Volume III: Suwon’s Story The Glass by: Clair


  • a Suwon fanfic
  • Volume III of Sechs Kies Volume Stories
  • completed

Part I

[Seoul, 1985]
“SuWon ah! I brought someone for you!”

“Huh? Who?” asked SuWon eagerly. He was an only child and had always been so lonely; so whenever his parents brought someone he could play with, he was happy. It was a girl this time, however, which he thought was pretty odd.

“This is your noona, SuWon. She’s not just your playmate, she’ll be your ‘real’ noona from now on,” said SuWon’s mom.

“Real noona?”

SuWon later understood what his parents had said about the girl being his older sister. Her name was JinEunMi. She was 2 years older than SuWon and she was adopted by Jang’s family because her parents died in a plane crash when they were heading to America. EunMi was the only survivor. SuWon’s parents, who requested adoption for quite a while for their only son, gladly adopted EunMi to be their new daughter.


 [Few days later]

“Noona ya~~~!!!! Nol-ja!” SuWon went into her room and climbed on her bed, shaking the girl who was asleep.

“Okay~okay!! Sheesh…..” She got up, rubbed her eyes, and stretched. She then smiled at SuWon who was looking at her with his eyes open wide.

Their days always went by like that. SuWon would bug her to play with him and she would gladly spend her time playing with her new brother. She seemed to have forgotten the tragedy that struck her few months ago: she looked happy and content, to SuWon’s eyes.

Since EunMi was 7, she needed to be enrolled in 2nd grade as soon as possible. One day, Mr. and Mrs. Jang called for a family gathering.

“Well, EunMi has to go to school pretty soon: and her name needs to be changed in order to complete the adoption process,” said Mr. Jang. The kids had no idea what their dad was talking about, all they heard was the part about changing her name.

“I must agree, her last name is Jang from now on, not Jin. Her name doesn’t need to be changed, unless you want it, EunMi,” commented Mrs. Jang.

“Well, I don’t really care. Either way is fine with me.” smiled EunMi as she replied. SuWon carefully looked at her face with his eyes widely open. He had just thought of a great name for her.

“I don’t like your name, noona. EunMi is too chon-seu-ruh-wuh.” SuWon blurted out. Mr. and Mrs. Jang laughed.

“Oh? Then perhaps you came up with a new name for her?” said Mrs. Jang.

“Uh-huh. I want it to be…umm… YooRi!!! Yea!!”

“YooRi?! Not bad….. what do you think, EunMi?” asked Mr. Jang. EunMi didn’t really say anything. Her name didn’t matter to her anymore. From then on, ‘JinEunMi’ didn’t exist… in place of that, it was JangYooRi.


 [2 years later]

The house seemed so empty without their parents. SuWon wandered around, trying to find something to do. His mom prohibited him to play with YooRi because she was in bed, very sick. SuWon went into her room anyhow…. perhaps she was awake so she could play with him.

“Noona~?” whispered SuWon as he got closer to her bed. Then he noticed that she was crying silently, trying to hold it in to herself.

“Mommy—- Daddy—– Don’t leave me!! Please! Don’t….”

SuWon knew instantly that she was having a nightmare about the plane crash. He shook her to wake her up.

“Noona, noona!! Get up!! Wake up!”

YooRi slowly woke up, finding herself crying. She wiped the tears and looked at her little brother.

“SuWon ee gu nah,” said YooRi sleepishly, choking her tears, “sorry I couldn’t play with you today. Noona is very very sick.”

Suddenly, SuWon put his arms around her neck. He hugged her tightly.

YooRi didn’t know what he was doing but she hugged him back. ‘Sweet little SuWon,’ she thought to herself. SuWon then said to her,

“Noona~ please don’t cry. SuWonee is sad when YooRi noona cries. From now on, nae ga noona ji kyu jool gge. I promise.

Part II

[Few years later— SuWon is 18, YooRi 20]

As YooRi opened her apartment door, she found a rose sitting in front of the door. She picked it up and silently said to herself,


Every Wednesday since she turned 18, which was when she moved out, a bright, red rose was always delivered to her apartment. She first tried to find out who it was by calling the flower shop and such, but it was no use. Now she had just given up and did not bother to think much about it. She went back in, and put the rose she picked up in a vase on her dining table. She then hurried out, sighing.

She hummed a song as she was reaching her destination, a cafe in ap-goo-jung-dong. Her boyfriend promised her to meet her there.

‘That dork hasn’t called me for 3 weeks now! He better show up this time…. otherwise we might as well just break up with each other,’ thought YooRi.

‘Actually, I shouldn’t do that…. if I leave him, he will be destroyed completely. I don’t want that.’


“Going anywhere, hyung?” asked JaeJin to JiWon who was combing his hair in front of a mirror.

“Ah, yeah. Just for a while…. gosh, what the hell is wrong with my hair?” replied JiWon.

“Oh~~ I know, hyung~” began JaeDuc, “you are going out to meet SuWonee’s noona, right?”

JiWon’s face turned bright red. Stupid Duc-ee, why does he have to tease him about it??!

