Holiday in Hawaii by: Yellow6Hexagon

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Before the release of the 20th anniversary album, Sechskies decided to go on another trip to Hawaii for a holiday.

Sechskies bromance fic


Note that this fanfiction is pretty delusional. But aren’t all fanfictions delusional HAHAHAHA . I’ll be posting a chapter every Tuesday. I promise. You can kill me if I don’t update.


Chapter I

“Guys!! Let’s go on a holiday!!” Jaeduck suggested one day in their recording room.

“Huh? Are you out of your mind? We’re releasing our album soon and you want to go on a holiday?” Jiwon was quick to shoot down his idea, even when he was not facing him.

“That’s exactly why! We should go on a holiday before we release our album! We’ll be very busy after that for a proper holiday!” Jaeduck reasoned as Sunghoon came out of the booth after recording his last section.

“I agree!! I want to go too!” Sunghoon chirped, settling down beside Jaeduck on the couch.

“Sunghoon, you too?” Jiwon turned around from his producer chair.

“I don’t mind. It would be fun.” Jaejin looked up from Charles, whom he was caressing it gently.

“Where should we go?” Suwon asked.

“It’s decided already?!” Jiwon pushed his sunglasses up to his head.

“Yeah! I have a suggestion! Let’s go back to Hawaii!” Jaeduck said excitedly.

“Again?” Jiwon frowned.

“Yeah! We went there to work last time and didn’t get to enjoy much. I just want us to enjoy, just us only.” Jaeduck brought his knees up and told the rest about his idea.

“I miss Hawaii already…” Sunghoon pouted.

“You’re the one that stayed the longest!” Jiwon retorted.

“Well I really love that place!” Sunghoon grinned.

“Shall we go then?” Suwon asked again leaning forward from the arm couch.

“When?” Jaejin asked.

“Ummm… Tomorrow?” Jaeduck answered.

“Okay.” Surprisingly, everyone had no objections.

“We should inform Hyunsuk hyung first.” Jiwon said as everyone nodded.

