Hoony World by: vkalpiero

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Hoony and Jiwon already stay together for years. Many kinds of up and down relationship they have been through and still go on.


One morning, Jiwon wakes up earlier than Hoony. It’s so unusual, Jiwon always find Hoony wake up earlier than him every morning, but not that day. He’s checking on Hoony’s room, and find out Hoony still laying on his bed.

Jiwon feels something is wrong. Hoony’s room is so cold but he’s sweating. He’s checking on Hoony’s body. It’s so hot, even his little fingers. Jiwon trying to shake Hoony’s body and wake him up.

“Hun-ah…can you hear me? Hun-ah…are you hurt? What is wrong with you? Hun-ah?” Hoony open his right eye lazily, and mumbling.

“Hhh…hyuung…” then he closes his eyes again. Hoony looks terrible, he’s like have no power. Jiwon still couldn’t understand whether he’s fainting or sleeping.

“Hun-ah hang on, hyung will help you.”

Jiwon goes to medical box on dining room, he needs to check up Hoony’s temperature. He also prepares cold water and towel to put on Hoony’s head.

It’s 38.9 degree! No wonder Hoony looks collapse. He needs a doctor. Jiwon thinking so hard about either he brings Hoony to hospital by himself or calling ambulance or calling the doctor to come. But it will take time if he just waiting for the doctor. He prepares himself while Hoony get his compress on his head.

Jiwon is starting the car, and check on Hoony’s need. Then he’s carrying Hoony to the front seat beside him so he could check on Hoony’s condition while he’s driving. Jiwon fasten their seatbelt and pushing the gas straight to the emergency room. Hoony still mumbling slowly, but he didn’t open up his eyes at all. He’s like on the deep sleep. There is sore on Hoony’s lips. He always get that sore when he’s sick.

“Hun-ah…are you that sick? Please be okay…” Jiwon feels so frustrated. How could he didn’t check Hoony last night.

Maybe his fever is already end if he checked of him earlier.


IN ER, Hospital

Hoony is inside the room, while doctor checking on him. Doctor got his blood to check, and a nurse put on IV to Hoony, and the other nurse help the doctor with all the needles that will go to inside Hoony body. Jiwon doesn’t like hospital.

He prefers to sleep at home because he knows that Hoony or his mother will take care of him if he were sick. But Hoony, he already has weak body since he was young. So he will be okay watching so many needles going through his body. But watching Hoony like that is hurting Jiwon so much.

It’s been 3 hours since he found Hoony unconscious in the morning. Maybe Hoony had been fainting since midnight.

And he’s still not wake up.

Doctor said, Hoony blood pressure is so low, he asked Jiwon what food he ate last night. He’s trying to remember. They were have dinner on Chinese restaurant, they eat some seafood. Jiwon already aware about Hoony’s allergy so that he didn’t order any kind of clams. That’s why they walked home without worry about anything. Jiwon also made sure that Hoony not drinking, he just poured him water and cola.

There’s nothing wrong with their last dinner. So he wondered what happened with Hoony.

“Kang Sung Hoon’s relative?” a nurse calling Jiwon and invite him to the doctor’s room.

“Eun Ji Won-ssi? Please have a seat.”

“How is he, Doc?”

“Have you remember what kind of food he ate last night? Or yesterday?”

“Yes, and I make sure that he didn’t anything dangerous with his allergy.”

“Did he drunk?”

“No. he only drink water and cola.”

“But, Jiwon-ssi there’s seafood foot stage especially clams.”

“But, we didn’t order that. “

“Jiwon-ssi, did you know even he’s not eating clams, the chef could use the same oil with another menu which is contain clam, or maybe in Kang Sung Hoon’s case is abalone.”

“What?” That statement surprises him….

So it was my fault? Who else? Stupid Jiwon! He hates himself for making Hoony unconscious since last night. He could kill his precious Hoony by asked him to eat seafood with him.

Hun-ah…I’m so sorry.

Jiwon sit on beside Hoony’s bed. Somehow he couldn’t see Hoony’s face. He blamed himself.

“Hyung…” Jiwon hear the sounds calling him. Very soft, that voice sounds so weak.

“Hun-ah…are you alright? Are you hurt? Tell me. What can I do for you Hun-ah?”

“Hyun….I can’t breathe…” Hoony sounds so weak, with his pale face.

“I will make the oxygen higher…so you can breathe peacefully” he pushes the gas tank higher so Hoony could breathe easily.

“Thank you hyung…..” and the voice suddenly gone. Hoony fall asleep. The nurse said Jiwon doesn’t need to worry because Hoony is not in faint condition anymore. He’s just sleep.

“Hun-ah….why is so long you sleep? Wake up soon please.” It’s been a half day since Jiwon found Hoony unconscious and he still. He considers to tell Hoony’s mother. But, he has no power to make her worry.

Jiwon leaves Hoony to get some medicines. When he arrives, he find that Hoony on sit position. He wakes up.

Hun-ah how could you wake up without me by your side.

“Hyung…where are you from? I think that I was alone.”

“I went to pharmacy Hun-ah…to get your meds. How you feelin?”

“What time now hyung? Why is my body so aches? Feel like have no power.”

“It’s 3 pm.”

“What?? How could I wake up at this time? Hyung-ah why don’t you wake me up?…..ugh why so dizzy?”

Hoony gives so much power while talking, he didn’t understand why he wakes so late.

“Don’t push yourself. Do you want to drink? Why you take off the mask…”

“I don’t like it. It’s pushing my face.”

“Still hard to breathe? I should put the mask on you.” Jiwon trying to put oxygen mask to Hoony, but he refused.

“No hyung, I don’t like it. I can breathe right now. Ugh…What’s with this room? Hospital?”

Hun-ah you sleep so long so you’re not even realized that now you’re on emergency room?


“What hyung? Why are we here?”

“You fainted.”

“Me? Why?…eh, something’s wrong with my tongue… Hyung-ah…is it my allergy?”

“Yes….” Jiwon couldn’t see Hoony face. He blamed himself.

“Why you look so sad hyung?”

“It’s all my faults. I shouldn’t asked you to eat seafood. Even we’re not order abalone but you still get the effect.”

“What? Is it?” Hoony still wonder about the reason he collapse.

“What were you feel last night?” Hoony is trying to remember about last night. Then he realized that he couldn’t breathe, and his felt so dizzy just like he drunk 5 glasses of soju.

“I….was….dizzy then…I didn’t remember anymore.” He’s lying to Jiwon. By looking on his face Hoony doesn’t want Jiwon to blame himself.

“Only dizzy? I found you unconscious with very high temperature. Two hours ago you said you couldn’t breathe…is it really only dizzy?” Jiwon not realize that he talk with high note. Hoony looks surprise with Jiwon reaction.

“Hun-ah…I’m sorry. I don’t mean to yell at you. I’m sorry I give you another pain with my voice.” Jiwon put his hand on Hoony’s face to make sure he didn’t mean to hurt Hoony.

“I know hyung…its ok. I don’t know what kind of pain is this. The pain on my body, dizzy head, and pain looking at your reaction coz I know that you really care of me.”

“Hun-ah I’m really really sorry.” He hugs his lil’ brother so tight. Hoony hugs him back. Laying his head on Jiwon shoulder. Jiwon put his hand ruffles Hoony’s hair.

“Hun-ah, please be well. Don’t be sick again. I really couldn’t see you like this. It breaks my heart.”

“Oke hyung. I’ll be healthy. I will not faint again. I’m trying. I’m sorry hyung.”

“Don’t be sorry Hun-ah. I’m so relieve you are awake rite now. You may sleep but, please don’t faint. It scarier.”

“Araseoo hyung..” Hoony lets Jiwon body down and sit. He gives him smile to make him not worry again.

“Ah…I should call your mom. She won’t forgive me if she knew about what happened today.” Jiwon grab his phone, but Hoony stop him.

“No hyung…let her know that I’m okay.”

“But, you almost die today, how could I not telling her?”

“No hyung…I’m trying my best to be okay as soon as I can. Could you just give me water? Coz my throat feels so dry and it makes me wanna throw up…”

“Ah…sure Hun-ah…” Jiwon so relieves that Hoony is better rite now, but he couldn’t stop blame himself. After take a glass of water, Hoony lays his body on the bed and his eyes looking through up the ceiling. He tries to remember what happened last night. After dinner, he tried to sleep. He remembered at midnight he felt something wrong with his body. He felt itch on his skin, then he felt the itch-ness goes to his throat so he couldn’t sleep well. But somehow with all the pain he felt he couldn’t wake up and opened his eyes. Then he just realized that he is in hospital.

“What are you thinking kid?” Jiwon wondered about Hoony’s eyes looking on the roof silently.

“Hyung, it must be so hard for you taking care of me today. I’m sorry hyung. This is not the first time I make you worry.

I’m so sorry for my weak body.” Hoony’s puppy eyes make Jiwon so flutter. Hearing those words from Hoony makes him so sad.

“I am the one who need to say sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn’t invited you to eat seafood. I should be more careful about it. If only you said no, I will not push you to eat dinner with me.”

“Yah hyung…I also want to eat. I was so happy to go dinner outside…ugh…” Hoony suddenly feels dizzy on his head as he trying to wake his body up again.

“Hun-ah,,don’t push yourself. If you really tired you could sleep, don’t think too much.”

“Ugh…I hate myself hyung….why am I so weak? I couldn’t even stand for drinking…why so many disease on my body.”

Jiwon really sad seeing his ‘lil’ brother’ saying those words. He hugs Hoony so tight, trying to comfortable him. He can see a little tears on his eyes. So Jiwon hugs him more tight.

“That’s why I’m here to take care of you Hun-ah. Now you just need to sleep.” He knows that Hoony always get sleepy every time he cries. Five minutes after that ‘emotional’ situation Hoony already fall asleep. Jiwon can’t deny that his body also tired. Hoony’s manager already come and bring him dinner. It’s already 9 pm and Hoony already sleep, Jiwon comes home to clean himself and gonna back to hospital at midnight. But, Jiwon fall asleep at home after he wash his body.


1.30 am

“Ah sh*t..how could I sleep at this time? Ugh..stupid Jiwon.” He makes some coffee to raise his blood pressure. But he glad he got some hours to sleep. He needs to recharge his energy to stay beside Hoony.

Jiwon arrives at Hoony’s room at midnight. Hoony is sleeping. His manager already went home when Jiwon asked him to. He checks Hoony’s medicines. A nurse suddenly comes up. She brings an injection to entering on Hoony’s IV. Jiwon asks her if her action would wake Hoony up or no, she said no. Hoony won’t feel anything so he doesn’t need to worry.

He watches that nurse, asking her what kind of injection is that. The she said it’s antibiotic. It’s the med that they tried on Hoony’s skin and got circled in the afternoon, to check Hoony’s body reaction on it.


It’s been three days Hoony being on hospital. He asked the doctor if he can go home that day. The doctor said that Hoony can go home after three hours of his last med, his allergy injection. Jiwon and and his manager staying with him. Jaejin and Suwonie come with some breakfast for Jiwon and the manager. Jaeduck said he will come in the afternoon after he helps Tony in the office.

“How is your feeling today?” Jaejin asked Hoony while eating some bread beside his bed. Hoony looks envy with him.