SuWon, who was reading a newspaper, frowned. He wasn’t too happy that his one and only sister was a girlfriend of infamous gang leader, Sechs Kies. But he couldn’t stop them when they fell in love with each other….. after all, YooRi was his noona and JiWon was like a real brother to him.

When SuWon ran away from home at age 15 due to all his family problems, JiWon was the one who took him in. SuWon couldn’t take it anymore at home…. his parents were constantly fighting and seriously considering a divorce. He knew why: his dad was having an affair with some other woman. The very fact that his own dad was a homewrecker disgusted him.

But what he couldn’t stand even more was his noona…. YooRi, whenever the fight was going on, would always be in her room and silently cry.

SuWon hated to see her crying because it made him feel so incompetent.

“Tell YooRi noona I said hi, hyung,” said SuWon as JiWon was putting his shoes on.

“Oh, okay, no prob.” JiWon smiled. He then went out.


JiWon and YooRi were standing in front of YooRi’s apartment complex. The evening seemed pretty okay for both of them.

“Thanks for walking me home, JiWon,” said YooRi. JiWon smiled slightly and leaned over to kiss her forehead.

“I love you,” said JiWon.

YooRi smiled bitterly and replied, “If you really do love me, then you’d quit Sechs Kies.”

JiWon’s smile faded. Without even saying goodbye, they both turned around and started walking. When they turned back, neither of them could see each other.

YooRi knew that JiWon didn’t like being interfered with the things he does, but she couldn’t help it. She didn’t want to live like this for rest of her life… she wanted JiWon to start all over and get back on track. But he didn’t seem to change his mind.

She remembered the first time she met him; SuWon had introduced him to her. She wasn’t interested at first but apparently, he was interested in her. She hated the fact that he was a leader of Sechs Kies, but the fate had brought them two together eventually.

‘I didn’t want to like him in first place…. I don’t know why I did.’

Part III

[One day]

“Alright. We have two cases to discuss,” said SungHoon. They were all in a small basement, a secret ‘place’ for them to hold their meetings and such.

“Yeah, what?” asked JiWon.

“Well, first of all, ” began JaeJin, “bad news. We are running out of money. It’s about time we… you know… do it again.”

“Just say it. It’s about time we go rob the bank again, you mean?” said JaeDuc, smiling. He then put his arm around JiYong. “We have Mr. Brain here, don’t we??”

“Yea, yea. SuWon and I can take care of the money, that’s no problem…” replied JiYong. “What’s the second case, SungHoon?”

“Hmm, as you all know, Dragon Kings broke up last week, due to their leader’s death. The issue is about who’s gonna take them over…. us, or Krazee Killers.”

“Us, of course!!” said JiWon. “It must be some luck for us that their leader died of a car accident. If we have them before KK, then we can be the strongest gang in this region!”

“I don’t really feel the need to get ourselves in trouble to become the best,” began SuWon quietly, “I personally like the way things are now, I don’t wanna start anymore fights.”

“Hey, SuWon, you can’t be saying that!” exclaimed SungHoon. “You are our best gunman here! Where are all your ambitions and dreams??”

“I just want some peace, that’s all,” replied SuWon. JiYong laughed sarcastically, then commented,

“Haha. Peace?? You have to first look at who we are, SuWon.”

SuWon’s face crumpled up. True, he thought, but at least they can avoid some troubles.

“Newayz, enuf about that,” interrupted JiWon. “We are taking over Dragon Kings, everybody agree??”

JaeJin, JaeDuc, SungHoon, and JiYong all nodded; SuWon was the only one to object.

“KK has about 30 something people, hyung,” stated SuWon, “and we only have 6. Going against them solely to take over Dragon Kings is a nonsense!”

“That’s why we need you, SuWon,” said JiWon. “You can probably blow them away in no time if they ever came near us. Or JiYong can use his little brain and set up a trap or something. I dunno, but I’m sure we have a way. We’ve managed this far with just six of us, what’s the problem now???”

“Alright, whatever. I’m gonna get the money first with JiYong soon, okay??” said SuWon. He then walked out of the basement.

JiWon stared at him and shook his head. JaeJin commented,

“He’s way too stubborn, let me tell you!”

“I know,” agreed JiWon, “If YooRi wasn’t his sister, I’d be beating the crap out of him already….”

“Speaking of YooRi noona,” began JaeDuc in his usual teasing manner, “how was the date with your lovely lady??”

“Okay, I suppose,” replied JiWon. “But she’s starting to get on my nerves. I don’t like people telling me to do this and do that.”

“But I thought you loved her,” said SungHoon.

“I guess I do… I mean, she’s fine and all,” laughed JiWon.

“You are so bad~ hyung,” teased JaeJin. JiWon’s face turned grave all of a sudden. He then stated,

“I gotta get rid of her, soon…..”

Part IV

[Few days later]

“Got everything done and taken care of?” asked JiYong.

SuWon replied shortly, “Yeah. I stored it in a safe place. I have the keys, I’ll make the duplicates later.”

“No, give me one of the keys now, JiWon hyung would want it,” said JiYong. SuWon looked at him, a bit puzzled.