“I’ll inform him.” Jaejin volunteered and no one stopped him. He’s the best choice after all.


~~~ The next day

“Is everyone here?” Suwon asked, playing his phone. They were all waiting at Incheon Airport, except for one person.

“Jiwon hyung is not here yet.” Jaejin answered the maknae.

“Aish… Typical of him.” Suwon sighed, keeping his phone.

“The flight is leaving in 30 minutes and he’s not here yet?” Suwon said to no one in particular.

“Hey!! Everyone!!” Jiwon’s voice shouted through the airport and the members heard it.

“Hyung!! Palli!! The plane is leaving!” Sunghoon called out, waving his hand.

“It’s not! Why are you guys so early?” Jiwon refused to acknowledge that he was late.

“We’re not hyung. Better go check in now.” Suwon sighed at their leader.

“Okay! Where’s the counter?” Jiwon pulled down his Sechskies mask and took off his shades too.

“There. Come on, let’s go.” Suwon pointed at the counter direction before pulling Jiwon’s suitcase along with him.

“Jaeduck-ah! Wake up! Jiwon hyung’s here.” Jaejin nudged his friend roughly as Jaeduck was sleeping on Jaejin’s shoulder.

“H-Huh…? Oh… Let’s go…” With all the enthusiasm yesterday, Jaeduck was unable to sleep last night and they had to catch an early morning flight to Hawaii. The poor dancer stood up and followed Jaejin to the counter where Jiwon and the rest were.


On the plane, the seating arrangement was the usual, Jaejin and Jaeduck, Jiwon and Suwon and Sunghoon at the single window seat he loved.

“Aishhh…. I should’ve slept yesterday night.” Jaeduck whined as he settled down onto his seat, yawning.

“I can’t understand why you can’t sleep yesterday.” Jaejin replied him, sitting down and taking out his earphones.

“Too excited I guess. I’m really happy that we’re going on this trip with the five of us.” Jaeduck smiled genuinely.

“How about the trip that you went with Tony-ssi? Which one do you feel more excited?” Jaejin questioned, the rivalry feel of Sechskies and H.O.T came back briefly.

“Eyyyy… Why do you ask that…” Jaeduck shook his head and avoided the question, putting on his duck face eye mask.

“I’ll ask you the same thing at the end of this trip. Remember.” Jaejin teased.

“Arrasso…! I’m going to sleep now! Tell the stewardess to not disturb me.” Jaeduck told Jaejin as he lowered down his seat and made himself comfortable, hugging a pillow. Soon, Jaeduck’s breathing became even, indicating that he was sound asleep.

“Aish… This Jaeduck…” Jaejin shook his head when he saw Jaeduck shiver in his sleep. Waving his hand slightly, he called a stewardess over and asked for a blanket. When the stewardess brought over a blanket, Jaejin put it over Jaeduck as the latter smiled at the warmth and cuddled into the blanket.

“Ayy, Jaeduck hyung is already asleep?” Suwon and Jiwon entered the aisle and sat in front of Jaejin and Jaeduck.

Jaejin silently nodded.

The leader-maknae pair bickered the whole way in the front seats though it was pretty one-sided. Suwon always found a way to retort back to Jiwon and made him angry.

Meanwhile, Sunghoon on the other hand shook his head and concentrated on the phone in between his hands and his music blasting in his ears.

After 13 hours of flight, the five members finally arrived in Honolulu.


“Woah… Jiwon hyung, why did you bring us here for?”


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Chapter II

“Uwahh!! The air here is still as fresh as ever!” Sunghoon breathed in as soon as they exited the airport.

“Where are we going now? We didn’t even plan anything.” Suwon asked.

“I have!! Follow me!” Jiwon announced as he started hailing a taxi.

“As expected! Planman!” Sunghoon teased, laughing.

As the yellow taxi came, they got onto it, Jiwon told the driver the address in English and off they went.


“Woah… Jiwon hyung, why did you bring us here for?” Jaejin marveled as he pasted his face onto the window, looking out. Outside, villas filled their view. It reminded Jiwon and Jaejin of the flower road in Flower Crew.

“It’s so pretty and luxurious!!” Jaeduck exclaimed as he squeezed himself against Jaejin to take a closer look outside.

“Eyyyyy… You can see later. You’re squashing me!!” Jaejin complained as he pushed Jaeduck back.

“We’re here!!” Jiwon shouted in english as he gave the driver the fee before getting out and unloaded their luggage.

“Guys, take the luggage and head to S6. I’m going to check in and get the key from the front desk at the main office.” Jiwon told the rest as he pushed his luggage towards the rest and walked off. The members were stunned.

“Ummm what….?” Jaeduck blinked.

“We’re staying in these villas? I’m going broke on the first day.” Suwon cried animatedly.

“Let’s just go. S6 might not be a villa.” Jaejin said negatively yet positively as he start dragging his luggage on the clean man-made road, while counting the letters and numbers on the villas itself.


“I think we’ll all be bankrupt by the end of this trip. Need to work extra hard on our album promotions.” Sunghoon jaw dropped when he saw their temporary house. And so did the other members. It was indeed a Villa, a three storeyed villa. With a porch in front and balconies on the second and third floor. It was creamy white in colour and had a black classy door and window frames. It looks luxuriously expensive for anyone.

“Are you sure we’re at the right place?” Sunghoon asked, still staring at the whole villa.

“It reads S6. Unless Jiwon hyung told us the wrong one.” Suwon replied.

“Hey!! I’m here!!” Jiwon’s voice was heard from afar. Soon, the Sechskies members saw their leader riding a bicycle towards them.

“Hyung, why did you take so long? We’ve been waiting for half an hour here.” Suwon complained.

“I didn’t know you’ll walk that fast.” Jiwon shrugged off his question before heading to the front gate of the Villa and unlocked it with a click on his phone. The huge gate started opening slowly.

“Hyung!! Don’t you think it’s a bit too big for only 3 night? And for only the five of us?” Suwon said, still worried about the money.

“Come in first and I’ll tell you everything.” Jiwon merely said without turning back. He entered the villa with his own luggage in tow. The other members looked at each other in confusion. They shrugged before following their leader in.

As the members walked in, their mouths could not close. They stared at the whole inner house in amazement. The furniture and interior design were just as luxurious and extravagant as the outside of the house where a pond and small garden was situated in front of the porch.

“Just put the luggage here first. C’mon sit down.” Jiwon parked his luggage at the side of the flower vase and took a seat on the golden colored couch which stood out like a sore thumb among the white walls.

“Woah.. It’s soft.” Suwon commented when he took off his shoes and went bare feet on the soft black carpet. In silent awe, everyone followed Jiwon and sat down around the black coffee table.

“So, hyung? Please don’t tell me how much this costs. I’ll definitely faint.” Suwon put his hands in front of him and laid back onto the couch as his back sank into the couch.

“This? It doesn’t matter to be honest. This is mine.” Jiwon said it naturally, like it was nothing.


The house went silent. Nobody spoke.

“Hyung… You said this is yours?” Jaejin broke the silence.

“Yeah… Wait no, this isn’t mine.” Jiwon suddenly denied.

“Not yours? Hyung, are you joking with us?” Sunghoon facepalmed.

“This is ours.” Everything was still again.

“Huh?” Jaeduck did a double take.

“Don’t be like this. I bought this villa with our money. Sechskies money from 16 years ago.” Jiwon answered.

“How…?” Suwon was still confused.

“Remember every time I passed out the revenue we earned? I kept about one fifth of each of your portion and my portion.” Jiwon started his explanation.

“But we were only active for 3 years. Was that sum of money enough?” Sunghoon asked, not bothered by the fact that Jiwon took their money without his consent.

“Obviously not. It wasn’t even half the price of this Villa. After that, I worked hard in the entertainment industry for a few years and gathered enough money to do something.” Jiwon continued.

“Do what?” Jaeduck asked.

“I asked your parents for money.” Jiwon stated bluntly.

“Huh?! You what?!” Everyone’s reaction was similar.

“Calm down! Not in that way! I mean I went to all of your parents and told them about my plan. Surprisingly, all of them actually kept money for each one of you when you gave them household funds. They agreed to my plan and passed me the money. And then I got this villa planned and designed out before it was finally finished building last month.” Jiwon ended his explanation.

“What…” The members found it unbelievable.

“It was a 16 year project. Even the villa number was also deliberate! It’s S6! Sechskies6!” Jiwon explained strongly when the others had no reaction.

“Don’t worry, all of your names are under this villa! Even Jiyongie’s! Hello? Answer me!” Jiwon was getting frustrated when no one answered him.

