Volume I: JiYong’s Story: Ghost Lover By Clair


  • a Jiyong fanfic
  • Volume I of Sechs Kies Volume Stories
  • completed

“Shit, so they are coming back today, aren’t they? Oh, hell with them!” JiYong thought to himself. He got so mad whenever he thought about them two; his ex-girlfriend and her new lover. Then he started reminiscing about the good ol’ days;

“Haha! You are so cute, Ji Yong! So sexy, too~ your long neck and seducing eyes are just one of a kind… I love you so much!”

KimYoona was her name. He met her back in his freshman year in YeonSe University… he had fallen in love with her immediately. He was surprised when he asked her out and she easily said yes… and since then, they had been going out for 2 years. He loved her with all his heart, and had no doubt in mind that she loved him too. Until a month ago…

“It’s over.”

“If you’d give me an understandable reason as to why you are trying to…”

“I told you, I’m just sick of you, that’s all.”

That was the end of their brief conversation back then, but he soon found out why she dumped him. For KangSungHoon. The most perfect guy who attended YeonSe. KangSungHoon possessed all of the big 3’s: looks, brain, and most of all, money. Yoona had always been materialistic, and JiYong just wasn’t rich enough to satisfy her extravagance. Yet he still loved her. What a fool he had been! The worst of all was that SungHoon had been his friend for a long time, ever since they were little. Not necessarily a best friend as they grew apart in time, but still fairly close. It was such a shock.

JiYong had heard that for their 1 month anniversary (snort*), they had gone traveling to Chejudo; the place JiYong always wanted to visit with Yoona someday. He got so pissed off when he heard that news, so he decided to take a trip of his own; to wherever destination.

He eventually ended up in InChun City. He sat by a lake by the designated traveler’s course and was cussing the two people out. It was getting dark. But he didn’t want to go back to his motel. So he got out a cigarrette, lit it up, and started smoking, trying to just forget about the whole thing. Today is the day they are coming back, damn it!

Suddenly, a voice approached him from behind and yelled, “Yaaaaah!!!!!” JiYong almost dropped his cigarrette due to the shock. “What in the world…” JiYong turned around to see who it was…surprisingly, it was a girl. A freakin’ girl!!

“This is my spot!! What are you doing here?!” the girl exclaimed.

“Ya?!?! Who the hell are you calling, ‘Ya?!’ How old are you, dear child?” he said half-jokingly, half serious.

“18, and why do you care? This is my spot, so get off now!”

“Ohhohoho!! 18, you say? You wanna know how old I am, little one? I’m a junior. That makes me…hmmm… oh, 21. 3 freakin’ years older than you! And you call me ‘ya’?!?!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, ahjuhsee!” the girl said, smiling.

“Wh—what did you just call me? Ah-ju-see?!?! I’m such a young oppa, can’t you tell?!” said JiYong with somewhat shocked tone.

“Anyways, this is my spot,” said the girl, ignoring his question. “and I don’t know about you, but I urge you to move if you might…”

“What do you mean, this is your spot? I came here first, I sat here first, and just as when I was about to smoke in peace, you scare me like that from behind calling me “ya” and now you claim that this is your spot? Sheesh, so rude of you!”

“Fine, fine!” the girl finally gave up. “You can sit there if you really have a burning desire for that spot.” then she sat down next to him, sighing.

“What are you doing out here in this hour?” questioned JiYong. “You know, it’s pretty dangerous for a girl to be out so late…” as he was talking, he threw his cigarrette in trash can.

“It doesn’t really matter.” the girl replied quietly. JiYong sensed somewhat odd air around her; not necessarily a bad or an evil one, but it was peculiar. The girl continued, “Why do you smoke? It’s bad for you.”

“I know what I’m doing, besides it’s legal to smoke at age 21. It helps to smoke whenever I’m under a stress, which I am everyday.” he chuckled.

“21… you are so lucky. You are out of high school already… you don’t have to go through everyday of your life studying for entrance exams… so lucky. I envy you sooo much!” She looked really sad at that moment she talked… JiYong quickly studied her face in the dark. It was fine-figured, delicate and even pretty. Somewhat different from Yoona, with more innocence. Of course, she was younger than Yoona; only 18. She had a long, curly hair that went down halfway to her back, noticeably dark brown. JiYong just assumed that it was dyed.

