Volume VI: Jiwon’s Story


  • a Wonnie fanfic
  • Volume VI of Sechs Kies Volume Stories
  • completed

Part I

A young girl was reading a newspaper article. She then heard the announcement: ~ Please fasten your seatbelt for a departure. You’ve now reached Seoul, Korea. Thank you for using Swiss Airline.~

She folded the newspaper back. Unfortunately, she failed to continue to read the article, that foreshadowed her future. It stated as follows:

[Korea’s MOST WANTED (in order)]

#1: EunJiWon (age 21): Head of Sechs Kies, charged for running the biggest crime organization in Korea, committing numerous accounts of heinous crime.

#2: KangSungHoon(19): Co-Leader of Sechs Kies.

#3: GoJiYong(19): Member of Sechs Kies, charged for numerous occasions of illicit bombing, bank robbery, and destruction of prominent data of the nation.

#4: KimJaeDuc(20): Member of Sechs Kies, charged for numerous occasions of rape and sexual harassment.

#5: LeeJaeJin(20): Member of Sechs Kies, charged for 1st Degree Murder on numerous accounts.

#6: JangSuWon(19): Member of Sechs Kies, charged for aiding GoJiYong with his duties.]

[Hawaii, 1994]

“Do you believe that it’s possible for a 16 year-old to fall in love?” asked Jiwon.

“Umm… I dunno. Why do you ask?” replied Yoori as she contemplated.

“Because… I think… I fell in love with you. You are my very first love,” said Jiwon as he looked into her eyes. Yoori seemed somewhat surprised, and sad to hear that.

“You truly can’t mean that, oppa, because you are only 16 and I’m only 14 and we can’t be serious about anything at this age,” answered Yoori as she tried to hide her sadness. She didn’t mean any of the things she said, but she felt obligated to say them, to turn Jiwon off.

“Yoori,” began Jiwon calmly, “I know you have a low self-esteem because of your illness, but that’s not gonna stop me from loving you. You’re right, you are only 14, but you have a very sophisticated way of thinking. Here, take this bracelet,” said Jiwon as he unlocked his bracelet to give it to her. He then put it on her wrist and secured it.

“From now on, you are mine,” affirmed Jiwon as he leaned over to kiss her.

But he stopped when he looked at her eyes.

Yoori looked as if she had all the sadness in the world, because her eyes sparkled with tears instead of happiness. She then quietly, but firmly said to Jiwon.

“I really believe in the saying that once out of sight, out of mind.”

Next day, Jiwon realized what Yoori meant by that, because when he went to find her, she was nowhere to be seen… there was no trace of her and her aunt whom she lived with. Jiwon searched the island for days with his friend Sunghoon, but they both gave up, leaving Jiwon disheartened and dejected for a long time. His sadness was overcome with a feeling of betrayal towards Yoori.

With his very first love buried deep into his heart, 5 years of his unusual life passed.


[Sechs Kies Region 1: Seoul, Korea, 1999]

“Damn it, screw that little rat!!” exclaimed Jiwon furiously as he sat down on the sofa. Jaeduc approached him to calm him down.

“Hyung, calm down. It’s not the first time Sunghoon’s done that to us. I think he is planning an official separation from us.”

“He’s right, Jiwonee hyung,” joined Jaejin, “I mean, we tried to negotiate but he and his crew are too stubborn.”

“Stupid White Kies bastards,” said Jiwon spitefully, “when 6 of us first ganged together to create Sechs Kies, it wasn’t supposed to be this way. How could Sunghoon do this to me? He’s my lifelong best friend! And I knew Suwon that goodygoody will get us into this trouble. He was always a *peacemaker* among us. And Jiyong…”

“Jiyong,” interrupted Jaejin, “he is our biggest loss. His brain capacity would’ve helped us out a lot.”

“But they are just bunch of wimps when it comes to the *real* battle,” said Jaeduc, “Black Kies have better fighters.”

“I need to devise a plan to settle the situation, guys. Talk to me later, okay?” said Jiwon as he stood up and walked out of the room. Jaeduc and Jaejin looked at each other and shrugged.

“Hey~ wanna go catch some girls tonight?” suggested Jaeduc slyly. Jaejin rolled his eyes at him and replied, “Idiot… how can you think of fooling around with women in this situation??”

“~Tsk, tsk, tsk. You’re just jealous, that’s all. I wonder why Jiwonee hyung’s never interested in girls. I mean, he’s our chick magnet in this realm! Do you think it’s true that he feels affection towards Jiyong?” asked Jaeduc curiously.

“Shut up, moron,” responded Jaejin, “it’s only a rumor. I admit that Jiyong sometimes looks feminine, but… I don’t think Jiwon hyung is a gay… even though he seems extremely disturbed by Jiyong teaming up with Sunghoon and Suwon…..”

Part II

—–How It All Happened——

The fate of infamous Sechs Kies was dwindling due to its internal conflict.

The so-called “Korean Mafia” that consisted of +100 members was spliting up into 2 groups, Black Kies and White Kies.

Black Kies, led by the Head who is Jiwon and his right and left arms Jaejin and Jaeduc, was more into territorial expansion and battles to eliminate rival gangs, whereas White Kies, led by the co-leader and Jiwon’s best friend Sunghoon and his closest men Suwon and Jiyong, was more interested in keeping peace and maintaining business.

The older members of 6Kies who were sick and tired of fighting converted to White, while the newer members who were hungry for battles teamed up with Black.

Thus the official battle between Jiwon and Sunghoon began….

Jiwon first met Jiyong 4 years ago, when Jiwon was 17 and Jiyong 15. Jiyong, then, was an unhappy boy who had just dropped out of school and got out of the house. Jiwon, who saw Jiyong’s potential of being a future *Einstein,* took him in.

Jiwon felt incredibly attached to Jiyong because he reminded of Yoori. There was an aura of sophistication and sadness around Jiyong. Jiwon felt extremely angry by Jiyong’s betrayal because that was something Yoori had also done 4 years ago. “Look alikes act alike,” he thought.

Jaejin and Jaeduc were the former leaders of another infamous gang, “Quiksilver,” from Pusan. But they both assimilated into Sechs Kies when they met Jiwon and Sunghoon. Jiwon’s incredible leadership skill was an inspiration to both Jaejin and Jaeduc. They were highly valued due to their amazing ability to battle, as if they were “born-to-be” killers.

Perhaps the most “unfit” member was Suwon, because there was no way he would belong to a gang because of his kindhearted nature. But his fate was revealed when his parents were targeted by Krazee Killer members’ drive-by- shooting 4 years ago. Sunghoon, who happened to witness the scene, comforted Suwon with a promise that they shall create a best gang to emulate Krazee Killers (KK).

Obviously, because of the tie Jiwon and Sunghoon had as best friends, all six of them eventually met. Thus Sechs Kies, aka 6 Crystals, was born to reign the Dark City. Of course, the first thing they did was to wipe out the KK’s and rob banks for the money. Their headquarters was a ShinLa Hotel in Seoul.

They owned it and the members lived on 3 floors under the groundlevel. But as the members’ interests began to differ, 6Kies was no longer retainable…..[And onto the REAL story now, no more boring background info…. ^_^]

Part III

[Few days later, one rainy day]

“Jiyong, I thought you were gonna be at the funeral!” said Sunghoon as he looked surprised to see Jiyong in his room.

“… No… I don’t belong there. I’m so glad she died,” replied Jiyong coldly. Suwon glanced at him and said quietly.

“Surely you don’t mean that because she was your mother.”

“I don’t care who she was. All she cared about was my sister. Not me, not my younger sister, but my so-called *noona*.

Always noona this, always noona that. Just because she was sick, my parents treated her like a queen… I once heard them say that they wished *I* was a hemophiliac instead of her. Genes must have mutated or something…. anyway, what am I rambling about? You guys almost got me to talk about my personal life there!” said Jiyong spitefully.

“How can she be a hemophiliac? It’s not biologically possible,” said Suwon.

“I know. I’m not THAT stupid! She just has a disease. When she bleeds, it doesn’t stop. I don’t know what it’s called,” replied Jiyong.

But Sunghoon and Suwon knew that Jiyong was feeling sad inside, because they saw a tear sparkling in his eyes.


“Yeah,” Suwon answered the phone. He then had a puzzled expression on his face. He then nodded. “Okay, we’ll be up there in a minute.” then he hung up.

“What is it?” asked Sunghoon.

“Jiyong,” said Suwon, “there is a girl upstairs who claims to be your dong-sang, who wants to see you.” Jiyong’s face turned ugly. All 3 of them hurried and got out of the room.



“Hello?” Jaejin answered the phone.

“Huh? Who? Jiyong’s sister? Okay, we’ll be up in a minute.”

Part IV

“I’m sorry, miss, but there is no man named GoJiYong working here,” said the receptionist as he tried to convince her. But the girl was too stubborn to listen to him.

“You bastard! I know he works here! He’s my oppa, why won’t you let me see him?” she exclaimed furiously.

Jiyong, Sunghoon, and Suwon appeared from the side. Jiyong looked extremely disturbed to see her.

“GoHaeRi,” said Jiyong quietly as he approached her, “she’s my sister, send her over here.”

“Took you long enough,” said Haeri sarcastically as she turned around and faced him.

At that moment, Sunghoon gasped.

“Yoo…Yoori?” murmured Sunghoon. He was in a complete shock. This girl, who was facing all 3 of them, looked exactly like Yoori, Jiwon’s girlfriend he met in Hawaii. She looked a lot older than he remembered, obviously, but he could still recognize her.

All of them then heard Jiwon’s voice.

“What’s going on here?” Jiwon, Jaejin, and Jaeduc walked over to check out the situation. Jiwon gasped as well when he saw Haeri.

“Yoori…” said Jiwon quietly, dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe who he was seeing. He stared at her fiercely to see if it was really her.

‘How could this be….?? Is it really you?’ thought Jiwon desperately.

But when the girl caught him looking at her, she snapped.

“Whatcha lookin’ at, asshole?” Sunghoon and Jiwon exchanged a look of suspicion.

‘Yoori never talked like that,’ they both thought to themselves.

Jiwon then came to realize that this girl was dressed rather provocatively and had a real cheap makeup, something Yoori would never do.

“Haeri, you don’t talk like that to Jiwon hyung, okay? Now what are you doing here?” scolded Jiyong as he dragged her to the corner.

“Wait,” stopped Jiwon, “Jiyong, who is she?”

