[TRANS] Sechskies 50 Questions, 50 Answers – Kang Sung Hoon

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Jekki’s cute singer Kang Sung Hoon

sunghoon 1.jpg

  1. Name: Kang Sung Hoon
  2. Birth date: February 22, 1980
  3. Real name: Kang Sung Hoon
  4. Family situation (family living with him): Parents, from one guy and one girl, I am the oldest
  5. School you’re currently going to: KFS Foreign School
  6. Height: 172 cm (5’7″)
  7. Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
  8. Foot size: 290mm (US size 11)
  9. Favorite food: Korean food
  10. Favorite color: Green, ivory
  11. Most memorable gift: Clothes
  12. Closest friend (in the group or otherwise): Jiyong, Junghwan, Suwon, team leader Jiwon hyung
  13. Your personality: Hyper
  14. Your own charm:  Hmm… I really don’t know
  15. Your dancing skill: I can dance well
  16. Jinx: None
  17. Your unusual habit: Fingernail-biting
  18. Your disadvantages: Can be quite short-tempered
  19. Your advantages: Easy to be friends with
  20. First love: Elementary school, with my close friend
  21. First kiss: I’ve had it already, but it’s a secret on when!
  22. Hobby: Appreciating music
  23. IQ: I don’t really…

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