. Jessica. So that was the name of his first love. Jiwon once mentioned it to him, but in passing. Clearly he didn’t want to talk about her.

“Hyung, where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” and they stopped beside a Ducati Monster big bike which made Sunghoon gawk.

“Is this yours?” Sunghoon asked in awe. Only rich people could afford a Ducati (and this was the 90’s). He hadn’t even seen one up close until today.

Jiwon grinned at Sunghoon’s awe-struck expression. He mimed wiping Sunghoon’s drool by gently running his thumb across Sunghoon’s lips, lingering there a second longer than intended. He abruptly withdrew his hand and teased Sunghoon.

“Ya you’re drooling.” said Jiwon, as he put his hand in his pocket to hide it from trembling. “It’s not mine. I just borrowed it from my Dad. And it’s only for today.”

Sunghoon wiped at his mouth, then noticing that he’s not really drooling…

“Ya hyung!! Aisssh..”

Jiwon laughed. “Come on, hop in, we’re going riding.” he said while wearing his helmet and handing out the other one to Sunghoon.

“Do you even have a license?” Sunghoon asked as he donned on his backpack and secured the helmet.

“Hoon-ah, you get a license here as young as 15. I got mine last year. That’s how I discovered those places we’re going to today.”

Then Jiwon started the bike, which roared into life. Sunghoon climbed at the back, his excitement undeniable. As Jiwon steadily drove the bike out of the parking lot, Sunghoon’s exhilaration can’t be contained.

“Gaja!!” he shouted over the roar of the engine.

Jiwon smiled and drove faster, the wind whipping at their faces. They took a deserted road and were out of the city in a moment.

“Hyung!” Sunghoon shouted.


“Where are we going?!”

“Tantalus! You’ll see!”

Sunghoon thought Tantalus was a bar or a park.

“Ya Sunghoon!” Jiwon called over his shoulder.


“Hold tight you idiot! You might fall off!”

They were going at a little over 80kph and Sunghoon was only holding Jiwon’s jacket to keep him steady. Jiwon was worried a little bump on the road might make him fall off.

Sunghoon tentatively wrapped his skinny arms around Jiwon’s waist, the contact sending his heart into overdrive. He paid his heart no heed, no matter how strange it seemed.

Jiwon felt rather than saw the nearness of Sunghoon’s body to him. A small smile formed on his lips, before he caught himself. He must be really deprived of company if he can feel this way with Sunghoon. He silently cursed.

Jiwon: Maybe I’m missing home too much. Maybe Sunghoon’s presence reminds me of home. That’s why I feel this way with him.

They reached Tantalus Lookout in just minutes. Tantalus overlooks the city of Honolulu, which is built on top of Tantalus cinders. It has a breathtaking view of the sunset, which is one of the reasons Jiwon wanted to bring Sunghoon here.

He stopped the bike and allowed Sunghoon to disembark first, him following suit. He parked the bike on the grassy expanse, and plopped down on the grass with his bag. Sunghoon gently sat down next to him.

“What is this place hyung?” Sunghoon asked looking around.

“It’s an extinct cinder cone. It gets pretty here at night, you’ll see.”

“Uhm, what’s a cinder cone?”

Jiwon snorted. “I don’t know. I just read about it on some books. I think it formed after a volcanic eruption or something. Ya imma, just research about it, don’t ask me questions.” He fished out 2 bottles of soda and a bag of chips from his bag and handed them to Sunghoon. “Here. Drink while it’s still cold.” He took one of the bottles and popped it open then took a drink..

“Wow, that’s refreshing..”

Sunghoon smiled while watching Jiwon. He lived such carefree lifestyle it’s contagious. No wonder he looked so cool. He was smart, warm-hearted but at the same time a bad-ass (pardon the word). Sunghoon drank from his bottle leisurely, watching the city stretch out before his eyes. The cool breeze brought about the scent of eucalyptus it was relaxing.

“Do you come here often hyung?” Sunghoon asked, as the skies turned a lighter shade of red.

