Forbidden Love: Smile Again by: Heidi G

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  • a Wonnie fanfic
  • completed

Part 1
“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Look, its our spot.”


“Pretty, huh?”

“Of course.”

“Mmm..its so nice here.”



“Baby, I’m really sorry…..” Chris took Tami and held her close.

-Sorry about what?

“I’m sorry I have to leave you.”

“Where you going?”



“I wish I didn’t have to leave, but I have to…” Chris stroked Tami’s back and held her tight.

“I know..its not your fault.”

“I’ll always remember everything we’ve had…its not over…but its gonna be hard without you.” Tami tried to hold back tears.

-I know…

“I love you, so much~” Tami choked as tears flew down her cheeks.

“I have to leave now…” Chris let go and picked up his belongings.


Chris and Tami gave their final hugs and kisses. It was the last time they would see each other before a long time. The next day Chris left for war, and Tami stayed at home, sobbing freely onto her pillow.

War was devastating…Many men died instantly and other men weren’t even prepared at all. Finally after a year at war, it was finally over. We, the US had won. Chris was so happy now to come home to his family and friends. Life was perfect, huh??

“I’m home!!!” Chris shouted as he entered his parent’s home.

“Son~!!” His Mom and dad cried with joy, hugging their son after long time.

“How are things?”


So Chris and his family ate dinner and relaxed. Chris told stories of hardships at war then excused himself to call Tami.

*RING* (x2)


“Baby girl, I’m home!!!”

“You’re home!!” Tami had happy tears flowing down from her cheeks.

“We’ll see each other tomorrow, I promise. My family is having me spend time with them tonight. OK? Promise!”

“OK! See you soon!”

The two hung up their phones. Just then, another family entered the house.

“Chris, son, I want you to meet the Lins.”

Chris’ father was good friends with John Lin, he was a new employee to the company. The Lins were VERY well off, I mean they had some money… They lived a couple miles away, but they lived in a mansion. They had everything-from a pool, tennis court, you name it. Jamie Lin was a very well known doctor, so that also explained it.


“I would like you, Chris, to meet my daughter, Sea.”

Sea was beautiful. Her hair was so pretty, it was straight at the top and curly at the bottoms. The color was a dark brown with blonde highlights. She was wearing a glistening red dress, complimenting her skin tone because she was very tan. Sea couldn’t take her eyes off Chris.

(‘He’s so cute….’)

“Hi, that’s a pretty name.”


Chris felt attracted to Sea.


“No problem.”

(‘I know they’ll go together perfectly…..’) John Lin thought to himself.

“Yes, sweetie?”

“What are you doing?”

“Staring at your gorgeous dress.”


Angela blushed. She never knew what her love, Hoonie, was doing sometimes. He liked to drift off in space.

“Let’s go visit Chris, he’s home from war!” Hoonie suggested getting the keys to the car.

“OK, lets go.” Angela followed after Hoonie to the car.

The two drove quickly to Chris’ house.

Meanwhile, Sea and Chris…………

Sea had taken Chris’ hand to Chris’ bedroom…..

“You’re really good looking, Sea.”

“So are you.”


“From the moment I saw you, I fell in love..”

“I think I did, too…”



“See, I don’t wanna seem so heartless…I know you got someone…But I can’t quit loving you, just because of her.”

“You know that I got someone?”

“Yeah..that girl, Tami.”

“Yeah that’s true, but…”

“I want you more….”


(‘Ahh shit, what??!’)

“Wake up, Chris.”

“Where am I? What..what’s going on?!”

“You’re in the hospital..”

“And who are you??”

“I’m Sea.”


(‘WTF? Was I dreaming earlier???…’)

“I know you don’t know me, but you were in a car accident. I was passing by..and you were along the road, with so much blood. I was terrified, so I took you here.”

(‘I fainted….?’)

“You mean I never even made it to my parents house?”

(‘I had been dreaming all this time…!’)

Sea nodded.

(‘Wow..then she saved my life….’)

“Thanks for saving my life!”

“No problem. I couldn’t let a good looking guy die, could I??”

“Nah, I guess not.” Chris smiled at her little joke.

(‘She’s cute…’)

“Look Chris, I think you’ll be OK.” Sea reached out to Chris’ hand. “Its just you need to rest in the hospital for a week or so, that’s what the doctor told me.”

Chris looked into Sea deeply. She was beautiful, she looked exactly the same as she was when Chris had been dreaming.

“How can I thank-you enough? Without you, I wouldn’t be alive or anything…”

“Its okay, don’t worry, everything will be all right.” Sea assured him.