“Hyung…I’m so boring laying on this bed. Hyung….gimme a little your bread, I’m so hungry.”

“Doctor didn’t give you breakfast? Gosh…”

“They give me an IV. Aaaaakk…” he already opened up his mouth waiting for Jaejin’s feed.

Jiwon checking them from the chair in front of the TV.

“Don’t you give him something weird that makes his allergy come up JJ.” Jiwon warns him.

“No hyung. This is banana bread, Hoony loves banana.” Jaejin feed him just like a mother feed his child

“Gomawoo hyung..”

“Uuu…poor uri Hoony…kiyowo kiyowo..” Jaejin can’t resist Hoony cuteness. Hoony’s bunny teeth shows as he smiles.

Waiting for three hours is like forever for Hoony. He feels so itchy on his hand. He wants that IV needle takes away from his skin. Thanks to Jaejin, Hoony doesn’t feel so lonely. Jiwon is sleeping since morning in sofa. Jaejin bring some movies and shows Hoony about his progress for their album. Suwon is busy changing TV channel, while the manager finishing Hoony’s administration.

“Hoon-ah, aren’t you sleepy? If you want to sleep I could change your bed position.”

“No hyung….how if you take me to the rooftop hyung? I wanna see fresh air..”

“Okay, as you wish Hoon-ah. Since Jiwon hyung sleeping he won’t stop us to get out.” Hoony agrees with Jaejin.

Who’s capture it?

Hoony takes some pictures in the rooftop. Jaejin is also busy with his camera, he always like that. He captures Hoony from many angles.

“Hyung, don’t capture me. I’m on wheelchair. It won’t be good.”

“I didn’t capture your wheelchair. And you look good on my camera. You wanna see?”

“Yes hyung, show me..” There’s part of Hoony’s back watching the blue sky, and another one is Hoony taking picture with his phone, candid style. Hoony amazed with all the pictures Jaejin take. Hoony only take some pictures of the cloud and the situation from the rooftop as they see at that time. He uploads his picture, the cloud one, and one from Jaejin’s camera.

“Let see your pictures.” JJ take Hoony’s phone and checking the pictures one by one. “Your camera is very good for taking view. These pictures are beautiful.” JJ is always curios about camera things. Then he found one picture that gives him strange feeling. It’s Hoony’s picture, sleeping peacefully. But JJ thinks that must be Jiwon who captured it last night.

“What’s this, Hun-ah?”

“What? Me? When is it? Last night?” Hoony doesn’t have any clue about the picture.

“You don’t know? It right before the cloud picture you take.”

“That must be Jiwon hyung. I don’t even know where my phone was.”

“Yeah, it’s must be him.” JJ doesn’t want to think another else. “Hoon-ah, let’s get back to your room. It’s not good if you stay longer here. The wind blows so fast.”

“Aite hyung…”

Jaeduck is already on the room when they’re come back. He has his lunch with

Suwonie. Jiwon still sleeping. He must be so tired. Hoony saying on his heart.

“You’re back….how you feeling Hun-ah?”

“I’m fine hyung. Do you come to pick me up?”



“I’m here to see Suwonie.” Jaeduck is teasing Hoony.

“Iiiiiisssh…you two.” Hoony pouting his lips as he annoyed by the members. But

Jaejin with his sweet words always comfy him.

“I’m the one who will driving you home Hun-ah..” Hoony smiling to JJ. He’s back on his bed. A nurse comes to take of the IV liquid from him. Hoony feels so happy. He’s right hand now can move freely. He moves his hands ups and down while singing.

Hearing Hoony’s voice wakes Jiwon up. He relieves that Hoony get his smile back again. They will leave the hospital with two cars. Jaejin already promises to drive Hoony home, with Jiwon of course. So that, the manager has to drive J-Walk back to studio. Actually they will have meeting to talk about their comeback exhibition.

But, Hoony is begging JJ to drive them also to the studio. He doesn’t want to come back home. Not to miss their meeting with their CEO.

“Yah, Hun-ah you need to go back. You can join us tomorrow.” Jiwon refused

Hoony’s order.

“I’m fine hyung, seriously. I feel great. I’m ready to work. Let’s go with Suwonie and Jaeduck hyung. JJ hyung…please.” Hoony doing his cute aegyo to get JJ attention.

JJ looking at Jiwon. Their eyes talking, without any sound. JJ waiting for leader decision. Jiwon eyes said yes. JJ turns the car, going to their company.


Meeting Time.

“Yah…what are you doing here?” everyone amazes by looking on Hoony opened the studio door.

“You should sleep on your bed. We can take the rest here. Yah..Hun-ah” With his Busan accent, Jaeduck talking to Hoony but Hoony just answers him with his smile.

His bunny teeth come up.

They already gather on the room, their CEO and producers also there. CEO asked about Hoony condition. Hoony makes sure to others that he has come back to his healthy stage.

“Are you really okay, Kang Sunghoon?”

“Yes, Sir. Don’t worry.” With his cute smile, trying to hide his bunny teeth.

“I hope Sunghoon’s condition will not be the news spread.” Said CEO to all the members and managers.

“Hmm..actually, there’s one article who already write about it , Sir. Looks like someone saw Jiwon in the hospital when he brought Sunghoon by himself.”

“I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t think about that..” Once again Jiwon blames himself. Looking at Jiwon eyes, Hoony who sit in front of him saying sorry whispery with his puppy eyes. Jiwon replies him by giving him smile and his thumb up on right hand.

“It’s ok, as long as the article is reasonable. Maybe it would be good if you telling the truth on your next V live.” Hoony relieves that CEO didn’t get angry with Jiwon.

He feels so frustrate with his condition.

They continue to discuss about their exhibition for next comeback. Because the album is already finished, two music videos also ready, they’re just need to focus for the exhibition. JJ is the leader for this exhibition. He made so many arts to show.

Hoony ask him if he could join to make his own painting to show. JJ agrees if every member made their own creation. Jiwon actually not really interested. He will accept all JJ’s work. He trusts the number 2.

J-walk gets the situation.

“What should we do hyung?” Suwonie asks JD, “Are we really need to make our own?” Suwon doesn’t know about art.

“Don’t know Suwonie. Let JJ directing us what to do.”

The concept is about their 20 years journey. So many up and down on their own story, but JJ said that they just need to show something good, something that will make the fans feeling happy. For their hardcore fans, they will feel touching of the memories. And for their new fans, they will learn about Jekkis story from the beginning.

“Hyung, tomorrow I will visit you in studio. I’m going to paint with you.” Hoony said to JJ

“Do you want me to pick you up?” JJ still busy writing something on paper. He talks without looking on Hoony.

“No, you don’t need to hyung.”

“Don’t drive alone, Sunghoon-ah. What kind of painting you want to make?”

“I don’t know..I’ll think later. Or I’m just gonna spread out the color on the canvas.”

Hoony tells the idea to JJ with his excitement. Jiwon is watching him from the other side of the room. Hoony is so cute while talking, like lil’kid. Jiwon feels like want to hit JJ head coz he didn’t give attention while Hoony talking to him. That brat, really.

After the meeting, JJ drives Hoony and Jiwon home, as his promise to bring Hoony home. Hoony sits alone in the back, he already sleep when JJ start the car. Both JJ and Jiwon are having conversation. JJ asks his leader to take some rest. He knows that Jiwon must be really tired after taking care of Hoony in hospital.

“How is your knee, hyung?”

“It’s ok lately. I didn’t feel too much pain while we practice. Our dances are not like our old songs. I can dance well for our comeback.” Jiwon also asks JJ to not sleep in studio anymore. JJ only nods answering him. As number 1 and number 2 in group they promise each other to keep their body and the members healthy. While talking about healthy, both of them looking at the member in the back whom sleeping peacefully.

“He must be so tired.”

“Yeah..he’s too excited today, like nothing happened yesterday. I will not invite him to eat seafood again.” Jiwon still blamed himself.

“But he likes seafood.”

“I won’t take any risk with him again.” Actually JJ agree with him.


1 Hour Later.

“Hun-ah, wake up. We’re home.” Hoony wakes up, opens the door himself and straightly walk in to the door after waving goodbye to JJ. But, he just realized that Jiwon is the one who had the key, so that he can’t open it.

“Hyuung….”. Hoony gives sleepy face with a half open eyes asking Jiwon to open the door.

“Your baby wants to continue his sleep, Hyung.”

“This number 4 really. He should open his eyes widely while he walks. He toes could slip or hit some rocks if he walk like that.” Hoony’s toes problem is not over yet.

“Take care while driving number 2.” Jiwon waving and watching JJ until the car is gone. JJ was his driver today. Jiwon knows that he could rely on JJ when he feels tired sometimes. He could asked his manager to drive him today. But, he feels that the members, especially JJ could be his back up as leader, and also no gap feeling anymore while talking about anything.

He watches Hoony already sit down in front of the door with his head on his right hand. He’s still sleepy. Jiwon really wants to pinch his cheeks. Coz his cuteness is overload. Without any hesitation he captures that situation with his phone. Click.

Hoony suddenly open his eyes coz of that sound.

“What are you doin, Hyung?”

“Nothing.” He uploads the picture in to kakao chat group. With the caption sleeping beauty.

Aigoo, this hyung makes some fun with uri fairy. Suwon replies first.

Did he realized, Hyung? Then JD replies.

Not yet. Kekekkekeke…. Jiwon replies. JJ must be hasn’t arrive yet. He still driving.

Hoony goes to the bath room to clean himself. He hasn’t check on his phone that time.

Hoony thinking a lot while showering. There’s always something like idea coming to his head while showering. He’s got some ideas to be his object to paint for exhibition. He wants to draw about two kids, boy and girl. The boy is Sechskies, and the girl is their fans, Yellowkies. They’re holding hands, since they were kid. Then they’re grew up and separate for living their own life. Then they meet again, and holding hands again. Something like that. Hoony plans to draw that idea tonight. He drowns with the water in his body. Hot water on his back feels so soft touching his skin. He feels so glad that he’s more productive than yesterday. He doesn’t want the members and others worrying about him too much. He doesn’t like to look weak. So many words on his head until Jiwon’s voice calls him.

“Kang Sunghoon, what took you so long? Come here faster. I’m making dinner.”

Jiwon sounds yelling at him. He must be really hungry waiting for me. Actually

Hoony feels hungry too. So he finishes showering, put the towel on his waist.

Looking in the mirror for couple minutes before he wear his pajama. Ugh, I look so pale with this skin, why am I so thin. I need to eat more. Ah, my face also become so hairy, so tomorrow I will shave.


Hoony comes to the kitchen to have dinner.

“What took you so long? I’m starving here.”

“You can eat without waiting for me.”

“Yah..kiddo, I’m not gonna eat alone.” He said that while he takes a big spoon of rice with fried chicken on his mouth. Come on hyung. You already eating without me.

“Hyung….what’s this?” Hoony only got porridge, with broccoli and some chicken.

“Your dinner. What else?”

“How could you eat some tasty fried chicken, while I’m just eat this?” His hand points on his food.

“What do you mean with this? That’s your dinner, and that porridge is delicious, I’ve try it.”

“Don’t wanna.” Hoony protests.