“Well, you can come here whenever you want since this is our place. I thought that we would last forever as Sechskies so I started this project 19 years ago. But even though we disbanded, I thought that I shouldn’t just waste my efforts, so I continued. I never expect it to be finished in time for our 20th anniversary!” Jiwon rambled on.

“Oh, and these are the keys that were replicated just now. That’s why I was a bit late. Suwon-ah, help me pass one to Jiyong and tell him everything I told you just now. Don’t even think about missing one word.” Jiwon fished out 5 set of keys from his jacket pocket and placed it on the coffee table.

“Is everyone okay? Hey! Someone answer me!! Stop being silent!” The leader was really getting frustrated.

“Hyung….” Jaeduck squeezed out the word from his throat.

“Yeah…?” Jiwon urged him to continue and was backing away when he saw his tears.

“KAMSAHAMIDA!!” Jaeduck suddenly leapt up from his seat and onto an unsuspecting Jiwon, who was forced to open his arms and wrapped Jaeduck around.

“Yah! What’s wrong?” Jiwon shouted, confused. He became even more confuse when Sunghoon joined in, circling his arms around Jaeduck and Jiwon from the side.

“Jiwon hyung, don’t worry, I’ll relay the message to Jiyongie with your exact words.” Suwon breathed calmly as he went to the other side and joined the hug.

“Yah! What’s wrong with the three of you? Jaejin-ah! Help me pry them off!” Jiwon was stuck from front, left and right, so he only could wave his head helplessly around.

“Jiwon hyung… Thank you for the hard work.” Unexpectedly, Jaejin didn’t help Jiwon and walked to the back of the couch. He bend down and circled Jiwon’s neck.

“Yah! Jaejin-ah! What are you doing?!” Jiwon was alarmed. Jaejin hugged Jiwon from the back and laid his head on the leader’s shoulder, successfully trapping him from all sides.

“Guys?! Guys?! Seriously! What are all of you doing???” Jiwon was getting embarrassed as he flailed his legs. This is the first time all the members were hugging him like this. His face starts to heat up.

“Enough enough!! Get off me now!!” Jiwon wriggled himself free as everyone could not hold down anymore. As soon as everyone was off, Jiwon could clearly see their expressions which they haven’t showed earlier. Jaeduck had tear streaks down his cheeks and was sniffing and trying to stop smiling at the same time. Sunghoon’s face was giving a full blown angel smile aiming at Jiwon directly. The maknae was smiling at Jiwon. Even though it doesn’t have Sunghoon’s angelic effect, it was genuine enough to touch Jiwon. Finally, Jaejin was equally smiling as brightly as Sunghoon, even his wrinkles beside his eyes were out.

“Enough with the cheesiness! We’re going to enjoy these 3 days to the fullest right? So let’s start the first night right! Sunghoon-ah, order some chicken and beer!” Jiwon declared as he stood up with the help of the couch’s armrest.

“Okay hyung!” Sunghoon agreed immediately as he fished out his phone and went to one corner to order.

“Any other orders?” Jiwon asked.

“Pizza!” Jaejin suggested, craving for some Hawaiian Pizza.

“I think it should be enough for the five of us.” Suwon said, walking up a few steps of stairs to reach their luggage.

“I want to check out my room. How many rooms are there hyung?” Suwon asked, hand on the handle of his luggage.

“6. You can pick one. 3 on the second floor and 3 on the third floor. Blackies on the second, Whitekies on the third. That’s how I designed it. Although not as good as Jaejinnie could.” Jiwon grinned as he praised Jaejin indirectly.

“Okay!” Suwon shouted from the stairs as he lugged his luggage up the stairs with some effort.

“Woah! This is really the Blackies level!” Suwon exclaimed. Indeed, the second level was designed with black and gold as its theme. The open lounge on the second level had a black couch and a golden carpet. Black and golden imprints and pictures of the Blackies filled the walls, framed by black photo frames which had golden man-made twigs circling around it. Even the lighting was a warm golden color.

“Woah! Jiwon hyung! You sure you designed this all by yourself?” Jaeduck ran up the stairs upon hearing Suwon’s surprise.

“Nah. I’m obviously not Jaejin. I worked with the interior designer of course.” Jiwon ruffled his own hair as he walked up the stairs.

“What about the third floor??” Sunghoon and Jaejin joined the rest on the second level after ordering the food. Jiwon then led the rest to the third floor through the stairs, which were carpeted with golden sparkled soft carpets and the railings filled with forsythia flowers.

“Woah…..” Everyone’s mouth dropped in amazement when they entered the Whitekies space. Unlike the second level, the third floor was decorated with white and gold as its concept. Similarly, it had a white couch with golden carpet at the lounge area where a white rose gold swing hung from the ceiling. Whitekies’ pictures lined the walls.

“This is amazing…” Jaeduck muttered in wonder as he walked around the place.

“Don’t break anything!” Jiwon warned when he saw them touching.

“This is so pretty.” Sunghoon smiled gently, touching one of the Whitekies picture carefully.

“I’m glad you like it.” Jiwon smiled at his members and headed down to his floor, followed by Jaejin and Jaeduck as he called them.

“Choose your room.” Jiwon urged as he pointed at the three black doors lined with golden stripes.

“I’ll take the one in the middle.” Jaejin said immediately, pulling his luggage and entering his room after knocking on the door twice, without whatsoever reason.

“Jiwon hyung, you?” Jaeduck let the oldest to pick.

“Mmm… Over there. You can take the one nearest to the stairs.” Jiwon thought for awhile before taking the room furthest away.

“Okay! I’ll unpack my things first!” Jaeduck cheerfully announced as he entered his room.

“I should too.” Jiwon talked to himself before pulling his luggage into his room.


“Suwon-ah, which room?” Sunghoon asked, looking at the three rooms, which didn’t look any different.

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s just choose and leave one for Jiyongie.” Suwon waved off as he casually picked the one nearest to the stairs.

“True! Hahahaha!” Sunghoon laughed before choosing the middle room.


Every room was the same. It was purely white. Jiwon wanted the members to decorate and personalize their own room. Every room was big compared to a normal apartment room. It consisted of a single white bed with comfy sheets, a walk in wardrobe, a LED television, a couch, a mini fridge and a bathroom with the necessities inside. The five members stayed in their room to unpack their stuff and were left in amazement of the room until the food came.


*Couple playing*

The door bell sounded of Sunghoon’s sweet voice.

“I’ll get it!” Jaeduck ran out of his room wearing a tie dye oversized comfortable sweater and black sweat pants that looked too big on him. The Blackies member skipped down the stairs and opened the door to receive the food Sunghoon and Jaejin ordered. After signing his signature to indicate the food was received, Jaeduck took all the food in his arms and walked back. The food piled up almost reached his nose as he was the shortest among them. The oversized sweater didn’t help his hands at all as the sleeves kept making his hands slip.

“Don’t take so many if you can’t.” Jaejin nagged disapprovingly as he took the pizza boxes off Jaeduck’s hands.

“Thanks! Jaejin-ah!” Jaeduck chirped as his load became much lighter. The two Busan brothers then walked back into their Villa.

“Yah! Jaejin-ah! Wear some clothes!” Jiwon pointed out as the two walked in with the food in hand. The oldest wore a black bathrobe down.

“Why? I feel comfortable like this.” Jaejin shrugged the question off and placed the pizza boxes on the clear glass dining table decorated with black linings.

“Aishh! Aren’t you guys used to it already?” Jaeduck placed the chicken carefully down onto the table as he shook his head at Jaejin, who only had a pair of grey sweatpants on.

“Oh please, Jaejin hyung, are you trying to find a girlfriend here in Hawaii while you flaunt your body?” Suwon joked as he walked down the stairs and joined the Blackies. Suwon just wore a simple cotton tee and three quarter shorts.

“Where’s Sunghoon?” Jiwon asked, sitting down on one of the chairs.

“Sunghoon-ah!! Everyone’s down already!!” Suwon shouted.

“Coming!!” Sunghoon’s voice echoed through the villa. In a few minutes, the blond came prancing down with blowed dry hair and in a white bath robe. By the time the main vocal reached the dining table, the other members had started eating, the chicken out and pizzas open.

“Yah! Why didn’t anyone wait for me!” Sunghoon cried as he pulled the seat beside Suwon.

“We can’t wait in front of all these!” Jiwon waved his hands dramatically as he gestured towards the food, Jaeduck nodding vigorously as his mouth was full of chicken.

“Since everyone’s here, let’s do the cheers!” Jiwon excitedly took his glass of wine up. Apparently Sunghoon doesn’t drink beer and decided to go for grape wine instead, much to Jiwon’s dismay.

“CHEERS!!!” The clinking sound of the glasses hitting together at the edge of the mouth reverberated through the Villa, signalling their first night spent in Honolulu, Hawaii, their first night in their Villa.