“Sometimes when I’m bored. I don’t have that much friends here, and everyone else, all they talk about are girls and girls and girls, it’s exhausting.” Jiwon looked up at the sky where the sun had begun setting. “Hoon-ah look.”

“Wow…. deomo ippeo..” Sunghoon exclaimed while looking at the sunset.

Jiwon looked at Sunghoon and smiled. “This is actually the first time I brought someone with me here. Chukahae neon ildeung! (Congrats, you’re first!).” and he gave Sunghoon a thumbs up.

“I thought I was the second…” Sunghoon answered confusedly.

“Second one I gave a tour to. But that doesn’t mean I went to the same places. I never brought her here.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because she didn’t deserve it.” then Jiwon stood up and went near the edge of the plain, beckoning Sunghoon to follow him.

Sunghoon stood behind Jiwon, wondering what he’s planning this time.

“Now, you’ll get to see the best view of the night.”

Sunghoon was still clueless, until Jiwon started counting down.

“10…9…8…7…6….5….4…3…2…1… Chan!!!!” Jiwon said as he gestured towards the city.

Sunghoon looked in amazement. One by one the city lights turned on, as if on cue, like christmas lights. It was a spectacular view, Sunghoon felt like he was watching a light show.

“Amazing isn’t it?” Jiwon said knowingly.

“Nae hyung. It’s my first time seeing anything like this. Gomaweo..” Sunghoon said, smiling while looking at the city lights.

Jiwon: This scrawny brat even looks more like an angel at night. How did he get such fair skin?

“Hoon-ah…” Jiwon said quietly.


“You live alone right?”

“Aah nae.. I rent an apartment near the school.. waeyo?”

“Wanna come live with me?”

Sunghoon looked at Jiwon in surprise. The suggestion came out of the blue that Sunghoon answered in a voice higher than usual.

“Live with you?!” he answered abruptly.

Jiwon didn’t know whether Sunghoon found the suggestion ridiculous or feasible. What he knew was how Sunghoon looked at him now. He laughed.

“You should see the look on your face. It’s like you got slapped awake from a dream!” Jiwon chortled.

Sunghoon pouted. “Aish hyung! Don’t joke like that! Gapchagi-ai.”

Jiwon then stopped laughing and turned to him poker-faced, and Sunghoon wondered how Jiwon’s moods could shift so suddenly.

“I’m serious. You wanna come live with me? You don’t have to pay rent. It’s our house after all.”


“What do you say? You can ask permission from your Mom, but I think she’ll like it. After all, she must be worried sick about her only son living so far alone.”

Sunghoon smiled pleasantly. “I don’t think I need permission. I think Mom would like it too.”

“Geulaeseo…? (So?)”

“So yeah, I’ll come live with you.”

“A-ssa!! Yeokshi nae dongsaeng!!! (Alright! That’s my brother!!) Let’s go home then. The road’s tricky here when it gets darker.”

And together, with Jiwon’s hand on Sunghoon’s shoulder, they trudged up to where the bike was parked and went back to the city.

Jiwon took Sunghoon to dinner to celebrate. They were a sight to see, two opposites. Where Jiwon was dark-skinned, Sunghoon was fair. Where Sunghoon’s face looked gentle and sweet, Jiwon was rugged and strong. But they were having fun, in fact, it was the most fun Jiwon had since he came to Hawaii. They enjoyed the night, just like any other teenager would.

Jiwon dropped Sunghoon off in his apartment, their laughter echoing through the quiet night.

“Hyung, I had so much fun today. Gomaweoyeo.” Sunghoon said sincerely, his eyes sparkling with happiness.

“Ya, don’t forget on Saturday okay?”

They agreed that Sunghoon will be moving in on weekend so as not to rush.

Sunghoon nodded. “Nae hyung. I’ll be ready. Naeil-bwayeo!” waving at Jiwon happily.

“Uh-huh, jal-ja!” Jiwon waved back. He waited until Sunghoon got inside before he rode off towards his house.

Jiwon finally no longer felt alone.