The next minute Sea got up and called Chris’ parents, and they came to the hospital at once. Angela and Hoonie came as well.

“I should go Chris, you take care…maybe I’ll come back and visit ya sometime this week, OK?” Sea’s eyes glistened by the reflection of the window.

“Of course. Thanks.” Chris held Sea’s hand just before she left the room.

Chris’ parents were in tears as they came in to see their son. Angela and Hoonie were sad to see their friend badly hurt from the car accident. Then Hoonie realized he had to call Tami…she’d be worried by now. So Hoonie walked to the closest phone and dialed Tami’s number.

*RING* (x2)


“Tami!! Chris was in a car accident!! Come to the hospital at once!!”

“Oh my God, Chris!! BYE!”

Tami quickly hung up the phone and ran to her car….


“Chris, how are you doing??” Angela asked sitting on the chair beside his bed.


“Who are you?”

Angela was shocked, Chris must have lost his memory from the car accident….

“Oh my…!!” Angela cupped her hands to her mouth. “Everybody, come here!!!”

Chris’ parents and Hoonie ran to Angela and Chris’ side.

“Ask Chris anything.”

“Chris, are you OK?” Hoonie asked.


“Who the hell are you, people? Coming in my room acting like you know me and shit…”

Hearing those words, everyone else in the room besides Angela, were stunned. They noticed it too…Chris had lost his memory…..

“Where’s Sea??”

(‘Whose SEA??’) Hoonie thought to himself.

Suddenly, a huffing and puffing Tami bolted into the room, rushing to Chris’ bed.

“Chris~!!!” Tami held onto Chris’ hand.

(‘Whhaaattt tthheee hheelll….’)

“Get away from me.”

Tami instantly let go of Chris and stared shockingly.


“Tami, I’m sorry… Chris has lost his memory….” Hoonie took Tami aside from Chris’ bed.

“YOU HEARD ME!! ALL YOU ALL, GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!” Chris yelled at the top of his lungs.

Everyone understood Chris so they left the hospital. But how were they going to cope with the fact that Chris had no idea who they were, or how much they cared for him?? The only person Chris had a good feeling for was SEA…. Right after everyone left the hospital, Chris’ parents told the doctor that Chris had lost his memory. The doctor told them it would take a few weeks for Chris to remember things. Suddenly, a nurse came into Chris’ room.

“Chris, you have a phone call. Its Sea.” The nurse said to Chris as he was finishing his meal.

“OK.” Chris picked up the phone in his room and spoke softly.

“Hey baby.”

“Hey, how you doing?”


“That’s great. Everything is good?”


“Oh OK cool. So I was wondering….”


“After your out of the hospital, maybe we could chill sometime.”

“I’d like that.”


“Yeah, of course.”



“Alright, I’d better let you rest now.”

“No, its fine.”

“You sure?”


“OK then….”

Sea and Chris stayed on the phone for another 2 hours….. Finally it was 12AM and Chris fell asleep.

Sea became good friends with Chris’ parents, they knew her very well now. Sea would also come every day and spend time with Chris, she was into him and by the looks of it-so was Chris. Tami was always depressed because the one guy whom she loved had no idea she existed. Chris’ parents visited Chris daily too, helping him remember things. Chris was recovering too, but he still had trouble remembering Tami….

“Ahh~!! Chris!”

Chris’ friend, Jiwon, came to visit his good friend.

“Jiwon!! Hey!” Chris was so happy to see him after long time.

“How ya been?”

“Recovering, heh.”

“Good good.”

Jiwon spent all day with Chris, telling stories of the past year. Then Sea came into the room with a portable CD player from Chris’ house.

“Hey~!” Chris hugged Sea as she sat beside him on the chair.

(‘Who’s that hot girl….?’) Jiwon thought to himself as kept his at Sea.

“Oh I’m sorry man, this is Sea.” Chris introduced.

“Hi.” Jiwon winked.

“Hello.” Sea said not paying too much attention to the wink.

(‘She’s hot….’) Those were the only two words repeating in Jiwon’s mind.

Jiwon tried to shake off his thoughts, trying to keep all his concentration on his friends recovery.

It was too late, though….

(‘She’s mine……..’)
Part 2


Chris’ family and friends all gathered around Chris to celebrate his full recovery day. Chris was now fully recovered, and all his memories were now back to him. He now even remembered Tami, the one girl he had ever loved before he met Sea….

“Go Chris!~” Hoonie and Angela shouted with joy.

“Yeah Chris!!” Sea said holding to his hand.

“Thanks, baby.” Chris replied with a kiss on the cheek.

“No problem.” Sea looked deeply into Chris’ eyes.