“Haha. I had to go through so much studying as well. That’s how I ended up getting into YeonSe”

“You go to YeonSe?” Her eyes widened. “It’s so hard to get in, I heard. My mom wants me to go there, I don’t think I can though.”

“Sure you can! You are what, a senior? You still have a few months till November. Just study hard until then, you’ll do fine.” encouraged JiYong.

“I doubt that. I don’t have a chance, and I really do mean it. By the way, what’s your name?”

“GoJiYong. What’s yours?”

“MinJu. KimMinJu.”

“Hmm, that’s a cute name.” complimented JiYong.

“If you go to YeonSe Univ., you must be living in Seoul. What are you doing in InChun then?” asked MinJu.

“Oh, some reasons.”

“What reasons?”

“God, you are so inquisitive to a stranger!” snapped JiYong, kinda annoyed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, JiYong oppa.” she apologized politely, which made JiYong feel bad about what he had just said. “Fine, I’ll tell you. I had a girlfriend, and she dumped me about a month ago. She went to a better guy for money, and they went off traveling to Chejudo. Today is the day they are coming back, and I didn’t want to stay in Seoul to see that. That’s why I’m down here.”

“Did you….. did you love her?” said MinJu, aware of possibility that asking such question might hurt his feeling.

JiYong hesitated to answer. After a few seconds of silence, he reluctantly answered, “Yes.”

“God, what are you doing here then?” she said as she got up.

JiYong’s eyes grew wide, surprised.”What do you mean?”

“I mean, don’t you want to get them back? That… that… woman who dumped you and her man?” asked MinJu.

“Sure I do!” He stood up as well. “But how?”

“Here’s a plan, oppa. I’ll pretend that I’m your new girlfriend.”

Shocked, JiYong quickly butt in, “Wha….what~???”

“Hey, listen. Just hear me out!” MinJu cut him off and continued, “Like I said, I’ll pretend to be your new girlfriend, and let’s all go meet them two in Seoul tonight. It doesn’t take very long to get there, does it?”

“Two hours max,” answered JiYong.

“Anyways, if we act like we really like each other, the girl who dumped you might get jealous. Thus her guy would feel kind of weird, seeing her getting jealous and all… perfect plan! Ain’t it?” said MinJu, excited.

“Just one question, though. What makes you think you can pretend to be my girlfriend? I have a better taste than that!” said JiYong jokingly.

“Oh, how brutal of you to say that! Look at my gorgeous figure, you idiot! Long hair, large sang-guh-pool, white and clean skin… what more can you want?” replied MinJu, also in a joking manner.

“HaHaHa! You have a major gong-ju-byung, you know that? Oh, what the heck! I like your idea. Just for one night, though, right?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t go out with a guy like you anyway,” said MinJu, sticking her tongue out.

“All right. Let’s go, then.” JiYong started walking.

“Wait, oppa! Dressed like this? Let’s go shopping first…” She had a white shirt with pink shorts on.. not very appropriate to shock Yoona, was it? JiYong thought to himself.

“Fine, fine!” JiYong and MinJu started walking together. JiYong had a feeling that this was going to be an unusual night.

Part II

They were clothes shopping. While MinJu was trying her outfit on in the dressing room, JiYong had called his friends to meet at the night club they always went, around 11 pm. He also had one of his friends, SuWon, to call Yoona and KangSungHoon to come as well.

“For real?!!! Why would you want them to come? Are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m fine, SuWon. Don’t ask anything for now and just tell them to show up around 11, okay?” When he ended his conversation over the phone with SuWon, he glanced at his watch; it was quarter till 8. They had plenty of time. As he sighed lightly, the door opened and MinJu came out of the dressing room.

For a moment, he was stunned… he couldn’t get his eyes off her. She was gorgeous, wow! She had just put on a black slip dress. It was pretty short and went up to half way above her knees. Nothing fancy, but why did she look so beatiful in it? Suddenly, the level of sophistication seemed to have risen when she put the dress on. Even Yoona wasn’t as pretty in such outfit.