“Why, you afraid I’m gonna run off w/ money??”

“No~ you know I don’t mean it that way!” JiYong was now kinda embarrassed that he asked such question.

“Alright, then. Like I said, I’ll make the duplicates, later.”

“Fine, do whatever you want.”

They then both got in JiYong’s car and drove off from the place where they stored the money they had stolen from a bank.

JiYong was SuWon’s best friend in Sechs Kies. He was the only one who was able to understand SuWon, as other members thought he was stubborn and peculiar.

JiYong was like a brain of Sechs Kies; he planned every move, set traps, and he was also a very good hacker. He was the one to get the money out of the bank and SuWon was his assistant. JaeJin and JaeDuc who had fast body movements did most of the dirty work, such as killing or fighting to the death. SuWon and JiWon were the best gun-handlers; they once went against 20 something people and still managed to survive. SungHoon had an incredible speaking skills so because of him, they were able to con their way out of cops and stuff. Other gangs feared 6Kies because of these reasons.


“So did KK decide to give up Dragon Kings??” asked SungHoon.

“No way,” replied JaeDuc, “looks like we are gonna have to do some stuff to make them give up.”

“Where’s JiWon hyung?” questioned SuWon. Him and JiYong just came back and found JiWon not among the group. JaeJin responded,

“Oh, he’s out with your sis. He’s not in a very good mood today because of stupid KK.”


JiWon and YooRi were in JiWon’s car, watching a drive-in movie. JiWon only liked going out with her at nights so he won’t get caught by their rival gangs. They were more like talking, though, not really watching a movie.

“So,” began JiWon, “did you ever find out the guy who’s been giving you a rose every Wednesday?”

“Nope. I tried everything but I couldn’t find out. I’m not even sure if it is a guy,” responded YooRi.

“I’m sure it is… what kind of person would do that?? Probably someone who likes you, I’d assume….”

YooRi stared directly at him, so hard that it was enough to burn a hole in his face. JiWon laughed,

“What?!! It’s not me, I swear!” He then began laughing. YooRi hadn’t seen him really laughing, in a long time. She was content.

“By the way, when are you going to get your surgery, JiWon?”

“Oh, that? Soon, I guess. I don’t think it’d matter all that much,” replied JiWon apathetically.

JiWon was born with a hole in his heart. He remembered hearing from his parents that the doctors told them that if the hole didn’t close in by the time he was 18, he’d have to get a surgery.

“You were supposed to get it when you were 18. You are 20 now,” said YooRi with much concern. JiWon was kind of annoyed so he snapped at her,

“Will you quit dogging on me about that??? It’s really none of your business!!”

YooRi sat silent, her face expressionless. JiWon soon regretted saying that. He looked at her helplessly, only to discover that her face was broken into million pieces… like a glass.

“I’m sorry, YooRi. I didn’t really mean that…”

He then leaned towards her to kiss her. To his surprise, she turned away. He felt terrible inside but he managed to keep it to himself. He was pom-sang-pom-sa; he hated to show his pain. He also hated to see her face so sad, so fragile. Why did she have to be YooRi, not someone else??

Part V

HwangYongJoon was a leader of Krazee Killers, aka KK. He was about 22, notorious for his atrocity and coldness. KK consisted of about 30 members, 5 times as many as Sechs Kies. Yet Sechs Kies was still their ultimate enemies. YongJoon hated to admit that EunJiWon was better than him in everything, whether it be in fighting, stealing, or even getting a girl.

YongJoon had his eyes set on YooRi few years ago, but JiWon took her away from him. Before that happened, KK and Sechs Kies weren’t in so bad terms as they are now; but after that incident, YongJoon cursed Sechs Kies to death. Taking over the leaderless Dragon Kings was a perfect opportunity to make up for the things he lost.

He was reading a newspaper in his room one day, when his protege John walked in. John was an 18 year-old from America, an original American ggang-pae.

“I have an idea as to how we’re gonna take over Dragon Kings before Sechs Kies does,” suggested John.

“Oh?? How??” asked YongJoon, a bit impressed.

“You said you wanted JangYooRi, right?”

YongJoon slyly grinned.

“Yeah~! She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She has a long, soft straight hair and the eyes that sparkle…”

“Newayz, don’t get all carried away,” interrupted John. “Why don’t we use her and ask for an exchange?”

“You know, that sounds like an idea,” responded YongJoon, “but don’t you think I’ve thought about that already??? I just don’t wanna have to use her, a girl, to get what we want.”

“Aigo, hyung!!” said John. “We have no choice. Our dummies will never be able to take over Dragon Kings. I’m telling you now, I don’t wanna have to walk thru one of GoJiYong’s traps again, like we did last time.”

John waited for YongJoon’s answer. He then continued,

“Think about it. This is such an opportunity, too good to pass up. We have no choice but to use her to get what we want. Taking over Dragon Kings before Sechs Kies will undoubtedly make us the strongest gang in this region! Besides, you can *play* w/ JangYooRi while she’s kidnapped…”

YongJoon agreed to that thought. It was rather fascinating, to finally have her in his hands.