Chris’ parents also had invited Tami, hoping to bring back some friendship. Suddenly…Tami entered the room. The room became quiet, the poor girl was full of loneliness. She had lost some weight, she was even more skinny now. Her eyes were red and puffy, she wasn’t carrying herself well. All her hopes of being with Chris anymore were shot, ever since Chris saw Sea, Tami knew it was over….

(‘I miss you, Chris…’)

(‘I wish we could just take things back to when we were together…’)

(‘Gimme another chance, I’ll prove to you…’)

(‘My heart can set you free…’)

(‘You’ll always be loved, Chris…’)

(‘Don’t you know..I love you?’)

Tami shook herself from her thoughts. Of course, it was over, she had to move on now. As Tami moved towards Hoonie and Angela, they gave her big hugs and kisses.

“Tami!!” Angela cried happily as she hugged her close.

“I missed ya, Angela…” Tami held back her tears.

“My turn, my turn!” Hoonie pulled Angela away from Tami and threw his arms around her.

“Grr..Hoonie!” Angela whined.

“We all missed ya, Tami. We’re glad you’re back!” Hoonie said.

“Thanks you guys, but its Chris’ day, not mine.” Tami pulled away from Hoonie and looked over at Chris.

Chris couldn’t bear to look at her. He kept his stare away, away in another world. He had hurt Tami so bad, what could he do now? He couldn’t just make things all happy again, it would take time… Tami choked out tears, cupping her hands together to her mouth. Everyone in the room was speechless. So Sea went over to Tami and patted her on the shoulder.

“Get away from me!!!” Tami pushed Sea away, glaring at her.

“I was just trying to help….”

“How can YOU help!? YOU’RE the one that broke me and Chris apart!!” Tami wiped her tears away from her eyes. “You and your heroines!!” Tami then ran out of the room.



“What the hell!” Tami was lying on the floor.

“Tami~!!” Jiwon was shocked, he didn’t think Chris’ girlfriend would EVER come back to the hospital.

“Jiwon..?” Jiwon took Tami’s hand and pulled her up from the concrete floor.

“Yeah, its me…Are you okay?”

“NO.” Tami felt her head in pain.

“I’m really sorry about how Chris couldn’t remember you for so long…and then after he did, he had fallen for Sea…sorry….” Jiwon brought her close and held her in his arms.

“Look, I don’t care about Chris no more….” Tami let go as her voice grew stronger. “I already knew it was over when I saw them together!”

“When did you see them together?” Jiwon asked.

“I saw them when Chris was in his room..and how Sea was by his side. Hoonie called me when he was at the hospital…”


“Yeah, so whatever…..Its over…”

“Hey-no-but-Chris NEVER said it was over…”

“He can’t even bare to look at me, dumbass!” With that, Tami walked off and out of the hospital.

(‘Poor Tami…’) Jiwon thought to himself.

After that thought, Jiwon walked into Chris’ room.
“Jiwon!” Angela yelled.

Hoonie rushed to Angela’s side to notice Jiwon had fainted!

“Jiwon! Man, wake up!” Hoonie slapped him a couple times to wake him up.

Jiwon finally woke up and looked into his friends eyes. He remembered fainting because he just seen Chris and Sea making out…


“Look we’re alone now.” Sea said leaning closer to Chris.

“Yeah, come here, girl…” Chris took Sea’s hand and the two snuggled up with each other on the bed.

Sea was leaning her head onto Chris’ shoulders when Chris took his hands to hold her head. He licked his lips and kissed Sea deeply. Their kiss turned into a tight embrace developing into a make-out scene…
“Yeah, I’m up.” Jiwon brushed off the concrete mess from his clothes.

“What happened??” Angela asked.


“Nothing…I just….fainted.”

“Well, we know that!” Hoonie said obviously.

“Look you guys, I LIKE SEA..”

“Uh-oh!” Angela giggled.

“Ssh Angie!” Hoonie hushed Angela and grabbed her close to him.

Angela laughed and Hoonie gave her little kisses on her neck. Angela was ticklish, so they were of course, the cutest couple.

“Please you guys..!” Jiwon interrupted the two.

Hoonie and Angela let go of their kisses and stared at Jiwon in silence.

“Sorry Jiwon, look, why don’t you tell Chris that you like Sea?” Hoonie suggested.

(‘Argh…he never understands anything!’)

“No, you stupid! Chris likes Sea, too!!” Jiwon rubbed his temples in stress.

“Ooooh…!!” Hoonie understood now.

Angela slapped her love playfully and had an idea for Jiwon.

“OK Jiwon, I know. Tell Sea to go out with Chris and you, once, and to choose.”

