The Adopted Daughter by: vaaneningning

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I thought I was worth nothing until I met him. But I was wrong, I was worthless.


This is my story…

My name is Lee Yeonhwa, I was born with a heart defect, I get tired easily and can’t perform a lot of labour.

I was adopted when I was 4 years into the wealthiest family in Korea.

My adoptive parents had a hard time getting pregnant, so they adopted me. My father was the Vice-President of South Korea, and my mother was once a high school teacher.

However, 3 years later they were blessed with their own child. Their own flesh and blood.

That was when it all started. I was no longer their favourite and treated as an outsider. They have forgotten that they had another daughter. I shouldn’t be jealous, right? I have no right to be jealous, I was the outsider brought into this family.

I remember my adoptive parents telling me that I was mistake, and that they wished I went back to the orphanage.

I would bite my tongue whenever I was criticized for my existence.

When I turned 18 I was glad to move out. I couldn’t stand it that house anymore. They got what they wanted… me leaving.


I hope you enjoy the story & please no plagiarism! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Kang Sunghoon, Eun Jiwon & Kangta… but I wish LOL

– V.D.



I’m 25 years old now and own a bakery. I still have contact with my adoptive parents, but only when they need me to join dinners with other prestigious families to make it seem like we’re a happy family.


FLASHBACK – 4 years ago


“YAH! AREUM give me 5 more minutes”

“Yeonhwa you’re going to miss your meeting with one of the investors for your bakery, hurry up and get ready!”

Kim Areum has been my friend since high school. I didn’t like talking to anyone and was quite shy, but she was the first person to talk to me and the rest was history. She works in my bakery as my right-hand women. When I’m not at the store she’s in charge.

“5 more minutes…”

“Yeonhwa-ah you don’t have 5 more minutes, your meeting is in 30 minutes!”

“BWO!!!” I rushed out of my bed shielding my eyes from the sun glares from my window, making my way to my bathroom. I quickly got took a shower, got changed and applied small amounts of makeup.

Running out of my room I ran to my car and drove to my bakery, forgetting that Areum was still in my house.

Once I reached my bakery there was a tall man standing in front of the door. He was wearing an expensive suit and his figure from where I was standing looked great… even his buttocks were well defined.

“Miss Lee.. Yeonhwa Lee?” The tall man turned around, and I swear I was gonna faint.

“Ummm…erm… ah yes… are you the investor from Kang’s Corporation?”

“Ah yes, I’m Kang Sunghoon nice to meet you,” he extended his hand out to me and I gingerly reached for it. His hands were rough. He has the most beautiful smile too.

“Sorry, I took long… traffic…”

“No problem, I just got here too” I couldn’t stop looking at his smile.

“Oh yeah, the meeting, follow me..” I fumbled with keys in my hand and it fell as I was trying to unlock the door. How can you be so clumsy Yeonhwa!

As I was reaching down, both mine and Sunghoon’s hand touch… Yeonhwa calm your heart

He quickly picked up my keys and handed it to me. I quickly opened the door, unlocked the security code and directed Sunghoon to a table by the window. Which in fact is my favourite place because it faces the park.

“Okay Miss Lee, after reviewing the bakery’s stocks and statistics, I would like to invest in your bakery. I see great potential”

“Really?! Thanks so much!” Before I knew I threw my arms over the table and embraced Sunghoon into a hug”

“Ummm Miss Lee…”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!”

“Hahaha it’s okay… so since we will be working closely with each other, how about we address each other casually… Hi, call me Sunghoon”

“Hi, call me Yeonhwa”



After that day, Sunghoon and I worked well as a team. We practically ran the bakery together. Since we worked so closely together, we started to become good friends outside of work. I told him about how I was adopted, my family and my heart defect. I have always been sensitive about my heart defect, because my adopted family would always make fun of about that. Especially, my sister. However, after Sunghoon was so understanding about my past, I started having feelings for him. I thought I wouldn’t find another person who I could open up to besides Areum.


FLASHBACK – my 22nd birthday

I have known Sunghoon oppa for a year now, and we have gotten closer. I always wondered how old he was, so when he told me I was shock. He was 5 years older than me. Who would of thought. He looked so young.

On my 21nd birthday, it was just a simple day. It was just another day where my family forgets and treats it like a normal day. I’ve gotten used to it. I spent most of my day trying out new recipes to add to the bakery.

“Yeonhwa-ah, Sunghoon oppa just called he said for you to meet him at the park in front of the bakery, apparently it’s super important! You have to hurry!”

I quickly took my purse and jacket and ran out the door.

I made it to the park but couldn’t find him.

“Sunghoon oppa?”


All of a sudden the lights of the gazebo in front of me turned on. And there stood Sunghoon. Behind him was a table with food with 2 chairs.

“Yah, what is this?”

“Yah? You know I’m older than you?

“Sorry Sunghoon oppa” I giggled. I hate how he smiles the way he does.

“Isn’t it your birthday, so let’s celebrate!” He helped me get into my chair and I could smell his fresh minty cologne.

“Why are you doing this oppa?”

“Well we have known each other for a year now, I never thought I could get so close with someone like you within a year” He smirks. He honestly needs to stop.


“Yeonhwa-ah, I love you… I was wondering if you would like to be mine. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Oppa… I… ummm…I don’t know what to say”

He reached for my hand with his rough hand.

“You don’t have to say yes right now…just enjoy the meal” He smiled. It was clear to me, I was in love with the man in front of me.


“If you are going to reject my offer, I don’t want to hear it. Think about it then come back to me”

“Ani oppa, I was going to say that I love you too, I have for a while now to be honest” He looked at me straight in the eye and I become intoxicated with every gesture.