“But you think EunJiWon, that heartless jackass, would come and save JangYooRi?” questioned YongJoon.

“Of course, hyung!! He’s her lover, for all we know. Plus if he doesn’t, then JangSuWon will since that chick is his beloved sister. Either way, if we ask for an exchange, they’d have to give up Dragon Kings.”

“Alright, then,” agreed YongJoon finally. “Do whatever you want. Just remember, don’t ever hurt her in any way! Otherwise I might as well just kill you…”

“Ha! You like her even more than your own protege?? I’m now hurt… newayz, just wait and see. Hehehe…” John gave an evil laugh and cheerfully walked out of the room.


It was another Wednesday when YooRi discovered a rose in front of her apt.door, as usual. She casually bent over to pick up the rose when suddenly, something struck her head hard; so hard that she blanked out.

Part VI

SuWon was washing his face in the bathroom when JaeJin ran in, with a note in his hand. It must be something important, he thought.

“What’s the matter, hyung?”

“Where’s JiWonee hyung??” querried JaeJin, still breathing hard.

“Out. Why, what happened??”

In panic, JaeJin handed him the note.

“KK kidnapped your sister!!! They emailed JiYong this morning.”

“What?!?!?!” exclaimed SuWon. He then quickly skimmed the note.

—–JangYooRi is with us. If you ever wanna see her alive again, meet us at 6 pm at the alley. We’d like to exchange JangYooRi with Dragon Kings. Sincerely, Krazee Killers—–

“HwangYongJoon kidnapped my noona!!! I can’t believe this!!” said SuWon helplessly. “Why her, of all people?? Damn!!”

“They want us to give up Dragon Kings. But to involve YooRi noona in this is just….” JaeJin trailed off at the end of his sentence, seeing SuWon’s painful expression on his face.

“I told JiWon hyung not to go out with my noona. I knew something like this would happen! God…. please, they better not hurt her because if they do, I’m gonna kill them all….!!!”


YooRi trembled in fear. She knew who HwangYongJoon was and what he was like. She also knew why he hated JiWon and Sechs Kies so much. She was in a room, sitting on a bed. She remembered blanking out after getting hit on her head by John. She was now face to face with both John and HwangYongJoon.

“What do you want from me?” asked YooRi bitterly.

“Nothing much. Just trying to get something from Sechs Kies, that’s all,” replied YongJoon, smiling. John was observing her face carefully.

“You’re right, hyung,” said John. “She is really… fine~~! I see you have some taste in women..hehe. I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone now, have fun!!” John then walked out. YongJoon went closer up to her.

“Don’t get any closer!” yelled YooRi. YongJoon stopped. He then chuckled.

“EunJiWon’s so lucky, to have a lover like you… ”

YooRi remained silent. It’d be useless to argue w/ him, she thought. YongJoon was surprised to see her reaction, so calm and careless.

“You know, I can easily have you now since you are here, it won’t be so hard….”

YooRi’s eyes then widened. She was afraid of what he was gonna do to her next. YongJoon saw that in her. He then continued,

“But I’ll leave you alone for now because I like you.”

Part VII

“What?! What do you mean, just leave her alone??” shouted SuWon angrily. He couldn’t believe what JiWon was telling him.

“Like I said, HwangYongJoon won’t do anything to YooRi. I know he wouldn’t,” said JiWon casually.

“So what if he doesn’t kill her?? What if he…does weird stuff, like… you know what I mean!!”

SuWon, still angry, continued to shout. JiWon looked at him with a sign of annoyance on his face.

“There are many things far more important than a girl, for me,” said JiWon.

“For instance, Dragon Kings. As all of you know, they used to be so powerful that even we couldn’t temper with them. But that was before their leader died. Leaderless as they are now, we can easily take over them. They were good solely cuz their leader knew how to rule, that’s all…”

SuWon just stood there with his arms crossed, glaring at JiWon. JiWon continued to speak,

“KK can try forever to beat us, but we all know they won’t be able to. We are so close to becoming the best gang in this region, if not in Seoul as a whole. Now I’m not planning to mess that up because of YooRi alone. It just won’t happen.”

“She’s your girlfriend, for god’s sake!!” exclaimed SuWon.

“I can’t believe I’m hearing all this shit from you, hyung. I’m so disappointed in you. I knew I shouldn’t have let her go out with you. I don’t care what you say, I’m going to the alley. He’s my only sister and I won’t let anything bad happen to her.”

SuWon then put his coat on, getting ready to leave. JiYong stood up as well.

“If he’s going, I’m going too.”

SuWon looked at his best friend with much appreciation in his eyes.

JaeJin and JaeDuc looked at each other and nodded in an agreement.

“If they’re going, then we might as well go help them out,” said JaeDuc. SungHoon also decided to join.

JiWon sighed, now really annoyed. It’d be a piece of cake to rescue YooRi, but to give up Dragon Kings?? That was way too much. But if everyone was leaving, then he might as well go with them. After all, he was their leader.

“Fine, fine. I give up.”