“Thanks Angela.” Jiwon strode into Chris’ room to finally see the two had stopped making out.

“Can I talk to you, Sea? Its important.” Jiwon took Sea’s hand and led her out of the room.

“OK.” Sea looked into Jiwon’s handsome eyes.

“Alright. I have an idea…Go out with me and Chris once and see who you like better, so you can choose.” Jiwon smiled at Angela’s great idea.

“Uhhh…OK, sure.” Sea agreed.

“K, I’ll call you later then.” Jiwon winked.

“OK, bye.”

Jiwon said bye to everyone and walked out of the hospital as a grin sparked on his face.
Part 3
Lena was calling Jiwon over, she was wondering where he was. Jiwon walked back and sat beside Lena in the booth and gazed into her eyes. Lena looked deeply into Jiwon’s eyes.

“Now, isn’t this great?” Jiwon smiled giving Lena a peck on the cheek.

“Of course, Jiwon!” She laughed as Jiwon made funny faces.


“Com’on Jiwon..lets go dancing~!!” Lena laid her head upon Jiwon’s shoulder as Jiwon kept his hands around her waist.

“Sure, baby.” Jiwon led Lena to the dance spot up ahead the street.

“WHERE THE HELL IS JIWON!?!” Steve was at the One T Gang spot waiting for Jiwon to show up.

But once again, he was late….


Yuki was waiting outside for Steve to come back out….

(‘What the heck is going on…’) She thought to herself.

(‘Where is he!?’)

Why was Yuki getting herself into this mess? She had her accusations, she knew Steve was involved in something bad. He always put on this pretty boy act, but when he was with his boys, he was someone else. She knew he was up to something. Of course, she didn’t want to be involved, she just wanted to know what it was…..

*RING* (x2)

“Hello?” Tami spoke quietly into the phone.

“Dis Tami?”

“Yeah…and you are…?”

“I’m Jiwon’s friend. You wanna meet up and chill?”


“Com’on, girl…I’ll cheer ya up.”

“Fine I guess.”

“OK, meet me at Pointview Road.”

Steve hung up. He looked into the mirror as an evil smile drew upon his face.

“STEVE!!!” Yuki was yelling at the top of lungs.

(‘Oh shit! Yuki!’)

Steve dashed outside. Yuki was screaming and yelping for help. Her mouth was shut by a long piece of silver tape, and she was sitting on the bench, tied up everywhere.

“Mmmmffff!!” Yuki’s yelps were deepening into Steve’s mind.

Who could have tied her up??
Steve took little steps to reach Yuki, he wasn’t about to get shot by some other gang member.

(‘Yukiii..gosh..who could have done this to you?’)

“Yuki, I’m really sorry…Lemme get my knife out.”

Suddenly, a horrified Johnny was running down the street, rushing to Yuki’s side….


Yuki turned to her right, her scared expression was gone. She was overwhelmed with joy to see Johnny be her hero.

“Stupid ass! What are doing here!” Steve pushed Johnny out of the way as he cut the rope from Yuki’s body.

“NO! GET OUTTA HERE, STEVE!! I SAW SOME GUYS LOOKING FOR YOU..!!” Johnny was telling the truth.

“Fuck that! This is my girl!!”

“Look, I’m not playing around….GET OUTTA HERE!!”

“Man Johnny, WTF!”

Yuki was free now. She just sat there on the bench. Steve and Johnny were willing to fight for her, she could see it in their eyes….Then Steve threw a big punch at Johnny. Johnny fell to the ground, beat with the blood pouring from his face. He forced himself up, ready to blow one.

“YOU GUYS!!! STOP FIGHTING!!!!” Yuki threw herself in the middle as she separated the two brothers.

Com’on, this was nonsense…

(‘She’s mine, loser…’) Steve thought.

(‘You’ll see, bro…she’s gonna come running to me…’) Johnny thought.

“Hoonie~!!!” Angela called.

“Yes, sweets?” Hoonie walked into the room, all ready for their romantic anniversary date.

“You look handsome, baby.” Angela opened her arms as Hoonie kissed her.

“Let’s go!” Hoonie broke off the kiss and led Angela to the car.

Their evening was wonderful…


“Tami, we need to talk…” Chris called her from the booth as Tami entered the Cafe.

“Haha…what is their to say?” Tami took a seat on the opposite side of the booth. “Its over, I know that.”

“I’m sorry for not remembering you when I remembered everyone else. It was so weird though; it was like you never existed. But I always knew you did somewhere in my heart…you know, we can still be friends…”

“Save the shit for later, Chris.” Tami started smoking on her cigarette. “We’re so different now, its not like we could even be an acquaintance.”