“Is that a yes then?” I smiled at him and nodded my head. He stood up, pulled my out of my chair and hugged me so tight. This was the first time in my entire life where I felt love. I truly love this man in front of me.




Sunghoon oppa and I have been together for 3 years now. He moved in with me last year and I couldn’t ask for anything more. The bakery is doing well and I was able to 3 more recipes to the menu. I love waking up with him beside me. I love his scent, his smile, everything.

My phone ringing broke me out of my thoughts. “Yeoboseyo, Yeonhwa-ah? It’s eomma”


“Neh, why do you sound surprised… anyway I know we haven’t spoken to each other for 3 years, but if you’re not following the news, your father is running for the Presidency position, and we will have a celebration this saturday. I need you to be there so that your father has a good father image!”

“No thanks”


I hugged my knees to my chest. I didn’t feel well, my chest feels so constricted and I couldn’t breath properly. I rushed to my medicine cabinet in my bathroom and took out a pill. I quickly downed the pill with water and felt my breathing slow down.

I clutched my knees to my chest trying to calm myself down. It’s my heart’s defect again reminding me that I’m not normal.

I stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror and started crying.

After I calmed myself down I took a nap. The phone call was so draining.

I woke up to the smell of ramen. Oppa must be home!

I got up and saw my sexy boyfriend cooking ramen. I sneaked up behind him and put my arms around his waist and inhaled his scent. Oh how I love it! He used his free hand to cup my hands around his waist.

“Oh Yeonhwa-ah you’re up! Just in time, I made ramen for the both of us!”

“I can see that, thanks oppa!” I kissed his cheek and sat down on the table waiting for him to serve the ramen. For a 30 year old, he’s still hot!

Once he finished, he joined me at the table. And I started eating first, not knowing that his eyes were on me the entire time.

“Wae?” I look at him strangely, my mouth half full.

“Nothing, your just so beautiful” He smiled. I hate it when he’s cheesy.

“Yah, stop looking I’m trying to eat!”

“Yah? I’m older than you” I just stuck my tongue out at him.

After we ate we cuddled on our couch and was catching up on our week.



“My mom called me today, and she wants me to come to party, celebrating your father’s nomination for Presidency. She wants me to show that Kang Corporations respects the newly nominated Presidency candidate.  I know you aren’t close with your family, so I won’t go if you don’t want to” He moved loose hair on my face behind my ear and smile sweetly at him. I can honestly listen to him speak all day.

“It’s okay oppa. Let’s go. I haven’t seen them in 3 years plus… you never know, my parents might have changed” This was all a lie. But I didn’t want Kang Corporations to suffer because I didn’t want to go.

“Someone’s optimistic” he smirked.

“Yah, I really wanna slap that smirk off your face!”

“That’s not what you said last night, or should I remind you!” Sunghoon started kissing my neck and we took it to the bedroom.


The Next Day

I woke up in Sunghoon’s embrace. Last night’s activities drained me. I started to break free from his hold but he only held me tighter. “Where do you think your going?”

“To work”

“We don’t have work today Yeonhwa-ah, did I make love to you that much last night that you forgot that we don’t work on Wednesdays”

I immediately blushed. I remained in his arms admiring every crease and features on his face.

“Oppa, I have a question” He fully opened his eyes and met mine. “Ask away”

“Why haven’t you ever introduce me to your parents?”

“Yeonhwa-ah let’s not worry about that now. You’re going to see her on Saturday”

“I know oppa, but we’ve been together for a long time. And I already told you why I haven’t introduced you to my parents…”

“Why was that again?”

“Because they wouldn’t care and you hate them, oppa your memory sucks now, are you aging that fast?” I giggled.

“Yah! What are you talking about, your boyfriend can beat everyone 20 year old in terms of looks”



“Yeonhwa-ah are you done yet, we’re almost late!” Sunghoom kept knocking on the bathroom door.

“Yeah I’m done” I opened the door to reveal my red fitted long dress. Sunghoon’s mouth dropped open.

“Let’s leave the party early so I can open my gift” he winked at me.

“You wish you pervert!”

“Sexy pervert, you mean!”


At the party

“Oppa I’m so nervous!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here, right beside you”

“SUNGHOON! MY SON! GIVE YOUR MOM A HUG” This tall slim woman wearing a big fur coat over her black dress came strutting up to Sunghoon and I. She gave Sunghoon a big hug and ignored that I was even here.

“Son! Why do I only see you now, I haven’t seen you for a long time! You should come and visit your father and I more often! You’re always working!”

She finally looked at me with utter disinterest. “By pictures I’ve seen, you must be Lee Yeonhwa. Presidential candidate’s Lee Byunghee’s ADOPTED daughter. What are you doing with my son?”

I was about to say something before “my mom” came up to us and greeted her.

“OH MY GOSH! MY ELDEST DAUGHTER YEONHWA! YOU MADE IT! I KNEW YOU WOULDN’T MISS THIS DAY!” She came up to me and hugged me. It was the most meaningless hug I ever gotten. What an actress.

“AND you must be Kang Sunghoon! Kang Sooyoung, you raised a fine son! Miyoung would be so glad to see her fiance tonight!”

Both my eyes and Sunghoon’s eyes widened. Fiance? Miyoung, my sister, and Sunghoon my boyfriend, ENGAGED?


The News

“B-b-Bwo-BWO?” Sunghoon stuttered.

“Why are you surprise Sunghoon? Didn’t we agree on this a long time ago? Your father gave you Kang’s Corporation only if you marry Lee Byunghee’s LEGITIMATE daughter. Did you read the contract before you signed son” Sunghoon’s mom said matter-of-factly.