“Umm, this is my younger… or twin sister, Haeri,” replied Jiyong.

“TWIN SISTER??” exclaimed the others all simultaneously. “YOU had a TWIN SIS??? And none of us knew for the past 4 years!!”

“Well, you guys never asked~!” said Jiyong as he shrugged. “Anyway, what the hell are you doing here?” he resumed his attention back to Haeri.

“Dumbass, Mom died and you didn’t even come to the funeral today!” yelled Haeri.

“I suppose YOU went, then, did you? I mean, you hated her just as much as I did,” replied Jiyong cynically.

“At least I went to the funeral. I just came from there. She’s dead, and none of our relatives want me, so you have to take care of me now,” said Haeri.

“xxxx you,” said Jiyong, “who said I’ll take care of a bitch like you?”

Suwon and Sunghoon kept on exchanging glances. Suwon at last commented.

“Jiyong, you’re being a little harsh. Let her stay here for awhile, until she finds a way to live…”

“Yeah, Jiyong, go ahead and do that,” added Jiwon. Surprised, Jiyong turned back to face him.

“But hyung… you don’t like outsiders.” said Jiyong.

“But she’s not an outsider. She’s your twin sister. Besides….” Jiwon trailed off in the end.

‘Besides, I want her to stay here. She looks exactly like Yoori… even their names are similar. Yoori and Haeri…’ Jiwon was thinking this but dared not to say it in front of everyone. Jiwon, Jaejin, and Jaeduc then went back downstairs to their headquarters.

Sunghoon kept on contemplating on what Jiyong said earlier. According to what Jiyong said, he had 2 sisters. This Haeri looked exactly like Yoori.

Strange, he thought. Perhaps….!!

“Jiyong, where is your other sister?” asked Sunghoon carefully, not to offend Jiyong because Sunghoon knew that Jiyong absolutely hated talking about his past.

“Why do you care? I haven’t seen her for the last 4 years. She’s somewhere in Switzerland,” replied Jiyong indifferently. He then walked away, dragging Haeri by her arm.

“Oww!!! Easy, Jiyong!!” whined Haeri as she followed him.

‘I guess they’re not related then,’ thought Sunghoon, ‘cuz Yoori lived in Hawaii. But still….. Should I ask him if he has a noona named Yoori? No~ Yoori was the same age as me so she can’t be his sister… Jiyong and Haeri are both 19, just like me, and so’s Yoori… so they probably aren’t related. But Haeri… she looks exactly like Yoori. What does Jiwonee hyung think about this?’

Part V

“Jiwon hyung,” began Jaejin, “do you know Jiyong’s sister?”

Jiwon, who was reading a newspaper, folded it back and faced Jaejin.

“How would I know her? I just met her today for the first time,” replied Jiwon.

“But you seemed so shocked when you first saw her,” said Jaejin.

“Aww~ is it a love at first sight?” joined Jaeduc. Jiwon glared at him.

“No, idiot. Only someone like YOU have that. You really gotta quit fooling around with girls now. Situations have devastated even more now,” said Jiwon as he sighed.

“Don’t pick on me, hyung. I can’t help it when girls are all over me. I guess I’m just irresistible,” said Jaeduc as he smiled.

Jaejin and Jiwon looked at each other and made a barfing expression.

“Maybe I should hit on Jiyong’s sister too….” mentioned Jaeduc jokingly.

Jiwon’s face turned furious as he yelled.

“NO! She’s one person you’re not gonna touch, KimJaeDuc. Cuz if you do… I’ll murder you!”

“Whoa, easy there, hyung,” said Jaejin as he calmed Jiwon down. “Stupid Duggie was just joking.”

“What’s with you and her? You like her already?” said Jaeduc as he looked at Jiwon strangely.

“You guys don’t understand,” answered Jiwon.

“No, I don’t understand YOU,” said Jaejin, “you don’t like outsiders. Why are you letting her stay here? And she’s Jiyong’s sister too.”

“You don’t understand, Jaejin. So I don’t have to tell you,” sighed Jiwon as he walked out.

Part VI

[Jiyong’s room]

“Now, you listen to me, Haeri,” began Jiyong, “I don’t want you to leech off of us. Go find a job and move out asap. I don’t want you to stay here.”

“Why not?” asked Haeri sarcastically as she sat on Jiyong’s bed, “seems like a fun place for me. Korean Mafia, eh??”

“Shut your xxxxing mouth, Haeri. That is NOT what we are. Or at least we try not to be like that,” said Jiyong.

“Oh, by the way, I heard at the funeral that Aunt Lin passed away. What was it, a liver cancer or somethin’….” said Haeri, not paying attention to what Jiyong just told her.

“What??” exclaimed Jiyong, “she did? Then what happened to…noona??”

“I guess she’s doomed now,” Haeri smiled devilishly, “isn’t that what we wanted for our whole lives, Jiyong? For her to rot in hell??”

“YOU might have wanted it, but I sure didn’t. When did you turn into a slut? You sure know how to act like a bitch. Get out now,” said Jiyong as he motioned her to go away.

“One of the guys will escort you to your room. Stay out of trouble cuz if you don’t, see if I care. I’m not gonna baby you in this realm,” said Jiyong firmly.



Sunghoon went to answer the door. Jiyong was standing in front.

Sunghoon invited him in.

“What happened? You look like crap,” said Sunghoon jokingly. Jiyong sighed as he fell on Sunghoon’s bed.

“Don’t even talk about it. My sis is driving me crazy! Give me a drink,” answered Jiyong. Sunghoon granted his response.

“So~ what’s our latest issue? Anything planned?” asked Sunghoon.

“Not really. I’ve just been updating on stocks and messing around with my computer once in a while. Also been monitoring ShinHwa,” said Jiyong.

“First Krazee Killers, then Eagle 5, and now ShinHwa, huh? Jiwonee hyung keeps on making tough enemies,” said Sunghoon.

“It took a while to root out KK, but we still did. That was probably the only time Suwon participated in a physical battle of any type. And Eagle 5 was a piece of cake, except that Danny that little squirrel ran away. But  ShinHwa’s a little tough to handle… ” agreed Jiyong.

“What do you think about our separation from Black Kies? You think it’s worth it??” querried Sunghoon carefully.

Jiyong contemplated for a while. It was a tough question to answer.

“I don’t know…” began Jiyong, “but personally, I don’t suggest it. I like all of the Black Kies leaders. I especially hold high respect for Jiwon. But in the past couple years, he has begun to become extremely power-hungry.”

“Right on,” agreed Sunghoon as he smiled, “we can get along fine with what we have now, without having to get rid of every single person he doesn’t like. He’s not the person I used to know anymore.”

“Why did you guys decide to become a gang anyway? Why didn’t you just stay in Hawaii?” asked Jiyong.

“Hawaii gave Jiwon too much of painful memories. He was only 16 at the time, but he was seriously in love with his girlfriend. She was incredibly intelligient and sophisticated, even though she was 2 years younger than him. One sad thing though; she was diagnosed with a terminal illness that made her so weak and delicate,” explained Sunghoon.

“I didn’t know he had such a sad past,” commented Jiyong, amazed.

“That’s not the real sad part, though,” continued Sunghoon, “what really stimulated Jiwon’s anger was the fact that she disappeared one day, without even telling him. When he had given all his love to her. It was from then on that Jiwon began changing. We practically searched all of our island but there was no trace of her.”

Jiyong’s face started to change.

“Wait! Did you say she lived in Hawaii??” questioned Jiyong.

“Yes. Wait… when I saw Haeri, I thought it was her. Her name was Yoori and she looked exactly like Haeri.”

Part VII

A young girl was standing in front of the reception desk, trying to check in.

She had several luggages with her.

“I’d like a single room, please,” she said. A receptionist nodded and handed her some keys.

“Here you go, Miss. Would you like a porter?”

“Oh, no thank you,” she replied, smiling. She then walked away, dragging her luggages, to her room.

Jaejin walked from the other direction. He was going around the hotel to make sure everything was getting done right. When he saw the girl walking towards him, his eyes grew huge. He walked really fast up to the receptionist and started questioning him.

“Who is that lady? Did you just check her in? What room is she in? What’s her name?”

“Sir… she’s in room 203… I don’t quite remember her name, but it was something like Yoori or so….. is anything wrong?” said the clerk with much fear.

Jaejin disregarded his question and ran after her. But she was nowhere to be seen. He silently cursed to himself and took out his cell phone.

“Yeah… this is Jaejin… do me a favor and go to room 203 and bring me that girl to my room. Don’t hurt her, though… but make sure she’s unconscious before you bring her… what do you mean who is she..? I dunno!! Don’t ask me. But just bring her.. right now.”


[Room 203]

Yoori sat on her bed. She did not even wanna try to unpack. All she could think about was her sadness over losing her dearest Aunt. The only person who loved her besides her parents. But she had left her due to liver cancer, approximately at the same time as her mom’s death. Yoori didn’t know what to do.

From Korea to Hawaii to Switzerland, now she was back in Korea. What was she doing in Switzerland? It was no use. She had gone to find a cure for her disease. But on their stay in Bern, her Aunt Lin became ill. Now Yoori was all alone in the world.


“~Room service~”

“What? I didn’t ask for it,” said Yoori to herself as she got up and went to unlock the door. But when she did, she saw 2 men holding a wooden stick.

Soon she became unconscious.


[Jaejin’s room]

“Wake up time, Senorita,” said Jaejin as he slapped Yoori lightly in the face. Yoori began to regain her consciousness.

“Where am I…. and who are you???” questioned Yoori as she sat up and looked at Jaejin with fear in her eyes.

“I can answer the first question. You’re in my room, for good reasons….Do you have any idea who we are???” said Jaejin as he asked her back. Yoori shook her head, meaning that she didn’t know.

“Ehem,” coughed Jaejin, “we are….Sechs Kies.”

Yoori’s eyes widened. ‘I’m dead now,’ she thought. She remembered on her way to Korea in plane reading about them. The headline was the ‘Notorious for Brutality; Gang Renovation in Korea.’

“What do you want from me?” questioned Yoori as calmly as possible, but she was shaking like crazy. Jaejin smiled.

“Just one question that I must ask YOU. Who are YOU????” asked Jaejin as he looked at her fiercely. Yoori stared at him back with a cold glance.

Jaejin smiled lightly to himself, seeing that she was stubborn than he thought.

“Okay, so if you don’t answer with an honest answer, I’ll turn you over to my best friend Jaeduc. He’s our boss’ left hand man, meaning that I’m his right hand. He likes pretty girls like you, so I’m sure he could have some *fun* with you.”