“Well, what do you think?” asked MinJu, smiling shyly.

“Hmm~ not bad. At least you have some figure there,” JiYong knew that he wanted to say more, but he decided not to. “So, ready to go now?”

“Yeah! You know, I’m so happy. I’ve always wanted to wear this,” when she said that, JiYong once again sensed the air of sadness around her. How odd, he thought to himself.

JiYong paid for her clothes and they took off in his car. Approximately after 2 and a half hours, they arrived to their destination…. JiYong’s favorite night club in downtown, Seoul! This was the place he always came to with Yoona and with his other close friends, SuWon, JaeJin, and JaeDuc. But nowhe was here with some other girl… a stranger he had just met in the afternoon.

He felt somewhat strange around her, but that was okay. All he wanted was to get back at Yoona and SungHoon who took her away from him.

They arrived just on time. His friends had been waiting for him already inside the club.

“Hey! Yu-gi-ya!” waived SuWon as he saw him coming.

“He’s with a… a.. girl!!” JaeDuc whispered to JaeJin… all 3 of them were in shock. It’s only been a month since JiYong got dumped, he found a new girl already?

“Hi! Sup, y’all?” JiYong lightly patted each one’s back and started introducing MinJu to his friends.

“MinJu, this is JangSuWon, my best friend. He’s kinda shy so you’ll need to work hard to get him talk.” as MinJu heard JiYong say that, she smiled to herself.

“Hey, now. That’s really not a nice PR of me, is it JiYong?” said SuWon, laughing.

“Whateva. ‘Tis true so thou shalt not deny the truth. Anyways, MinJu, JaeDuc hyung is a year older than me, he is da BOMB dancer!! You have to see him dance tonight. JaeJin hyung is also a year older than me, and he is very quiet. But he goes crazy on the dance floors.”

“Both of them?” questioned MinJu, as she was pointing at both JaeJin and JaeDuc.

“Well, at least JaeJin doesn’t always go crazy like I do, just on the dance floors. So betta watch out!” JaeDuc replied with a cute smile. MinJu started really liking all of JiYong’s friends.

“Okay, this is KimMinJu, the girl I met in InChun sometime… a while ago,” he stumbled as he winked at MinJu.

“So, is MinJu your new girlfriend~?” asked JaeDuc, also smiling this time.

“Yes, of course! Isn’t she so pretty?” JiYong replied, feeling proud. So proud that he actually wished that she’d be his real girlfriend. “She is really different. Doesn’t she look so… I dunno. It’s hard to describe.”

“So young and gorgeous?” MinJu cut in, smiling. Everyone started laughing.

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, you do look kinda young; how old are ya, MinJu?” JaeJin finally broke his silence and asked MinJu.

“Oh, I’m 18.”

“18?!” SuWon’s eyes grew big. “That’s kinda young to be in here… oh, wellz. I guess they didn’t notice. Who passed you guys in, JiYong?”

“Of course, our favorite waiter.” JiYong chuckled lightly as he answered SuWon’s question.

“Oh, you mean JiWonee hyung did?” said JaeDuc. “So, MinJu. You must still be in high school then, right?” continued JaeDuc, more in a teasing manner.

“Well, yeah. Why, is that bad?”

“No, of course not! Not that it’s bad or anything…” JaeDuc’s voice kind of trailed off.

“Anyways, why aren’t they coming? Yoona and SungHoonee…” curious, JiYong looked around. “Oh, there they come!”

“It’s them?” MinJu, as she poked JiYong, starred at them and gave Yoona a long, dirty look before she could notice.

“Ya! Yugidaeeeee!!” JaeDuc yelled, rather in a funny feminine voice.

“Oh, hi, hyung!” SungHoon was the first one to speak, as Yoona followed him from behind. “And SuWon, and JaeJin hyung…. and JiYong!” he awkwardly said hi to JiYong.

JiYong gave him a cold stare for a while, and finally spoke. “Hi. Hi there, Yoona!”

“Oh, hello.” replied Yoona, and right then, she noticed MinJu.