“Is there a problem marrying my daughter Sunghoon?” my mom interjected. “She smart, young and carries my husband’s real DNA, what’s there not to like”

“I-I-I th-think I should g-g-go…” I stammered. I could start feeling my knees weaken and my chest constrict. I can’t have an attack now.

“Why? You just got here Dear, you have heard your appa’s speech nor have heard the big news” my mom chimed in. Her signature smirk in place. I see she has aged. No makeup has hid her deep wrinkles.

“W-what big news?” I regretted asking this question because I knew the answer.

“Sunghoon and Miyoung’s engagement news!” Sunghoon’s mom cheered. I just kept staring at Sunghoon oppa who looked like a statue. I was waiting for him to object or fight for our love… but he remained silent.

I was about to call on Sunghoon but I was interrupted by my appa on the stage. He was carrying a glass of champagne in his right hand as always. My mom later joined him by his side. Then my sister Miyoung joined after. She is all grown up now. I haven’t seen Miyoung in a long time. She became so beautiful.

I stared at all 3 of them on stage, waiting for them to call my name to join them, but they never did.

“Thank you for joining my family and I this evening, before I give my speech about the elections, I would like to share big family news! I would like to officially announce that my beautiful and smart daughter Lee Miyoung and Kang Corporation’s Kang Sunghoon are engaged!”

My heart kept breaking with every word that came out of my appa’s mouth. A tear started to fall from my eye and I quickly wiped it away. I gathered the courage to look at Sunghoon, and was met with Sunghoon’s glassy eyes. It looked like he was tearing up too. For the first time ever I haven’t seen my Sunghoon-oppa look so vulnerable like he did now. I started to make my way to him, to hug him but was blocked by the cheering crowd.

“Sunghoon son, come up here and give your new family a hug!” my dad gestured to Sunghoon who looked perplexed. It’s as if my whole world has crashed down.

What hurt the most was that he actually went up on stage.

“Sunghoon hold Miyoung’s hand” gestured my mom to him.

Sunghoon hesitantly reached for Miyoung’s hand. Does he not know that I’m still here, watching. Was I nothing to him.

Sunghoon held hands with my sister and started posing for pictures for the media.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I wish this was a dream and not reality.

I started making my way out of the venue. Wishing Sunghoon would shout out and call my name… but he never did.

Once I exited the venue I let all my tears fall out. Why didn’t he fight for us? “O-op-oppa wae?” I sobbed to myself.

All of a sudden a pair of strong arms wrapped around me from behind, hugging me tight.

“Yeonhwa-ah…” I knew that sweet honey voice came from Sunghoon oppa.

I quickly freed myself from his hold and turned around. “Don’t touch me!”

“I can explain”

“Explain what? Explain why you went on stage and did nothing but take pictures with my sister for the newspaper?”

“You don’t understand… it’s complicated”


I just rolled my eyes and started to leave. Before I could go any further and grasped my wrist forcing me to face him. “Oppa you’re hurting me!”

“Listen Lee Yeonhwa, I signed that contract before I met you thinking that I would never find someone I loved and just settle for an arranged marriage. But that all changed when I did meet you. Yeonhwa I love you damnit! I only went up there because I own a company, and I couldn’t show my distain because it would make the image of my company look bad”

“So the entire time after you heard the news you were engaged to my sister, you were thinking about the image of your company and not how I felt?” I half yelled.

“NO Lee Yeonhwa… just…I…-” Sunghoon tried to explain but I knew this fight wouldn’t go anywhere.

“Oppa, let go of me! Let’s talk about this at home, not where there are so many reporters!” I quickly freed my hand and started making my way home.

Little did I know, Sunghoon’s mom was eavesdropping.



No one’s POV

Sunghoon just watched Yeonhwa walk away and leave.

“So you have been seeing Yeonhwa all along…” Sunghoon’s mom said as she was coming out of her hiding place. “Son out of all the eligible women out there you chose an illegitimate adopted rich wannabe!”

“MOM! Stop! That girl’s name is Lee Yeonhwa and I love her!”

All of a sudden Sooyoung slaps Sunghoon across the face. She was gonna go for another slap but Sunghoon catches her wrist.

“Mom, I love her!”

“Love her? You better end this little fling with her! You are getting married to the legitimate and blood related Lee Miyoung! Think about your company, if you marry Miyoung and Lee Byunghee becomes president, your company will be the most powerful corporation not only in Korea, but in Asia!”

“Mom, this is not a fling! I love Yeonhwa and I’m going to marry her!” Sunghoon rebuked.

“OVER MY DEAD BODY! Your father has worked hard for this company and trusted you with it! He can easily take it back! WE WILL DISOWN YOU SUNGHOON IF CONTINUE WITH THIS BEHAVIOUR!” Sooyoung threatened. Both her fists clenched in frustration.

“THEN DISOWN ME! I DON’T CARE IF I GO PENNILESS, AS LONG AS I’M WITH YEONHWA!” Sunghoon started to get really irritated at his mom.

“What has become of you! Your dad is getting sick and not getting better and you choose her over your own father!”

“Mom, I don’t want to choose between you and dad to Yeonhwa. I want you to accept my love for her and call off this engagement!”

“Well I’m giving you the choice, your dying father and I or Yeonhwa?”


Yeonhwa’s POV

When I got home I immediately went into mine and Sunghoon’s room and cried my eyes out. All of a sudden my chest started to constrict again and I had trouble breathing. I quickly ran to my bathroom and swallowed a pill to ease the pain from my heart defect.

I was so drained from today’s activities. I took a warm shower and changed into my PJs. Why hasn’t Sunghoon oppa come home yet. Yeonhwa remember your mad at him, so you shouldn’t care!