Yoori shuttered in fear. Jaejin noticed that and smiled.

“Now tell me who you are.”

“You mean my name? Why do you wanna know? It’s Yoori.”

“Last name?” querried Jaejin.


“Do you happen to know a girl named Haeri?” asked Jaejin. Yoori’s face lit up.

“Haeri??!! How do you know her? Do you where she’s at??”

“You see, the reason I had to kidnap you was because when I saw you, you had an exact same face as Haeri,” said Jaejin, loosening up a little.

“Of course we look the same,” replied Yoori, “we are twins.”

“WHAT????” yelled Jaejin.

‘Another one? I thought Haeri was twins with Jiyong!!’ thought Jaejin to himself.

“Do you happen to have a brother as well?”

“Yes…. I have a younger brother… actually, he’s my twin too. We’re a triplet. Now, please tell me, where is Haeri? Is she here? How do you know her?” Yoori begged to know.

‘Oh, a triplet! Now that explains,’ thought Jaejin as he let out a sigh of relief.

Yoori stood up on her feet, off Jaejin’s bed, ready to walk out. She knew she wasn’t gonna get the answers from this strange psycho.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” said Jaejin as he seized her.

“Please…. I don’t know you. I don’t even know what I did wrong to you. What did you do to Haeri? How do you know her?

Is she all right?”

“A triplet, eh?” said Jaejin as he examined her. “In a way, you look nothing like her, even though you look exactly like her.

You know what I mean? She’s more slutty, and you are rather… ”

“If you’re not gonna answer my questions, I’d like to leave,” said Yoori firmly as she started walking away. Jaejin grabbed her by her wrist to stop her.

“Once you are in here, you can’t get out. That’s our rule.”

Yoori’s face began turning pale. She was feeling ill.

“Let go of my hand!” she exclaimed with all her might as she tried to free her hand. In the process, something slipped out of her wrist, onto the ground.

Jaejin bent over to pick it up. It was a bracelet. It had a letter “E” engraved on it.

“Ho~ a pure gold, eh? From a boyfriend? What does this ‘E’ stand for?”

“Give it back!!” said Yoori as she tried to reclaim it, but she collapsed onto the floor. She was now shaking uncontrollably.

Her face was even more pale than before. She touched the back of her neck. She was bleeding.

It must have been from when she got hit by Jaejin’s men.

“Hey… hey!! You alright?” Jaejin approached her with much concern. She seriously seemed frail.


Jaejin heard a knock on the door. Soon it opened and Jiwon and Jaeduc walked in.

“I heard you kidnapped this girl from room 203…. what are you trying to do??” said Jiwon as he stepped into the scene where Jaejin was trying to help Yoori regain her consciousness. She was now extremely pale, with no sign of blood on her face.

Jiwon’s jaws dropped open. He then mouthed dumbfoundedly.

“Yoori…. !!”

Part IX

[Later in the night]

Jiyong stared angrily at his watch as he waited for Haeri to come.

“Stupid bitch.. I told you to stay out of trouble!” murmured Jiyong.

When she finally came back, she was unbelievably drunk.

“Where the hell were you?? I told you to stay in your room! You are such a burden to me!” exclaimed Jiyong furiously to his sister. She had already almost lost her level of sanity as she collapsed onto her bed.

“You know…. just shut up, Jiyong…. you cuss too much. You don’t even know how much fun I had today. Your clubs are the bomb!!”

“They’re NOT mine. All of the Sechs Kies businesses belong to Sunghoon and Jiwon. You can’t go there without their permission, Haeri,” explained Jiyong.

“Oh, shush. Just leave me alone for once. I have a brother who’s like the brain of the biggest gang in Korea. I can do whatever I want,” said Haeri.

“Who took you out??” asked Jiyong. ‘I’ll kill that jerk when I find out,’ he mumbled under his breath.

“YooMin (NohYooMin from NRG)… I think he likes me.”

“Hell, yeah,” said Jiyong sarcastically, “he’s notorious for his crappy taste in women.”

“But of course… I can’t settle for someone like Yoomin… guess who I really like. He’s the finest guy I’ve ever seen in my entire life!”

“Okay now. Just wash yourself and go to bed. I’ll talk to you later,” said Jiyong as he turned around and walked away.

“The leader of Sechs Kies….Jiwonee oppa… his my ideal man…” said Haeri softly as she dozed off. Jiyong stopped and turned around to face her.



[Jaejin’s room]

“I… I’m sorry, hyung. I didn’t know she was….” apologized Jaejin frantically. But Jiwon ignored him.

“Yoori… Yoori, is it really you? Cuz if you are, I’m here… wake up! Oh, God… Jaeduc, call the doctor,” said Jiwon desperately. Jaeduc did as he was told.

“Why wouldn’t she stop bleeding??” asked Jaejin carefully, not to upset Jiwon.

“She… has this disease…I don’t know what it’s called, but once she bleeds, she doesn’t stop,” answered Jiwon as he held Yoori in his arms.

“If anything happens to her….,” said Jiwon slowly, “you know it’s over between us.”

“Hyung, that’s too extreme! It’s not like Jaejin knew who she was!” protested Jaeduc, taking his best friend’s side.

“She’s my fiancee! If I did same thing to your girlfriend, would you let me get away with it?!” refuted Jiwon angrily as he glared at Jaejin.

“I’m sorry. All I wanted was to help you, hyung. Please forgive me,” apologized Jaejin as he knelt down. He knew well that if Jiwon was mad, his life might be in danger.

“Why did you do it anyway?? Huh??” demanded Jiwon.

“I just wanted to find out if Yoori was the girl you were looking for. Here, this is the bracelet she was wearing,” said Jaejin as he handed Jiwon the bracelet. Jiwon quickly snatched it and examined it.

“E….That stands for Eun. I gave it to her,” replied Jiwon slowly as he reminisced.

“So I found out,” continued Jaejin, “that Yoori is the oldest of the triplet. Then comes Jiyong, and Haeri’s the youngest.”

“Why am I not surprised to hear that? When I saw Haeri, I thought I was seeing Yoori. No such people can look exactly alike unless they are twins,” said Jiwon as he sighed.

“Right now, I just want her to wake up and see me. That’s all I ask, Yoori. So please….”


Jaeduc answered the phone. He nodded then hung up.

“Doctor’s here, hyung,” said Jaeduc.

Part X

When Yoori regained her consciousness, there was a man by her bed who was holding her hand, as if he was praying. She sat up. When Jiwon heard her rustling, he woke up.

“Yoori! You woke up!” exclaimed Jiwon excitedly.

“….Who are you??” puzzled, Yoori stared at him. She knew him from somewhere, but she was still blurred by the lights.

Jiwon’s smile faded away.

“Don’t you remember me?? How could you NOT remember me?? I recognized you at first! Please Yoori…”

Yoori still looked puzzled. ‘Looks a lot like Jiwonee, but….’

Jiwon sighed.

“I’m…Jiwon. Your friend from Hawaii 5 years ago….”

Yoori’s jaws dropped open. She could not believe it!

“Jiwon… EunJiWon?? Jiwonee oppa??”

“YES!! You do remember me!! I have so many things to ask you! Why did you leave me that time without even telling me??

I searched for you for so many years! I can’t believe you walked in here…..where I live…” said Jiwon enthusiatically.

Yoori, who felt glad to see Jiwon, began feeling anxious at once. Her smile faded away, and it was replaced with some cross examinating questions.

“You mean…” Yoori spoke very slowly…”no, you’re not. You can’t be…. I mean, Jiwonee oppa I knew was the sweetest boy I had ever known… he can’t be the leader of…”

Door opened and Jaejin and Jaeduc walked in.

“Is she still unconscious, hyung?” asked Jaejin. When they both saw that Yoori was up, they felt relieved. Especially Jaejin, because now he didn’t have to worry about getting killed by Jiwon.

Yoori began to tremble.

“You are the…Boss…. it’s true then, huh?? You ARE the leader of Sechs Kies! Aren’t you??”

“Yoori, I can explain. Just calm down,” said Jiwon desperately as he reached for her. But she slapped his hand away.

“NO! Don’t touch me! I read all about you guys on my way here. Gang Renovation, huh? Killing, stealing, bombing, raping… all kinds of dirty crimes I can’t even imagine!!” yelled Yoori furiously.

“Yoori,” began Jaeduc, “Jiwonee hyung doesn’t do all that (he only instructs, that’s all, but I guess I shouldn’t tell you that).

What we mainly do is a legal business, that’s all.”

Yoori didn’t believe him. Jiwon dugged his head into his hands. He felt as if his heart was being ripped away.

“I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for you, Yoori,” said Jiwon,

“if you hadn’t broke my heart by leaving me without even telling me like you did, we both would still be in Hawaii, happyily ever after. It’s your fault. Why did you leave me anyway? I gave my whole life to you!”

“I was told by doctors that I only had 2 months to live. That’s why I left you. I didn’t want you to feel bad for rest of your life upon my death, because I KNEW you loved me… but some miracle happened when I was in Swiss and I got better. But you…. of all people… why YOU??? Jiwon… you’re not the person I remember. I didn’t leave you to see you like this. I

wanted you to have a better life… without me… but…” Jiwon now began to feel great anger.

“How could you even think that my life would be any better without you?

In the past 5 years, I was miserable. Thinking that you might be dead was one thing; but not to even know where you were…. that killed me. Don’t blame me for who I am now, cuz I know you still like me the same way.”

“…. Now that I’ve seen who you are, my feelings will subside. Goodbye,” said Yoori as she got out of bed. Jaejin quickly seized her way.

“Get outta my way, Mr. Right-Hand Man,” said Yoori.

Jiwon couldn’t believe what was happening. He finally found her, but all she wants is to leave??

“You think I’m gonna let you go?” said Jiwon quietly. “I can make you stay. I have the power, you know.”

“Oppa… don’t do this to me. Let me go. I have to go find my siblings because both my aunt and my mom passed away recently. We are orphans now and since I’m the oldest, I have to take care of them,” begged Yoori.

Jiwon smiled somewhat evil like.

“Don’t worry about Jiyong and Haeri. They are in good hands.”

Yoori’s heart began to pound fast.

“No… you didn’t do anything to them, did you? Do you know where they are? How do you know them?”

“By the way, Yoori,” said Jiwon casually, “you never told me you were a triplet. I guess God meant for me and you to be together, because ever since 4 years ago, Jiyong’s been in Sechs Kies with me.”

