I believe there are Aliens by: JiayiUnagi

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Hi there!

I am Jiayi Hwang from Sunny Singapore, and am here to attempt my first fanfic of Sechskies! And of course, it is of my stan, Eun Jiwon *heart emoticon x1000000*! Basically, im trying to write a sweet but scifi story based on why our dear Eun Leader strictly believes that there are aliens in this world. (he so cute omg)

Please enjoy! (please leave comments on what you all think!)


Have you ever wondered:

” Why does Eun Jiwon deeply believes that Aliens exist? ”

Well, here’s a story that will finally resolve the mystery on why he believes in aliens existence.


Main Characters:

  1. J A E Y I (oc)

(not including a picture because its up to your imagination)

  1. E U N  J I  W O N  alien1.png
  2. K A N G  S U N G  H O O N alien2.png
  3. S E C H S K I E S alien3.png(can’t exclude any of them!! diess why they so handsome!! okay bye.)

It all started a very long time ago..


Altair. (16.73 light years from earth)

“Just use it and go!” Guard Jaejin commanded.

“No! I’ll fight along! I started this, I won’t leave!” the light pastel blue glow in her palm has grown into bright electric blue.

“Princess Jaeyi, you need to leave now!!” Jaejin shouted again.

“No! What about you! What about Father!!” Jaeyi pushes against Jaejin’s strong arms.

“JAEYI.” Jaejin grabs onto her shoulder and stare right into her hazel eyes. That was the first time he did not include the word: Princess, ever since after their father decided that he should not be her brother, but to be her bodyguard instead. “GO.”

Slits turn to cracks, and not long after, walls came crashing down. 

Jaejin pushes her gently into the portal and slides the door close. She knows it too, that thats the only way to escape.


The portal begins to glow from within, and in a milli-second, everything vanished.



“Jiwon hyung!”

Hawaii Island (ha-wy-yee): An island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; Surrounded with natural scenary, warm tropical climate and 2 korean guys that has no idea why they had decided to come here.

“Oh, Sunghoon ah” Jiwon turns to see his one and only buddy, Kang Sung Hoon.

“Hyung, lets go get food!” Sunghoon swings his arm around his hyung’s shoulder.

“Yah, Sunghoon ah. Can you tell me again why are we even studying here. Argh.” Jiwon complains as he digs into his lunch.

“Yah hyuuung. Lets just see it as a fate to let us meet!” SH flashes his aegyos.

“Yah, come to think of it. Why are you even in my class when you’re younger than me?” JW suddenly got irritated.

“Keke, hyung, maybe its YOU that’s in MY class.” SH laughs at his hyung.


“Breaking News: We just received information that an Unidentified Flying Object had crashed into a field located at the West of Hawaii Island. It has definitely spark of lots of speculation on Alien sightings but nothing has been confirmed as of now. Till we received more information, this is live reporter, Jason Parker.”

“Woah hyung! Aliens sighting!” SH points at the canteen’s TV.


– to be continued.


Hi everyone! First of all, I know everything seems weird now! But the story will unfold slowly!

And if it seems abit confusing, “Altair” is actually a star (like the star in the sky kinda star haha)

Would appreciate any kind of comments! And will do my best to update regularly.. hehe



Beaten up

“Hyung they’re gonna come and find you again!” SH shouted as the last bell rang.

“Just let them come then!” Jiwon shrugs.

Just then, their homeroom class door swings open as 3 older boys step in.

“Where’s that asian kid?” one of the boys state. The entire class clears their way and turn to look at Jiwon. Judging by how the story is starting, well, we can all agree that Jiwon is not a very friendly student around the school, but he sure is “popular”.

Jiwon looks up and smirk.

“We meet again huh. We let you off once and you still took our parking spot, AGAIN.” another boy shouted.

“Your parking spot?” Jiwon scoffs. “I didn’t know your name was “No. 81″.”

“You dare make fun of us?!” The boy in the middle shouts and pushes the tables aside, dashing towards Jiwon.

“Hyung… Hyung!!” Sunghoon shouts.

Jiwon kicks the table towards him, causing him to crash. He then grabs his bag and pushes Sunghoon towards the back door. “RUN!” The 2 boys jumps over tables and chairs and runs out through the back door. The other boys continue to pursue. They were on the 3rd floor, they still have quite a distance to run before reaching JW’s car. “Hoon ah, take the next stairs, i’ll meet you at the car.” JW shouted through the crowd. “Hyung..!” SH shouted, as he sees Jiwon dash down the first flight of stairs. The other boys push the crowd aside and spot JW jumping down the first flight of stairs. “Go Go Go!!” they shouted.