I jumped into bed and fell asleep to Sunghoon’s scent in the bed sheets.


The Next Morning

I woke up to the sun glares entering my room. I felt for the other side of the bed to see if Sunghoon oppa was there but he wasn’t. The linens on his side was untouched and still made. Did he come home last night? Did he leave early for work today? But usually when he leaves for work early he leaves a note. I check on his side table if there was a note, but there was nothing.

I slowly got up squinting my eyes from the sun’s brightness. I checked our bathroom but there was no sign of him. I check the kitchen and living room and he was there. Where is he?

I went back into my room and reached into my bag to retrieve my phone. There were no messages or calls from Sunghoon. Should I call him?

After what took like years to decide and I quickly dialed his number but was directly sent to voicemail. Where is my oppa? Maybe he went to sleep to his friends house because I got made at him. I called Jiwon, Sunghoon’s best friend since high school.

“Yeoboseyo?” a deep manly voice asked. I miss Jiwon oppa, he’s so funny.

“Oppa, it’s me Yeonhwa”

“Ahh Yeonhwa-ah! How are you? I haven’t seen or talked to you in a while!” His voice suddenly cheered up to his usually Jiwon way.

“I know oppa! I called because I was wondering if Sunghoon-oppa slept over at your place last night?”

“Sunghoon? No, but I was talking to him earlier this morning and he told me that he was meeting with his parents and Presidential candidate Lee Byunghee this morning”

I dropped my phone on my lap. My hand shaking. Maybe he’s having this meeting to set things straight, to tell them that he’s not gonna marry Miyoung.

I haven’t told Jiwon oppa that I was the adopted daughter of Lee Byunghee, mostly because he wouldn’t.

I got the courage to wash up and get changed. I’m going home. I’m going home to get my oppa back.

I got into my car and started driving. Yeonhwa breath, breath, breath, breath. Sunghoon love you Yeonhwa.

I parked my car in front of my past house. Nothing has changed. It’s still the same depressed mansion that I grew in. I noticed Sunghoon’s car parked as well.

The front gate was open so I slipped into the front yard. There used to be so much flowers in the front yard. Now it’s just plain grass and many lawn ornaments. I used to spend most of my time in this area every time I would get yelled at and wanted solace.

The guards are usually at the front, I wonder where they are. There was a crack at the front door so I slowly entered the house making sure not to make any sound. The inside of the house didn’t change at all. The only difference was that there were more pictures of just my mom, dad and Miyoung. There’s no photos of me. A tear slowly fell from my eye and I quickly wiped it away. It’s confirmed, they’ve forgotten about me. Yeonhwa stay strong! You’re here on a mission, to get Sunghoon back and apologize for getting mad at him!

I heard loud chatter coming from the living so I slowly and quietly made my way. I hid behind one of the statues and overheard their conversations.

“Thank you so much Sunghoon for choosing Miyoung to be your wife, I’m sure she’ll be the best wife for you” my mom beamed.

“Off course in-law! My Sunghoon wouldn’t betray his father or the business. I’m sure the kids will work well together” Sooyoung shamelessly advertised.

“I’m glad Sunghoon-oppa agreed on our marriage. I was scared he already had someone” Miyoung stated.

“I-um…um…yeah…my father is dying, and this marriage is what he wants, so I’m going to do it for him and make him proud” Sunghoon said.

I’ve had enough. I’ve lost him. I came out from behind the statue and started making my way to them.

“Wow, you guys had breakfast without me, I’m hurt” I sarcastically stated while looking at my shocked parents and sister.

“Un-Unnie? What are you doing here?” my sister said while raising one eyebrow.

“Well, I am part of the family, why wouldn’t I be here” I shot back her and in return she gave me a glare. Classic Miyoung.

“Wow, marriage. I came to send my congratulations to the newly engaged couple, Kang Sunghoon-oppa and Lee Miyoung. Sunghoon-oppa, my brother-in-law please take care of my sister and don’t hurt her” I clapped in front of them, but none of them were pleased or smiling.

“I too also have an announcement, I’m pregnant” I chimed.


“I too also have an announcement, I’m pregnant” I chimed.

“BWO!!!” my mom stood up quick. My dad remained silent and kept staring at the ground. My sister looked perplexed as if a bee stung her ass. Sunghoon’s dad didn’t seem to care and Sunghoon’s mom’s eyes were wide open as if she saw a ghost.

I didn’t want to make eye contact with the only person in this room who I thought loved me, Sunghoon. Remain strong til’ the end Yeonhwa!

“What’s really interesting about this news is that my baby’s father is Kang Sunghoon” I smirked at the perplexed group.


“Yeobo, not so loud! The neighbours will hear!” my dad tried to calm her down. “Yeonhwa, you should leave. I don’t know if you are in the right mind right now, but just leave!” my dad told me.

“MY SON WOULD NEVER TOUCH THIS WOMAN! LEE BYUNGHEE WHAT’S GOING ON!?” Sunghoon’s dad stood up and raised his voice.

“HOW DARE YOU USE MY SON’S NAME IN YOUR PITY GAME!” his mother said to me. I was waiting for Sunghoon to defend me and our child but of course he didn’t say anything. I have to defend for myself from now on.

“UNNIE JUST LEAVE! You are ruining my relationship! JUST ADMIT YOU’RE LYING!” Miyoung screeched.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes before I spoke. “Believe me or not, but I have been in a relationship with Sunghoon oppa for 3 years. And I’m pregnant with his child. And you eomma and appa, why do you hate me so much?” I could start feeling the warm tears on my cheeks, but I had to say this speech or else I will never have the courage to say it again.