“Jiyong?? He can’t be! He was the most innocent boy! You influenced him too? Jiwon… how could you do this to me??”

“Hey, it’s not like I knew who he was. I just found out today that you were related to him. If you think I’m so sinful for being who I am, check out what Jiyong does. Jaeduc?” Jiwon motioned to Jaeduc to explain.

“GoJiYong is the brain of our group. He plans every crime we ever do, including bombing and hacking and all the other fancy stuff. One smart bro you got there, Yoori ssee,” smiled Jaeduc as he spoke. It almost sounded like a prepared speech.

Yoori’s head was beginning to spin too crazily fast. Her love of life at one time had turned into an evil gang leader, and her beloved little twin brother was his man. She never thought she would be remotely connected to gangs.

‘I have to get outta here,’ thought Yoori desperately. She pushed Jaejin away, who was blocking her way, and started running.

Jiwon stood up and went after her, quickly grabbing her wrist.

“I let you go 5 years ago, but I’m not gonna let you leave now. My life is not a life without you, Yoori. So if I have to, I’ll MAKE you stay.”

Jiwon’s eyes weren’t the same warm-looking eyes Yoori knew 5 years ago.

They were filled with coldness and cruelty……

Part XI

[Few days later, Black Kies Headquarters]

“Leave me alone, please!” cried Yoori as she tried to get rid of Jaejin, who followed her everywhere she went.

“I’m sorry, I cannot disobey Jiwon. He WILL murder me if I lose a sight of you, Yoori,” said Jaejin apologetically.

“I cannot believe how much he’s changed. He’s not the person I used to know anymore,” said Yoori as she sighed deeply.

She missed the old EunJiWon whom she used to love so dearly.

“What does Sechs Kies do anyway? How is Jiwon the leader?” asked Yoori.

Jaejin shrugged.

“Just like Jaeduc explained, we do some business. Jiwon just had some old relatives who were in power. He inherited all their possessions after they died, and we expanded on the businesses he had.”

“And the fighting and raping and stuff?? How do you explain that? Is that *legal* as well?” querried Yoori sharply.

“That’s just to satisfy everyone. The gang me and Duggie used to lead, called Quiksilver, was a fighting group. Jiwon needed us to root out the rival gangs we had. As for Jaeduc… I know that he’s known as a ruthless rapist or whatever, but that’s not true. Those girls just throw themselves at him so he pleases them, that’s all. And then they screw themselves and blames him for that, but it’s not his fault….”

They both saw a person walking towards them. It was Sunghoon. When Yoori saw him, her eyes grew big. Sunghoon walked closer to them and stopped.

“Hi, Jaejinee hyung,” said Sunghoon casually. Jaejin replied with a nod and a smile. Sunghoon then looked at Yoori.

“I told you not to be in this part of the hotel, Haeri. You’re gonna get in trouble if you keep on acting like that. Jiwonee hyung’s not the nicest person, you don’t wanna get on his nerves,” told Sunghoon to Yoori, rather annoyed.

Yoori examined Sunghoon carefully. She knew him from somewhere… they were once close friends.

When Sunghoon saw Yoori staring at him, he sensed something was wrong.

“Wait a minute….” said Sunghoon carefully, “you’re not… you wouldn’t happen to be… !”

Jaejin just shrugged as he watched the two. He then surprised himself when he saw Jiyong and Suwon from the other direction.

“Hey, Sunghoon, I thought you were gonna….” stopped Jiyong in the middle of his sentence when he saw Yoori.

Yoori’s eyes began to water as she saw her brother whom she missed so much.

The two remained silent for a long time, until Jiyong finally broke the silence.

“Long time no see, Yoori NOONA,” said Jiyong apathetically, overly exaggerating the word *sister*.

“I heard from Sunghoon that you were Jiwon’s ex in Hawaii,” Jiyong added.

‘So he is Sunghoon. I didn’t know he was in it too. God, what did Jiwon do to him? Sunghoon used to be the sweetest kid!’ thought Yoori to herself.

“Whoa, that’s Yoori? She DOES look just like Haeri!” exclaimed Suwon.

“So what’re you doing here? I thought you’d still be in Swiss. Once again in love with Jiwon or something?” said Jiyong sarcastically.

Yoori began to feel sad. Her siblings were never too fond of her because she was frequently ill, even though she loved them very much. Haeri especially hated her because she once hogged all the attention from their parents.

“Well… I came to Korea about a week ago to see if I could find you and Haeri, so I can take care of you two…” replied Yoori slowly. Jiyong snorted.

“Uhh…. no thanks. I’m getting by just fine, without you. In fact, me and Haeri are much better off without you, so I suggest that you go somewhere else…. possibly disappear from this land,” said Jiyong coldly.

“Jiyong, that’s a little harsh. Yoori is a nice person,” said Sunghoon as he felt sorry for her. Suwon nudged him as he whispered, “I think we should leave them two alone. Let’s go.”

Sunghoon and Suwon then walked away. As Sunghoon walked past Yoori, she whispered to him, “Nice seeing you again, Smiley.”

Sunghoon blushed. That was his nickname when he lived in Hawaii. She still remembered! But he knew that she was probably here because of Jiwon.

Sunghoon would never be able to reach her, no matter how much he liked her….

“I guess I’ll be leaving too then. Hope we don’t ever meet again, Yoori,” said Jiyong as he started walking. Yoori quickly ran after him and grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Why do you still hate me so much??? What did I ever do to you??? All these years you never treated me like a sister!” cried Yoori angrily.

Jiyong shook her arm off and replied coldly and harshly as he looked at her.

“You took away everything I had. That’s what you did. Because of you, me and Haeri had a miserable childhood, while you were all over the world finding cure for yourself, hogging mom’s attention. Because of the money you spent, mom and dad couldn’t ever afford to do anything for me… or Haeri… you think that’s fair? We were all born on the same day, but you got all the opportunities. I was the only son but mom treated me like a crap… and Haeri… poor Haeri…she didn’t even look at her! Even on the last moment when mom passed away… she called out your name. You said you came to take care of us?? Ha! You need to take care of yourself, before you die…”

“That’s enough, Jiyong.”

When Jiyong turned around, there stood Jiwon. He glared at Jiyong with an icy stare. Jiyong returned that look and walked away. Jiwon motioned Jaejin to go away, so he did. Jiwon then walked up to Yoori and embraced her, who was on a verge of crying.

“Is that how he’s showing his revenge? By being in Sechs Kies??” Yoori spoke softly as she cried.

“Shh… it’s okay. It’s not your fault that you were born ill,” comforted Jiwon as he stroked her hair.

At that incident, Yoori realized how much she had been missing him, and also that she still loves him all the same, no matter who he was. She remembered that back in Hawaii, Jiwon was the one who took care of her and befriended her.

“How foolish had I been,” whispered Yoori, “to not remember what you had done for me in the past.”

“You are back to me now, Yoori,” Jiwon whispered back, “and I won’t ever let you leave again.”

Part XII

[Few days later]

“Oh happy day~” Jiwon whistled as he combed his hair in front of the mirror.

Jaeduc smiled as he saw Jiwon.

“Are you THAT happy?” asked Jaeduc.

“Of course! Yoori asked me to take her to Lotte World! That means she’s not mad at me anymore, so I’m happy,” said Jiwon happily. Jaejin smiled at him too, but turned serious the next moment.

“But hyung~ are you sure you don’t need any bodyguards? What if ShinHwa attacks you? Are you sure you don’t need me or Jaeduc to be around?” asked Jaejin worriedly. Jiwon shook his head.

“I don’t want today to be spoiled with danger. I wanna make it special for her. I don’t need any bodyguards,” said Jiwon firmly.


[Lotte World: inside Adventure Land]

“Jiwon, about Jiyong and Haeri….” began Yoori carefully, but Jiwon interrupted her.

“Today we’ll think about happy stuff. Worry about ’em later,” said Jiwon as he put his arm around her. He never felt so happy in the past few years.

The two went on a balloon ride. They were above the whole park. Yoori wished that this peace Jiwon had would never end, but she knew it wouldn’t be like that. After this day, Jiwon will go back to being a leader of Sechs Kies, and she will spend her days being stuck in a hotel room. In the midst of her thought, she suddenly felt Jiwon caressing her hair as he leaned over.

“I love you,” whispered Jiwon in her ears.

As the ride slowly came to an end, they drew themselves deeply into a kiss.

He could feel her shyness because she hadn’t kissed him in such a long time.

Jiwon liked that. No one else should kiss her except him……


Suddenly there was a gunshot. The whole park turnedly into a chaos, with people crying and screaming and running away.

“Watch out!!!!!” yelled Jiwon as he covered Yoori. He grabbed Yoori’s hand and jumped out of the balloon ride. “Stay here, okay??” said Jiwon to Yoori.

He then ran after the direction the gunshot came from, to see who it was.

“xxxx… why does it have to happen now?” he cursed silently as he reached into his jacket for his gun and his cell phone. He dialed a number that linked to Jaejin’s.

“Jaejin, someone’s trying to kill me here! Wait for me in front of lot 2, and tell Jaeduc to guard Yoori when you guys arrive!”

He saw a person running up the stairs in the midst of this chaos. He could clearly recognize who he was. He wasn’t from ShinHwa.

“Oh~ it’s you, little squirrel,” chuckled Jiwon as he ran after him.

The guy stopped and turned around when Jiwon came after him.

“I thought you died, Danny boy. Eagle 5 ceased to exist, and so should you,” said Jiwon as he pointed his gun at him.

“You killed Ron and 3 of my friends! EunJiWon, you’re gonna pay for this today!” cried Danny as he fired at Jiwon. But he wasn’t the best of shooter, which was the reason Eagle 5 ceased to live in first place. He missed.

Jiwon laughed as though Danny was pathetic.

“Did Ron teach you how to shoot? I suppose not. This is what’s called real shooting!” said Jiwon as he pulled a trigger.

“Jiwon!! Don’t kill him!!!! He’s only a kid!” Yoori exclaimed from downstairs as she was witnessing all this. Jiwon quickly glanced at her. At that opportunity, Danny fired at him again.

But Jiwon dodged his bullet and fired back at Danny. It went right through his chest. He collapsed onto the floor.

Jaeduc ran in and found Yoori and dragged her out of the park. She was in shock from what she just saw. Jiwon ran out as he saw the security guards chasing closely after him. He went out thru the emergency exit and out to lot 2 and took off in Jaejin’s car. Jaeduc took off with Yoori.