“Yaah..Hun-ah, your doctor gave me some receipt about what kind of food you need to eat. Eat that now.” Jiwon start to raise his voice. He’s not angry to Hoony, he knows that Hoony must be hate that food. He’s just trying to make Hoony eat his food.

“Broccoli has some antioxidants to clean your blood from that poison. Don’t chew it, just eat. I already make it small so you don’t need to chew.” Again, Jiwon is talking while he’s eating. Some rice is spread out from his mouth.

The way you eat so dirty hyung. Hoony annoyed by his leader. He has no choice, he’s too hungry to not eat that porridge. Just like Jiwon said, he just swallow the green things that he hates. He won’t comment about the taste. It’s not really bad actually. Jiwon already practiced to cook some food while Hoony is not home.

“Here your medicines.” Jiwon put some tablets beside Hoony’s bowl.

“Why so many?”

“Don’t ask me. Just finish your food then your meds..” while watching his number 4 finishing his food, Jiwon thinking about how Hoony will take care of himself when he’s not around. He has job overseas next week. Rrrrr… Jiwon’s phone vibrates.

Jaejin replies on the group.

JJ: Aigooo…uri Hoony. Why so cute.

Suwonie: have arrive at home hyung?

JJ: yes, I’m lying on my bed right now. Jiwon hyung, what are you doing?

Jiwon: dinner…with a white pale good looking guy

JD: why is he not protest about the picture?

Jiwon: let him be the last one who realized

“Who’s that hyung? Our group? What are you talk about?” Hoony finishes his things.

“You can check on your phone.” Jiwon leaves him and moves to his room. “Hunah…”


“Go sleep. Don’t do anything else. I’m going to dish tomorrow.”

“Aiite..hyung.” Now Hoony is alone in the kitchen. He sees a note on refrigerator door. That’s the receipt. Some porridge, vegetables things, and soup. I guess I can make it by myself and put something else besides broccoli. But Hoony is surprises so many broccoli and carrot inside the freeze. Jiwon hyung prepared all of this?

Seriously? Aah…whatever. Hoony doesn’t want to think. He goes to his room.

Aaah…let see what are they talking about. Hoony is checking on his phone. Found the members talking about his picture, sent by Jiwon.

“YAAH…EUN JIWON….WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?” He’s yelling into the door.

Jiwon’s smiling in his room. Finally you opened your phone kiddo.

Hoony: aiiisshhhh…..you all. Jiwon hyung, you…really… (he sent sticker annoyed)

JJ: have you asked him about the picture last night, Hun-ah?

Hoony: Not yet.

Jiwon: What picture?

Hoony: my picture, that one you captured last night.

Jiwon: I did?

Hoony: you were not?

JJ: not you?

They still talk about picture that Hoony and JJ saw in Hoony phone. Jiwon suddenly come to Hoony’s room to check the picture.

“Show me.” Jiwon laying beside Hoony. They’re looking on the picture together. In that picture Hoony was sleep, the person must be sit beside his bed. Jiwon tries to remember. Last night he was sit in the sofa played some games alone. Their manager already went home at 9 pm. The picture was taken at 4.13 am. Jiwon remembers he kept Hoony’s phone since the first day he was sick. He charged it once, but not yesterday. So that time the phone should be on his Jiwon’s bag.

Manager was come at 7 am. Jiwon knew the nurse came, but that was before Jiwon fall asleep. Jiwon zooming the picture, trying to see the detail. He acts like investigate something.

“Didn’t you feel someone sit beside you? Is there any sound from your camera? My phone sets with the click sound. Hun-ah…?” Jiwon looking on his dongsaeng who already closed his eyes. “You sleep..? aigooo…I was talking alone.”

Hoony forget about his plan drawing his idea for exhibition. The medicine for his allergy is contain soporific which makes him sleepy. Jiwon turn off the lamp and cover Hoony’s body with the blanket. He can smell the pas from Hoony’s foot. His leg has not recovered yet, and now he has allergy. Sometimes Jiwon feels so sad watches Hoony took so many pills, for his body and also his leg.

He leaves Hoony’s room back to his room. While thinking about the person whom captured Hoony, but he has no idea. He just continues playing games until he’s tired.


At JJ’s tudio, the next day

“What is that, Hoony?” JJ is watching Hoony drawing on paper. JJ will teach him painting on canvas today. Jiwon said he will come after he finish schedule in SBS.

JJ turns on V app on his phone. He wants to show the fans about Hoony visiting his studio today.


Don’t make me worry, Hun-ah

“Hi guys, it’s me again…sorry if you’re getting bored with me and my studio. Today I’m not alone. Do you see someone behind me? Can you guess who is he? Yeah…you know him.. Just look at his color, look his hair.” JJ introduce Hoony, who’s still not aware about that live show, because JJ also speaking very softly.

“Hyung-ah…I’m finish drawing. Now I want to put this picture in canvas.” JJ checking Hoony’s pic, and laugh.


“What? Why? Is this bad?”

“It’s good. It’s just…” Hoony waiting for JJ’s anwer. He’s look into JJ, his mouth lil’bit opened, his curiosity about JJ’s comment. JJ looks on Hoony’s face. Hoony is so cute with that expression, JJ suddenly pinches his cheek.

“AAAK….it’s hurt.” Hoony’s right cheek is red. “Why you do that? Tell me how is it..?”

“Your picture just like Seunghyun’s.” Yang Seunghyun, JJ’s nephew, he is only 6 years old.

“Really? I really don’t have that art talent like you.” Hoony lil’bit disappointed.

“It’s okay. You can paint it on canvas…just follow your feeling.”

“But, that’s not good.”

“It is very good, Hun-ah. It’s so pure. You really draw it yourself. I like it.” JJ’s words comfy him. “But, Hun-ah…you better change your shirt before you start.”


“It’s all white. You will finish painting on your clothe beside on the canvas.” Hoony just realized about his outfit today.

He should think about it earlier.

“But, I don’t bring any clothe. Why don’t you just give me the apron like you wear rite now?”

“I will, but first change your shirt with this one.”

JJ has extra T-shirt in his studio. Hoony tries to changes his shirt, but JJ stops him. Hoony still not realized that they are on V live. JJ just pointing his hand into his phone. Hoony still not understand. He never used his phone to do live on V app.

“What’s with your phone?”

“We‘re live now, on V.”

“What? Since when?”

“About 10 minutes….”

“Why don’t you tell me? Iiish….this hyung.” Hoony hides behind JJ’s phone to get change. JJ’s shirt is lil’bit over size on him. Then he directly says hi to the fans through JJ’s phone. And saying sorry because he almost changes his shirt in front of them.

But some comments said ‘its okey oppa if you change in front of us’ and another said ‘aaah..JJ oppa shouldn’t tell Hoony that you’re live rite now so we could see Hoony’s abs.’

Hoony reads those comments alone and laughs.

“Aiigooo…you are so naughty guys. I’ve already change the clothes in front of you last February, I won’t do it again.”

He tries to communicate with the fans, then he continues to paint.

JJ asks him to not feel burden while painting. He can finish the paint in 2 or 3 days. JJ ends the V live after 56 minutes.

They still continue to concentrate doing painting. Until Jiwon comes, only JJ who recognizes Jiwon comes, he gives JJ code to be silent. Jiwon softly touches Hoony’s hair from the back.

“Uri Hoony is so serious painting.”

“Gosh…hyung, when you comin?”

“An hour ago.”

“Liar…I almost spread this color outside this line.”

“What line?”

“This line.” Hoony shows his paint. He is coloring the girl’s hair. “You shouldn’t surprises person who is painting. Look Jaejin hyung. He is painting peacefully, full of concentrate…..” Jiwon suddenly closes Hoony’s mouth with his hand to stop him talking.

“Araseo…I got it, baby. I won’t disturb you.”

Jiwon looking around JJ’s studio, starts to touching every painting that makes him curious.

“Hyung-ah…don’t touch anything.” JJ warns him.


“Just look, but don’t touch. It could decrease the quality.”

“Aiiss..seriously this guy.” Jiwon decides to join. He takes some papers in a table beside Hoony and sit while looking on Hoony’s side face. He starts to draw something, a person, he draws Hoony. Looking on Jiwon who always take a look on Hoony, JJ realized that Jiwon is drawing Hoony. He captures that moment. The Hawaiian couple. That will be his next object to be painted. JJ stands up and walk to see what actually Jiwon draw. Again, he captures them. This time the angle is from Jiwon’s back. He stands behind him. And yes he draws Hoony.

“What are you capture, hyung?” Hoony always aware of camera click sound.

“Both of you.” JJ said but Hoony doesn’t protest.

“Yah…why are you not angry to him. He takes your picture, just like I did last night.”

“Let him be.” Hoony doesn’t want to debate with Jiwon, he’s being childish again. For the sake of JJ’s 4D personality, Hoony won’t be angry to him. It’s different if Jiwon is the one who captured him. He must be uploaded it somewhere.

“Fine..” Jiwon understand why Hoony be like that.

20 minutes they work on silent.


“What?” Hoony glances into Jiwon. He sees that Jiwon is busy with paper. But he doesn’t realize that Jiwon is drawing him.

“Where is Park Bang-ssi?” Jiwon asking Hoony’s manager.

“Don’t know. With his girlfriend, maybe.”

“Did he pick you up?”

“No. Jaejin hyung did.”

Jiwon’s phone is ringing. His manager calls him ask about where he needs to sent the lunch. Jiwon asked his manager to bring foods for JJ and Hoony. He knows that 2 members must be not thinking about to eat. JJ could say if he’s on diet. But Jiwon couldn’t let Hoony not to eat. He needs to eat and finish his meds. Jiwon also had predicted that Hoony must not bring his meds, so he asked his manager to take that meds at their house.

“Where are you rite now? Come to the 3 floor, JJ studio is the one with blue color, the door is opened.

The manager comes and put the foods on the empty table, then he left. Jiwon whispering to JJ to join the lunch so that Hoony also will eat his food. JJ nods.

They ended eat together on the floor. Jiwon shares the story when he was recording on SBS earlier. Then they continue to talk about the mystery of Hoony’s photo. Jiwon borrow Hoony’s phone. He screenshot the picture, including the detail like the time it was taken, then sent it to his number.

“I’m still thinking it was you hyung.” Hoony said to Jiwon.

“No. I was not. I’ve told you I was already slept at that time.”

“So it must be you, Hun-ah..”.

“Me? How did I? You must be kidding.” But JJ doesn’t look like he’s kidding, the he said “So, it were not both of you it must be a ghost.” Jiwon and Hoony is surprising with JJ’s comments.

“Iiiisshh…hyung. Don’t say something scary.” Jiwon is actually more afraid than Hoony. He hates something spooky.

“I don’t wanna talk about ghost. I’ll ask my manager to find something.”

“Hmm…I don’t think that’s necessary, hyung. Just let it be a mystery.” Hoony doesn’t want Jiwon or JJ give more attention to the picture.

“I’m going to delete it.” Hoony hold his phone tries to delete that picture.

“No, let it be. Just like you said. We don’t know what will happened.” Jiwon hold Hoony’s hand to stoping him. JJ doesn’t really care.

“Aratoo…” he continues to eat.

Hoony goes home with Jiwon, while walking in the parking lot, someone come and talk to them.

