I Scream For Ice Cream by: Yeon In

i scream for ice cream.jpg

  • a Wonnie short story
  • completed

Starring: Baby Ji Won

Guest Appearance: Baby Sung Hoon, Baby Jae Duckie, Baby Jae Jin

**red light**

“Ji Won, baby, don’t mess with your car seat honey.”

Ji Won was in the back seat of the car, tugging at the latch that imprisoned him into the
baby car seat. He looked about him. The window was too high so he couldn’t see what
was going on outside. He hear other cars passing them. He looked in the front of him. His
mommy was focusing in front of her.

“Ummmmph…umph!!” He tried to free himself from the straps.

Suddenly the car stopped and mommy got out. Ji Won froze and waited to see what
would happen next. He looked around anticipating trouble, his big beautiful eyes taking in
the surroundings. The door beside him opened and his mommy reached in to take him out.

“We’re here honey.”

She put Ji Won in the seat of the shopping car t and into the store they went.

Woa, Ji Won’s head spun around as they strolled down the aisle. He looked at his mommy,
she was busy looking at some cans. Ji Won’s hands reached out to the shelf and he hit two
bags of cookies into the back of the cart. Mommy turned around, Ji Won smiled and
clapped his hands. What a diversion huh?

Down the aisle they went. Then mommy stopped to talk to some lady. JI Won used this
time to sweep all the candy bars off the shelf into the cart.

“Well aren’t you a cutie today?” The lady cooed at Ji Won. Ji Won just bounced in his seat
with pride.

His mommy was cooing at the lady’s baby. Ji Won’s eyes raised as he spotted the other
baby as Kang Sung Hoon. Sung Hoon waved frantically at him.

“Well I’ll see you later then,” the lady said as she strolled the cart and Sung Hoon away.

Ji won narrowed his eyes. “Mommy, me want out.”

His mother looked down at him. “What honey? Do you want to walk? Oh alright then.”
She put him on the ground. “Follow mommy okay?”

Well that was the mistake she made. The minute she turned around, Ji Won was half way
down the opposite direction, after Sung Hoon’s cart. His little feet scattered across the
floor into the next aisle where, the cart disappeared.

“Uh Oh!…” Ji Won looked around. “Mommy?”

He stumbled down the ‘giant’ aisle. The shelves towered over him. He was walking in the
bread aisle. Ji Won stared around him. Then he grabbed a bag of bread. **I don’t know
why he did that** (it’s what she wrote okay? Don’t ask me)

“Mommy?” He called out, hugging the bread. “Where is you?”

A couple of teenage guys approached the wandering spikey-headed baby. They stooped
down to pet him.

“Mommy?” Ji Won was near tears now. Getting lost in a ‘huge’ supermarket is very scary.

“Mommy?” He reapeated.

“Aigo! My son!” The guy exclaimed as he hugged Ji Won. **duckiee’s note: my! That guy
sounds JUST like minwoo!**

Ji Won flung the breat at him. The boy stared at the baby, shocked at being bopped on the
head with a bag of wheat breat. He stood up quickly and the other guys laughed. They
went on their way. Ji Won continued his journey down the ‘long’ aisle.

Along the way he met another baby. It was a baby in a stroller. The baby looked at Ji Won
and smiled. Ji Won glared at him. The baby opened his mouth and shouted, “Na…na na na
naaaa!!” (okie since you guys don’t know, I’ll tell you, that line is from a really popular
Thai song keke)

The mother bent down to the baby who was hollering. “Shh!!…Not so loud Mos honey.”
(note: MOS is the name of the guy who sings that song keke)

Ji Won hurried on his way. That baby was weird. It was then, that Ji Won came across the
ice cream coolers. He pressed his face against the glass and pressed his tiny tongue against
the glass.

“Ice cweam! Ice cweam!” He exclaimed, pounding at the glass.

A man beside Ji Won opened the door to get some ice cream and Ji Won walked under his
legs to get himself some ice cream too. Unfortunately, the man didn’t even notice, so when
he let of go the door, it slammed Ji Won in the butt and in he went.

No on seemed to notice the baby behind the ice cream glass. No one seemed to notice
how hard the baby was pounding to get out. Ji Won was starting to get chilly. Hi little
brown face was turning bluish now.

He pounded. “Mommy! Mommy! Where is you??? Helps! Helps!”

He saw many people pass by. He even saw Sung Hoon stroll by. Sung Hoon waved
frantically at him. Well at least someone saw him. Sung Hoon tugged at his mom’s shirt
and pointed to the freezer. The mom walked over to the freezer to open the door. Ji Won
raised his arms for her to lift him out…but instead, she got some ice cream and closed the
door. Ji Won pressed his bluish face against the glass at them. The moth gave the ice
cream to Sung Hoon and strolled them away. Sung Hoon looked at the ice cream and
forgot all about Ji Won.

There was a knocking on the glass and Ji Won looked up. It was Jae Duckie. Duckie
grinned at him and pressed his face on the glass. Ji Won pounded even harder. But
Duckie’s mom just pulled Duckie’s hand and they walked away.

“Duckie!! Duckie!!” Ji Won cried out. “Helps! Helps!”

Ji Won saw another lady coming and he waited by the edge, ready to leap out as soon as
the door opened. She stopped right in front of him and opened the door. Ji Won leaped
out only to end up falling back into the freezer. Somebody had crashed into him. He
fluttered his baby eyes and looked around.

“Hi Eun Ji Won,” Baby Jae Jin greeted, sitting nexto him. “Can me stay with you in here?
Whas you doing in here?”

Ji Won frowned at him but Jae Jin only gave him a dopey smile and giggled, puffs of airs
coming out of his mouth. Jae Jin looked around the freezer, having the time of his life. I
was starting to get really cold. Ji Won had had it!
“Ji Won!”

Ji Won stopped what he was gonna do. Jae Jin looked at the person standing outside the
freezer door. It was Ji Won’s mommy. Ji Won started crying as his mom lifted him and Jae
Jin out. Jae Jin scattered over to his mom.

“Honey! I was so worried, I though I wasn’t gonna find you!”

Ji Won held onto his mommy. He felt safe now. His mom kissed him and it made him feel
all better.
“How about some ice cream to cheer you up baby?”

Ji Won shivered. “No mommy…no…”

The End



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