[6 pm]

HwangYongJoon, John, and four other KK members were present at the alley. They figured it’d be best to go 6 against 6. John was pointing a gun to YooRi’s head. She didn’t seem all that scared, because she knew John wouldn’t be able to kill her. If he did, SuWon would blow him away the second after she’s gone.

“Let go of her now, since we are here as we promised,” said SuWon in a low voice. He then looked at YooRi. He was relieved that she wasn’t hurt or anything.

HwangYongJoon smiled. “You are no leader, JangSuWon. I don’t wanna hear from you. So EunJiWon, how does it feel to give up something you’ve been longing to have for so long??”

“Not so great, as you might have suspected,” he replied, “but just know that I’m giving up cuz you are such a coward, that you couldn’t even handle 6 guys with 30 of your useless dummies.”

YongJoon’s smile faded. It was sooo true. The guys he had were practically useless; they didn’t know how to fight.

“Haha,” laughed YongJoon sarcastically, “you are right about that. But that’s why we need Dragon Kings more than you guys do. I believe you are a man of your words, so…”

“I will give up Dragon Kings,” said JiWon firmly.

“Alright, then. Mission accomplished, we don’t need this gal anymore, do we??” said John.

“This crappy business is all settled, then? Now give her back,” demanded JiWon.

YongJoon signaled John to let go of her so he did. YooRi slowly walked forward. She was exhausted, of everything.

When JiWon stopped her to give her a hug, she passed him. She didn’t want to deal with anymore of Sechs Kies or KK.


It was raining outside.

JiWon was unimaginably upset by the recent incident with KK. It was the first time he ever lost to HwangYongJoon. He couldn’t stand being a loser. Giving up Dragon Kings was the biggest loss he ever had.

JiWon and SuWon were kind of on bad terms. JiWon had made up his mind after a long night of thinking. He paged YooRi to meet him later in the evening.

As he was waiting in front of her apartment, he thought about some good times that they shared together. He remembered the first time he met her, how he instantly fell in a love with her. But it all seemed worthless now. He was planning to breakup with her this evening.

When YooRi came out, JiWon was stunned. She looked prettier than ever. But it was too late to change his mind. She opened his car door and sat next to him. They were silent for about 5 minutes. The only sound was rain droppings on his car. JiWon finally broke the silence.

“I think it’d be best for both of us that we don’t see each other anymore….”

YooRi looked at him, with a sign of being shocked. This was rather unexpected. She finally managed to ask him,


“Because… I dunno. I guess we don’t go together. You deserve someone much better, not like some gang leader like me.”

“I know that’s not the real reason. Is it because of what KK did and stuff??”

JiWon was not very surprised that she saw him through. He decided to tell her the truth.

“You are one smart person, YooRi,” began JiWon. “And also very pretty. But that’s about the only reason why I went out with you.”

“I knew when you told me at times that you loved me, you really didn’t mean that,” said YooRi quietly.

“No, I didn’t. I’m cold and heartless, if you haven’t noticed. You wanna know the ‘real’ reason why I wanted you in first place??”

YooRi kept silence. She knew this day would come. Although she pretended to be calm as she always was, her heart was breaking this very moment, into million pieces…. like a glass. And it hurt so much that she couldn’t even cry.

“The real reason is cuz HwangYongJoon liked you as well. You know I can’t stand losing to someone else, that’s why I decided to take you away from him, to show him that I’m better than him, that I’m superior.”

JiWon tried not to look at her directly. It was harder than he thought. But he had to get it off his chest.

“But you are not really helping me here. I don’t like useless people. They annoy me because they can’t do anything. They only cause harm.”

YooRi couldn’t just sit there and hear him anymore. She opened the car door and ran out, not back into the apt. building but off to the opposite direction. The rain was pouring hard but she didn’t care. She ran and ran and ran until she couldn’t. She was soaked in rain. She tried so hard not to cry, but tears started pouring out.

JiWon felt a really sharp pain in his chest. He didn’t think it’d hurt him that much. He really did love her. But he didn’t dump her because he had a ‘kisado’ in him, to protect her from the dangers that lie ahead of being a girlfriend of a gang leader. He broke up with her because he loved Sechs Kies more than anything else in this whole world.

Part IX

“So how was your date with YooRi noona?” asked JaeDuc when he saw JiWon coming in.

“What date??” said JiWon. “We broke up. We are not going out anymore.”

“HUH???” exclaimed JiYong, SungHoon, JaeJin, and JaeDuc all in unison.

“I dumped her, I don’t like her anymore,” answered JiWon casually. He then noticed that they weren’t really looking at him. Their eyes were fixed on something else. They had a horrified look on their faces.

“Ya, what’s the matter??” He questioned, and at the same time, he turned around…. to find SuWon in his raincoat, with an umbrella in his hand.

JiWon was stunned. Bad timing, he thought. JaeJin and JaeDuc were turned into an ice stone already. SuWon’s look was so cold and fierce that it almost hurt them.

“Why… did you do that to her?” asked SuWon monotonously.

JiWon couldn’t answer him. He was almost scared by SuWon. As all 5 of them looked at SuWon dreadly, JiWon felt something hitting on him. SuWon had just threw his umbrella at him.