“Eomma, appa, Miyoung. I loved you guys so much because you gave me a home, fed me, and put me in school. I was just an orphan wanting to be loved from a family that’s why I spent most of my childhood trying to please you all, but all I get back is hate. Why do you still carry me along even if you hate me so much?” I was sobbing like an idiot in front of them.

“I didn’t come here to cause trouble. I came here to congratulate Miyoung and Sunghoon-oppa” I said why wiping my tearing with the back of my hands. “May you love each other forever”

“Unnie, even if you had a relationship with Sunghoon-oppa, he’s mine now. So telling us your pregnant still doesn’t change my mind!” Miyoung charged in.

I looked at Miyoung and smiled. “You’re so lucky Miyoung. You have everything now. I’ll admit it, I’m jealous of you because you finally took the last person who has made me happy. You have Sunghoon loving you.”

“ENOUGH WITH THIS DRAMA! Even if that woman is carrying my son’s child, we will never accept that bastard child” Sooyoung spat with disgust. Sunghoon still didn’t say anything, nor did he defend our child again.

“GUARDS! GUARDS! TAKE THIS  WOMAN AWAY!” my mom yelled out. I just smiled at my mom, tears running down my face.

What hurts the most was that Sunghoon just sat there saying nothing.

“Oppa. Are you really not going to say anything? Do you hate me too now?” I spoke staring directly at Sunghoon. He looked up, but I couldn’t read his eyes. They were dead as if there was no life. He looked at me with a cold expression and what he said to me broke me into a million pieces. He walked up to me looked me straight in the eyes.

“The answer to your questions is yes. I do hate you. I’m annoyed everytime I look at your face. How dare you spoil this meeting with me and my future wife. You say you’re pregnant with my child, maybe it’s some other guy that knocked you up! I never loved you, so leave” Sunghoon spoke, dead serious.


I slapped him across the face and started punching his chest. “How dare you! I loved you so much!” I sobbed while hitting his chest.

The guards came into the room and caught both my arms and started pulling me out the house.

“HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME AND TO YOUR CHILD!” I shouted as the guards were pulling me out of the house. I kept resisting against the guards trying to fight them. “LET ME GO!”

The guards opened the gate and threw me out. They pushed me out until I fell to the ground and scraped my knees and elbows. Behind the guards were my parents, Miyoung, Sunghoon’s parents and Sunghoon. They were smirking as if impressed with the show they were watching.

“OPPA! OPPA! OPPA!” I sobbed and pleaded.

The guards closed the gates and I was left on the concrete ground, as if I was trash.

“OPPA! OPPA! Oppa! Oppa!” I screamed until it become an inaudible whisper. “Oppa…”

I have probably been crying outside the gate for an hour, hoping Sunghoon would come out and tell me what he said was a lie.

I have to be strong for my baby. I stood up, and examined my arms and legs. My arms has deep blue marks from the guard’s grip on my skin. My elbows and knees were bleeding, leaving stains on my clothing. My right ankle was sprained and I couldn’t put pressure on it. I limped to my car and drove home.

I got home and took a warm bath and wrapped my sprained ankle.

I sat at the corner of what was once Sunghoon’s and mine bedroom. One hand on my belly.

“It’s okay baby, mom’s here for you. I will protect you as long as I can…” A tear slipped from my eye because I knew I wouldn’t have a long time with my child.


The Photo

FLASHBACK – 1 month ago

I stared at the pregnancy test in awe. I can’t believe I’m pregnant with Sunghoon oppa’s baby. We are going to be a family. What would he think… would he be mad, happy?

*Next Day*

I booked a doctors appointment for today to see if everything was okay with the baby.

“Hello Ms. Lee, I can confirm that you are 2 months pregnant! Congratulations!” my doctor smiled at me.

“However, I do have very important news to discuss with you Yeonhwa” she took a chair out and sat in front of me. By the look on her face she seemed flustered.

“Doctor-nim, what is it?” I asked, worried.

“Yeonhwa, how has the symptoms of your heart defect been lately? Have you been having shortness of breath or any attacks lately?”

“Only shortness of breath, but that’s only because I’ve been busy lately”

“Well, you see Yeonhwa… your heart condition isn’t getting better. I’ve talked with other specialists about your condition, and they said that with your heart, you only have 7 months to live. Which is why this impacts your pregnancy greatly. The specialists recommend a heart transplant, however since you’re pregnant the operation can be detrimental to your baby”

“W-what are you trying to say Doctor-nim, I don’t understand?”

“With your condition it is rare that both the mother and child survive during the birthing process. Mothers with greatly heart defects like yours usually use too much energy to the point where they exhaust themself. With the heart transplant, the percentage is even higher of both child and mother mortality”

“So are you saying that both me and my child can die because of my heart defect?”

“Yes and no. There are scenarios where the child does survive, which is why we have to monitor you well. However, since I am your doctor, I also want you to survive as well…”

I think i knew what she was hinting at this point. “You want me to get an abortion???” I said wide-eyed.

“All I am saying is that the heart transplant can really help you Yeonhwa”

“No. I will not have the heart transplant and I don’t care if I die during childbirth as long as my child survives, I’m fine” I stood up and left the clinic.


I remained seated in the corner of the cool room. I examined the lifeless room. Sunghoon and I shared so many memories in this room.

“It’s okay baby, appa loves you…appa loves you… appa loves you. No matter what people say you are loved baby…” the tears continued to fall. I was trying to convince myself more to be honest. What Sunghoon said to me hurt me more than any attack I’ve had because of my heart defect. But I still love him. How do I stop loving the only person who has ever loved? All I am now is an unmarried single mother-to-be, with no family.

There was a knock at the door, maybe Sunghoon came back for me. But he would of opened the door and not knock.