Jumping down multiple steps, Jiwon wobbles and tries to stay balance while pushing the crowd apart. But luck was not on his side. As he clears a group of students, a pair of hands awaits infront of him.

“Gotcha.” A taller and bigger built boy grabs Jiwon by the collar and pulls him out of the crowd, he then pushes him into an empty classroom.

“You think you can get away?” The boy from earlier on, probably the leader, steps into the classroom. “You asians coming to our land, and now you want to take my parking spot.” Jiwon scoffs. The boy frowns. “Get rid of him.”

“Fuck!” Jiwon shouts.

– Carpark –

“Jiwon hyung!!” SH, who was waiting by the car, saw JW as he limps towards their car. “Aish.. Hyung!!”

Jiwon and Sunghoon lives together in a small house together with their landlady. Well, Sunghoon actually came from a pretty wealthy family, but didn’t like living alone and was “picked up” by Jiwon. Jiwon on the other hand, had his parents rent a small house and picked up Sunghoon after feeling the brotherhood between them. Jiwon being the older hyung, received his license and occasionally drive out around the island.

– In the car – 

“Hyung… You need to stop getting into trouble! What’s so important about that parking spot! Just park else where!” SH nags as they drive back home. “Hyung… Look at how badly you’re beaten up! You’re gonna get yourself expelled too man!”

“Yah.. Hoon ah, stop it.” JW shrugs.

“Hyung… If you get expelled, what about me! What about your parents who sent you here! It’s to get education! Not get beaten up!”  SH continues to nag as they drive up their garage.

“Hoon ah, if you nag anymore, im having you move out of the house!” JW frowns. “We’re here.”

“Hyuuuung, im just saying whats good for you!” SH steps out of the car, continues nagging. But as he closes the car door, the car starts reversing out of the garage. “Yah hyung!! Again?!”

Who are you

“School school school… why was I even sent here.” JW complains as he go on his drive. Jiwon enjoys aimless drives. Along the beach, along the road, along the countryside. It was peaceful for him. He drives up to his regular spot, a small cliff that hangs by the beach, just between a wide field and the sandy beach. But this time, it wasn’t just his regular quiet spot… There was a huge machine-like structure, glossy black shield around it. And, there was an opening, like a door, a clear view of whats inside.

And inside it… was a girl.

“What.. the?” Jiwon takes a step nearer to the girl. She had long black hair and fair snowy skin. Sounds like snow white huh. But her lips were dry and chapped, and her body all bruised up, very similar to how Jiwon looks like now.

“Yah, hey you. Hey!” Jiwon taps on her head and taps on her shoulder. “Hello! Excuse me? Aish… what am I suppose to do?”

– Back home –

“Hoon ah! Im back!!” Jiwon shouted.

“Hyuuuuuuuung!” Sunghoon runs down from the second floor, “Are you still mad at… WHAT WHO WHERE?!”

Jiwon carries the lady through the door and puts her down on the living room sofa.

“Hyung..!!! Who?! What did you do again?!” Sunghoon exclaims as he makes his way towards the unidentified girl.

“I found her, seems dead.”


“Look, she’s not dead, she seems to have fainted. Imma get her some liquid to hydrate.” Jiwon steps away and goes into the living room.

– Girl’s POV –

She could hear sound. A guy’s voice, someone poking her head, tapping her shoulder. But she had no strength. She could feel herself being carried. She could feel leather seats. And she could feel soft cushion below her head.

And she felt water. On her lips.

“Who..” she opens her eyes. The first person she sees, a guy, black hair, thick brows, sharp eyes and nose. “Who..?”

“SHE’S AWAKE SHE’S AWAKE!” SH, right behind JW, shouted and jumps around the house.

“Stop shouting will you!” JW scolds and turns back to her, aiding her to drink the water.

// Analyzing language, K O R E A N, adapting… adapting… //

“Odi-eyo? (Where is this?)” she said.

“Oh. Hanguk saram indei? (You’re korean?)”  Jiwon asks.

“Oh she’s korean?! Yay! That makes 1 more! She should totally join us!” Sunghoon runs back and kneels beside Jiwon.

“Wait…” Jiwon said. “Who… are you?


“Who are you?” Jiwon asks.

She looks at Jiwon, and looks at Sunghoon, and looks back at Jiwon.