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It All Starts Here

Sunghoon: This’ll be my first time living with someone other than my mom and sister. I’m excited! Jiwon-hyung’s really amazing. It was truly boring living alone. I’m glad he asked.

Sunghoon finished moving his things late that Saturday afternoon. His room was right next to Jiwon. He had to admit he’s impressed. Jiwon’s family must be pretty rich if they can afford a house overseas. The house was spacious, with everything Jiwon needed.

He was leisurely playing games on Jiwon’s family computer when Jiwon came out of his room, freshly bathed. He wore a casual sleeveless shirt and shorts, typical Hawaii outfit.

“Ya! You’re going to die if you keep doing that!” yelled Jiwon as Sunghoon’s character slowly evaded the enemy. He tried to take the controller from Sunghoon.

“Ai hyung!! Let me finish!!” Sunghoon shouted as he dodged and tried to win against the computer, all the while Jiwon was shouting instructions at him. In the end, Sunghoon’s character died.

“Ei!!!” they shouted together.

Sunghoon turned to look at Jiwon. “Ya hyung, I think I’ve gone deaf. Your voice is really loud.”

“Jinjja?” Then Jiwon hooked an arm on Sunghoon’s shoulder and suddenly blew into his ear. Sunghoon retracted in surprise.

“Ya! What was that for?!” he yelled at Jiwon, who was laughing at him.

“Hahaha!! Neon jinjja kyeowo!! (You’re really cute!!) You really should record your reactions, it’s a sight to see.” Jiwon said, his eyes dancing with laughter.

“Tssh.. You like making fun of me don’t you?” Sunghoon snapped at him.

“Ei… You know I’m the only one who can make fun of you. If others did, they’d get it from me.” Then he turned serious while taking over the game from Sunghoon. “Ya Sunghoon-ah, don’t let yourself get bullied in school okay? If anyone messes with you, tell me. I’ll set them straight.” Jiwon said while he skillfully manouvered his character over the obstacles, his eyes fixed on the screen.

“Hyung, I can take care of myself.”

“Sunghoon-ah, this isn’t Korea. The bullies here are worse. Trust me. I had to find out about it the hard way. Besides we’re all older than you.”


“Eojjaessdeun (anyway), they know not to mess with you. Everyone knows you’re my precious brother.”

Sunghoon was touched, but he tried not to let it show. He then joked lightly. “Aigoo, kamsahamnida hyung, waah.. I feel relieved that my brother’s a gangster.”

Jiwon laughed. “You should be. I’m the worst gangster in school.”

Sunghoon smiled, truly grateful for meeting him. He decided to tell him straight.

“Hyung, jinjja jinjja gomaweo..”

Jiwon looked at him in confusion. “Huh? For what?”

“For everything. If it wasn’t for you I’d definitely be lost here..” Sunghoon said sincerely.

Jiwon smiled at him in return. “Nadeu gomaweo… You don’t realize how thankful I am I met you.”

Sunghoon smiled. They looked at each other for a while.

“Hyung, what do you want to eat? I’ll cook.” Sunghoon said after the silence and their stare contest became awkward.

“You know any Korean dish? I’ve been eating a lot of Western already it’s greasy..” Jiwon gratefully answered.

“Okay.. I’ll cook you my favorite samgyetang.”

“You know how to cook that?” Jiwon wondered. Samgyetang need no expertise but the chicken is cooked whole, and there are a lot of ingredients needed.

“Of course! Leave it to me.” Sunghoon said confidently.


“Uhmmm, it looks edible…” Jiwon said, looking doubtfully at Sunghoon’s dish.

Sunghoon laughed. “Hyung, nan middeo, it may not look like it but it’s delicious. Anjasaeyeo..(please sit down)

Jiwon reluctantly sat down. He was still dubious about Sunghoon’s cooking as he looked at the samgyetang. It purely looked like boiled chicken, not too appetizing.

“Hyung…aah…” said Sunghoon as he fed Jiwon a piece of the chicken.

Jiwon didn’t want to embarass Sunghoon, so he opened his mouth to take the food.

“Oh?! Mwoya-iggo?(What is this?)