I slowly stood up from the corner of the room and made my way to the door. I opened the door to find Jiwon-oppa standing there.

“Ji-Jiwon oppa, what are you doing here?”

Jiwon sadly smiled at me, as if understanding how I feel.

“Sunghoon asked me to get his things…” he said sadly. “I don’t know what happened to you both, but I wish you guys didn’t break up” he confessed.

“…I’ll help you pack” I muttered, avoiding to respond to what he said earlier.

Sunghoon didn’t have a big spot in our closet, just because I took up most of the room. He was always organized and knew where everything was, unlike me. So, it was easy to find his things and pack it up. I showed Jiwon to our room and helped him fold Sunghoon’s clothes.

As I was going through drawers in the room a picture caught my eye. I was a picture of me and Sunghoon on my 22nd birthday. The night he admitted he loved me. A single tear fell from my eye. I turned the picture over to see a message on the back written by Sunghoon saying, “let’s love each other beyond forever.”

“Yeonhwa, is this everything?” Jiwin asked from behind me. I quickly wiped my tears and hid the picture back into the drawer. I stared at the pile of clothes behind Jiwon. It’s official, Sunghoon is leaving me.

I looked at Jiwon and nodded.

“Okay, I guess I’ll be going now”

“Neh, drive safe oppa” I managed to force a smile, but we both knew it was fake.


I’m now 7 months pregnant. 4 months have past since I last saw or heard from Sunghoon.

During those 4 months, I sold the bakery to Areum because I’ve been neglecting the business and I don’t want it to falter because of my issues. At least I know that Areum would take care of the bakery when I’m gone. Sunghoon and Miyoung got married last month. I didn’t get an invitation, not surprised.

No knows that my condition has gotten worse, not even Areum, and I plan for that to continue. I also sold the apartment and bought a smaller apartment. I couldn’t take all the memories that apartment had. I live off the money I’ve saved from my bakery.

I also found out that I’m having a daughter. I haven’t figured out a name yet, but Areum has been bugging me with so many names. She wants me to give my child a western name like Brittany and Sarah.

I spend most of my time in the park outside the bakery. I walk around the park always making sure I pass by the gazebo where Sunghoon confessed his love for me.

After my stroll around the park, I decided to walk into town for a change of scenery.

I walked past many clothing stores, accessory stores, and shoe stores. I kept walking until I saw a baby store. I stood in front of the store looking at the display of strollers, toys and books.

I was also looking at a couple. They were both looking at carseats with their hands intertwined. They were both laughing and would gently place a protective hand over the girl’s belly.

I imagined what it would be like going baby shopping with Sunghoon. Giggling and making jokes with each other and accidentally having our hands touch as we’re reaching for something. I bet I would be as happy as that pregnant woman.

I realized that I didn’t start shopping for my daughter yet and she’s due in 2 months. But if I’m not here for my child, who will take care of her. I don’t want to burden Areum with taking care of my child because she still has dreams she wants to fulfill. I don’t want my daughter to be an orphan like me, and be adopted into a family that hates her.

I took a deep breath and entered the store. I was greeted happily by the sales associates and made my way to the toy section. I should at least buy my daughter her first toy. I was scanning through the toy section until a stuffed toy caught my eye. It was a brown teddy bear with a shirt saying, “Mom loves you.” I smiled and put it in my basket.

I walked over to the clothing section and was amazed about all the designs for babies these days. I at least want my daughter to wear something pretty and not just hospital drags.

I put a couple of onesies in my basket as well.

After making my final rounds I was finally ready to check out.

“Last minute shopping?” the sales lady said while pointing and looking at my round belly.

“Y-yes” I smiled back.

“Where’s the father, they usually like to tag along”

“Ummm… he’s not in the picture…” I said calmly.

“Ohhh, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have asked such a question, please forgive me”

“It’s okay” I shot her a small smile. I collected my shopping bags and left to go home.


At Home

I placed the bags in my room and went to the living room, turned on the T.V. and relaxed. It was a long day and my feet looked so swollen.

I changed the channel to the news, originally wanting to know about the weather for tomorrow, but the segment was about Sunghoon and Miyoung.


Their own child. They are finally having a legitimate child.

I placed one hand on my belly and spoke to my daughter. “Baby, you’re going to have a sibling. I hope one day you get to meet him or her. You will be the best sister” I smiled sadly at my belly.

Miyoung you are so lucky. You have everything now: a family.


It’s Time

No one’s POV

“I WANT A DIVORCE!” Sunghoon yelled at Miyoung while throwing divorce papers across the room.

“After one month of marriage oppa? What do you think people will say?” Miyoung retorted.


“Oppa you don’t remember? During our honeymoon that night?” Miyoung said as she inching close to Sunghoon, trying to touch his hands.


“I will never let you go back to Yeonhwa-unnie! You will stay married to me!” Miyoung screeched.

“You think I don’t know what you’ve been doing behind my back. I obviously have been spying on you for the past month. Does the name Kangta ring a bell? Because I know you’ve been secretly seeing him!” Sunghoon smirked, knowing that he has won the battle. Sunghoon took out a stake of pictures from his briefcase. The photos were of Miyoung and Kangta holding hands and kissing.


“How dare I? Listen to me Lee Miyoung, you will sign these divorce papers and give me back my last name and my life. You don’t deserve my last name, Yeonhwa does, and she always has!” Sunghoon spat.

“Oppa, please forgive! Please oppa! Please don’t leave me alone!” Miyoung begged.

“Alone? You won’t be alone, you’ll have Kangta!”

“OPPA PLEASE! I’m sorry!” Miyoung got down on her knees.