Told you it’ll be delusional 


Chapter III

The next morning, as soon as the sun rose up, Jaejin was wide awake. He remembered last night where they chatted casually and comfortably with one another. Of course with Jiwon and himself bickering time to time and Jaeduck sitting beside him gobbling up the meat that he loved. As usual, Suwon always attack his hyungs whenever he got the chance and Sunghoon just laugh to the jokes and their antics that the Blackies made out of nowhere.

After spending some time in the luxurious bathroom, Jaejin stepped out of it in a black bathrobe which Jiwon wore it yesterday. Every room has one that matches with their color. As a morning person, Jaejin was the first one to be awake. He went down to the first floor where the mess still lied around. Sechskies Number 2 sighed before deciding to help out for once. He kept and cleaned the dining room until it was as neat as before. After clearing up, Jaejin went back to the second floor and went down on all fours, doing push ups suddenly, his regular routine to keep his body fit even in his late thirties going to be forty.

As the clock striked 8.30am, one of the white doors opened.

“Morning, Jaejin hyung.” Suwon greeted on his way down, not at all surprised to see Jaejin up and awake, his forehead covered with sweat.

“Oh. Morning, Suwon-ah.” Jaejin greeted back. Suwon head down to the first floor and went to the kitchen immediately, wearing a loose black button up shirt and black pants.

“Aishh… There isn’t any food in the fridge at all!” Suwon grumbled to himself as he opened the refrigerator, dismayed to find it empty.

“Jaejin hyung! I’m going to the supermarket, want to get anything?” Suwon shouted.

“Nope~” Jaejin sang as he continued doing his sit ups.

“Okay! Tell the others that I’m going out!” Suwon answered back as he grabbed the keys from the coffee table and off he went.


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“Ah. Jaejin! Morning…” Jaeduck slurred as he woke up half awake. The dancer was wearing a short sleeved bright blue hoodie with Hawaii shorts.

“Morning, Jaeduck-ah~” Jaejin sang in a higher pitch than before. Now, he was reading a book on the couch of the second level, under the warm glow of the golden light.

“Who else is awake?” Jaeduck asked as he continued heading down to the first floor.

“Suwonnie went to the supermarket half and hour ago.” Jaejin replied.

“No wonder. The fridge is empty.” Jaeduck realised. He walked back to the living room and plunged himself down onto the couch, curling himself up.

“Urgh… I’ll get more sleep until Suwonnie comes back.” Jaeduck sighed contently as he tried to go back to dreamland.



The door clicked opened as the clock striked 9.23am.

“Ah. Jaeduck hyung, you’re awake?” Suwon walked in with bagfuls of groceries.

“Oh…. Suwon-ah, you’re back…?” Jaeduck woke up from his slumber and sat up from the couch.

“Yeah. Breakfast for you? Jaejin hyung! Breakfast?” Suwon asked along the way to the kitchen.

“I’ll have some. What are you cooking?” Jaeduck asked as he joined his dongsaeng in the kitchen.

“Just some simple seaweed soup and rice. You don’t know how hard was it for me to buy these stuff in English. I should’ve woken Sunghoon up to go with me.” Suwon groaned as he stuffed all the things he bought into the fridge and laid the necessary ingredients out for breakfast.

“Good job Suwon! Glad to have you here!” Jaeduck smiled as he helped the maknae with the preparation.

“Suwon-ah, did you buy some milk?” Jaejin asked as he came down, already changed from his sweaty clothes to fresh clean ones.

“Yeah, it’s in the fridge. By the way, do you want some seaweed soup with rice? It’s boiling right now.” Suwon replied without turning away from his soup.

“Sure. I’ll have one.” Jaejin smiled as he peeked over Suwon’s shoulder at the boiling soup.

“The rice is almost ready!” Jaeduck chimed as he checked the cooker.

“Suwon-ah, can you go wake Jiwon hyung and Sunghoon up? I’ll take care of the soup.” Jaejin suggested.

“Hehhhhh…. Why me….?” Suwon whined but passed Jaejin the ladle anyway.

“Good luck, Suwon-ah!” Jaeduck chuckled as he started scooping up the rice.

“I’ll try!” Suwon sighed loudly as he started up the stairs.

“I’ll wake the easier one first.” Suwon told himself as he knocked on the first door.

“Sunghoonieeeeee…..! Suwon dragged his words as he repeatedly knocked on his chingu’s door.

“Sunghoon-ah….” Suwon continued until the door opened and revealed a very sleepy looking Sunghoon.

“I’m awake…” Sunghoon slurred like Jaeduck. The older Whitekies member had a bathrobe on that reached his mid thigh and his eyes still closed.

“Are you sleep walking?” Suwon asked as he waved his hand in front of his chingu.

“No… I’ll come down now…” Sunghoon dragged his feet past Suwon and went down the stairs.

“Aishhh… Time to wake Jiwon hyung up.” Suwon knew that Jiwon doesn’t lock his door to his room so he just went in without knocking.

“Jiwon hyung!! Wake up!!” Suwon shouted as soon as he entered the room. As expected, Eun leader was fast asleep safely underneath the blankets.

“Hyung!!!! Eun hyung!!” Suwon walked to the side of the bed and shook the big baby.

“Ayyy! Don’t shake me! Go down Suwon!” Jiwon was in a bad mood. He just woke up after all. But Suwon isn’t just going to give up like this.

“Hyung, we’re all going out. We’re going to leave you here if you’re not waking up now.” Suwon threatened. He knows that Jiwon hates being alone.

“What?! How dare you leave your hyung here!” Jiwon flicked the blanket away from him and sat up, his bed hair a mess compared to Sechskies’ forever flower.

“C’mon! Get up and let’s go to the beach!” Suwon pulled the oldest arm.

“The beach?! Why the beach? Does Sunghoon know about it?” Jiwon send a barrage of questions at the maknae.

“Nope. I just decided it myself here.” Suwon replied, confused at the sudden reaction.

“Aren’t we suppose to go to the beach in Hawaii? We did too the last time we came here.” Suwon continued.

“That’s different….” Jiwon brought his hands up to his hair and messed it up even further.

“How different?” Suwon asked.

“Never mind. We can try our luck.” Jiwon sighed as he climbed out of bed.

“What luck?” Suwon turned as Jiwon walked to the bathroom.

“Nothing!! Go down now! I’ll head down in a minute!” Jiwon shouted from behind the closed bathroom doors.

“Okay!” Suwon replied and went down, promising himself to ask Sunghoon about Jiwon.


“Perfect!” Jaeduck claimed as he finished laying down all the utensils and food.

“Sunghoon-ah! Stop sleeping!” Jaejin shouted at the sleeping figure on the couch. The said member wiggled when he heard Jaejin.

“5 more minutes…” Sunghoon mumbled to himself as he curled himself further.

“Yah! Stop sleeping!” Jaejin went to the couch himself and pulled him up.

“Alright! Alright! I’m up!” Sunghoon groaned as he rubbed his eyes blearily, his eyes showed tiredness.

“Stop being a sleeping flower, chingu-ah” Suwon said as soon as he came down.

“What sleeping flower?!” Sunghoon pouted and got up from the couch.

“Sunghoon-ah, do you know why Jiwon hyung reacted so quickly when I mentioned about going to the beach?”

Suwon ignored his question and asked.

“The beach? Oh! Jiwon hyung is just worried about the jellyfishes.” Sunghoon replied, taking a seat.

“Jellyfish?” Suwon joined him.

“Yeah. The last time we went there it was safe because it wasn’t the time and season when jellyfishes will visit the beach area.” Sunghoon told the maknae, while Jaeduck and Jaejin listened from the side.

“So, when do the jellyfishes come?” Jaeduck asked, sitting across Sunghoon and Jaejin across Suwon.

“No idea. We only know when the Hawaii beach officials place a sign there.” Sunghoon said.

“So that’s why Jiwon hyung said to try our luck.” Suwon realised as he nodded briefly.

“Are we going to the beach today?” Jaejin asked, already starting on his breakfast.

“Yeah! I want to try surfing again!” Sunghoon agreed excitedly.

“Can’t wait to go back!” Jaeduck grinned. They had so much fun the last time they went there. Although it was to take a photo shoot there.

“Then it’s decided!!” Suwon claimed.

“What’s decided?” Jiwon’s voice travelled down from the second floor to the first.

“We’re going to the beach after this.” Jaeduck replied his hyung, drinking the seaweed soup heartily.

“Have Sunghoon told you guys?” Jiwon came up to the rest of his members and sat down at the head of the table, frowning.

“Yeah. About the jellyfish. If the sign is there today, we can just go somewhere else instead.” Suwon nodded.

“Yeah, okay…” Jiwon sighed, still worried.


After finishing their meal, Jaejin and Jaeduck were sent to wash the dishes as Jiwon insisted he had a lot to prepare.

After 15 minutes, everyone was prepared at the door except for Jiwon, who went out 5 minutes ago and promising to come back in 10 minutes.

“Where’s Jiwon hyung?” Sunghoon asked.

“I don’t know. Someone call him.” Jaejin shrugged. Just when Suwon was about to fish out his phone to call the oldest, a honk was heard outside.