Yoori couldn’t stop crying, not because she was scared, but she saw her Jiwon actually killing someone. It took a lot for her to realize that he was a ruthless killer.

“I understand how you feel, Yoori,” said Jaeduc as he drove, “but if he didn’t shoot Danny, he would’ve died instead. You saw what happened, so you know that.”

“I know….” replied Yoori as she continued to sob, “but he couldn’t have been more than 15 years old. He was only a kid! And Jiwon just killed him like that…and he didn’t even feel guilty about it. He smiled as he killed that boy!!”

“There’s a lot of people that are out to get Jiwon. If he were to let them stay alive just because they are little ‘kids,’ he wouldn’t be here by now,” said Jaeduc.

Yoori didn’t know what to do or say. She was so confused. All she knew for sure was that she was now very afraid to get near Jiwon. She wanted to get away.


[Later that night]

“WHAAAAATTTTTTT????!!!!” cried Haeri.

Jiyong was annoyed by her reaction when he told her that their older sister was in Korea, right on the other side of the hotel.

“She was Jiwonee oppa’s EX-GIRLFRIEND! Why does it happen, ALWAYS?! It’s always YOORI who gets the good stuff, even the guy I like! Unfair!” Haeri shouted angrily.

Jiyong just glanced at her and continued talking.

“Anyway, Yoori is still Jiwon’s girlfriend, so if you do anything strange like you did to her many years ago, then….”

“Then~??” said Haeri, narrowing her eyes.

“He will kill you in a split second when he finds out. It doesn’t matter whether you have the same face as Yoori or not…, it’s not like he’s gonna care,” said Jiyong.

“Oh really?? Well, I still think what I did to that bit… bitc… *her* years ago was pretty cool~ it scared her @$$ so bad!” laughed Haeri sardonically as she walked out.

Jiyong shook his head in disgust. ‘What an evil bitch,’ he thought.

‘She’d make a perfect couple with Jiwon hyung since they’re both so EVIL I can’t believe he actually has a *heart* to like someone as… nice…. as Yoori noona….. wait, what am I thinking? She took everything away from me…. I hate her…. I hate her…. I hate her…..’


Haeri took a shower and stood in front of a mirror to brush her wet hair. All of her powdery makeup had been erased, and she looked exactly like her sister when she had no makeup on. She scrutinized herself in the mirror.

“Same eyes, same nose, same lips….. when we smile, we both get a dimple on our left side only…. when we squint, we both get 3 lines of wrinkles on our forehead…. same hair length…. we even have the same voice……” Both Yoori and Haeri looked a lot like Jiyong as well. No wonder Jiwon liked Jiyong so much. Before the split of Black and White Kies, because Jiwon liked Jiyong so much, some people actually thought Jiwon was homosexual. What a ridiculous


Haeri decided to go out for a walk and take some fresh air. So she went out of her room and started walking down the hallway.

On the other end, she saw a figure walking towards her. She stopped.

She wasn’t supposed to be wandering around, otherwise they’d probably make a fuss about it. But when she saw who it was….

“Yoori!!” exclaimed Jiwon, running towards her. Haeri froze in her spot. He rushed over to her and embraced her tightly.


“I’m so glad you’re alright. I was just on my way to see if you were okay… I thought something was gonna happen to you in the park,” said Jiwon as he sighed of relief.

“Uhh…uh….” Haeri stuttered terribly, trying to find some appropriate words to get out of the situation….. or rather, “stay” in the situation…. after all, she did like Jiwon….. Still embracing her, Jiwon whispered softly in her ears.

“Let’s go to my room…. you’re gonna spend tonight with me…..”

Part XIV

[Yoori’s room]

Yoori sighed as she lied on her bed.

“I miss you, Jiyong. And you, Haeri. Why do you guys hate so much?”


She reluctantly reached the phone and picked up the receiver.


“H… hi! It’s Sunghoon… remember me??”

‘Sunghoon!’ Yoori almost exclaimed out of joy, but she refrained.

“Of course I remember you, Smiley! How did you know my number??”

“I own this hotel, you know~ I have an access to every single room in this hotel! Anyway… if you are not too busy, would you like to go out for a dinner or something?” Sunghoon asked, hoping to hear a positive answer.

“I wish I could…. but I don’t know when Jiwon’s coming back. And when he finds that I’m not in my room, Mr. what’s-hisname- right-hand-man is gonna be in trouble…..”

“Oh, Jaejinee hyung?? Don’t worry about it. (after all, I’m the co-leader so~)… I’ll come pick you up right now! Bye!”

Without even giving Yoori a chance to reply, Sunghoon quickly hung up, fearing a ‘no’ as an answer.


Haeri ended up in Jiwon’s bedroom, lying on his bed. Jiwon was now on top of her, looking at her and caressing her as if she was some kind of delicate object.

‘Is this really the leader of Sechs Kies?’ Haeri thought, still lost in this abrupt situation. She had never seen his eyes so soft before….

Jiwon stroked her wet hair and whispered very softly into her ears.

“I told you this earlier…. but I love you… so much…. you cannot even imagine.”

Haeri felt a tremendous amount of jealousy when she heard that… so this is what *tough* EunJiWon is like when he’s around Yoori, eh? She decided to play along. She got it all figured out…. after all, Jiwon will never know the difference….

Yoori was like an exact copy of her so he’ll never notice…. she squeezed her eyes shut in an overwhelming joy.

His lips came down upon hers. His sweet lips…. this is what she’s been dreaming of….. Yoori can’t have everything she wants…… she deserved to have someone she likes too…..

But when Jiwon had started kissing her, he noticed that the feeling wasn’t quite there…. the feeling he got when he kissed Yoori earlier that day on the balloon ride….it wasn’t there. Yoori wasn’t very *skilled*, but this girl sure was…. He quickly detached his lips and inched away from her.

Then the phone rang, indicating that someone left a message in his box.

He picked it up and dialed to hear it. It was Jaejin.

“Umm… well… I didn’t wanna bother you… so I’m leaving a message, just making sure that you’re okay… well, Yoori seemed depressed when I saw her earlier, I think she’s mad at you for what happened…… or rather shocked. I suggest you don’t talk to her for a while, until she softens a bit…”

Jiwon slowly put down the receiver and turned to Haeri. He mouthed in an utter disgust, wiping his lips.

“You’re not….. Yoori…. that means…” Haeri sat up, looking right at him. “What are you talking about??”

Jiwon quickly contemplated and figured out what he was doing. There was only one person in this world who looked just like Yoori, so it had to Haeri, of course.

“Get outta here, GoHaeRi! How dare you~!!” Jiwon angrily shouted, getting disgusted at his stupidity. How could he have confused Yoori and Haeri!


“I said, GET THE xxxx OUTTA HERE, NOW!!!!”

Haeri stood up, in fear of Jiwon.

“I never SAID I was Yoori…. you just ASSUMED I was…” Haeri complained in a disappointment. Jiwon fumed as a response.

“If I ever see you again wandering in my territory, I’ll KILL you!”

Haeri hurriedly ran out of his room. Jiwon locked the door and ran into the bathroom. He washed his lips as many times as he possibly could, until he felt somewhat better.

He felt awfully foolish for what he had just done. Moreover, he did not like the idea of kissing someone else other than Yoori… the thought itself infuriated him so much.

He slowly walked to the phone and dialed Yoori’s room.

“………..” no one answered. A tinge of anger came upon him. He next dialed Jaeduc’s room.

“Hello~?” a girl answered instead.

‘I wonder what he’s doing with this…this *girl*,’ thought Jiwon sarcastically. He had no more room to be angry at that.

“Let me talk to Jaeduc…” he said quietly.

“Jaeduggie doesn’t wanna be bothered right now…. may I take a message??” the girl said in a sickeningly sweet voice. Jiwon finally exploded.


Jiwon screamed so loud, loud enough that Jaeduc could actually hear him. ‘Uh-oh,’ Jaeduc thought as he took the receiver, ‘I’m in trouble…..’

“Uh…uh….hello~ sorrie hyung, I was kinda… busy doing something… is anything wrong??” said Jaeduc as he laughed nervously.

“Where is Yoori? She’s not in her room,” Jiwon asked in a low voice, calming down a bit.

“ReAlLy?? That’s odd… I personally escorted her to her room few hours ago… by the way hyung, are you okay?” asked Jaeduc, trying not to offend Jiwon as much as possible.

“I’m alright…. I just got back now. Anyhow, I’m in a $H!TTY @$$ mood right now…. as you can tell by my figure of speech…. so I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

Jiwon slammed the phone down. Jaeduc sighed of relief.

“Some temper you have, Jiwon!” Jaeduc put the receiver down.

Part XV

*This chapter is tedious, but after reading this, no one should have any questions about the setup of this story! So bear with me please~*


“Quite fancy, is this yours too?” asked Yoori as she drank her water. Sunghoon nodded proudly.

“Yup! And trust me, this is *legal*,” said Sunghoon as he showed his trademark, a BIG grin. Yoori giggled.

“You haven’t changed at all, Smiley. Your smile can still make me laugh~”

Sunghoon really liked it when she called him by his nickname.

“So tell me your story,” said Yoori, “of being in Sechs Kies. Why are you involved?”

“Well,” began Sunghoon, “as you’ve probably heard before, Jiwon had relatives who owned some club businesses…. they were pretty small, though. His uncle remained a bachelor until the day he died, and he needed an heir to inherit everything he had. His uncle adored Jiwon and that’s why he sent Jiwon to Hawaii earlier, to study abroad. But when he was about to die, he called Jiwon back to Korea and I went with him because he needed me. That was about half a year after you suddenly disappeared. Jiwon soon became the CEO of everything and he appointed me as a co-pres since we were best friends. Now, up to that point, everything we did was totally *legal. I mean, Jiwon and I were still really young, like 17 & 15 year olds, so we couldn’t do much. Does this make any sense at all?”

“Kind of…. sort of… but how did you guys become members of crime organization then?” asked Yoori, drawing herself deeper into this fascinating story yet a sad reality.

“Jiwon is an extremely smart person. He soon became aware that he wanted bigger businesses, for more money, of course.

Tiny clubs just didn’t satisfy his need. Of course, the only thing a young person like we could do was to ally with some gangs and just…. take away from other people. And that’s how we met Jaejin and Jaeduc, former leaders of a gang called Quiksilver. Now, they really knew how to fight… that’s all I gotta say. You see, I didn’t approve of that idea but I guess I had no choice… I tried not to draw myself too deep into this deal, but I came way too far.”