“Excuse me, are you Ricky Kang?” Both Hoony and Jiwon stop. No one calls Hoony as Ricky Kang in Korea. Hoony hesitates to answer. But he turns his body to look the person.

“Are you calling me…?”

“Who’s he?” Jiwon talking close to Hoony’s ear.

“I don’t know.”

”I’m sorry for interrupt both of you. You must be….Matthew, rite?”

“Do we know you?” Jiwon tries to get the situation, he takes one step in front of Hoony.

“You must not know me. But, Ricky, I hope you remember me. We used to talk in class, we were classmate on 11 grade.”

He sneaks to Hoony and try to ignore Jiwon. But Hoony suddenly hold on Jiwon’s shirt try to hide. He really doesn’t know this guy. Last time there was also someone who said he’s Hoony’s friend, when Hoony was with Suwon. Hoony just tried to be kind with that person. But this guy knows about him and Jiwon as Matthew. Hoony wonders that he is a friend from Hawaii or what.

“My name is Lee Minhyuk, maybe you know me as Gary.” He still talks to Hoony.

Gary? Lee Minhyuk…? Do I really know him? Hoony doesn’t want to look awkward, so he tries to be nice to him.

“I’m sorry Sir, I mean Minhyuk-ssi. It’s been long time, I couldn’t really remember. But it’s nice to see you.” Hoony tries to look relax in front of Lee Minhyuk, he wants to end up the conversation. Hoony shakes his Lee Minhyuk’s hand, then saying goodbye.

“I really hope we could meet again someday. I remember we used to be talked a lot. But, looks like you are very busy rite now.”

“Yes, nice to see you Minhyuk-ssi..”

Jiwon still has suspicious feeling toward Lee Minhyuk. He doesn’t want to shaking hand with him, he straight to the car and give sign to Hoony to hurry.

“Does he really your friend?” Jiwon actually doesn’t really like Lee Minhyuk attitude. He acted like there’s no Jiwon between them.

“I’m not sure, hyung. He said he also know you.”

“11 grade…that was the time I already expelled from school. Maybe that’s why we didn’t really know each other.”

“But hyung.. there were only about…5 or 7 persons who were Korean in school, including you. Actually I was barely talked to the others too. You know that I only come to school to study then going home. I didn’t even join any student clubs. My friends were not more than yours. And I’m still dazzling which one is Lee Minhyuk.”

“Don’t think too much about him. He could be someone who just passing by but suddenly sees us as members of Jekkis.”

“Yeah you’re right, hyung.” Hoony too tired to think, he’s yawning softly, he feels so sleepy. Jiwon plays Deulgukhwa’s ballad song which is has very slow tempo. Jiwon knows Hoony must be so tired. He’s tired too. He wants to get home faster then laying on his bed. But traffic jam is in front of him. Slowly he opened the window, put the cigarette on his lips and turn it on. He smokes while singing softly through the song. He looks the sunset behind the buildings. It looks beautiful. Jiwon enjoys the situation. The conversation about someone named Lee Minhyuk-ssi brought him to the time more than 20 years ago. He used to drive Hoony chooled and pick him up. Suddenly he remember his old friends, he misses to surf, boogie board, motorcycle and stuffs. Jiwon takes his phone and captures the sunset. Click.

He smiles. Then there’s a sound…

“Hyung….don’t take my picture…” Hoony just mumbling. He still sleeping.

“Aigoo,,,this kid, can’t stand about phone camera sound at all, huh?” Jiwon finishes his smoke, checking on the traffic but it’s still long. Suddenly his phone vibrates, there’s a message from Na Youngseok.

Na PD : Guys, I sent it to all of you. Just to remind that we will gather before we take off to the next journey.

We’ll stay on Jiwon’s place on Saturday before we leave Seoul the next day. See ya.

Jiwon amused by that message. My place my ass. This guy didn’t tell me anything before. How can they stay on my place while Hoony also there. Jiwon replies his message.

Jiwon : Youngseok hyung, why has it to be my place? You know that I’m not living alone.

Na PD answers there’s no reason why they will gather on Jiwon’s place, just random choosed by the crew to stay before they take off. Jiwon said he will ask Hoony first.


“I’m okay, hyung. How about them? Should I back to my mom’s house? It’s really okay if you want to…”

“No… they also want to see you.”

“Serious? Why?”

“Don’t know…” Jiwon calls Na PD while talking with Hoony. ‘Hyung, he’s okay. Bring us so many snacks okay, don’t bring to many liquor. I don’t want him being busy to clean up after you guys drink, he’s not in good condition. I’m going to prepare myself. See ya’

“What should I prepare, hyung?”

“Nothing…just doing your stuff like usual.”


Saturday morning.

Hoony is cleaning the house. He wears sleeveless shirt and his pajama pants. Jiwon wakes up when Hoony washing the dish after their dinner last night. Jiwon sees something on Hoony’s back. Something red. He walks closer to Hoony.

He touches that red thing. Hoony’s body tense up. He has one glass falls slip on the dish place, fortunately it doesn’t break.


“What..?” Jiwon got surprises by Hoony’s voice.

“What are doing? Flirting? Issshh…pervert”

“What..??? Aigoo,,what’s on your mind kiddo?” Jiwon push Hoony’s head away with his finger.

“Then why you touching my skin like that?”

“Hun-ah…did you finish your meds?” Jiwon aware about that symptoms. That’s Hoony’s allergy.

“Which one?” He continues his work making breakfast. He prepares two bowls for cereal.

“Your allergy meds…”

“There’re still some of them. Why?”

“I see stretch mark, red…on your back.”

“Aah…is it still there?”

“You know? Where else? Should we check again?”


“Yes, let’s meet the doctor again.”

“No hyung, actually it’s getting better.” Hoony shows some of his body part which also have that red marks. Just because he wears sleeveless shirt so Jiwon could see it.

“Why don’t you tell me about it?”

“Why should I? You already knew about my allergy.”

“Who knows it could be worse… How if tomorrow you collapse again and I already go abroad with the others?”

“I won’t, hyung. Please, don’t worry about it. Can we just eat now?” They already sitting on kitchen table, and Hoony is ready put the spoon in to his mouth.

“Yes…fine. But if you really feel something strange you need to tell me.”

“I will…” Hoony answers just to make Jiwon stop talking. Jiwon is eating while glancing on Hoony. His mind is talking alone. Does he really okay? Ah maybe I’m worrying too much. Jiwon moves from his chair then he makes two cups of alone. Does he really okay? Ah maybe I’m worrying too much. Jiwon moves from his chair then he makes two cups of coffee. He puts one beside Hoony’s bowl. He touches Hoony’s back and shoulder softly. Hun-ah please be ok while I’m not around. Hoony busy eating while playing games on his phone.

Hoony is getting ready, he will go to Hongdae to help JJ with Suwonie. Meanwhile Jiwon busy packs his bag because Na PD and crew will come in the afternoon. The other members of the show will come after they finish their schedules.

“HYUNG-AH, I’M GOING. SEE YA.” Hoony talks loudly from the front door. Jiwon waves to him from the window of his room. His manager picks him up.

“Take care, don’t come home late.”

After finish packing his stuffs, Jiwon goes to the kitchen, he takes some post-it papers with many different colors. He writes some messages to Hoony, about he needs to eat all the broccoli inside the fridge, not to work until midnight, finishing his meds..Hoony also needs to go to doctor to treats his leg. There’s also a message about Hoony needs to not talking with strangers, without any company. Jiwon knows Hoony must be feels so uncomfortable if he treats him like this. Jiwon just worries. Even it’s not the first time he left Hoony alone at home. Hoony sometime asks Suwon or JJ to stay. Lately Hoony so rare come home to his mom, but when he comes home it could be for a month or more, just because he misses his mom.

Hoony’s mom prefers to call Jiwon to know Hoony’s condition. She trusts Jiwon as his own son, as hyung for his son.

She realized about Hoony needs a man character to lead him. Once she told Jiwon about how sorry she is to Hoony, because Hoony couldn’t feel the love of father. Jiwon’s father actually already has another maknae on his family, yeah…it’s Hoony.

Jiwon put some of post-it on fridge door, and some on the table beside Hoony’s bed. He sits on Hoony’s bed then laying on it. While looking through the ceiling, he realized Hoony’s room is so tidy. It’s so different with his room. Jiwon disappointed with himself who gives Hoony so many home work. Hoony really has the sense to keep the house clean and tidy. Sunghoon-ah, I’m sorry always be the one who makes the house messy.

Someone rings the bell in the door. The crew comes to put some cameras on the house. They put cameras almost in all room, except Hoony’s bed room.

“You come?”

“Sure, I should be the first to come to check all the stuffs. Are you alone?”

“Yes, Sunghoon goes to Hongdae to help JJ with some works.”

“Is he really okay if we stay here tonight?”

“He is…but I’M NOT….why you have to choose here…”

“Jiwon-ah….we don’t need reason why we want to stay on your place.” Na PD is teasing Jiwon. “We know you for so long, as a family we never do something in your place. Otherwise, you just have comeback after years, we also want to get close with your members, especially Sunghoon.”

Almost all the crew and the members have gathering in the living room. Talking about how is the journey tomorrow.

The house is so full people. They’re laughing while drinking. Jiwon tries to not get drunk. Actually most of them are drinker, so they’re not getting drunk easily. There’re some games they played before they take off and the loser needs to wear a pink wig. The first game is order some food, they need to order different food for each member. The one who to wear a pink wig. The first game is order some food, they need to order different food for each member. The one who has last order comes is lost. At this game, Jiwon is the winner, and Mino is the one who has to wear pinky wig.

“The food is too much for us. Jiwon-ah, ask Sunghoon to eat with us.” Seogoon asks Jiwon to call Hoony, actually they want to eat together with Hoony, as roommate for Jiwon.

“Hun-ah, where are you?” Jiwon calls Sunghoon in front of the crew, it’s already filming. “Have you eat? We order so many food at home, the crew and other members want to eat with you.”

Everyone being silent while the conversation.

“Okay come faster, hyung is waiting for you. Take care.”

Hoony is already on the way to going home, he was about to getting dinner outside with his manager. But for the respect of his hyung’s friends, Hoony will eat together with them.

Jiwon is checking all the food, he sees that Hodong’s menu is contain of seafood. Jiwon said to him to not give that food to Hoony.

“Hyung, please don’t share that seafood noodles to Sunghoon, he can’t eat that.”

“What? Does Sunghoon has allergy?”

“Yes, yesterday he need to sleep in hospital because we had dinner in seafood restaurant.” Jiwon expression turns to look gloomy.

“Serious? So that’s why I didn’t see Jaejin hyung in company for couple days.” Mino and Jaejin sometimes have time together in company. He said it’s actually Jaejin like to see Winner practice on dance room.

“Is he okay rite now?” Hodong is getting more curious about Jiwon’s members.

“He’s fine, he just still has to treat his body, and also his leg. And one more thing guys…”

“What..??” Everyone looks curious with Hoony. It’s because Jekkis is in high popularity this time, and some of them really curious about another part of Jiwon’s life. Just like the last journey, the crew was become curious about new member, Ahn Jaehyun.