“These papers better be signed by the next time we see each other” and with that Sunghoon left Miyoung on the ground and left the room.

Sunghoon got into his car and drove to his parent’s house.

“Eomma? Appa? Are you guys home?

All of a sudden Sunghoon received a slap in the face by his mother.


“My child? That’s not my child” Sunghoon laughed.


“EOMMA! LISTEN TO ME! SHE IS NOT CARRYING MY CHILD, SHE’S CARRYING ANOTHER MAN’S CHILD” Sunghoon knew his mother wouldn’t believe his words so he had spare photos of Miyoung and Kangta and threw them in front of his mother. Sooyoung picked up a photo from the ground and stared at it in disbelief.

“Now tell me. Who do you believe now?”

“Sunghoon… I’m so sorry son” Sooyoung tried to cup her son’s cheeks but he swatted her hands away.

“Do you have any idea what misery I’ve been living with for the past 4 months mom? You and dad made me neglect the only woman I’ve ever loved and my own child! I know that dad is getting weaker, but mom I feel like I’m dying everyday I’m not with Yeonhwa” Sunghoon said, his hands turning into fists.

“Eomma, I miss Yeonhwa” Sunghoon started to break into tears. Unexpectedly, Sooyoung pulled her son into a hug.

“Son… I’m sorry…” Sooyoung whispered.

“Sorry? Eomma you ruined my life… to point where I hate you!” Sunghoon sobbed into his mother’s arms.

“I know son. I know…”

Sunghoon let go of his mother and left.



Sunghoon was finally a divorced man after long battle with Miyoung and her family. Yeonhwa is now 9 months pregnant and ready to give birth. Sunghoon has been looking for Yeonhwa everywhere. He tried to visit the apartment but was told she moved out. He tried to ask Areum but she wouldn’t tell him and he was no longer welcomed in the bakery.


Yeonhwa’s POV

*Knock knock*

I wonder who it is. I wasn’t expecting anyone today. I waddled my way to the door and opened it to find my neighbour holding a big bag.

“Ahh Ajumma! What brings you here?” I say as I give her a hug.

“Aigoooo! Your baby is growing so fast! I brought some more side dishes for you!”

“Aigo Ajumma, you didn’t have to. Is tstill havent finished the one’s you have me 2 days ago!” I smiled back.

“It’s okay child! I made a lot and it’s only me and my husband. My kids live far from here so it’s a hassle to bring it over there!”

“Thank y-AHHH!” I screamed, dropping the bag.

“OMO! CHILD!” the ajumma panicked.

“AHHHH! OWWW!” I screamed louder while clutching onto my belly. I felt like thousands of knives were stabbing me.


I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I dropped to the ground holding my belly. The only thing I remember was a faded figure running towards me before I closed my eyes.



At the Hospital – No one’s POV

“When is she going to wake up?” a worried Areum asked the doctor.

“She should be up soon… however, her heart is really weak. The machines attached to her is helping her breath at the moment. However, the machine could only do so much, eventually her heart will fail” the Doctor sadly said. He bowed and left.

Areum stared at a lifeless Yeonhwa attached to many wires. Areum slowly walked up to Yeonhwa and held onto her left hand.

“Yahh Yeonhwa-ah! You have to stay strong. You have a beautiful daughter waiting for you! Don’t do this to her! She needs you!” Areum started crying. “Don’t leave me Yeonhwa-ah! Who am I going to gossip with. Who am I going to go to when the bakery needs help!”

“Why are you crying babo” Yeonhwa weakly said while her eyes still closed.


“Yah, why are you so loud?” Yeonhwa stated as she fluttered her eyes open. She looked like a corpse. As if all life was taken from her. “Where’s my daughter? Is she okay? I want to see her” Yeonhwa tried to get up but Areum stopped her.

“Stop, you should rest first… your daughter is beautiful and healthy and looks like you except for her nose. She has…ummmm… Sunghoon’s nose”

“Areum… we both know…. That I don’t have much time…. Please…. Let me at least hold my daughter before I go” Yeonhwa said gasping for air.

“I’ll see what I can do… right now, get some rest”

“I’ll have plenty of rest when I’m gone” Yeonhwa weakly smiles at Areum.

“Ani, stop saying that Yeonhwa! You’re going to live!” Areum started crying again.

A single tear dropped from Yeonhwa’s eye. “Areum…thank you…for being my friend”

“Yah stop talking, you’re going to waste your energy! I’ll go talk to the nurse so you can see your daughter! Don’t die on me now! I’ll be back” Areum stated wiping her tears away and exiting the room.
30 minutes later

“Yeonhwa-ah, wake up… your daughter is here”

Yeonhwa’s POV

I opened my eyes to see my daughter swaddled in a pink blanket. Areum picks her up and lays her in my frail arms.

“I’ll give you time with her” Areum says as she leaves the room.

I look at my daughter and weakly smiled. She did have my features. And she did have Sunghoon’s nose.

“My daughter… eomma is so sorry… I want you to grow into a strong woman where no one can push you around and you are only surrounded by love… eomma is sorry that she can’t be with during your journey, but I’ll watch you from above… I love you so much” I watch as my tears hit my daughter’s cheek.


No one’s POV


“Yes Yeonhwa?” Areum walks in as she hears Yeonhwa weakly call her name.

“I’ve made my decision… please unhook off these machines”

Areum’s eyes widened. “But you will have a shorter time… you need to stay here as long as you can!” Areum pleaded.

“Areum… I’m tired…”

“No Yeonhwa! I’m not taking you off these machines!”

“Please Areum… I’m tired… we both know these machines won’t be able to help me for long” Yeonhwa pleaded.

“NO!” Areum stormed out of the room crying.