“GO TO HELL, EUNJIWON!!” SuWon screamed from top of his lungs, then stormed out of the room.

For few minutes, all 5 of them just sat there, not saying anything to each other. JaeJin finally managed to say something.

“You shouldn’t have done that, hyung.”

JiWon avoided looking at JaeJin, for he was afraid of feeling guilty.

But instead, he felt another sharp pain in his chest. Within few seconds, he couldn’t even breathe…. he then collapsed.


YooRi finally came home after hours of running and walking in the rain. She was soaked from top to bottom. When she got back in her apartment, she took a long bath afterwards. She then took some pills and fell asleep….. she didn’t even realize what she was doing, that she had taken about 10 pills in the midst of shock…..


“Ugh, where am I?” asked JiWon to himself when he woke up. He tried to get up but realized he couldn’t because of all the needles stuck in his arms. He first saw SungHoon’s face.

“Hyung!!! You woke up!!” said SungHoon excitedly. All the others gathered in front of his bed.

“Why am I here???” querried JiWon. He knew he was at a hospital, but why??

“You fainted last night all of a sudden,” answered JiYong, “so we brought you here. The doctors said you have a weak heart and that you’d have to be here for several weeks….”

JiWon then remembered that he was supposed to get a surgery 2 years ago. His face crumpled up.

“You mean, I have to be in this shithole for few weeks??? I can’t do that!! I’ve got things to do!”

“Would you rather die, then??” yelled JaeDuc angrily. “You stubborn fool, why didn’t you get a surgery 2 years ago, when you were supposed to??”

“Don’t even try to remind me of that. I’m regretting it right now,” replied JiWon bitterly.

SungHoon figured it’d be best to leave JiWon alone for right now, so he cued other members to get out of the room. JiWon cursed silently to himself.

‘First it was KK, now it’s my heart. What the hell am I gonna do now?’

Part X

When YooRi woke up, she had a biggest headache she ever had. She found SuWon sitting next to her, looking at her with worried eyes.

“How long have you been here??” asked YooRi.

“3 days,” responded SuWon. YooRi’s eyes widened.

“How long was I asleep?”

“3 days,” said SuWon. He went on, “if you wanna die, taking sleeping pills won’t do it.”

YooRi weakly smiled to herself. “I wasn’t really planning to kill myself.”


SuWon stayed silent and watched her for a while. He then broke the silence.

“It’s a good thing I named you YooRi…. you are so fragile and so delicate… like a glass.”

He couldn’t really see her face from a side because her long hair was covering it. But he knew that she was trying hard to choke her tears. SuWon sat closer to her on the bed and put his arms around her. He whispered in her ear,

“You can cry if you want, noona.”

That really was a starter, because the next thing he saw was YooRi in his arms, crying like a child. He had never seen her crying like that before, except that one time when she was having a nightmare about her parents dying in the train crash. He hadn’t hold her in his arms ever since then.

“He said he didn’t like me anymore…” said YooRi in a barely audible voice. “But I really liked him…. I didn’t want to at first… ”

YooRi sobbed helplessly. SuWon felt so sorry for her. He wanted her happiness more than anything else in the whole world but he couldn’t grant it for her. He had to watch her go thru this pain…. it broke his heart and pained him so much as well.


[two weeks later]

“Whhhaaaaatttttt???!!!” exclaimed JiWon on top of his lungs. He was beyond furious as he tried to confirm what JaeJin had just told him.

“Like I said, hyung, he left us,” said JaeJin.

“What, this isn’t some kind of a school club, you know. You guys…. all of you! Just let him walk out like that?! How can that be? After what we did for him! Or at least what I did for him!”

JiWon yelled as he looked around the room staring hard at each and every member of Sechs Kies, except SuWon who was the subject being discussed.

“Aigo, it’s not solely our fault, JiWonee hyung,” stated JaeDuc, being as reasonable as possible. “If you honestly think about what you did to his sister, frankly, I don’t blame him.”

“Oh, shut up, KimJaeDuc!!!” yelled JiWon.

“But JaeDuc’s right,” agreed JaeJin.

“You shouldn’t have done that, to dump her like she meant nothing to you… because I know she meant at least something.”

“True,” replied JiWon in much more calm voice.

“But I’ve got my goals and ambitions to succeed. I won’t let anything get in my way.”

“You changed, hyung,” said SungHoon.

“You weren’t like this before, at least when we started Sechs Kies few years ago. You were caring and fatherly. But all I see now is a power-crazed person who..”

“I was caring and fatherly, alright,” interrupted JiWon.

“But look where it got me now! I taught JangSuWon how to shoot, how to fight, how to live in this world because I cared for him. Serves me right, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“But YooRi noona didn’t deserve what you did to her,” stated JiYong.

“That’s what it takes to live in this kind of world,” replied JiWon coldly.

“If it wasn’t KK, then some other gang might have used her to get me. It will happen again in the future so I had to get rid of her sooner or later.”

“Then why didn’t you tell her that so she could actually understand??” questioned JaeJin.

“So she doesn’t think you hate her or anything….”

“Well, I don’t exactly hate her, but I don’t like her very much either right this moment.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this from you, of all people, hyung,” said SungHoon.