“How did my brother get to be in it? Jiyong… the one I used to know was still a good kid, even though he didn’t like me so much…..” Yoori asked.

Sunghoon was interested to hear that.

“That’s weird, cuz when I first met Jiyong, he was a seriously troubled kid… I mean, he had just dropped out of school and he was pretty much out in the streets, as if he had given up his life. I don’t know what happened to him before I met him that year.”

Yoori’s eyes began to water. That year… when the triplets had turned 15, was the year their father passed away of a sudden heart attack.

“I think it had to do with our dad passing away…. dad always tried hard to treat us equally, especially to Jiyong because he was the son….. and since I wasn’t in Korea then, Jiyong probably received a lot of love from dad…. and then he just passed away like that……..,” Yoori slowly replied with a sad voice. She then drank some more water.

Sunghoon felt bad for telling her all this. Maybe it was too much for her. He was sure that Yoori wasn’t expecting to see her beloved brother living as a criminal. It was too much for her to take, after getting back from a long journey in search of her cure.

“Listen, Yoori, maybe I should stop…” Sunghoon offered with sincerity, but Yoori resisted.

“No, no… I wanna hear more. So how is Jiyong in it?”

Sunghoon reluctantly continued.

“He was in the streets when Jiwon found him. Jiwon wasn’t the type to *adopt* anyone he didn’t find useful, but there was something about Jiyong that Jiwon couldn’t let go. I soon found out that it was because of you.”

“Because… of.. me…???” Yoori mumbled nervously.

“Yeah~ after you disappeared, Jiwon was just so messed up, I thought he was gonna die the next day. That’s how much he loved you. He had a fetish for anything that reminded him of you, like a lemon shampoo you used to wash your hair with, or the deep navy blue color you liked… anyway, then he found Jiyong. It was such a pain reliever for him, because Jiyong looked A LOT like you. I, too, was surprised when I first saw him.”

Sunghoon drank his water and continued.

“So Jiwon took Jiyong in. Soon we, meaning Jiwon, me, Jaejin, and Jaeduc, found out that Jiyong was a *jackpot*. He was amazingly smart! We couldn’t believe the things he could do, like constructing his own bomb and other miscellaneous stuff.

So Jiwon officially appointed Jiyong as the *brain*. Jiyong gladly accepted, I think because he felt that he belonged to some kind of ‘home’.”

Yoori was feeling really guilty to hear all this. If only it hadn’t been for her…. Jiyong and Jiwon wouldn’t be so crooked. She still had some more questions that needed to be answered.

“Doesn’t Sechs Kies mean *6* Crystals? Where’s the other 1 then?” asked Yoori.

“Oh, you mean JangSuWon? I was the one who found him in the streets. Now, that was the real BEGINNING of our organized crime. For the first time we actually killed people. It was a revenge for SuWon’s parents. We wiped out the entire gang called KK because they had killed SuWon’s parents. But after that, SuWon never got in a physical battle with anybody.

He’s now just an apprentice of Jiyong, that’s all,” said Sunghoon, letting out a deep sigh.

Yoori felt somewhat better now, even though the info she had just digested was kind of too much. All the missing pieces of the puzzle seemed to have been solved by talking to Sunghoon. It was the same Sunghoon she knew back in Hawaii. He really knew how to make her feel good.

“That was a lot of talking for one night, Yoori, so I think I’ll stop after this. Just know that me, Jiyong, and Suwon are gonna split from Jiwon pretty soon. We didn’t do much wrong, but even then, me and Jiyong are Korea’s 2nd and 3rd most wanted.

So we have to draw the line somewhere, and the only way to do that is to separate from Jiwon. Let’s go now,” said Sunghoon as he got up.

It was getting really late. To Yoori, this day seemed endless. From Lotte World to now… too long for her to handle. They got in Sunghoon’s car and drove their way back to the headquarters. Sunghoon parked his car in the lot. He then walked Yoori to her room. When they arrived, she grabbed the doorknob to open the door.

“Wait!” exclaimed Sunghoon as he stopped her.

“Yes?” replied Yoori curiously.

“I don’t know how to say this….” Sunghoon blushed as he tried to spit his words out. He finally managed to continue.

“We are still friends, aren’t we?”

Yoori smiled. What a silly question, she thought.

“Of course we are! What a silly question, Smiley!”

She answered enthusiastically. Just then, she felt a force pulling her towards him. Soon she felt his lips upon hers. Her instant reaction was to push him away, but he was holding onto her too tightly.

Just then, her room door opened, and there stood Jiwon………..

Part XVI

Sunghoon and Yoori stood still, horrified to death.

Jiwon couldn’t believe what he just saw. His instinct led him to grab Sunghoon by his shirt collar, slamming him against the wall as hard as he could.

“Hyung…. hyung…. I can explain….let go of me first!” pleaded Sunghoon desperately, but he found it no use. Jiwon punched him in the face.

“FUCK YOU!! You bastard! You call yourself my best friend??!!! Huh??” yelled Jiwon furiously.

Sunghoon stood up on his feet, getting ready in the position to fight back; but of course, he was no match to Jiwon when it came to fighting.

Jiwon ruthlessly beat him up, not giving him any chance to defend himself.

He collapsed onto the ground.

‘No! No, don’t do this, Jiwon! You’re insane!’ Yoori wanted to cry outloud but she was afraid… she was afraid when Sunghoon was getting hit by Jiwon, but she was even more afraid of Jiwon himself….. she wanted to run away but her feet were glued onto the carpet… she couldn’t move……

“Hyung STOP IT!! You’re gonna kill him!!!” cried Jaejin and Jaeduc as they came running across the hall, trying to pull away Jiwon from Sunghoon. Jiwon, still not satisfied, panted hard as he stared at Sunghoon.

Sunghoon managed to get up on his feet and wiped the blood off his face.

“You’re crazy, Jiwon hyung! You weren’t like this before!” said Sunghoon as he stared back at Jiwon.

“This means WAR… KangSungHoon. You know it,” replied Jiwon fiercely.

Jaejin and Jaeduc exchanged a horrified look on their faces. They knew what was gonna happen now…….


“ACK!” screamed Yoori when Jiwon, who dragged her into her room, threw her on her bed. This was getting too scary for her. She’s never seen Jiwon like this before!

Afraid to look at him, she covered her face by not raising her head.

“Yoori… look at me,” said Jiwon in a soft voice. But she refused.

“I said, look at me!” cried Jiwon as he sat by her side, raising her chin.

She looked at him reluctantly. Her eyes were filled with tears and fear.

“Is this what I get? After waiting 5 years for you to come back?” Jiwon said in a low voice firmly. Yoori turned her head, avoiding his eyes.

“I… I’m sorry…. I don’t know how it happened. I have no feelings for Sunghoon. I promise, it won’t happen again….” Yoori said desperately, hoping that it’d soften his anger a little bit. She was telling the truth; she had no feelings for Sunghoon. But at the present moment, she wasn’t liking Jiwon very much either….

But Jiwon didn’t seem so convinced to hear that. Yoori was trembling now, not knowing what to do.

“I…. I’m sorry, oppa…. don’t… don’t be angry. All we did… was just eating at a restaurant. That’s all…. I asked him because I wanted to hear about Jiyong…that’s all. And…. I don’t know why he did that to me, but I didn’t see it coming… please believe me.”

This time she lied, to cover up for SungHoon. But Jiwon still wasn’t softening up.

Suddenly, she felt something inside her mouth. Jiwon was kissing her passionately, draining all her energy out. He then leaned his body upon hers so he would be on top of her, overpowering her.

“No… don’t…” whispered Yoori as she escaped his kiss. She was afraid that he might do something crazy, something she didn’t want.

“You don’t know what I went through today… all because of you…. I’ll make you pay back tonight,” Jiwon whispered back as he began kissing her again.

Yoori writhed but he simply didn’t let her go.

“Ick!” The next moment, he exclaimed as he detached himself from her.

She had bitten his tongue. He looked at her with flaming eyes.

Now she knew what was really coming.

“No… don’t do this to me… please….. oppa… I’m sorry….”

But she knew what was going to happen. Already weak, she had no power to defend herself.

She cringed but found it no use, for Jiwon had already started stripping her defense away…..


[Next morning]

Jiwon put a blanket over Yoori’s lifeless body, covering her bare shoulders.

She was lying, her back towards him. She wasn’t sleeping, he figured, but she wasn’t fully awake either. He leaned over and kissed her soft hair as he whispered.

“We are made for each other. You’ll realize how much I love you.”

He then got out of bed, got dressed, and walked out.

Yoori was hearing all this, in the midst of her lost thoughts. They’re made for each other? She’ll realize how much he loves her? How strange…. what is he talking about? If he loves her, he wouldn’t have done it. He’s crazy, that’s all she had to say about him.

[Few hours later]

Yoori collected all her energy to get out of bed. She packed her stuff into her luggage. Whatever happened to her, she didn’t care. All she wanted was to get the hell out of this sickening place.

When she turned the doorknob, it didn’t open.

She tried it again, but it still didn’t open. It was locked from the outside.

A terrifying idea flashed inside her head. She ran to the phone and picked it up, getting ready to dial Sunghoon’s number.

The phone line was dead. She hysterically pressed the buttons, but it remained blank.

She ran to the door and started pounding on it with her fist.

“Let me out!! EunJiWon!!! Let me out!!”


Every single member of Sechs Kies in Seoul were gathered in the ShinLa Hotel’s conference room. On the stage stood the 5 head-figures of Sechs Kies; SuWon, JiYong, and SungHoon on the left, and JaeJin, JaeDuc on the right. Sunghoon had some bandages on his face from the previous night’s battle with Jiwon.

Jiyong and Suwon had no idea why Jiwon called them and gathered them in the room. They wanted to ask Sunghoon but didn’t get the chance to, since Jiwon titled it an *urgent* meeting.

Jiwon was in front of a podium, ready to make a ‘speech’ that would alter everyone’s lives.

“We are gathered here today,” Jiwon began.

“To discuss something very important. Your another leader, KangSungHoon, has betrayed me last night in a vicious way, something we were taught NOT to do. He has violated the Code of Conduct in 6Kies #2.”

The crowd began to stir greatly. The Code of Conduct #2: You shall not seek for your fellow member’s significant other.

Only death stands as a consequence.