“Don’t you guys give Sunghoon these things.” Jiwon is pointing on soju bottles and beer cans.

“What?? He can’t drink?” Everybody turns into laugh. They don’t want to underestimate Hoony, it’s just because they already had a plan to drink together with Hoony to get closer with him.

Hoony finally arrives. Everyone welcome him. Hodong and Sogeun as Jiwon partners for long time, give him hugs.

They eat together in the living room. Talking and laughing because Jiwon and Sunghoon sometimes fighting in the middles of their conversation, and that’s make everyone laugh.

Most of the topics are about Eun Jiwon, from Sunghoon perspective and also from the crew members.

Hoony feels happy inside, he’s like going back to the old times, when he used to talking together with Jiwon’s buddies.


2 am

Hoony wakes up because he’s thirsty. His throats so itchy, he remembers the last time felt like want to coughing all the night. He goes down to the kitchen, and he heard people talking.

It’s Jiwon and Na Youngseok.

“Sunghoon-ah…” Na PD sees him first. Jiwon surprises Hoony wakes up.

“Hun-ah, are you okay?”

“I’m okay, hyung. I’m sorry if I bother both you.”

“No, Sunghoon. It’s okay. We just talking while drinking.”

“Hmm…both of you still sober?”

“Sure…sit here beside me.” Jiwon asks him to sit, and gives him a glass of water.

“So….how is your sleep Sunghoon?” Na PD asks Hoonny.

“Good hyung, It just suddenly my throat feels so chocked, it wakes me up.”

Jiwon touches Hoony’s back and gives him soft massage.

“Go head, sleep again.” Jiwon talk to Hoony gently.

“Yeah…both of you go sleep too.” Hoony backs to his room.

“Jiwon-ah…you really care about him…I can see by the way you touch his back and his hair.”

“Aah…it’s just come naturally. We already know each other, sometimes I can read what’s on his mind.”

“Yeah, I can see that. I believe you are good brother to him and other members.” The conversation continues until both of them fall asleep in Jiwon’s room.

4 hours later everyone is ready to go. Jiwon comes to Hoony’s room to say goodbye. He still sleep behind his blanket, Jiwon only could see his white hair. Not to make Hoony wakes up, Jiwon just touching his hair softly and sneaks on his face.

“Hun-ah….hyung saying goodbye, be well at home, okay.” Jiwon whispering closer to Hoony’s face.

“Aratoo..hyung, take care.” Hoony hears Jiwon and responds without opening his eyes.__


While Jiwon isn’t home…

It’s been some days Jiwon leaves Hoony for filming his journey variety show. Hoony is being good boy by doing all Jiwon’s messages. He even eats the broccoli with his own food receipt.

Without Jiwon at home, it makes Hoony spending more time with JJ in studio where exhibition will be hold. He finishes his own painting and Jaejin gives a special note about Hoony’s painting. Then and now, let’s not be apart again – From Kang Sunghoon’s heart. Since Suwonie and Jaeduck have no idea about what they want to made, so they help JJ to arrange the exhibition concept. They put their pictures in Hawaii from their last trip in the wall. They really give their heart for this exhibition, Jiwon too. Not forget, JJ also put his painting when Jiwon made a draw of Hoony, and it calls Hawaii couple. The staff and manager also help them to collect their old stuffs and getting information about their 20 years history. Jaejin always get some help from Hoony and Suwonie, while Jaeduck still have his job in company with Tony.


“Yes, hyung?”

“Let Suwonie lift the the chair to the next room, don’t push your legs.”

“Okay.” But JJ like usual, talking without looking at him. Hoony already lift one chair and continues to move it. Suwon who sees him from behind, stop him immediately.

“Stop moving the chairs, let me do it. You just tidy those things up, I will join you after finish this one.” Hoony smiles to Suwonie, then he step away from that side to organize the photos in to some groups.

JJ’s nephew and niece sometimes come with their mom. Hoony always has something to feel when he sees them so close with their mom, dad, even uncle. He wonders about himself. The only mom he has actually really loves him and his sister, but she is also a busy person. Hoony’s mom is a director in her company. Since there’s no man at home Hoony decided to live with Jiwon, who already become his hyung since he was young. His mom always gives him permission if it related to Jiwon. She wants Hoony learn from Jiwon about responsible.

Remember when he got some trouble in the time before they reunited. She feels Hoony need a guide, in this case a man character, to be more responsible for himself and also his family.

“Hun-ah….Something bothers you?” Suwon already talked to Hoony, but Hoony got distracted by Seunghyun, JJ’s nephew.

He sees Seunghyun being so close with his mom. Hoony just remember when he was a child, he was a cry baby. His sister could be more tough than him. As a man, he learns so much from Jiwon, that a man needs to protect his family. Jiwon also teach him to be tough guy, he may cry in front of Jiwon, but not in front of his family. But, at that time he sees Seunghyun is crying because his sister takes away his food. Hoony wonders if he could crying like that in front of his mom.



“Have you cried so loud like Seunghyun rite now?” Suwon suddenly looks into Seunghyun and his mom.

“Of course. My brother really loved to make me cry.” Hoony forgets Suwonie has a brother older than him. Hoony feels like he needs to be like Jaejin, a real man for his family.

“Why you ask me that? If you miss your mom, just call her.”

“How do you know about I miss my mom or not?”

“You not? I know you miss her from your eyes. Just call her rite now.” Without any hesitation,

Hoony goes to other side, he dials his phone. Suwonie smile lightly looking at his buddy missing his mom.

“Sunghoon-ah..” his mom answers his call.


“How you doin my son?”

“Mom, are you busy? I’m sorry for bothering you..”

“I’m not busy. I’m so glad you call me. I’ve been thinking of you lately.”

“Mom…I miss you.” Hoony’s trying to hold his tears. He manages his voice.

“My son, I miss you every day, more than you know son…”


“What happened son? Are you sick?”

“No mom, I’m okay. I’m calling you because I miss you.”

“Aigooo…do you want me to see you? I’ll come to your place and make some food for you and


“Jiwon hyung is not home, Mom. Uhmm…do you really want to come?”

“So you’re alone? Aigoo…my son. I’ll go to supermarket later then I’m going to make you dinner. Okay?”

“Gomawoo Mom..” Hoony feels so happy. He’s gonna have dinner with his mom. Actually he really want to go to his mom’s house, but he’s kinda want to be lil’bit pampered by his mom today.

Hoony back to Suwonie, with little smile on his face. Suwon knows that talking to his mom will make Hoony more brighter. Since Hoony doesn’t have any close friends beside the members, almost every day he spends the time with them and his manager. So Suwon slightly has idea to give his friend time to see his family.

“How is Seunghyunie? Is he still crying?” As Hoony’s back to Suwon he remembers about


“No, his uncle makes him laugh again.”

“I really wanna have an uncle like Jaejin hyung.”

“At least you have him as your member.” Suwon’s words are comfy for Hoony. Hoony feels so glad having members like them. Members who already like family, they are brothers to him.

Hoony plans to not going home late. His mom will come, he needs to clean the house. He needs to clear off all Jiwon message papers. He doesn’t want his mom reads those messages which about healthy stuffs. Hoony doing all homeworks like sweeping, swabbing, and watering the plants (the thing that Hoony actually barely did). And he’s tired.

When Hoony ready to welcome his mom, he falls asleep in living room while watching television. his hand still holding the remote. Hoony didn’t lock the door with the password, just in case his mom will come when he’s on second floor. And yes, his mom, who already has the key of the fence, comes while he was sleeping. She doesn’t want to wake him up. So she continues to cook in the kitchen. She checks the fridge, there are some beers and she knows it belongs to Jiwon. She put some vitamins and another instant food for them.

After the food is ready to eat, Hoony hasn’t wake up yet.

“Sunghoon-ah…wake up.” She bows herself, touching her son’s hair. she feels so lovely, touching his older kid. it’s been long time. Hoony opens up his eyes widely. He looks his mom face.

“Mom….oh my. How could I just sleep here? Are you just arrive? I’m sorry, Mom..” Hoony still dazzling of the situation.

“It’s okay son. Now wake up, wash your face..dinner is ready.”

“Okay…eh, what? Ready? Why didn’t you wake me up….” He rubs his sleepy eyes.

“Son, don’t talk too much. Go wash your face now.”

“Aratoo Mom..” Hoony goes to the bath room in first floor to wash his sleepy face.

“Arato? What kind of language is that?” Her mom talks to herself.

It’s been long time Hoony has dinner together with his mom. he’s kinda miss the taste of the food made by his mom.

“Eat more Sunghoon-ah…you look very thin rite now. Eat some vitamins. I bring some for you, I already put it inside the fridge. Ask Jiwon too to eat the vitamins.” Hoony answers with nodding.



“Are you going to stay here tonight? You can sleep in my room.”

“Do you feel lonely?”

“No…I already get used to be like this.”

“Tomorrow I have to go to Gwangju, maybe I’ll be going for a week. Your sister also not home.”

“So tomorrow I really going to be alone….” Hoony suddenly become gloomy.

“Sunghoon-ah…tell me everything if you have something to share. Don’t you keep it by yourself.”

“Okay..” He tries to give his mom smile.

“How is your work lately?”

“We’re preparing for comeback. Maybe about two weeks…we also prepare for an exhibition.

You can come if you have time, the place is in Hongdae. It’s about our 20 years story. This time JJ hyung is the leader.” Hoony still talking while he eat.

“I will come. Do not talking too much, son. You could choke anytime. Are you still practice dancing?”


“So how is your leg? Still hurt?”

“Aah…that…hmm, not really hurt. I can handle it.” Hoony doesn’t really like to talk about his injury. But he thinks again, it’s his mom who asking him. At least he doesn’t want to make her worry.

“When is your schedule to visit doctor?”


“Maybe I need to reschedule going to Gwangju, so you won’t be alone to visit doctor.”

“No..no..It’s okay Mom, I’ll go with Park Baeng-ssi, he knows what to do with my treatment.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Mom, very sure.”

The conversation doesn’t finish until the dinner end. They continue watching drama. Both of them are watching the same drama, so the conversation is not just about their daily life but also the story line from the drama.

“Mom…it’s already late for you to come home.”

“It’s okay, I’m going to call Mr. Kim to pick me up at 10.”

“Where is he now?”

“He’s on his relative’s house around this area.”

“Does his relative know about me live here?” Hoony lil’bit worry about others knowing he and

Jiwon living together in that house.

“I don’t think so. Even his wife doesn’t know that he works with Kang Sunghoon’s mom.”

Hoony relieves about that. Actually some of their neighbors already know about he and Jiwon are staying together in that house. But all of them are very busy people. So literally they do not give too much attention about there are two celebrities who live as their neighbors. Beside that, they have very high fence with two mango trees and some flowers which already cover up them from the neighbors.

Times up, Hoony’s mom goes home. And Hoony is alone now. He doesn’t feel sleepy, he start to playing some games in his mobile phone. He still in the living room, without turn off the television and his eyes concern on his phone. He puts his legs on the table, he can feel some pain on his toe. He realizes it because he did some homeworks over its limit. He sprays the pas on his leg, and play again. About next two hours somebody rings the bell door on the fence.