It was true because when they first started dating, JiWon was the sweetest guy anyone had ever seen. He’d give her flowers, write her letters, all the things she could ever expect from a guy…..

“I was a naive 18 year-old back then. I grew out of that lame stuff. Newayz, back to the subject. What happens to our money, then?? SuWon ran off with the keys w/out giving us duplicates. JiYong knows where it is, right?”

“Nope,” answered JiYong, “he’s the one who hid it. I don’t know where it is.”

“Okay, then. Since you are his best friend, go talk to him about it. Tell him to come back,” ordered JiWon.

JiYong looked kind of puzzled. “Tell him to come back???”

“Not that I want him or anything, but cuz I need him,” said JiWon.

“But what if he doesn’t want to?” added JaeDuc.

“Then just get the freakin’ keys, alright??” shouted JiWon.

Part XI

SuWon was working at a restaurant after he quit Sechs Kies. He was able to walk out very conveniently because JiWon was hospitalized for 2 weeks. He was on his lunch break when JiYong came to find him. JiYong tapped his shoulder.

“Yeah, wut?!” SuWon, annoyed, turned around. To his surprise, it was JiYong.

“We need to talk, JangSuWon,” said JiYong suavely.

“Talk about what?” asked SuWon with spite in his voice.

“Oh, don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m about to say!” said JiYong, a bit annoyed. “JiWon hyung is out… he wants you back.”

“I thought we discussed this already,” replied SuWon, “I am not going back.”

“How can you do this to him?? After everything he’s done for you… he took you in when you had nowhere else to go, he fed you when you were starving, and this is the way you are gonna pay him back?”

JiYong now started to raise his voice. “You DO remember the things he did for you, right?”

“Of course. I do remember….” said SuWon, sinking into reminiscence. Then he objected, “But I ALSO remember what he did to my noona. He dumped her, just so he can fulfill his own greed! You know what she did afterwards??? She tried to kill herself! Now, forget what JiWon hyung did for me…. no one hurts my noona like that!”

JiYong’s eyes widened. He had no idea about the part where YooRi tried commiting suicide.

‘God, she must’ve really loved him…. poor YooRi noona…’ JiYong sympathized YooRi greatly. But this wasn’t a right time for it, he realized.

“If you don’t want to come back, hand me the keys then. After all, that is all we need anyway….”

“No, I can’t do that either. I’m gonna return the money.”

“You WHAT???” querried JiYong in disbelief.

“After all that crap we went through to get it??? What the hell is going on in your brain?! Just shut up and hand me the keys, JangSuWon!”

“I can’t! I just can’t! If you really care about me as your friend, then you’d leave me alone and let me have a peaceful life. I’ve been killing so many people and stealing so much money for the past 3 years, I can’t do that anymore. I want to quit with a clear conscience. Only way to do so is to give the money back.”

SuWon was really angry now and JiYong was surprised to see that. SuWon had always been the shy one, the quiet one next to JaeJin, the obedient one…..

“Alright, alright!” said JiYong.

“I give up. But hey, don’t blame me for what’s gonna happen! I’m your friend and all, but I can’t guarantee your life. You know JiWon hyung.”

“Yes, I know!!!” yelled SuWon. JiYong frowned as he walked out. This ugly discussion was over and he knew that the only thing left was…. a bloody fight.

‘I don’t want to be there to see it…. I really don’t want to be there to see it! JiWonee hyung’s gonna kill SuWon.. I know it!’ thought JiYong desperately. He wanted to prevent the fight so bad but he knew that there was no way to block it…..


“Oh, so he wants us to starve to death w/out any money??” said JiWon sarcastically.

“Looks like I’m gonna have to take care of him myself.”

JiYong looked at him, with a frightened expression on his face.

“You are not gonna…. kill him, are you??”

“Depends,” answered JiWon. “If he gives me the keys to where he hid the money, then I could care less about him….” JiWon trailed off at the end of his sentence.

“Whatever you do,” said JiYong carefully, “please don’t kill him.”

“I’m the one to determine that,” responded JiWon coldly.

Part XII: Final


JiWon was pointing a gun at SuWon at the alley. He wasn’t actually planning to kill him or anything… just to scare him a little, he thought.

“Is this why you wanted to see me today, hyung?” said SuWon quietly.

Then he took out a gun from inside of his jacket. But he just looked at it. He didn’t aim it at JiWon or anything… he just looked at it with sad eyes.

“You are not planning to use that on me, are you??” asked JiWon. “I gave you that gun for your 18th birthday, if you remember….”

“Of course I do,” replied SuWon. “How can I forget??”

“I guess you didn’t forget,” said JiWon.

“Everything I did for you, to help you out when you ran away from home 3 years ago… I didn’t think you’d be paying me back this way. Leaving Sechs Kies just like you did….”

SuWon cut him off in the middle. “Remember, hyung… when you first met my sister?? You couldn’t sleep for days cuz you said she was so beautiful, so pretty and that you wanted her…”

“Well, that was then. It’s different now. I have things to do, and you can necessarily blame me for breaking up with her.”