Sunghoon looks at her, looks at Jiwon, and looks back at her.

Jiwon, just keep staring at her.

“I…” she whispers. Suddenly, a surge of pain throbs in her head. She shut her eyes.


“I don’t know.” she whispers.

– Jiwon’s room –

“Hyung! Where did you even find her? What should we do with her now?” Sunghoon paces back and forth in the room.

“What are we gonna tell Aunty Ann, she was kinda furious that you brought me in, and now… she’s gonna kick us out!” Sunghoon nags again.

Jiwon just sits on the edge of the bed, his hand folded, eyebrows arched. Frowning.

“Hyuuuuung! Say something!” Sunghoon whines. “Aunty Ann is coming back soo…”

“HOON AH! JIWON AH!!!” someone shouts from the first floor.

The both of them exchange stares.

“Aunty Ann?! AISH! HYUNG!” Sunghoon exclaims and the 2 of them dash down the stairs.

– Living room –

“Aunty Ann! We can explain!” Sunghoong and Jiwon ran back to the living room; she stands right beside Aunty Ann, and Aunty Ann has her right hand place on her shoulder. They were looking at one another. And then she smiled.

“Boys! I see you’ve met my niece!” Aunty Ann begin smiling and turn to face the 2 of them.

“Wha..what?” Jiwon frowns.

“Ah! Aunty Ann, you should have told us she was coming!” Sunghoon let out a sigh of relief.

“It was on abrupt notice!” Aunty Ann laughs and turn back to face the girl, who has stop smiling.

“Ah~ Niece! Yay! Now we have one more of us!” Sunghoon exclaims and runs to the girl, putting his arm around her shoulder.

“Niece?” everyone look at Jiwon. “Niece? Aunty Ann, you told us you were the only child. How can she be your niece when you have no siblings?”

The room is filled with silence.

“She…” Aunty Ann looks at the girl again, and it was as if the moment froze for a mili second before she continued, “She’s from my mom’s brother’s wife’s daughter’s child! It’s a distant relative! It’s complicated!”

Jiwon frowns.

She frowns too.

“Ah… ha.. ha ha! Wow.. that’s really distance..!” Sunghoon laughs awkwardly, after sensing the awkwardness in the room.

“Ah ha ha! that’s right..!” Aunty Ann laughs awkwardly.”Ah! I havent told you guys her name yet! Introduce yourself!”

Everyone turn to look at the girl.

Jaeyi… imnida.

Hazel eyes

– 30 minutes ago – 

“I…” Jaeyi whispers.

The pain throbs harder in her head. she shuts her eyes and clenches her fist.

“Princess…” there was a voice in her head. “Princess…”

She shuts her eye harder.


“I don’t know..” she whispers.

“Hoon ah, lets go upstairs for awhile..” Jiwon crosses his arm and walks off. Sunghoon looks at Jaeyi, and looks back at Jiwon, and follows right behind him.

“Princess…” it’s the voice again.

“Who…” Jaeyi grabs her head and curls over. The pain throbs harder and faster. She starts seeing flashing lights as her vision gets blurrer. The pain gets worse.

“Arghhh…!!” She groans.

“Who… are you!!” She slams her fist onto the cushion on the sofa, and suddenly. A blur figure appears in her mind. The figure looks majestic and tall, and it was stepping nearer. and nearer. and her vision suddenly zooms into another universe. the universe then turns into images of blue, electric blue, and flames, and into images of towers crumbling down. and a hand. her hand, reaching up to a person’s face and the eyes of the person, change into a lighter shade, a shade of hazel. and then it all zooms out again, into a black shiny oval. a portal. and another figure appeared. someone familiar, someone kind, someone… she’s really close with.

“Jaeyi ah…”

Jaeyi opens her eyes. The throbbing had stop. The images are all gone. It was just her… in a living room, in the middle of an island, in another world.

Suddenly, the main door opens, and an older lady steps in.

“Who..” Aunty Ann frowns as she looks at Jaeyi, and she shouted, “HOON AH! JIWON AH!!”

Jaeyi flinched for a moment, but walks directly towards her, place her hand on the right side of her head and stare right into her eyes.

// You will think that I am your niece, and upon abrupt notice, I was sent here. And you will let me stay here, treat me as your child, and aid me in any help. //

Aunty Ann’s eyes turn slightly brighter. Slightly more.. hazel colored.

Just then, the 2 boys came tumbling down the stairs.

“Aunty Ann! We can explain!”


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