“Tami…why have you changed so much?” Chris reached out to her hand while Tami moved it away.

“Because you PROMISED, Chris. You promised when you came back from war, we’d be together forever. I know you loved me then…and then all of a sudden, when you met Sea, EVERYTHING we ever had was GONE…” Tami coughed from the cigarette. “And now, you just wanna start over?? PLEASE…think again.”

“Tami…I don’t know what I’m supposed to say… Please, why can’t we just be friends??” Chris looked deeply into her eyes.

“NO Chris, forget it. I can’t…!!” Tami choked out fast tears.

“Tami, please, don’t cry….” Chris held on to Tami’s hand.

“I have to go.” Tami got up and ran out of the Cafe.

Before Chris entered the Cafe, he had told Sea to wait for him outside….

“Hey.” Chris said, as he hooked his hands around Sea’s waist.

“Hey.” Sea said as the two walked together along the streets.


Suddenly, a girl in all black walked past the three….She must have been the person who had tied up Yuki…


She quickly took a peek at them and kept her gaze at the moon. She looked like she was from some kind of gang.

(‘Who’s that?’)



The girl in black looked back at Steve, you could only see her eyes from all the black.

“HEY!” Steve yelled to her.


The girl looked back again at Steve. She bent down by her ankle, bringing out a small pistol….Steve slowly took steps walking to her to put down the gun.

“Look…I just wanna talk to you.”

The girl didn’t say a word. She pointed the gun at Steve, it looked like she had never held a gun before.

“Please…put the gun down, I don’t want any trouble.”

“Fine.” The girl finally spoke taking a seat on the nearby bench.

“Who are you?” Steve asked sitting down beside her.

“Well…You asked me to come.”

“Well…you’re not Jiwon.” Steve murmured still unsure of who it was under the black suit.

“No shit.” The girl brought out her gun again.

“OK..then who?”


(‘Oh man…Tami??’)

Tami clicked her gun making sure everything was in place.
Suddenly, a huffing and puffing Jiwon came rushing down the street to find Steve…

“STEVE!!!!!” Jiwon yelled to him.

“Shit, Tami, get outta here…Here comes Jiwon…Yuki knows you tied her up… I’ll pretend I don’t know you…I don’t know, something.”

“Mmm..OK Steve. Meet me up here tomorrow, same time, K?” Tami blew Steve a kiss.


Tami got up from the bench and raced down the opposite way of Jiwon. While Jiwon finally made it up to where Steve was…….

“Who was that???” Jiwon asked catching his breath.

“Some girl…I don’t know.” Steve fibbed out one of his many lies.

“Oh, OK. Look, I’m sorry I’m late…Lena was with me…”

“Ooh..So you like this Lena girl, huh?”

“Not really…I still like Sea.”

“HAH! You can’t get her, man…Why do you even bother?”

“Anyways, why did you want me here this time?” Jiwon quickly changed the subject.

Yuki and Johnny came over to Steve and Jiwon now.

(‘Ugh…too many interruptions….’)

“Damnit Yuki, you’re always here when me and Jiwon are about to do something…..”

“What are you talking about! And WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS ABOUT TO DO, ANYWAYS?!?”

(‘Stupid bitch…’) Steve murmured under his breath.

“Um…HELLO?? It’s none of your business, I told you to stay away when me and Jiwon are doing stuff….”

Johnny took Yuki by the waist and led her down the street. He wanted to keep Yuki away from Steve, he knew Steve was a troublemaker….


Steve was looking straight into the girl’s eyes the whole time. He never took his eyes off her. He was putting his hands where it wasn’t supposed to be…He was holding her. Yuki wasn’t really paying attention because she was staying behind me. Steve was giving her sexy looks from head to toe. Even when the girl left, she was blowing Steve a kiss…

“Ooh Johnny…..I know you don’t wanna get shot…I’d say you keep your hands OFF!!” Steve yelled back to the two.

Yuki began crying. Her pretty boy boyfriend was really a bad guy…Why hadn’t she realized it before? And who was that other girl in black?? Does she know Steve, too?? What were Jiwon and Steve going to do??? All these questions played over and over in Yuki’s mind as she held on to Johnny.

“its okay.” Johnny assured her.

“Yeah…I hope so.” Yuki nodded as Johnny wiped away the tears from her cheeks.