“I don’t,” said SuWon. “I did, at first, but now I don’t. I see that you’ve changed. You are not the same person I used to know….”

“Enough about that. I just want one thing from you, nothing big. Just the keys. I know you have them. Give them to me, NOW!!” demanded JiWon.

SuWon ignored his request and went on, “All the great things you taught me, like how to use a gun, I’ve used them to do so many bad things. I’ve been killing so many people in the past 3 years. I’ve been stealing people’s money, their hard-earned money, without feeling any guilt.”

“Your point is…??” said JiWon sarcastically.

“My point is that I won’t give you the keys because if I’m gonna walk away from Sechs Kies, I’d like to do it w/out having to commit another crime. So I’ve decided to return the money. Sorry.”

“Alright then. Don’t resent me for doing this but—–”

JiWon slowly pulled a trigger.


The sound of gunshot echoed in the alley. SuWon dropped his gun and grabbed his chest. He stood still, his feet glued to the ground. His facial expression was seemed so painful, so shocked….

JiWon and SuWon felt a fierce pain in the chest, both at the same time. JiWon’s eyes grew huge. He dropped his gun and said to himself, “What the hell….???”

When the realization of what he had just done struck him, he yelled to SuWon, “You fool!! Why didn’t you dodge the bullet??”

SuWon grabbed his chest even harder, to clot the blood. He replied,”I didn’t think you’d really shoot me…”

“I wasn’t going to!!! I thought you were gonna avoid it!!”

JiWon felt another sharp pain in his chest, as if a blade was cutting thru it. His face crumpled up. He tried to run over to SuWon but when he took his first step, he collapsed.

“Hyung—??? I didn’t even shoot you!!”

SuWon then collapsed onto the ground as well.


YooRi felt an unusual air surrounding the rose when she picked it up in front of her door on Wednesday evening. She stared at it for a while…. she felt chilly and afraid that something bad was gonna happen….

She drove to the alley where the exchange had taken place few weeks ago. She knew, or she hoped, that nothing bad was gonna happen. But it was useless, because when she arrived, she saw…..

She saw her brother lying on the ground, breathing heavily. She rushed over to his side, crying hysterically. Thank god, he was still alive with his eyes open and she could tell that cuz he was breathing so hard. It seemed as if he was going thru a hell each time he took a breath.

“SuWon!! Are you okay???”

But she knew he wasn’t because there was blood all over him, beneath him, by his side…..

“You’ve been shot!!! JiWon shot you, didn’t he??? How could he do this??? I’m gonna go call an ambulance!”

“No, don’t!” whispered SuWon as he grabbed her ankle with all his might. YooRi squatted down next to her. She took his hand and held it. SuWon clenched it tightly.

“I have to get you to the hospital! You’re gonna die otherwise..”

“No—” interrupted SuWon in the middle of her sentence. “I’m dying anyway, the bullet went right thru my chest.”

“Why did JiWon…”

“Noona, listen to me,” said SuWon in a barely audible voice. “I’ve got so much to tell you but I don’t have much time… just listen.”

YooRi nodded. The tear was pouring out of her eyes so hard. She couldn’t believe what was happening in front of her….

“Do me a favor…. ”

“Sure! Anything you want! Everything you want….”

“Please… forgive JiWonee hyung…. he’s had a rough life. He’s done so much for me. He fed me when I was starving, he clothed me… he provided me a shelter…. and gave me friendship…”

“All he taught you was how to kill and steal!!”

“No… he taught me how to survive in this world. If it weren’t for him……and I didn’t even pay him back.”

“You are paying back w/ your life!” exclaimed YooRi. SuWon smiled weakly.

“I think he’s had a heart attack… I didn’t shoot him….”

YooRi quickly looked over to JiWon. He was lying on the ground as if he was dead.

SuWon coughed several times, each time with so much pain. He then touched YooRi’s face with his bloody hands. He looked deep into her eyes, the eyes he’ll never get to see again.

“Noona…. remember a long, long time ago when I promised you that I’d protect you forever…..?”

“Yes..” whispered YooRi. SuWon drew her face closer to him, with the last strength he had left in him. He then weakly whispered to her.

“I can’t keep that promise anymore………”

He dropped his hand, leaving a mark of blood on her face.

“SuWon—- SuWon???” cried YooRi. But she knew he would never be back to her.

She remained dead silent next to SuWon’s corpse for a long time. She couldn’t even cry. Her heart was broken into million, billion, trillion pieces and she couldn’t even cry. And it pained her because she couldn’t.

She slowly got up and walked towards the nearest payphone. She picked up the receiver and dialed. She monotonously said, “I’m calling for an ambulance…… someone’s had a heart attack….”


It was the first Wednesday after SuWon left. She was planning to visit JiWon at the hospital. The doctors told her that unless a miracle happened, he wouldn’t live much longer…. the hole in his heart had grown bigger and it was too late to close it in. He was on a life support as of this moment.

When she was done getting ready, she opened her apartment door without much concern.

When she did, she stood there, frozen like ice. Her eyes filled with tears soon after.

The rose wasn’t there.

—-The End—-


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