Hoony feels awkward. Who the hell coming in this midnight? Hoony looks on the video camera to see whom is it. But he finds no one. It must be a prank. Does someone know about him living there? Hoony can’t reach his imagination, so he decided to go sleep. If there’s another bell rings he will just ignore it.

He’s ready to sleep on his bed, but doesn’t feel sleepy at all. Then he remembers about JJ said that a ghost took his picture that night. What the heck Kang Sunghoon, why are you thinking about that rite now? Hoony is hiding behind his blanket, all the lamp on his room already off.

Only the light from his mobile phone because he still continue playing while thinking about his delusion. Hoony falls asleep by himself after playing 5 levels of his games.

8.30 am his phone is ringing. After 5 times calling, he finally wakes up because of the sound.

“Park Baeng-ssi…” he answer with his heavy sleepy sound.

“Yah..Kang Sunghoon…what time you slept last night?”

“I don’t remember…”

“Sunghoon-ah…hallo??Kang Sunghoon, wake up now…I’m so tired waiting for you here. The sun is already hot this time.”

“Ehh….what you said? Where are you now?” Hoony opens his eyes widely after hearing his manager’s sounds louder.

“I’m here…open the door.”

“Don’t you know the password?”

“Yes, I know, it’s just…I don’t bring the key of your fence.”

“Why don’t you bring it?” They still continue bickering.

“Because you always ready when I pick you up..”

“But I’m not ready rite now…”



“Could you just wake up and come out to open the door for me? Please”

“Naee…wait yoo…” He walks down the stairs, still with half sleep face….and finally let his manager come in.

“Aigooo…Kang Sunghoon. Go prepare yourself.”

“Okay…you doin your stuffs by yourself…”


“What again now?”

“Open your eyes while you’re walking.”


“How could your toe going to recover if you still walk like that?” Hoony doin what his manager said and lets his manager serve himself. Park Baeng looks for breakfast and makes some coffee for both of them. Park Baeng is actually bring a flower and put it on a vas, not forget to give it some water. Hoony has not realized yet about that.

“Have you done?”

“Eung..” Hoony finish cleaning himself.

“Sit here, I make coffee for you. You need to have breakfast before going treatment.” Hoony sit beside him, they watching TV while having breakfast. Hoony looks to the vas sudden.

“Does she put the flower?” Park Baeng hears what Hoony said.


“My mom, we had dinner together last night. But, I didn’t realized she bring flower.”

“She was not…”


“That’s me who bring it.. I found it in front of your house….with this.” He gives Hoony a card.

“Flower with card? Fans did it?”

“Do they know this address?”

“No…I don’t know.” Hoony remember last night call. “Actually…there’s someone outside last night.”

“What? Who? Did you see the face?”

“Hmm…actually, there’s no one outside.” Hoony still confused how to tell his manager about last night call.

“Hee..?? What are you saying?”

“It’s true. I was here until midnight, then someone ring the bell, but when I checked the video camera…there was no one there..”

“Are you serious? Am I bring flower from a ghost?” Park Baeng being extra by Hoony’s story.

“Iisssshhh….you! Don’t you speak something spooky inside my house.” Hoony hit Park

Baeng’s head with TV remote.

Why is everyone thinking about ghost.

The flower is yellow rosebud, with the words inside the card

To: Sunghoon…

Take care

“Who’s that?”

“Dunno….hah…let’s go. Don’t wanna think..”


“Kang Sunghoon-ssi, how is your work?” Hoony already inside the doctor room. He sits on the bed, with both of his legs straight. His manager is also there, listen all the conversation.

“Just like usual, kind of busy for comeback..”

“Dance practice..?”

“Yes, but not much…”

“Sunghoon-ssi, I know you can’t avoid to dance, I suggest you to not doing movement beside dance. As long as you can rest your foot, don’t move too much. Your finger muscles lil’bit swollen. Give some ice before you sleep at night. Use your pas spray only when you needed.”

“Got it, Doc.”

“Now…try to move you’re your left fingers.” Hoony is doing well. “And now move your right fingers.” Honny can’t resist the pain. He knows it’s swollen because he over worked it yesterday and the day before. Without Jiwon beside him no one can stop him from overworked his leg. Actually Park Baeng was already told him to keep his injury away from overworked, but Hoony just not listen.


Ding dong

It’s midnight, and someone rings the door bell again. Hoony can’t sleep. He wants to come out, but he’s too scary. He has no choice, he’s too scare to not tell Jiwon. He dials the name

‘number 1’ on his phone. It’s also midnight in Chinese, Jiwon must be already sleeping since he must be so tired filming.


“Sunghoon-ah…” Jiwon answer his call…with sleepy voice.

“Hyung…..” Hoony couldn’t hide his scare voice.

“What happened, Hun-ah?” Jiwon, who already sleep in sit position, opens his eyes and suddenly wake up. He goes out from his room. He’s afraid his roommate Mino and Soogeun will hear his voice.

“Hyung…I’m scare. There’s someone outside the house..rings the bell.”


“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you check on the video?”

“I’m scare…it’s the second time. Yesterday I checked there’s no one.” That kinda hit Jiwon on the face.

“Hun-ah, check it from my room. You can see from the window.” Hoony get up from his bed and blanket and moves to Jiwon’s room.

“I think I see him, Hyung. Now he has gone.”

“Him? Did you see?”

“Yes..looks like a guy, he walked away.”

“Hun-ah, go to sleep now. You can check again in the morning. I’ll come home tomorrow. I hope you’ll be fine wait until tomorrow.”

“Oke hyung.” They finish the conversation. Jiwon couldn’t sleep anymore. He takes cigarette from his bag. Looking on the moon, midnight sky. Everyone is on their own dream. Jiwon can’t wait for tomorrow come in.

Hoony still can’t sleep. He wonders who the hell is the bell guy. Is he a robber? But, Hoony feels that was a stalker. Two days in a row he came in, he must be knew that he’s alone.

Hoony’s still awake until 5 am. He actually needs to practice at for comeback stage at 9 am.

Like living in the same day with yesterday, Park Baeng-ssi needs to call Hoony harder. He brings the key today, so he’s just gonna get in the house and goes to Hoony’s room. He sees

Hoony still sleep under his blanket. Then he turns off the air conditioner, opens the blanket and start talking alone loudly to wake Hoony up.

“Kang Sunghoon, what time you want to wake up?”


“Kang Sunghoon, Jiwon is coming..” He tries to trick him. And yes he opens his eyes.

“Aiiiiissshhh…..HYUNG…” He throws the pillow to his manager’s face. Hoony is rarely calling him hyung, but at this time his childish side comes up.

“I’m still sleepy. Give me more minutes. And do not turn off the AC!” But the time when Hoony turns his body back to the bed, his manager pull his hand and push him to wake up.

They end sitting together, Park Baeng holding his phone, chatting with others manager saying

Hoony will be late, while Hoony is telling him about last night story.

“You should have checked on the video or just go check the door by yourself.”

“What if he’s real ghost?” His manager couldn’t be more amazed by his answer.

“What??Aigoo..Kang Sunghoon…what kind of ghost who like to gives you some flowers.”

“Is there another flower?”

“Yep…I put it together with the last one. And here’s the card.” Hoony opens the card and it says:

To: Sunghoon…

Don’t sleep too late

“Aiiisshh…hyung..!! This is scary…I don’t like it, he’s stalker.” Hoony throw the card to the floor.

“Maybe he just want to give you some attention Sunghoon-ah..as long as you were not getting hurt.”

“But, it’s still scary hyung. It’s scarier because it’s a guy. I saw him last night, when he was about to run.”

Maybe he’s just your fanboy. You used to be an idol too. Even you gave your fans money to go home, why don’t you just opened the door and give him money. Or maybe you can do what JJ used to do, call the police.”

“But, hyung…there’s should be no one knows about me living here.”

“Naah…today information is so easy to get Sunghoon-ah… your fans could be already followed you from the first time you and Jiwon moved here.”

Hoony silent,thinking about what his manager said.

“Now, you need to wake up and prepare yourself…and..”

“And what?”

“I like the way you calling me hyung this time. That stalker gives good influence for you..”

Hoony doesn’t want to listen him, he goes to the bath room before his manager finishes his words.

Dance practice room

Hoony can feel the pain on his leg. But he has nothing to do beside to endure it. Every time they break Hoony sprays the pas. He reminds himself to get some new pas in pharmacy on the way home lately.

“Is that hurt?”


“But you spray a lot..”

“I spray like usual..” Hoony gives his smile to Suwon, make sure he will not that concern about his leg.

“Don’t push yourself..”

“I’m not. C’mon let’s move our bodies again..” Jaejin and Jaeduck lead on this practice. The choreographer and the dancer also join the practice. They practice all day long, but since they were start so early, they finish practice and discuss for the first comeback stage at 5 pm. Jiwon should be already at home at that time.


“Is there anything else that you need?”

“No, just the pas spray, the others still available.”

“Okay, wait here.” Hoony’s manager goes to the pharmacy, Hoony is alone in the car, until something out of his control happened.



Hoony is playing games in the car, when he heard a lil’kid crying so loud outside. Hoony sees him. Since there’s no one around the pharmacy he goes out from the car.

“Aiigooo, why are you crying baby?” Hoony tries to calm him, he remember about lollipop inside his pocket, then he gives it to that kid.

“Ahjusii, I can’t find my mom…” he still continue to cry.

“Shh..shh..don’t cry. How is your mom look like?”

“She has short hair and her clothes are black.”

“How could you lost her?” Hoony calms him by giving him soft touch on his back. Jiwon always do the same when he was crying.

“I was inside there, he points the pharmacy, then I saw an uncle who brings cute dog. I want to see the dog. But then, that uncle and the dog had to go. When I’m going back to inside my mom has gone.” Hoony is trying to find his mom by looking around, until he heard a woman voice shouting his name.

“Seunghoon-aah…” Hoony sees a woman with a black dress getting closer to them.



“Mooommm…..where have you been? I’m sorry I was leave and didn’t tell you..” Both of them hugging each other.

“Mom, this ahjussi gave me this lollipop.” His mom looks at Hoony.

“Thank you, Sir. I’m so sorry if my son bothering you.”

“No..not at all. It’s okay. I’m glad he finally met you. So, your name is Seunghoon?”

“Eung..” The kid answers him cutely.

“By the way, thank you for calmed him.”

“You’re welcome”

“C’mon son, say thank you to him and go home.”

“Thank you ahjussi.” Both of them are bowing each other.

Hoony goes back to the car, but before he got in to the car, there is a black van stopped with some people come out to chase him. They hold Hoony so tight and close his mouth and nose with handicraft. Hoony inhales chloroform from the handicraft. He couldn’t feel his legs, his head spinning around and couldn’t resist his body anymore. Those people bring him inside the van.

That little Seunghoon turns his head back while holding his mom’s hand and seeing Hoony being chased by those people.

“Mom…that ahjussi..”

“What Seunghoon-ah? Do you still want to talk with him?”

“Mom!! that ahjussi …..huaaaa….mom…that ahjussi suddenly sleeping and bad people bring him.” Little Seunghoon is crying loudly, makes his mom also watching Hoony being kidnapped.

“Oh My God…” But the van already moves so fast and gone.