The taste wasn’t what he expected at all. It was more than delicious, it was savory. He looked at Sunghoon in surprise.

“How did you do that? What’d you put in there?”

“MSG.” answered Sunghoon mischievously.


Sunghoon chuckled. “Nongdam-yeo..(I’m just joking) I put in the usual ingredients.”

“Jjinja masisseoyeo…(It’s really delicious)” said Jiwon as he scooped some for himself and started digging in.

Sunghoon looked at him happily. “I’m glad you like it.”

“Sunghoon-ah, you’re really a cheonsa (angel). Waah.. This tastes amazing.”

Sunghoon: Why does my heart falter at those words? My cheeks feel hot, I’m afraid I’m blushing. My mom would always call me her angel but why does it feel different when Jiwon-hyung says it? It feels more like a term of endearment rather than just a plain name. Aissh.. nae simjang jinjeonghae… (my heart calm down).

“I should call you Hoon-cheonsa from now on..” Jiwon continued oblivious to the fact that Sunghoon’s blushing furiously.

“So should I call you bohoja-hyung (guardian)?” Sunghoon said jokingly.

Jiwon though found it appealing. “Oh, chuae! I’m the guardian you’re the angel! Oohh uri Hoonie-neun senseu chaegu! (My Hoonie’s sense is great!)” giving Sunghoon a thumbs-up.

“It’s too long to call you that hyung.”

“Then you can shorten it, how about hoja-hyung?”

Strangely Sunghoon liked it. “Weirdly, I like it.” he managed to say as he finally continued eating.

Jiwon grinned like a kid. “Of course you would.”

After eating, Jiwon gathered the dirty dishes and brought them to the sink.

“Ya, cheonsa-yah, go rest while I wash the dishes.”

“Hyung, I’ll do that!” Sunghoon protested.

But Jiwon brushed him off. “Ei, you already cooked. I should do this one. I can’t let you do all the chores alone.”

Sunghoon smiled. “Arasseo hyung.”

Sunghoon went into the living room, glad for the warmth the house brought. He got lucky meeting Jiwon here in Hawaii. He knew it was a risk coming here alone to study but he wanted to be more independent and learn to be better. His mom didn’t need more trouble raising two of them on her own. It was a hard decision for Sunghoon, but as the sole man in the household, he felt he needed to experience what it’s like to be alone in the bigger world. He wanted to come back home a better man, someone his mom can depend on.

Jiwon felt peaceful for the first time. He now had someone he could share everything with. He always wanted to have a brother or a sister, it didn’t matter, but his mom found it hard to reproduce after him. Despite growing up spoiled, Jiwon felt something was missing. He only realized what it was when he met Sunghoon. He finished washing the dishes, and joined Sunghoon in the living room who was watching tv. He plopped down next to him on the couch.

“Hoonie-ah, let’s make a promise.” said Jiwon suddenly.

“Eh? What promise hyung?” Sunghoon wondered.

“There’s only you and me here in Hawaii. I want us to promise that whatever happens, we’ll always have each other’s back. And that we’ll support each other always.” said Jiwon seriously. “We’re both outcasts here anyway so just promise me we’ll stick together.”

Sunghoon smiled.  “Of course hyung, through thick and thin I promise.”

Jiwon smiled back at Sunghoon. He put one arm around his shoulders and paid attention to what he was watching.


‘Let’s live happily together Hoonie-ah.” Jiwon said as he patted Sunghoon’s shoulder.

“Nae hyung.”

Jiwon grinned and watched happily as the show progressed. They would have a great time here. He vowed to himself that he’ll guide and protect Sunghoon much like how a guardian should.

He looked at Sunghoon, who was also looking at him. They exchanged smiles, both content to have each other.


The next chapter’s going to be fast forwarded to their later teens where they got discovered. I couldn’t possibly write about their day to day lives for the 3 years they lived together haha ✌✌.  Since this is a Sechskies fanfic I need to put the other members’ perspective to fruition.

Whenever I’m With You by: reynzt15 part 2


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