“Hmm?” The four other members went to the porch and looked out. A 7 seater expensive looking car was parked right outside of their house, honking at them directly.

“Who could it be?” Jaeduck questioned.

“YAH! HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE 4 OF YOU!” The familiar boisterous leader voice came out of the car.

“It’s Jiwon hyung!!” They realised before running out of the house, across the small garden and pass the gate. Jiwon rolled down the window.

“Get in! Do you want to be scorched to death in the hot sun by spending the afternoon on the beach?” Jiwon scolded as the members stared at the car without moving.

“Hyung, did you steal this car?” Suwon asked suspiciously.

“Of course not! This is mine!” Jiwon said indignantly, offended.

“Yours? You have a car in Hawaii?” Jaeduck looked on, amazed at the silver shiny car.

“We already have a Villa here, so why not a car? But this time I spent my own money for this one.” Jiwon said, patting the steering wheel.

“Seriously, c’mon. Do you want to get in or not? Put your stuff at the back.” Jiwon rolled his eyes, a sign of being at the peak of his anger. The members nodded and threw all their backpacks into the boot as they got into the car quickly.

“Sit tight!” Jiwon said helpfully as he stepped on the pedal and off they went.


“Look! The data shows that a school of box jellyfish is heading towards Waikiki beach!” A man sitting in front of a monitor shouted as he pointed at the screen in front of him. His colleagues started to crowd around him.

“This is unusual! They shouldn’t be coming at around this time of the year!” Another woman said.

“In any case, we have to warn the beach goers. Wendy and Paul, bring the signboard to the beach right now.” Their leader said as they nodded.



I’m going to do a double update today..cuz I’m too lazy to wait for another week…12 hours from now~(I actually finished writing this story) 😉


Chapter IV

“Woah!! Waikiki beach looks as beautiful as ever!” Jaeduck exclaimed excitedly as he looked at the golden sandy beach with palm trees lined up at the side.

“There’s no sign!!” Sunghoon shouted, eyes shooting left and right as Jiwon drove along the road.

“That means it’s safe?” Jaeduck asked.

“Most likely. Better be safe than sorry.” Jiwon warned. He felt something weird in his heart as he parked the car. As soon as Jiwon had parked the car and turned the engine off, the members immediately hopped off the car, took their things, kick their shoes off and ran straight to the beach.

“Yah! Wait for your hyung!” Jiwon shouted when he saw Jaejin stripping immediately and getting into the clear waters of Waikiki beach with Jaeduck. Sunghoon on the other hand went to the surfboard counter to rent one. Suwon sighed at the others but walked slowly to join the Busan brothers in the water too.

“Hyung! Palli!” Jaejin shouted as he turned into a child in the water. Jiwon could only sigh at the others. Something has been clogging his mind and preventing himself from acting like his Eun Choding self. He reached into the car and grabbed the first aid box before walking towards the beach.

Jiwon’s uneasy feeling caused him to look around constantly. Suddenly, two Hawaiians started to run towards the beach in a hurry. One was holding a sign board while the other was running in full speed towards the beach office.

“!!! This is bad!” Jiwon spotted the sign on the board. It read ‘BEWARE OF THE BOX JELLYFISH. STAY AWAY FROM THE WATERS.’ Jiwon’s eyes turned as big as saucers as he started to panic. Immediately, he ran towards the sea.

“Get out! Hurry up! Jaejin-ah! Jaeduck! Suwon!! Get out of the sea right now!! There are jellyfishes inside!!” Jiwon screamed at the top of his lungs. Unfortunately, a huge gust of wind blew across the beach, bringing Jiwon’s words along with it. The trio could not make out the words. Jiwon felt extremely frustrated. He turned his head and with his sharp eyes, he spotted an unusual color in the sea not far off. A school of jellyfish was swimming towards them.

Jiwon’s face went pale in horror. Without thinking much, Jiwon threw the first aid box down onto the sand and ran into the water. Suwon was the closest to him, so he pulled him out first.

“Why? What are you doing hyung?” Suwon was confused when Jiwon started pulling him forcefully onto the beach.

“Stay here! There are jellyfishes coming our way! Jaeduck-ah! Jaejin! Come back!” Jiwon cried out desperately. Suwon widened his eyes when he too spotted the group of jellyfishes around 2m away.

“PLEASE EVACUATE FROM THE WATERS IMMEDIATELY. PLEASE EVACUATE FROM THE WATERS IMMEDIATELY. THERE ARE BOX JELLYFISHES ROAMING NEAR THE COAST. PLEASE GET OUT IMMEDIATELY.” The man that ran to the office was warning everyone through the use of the warning system. Jaeduck and Jaejin heard it and started to run towards the beach, but the water was pulling them behind. Jiwon went forward and reached out, grabbing onto Jaeduck first and pulled him out quickly. Jaejin was the furthest into the water. Jiwon went back in and pulled Jaejin as well.

“Urgh!” Jiwon felt a sting, but made it out of the water with Jaejin. Sunghoon had heard the announcement and abandoned his surfboard.

“URGH!!” Jiwon felt the pain surging through his leg as he collapse onto the beach.

“Jiwon hyung!!” The members shouted as they gathered around the oldest.

“My leg….!!” Jiwon groaned in pain as he looked down at the pain.

“What’s this?!” Jaeduck looked at Jiwon’s leg in horror. There were disgusting red whip like marks spreading around Jiwon’s calf.

“It’s the jellyfish sting!!” Sunghoon exclaimed, wide eyed.

“What do we do now?!” Suwon hurriedly asked, unbearably looking at the wound.

“T-T-The first a-aid box…” Jiwon squeezed out while he was concentrating on the pain.

“It’s there!” Jaejin picked it up from the side where Jiwon previously threw.

“The white vinegar!!” Sunghoon remembered. Fumbling to open the box, Jaejin took out the white vinegar and handed it over to Sunghoon when he figured out which bottle was it. Sunghoon uncapped the bottle of vinegar and slowly poured it onto the whip marks.

“ARHHHH!!!” Jiwon screamed in agony as the acid washed his wound. The members looked on worriedly.

“Hyung! Are you okay?” Suwon asked, his robotic voice still present.

“Suwon-ah! Go call for help!” Sunghoon asked hurriedly as Jiwon started to sweat. Suwon nodded and ran off immediately.

“What do we do next?” Jaeduck asked when the bottle of vinegar was finished.

“We need to remove the tentacles!” Sunghoon said with what he remembered from the days he spent in Hawaii.

“The tweezers!” Sunghoon suddenly said as he pulled the first aid box in front of him and took out the tweezers.

“Jiwon hyung, you know it. Stay extremely still. Jaeduck hyung and Jaejin hyung, can you ensure that Jiwon hyung doesn’t move around too much?” Sunghoon asked as the Busan brothers nodded, positioning themselves behind Jiwon, each on one side as they hold him down gently.

“Do it, Sunghoon-ah.” Jiwon looked at his dongsaeng, trust filled his eyes. Nodding with determination, Sunghoon starts to remove the tentacles gently and be as precise as possible.

“Urgh…” The removal of the tentacles caused slight discomfort and stings.

“Help is here!!” Suwon returned back with the beach personnel. The bulky man squat down immediately and examined Jiwon’s sting bites.

“I see you’ve poured vinegar over it. Good job. Let me handle it.” Sunghoon nodded as he handed over the tweezers.

With limited English, the members mumbled a thank you. The beach personnel skillfully and gently removed the tentacles one by one as the rest watched on with tensed eyes. The man worked in silence and focus. In a few minutes, the tentacles were out and a few raw skin marks were exposed.

“Alright. Let’s treat it with warm water. We have to move to the office. It’ll be wise to not touch the wound. Is it okay if I carry you there?” The man asked politely with the whole sentence in English. And the only person that knew what he was saying was Jiwon.

“N-No! It’s okay! My friends will bring me there.” Jiwon replied hurriedly in simple English.

“Okay. See that building there? I’ll meet you there. I need to prepare the warm water for you. See you!” Then he left, leaving the other members confused.

“What? What happened?” Sunghoon said in English.

“You don’t know?” Jiwon asked back.

“I gave up on English a long time ago hyung. I only know simple words.” Sunghoon pouted.

“Same with me!” Jiwon retorted childishly.

“So, hyung, what did he say and why did he leave? Are you okay now?” Suwon asked.

“Bring me to that building there. They’re going to wash my wound with warm water.” Jiwon explained twitching a little at the pain and blowing at the wound because of the itch.

“Okay. Can you move?” Suwon asked.

“I don’t want to touch my leg.” Jiwon frowned like a child.

“Okay okay. So how do we bring you there?” Sunghoon asked.

“Piggyback me.” Jiwon spread his arms out, asking for a ride. The moment he said that everyone avoided eye contact except for the angel, Duckie.

“Hey!! Why is everyone avoiding me?!” Jiwon complained when he saw the three members avoiding his eyes.