“And she is…”

“Hi! I’m MinJu. I heard a lot about you from JiYong oppa.” MinJu introduced herself to Yoona.

“Oh, really?” said Yoona, surprised.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter now, since I’m his girlfriend. He’s so nice. And so funny, too! I’m so lucky to have someone like him.” said MinJu.

“Okay, enuf chattin’, now.” SungHoon broke in. “Hi, I’m KangSungHoon, nice to meet you.”

A waiter approached just that moment. “Ready to order, you guys?”

“JiWonee hyung~ hi!!” SuWon greeted EunJiWon, the waiter.

“Hmm, interesting. All of us are here now. SuWonee, JaeJinee, Ducee, JiYongee, and SungHoonee!! Hi, y’all! Hello, Yoona.” said JiWon.

“Hi, JiWon oppa. How are ya?”

“Oh, I’m fine. And who is this lovely lady here?! JiYong came in with her, is she your girlfriend, JiYong?”

“Why, yes! Her name is MinJu.” replied JiYong.

“Nice to meet you, MinJu. I’m EunJiWon. As you can see, I’m a waiter here.”

“Okay, let’s order now, ” Yoona cut in, trying to get the attention off of MinJu. But it seemed to fail, as JiWon and others were just way into this fascinating new girl. She started hating MinJu already.

Part III

Everyone at the club seemed to be in their own world. JaeDuc had dominated the entire stage and was break dancing and such. JaeJin really did go crazy on the dancing floor. He was completely out of control, and he wasn’t even drunk! His body moved like water and people were just so amazed. JiWon was busy serving other guests. SungHoon and SuWon were standing and just chatting. The other 3, Yoona, JiYong, and MinJu, were still sitting at the table. JaeDuc and JaeJin came back to the table after the song PomSangPomSa was over. SuWon and SungHoon were still out there standing, talking. Not important stuff.

“Whew~! That was fun. MinJu, why aren’t you going on the floor? It’s so much fun!” said JaeDuc, breathing hard and sweating.

“Oh, I just feel like not dancing tonight. I’ll later, though. No worries!”

JaeJin sat down across from MinJu. “Umm… if you are still in high school, how did you get to dye your hair so brown, not to mention growing it out?” questioned JaeJin.

“Oh, no!! It’s not dyed at all. It’s naturally curly like this, and brown, too. Why, does it look fake? Check out my roots, they are not black at all. See?”

“Cool~ it’s natural?” said JiYong.

“Of course. Unlike someone who has her hair permed, ” MinJu was pertaining to Yoona, who had her hair permed. The dirty looks were exchanged between MinJu and Yoona, until the song came out.

“Oh, it’s my favorite song, “LOVE.” Would you like to dance, MinJu?” asked JiYong shyly.

“Sure.” MinJu took his hand and went out to the floor. SungHoon came back and asked Yoona to dance with him as well.

Yoona noticed that as she and SungHoon were dancing, SungHoon kept on glancing at MinJu.”What are you starring at like that?” asked Yoona, very annoyed.

“Oh, nuthin’.” replied SungHoon, keeping his eyes off MinJu finally. It was then Yoona who started starring at JiYong and MinJu. JiYong seemed so happy, she thought to herself. Happier than she’s ever seen of him.

“Yoona is keep on looking at you, oppa.” whispered MinJu in JiYong’s ears.

“I don’t care.” replied JiYong, and he really did mean that. As long as he was dancing with MinJu, with his arms around her waist and smelling her curly and brown hair, he could just forget Yoona forever.

“It seems like you got her back, doesn’t it?” smiled MinJu.

“She’s still looking at you….”

When everything was over, the two couples came back to their table where SuWon, JaeDuc, and JaeJin were waiting.

“So did you two have fun?” slyly, JaeDuc started teasing.

“Yeah! I’ve never had this much fun in my life. The best birthday I’ve ever had!” exclaimed MinJu.

“What, today is your birthday? Why didn’t you tell me so earlier?” JiYong, very surprised, was kind of unhappy that she didn’t tell him earlier.

“Oh, I’m sorry oppa. I guess I forgot.”

“Well, then.” said SuWon. “Shall we sing?”

