When You Are Mine by: esca

when you are mine.jpg

  • a SuJin (Suwon x Jaejin) short story
  • completed

WARNING: contains mature content

May I kiss you?

Those were his first words. He did not wait for an answer before he pressed his lips to mine. Feathery soft.


My name is Jaejin. You’re Suwon, right? Will you be mine?

He never waited for my answers. From that day on, I was his Suwonie. His.

The first place we went to together was a run-down motel. It had been a sticky hot day but we did not shower.

I watched dumbly as he pulled off my jeans and boxers. He did not bother to undress, merely unzipping his own pants.

He told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed and I obeyed, feeling him come up behind me. I stared at a yellow stain on the pillow in front of me as I felt him run his arousal down my butt. He held onto my hips and spread my cheeks wider with his thumbs before penetrating me slowly.

We did not bother with lubrication. I felt myself stretch and eventually tear. The sliding rhythm became easier as his erection was covered with my blood. I hung my head and watched the streaks of blood run down my thighs.

It was a while before he came. I did not come, but he didnt seem to care. He wiped the blood off himself with the bed sheets, zipped up his pants and left with a See ya later.

I limped all the way home.

The second place we went to was a video-room. We rented Honeymoon – a racy horror movie.

He made me kneel in front of him, between his legs. His penis looked so big close up, only inches from my face. I licked it. He didnt make a sound, but he didnt need to. The people on the TV screen were moaning and groaning loudly behind me.

I took as much of him into my mouth as I could, and sucked as hard as I could. Other than his clenched abdomen and hard arousal, he seemed unaffected. His hands were relaxed by his sides and he kept watching the screen with a bored expression on his face.

His semen was salty and bitter. Who said that come was sweet? It wasnt.

It was the third time we met that I realized he wasnt mine even though I was his.

The beach on a winters night was very beautiful. He was kissing a tall boy on the sand. Jiyong, I think…. One of our common friends. I watched their silhouette from a distance as their movements grew more and more frantic.

Jaejin was facing me, but I wasnt sure if he saw me. Actually, making me watch him having sex with another person was the kind of a thing Jaejin would probably do. He was the one who told me to meet him here, after all.

I didnt see him after that. One phone call. One phone call stating a time and place was the only thing he did to contact me. I did not go to meet him and he did not push it.

Three years passed…and although our paths never crossed, I was not free. I was still his.

Long time no see, Suwon.

I did not answer.

Quiet as always, I see… Can I ask you a question?

I gazed at him blankly.

Will you marry me?

It seems that he hasnt changed at all. Without my consent or refusal, we were married…in Netherlands.

But I had changed…..

Jaejin!! How could you leave me to marry someone so un-sexy?!!!

Shut up, Jiyong! Jaejin hyungs mine!! You go find your own!

Wow, Jaejin. Your wife is so possessive!!!

Damn right!!! You adulterous slut! Stay away from my husband!!

I think Jaejin hyung rather enjoys being fought over.

We sat on the couch in our living room with our arms around each others waist as Jiyong sputtered.

Im gonna find myself another man! And Im gonna be so sweet and nauseatingly happy that you guys are gonna puke!!!!

~the end~



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