Johnny took care of Yuki whenever he saw Steve messing around with Jiwon and other gang guys. Johnny didn’t want to see poor Yuki getting killed or badly hurt. After all, Steve was doing a bad job. Johnny knew Steve never loved Yuki, all Steve wanted was a girlfriend at all times. He always wanted to show someone off to other people, so the other people would like him. Steve never took care of his girlfriends though, he would always dump them if they wouldn’t have sex with him. And sooner or later, Steve would dump Yuki, too…

After walking around town for about a half hour, Johnny and Yuki walked into an ice-cream parlor. Each got expresso cones and took a seat by the water fountain.

“Such a pretty night, huh?” Yuki looked up at the stars and the moon.

“Yeah.” Johnny agreed not paying attention to his ice-cream, but at Yuki.

“You know, Johnny…” Yuki looked into his eyes with care. “You’re so nice to me, unlike Steve…I just wanna thank-you for being who you are.”

“No problem, Yuki.” Johnny smiled.

Yuki got closer to Johnny, she was kind of cold but she also wanted to be in Johnny’s arms.

“ so cute….” Johnny laughed, putting his arm around her.

“So are you.”


Yuki brought her fingers to Johnny’s right cheek, she just wanted to feel his soft touch. Johnny felt her touch and pressed his lips upon hers. He kissed her deeply, as Yuki ran her fingers through Johnny’s hair. The two kissed for a few seconds and gazed into each other’s eyes.

“I can’t stop thinking of you, Yuki…you’re always on my mind.” Johnny held her close.

“You’re always on my mind, too…”

“I promise…no matter where I go….I’ll be with you all the time…”

“I promise, too…”

Johnny and Yuki got up and held each other’s waist as they walked away from the water fountain.
That was the night the two hooked up.


The couple was holding hands, walking along the streets of town, looking at the beautiful stars and feeling the cool night.

“So, how did Tami take it?” Sea asked.

“Not so well…She’s changed now.

“Well in a bad way. She smokes, dresses skimpy, and I think she’s taking some fighting class, she looks real strong now.”

“Wow.” Sea’s eyes grew wider.

“We can’t even be friends. I still feel bad about it, for hurting her so bad….”

“Its okay, Chris. I’m sure things will be OK.”


The couple said goodnight as they walked back to their homes.


“Steve, what we gonna do?!” Jiwon was getting sleepy now.

“Oh..hea man..someone’s on the phone fo you..”

Steve handed Jiwon his cell.

“Heeelllooo…” Jiwon was already drunk now.

“JIWON!! WTF!!!!  YOU STILL LIKE SEA, HUH??! HOW CAN YOU JUST PRETEND TO LIKE ME LIKE THAT!? I HATE YOU!” An angry Lena was yelling at him on the other side.

“What…who told you that…?”

“WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK TOLD ME THAT!? ASK STEVE, HE’LL KNOW!!” Lena slammed down the phone.

Jiwon hung up Steve’s cell. Steve was sleeping…on the bench beside the big light. Jiwon stood up and kicked the hell out of Steve, trying hard to wake him up.

“Geez…what!!” Steve opened his beady eyes.

“YOU TOLD LENA I STILL LIKE SEA??!” Jiwon was turning red.

“ might have slipped out..Shit, I don’t know..” Steve was falling back asleep.

Jiwon picked up Steve’s cell and threw it hard, the phone broke into pieces everywhere onto the ground. Steve quickly got up.


“YOU DUMBASS DRUGGIE!!! WHY DID YOU TELL LENA!! I’M GETTING OUTTA HERE…” Jiwon started walking off back home.

Suddenly, Steve picked up a big rock and threw it fast at Jiwon’s back.

“…..” Jiwon fainted to the ground.

(‘Calling me a dumbass druggie…Shit…I’ll kill you, Jiwon…I’m the one wit all da power…’)

Jiwon lay on the ground for a few minutes. When he finally gained up his strength, he got up slowly.

(‘Ima get you, Steve…..’)

“Hush!!” Steve was now pinned to the ground, Jiwon was on top of him.




“OK, OK. I told her cause I…I…I was thinking of Chris hurt Tami…and I didn’t want you hurting Lena…!”

Jiwon threw fast punches at Steve’s face. Steve’s face was very bloody now….

“Bye Steve.” Jiwon got off Steve and ran back home.

Steve was too hurt and sleepy to move. He lay at that spot till sunrise…..
Part 4

Steve shook his head as he opened his torn-up eyes. He felt wasted or washed out from the night before, the night Jiwon fought with him.

“Hey baby.” A girl in a red dress said giving her hand to Steve.



(‘Oh!! Tami!’)

“Tami~!” Tami pulled up Steve now.

“What you doing here, its SO early!” She laughed.

“Me and Jiwon…we had a little fight, and I was too sleepy and tired to move, so I spent the night.” Steve rubbed his eyes with his dirty hands.