Jiyong and Suwon stood in shock. Sunghoon did what??!!! No, Jiwon’s wrong. He wouldn’t do that. The only thing Jiyong and Suwon could do was to look at Sunghoon for a proof of what Jiwon had just said.

“What shall we do with KangSungHoon?” Jiwon asked the crowd, smiling viciously.


Others who were on Sunghoon’s side just didn’t know what to do or say.

Jiwon smiled again, being satisfied with the predicted response. He raised his hand to quiet them and continued.

“Sunghoon was once my best friend. I received a lot from him as a child, so I shouldn’t kill him. But rather…..”

Sunghoon’s thoughts echoed in his head. ‘NO NO NO!! Don’t do this to me, Jiwonee hyung!’ Sure, he was planning to split from Jiwon pretty soon anyway, but not this way….

“There will no longer be *Sechs Kies*. You people have to now make a CLEAR choice between White and Black. We can no longer co-exist. Here’s your *benefit package,* Sunghoon,” said Jiwon as he turned to Sunghoon and glared fiercely at him. Sunghoon just avoided his eyes.

“White Kies will get 50% of everything we currently own and share, including this hotel. White Kies will also get the ones in Hawaii, while Black gets the ones in Pusan. We are no longer friends. We shouldn’t interrupt each other’s business, no matter what we do. However, we shall not fight against each other either, or better yet, kill each other. Even though Sunghoon commited a *sin*, if anyone touches him, or any of the White Kies members for that matter, they’ll suffer the consequence, it being death. That’s the end of your benefit package, Sunghoon. I’m being fair and square, don’t you agree?”

The crowd seemed to have agreed. No matter who they follow, they’ll still get what they want. The members split exactly into half and half. They soon evacuated the conference room.

Jiyong and Suwon barely recovered from the shock of what they heard and rushed over to Jiwon.

“No…no… you should reconsider this, hyung! Don’t do it…. whatever Sunghoon did, I’m sure he didn’t mean it…. ” pleaded Suwon. But Jiwon ignored his plead.

Jiyong saw that Jiwon’s mind was already madeup. He knew that he couldn’t convince Jiwon to change his mind.

Jaejin and Jaeduc escorted Jiwon. The two looked back and watched Suwon, Sunghoon, and Jiyong in an unsure manner.

What the hell were they doing?

They thought. This is getting pretty ugly……

‘This means WAR!’ Sunghoon kept on mumbling the phrase Jiwon told him last night. Jiwon really meant it? Did he really?

‘I can’t believe this….’


[A month later]

“Nope, she wouldn’t eat,” said Jaejin as he looked at Jaeduc.

Jaeduc let out a deep sigh.

“Then force it down her throat, like you always do,” said Jaeduc.

Jaejin shook his head.

“It used to work until couple days ago. She keeps on throwing up all the food. You think she’ll be alright?” asked Jaejin.

Jaeduc retained silence. He pretty much knew what Jiwon had done to Yoori. He felt bad for her but there was nothing he could do.

After Jiwon held the ‘discussion’ a month ago, Black Kies members walked out of the hotel and resided in a new place. It was a building they purchased by Han River in Seoul, which wasn’t too far away from the hotel.

When Jiwon came back to unlock Yoori’s room so they could leave, he found him unconscious on the floor. He went hysterical and called the doctor.

Nothing was wrong with her physically, but she remained unconscious for days.

When she regained her consciousness, she refused to talk to anyone.

Then the doctor diagnosed her as having a temporary aphasia- that is- losing a skill of speech.

She would spend her day mostly in her bed, either crying or sleeping. She would sometimes become really ill with high fever, but other than that, nothing seemed to be wrong with her.

Jaejin was the one to feed Yoori most of the time since Jiwon had a lot of business to take care of. But in the past couple days, for some reason, she was unable to digest her food.

“I thought Jiwon loved her. How could he ever do that to someone he loves?” Jaeduc mumbled in a low voice. He simply couldn’t comprehend it.

“Well… he’s obsessed. Too unpredictable. I dunno how to describe him…..” Jaejin answered.


[White Kies Headquarters]

Sunghoon, Jiyong and Suwon were all in one room, drinking coffee and playing on computer and doing whatever they felt like doing. For the first time in 4 years since they started to be in Sechs Kies, they were feeling carefree and burdenless.

They didn’t have to fight anymore. All they needed to concentrate on was maintaining their business.

Haeri, who came with them, kept on making troubles. She got caught stealing, fighting, and clubbing at where she wasn’t supposed to. Jiyong finally couldn’t stand her anymore so he kicked her out few nights ago. She gladly walked out, without much concern.

“I still think Jiwon let us off way too easily,” Suwon began speaking in a concerned manner.

“Well….. I WAS once his best friend…..” Sunghoon replied.

“No…” disagreed Jiyong, “that’s not it. I’ve been thinking about it all along, about why he didn’t shoot you instead. And I could only come down to one answer, and to my gut feeling, this IS the answer.”

“What is it?” Sunghoon and Suwon asked in unison.

“He was afraid that I’ll decide to bomb the entire place if he wasn’t being fair. He was right about that; ever since the split of White and Black, I planted several bombs around the hotel, just in case he did something that would jeopardize our fate,” said Jiyong.

“WHAT???” Suwon exclaimed in fear, “you mean, we were surrounded by bombs all this time??!!! What are you, phoenix?! You only die once, Jiyong!”

“Chill, Suwon. I removed the bombs now. I know Jiwon isn’t the person to go back on his own words. That is something I compliment him for; he’s trustworthy once you make a pact with him,” said Jiyong calmly.

“Well…. that makes sense,” Sunghoon contemplated as he responded.

“You would’ve had nothing to worry about, Suwon, because the newest bomb I designed, as long as you stay 100 feet away from it, even if it explodes, you won’t die. Jiwon probably figured out that I planted the bombs, but he probably didn’t know what it could do,” said Jiyong proudly.

Sunghoon and Suwon were once again amazed by his intelligience.

“One click and I could’ve blown him off… but I didn’t wanna kill Jaejin and Jaeduc. Besides, Yoori was on the other side so….” Jiyong trailed off. He wondered how she was doing.

“Jiwon was just looking for an excuse to split. It wasn’t really because I… umm… liked Yoori,” said Sunghoon.

“She sure made a lot of boyfriends when she was in Hawaii,” commented Jiyong sarcastically. “Look what kind of trouble we’re into now. But oh well.. what’s done is done. Was she really your first crush?”

“Yes! What I did seemed appropriate at the time….. I just felt like doing that. Big OOPS, it was…” replied Sunghoon.

“I don’t blame you, Sunghoon,” joined Suwon, “it’s just that I felt kind of eerie about Jiwon letting us go too easily. I guess I understand now.”


[Few nights later]

Jiwon silently creeped into Yoori’s room. She appeared to be asleep soundly.

He sat on her bed next to her and started stroking her hair.

“I’m sorry……” He whispered softly into her ear. “I tell you this every night, I know, but I don’t know what else to do. Why aren’t you speaking? Do you really hate me that much? You know I  love you. Why can’t you love me back? I don’t expect you to forgive me because I realize what I did was wrong, but I can’t bear to see you hating me……..”

His tears fell on her face. She must have felt it because she slowly opened her eyes.

Jiwon quickly wiped away his tears and smiled at her. She slowly sat up, facing him directly.

“Do you want me to get out?” asked Jiwon. Usually he’d expect a nod as an answer. But this time….

“I’ll forgive you……”

She whispered in a barely audible voice, but Jiwon could still hear her.

“You…. you’re talking again!” cried Jiwon ecstatically.

“I will forgive you if…. if you tell me where Jiyong and Haeri are and let me go….. you have everything I had, so you don’t need me anymore…” Jiwon’s excitement was replaced by a feeling of betrayal and disappointment.

“Is that all you can tell me? That you want to leave?”

“If you really love something, oppa, you sometimes got to let it go. Like I gave you up 5 years ago.”

“Yeah, and that only left ME with hurt and pain!” exclaimed Jiwon angrily as he stood up.

Yoori cringed when he yelled. She was still very afraid of him, whether he was angry or not. She finally had guts to tell him that she wanted to leave, but she was not getting a positive response.

“Please…. that’s all I ask. I won’t hate you, I will forgive you if you just let me leave. We are both better off without each other.”

Yoori had a pleading look in her eyes. She was so scared that if she stayed any longer by him, she would go insane… her life, already ruined, would be even more devastated… she knew that she didn’t have much time.

Jiwon stood with his arms crossed, contemplating. Of course he wasn’t going to let her go.

When Yoori saw his answer in his eyes, tears started pouring out of her eyes.

She then carefully revealed a pairing knife she saved when Jaejin brought her some fruit and left the knife in her room after peeling the fruit.

Jiwon’s eyes grew huge. What is she doing???!!!!!

“I’d rather die than to live here…” she said in a weak voice, but firmly.


Before Jiwon could stop her, she had already stabbed herself in her chest.

Part XIX


Suwon picked up the phone. Jiyong and Sunghoon were both present in the room.


Seconds later, his face became pale…. and he dropped the phone. Jiyong and Sunghoon both looked at him with curiosity.

“What’s wrong?”

“That was Jaeduc…..” said Suwon as he gulped, “your sister is…..”



“I’m sorry, sir, but she bled too much.”

Doctors have practically given up on her. Jiwon could not believe what was appening. Yoori’s dying?! No way! Not now!

Not when he waited for 5 years ntil she was back in his arms!

“B…but… there has to be a way! Can blood transfusion work?” Jiwon equested desperately, only to receive a negative response.

“When you brought her in, she was already severely injured. You are aware hat once she starts bleeding, it doesn’t stop easily, right?”

Jiwon’s head dropped. He inhaled some air, just to see if this was a reality.

“She is troubled in many ways. She’s extremely depressed, which will slow her ecovery. We also found out that the place she got stabbed had been injured once before. That’s why it would be even harder for her to recover this time. and also…”

“There’s MORE?” exclaimed Jiwon as he dug his hair in his hands. This seemed to be an endless ordeal.

“She’s bound to die soon anyway. I’m surprised that she lived this long. How old is she now, 19? She was supposed to die when she was around 15. She’s had a prolonged life. She should feel lucky that she made it this far.”

Jaejin and Jaeduc put their hands on Jiwon’s shoulders, comforting him. But nothing seemed to help.

“The most important fact is that she’s……”

Soon, the doctor was interrupted when Jiyong came running into the waiting room. The first thing he did when he saw Jiwon was to grab him by his shirt collar.