“Yeah! Get JiWonee hyung, to take a picture for us!” JaeJin was now excited.

They sang for MinJu, wishing her happy birthday. JiWon gathered them together and tried to take a picture.

“I don’t wanna be in it” said Yoona. What a witch, MinJu thought. “Come on, SungHoon. Let’s go home.”

“Umm. okay, ” said SungHoon, reluctantly.

“It’s been nice seeing you again, all of you, and JiYong. Nice meeting you MinJu.” Yoona left her fianl words and left the club with SungHoon.

“What a brat she is, still. Hasn’t changed a bit!” a bit irritated, JiWon made a sarcastic remark.

“Okay, then. Hyung, still take a picture of us, will ya?”

“Sure, JiYong. After all, she’s your girlfriend….. okay, one, two, three! Cheese!!!”

Part IV (Final)

JiYong had driven all the way to InChun, to drop MinJu off.

“MinJu, it’s quite late. 4 am, wouldn’t your parents get mad?”

“Not really. They wouldn’t know.”

“Oh, good!” JiYong chuckled. They arrived at MinJu’s house.

“Oppa, I just wanna say… thanks for everything. I really enjoyed tonight. I’ve always wanted to do many things, like wearing a dress I’m wearing right now, and going to the night club. I’m really happy.”

“You have plenty of years ahead of you to do more fun stuff, you know.”

“Do I?” suddenly, a sad smile of hers was again on her face. JiYong felt terrible to see that, for whatever reason.

“I’m really happy, I also wanted to have a boyfriend when I grew up.”

“Now you have me!” as JiYong said contently, MinJu returned with her happysmile.

“Can you… can you like me?” asked MinJu abruptly. JiYong was kind of surprised that she asked him. He was afraid that if he said no, it’d hurt her feelings. Besides, he was already starting to like her.

He answered, “Yes.” and he gently kissed her forward.

MinJu got out of JiYong’s car and waived him good bye. As he was turning his keys to start the car, he rolled down the window and yelled, “When can I see you again, MinJu?”

MinJu hesitated to answer, then said, “Tomorrow, by the lake we met today, I guess.”

“Okay, then. See ya!” He looked away for a second to roll the window back. He looked up again, and MinJu was gone already.

“Strange…” thought JiYong, for he didn’t hear the door open and close.
The next day, JiYong was very excited, getting ready to see MinJu again. He went down by the lake and sat at the spot she claimed to be hers. Then he thought about the phone call he received from SuWon…..

“JiYong, it’s very weird. The picture JiWonee hyung took for us, the one with me, JaeJinee hyung, JaeDucee hyung, and you and MinJu in it, JiWonee hyung got it developed and MinJu wasn’t in it! Isn’t that weird?”

One hour passed. MinJu didn’t show up yet. Two hours had gone by, then three, then four.

JiYong sat by the lake half the day, waiting for MinJu to come. But she didn’t come. So JiYong decided to check her house to see if she was still there. As he was about to get up, the couple people walking by, having a conversation, caught his attention.

“You know that girl, what was her name, KimMinJu?” said a man.

“Sure I do. It was such a shame, the way she died. Why, was it because her mom pressured her so much with college and stuff? The poor girl couldn’t take it anymore… she was so smart, too!”

“Yup, but she just had to kill herself. Whenever I walk by this lake, I always think of her. She drowned herself to death… tsk, tsk, tsk.”

“Hmm, it was her birthday yesterday. She killed herself on her birthday.”

JiYong was so shocked. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. But then again, it all came back to him, the things she said:

“I don’t have a chance to go to YeonSe…” “I’ve always wanted to go to night club, have a boyfriend, wear this dress…” “I’ve never been this happy in my life!”

Then he thought about what striked him the most, what SuWon had told him over the phone.

“MinJu wasn’t in the picture.”

Finally realizing an odd air around MinJu he had noticed, he got up and started heading back to his motel. He stopped and turned back, starring at the spot he was sitting at, the one MinJu claimed to be hers. Now he understood why. He started walking again, very slowly. A tear was rolling down his cheek. This was the first time he ever cried.

-The End-


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