Tami opened her arms to give Steve a hug.

“Take better care of yourself…OK? Com’on, lets go back to your house.” She took Steve’s hand walking down the street.

The two were back at Steve’s house ten minutes later……

“Come here, boy….” Tami pulled off Steve’s shirt, opening the buttons as well.

“You wanna get freaky, huh?” Steve smirked.

“Yeah, baby.” Tami winked.

So Tami and Steve began kissing long and hard…..


“Why you dating that stupid slut, anyways?” Tami held Steve close to her body. “She’s worth nothing compared to me.”

“Don’t ask.” Steve shrugged his shoulders, kissing Tami everywhere on her neck.

(‘Oh shit! The door!’)

Steve let go of Tami and walked to the door. He put his shirt on and fixed his hair while looking in the mirror.

“Yes?” Steve asked as he opened the door.

“Hey Steve, we need to talk.” A crossed arm Yuki stood there, staring at Steve in the face.

“Oh..hey.” Steve invited her in without thinking.

Without thinking…Tami was in there, too!

Yuki took a seat on the couch, while Tami was hiding behind it.

(‘Oh no….’)

(‘Damnit Steve…’) Tami thought to herself.

“OK, let’s talk, quick.” Steve took a seat beside Yuki on the couch.

“Why quick? I can take my time, ya know.”

“Uh….I got to do something… try to hurry.” Steve closed his eyes hoping Yuki wouldn’t keep questioning him.

Yuki sighed. “What do you have to do?!”

“HE HAS TO MESS WITH ME!!” An angry Tami showed herself from behind the couch.


“WHAT THE HELL, STEVE!!” Yuki stood up from the couch.

“Uh…” Steve was speechless.

“SO WHEN WERE YOU GONNA TELL HER, HUH?” Tami glared at Yuki.


Before Steve knew what to do, Tami walked slowly to Yuki and took a punch….

“OOOOOWWW..YOU STUPID BITCH!” Yuki felt her bloody nose.


Steve got in the middle and separated the two girls apart. Everything was such a big mess now…

“FUCKING WHORE!” Yuki yelled from Steve’s back.

“TRAMP!” Tami yelled back.

“YOU GUYS!!! STOP!” Steve screamed so the girls would finally hush.

This was going to be a long day……
Jiwon had stopped Sea before she was about to enter the new clothing store, Express……

“Huh?” Sea turned around to notice Jiwon.

“Hey there.” Jiwon tried not looking at her.

You hurt Lena, everyone knows it.” Sea told him straight up.

“Yeah…I think I noticed that.” Jiwon said sarcastically. “But what ever happened to our date? HUH?”

“I’m dating your BEST FRIEND….Sorry.” Sea started walking off.

Jiwon grabbed her arm.

“I’m not letting you go, until you give me an answer to this….Would you have dated me if you hadn’t met Chris??”

“Let go!!” Sea screamed.

Jiwon took his finger to his mouth, signaling her to be quiet.


“Gimme an answer.” Jiwon demanded.

Just then, Angela was walking down the street, the opposite way. She spotted Jiwon and Sea and she froze in spot. She hid behind the big tree, keeping her eye on the two.

“Look Jiwon, if you don’t let me go…” Sea paused.

“……Then?” Jiwon winked.

Sea tried thrusting her arm out of Jiwon’s arm, but she was too weak. All of Sea’s power was being sucked into Jiwon’s lure, she was falling into it.

“What do you want from me!?” Tears flew down from Sea’s cheeks, she was terrified now.

“My heart is always beating…even though we’re apart…you’re always in my heart…..” Jiwon rhymed to her.

Angela stared in shock. Sea was really falling into it now, she couldn’t let her fall into Jiwon….

“Can we make it through this maze? I will see you through this phase…If you put your faith in me, happy ending it will be…That’s a promise…you’ll see…” Jiwon let go of Sea and started walking again.

Sea stared at Jiwon as he was walking off. She couldn’t help it….It was the way he spoke those words to her……

“Wait, Jiwon~!!” Sea called to him.

Jiwon grinned and turned around.


“Come back…” Sea felt like she was going to faint now. Her eyes were closing and her body felt weak.

Suddenly, she lost control….falling to the ground.

“Sea~!!” Jiwon rushed to her side as people on the street crowded around them.

“Sea…wake up…can’t lose you…..not now, not ever…..” Jiwon choked out tears holding onto Sea’s fragile hand.

(‘You hear me….like a stranger, yet someone I once knew…’)

(‘I found myself in you, Jiwon……’)
Angela ran back home. She had to tell Hoonie before anything else would happen….


“…Where’d you go?”  He held Angela close.