Park Baeng didn’t realize about Hoony being kidnapped. He’s back to the car and realizes Hoony is not there. Seeing Park Baeng-ssi panicking look for Hoony, Seunghoon’s mom run into him and tell him about she saw that Hoony is being kidnapped.

Park Baeng cannot believe what he just heard. He’s blaming himself to leave Hoony alone.


“Sunghoon-ah…Kang Sunghoon….”

Hoony feels like he heard someone calling him, but his eyes are too heavy to be opened. He’s barely can feel his body and his legs. He is trying to move, he can only move his fingers hand.

Hoony feels that someone touching his hair softly.

“His fingers moving a bit, Sir.”

“Kang Sunghoon….Sunghoon-ah, are you that tired? Looks like you sleeping peacefully.” Hoony feels that sound just like a dream, it’s gone lately.

“Looks like he still under the chloroform effect, Sir.”

“How much did you give him?” An old man in the wheelchair watches Hoony all the time.

“Just normal dose Sir.” The old man assistant checks Sunghoon’s body, he can smell the pas spray from Hoony’s legs.

“Looks like his injury hasn’t recover yet.”

“How long is he suffer for that injury?”

“It’s almost a year, Sir.”

“How could he fix his toe if he still dancing on the stage..”


“What do you mean? How could he?? Where are you? I’m home, come here!! And don’t tell anybody in company!!” Jiwon has arrives at home just about an hour. After getting call from Hoony’s manager he calls the members to meet up.


JJ : ??

Suwonie : hyung-ah? Are you drunk?

JD : waeyoo hyung??

Jiwon : what the f**k Jang Suwon, I’ll kill you later. Now the thing is Hoony is gone, somebody kidnapped him. I’m waiting you guys at home..NOW!!

JJ, JD, Suwonie : WHAAAATTT???

Jiwon : NOW!!

JD : Okay hyung!!

JJ : I’m on my way

Suwonie : How could he…

Jiwon : You wanna die??

Suwonie : I’ll be there hyung!

“I’m so sorry hyung…wish I could be more faster….”

“Stop saying sorry Park Baeng-ssi!” Jiwon tense up, he is so angry, afraid, and panic but he knows he couldn’t do anything. Hoony’s manager called Jiwon as the first one who need to know about Hoony. Park Baeng already being Hoony’s manager since he comes back from enlisted. He actually works for Hoony and knowing the members before they reunited. So literally he’s not company staff, just Hoony’s manager.

“So sorry, I don’t mean to angry…”

“Yes hyung, it’s ok. This is my fault, you can blame me…I just…”

“Park Baeng-ssi!! Stop….okay?And I don’t blame you.”

They talked about what happened with Hoony when he was alone. Park Baeng also tells him about there were witnesses on location, the lil’kid Seunghoon and his mom. Both Jiwon and

Park Baeng feel so regret by ignored him about the stalker. Jiwon looks on the flowers and the cards, thinking so hard. Does it related or not?

The members finally come one by one. They give some kind of report when Jiwon was not home. So far they decided those guy who kidnapped him is related to the stalker.

“Hyung, are we going to keep it from company?” JD still so blank about the situation because he’s rarely interacted with Hoony recently.

“I don’t know. I don’t want it comes to big news. But we also couldn’t do anything.” Jiwon looks on the window, it’s raining so hard outside. Park Baeng still shocks and couldn’t say anything too.

“Hyung, why don’t we report to police?”

“But, don’t you think we need tell the company first?” J-Walk never ending debating. And there’s JJ.

“It’s interesting. I never see this kind of fan who wants to kidnap the idol. It’s like a movie.”

“Aiiiiissh….” Jiwon can’t handle the members, he’s like about to hit them one by one.

“It’s getting dark and cold outside. How is Hoony….” Park Baeng still in gloomy side, blaming himself. JJ who sits beside him is stroking his back to calm.

“Have you eat, Park Baeng-ssi? Hyung, you too? You must be so jet lag….” JJ hasn’t finish his words, when Jiwon suddenly falls to the floor.

“Aigooo…HYUNG!!” Jiwon fainted. He’s too tired. Still on jet lag, and now get this problem.


“Should we bring him to hospital?”

“But he will angry…”

“Or just call the doctor…!”

“His body’s temperature is normal, maybe he hasn’t eat since all day….”

The members just arguing each other. Park Baeng calls delivery service for dinner.

“AIIISHHH….!!!! Why are you so noisy???” Jiwon already wakes up, but got bother from his own members.

“He’s wake up…”

“I better help Park Baeng in living room..” Suwonie runs downstairs to get some food with Hoony’s manager.

Busan brothers just being freeze as their leader wake up. They help Jiwon to sit and give him water.

“Hyung…are you okay?”

“Should I call the doctor, hyung?”

Jiwon doesn’t like to be treated by doctor. He just believes of his own white blood cell to heal him.

“I’m okay. I’m just hungry….”

“Wait hyung, Suwonie in getting the food for you..”

“SUWON-AAH,,,Pallliii!” JD is yelling calling for Suwon, but Jiwon just hit his head.

“You are so noisy….how can I sleep peacefully if you guys around me.”

“That’s why we’re not living with you hyung.” JJ gets pillow smack on his face.

Jiwon joins the others in living room to discuss about Hoony again. The more he think, the more he get headache.

“Hun-ah….how you doin rite now??” Jiwon talk to himself looking at ceiling.

“Hyung-ah..what should we do? Are you serious not gonna tell anybody? Even Hyunsuk hyung?”

“Later JJ, let’s tell Hyunsuk hyung later.” They’re watching TV incase this accident becoming a news somewhere. Jiwon doesn’t want to tell anyone outside the members (including company) because of the media could be so wild. They’re popularity actually is on high after reunited, and media knowing Kang Sunghoon as the most attractive members. Jiwon just worried how it’s gonna be if the media knowing about Kang Sunghoon has been kidnapped.

It’s already 11 pm, they still stick together in living room, watching television without knowing what to do. Raining outside still heavy but slowly getting stop. JJ and Park Baeng clean the kitchen after they eat dinner. They are the only two who doing something while thinking how to save Hoony.

“Hyung…should we call Yoonji? Maybe she knows something..”

“I’ll call her…later..”

“Hyung…we don’t know how is Hoony rite now…he could be in danger in every minutes and we just doing nothing here.”

“I’m checking Hoony’s phone… so literally I’m doin something..”

“I’m still chatting with Seunghoon’s mom.” Park Baeng joins them, and at least he doing something too.

“Who’s that?”

“She’s our witness, with her son. They were the last persons who talk to Hoony before he’s gone. She said the van didn’t have number. His kid still asking how is Hoony, because he said was Hoony was so nice to him.”

“Yaah..tomorrow you and I will go to see them. Jae Duck-ah…don’t you dare tell Tony about it”

Jiwon already has plan and still want to keep it secretly.

“Okay hyung.”

“So….may I go home rite……” Park Baeng hasn’t finish his words when JJ suddenly scream looking on video from cctv outside the house.

“SUNGHOON…that’s Sunghoon…..!!” JJ runs to go out…everyone stood up from the couch.

Jiwon runs after JJ…then Park Baeng joins him.

“Yaah..J-Walk you stay here!!” Jiwon gives an order.

“Why hyung? We want to help Hoony too..”

“I need you to stay dry…” Jiwon continues to run towards JJ and Park Baeng.

Hoony walks in the rain slowly…the lamp from the yard light on his face. He’s so pale. He sees

JJ running towards him. Hoony push his power to JJ but he can feel the pain from his legs, the rain fell into his head and it feels so heavy, like have no power Hoony feels like why is JJ so slow to reach him. He can’t stand anymore.

JJ finally get Hoony on his arms, he hugs him, avoiding him from swaying on the floor. Jiwon and Park Baeng join to hold Hoony.

“Hyung…I’ll piggy back him, help me hyung.” JJ bows his body to help Jiwon and Park Baeng put Hoony’s body on his back.

They bring him to his room upstairs. His body is wet. JD and Suwonie help to change his clothes, while the other three change their clothes on Jiwon’s room.

J-Walk finish change Hoony’s hoodie into shirt, but they start to look each other when they’re about to change Hoony’s wet jeans with pajama pants.

“Hyung…are we really have to change it?” Suwonie suddenly feels so awkward, if he has to change Hoony’s pants with JD.

“But…if we don’t, Sunghoon will get cold. And Jiwon hyung will scold us…”

It takes about couple minutes they’re being confused, until Jiwon finally come in.

“Hyung….” JD doesn’t know what to say or what to do. Jiwon can read the situation by looking on their expressions.

“YOU!! Get out…let me do it.”

Both of them out from the room, but they sneak peek from the door. Jiwon finishes his duty.

Hoony already sleeps but his body is so cold, it because of the rain. His body start to trembling, also his teeth.

“You guys bring the blanket on my room, pallii!!” Jiwon also put blanket on Hoony’s bed to cover him, but he’s still trembling. They cover Hoony’s body with double blanket.

“What happened with him, hyung?”

“He gets hypothermia, his body’s temperature is dropping, we need to make him warm..

aaakh…what to do..!!” Jiwon get anxiety.

“He needs doctor hyung.”

“JJ, call Hwangsabu…ask him how to do…but don’t tell him about our condition”

“Yes hyung…” JJ goes out from Hoony’s room and bring Suwon with him.

“What hyung?”

“Suwon-ah I need your phone..?”

“What for?”

“To call Hwangsabu, what else?”

“Use yours…”

“Yaah…I’m still saving my number from everyone…I need yours.”

Suwon can believe what he just heard. JJ still keeps his number from everyone, even from

Hwangsabu, the health trainer from company. Suwon doesn’t want to think…he just gives JJ

his phone.


“Hun-ah…are you still cold? I will hug you…so you will not feel cold anymore.”

“Hyuung…it’s so cold.” Hoony answers whisperly.

JJ comeback brings warm water. Jiwon pulls Hoony’s body to be in sit position a bit and put his arm behind Hoony’s head, he tries to drink him warm water. His teeth still trembling, so JD turns on the heater. They doin Hwangsabu’s tips. Jiwon hugs Hoony tightly, JJ strokes Hoony’s back helping Jiwon to share his warmth from their body. Hoony’s slowly stop trembling.

It’s already midnight. JD and Park Baeng are going home. Everyone is tired. Suwonie and JJ are sleeping on Jiwon’s room. Jiwon is tired too, he sleeps next to Hoony. Jiwon could sleep peacefully because he doesn’t need to think about the incident anymore.


5.30 am

Jiwon heard someone’s crying. He thought it was a dream, but he can hear it clearly. The crying sound comes from someone beside him. Jiwon wakes up, look into Hoony, who still sleeping, but he is crying.

Does he have a nightmare? I didn’t know what happened to you Hoony…why are you crying rite now?

Jiwon cover him with blanket until his chin. He holds Hoony’s hand behind the blanket, its not cold anymore. Just to make sure to him that he’s not alone. Jiwon is beside him.

“Waeyoo…waeyoo?” Hoony’s mumbling on his sleep. Jiwon feels need to wake him up slowly.

“Hun-ah…Sunghoon-ah…don’t you cry…hyung is here.” Hoony slowly opens his eyes, he can see Jiwon. Then hugs Jiwon and crying histerical.