Areum took out her phone and called the only person she knew that would convince Yeonhwa of staying on the machines for as long as she can.




“I Love You Beyond Forever”

At the hospital

Sunghoon burst through the hospital doors and ran to the receptionist out of breath. “What room is Lee Yeonhwa in?”

“How are you related to Lee Yeonhwa?”


“Sorry sir, but on Miss Lee’s charts it does not say that she is married. I cannot let you enter this ward”


“Sir, please lower your voice-”


Areum ran in and saw a distressed Sunghoon yelling at the startled receptionist. Sunghoon looked rough. His hair looked disheveled and his clothes looked crumpled.

“Sunghoon oppa! Follow me…” Areum spoke briefly.

Sunghoon quietly followed Areum into a small private room in the recovery ward. As Sunghoon was entering the room, he could hear different machines beeping at different times. As Sunghoon rounded the corner he saw Yeonhwa holding a swaddled baby in a pink blanket. Yeonhwa didn’t notice Areum and Sunghoon walk in because she was too busy admiring her daughter.

Areum cleared her throat which made Yeonhwa look up. Yeonhwa became wide eyed and she saw the man who broke her heart. He made eye contact with her but she quickly looked away.

“Ummm… Yeonhwa I’m going to leave you two to talk…” Areum says slowly, sounding like a child in trouble.

“Well I having nothing to say to him, tell him to leave Areum” Yeonhwa says coldly as she’s looking at her daughter.

“You tell him that, I’m not a messenger” Areum says swiftly as she leave the room.

“Yeonhwa-ah…” Sunghoon says as he inches closer to the bed.

“What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t care about me” Yeonhwa states matter-of-factly. “Don’t you remember how you looked me in the eye and told me you didn’t love me? Oppa please leave… leave me and my daughter alone”

Sunghoon tried to reach out and hold his daughter’s hand but Yeonhwa swats his hand away.

“Don’t touch her! You have no right!” Yeonhwa raised her voice.

Sunghoon looked at her sadly and Yeonhwa could see the tears building up in his eyes.

“Yeonhwa… can I hold our daughter?” he asks timidly.

“No! ”Our”? She is my daughter, not your daughter! Isn’t that what you told me before?” She reminded him.

“Yeonhwa look at me”

Yeonhwa refused.

“Yeonhwa please look at me”

She looked up at him and could see the hurt and tiredness ness in his eyes.

“Yeonhwa, I know that sorry isn’t enough for what I did to you. I want you to understand that I didn’t mean what I said to you back then. My mom made me choose between my sick father and you. Yeonhwa I never stopped loving you! I don’t love Miyoung, and to prove that I already divorced her! Yeonhwa please forgive me! I love you and I love our daughter!”

Yeonhwa stayed quiet for 2 minutes before she spoke. “You stupid bastard! How dare you leave my sister that is pregnant with your child! Leave NOW!”

“Yeonhwa, that child isn’t my child. It was some other man’s baby!” he tried to convince her, sitting at the edge of her bed beside her.


“Yeah, she cheated on me…”

Yeonhwa looked away in order to stop the tears from falling but she failed.


Yeonhwa POV

What am I doing? Am I falling for him again. I don’t want to love him, but I do… so much.

Sunghoon cupped her right cheek and used his thumb to wipe away the tears. I missed his touch so much. I leaned into his hand and closed my eyes.

“Oppa… I’m dying…” I sadly stated with my eyes still closed.

“I know… Areum told me… you have to try to live longer. You don’t have to live for me… but for her” he looks down at their sleeping baby.

“Oppa please take me out of this hospital… I don’t want to be here”

“Where do you want to go?”

“Let’s go to the park”

“The park, but Yeonhwa you can’t go far without these machines”

“I’ve told you already, with these machines or not, I’m going to die… please take me”

Sunghoon doesn’t fight back. “There is a park on the roof of the hospital I’ll take you there”

“O-okay” I say and i open my eyes slowly.


At the park

Sunghoon and Yeonhwa leave the baby with Areum in the room.

There was no one on the park roof. It was a sunny day with a light breeze.

Sunghoon pushes Yeonhwa in a wheelchair to a comfy grassy part of the roof. Sunghoon helps Yeonhwa out of the wheelchair and help her sitting on the grass. Sunghoon sits behind her and pulls her between his legs, so her backside is against his chest.

Sunghoon could hear her breathing labouring. They both look up to the clouds.

“Oppa, I forgive you”

“You do?”

“Yeah, wanna know why… because… I… still love you” she says as tears start falling on her cheeks.

“I love you too Yeonhwa-ah”

“Oppa… when I’m gone, can I trust you to take care of our daughter?”

“Of course, we haven’t even named her yet” Sunghoon chuckled.

“Haneul” (means Heaven)


“Yeah Haneul, that’s her name”

“That’s perfect”


“Yes Yeonhwa-ah?”

“Oppa, promise me that you will support Haneul in her journey through life. Help her and guide her in the right direction… make sure she takes education seriously and make sure you respect whoever she chooses to spent her life with in the future”

“I promise”

“Oppa… I love you… no matter what happened in the past I never stopped loving you. Thank you for loving me… when no one ever did…” Yeonhwa says as as she’s gasping for air.

“Yeonhwa, I’m so sorry… I love you beyond forever!”

“I love you beyond fore-”

And with that Yeonhwa’s head dropped backwards onto Sunghoon’s shoulder. Sunghoon knew what happened but didn’t want to check to see if he was right.

Sunghoon hugged Yeonhwa tighter sobbing into her hair.

“YEONHWAAAAAAAA! Yeonhwa! Yeonhwa!”

Sunghoon kisses her cheek and holds her tighter.

“Goodbye yeobo”



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