My Love by Videl

my love.JPG

  • a SuJin (Suwon x Jaejin) short story
  • completed

He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to say. All he could do was cry with his love in his arms.

His love, Lee Jae Jin, had died. And only, Jang Su Won, Jae Jin’s love, was there to witness the horrible death of his soul mate.

The thing that hurt Su Won the most, was the fact that Jae Jin could’ve lived. Jae Jin had leukemia. He could’ve taken the chemotherapy treatments and maybe lived to see another day.

And spend another day with his love…

Su Won couldn’t live without Jae Jin. He knew Jae Jin would have wanted him to find another, move on with his life, and forget about Jae Jin.

But Su Won couldn’t! He could never those rainy, passionate nights. Or those hot, hot summers. Never could Su Won ever forget all those days and more!

Su Won could never live without his Jinnie. He couldn’t. No matter what he does. Su Won would always be with Jae Jin, even through death.

Su Won let his love lay against the couch once more as Su Won went over to the desk in the far corner. He started to write his suicide note so people won’t think that Jae Jin killed him instead.

After he was done with his note, he went over to the kitchen and picked up a random knife.

Su Won walked back to Jae Jin and held his lifeless body.

He whispered into the other man’s ear, “I’ll be coming back to you, my love.”

Su Won brushed his hand against Jae Jin’s soft, black-colored hair.

With the left hand of Su Won, which held the knife, he place the knife over his heart.

“We will be happy in the afterlife forever until we get reincarnated into lovers once again, my love,” he said as he gave one last kiss on his love’s pale cheek.

He slowly stabbed himself as he stared at Jae Jin’s soft, beautiful, pale face.

Blood was pouring out of Su Won’s chest as he also felt his life slowly flying out of his body. Although, Su Won felt no pain because he was doing this for the one that he loves.

Finally, when he knew he was about to die, he whispered into his mate’s ear, “Sah rang hae yo, Jin ah,” and died…

In a close distance, you could see a little piece of paper slowly drift to the floor. It read:


To everybody:

I had no reason to live. The love of my life died. My Jae Jinnie died, and I really didn’t have anything to live for. Mi ahn hae to umma, appa wan all my chin goos (Sorry to mom, dad and all my friends) for leaving all of you. But I couldn’t allow my Jinnie to live in the afterlife all by

himself. Do you knnow what his last words were? He said to me, “Sah rang hae.” And frankly, I love him too.

Now it’s time for me to leave this world, and join my love. Goodbye…

Jang Su Won



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