“What the xxxx did you do to her, huh??” Jiyong demanded angrily.

Jiwon didn’t reply.

“Let him go, Jiyong. He didn’t do anything,” said Jaejin as he tried to separate them.

Jiyong growled, then turned to the doctor.

“Is she gonna live?”

Doctor shook his head.

“Chances are very slim. I’d say, let her have her last moment the way she wishes to have it.”


“You are doomed, EunJiWon,” Jiyong said fiercely as he looked at Jiwon.

“I didn’t do anything. Really! She stabbed herself,” Jiwon defended himself, but he knew it had to be his fault.

“She’s not stupid enough to die twice. She got stabbed once many years ago, by Haeri and her gang, but she was lucky enough to live. You think she’s dumb enough to do it so she can die again?”

“She WILL live. I’m sure of that. Why do you care anyway? You don’t even like her that much!” said Jiwon.

“That’s none of your business. Anyway, I challenge you, EunJiWon. I’m so ashamed of myself for once calling you ‘hyung,'”

Jiyong said spitefully.

Jiwon snorted.

“You know you can’t win over me, GoJiYong. You are such a bad shooter.”

“We’ll see about that….” muttered Jiyong under his breath.


“This is a bad deal, hyung. Are you really going to fight him?” questioned Jaeduc worriedly.

“I have to. It turned out that he has all the files in his computer about our active crime record. If he turns them over to police, I’ll spend rest of my life in jail,” responded Jiwon seriously.


“Are you sure? Jiyong, you don’t even have a CAUSE to do this! What’s this sudden change?” Suwon asked.

Suwon had been Jiyong’s friend and an apprentice for a long time. Life without Jiyong would be harsh on Suwon already.

“I was foolish before for hating her,” Jiyong began replying, “I think I was just overly jealous. But when I saw her with tubes going in and out of her body, I changed my mind. She’s never done anything wrong to me. My parents loved her because they knew she couldn’t live long enough. But Haeri and I are both healthy enough to do that. Us three… or rather,

me and Yoori would’ve had a nice life if it weren’t for Jiwon who took her along the way……”

Sunghoon remained silent for the most part. He remembered back in the days, when Jiwon and he were surfing around the island. And they just happened to find this girl… really pale and delicate…. he was afraid that she would break anytime soon.

But to Sunghoon’s surprise, this girl was a lot more cheerful than he thought… also very bright. It was from her that he learned to smile so charmingly.

Yoori remained his forgotten first love ever since then. Now she was going to die.

Jiyong finished his sentence.

“Besides……. I just found out something recently…. really tragic for me. I can’t ever forgive Jiwon for that.”


Part XX

[Somewhere by Han River]

“Nice day, isn’t it?” said Yoori as she smiled at Jaejin. He nodded.

“I’m sorry, Yoori ssee…. if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have been in this much trouble,” he apologized sincerely.

“I fulfilled one of my last wishes, so I thank you for that. All these years, I hoped that I would see Jiwon one more time. And since I did…. though he’s changed drastically…., I’m glad,” said Yoori in a humble manner.

Jaeduc and Jaejin felt so guilty about all this. She could be so alive, she could be so beautiful only if she had more days to live. But now, she could barely walk.

“Mr. Right-hand man, you’re a good person,” joked Yoori. Jaejin smiled shyly.

“… By the way, do you know where my brother and my sister are at? I didn’t get to see Haeri since I came. I’m sure she’s with Jiyong now…”

Jaeduc and Jaejin panicked when they heard her question. They didn’t know how to reply. What were they supposed to tell her, that Jiwon’s now out to kill her brother?! They couldn’t do that!

Yoori saw what was coming when she noticed their gloomy faces.

“It’s…HIM, isn’t it? Jiwon..?”


[Some factory in Seoul border]

“I remember this place. 4 years ago, wasn’t it?” said Jiwon as he reminisced.

This was the factory Jiyong used to wander off, soon after his father’s death. Jiyong could never forget how he met Jiwon.

“Yeah… those were the days,” agreed Jiyong.

“Anywayz…. why are we even here? You have no cause to fight me! If it’s because of Yoori…..” Jiwon was interrupted when Jiyong spoke.

“It’s NOT because of just her…. even though she’s part of this cause.”

“What is it then?” asked Jiwon.

Jiyong drew a deep breath.

“Unless my computer is wrong…. you remember hitting a woman 2 months ago with your car? And you ran away. Like you away do, irresponsibly.”

Jiwon tried to think back. When did this happen? Oh, yeah. He remembered. It was that rainy day and he was really irritated that day, so when he saw the signal, he didn’t stop… and he just happened to run over this middle-aged woman. Is that what Jiyong was talking about?

“She died…. and she…. she .. was my mom,” said Jiyong in a shaky voice.

“WHAT?!?!” Jiwon was shocked to hear that.

“I didn’t want to believe it at first, but I’m never wrong. She passed away soon after. First it was my mom, now it’s my sister.

You cannot do this to my family and expect to live, EunJiWon. So prepare to DIE!!!”

“W.h… that was an accident!!” Jiwon shouted defensively. But it was too late. Jiyong took out his gun and started shooting.

He was uncontrollable. No one could stop him now.

There were bullets everywhere, but they couldn’t hit Jiwon. Jiyong couldn’t aim, for the most part; he was such a bad shooter.

Jiwon took out his gun in defense. He was good enough to shoot with his eyes closed.

“Goodbye, Jiyong. Don’t blame me.”

Jiwon murmured as he squeezed his eyes shut. And he fired.


When Jiwon opened his eyes, he expected to see all 5 bullets through Jiyong’s chest, and Jiyong lying on the ground. But it wasn’t what he was seeing.

Instead, he saw the most horrifying scene…….


……He saw a person in white gown, covering Jiyong’s body. Her white gown was dyed with blood.

Jiyong and Jiwon, both dumbfounded, were at loss of words.

“… Yoo… Yoori noona?”

Jiyong finally managed to get his words out. Who was she in front of him??

Why is she here? HOW did she know?

“You…. you…. you are okay… that’s good…….,” said Yoori weakly. She coughed out blood several times before she could go on.

“How? How did you come here?” Jiyong demanded an answer, but he already knew it when he saw Jaejin and Jaeduc.

Jiwon dropped his gun, still in shock. ‘I shot her? I shot her!’ He thought crazily to himself and he was about to rush over, but he was held back by Jaejin and Jaeduc.

“Don’t…” they said as they shook their heads.

Jiyong cradled Yoori in his arms. Tears started streaming out of his eyes.

“Silly… I was going to die anyway…. what was this all about…??” said Yoori in a barely audible voice.

“Noona… you don’t understand! I was doing this for YOU!! Why did you have to show up like this?!”

“If I didn’t… you would’ve died instead. I’m… I’m glad that you’re talking to me now.”

“STUPID!! I never hated you in first place!” Jiyong yelled furiously. He was getting her blood all over him but he didn’t care…..

Yoori slowly raised her bloody hand and touched his face.

“Do me a favor… will ya..?” requested Yoori. Now no one else could hear her except Jiyong. Jiyong nodded.

“Smile for me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile to me before. That’s…. just… my last …. wish….”

Yoori could barely go on with her sentence now. Jiyong couldn’t believe this.

HOW does she expect me to do this? When I’m crying?

Jiyong made his best attempt. His half-smile was covered with tears pouring from his eyes.


She then dropped her hand, leaving a mark of blood on his face. Her eyes then closed.

“…Noona… noona? You’re joking, right? Don’t do this to me! Yoori noona!!”

Jiyong shook her body angrily. But he knew that she wouldn’t wake up.

Jiwon was held back by Jaejin and Jaeduc still. He couldn’t say anything.

What did he ever do to deserve this? I didn’t mean to do it! Please forgive me!

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Jiyong screamed as he picked up the gun beside him.

At that moment, Sunghoon and Suwon ran in.

“NO!! DON’T DO IT, JIYONG!” Suwon made an attempt to stop him, but when he did, it was too late………….


Everyone stood still. Sunghoon’s jaws dropped open. What the HELL just went on here?

Then he remembered something. He screamed.

“EVERYONE GET OUTTA HERE!! Jiyong planted a bomb!!”

“Hyung… let’s go….” Jaejin and Jaeduc tried to drag Jiwon out but it was too late.


And the factory exploded.

Part XXI (Final)


Go Yoo Ri 7/3/80~ 9/21/99


Go Ji Yong 7/3/80~ 9/21/99

They safely escaped the bombing. (“….as long as you stay 100 feet away from it, you won’t die….”)

Sechs Kies never got prosecuted for their crime because all the evidence Jiyong kept was destroyed upon bombing. There was no way police could prove that they did illicit affairs. They disbanded automatically soon after, ending the Gang Renovation in Korea.


[5 years later]

#1: KangSungHoon (age 24): Though he was Korea’s 2nd most wanted for a time being, he safely escaped to Hawaii. He cleaned up all the businesses and donated all the money to an orphanage. He now operates a small liquor store and is married to a white woman.

#2: JangSuWon (24): He fled to the United States after the incident. After Sechs Kies was off the “WANTED” list, he enrolled in a law school. He now studies law, aspiring to become a prosecutor of teenage delinquents, like he was once.

#3: GoHaeRi (24): She basically lived as a prostitute, an alcoholic, a drug- addict, and died of drug overdose when she turned 24.

#4: GoYooRi (deceased): It was discovered later that she was pregnant.

#5: GoJiYong (deceased): Killed himself upon Yoori’s death. Jaeduc, Jaejin, Sunghoon, and Suwon gave him and Yoori a double burial.

#6: KimJaeDuc (25): He is dianosed as HIV +, but he still lives a pretty happy life. He went back to Pusan, where he came from.

#7: LeeJaeJin (25): He opened a small martial arts studio in Pusan. He lives with Jaeduc and takes care of him.

#8: As for EunJiWon, no one knows whether he is still alive or not. At the police investigation, only two corpses were found in the scene. Jaejin and Jaeduc assumed that Jiwon died because they saw him standing still at the time of explosion….. but his dead body was nowhere to be seen. Some people say that he is still alive. The last evidence of his presence, police said, was a bracelet he kept, with an engravement:


~*~The End~*~

**A Special Note**

Thanks to all those who read my “Sechs Kies Volume Stories.” I wouldn’t have written them if it weren’t for your support. I dedicate all of you this song:

To You I Love (Sechs Kies Land, 2nd Album, Track #15)


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