“Ouch!!” Jiwon grunted in pain as his wound stung at the gust of wind that blew across the beach again. The members shot their heads back to their leader.

“Hyung! I’ll carry you!” Jaeduck worriedly offered.

“You’re going to die under his weight. Let me do it.” Jaejin pushed Jaeduck away and squat down in front.

“Blackies jjang!” Suwon cheered from the side.

“That’s more like it!” Jiwon smiled at their effort. Jaeduck pouted but nodded anyway. He helped Jiwon up and boarded Jaejin’s piggyback ride.

“Your muscles came into good use!” Jiwon teased as he slapped Jaejin’s biceps gently.

“I’ll throw you down, hyung.” Jaejin warned as he start to walk, followed by the other members.


As soon as Jiwon and his members reached the office, his wound was washed with warm water and bandaged with gauze.

“Thanks man!” Jiwon thanked the burly man.

“No problem! Where are you from?” The man asked, after wrapping the wound.

“South Korea. We stayed in Hawaii before.” Jiwon said, pointing towards Sunghoon.

“Really? No wonder your English is not bad!”

“Thanks!!” Jiwon smiled as the man left the room when the phone rang.

“So what are we going to do now? No more beach play.” Suwon started.

“Go home? Since Jiwon hyung’s hurt.” Jaeduck answered, worried.

“No no! We’re not going to stay at home on such a fine day!” Jiwon protested.

“Then where can we go?” Suwon asked.

“With my leg like this, I know somewhere! Follow me!” Jiwon said as he tried to stand up, but a stinging pain shot through his wound as his skin stretches.

“Owww!!” He shouted and was about to fall back when the other two Blackies members hold onto him.

“Hyung! Take it easy!” Jaeduck said worriedly.

“Okay okay! Let’s go!” Jiwon circled his arms around Jaejin and Jaeduck’s neck for support as they helped him out of the office and back to their car. This time, Sunghoon is driving.

“Pass me the GPS.” Jiwon said from the backseat where he sat with Jaeduck and Jaejin. Suwon obediently passed the GPS to their leader as he typed in the address.

“Here!” Jiwon passed the GPS back to the front seat.

“Huh? Are you serious hyung? Why are we going there?” Sunghoon asked his Hawaiian brother after looking at the address.

“Yup. No reason.” Jiwon answered back as he lowered down his seat and laid back, attempting to sleep.

“Where are we going, Sunghoon-ah?” Jaeduck asked. He didn’t see the address.

“You’ll see when we get there.” Sunghoon sighed as he stepped on the peddle and sped off.


“Seriously hyung? You just had to choose this place out of so many places we could’ve gone.”


Chapter V


“THE ZOO?!?!” J-walk shouted in realization when Sunghoon turned into the parking lot.

“Why did you choose this place, hyung? Your leg is hurt too.” Sunghoon asked as he prepared to reverse.

“Just wanted to see some animals! And my leg is fine.” Jiwon answered childishly when he woke up as if knowing they reached.

“Seriously hyung. You just had to choose this place out of so many places we could’ve gone.” Jaejin deadpanned when he saw many children running around.

“I want to go play some water activities hyung…” Sunghoon whined as they got off the car.

“We can go tomorrow!” Jiwon answered half heartedly when he saw the gift shop nearby.

“Hyung!!” Jaeduck called after the oldest when Jiwon ran and limped off. The rest of the members sighed but followed their leader anyway.

“Look at this!!” As the members entered the gift shop, Jiwon appeared in front of them in a grey wolf long beanie hat with paw holds.

“Hyung, you’re almost 40. Why are you acting like these children?” Suwon grimaced at his hyung.

“Yah! I’m not a child! And I’m not 40! I’m 39!” Jiwon retorted as he gave Suwon a soft slap with the paw. The rest face palmed. Only Jaeduck seemed excited, like he always is.

“Jaeduckie! A present from hyung!” Jiwon took something from behind his back and pulled it over his dongsaeng’s head.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Unexpectedly and unsurprisingly, Jaejin burst into laughter, scaring the children around and the staff nearby.

“Jaejin hyung! Don’t laugh so loudly! It’s okay if it’s only us since we’re used to it already. But there are other people around.” Sunghoon shushed his hyung and pulled his arm for attention.

“B-But it’s so funny! A duck! Hahahahaha!” A little softer this time but still louder than normal. Jiwon gave Jaeduck a beanie hat similar to his but it was a duck instead of a wolf.

“Hyung!” Jaeduck pouted when he saw his reflection in a mirror nearby.

“Hahahaha! Mr Ducky!!” The children nearby laughed and giggled as they pointed at the near 40 years old man wearing a duck beanie.

“Hahahahaha!” The rest of the members then joined in in the laughter, knowing that Jaeduck wouldn’t put it into heart.

In the end, Sechskies spent 1 hour in the entrance gift shop shopping. They bought the wolf and duck beanie for Jiwon and Jaeduck, a polar beanie for Sunghoon, a white tiger beanie for Jaejin and Shiba Inu dog beanie for Suwon, by force from the leader of course. Wearing the ridiculous beanies on their head forced upon by their leader, they took a selfie and off they went into the zoo after Jiwon bought bags of something else.

The trip around the zoo consists of Jiwon getting excited over nothing but getting disgusted by animals with more than 4 legs, Sunghoon taking selfies all the way, Jaeduck trying to seek attention from Suwon and Jaejin but got smacked from them instead, Jaejin filling his phone’s galleries with pictures of themselves and animals, and Suwon bickering with Jiwon and rebelling whenever he got the chance.

“Oh my God! Ewww!! Look at that huge wasp!! Why are we here?!?! It’s all your fault Suwon!!” Jiwon grimaced when they arrived at the insect section under Suwon’s lead.

“Why are you so scared? They’re smaller than you! Look!” Suwon brought one cage nearer to his leader.

“DO YOU WANT TO DIE?!” Jiwon screamed as he jumped and ran away.

“Let me see! Let me see!” Jaeduck went nearer to Suwon and took a look at the wasp in the cage.

“Jaeduck hyung! Your duck hat has the same colour as the wasp!” Sunghoon pointed out lamely as he took another selfie on his Samsung cam.

“Wow, Sunghoon. Excellent observation. Here, hyung. Your chingu.” Suwon teased and passed the cage to Jaeduck, who screamed and almost dropped the cage when the wasp suddenly rampaged around the enclosed area, Jaeduck feeling the vibrations.

“AHHH!!! IT’S FLYING!” Both Jaeduck and Jiwon, who was so far away started screaming.

“Aishhh… What are you doing, Jaeduck-ah.” Jaejin sighed as he kept his phone into his back pocket of his jeans and took the cage away from Jaeduck and placed it back safely to the display shelf.

“Thanks! Jaejin-ah!” Jaeduck sighed in relief when the cage was taken away.

“Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s get out of here!” Jiwon hurriedly pulled Suwon and Jaejin by the arm and ran off to the next section, leaving the angel line behind.

“Hyung! I haven’t took any pictures yet!” Jaejin protested but Jiwon just grunted in response.


After a whole day in the zoo, they finally decided to make their way back to the Villa. Upon reaching, everyone laid flat on the couches, unwilling to get up.

“I didn’t know a trip to the zoo can be so tiring!!” Jiwon sighed loudly.

“You’re the one that suggested it in the first place hyung.” Suwon jumped on any chance to prick Jiwon.

“So what? Everyone had fun!” Jiwon proudly said.

“Hyung… I’m hungry…” Sunghoon whined when his stomach grumbled in protest.

“Me too…” Jaeduck agreed, holding his stomach with one hand.

“What are we eating today?” Suwon asked.

“Don’t tell me Villa service again…” Sunghoon shook his head.

“I’ll cook then!” Jaejin suddenly volunteered, standing up, looking refreshed.

“N-No. No. It’s okay.” Jiwon immediately refused, thinking of the food Jaejin whipped up last time during their Sechskies days. It was inedible.

“Why? I can cook some really good food too!” Jaejin praised himself.

“Okay, how about this, let’s all cook a dish each and make it as our dinner.” Suwon suggested.

“Okay. I can cook something simple.” The other Whitekies member agreed.

“So what are you planning to cook, Jaejin-ah.” Jiwon asked.

“Ganjang gejang (Soy Sauce Crab).”

“What.” Stoned.

“Are you serious?!” Jiwon shouted.

“Hyung! You know how to cook?” Suwon widened his eyes.

“Yeah. Just need to buy the ingredients.” Jaejin nodded.

“That’s right! Jiwon hyung! You buy the ingredients! You guys have no idea how much struggle I had to find the ingredients I needed for breakfast!” Suwon complained.

“Okay okay. Sunghoon can come with me. Tell me what you need and send it to me via the group chat.” Jiwon nodded, pulling Sunghoon with him to the car.

“As soon as possible!” Jiwon shouted before closing the door.

“Alright. Time to think of what to cook.” Suwon fished out his phone and started surfing.

“I’ll keep it as simple as possible.” Jaeduck said to himself and started surfing the internet as well.

“I’ll start first then.” Jaejin announced suddenly.

“Huh? The ingredients aren’t here yet though.” Suwon turned towards his hyung who had gone half way to the kitchen.