“Shh….it’s ok….shh….hyung is here” Jiwon stroking his back trying to calm his cries.

“Hyuuung……” He is sobbing.

“Are you hurt? Who’s hurt you? Tell me…” Hoony still sobbing but slowly stopping his cry

“Hyung….uri appa…”

“What…..?” Jiwon feels strange hearing Hoony’s words.

“Appa…? Hun-ah..?” But Hoony not respond, his eyes already close again on Jiwon’s chest.

“Hun-ah…?” Jiwon put him back to sleep.

Jiwon doesn’t feel sleepy anymore. He goes downstairs, looking for his cigarettes while thinking about Hoony’s words.

“You wake up hyung… “ JJ comes and goes to kitchen.

“What will you do?”

“Make some breakfast, coffee?”

“Yes, please JJ..gomawoo.”

“Hyung-ah..doesn’t it too early for smoking?”

“Just one, JJ. I promise.”


Suwonie wakes up and checking Hoony. He can see Hoony is also awake.

“Wake up?” Suwonie asks Hoony from the door.

“Yes..” Suwonie comes in and helps Hoony tidying the blankets

“Why so many blanket here?”

Because you got hypothermia last night, what else. Suwon answers him silently.



“Why are you here? Coming here so early…” Suwon surprises with Hoony’s words. What the heck Sunghoon? Does he not remember anything?

”I come to see you, are you okay?”

“To see me? I’m okay Suwonie. Why so sudden you want to see me..”

“ To help you tidying these blanket…” Suwon feels awkward with his answer.


“Sunghoon-ah…don’t you feel hungry? Let’s get some food to eat..” Suwon cut the conversation before Hoony talking more. He plans to run downstairs and tells Jiwon about what happened, but Hoony stop him.

“Suwon-ah…..my leg is hurt. Help me to walk..”


Breakfast by JJ already prepared in living room. Both JJ and Jiwon already sit there drink their coffee watching television.

“Sunghoon-ah, you wake up? How is your feeling?”

“Yes hyung, my leg still hurt.” He walks downstairs with some help from Suwon. Suwon helps

Hoony to sit in the middle of the couch.

“Is there anywhere else you feel the pain, Hun-ah?”

“My head…” Jiwon gives a little massage to Hoony’s temple.

“Hyung-ah, should we go to practice today?”

“I know you all are tired today. Let’s take a day off. Do you want to talk about yesterday, Hunah..?”

“What happened with yesterday?”

Jiwon and JJ look each other, while Suwonie already get the situation.

“Don’t you remember about yesterday? Last night?”

“Yesterday…? We’re practice rite? What else?” Jiwon put his hand into Hoony’s forehead, in case he has another symptom. But, Hoony backs away.

“Sunghoon-ah, let’s go..”

“Where? I still have my breakfast hyung.”

“We go to hospital..”

“Why? I’m fine…”

“No you’re not, and your leg needs to be seen by doctor.”

“I’M FINE..” Everyone shocks from Hoony’s loud voice. Hoony just holds his head, yelling just make his head more in pain.

“I’m sorry hyung-ah…but really I feel fine, just some headache and this s**t f**king toe.”

The others just staring at him. Where those words come from? The shocking thing is Hoony never say cruel words. Jiwon, the one who always nags, and the others keep silent by Hoony’s attitude. Hoony sees a cigarettes box on the table. He takes one and put on his lips. He lights one and smokes.

Suwon and JJ lost their words. Jiwon can’t handle anymore. He takes the cigarette out of

Hoony’s mouth and turns it off on ashtray.

“What is wrong with you? Tell me what happened yesterday!” Jiwon pulls Hoony’s body to face him. He tugs Hoony’s shirt, now they are facing each other. Jiwon eyes look angry, while

Hoony’s look so lost. Suwon tries to hold Jiwon, tries to avoid him hurting Hoony. JJ stands behind the couch holding Jiwon hands. Both Suwon and JJ never seeing this couple like this.

Either Jiwon over worrying Hoony, or Hoony who became so annoying so sudden.

“Hyung…you could hurt him.” Suwon whispering on Jiwon’s ear. Jiwon feels out of control, then he lets Hoony’s shirt off. Never imagine he would do such a thing to Hoony.

“Hun-ah, I’m so sorry.. I don’t mean to…” Jiwon stop his words, he stuck on Hoony, who has no reaction about him being so harsh to Hoony. Suwon and JJ also wonder what happened with Hoony.

“Sunghoon-ah? Kang Sunghoon…are you okay?” JJ shakes Hoony’s shoulder. Hoony’s reaction is so empty, he looks so lost.

“I’m ok.”

“I’m sorry Hun-ah…”

“I’m fine hyung.” The situation becomes awkward. Suwon and JJ also don’t know what to do.

Hoony stands up and goes to kitchen hobbling. The other three start to talk softly.

“Is there something wrong with his head?” JJ saying.

“The kidnapper must be gave him something.” Suwon with his delulu.

“I think we need to bring him to doctor hyung, but just saying we’re going to picnic today.”

Another idea from JJ. Jiwon actually think the same with them. There must be something wrong with Hoony. How could he just smoke in front of JJ and Suwonie. It’s okay if he were smoke only in front of him. But, it’s been years Hoony stop from smoking.

Sound something dropping from kitchen

“What is that..? from kitchen!”


“Aiissh…we shouldn’t leave him alone!!” they run as fast as they can.

They find Hoony on the floor, maybe he was try to lean on the chair but he failed. He drank some beers in the fridge. His body couldn’t stand for alcohol. Now he already passed out.

“Hoony!! S**t!! JJ turn on the car, we go to ER.”

“Yes hyung..”

“Suwon-ah, help me to put him on my back.”

“No hyung, let me bring him on my back. I’m stronger than you…at least my knees..”

Jiwon canceling to hit Suwon, and pull Hoony to Suwon’s back and he hold Hoony from behind avoiding him fall.

“JJ faster!”

“Yes hyung.” But the traffic light shows red lamp. JJ stops suddenly. Jiwon puts Hoony’s head on his lap. Hoony almost fell from the seat.


“I’m sorry hyung!”

Suwonie just silent hold on handrail. JJ’s driving feels like fast and furious movie.

“Hyung, be careful. We just want to bring one person to hospital, don’t make it four.” Suwonie says straightly (robot mode on) and get a hit on his head from JJ.


Jiwon never imagine he will come to this place again, and Hoony is laying again inside the emergency room. After the doctor checked his condition, Hoony treats on VIP room, the same room he stayed last time.

“Hyung, why don’t you check yourself too?”


“You fainted last night.”

“I’m fine.”

“Hyung, maybe your white blood cells couldn’t handle….” before JJ finished his words, Jiwon already gives him strong gaze on him and Suwonie. So JJ just continues changing TV channel, while Suwonie moves to sit beside Hoony’s bed watching him sleeping.

“Sunghoon-ah…do you like it so much? Sleeping in this room…in this bed.” Suwonie talks alone. He’s actually so sad watching his friend like that. Hoony is the most fragile person between the members, and why people so mean kidnapped him and hurt him like this.

Jiwon asks JJ and Suwonie to go home and take a rest. He already calls Park Baeng to help him in hospital. But both of them keep stay, even until Park Baeng and JD coming. The situation almost the same with last time they stay there after Hoony got his allergy.

“Hyung, do you still want to keep it from company?” Park Baeng still wonders what’s on

Jiwon’s head.

“Yes, as long as we could..” by saying these words, Jiwon looks into JJ, the one who couldn’t keep his mouth from his brother in law a.k.a their CEO. JJ feels the stares from his leader.

“But, hyung…soon or later Hyunsuk hyung must know without me telling him…” JJ defenses himself.

“So, let him…but later.”



“Ahjussi…who are you?”

“Aah..Sunghoon-ah, are you awake? Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.” Sunghoon wakes up in the place of nowhere. He couldn’t recognize the place also the person who sit on the wheelchair who watching him sleeping.

He sits and put his legs on the floor. Now they look at each other. The ahjussi looks so old, his age could be around 70 years old.

“Sir, do I know you?”

“Sir? You already called me ahjussi then..”

“I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t realize about…” Hoony stops his words.

“About me who looks so old? So now you can see me clearly?” The old man smiles to


“I’m sorry, Sir. I don’t mean to say that..”

“Hahaha, Sunghoon-ah…it’s okay. You must be so hungry, let’s eat together. Can you walk?”

“Yes, Sir. I can walk.” Hoony stands up and walks with the old man to another room. He can feel his leg still in pain. He tries to walk normally, but it hurts him. The old man realizes about the way Hoony walks.

“It looks still hurt…let me ask my assistant to help you.”

Still? He knows about my injury? Who is he? Hoony talks on his mind.

“Let me help you, Sunghoon-ssi.” A young man who called as the assistant help Hoony walks into dining room to eat. The dining luxurious room. Not so large, but Hoony can see how expensive all the things on this room, hmm…no, in that house actually. Hoony thinks the old man must be very a rich person, plus with all the servants. But there’s only one servant, the assistant, Hoony and the old man who stay in the dining room. The servant guy and the assistant just standing behind the old man. Hoony sit on the right side of the old man.

Hoony can see all the foods are his favorite, even there’s no alcohol on the table. He must be know about Hoony barely can drink. He’s so hungry, he practiced all day long and suddenly wake up to get all the food, Hoony eats without any hesitation, and the old man suddenly stroking his hair, softly.

Hoony can feel the warmth from his touch, somehow he knows this old man is not a bad person. But, still..Hoony doesn’t know who he is.

“Eat more Sunghoon-ah. You are so thin. You look so pale.”

“Hmm… Sir, what it’s all about?” Hoony doesn’t want to waste the chance to eat those delicious foods. But, he keeps asking while eating.

“Just eat, Sunghoon-ah. We will talk after you finish.”

“Are you going to ask me to pay all of these?” Hoony stops his eat for a while. But, the old man just laugh hearing what Hoony said.


Jiwon sees Hoony’s eyes moving. Even he’s still closes his eyes. He rubs Hoony’s left arm, to give signals to Hoony about his present. And yes, he gets the answer, because Hoony slowly wakes up. Jiwon stands up and show his face to Hoony.


“How you feel, Hun-ah?” Hoony looks into the ceiling, and all the room.

“I’m fine hyung. Where is it? Hospital? Again?” He pulls his body and sit.


“Why? I don’t feel sick, hyung.”


“Yes…Why you brought me here?”

“Because I…hmm, because we were worried about you…”

“Worried about what hyung..?”

“Sunghoon-ah…are you really going to bicker with me? You just wake up.”

“I’m sorry hyung.” Hoony regrets his words to Jiwon, he knows Jiwon and the others just worried about him. He should be thankful.

Hoony looks around the room, like he looks for someone.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Are you alone hyung?”

“No, the others go to cafeteria and JJ sleeping on the couch.” He shows JJ spot with his chin.

“How about we go home after JJ hyung wakes up?”

“I need to ask your doctor, let me see him first.” Jiwon goes out from the room, but he actually not leaving Hoony. He sneak peek from the door, try to find out what Hoony gonna do.

Hoony wakes from his bed, goes to the window, and standing there for couple minutes. Jiwon thinks there’s no need worry about him, but he realizes something. Hoony touches his eyes. Is he crying?


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