“I’ll figure out something.” Suwon and Jaeduck facepalmed.


“Some tofu, a carton of eggs, clams, soy sauce, cellophane noodles, pork, beef, tteok (rice cakes), oden (fish cakes), chilli sauce, milk…” Sunghoon listed out from his phone as Jiwon finds the called items and threw it inside their cart. By the time all the ingredients were called out, their shopping cart was 3/4 full.

“Umm… Any idea how do these fit into the refrigerator and our car?” Sunghoon sweat dropped when he saw the amount of food they were buying.

“We’ll finish it all today!” Jiwon confidently announced as he pushed the cart to the counter.

After paying, they pushed their cart to their car and tried to stuff everything into the boot. Some in the backseats of the car.

“Wooo! It fitted!” Sunghoon sighed in delight.

“Sunghoon-ah, call them to prepare the barbecue, we’re gonna have some barbecue tonight!” Jiwon shouted excitedly, grabbing the attention of shoppers.

“Sorry… Sorry…” Sunghoon apologized to the shoppers that threw glares at them before pushing Jiwon into the car.

“Alright, drive hyung.” Sunghoon ordered as he fished out his phone and dialled according to Jiwon.



The Hawaiian brothers were back and parked their car in front of their Villa.

“SUWON-AH!” Jiwon screamed as soon as he got out of the car. The maknae came out of the house.

“Yes hyung?” Suwon asked.

“Help to bring everything in.” Jiwon pointed as he himself brought about 3 huge bags of groceries in.

“Neh~” Suwon nodded as he took equal amount of groceries.

“Oh! We’re back! Jaejin hyung! Jaeduck hyung!” Sunghoon greeted the busan brothers who were preparing the barbecue in the garden close to the porch.

“Oh! Welcome back Sunghoon-ah!” Jaeduck greeted back warmly, waving his hand after getting swacked away by Jaejin when he attempt to touch the charcoal.

When Sunghoon brought his share of groceries into the kitchen, the island was full of bags.

“Jaejin-ah!! You can start your Ganjang gejang!!” Jiwon shouted and laughed after.

“Okay!!” Jaejin answered back in a loud and low voice that made Sunghoon burst out into laughter and Suwon to shake his head as he unpacked the bags.

“Jiwon hyung, what are you preparing to cook?” Sunghoon asked after his laugh subsided.

“I thought about this the last minute. Bulgogi. That’s why I told them to prepare the barbecue.” Jiwon answered, pouting his lips a little, a little embarrassed at his dish.

“What about you, Suwon-ah? You’re the best cook among us.” Sunghoon asked the maknae.

“Sundubu-jjigae (Soft Tofu Stew).” Suwon answered, already getting the pot out.

“Ooh! I’m looking forward to it!” Sunghoon grinned.

“Hey! I heard that! I shall show you my cooking skills.” Jaejin entered the kitchen suddenly.

“Sure. Don’t poison us. That’s all I ask for.” Jiwon laughed as Jaejin glared half-heartedly at his hyung.

“Sunghoon, what about you?” Suwon asked.

“Japchae. That’s one of the few dishes I know.” Sunghoon confessed.


“TTEOKBOKKI!!” Jaeduck screamed back from the garden porch.

“Then I guess Jaejin hyung, Sunghoon and I should cook first.” Suwon said to the other three members.

“Yeah. I’ll marinate the meat then.” Jiwon nodded as so do the others. One by one, the members worked in the spacious kitchen individually, the utensils clanging and the washing of ingredients filled the silence.

“I’m done with the preparation for the barbecue!” Jaeduck bounced into the kitchen, breaking the silence.

“Omo! Jaeduck hyung! Your face!!” Sunghoon pointed out when he saw Jaeduck.

“Hmm?” Jaeduck blinked innocently.

“Your face is so dirty! What did you do with the charcoal?” Jiwon giggled and pointed at Jaeduck’s face.

“Where??” Jaeduck tried to wipe whatever stain that they said he had on his face. However, he just made it worst and his whole cheek was smeared black.

“Aishh!! This hyung!!” Suwon washed his hands and brought a wet cloth over. Holding the back of Jaeduck’s head with one hand to provide support, Suwon use his free hand that held the wet cloth to wipe the black stain off Jaeduck’s cheek forcefully.

“Owww!!” Jaeduck gritted his teeth lightly when Suwon roughly cleaned the stain on his cheek.

“Kay. It’s gone.” Suwon announced as he let go of his hyung and washed the cloth off the blackish substance.

“You can cook the last, Jaeduck-ah, since you’re cooking Tteokbokki. Help me with the barbecue first.” Jiwon said as he kept flipping the meat in the bowl and marinated with all his might.

“Okay!” Jaeduck agreed wholeheartedly. Jiwon nodded as he finished his marinating and told Jaeduck to bring the meat outside as he washed his hands.

After placing the beef near the barbecue, Jiwon and Jaeduck worked on shifting the table and chairs where they’ll dine on closer to the barbecue area so they’ll have better access. Since the bulgogi would be cold if they grill it too early, the two Blackies member have to wait.

“Hyung, do you think Jaejin would be able to make the Ganjang gejang edible?” Jaeduck asked suddenly.

“I don’t know? It’s been so long since I’ve seen Jaejinnie cook.” Jiwon shrugged as they laughed together.


“I guess everything’s edible here.”



Chapter VI


After an hour of cooking, Japchae by Sunghoon was already done and Jaeduck in turn went to cook. Suwon’s Sundubu-jjigae was boiling very well and the rich smell of it filled the kitchen.

“I’m done!!!” Jaejin announced as he lifted the pot lid to reveal his crab. Instantly, the kitchen was filled with the aromatic smell of the soy sauce mixed with the natural salty smell of the crab.

“OHHHHHH!! IT SMELLS SO NICE!!” The members marveled and were shocked at Jaejin’s Ganjang gejang.

“Can’t wait to eat!!” Jiwon salivated.

“Jaeduck-ah! Are you done??” Jiwon asked impatiently.

“Yeah!! I’m done!!” Jaeduck’s Tteokbokki was transferred to a plate and brought to their dining table outside of the house. Soon, everything was ready except for Jiwon’s Bulgogi.

“Tonight, hyung will cook the meat for you. Just enjoy!” Jiwon declared as he took the tongs and started barbecuing the beef.

“Uwahhhhh!!!!” The sizzling sound of the beef left everyone staring in wonder no matter how many times they have seen or heard it.

“Come on! Eat the rest first!” Jiwon urged. The rest nodded and Jaeduck reached for the Ganjang gejang first.

“Woahhh!!! Jaejin-ah! You’ve improved!!” Jaeduck praised after taking a bite.

“Really?” Jaejin embarrassingly scratched the back of his head.

“I guess everything’s edible here.” Suwon commented as he took a bite out of everything.

“Suwonnie!!! Your Sundubu-jjigae’s so good! It’s super delicious!” Sunghoon exclaimed when he placed a spoonful of the broth into his mouth.

“Ahhhh! Yokshi! As expected of the sajangnim of a Chicken Feet place.” Jiwon praised as he flipped the beef over.

“What’s that gotta do with the jjigae?” Suwon asked.

“They are the same thing.” Jiwon stubbornly replied.

“No they are not hyung.” Suwon deadpanned.

“Whatever. The meat’s ready!!” Jiwon announced as he put the ready meat onto a clean plate and served it.

“Ssam! Ssam! I want a beef ssam!” Jaeduck stood up from his seat and took a perilla leaf in one hand and chopsticks in the other. He grabbed a few pieces of meat and placed it in the leaf before sending it whole to his open mouth.

“Ya! Stop eating without me!” Jiwon grumbled as he continued grilling.

“You’re the one that said to enjoy ourselves while you grill hyung.” Jaejin answered as he wrapped a ssam for himself and swallowed it whole. In front of their leader.

“I’m hungry too, you know!” Jiwon gulped at the sight of the meat disappearing.

“Here hyung, I wrapped one for you.” Sunghoon held up a wrapped ssam in front of Jiwon.

“Oh! Kamsahamida! See! Hoony is so much better!” Jiwon grinned as he open his mouth and let Sunghoon squeeze the beef filled Perilla leaf into his mouth.

“Be careful, Sunghoon-ah. Jiwon hyung might be expecting you to serve him forever.” Suwon joked.

“YAH!” Jiwon protested as everyone laughed.


After a sumptuous dinner slash supper, the food was cleaned off the plate and the grill. Sunghoon, Jaeduck and Jaejin opted to take a shower while Suwon and Jiwon were left to clean the area as they lost a childish game of rock paper scissors.

“Aishhh… We shouldn’t have cooked so many. Now cleaning is a chore.” Jiwon complained as he brought the dirty dishes to the sink.

“That’s the worst thing of home cooking to be honest.” Suwon replied honestly. No one loves cleaning up after a nice full meal.

“Suwon-ah! Bring in the other dirty dishes! Hyung will wash them!” Jiwon called as he plugged the sink and started filling it up with water.

“Arrasso!” Suwon answered back. After Suwon brought the dirty dishes in, he went to wipe the table with a wet cloth and shifted the table and chairs to where it originally was.

“Suwon!! Come and wipe the dishes dry!!” Jiwon shouted again.

“Aishh… I’m being ordered around again.” The maknae muttered under his breath and begrudgingly walked back into the kitchen.

“Did you say something?” Jiwon asked without turning around.

“Nope.” Suwon shook his head immediately.

“Hyung, we left another one more day right?” Suwon asked nonchalantly.

“Yup. The day after tomorrow we have to leave.” Jiwon replied.

“Why? Are you that eager to leave?” Jiwon joked.

“Of course not! It’s just a pity we have to leave our house so early. It’ll be empty after that…” Suwon trailed off.

“Our house huh… Don’t worry. I’ll hire people to take care of this place while we’re gone.” Jiwon smiled to himself.

“When can we come back here again?” Suwon asked.

“Anytime you want. Just don’t interrupt our schedule!” Jiwon laughed.

“And remember to give Jiyong the keys okay!” Jiwon reminded.

“Arrasso.” Suwon nodded as he kept the plates.


After the duo finished washing and the trio finished bathing, they switched around. Sunghoon, Jaeduck and Jaejin loitered around in their huge living room, Jaejin and Sunghoon swiping their phones away while Jaeduck think of something to do.

“Jaejin-ah! What are you doing?” Jaeduck sat down abruptly next to Jaejin and leaned in closer to look at his phone.

The other busan man as usual, frowned and grunted before pushing Jaeduck away for getting too close.

“Just looking through the pictures I took today.” Jaejin replied after he was at a safe distance away from Jaeduck.

“Really? Let me see! I didn’t take one today!” Jaeduck leaned in closer again, and this time, Jaejin didn’t push him away. Instead, he allowed Jaeduck to look at his pictures which he was arranging, deleting some that are not satisfactory to his 8D brain.

“Woah! You took a lot!” Jaeduck commented loudly when he saw the amount of pictures that were stored in Jaejin’s gallery.

“Don’t talk so loudly! Your saliva is spattering around!” Jaejin grumbled.

“Arrasso, arrasso.” Jaeduck covered his mouth with his hand.

“Hey! What is this? Why did you take a tiger’s butt?” Jaeduck pointed out when he saw Jaejin skipped the picture and did not delete it.

“I plan to draw it when I’m back in Korea.” Jaejin answered.

“What? Why?” Sunghoon asked, having overheard their conversation.

“Well, people usually draw the front of the tiger. So I decided to draw the back.” Jaejin reasoned.

“Wow. Okay.” Sunghoon nodded and went back to his phone.

“Next next!” Jaeduck said as Jaejin swiped his finger to the next.

“JAEJIN-AH! Why did you take a picture of me screaming?!?!?!” Jaeduck shouted when the next picture showed him holding the wasp cage and screaming his head off.

“Stop spitting! You’re getting your saliva all over me!” Jaejin complained, shifting away from his busan chingu.

“Delete it Jaejin-ah!!” Jaeduck demanded so not fiercely.

“Why?? I can draw it out and sell it.” Jaejin asked.

“Nooooooo!!! All my fans will leave me!!” Jaeduck cried out.

“No they won’t. What’s so bad about this picture? I have Jiwon hyung’s too. It looks even worse.” Jaejin said as he showed Jaeduck Jiwon’s terrified picture when Suwon passed him the wasp.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!” The leader’s voice boomed from the second floor.

“Oops. I said it too loud.” Jaejin muttered under his breath as he looked away.

“Nothing hyung!!” Jaejin shouted back.

“HYUNG! JAEJIN TOOK A UGLY PICTURE OF YOU!” Jaeduck screamed, taking revenge and laughing right after.

“HUHH??? SHOW ME!” In a few seconds, the last Blackies member was on the first floor with a black simple T-shirt and grey cotton pants on.

“Aishh! You babo duck!!” Jaejin took the nearby cushion and threw it at Jaeduck who caught it and laughed even more.

“Show me, Jaejin-ah.” Jiwon stood in front of Jaejin and demanded his phone. Knowing that the stubborn leader will not back down anytime soon, Jaejin turned his phone around and allowed Jiwon to see his freaked out picture.

“LEE. JAE. JIN!!!!” Jiwon shrieked as he lunged at the muscle man.

“Jiwon hyung!!!” Jaeduck shouted before trying to pull Jiwon away from Jaejin who was tangled with Jiwon just like two playful tigers.

“What am I going to do with these hyungs… SUWON-AH! ARE YOU DONE? COME AND ACCOMPANY ME!” Sunghoon sighed at his hyungs. In the end, all three Blackies were tangled together on the floor, Jaeduck having pulled into the ‘fight’.

“Yeah! I’m done! Woah!! What’s happening down here??” Suwon blinked when he saw the three man wrestling with each other.

“Things happened. Don’t ask Suwon-ah.” Sunghoon sighed as he pat the space next to him, asking Suwon to sit, which the maknae did.

“I’m not interested anyway.” Suwon shrugged.

“Delete that!”

“No! It’s my picture! Why should I?!”

“Stop fighting!”

The three older members continued wrestling for a few minutes before the three of them ended up panting and lying on the floor, breathless.

“Done?” Suwon and Sunghoon walked up to their hyungs and sighed.

“You just finished bathing and you’re sweating now. How stupid can the three of you be?” Suwon shook his head as he passed Jaejin and Jaeduck a glass of water while Sunghoon passed one to Jiwon. The hyung line sat up and one shotted it.

“Thanks…” They thanked and passed the glasses back.

“Jaejin-ah. You better delete that or make sure it doesn’t ever show up again. If it does, you know what.” Jiwon warned.

“Mine too!” Jaeduck immediately said after.

“Okay okay.” Jaejin replied.

“Stop with your childish fights hyung. You guys are near 40 already. Especially you Jiwon hyung. You’re already 40.” Suwon said.

“I’m not!” Jiwon grumbled and pouted like a child.

“Come to think of it. Tomorrow’s our last day right? What are we gonna do?” Sunghoon asked.

“I thought you wanted water activities. And I said we’ll do it tomorrow right?” Jiwon replied, lying his head on the couch seat as he sat on the carpet floor with Jaejin and Jaeduck on each side.

“We are?! Really? I can’t believe you remembered! I thought you’ll forget!” Sunghoon said in slight amusement.

“Hyung, is your leg okay already?” Jaeduck asked, looking at the jellyfish bite on Jiwon’s leg. Only some redness is shown.

“Yeah. It slightly itches sometimes but it’s probably healed by now.” Jiwon answered, touching his wound lightly, only to be slapped away by Sunghoon.

“That’s good. And since we’re going to have water activities tomorrow, let’s all sleep early!” Jaejin clapped as he stood up. The late sleepers groaned.

“So early??? It’s barely 12!” Jiwon and Sunghoon complained.

“Helloooo… We’re suppose to sleep by 11pm, remember? That’s what the doctor said when we had our check ups.” Suwon reminded them.

“I can’t sleep at this timing!” Jiwon grumbled.

“Then spent some time with Sunghoon then. Goodnight!” Jaejin waved as he headed up the stairs.

“Jaeduck hyung, let’s go. You better sleep early too.” Suwon pulled his hyung up to his feet and guided him upstairs.

“Goodnight hyung! Sunghoonie! See you tomorrow!!” Jaeduck shouted as Suwon pulled him upstairs.

“Goodnight!!” The late sleepers replied back. Soon, only the two Hawaiian brothers were left in the living room.

“What do you want to do hyung?” Sunghoon started.

“I don’t know. I just can’t sleep.” Jiwon shrugged. They stayed in a comfortable silence for a few minutes.

“Hyung, remember the years we spent in Hawaii?” Sunghoon suddenly said.

“Yeah… It’s been so long but the memory is still fresh in my mind.” Jiwon confessed, his eyes closed.

“I still remember how you used to skip school a lot and left me there.” Laughter followed.

“I find no point studying there when you can hardly understand a single thing.” Jiwon cheekily replied back.

“To think you became an idol even though hyung is such a bad example.” Sunghoon teased.

“Yah! You are a bad student yourself! I made friends with you because I see me in you!” Jiwon retorted.

“Excuse me! You’re the one that influenced me!” Sunghoon replied, getting riled up for no reason.

“Are you sure?! You helped me in skipping school too!” Jiwon accused.

“That’s because you forced me!” Right after that, both of them stare at each other in silence. They just realised they’ve been bickering like kids for childish reasons.

“Am I stupid or are you stupid? Why are we arguing over something 20+ years ago?” Jiwon asked.

“I don’t know? Let’s just say we’re both not stupid.” The flower grinned and Jiwon nodded, agreeing.

“How about a movie before we sleep?” Jiwon suggested.

“Okay! Why not?” Sunghoon nodded his head vigorously. The two brothers then rummaged through the DVD album Jiwon had brought for fun and chose a movie both had agreed on. As the movie went along, Jiwon, who was tired from the trip to the zoo and the wrestling just now ended up falling asleep on the couch, on Sunghoon’s shoulder. The main vocal just allowed his leader to sleep while he off the movie quietly and turned to play his phone.

“Jiwon hyung? Jiwon hyung!” Sunghoon shook his leader awake at 2am in the morning.

“Yeah……?” Jiwon slurred.

“It’s 2am. I’m going to sleep. Go back to your room.” Sunghoon whispered.

“I’m too tired… Sunghoon-ah… Piggyback me…” Jiwon pleaded half awake.

“Aishhhh. Hyung, you’re such a baby.” Sunghoon sighed at his leader before actually piggybacking him up the stairs and into his room.

“Goodnight, hyung. Sleep well. Thank you.” Sunghoon whispered as he tucked Jiwon in and left for his own room quietly.


~~Chapter VII~~



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