“I was going to return my new shirt…and I saw something.” She paused.


“Jiwon was talking to Sea, rhyming all these words, like a song…Sea fainted.”

Angela walked to the phone and dialed Chris’ number.

*RING* (x2)


“Chris…its me, Angela.”

“Hey girl, what’s up?”

“Uh…a lot~ I was going to return my new shirt a few minutes ago…when I saw Jiwon talking to Sea…he was rhyming her with all these nice words….Sea fainted.”

“WHAT!? Is she OK?”

“She’s at the hospital. Bye!” Angela quickly hung up the phone.

Chris dialed Jiwon’s number, he too felt weak….


“STEVE, ITS OVER.” Yuki yelled into the phone.

“Fine wit me!” Steve yelled back.



The two hung up their phones. Finally, everything was settled with. Yuki dates Johnny and Tami dates Steve…perfect, huh?

Tami and Steve met at their spot on the nearby bench on the street……

“Hey babes.” Steve greeted Tami with a kiss.

“Hello sweetie.” Tami replied relaxing her head upon Steve’s broad shoulder.

“Haha, I guess the One T Gang is just me and you now.”


“I heard Jiwon rhymed words to Sea…she was into it, right? But then she fainted.”

“Hahaha..awww..poor Chris.” Tami laughed.

“ you wanna smoke?” Steve got out his cigarette pack.

“Yup.” Tami took a cigarette and lighted it.

It was already kind of late, and the time continued to go by fast….

Suddenly, two guys in all black passed by Steve and Tami. The guys gave them a look and kept walking. They looked like they were from some gang, too.


Tami was falling asleep on the bench, she soon fell asleep in Steve’s arms. Steve held her close…he even brought a blanket, so Tami was perfectly fine.



It was midnight. It was pitch black. Nothing was heard or seen…It was scary.



Tami felt something on the back of her head. It felt like a weapon…..a gun…..!!

“Mmmfaph!” Tami’s mouth was shut by a metal piece of tape.

She looked to her left…Steve was gone!


Tami looked behind her, to the right of her, and in front of her. There was no one in sight. What the hell was going on…?

(‘Where is everybody…..?’)



Tami spotted Steve, he was all tied up in ropes, too. He was bloody and his white tang-top was torn. The two guys must have beaten him up or something…



-We might not make it…

-Goodbye for now…

“Now, you two…” One of the guys said kicking Steve to the ground. “You’re both gonna have trouble if you don’t do what we say!” Tami could only see his dark brown eyes from all the black.

“Now then…I want you, Tami, to join us, if you don’t…say bye bye to your boy.”


“Now Tami, if I untie you, you must promise us you won’t get violent. Your boyfriend tells us you are violent at times.” The guy snickered. “Promise…?”

Tami nodded.

“Great!” The two guys laughed.

They untied Steve’s ropes. Steve ran as fast as he could, he had to get outta there before anything else would happen.. He would go home, call the police, and everything would be OK..



Steve fell to the ground. This time, it was a different guy, still in all black like the other two guys.

Steve wasn’t going anywhere just yet……

“WTF, STEVE!!? You’re not going anywhere…!!!” The guy continued kicking Steve in the back.

“Please…please…..” Steve started coughing up blood now.

“WHAT?? I SHOULD STOP!?…” The guy chuckled.

“Yes, please….please stop….” Steve felt his eyes closing slowly.

“FINE.” The guy stopped and kneeled down to Steve on the ground. “You alright??”


“You better swear not tell no one about this! If you do, we’ll kill you, Steve…that’s for sure.”

Steve turned over and looked at the guy in the face. Once again, all Steve could see was the guy’s dark eyes.

“OK, I swear I won’t tell.” Steve agreed.

“OK, you can go.” The guy got up and watched Steve ran away.


The other two guys untied Tami’s ropes and told her she had to join them. If she didn’t, her and Steve would be killed. They also told her she had to join them by being their stripper…Remember, if she said no, she’d be killed, along with Steve. She basically had no choice.

“OK, I will.” Tami agreed to the guy’s choice.

“Hahaha..we know you would!!” One of the guys smirked.


“Com’on Tami, lets go…” One of the guys grabbed her Tami by the arm and took her to their car.

The car was very nice. It was a red BMW. It had everything in it, from a CD player to a DVD player. Of course it wasn’t their car, they probably stole it…

So Tami and the two guys rode out. They were at the two guys house in a few minutes.

“Here we are…”

The house was fill of guys. It must be a big hangout for their crew or something…

(‘Oh no…’) Tami was horrified now.

She had to strip in front of all these guys soon…She was the only girl in that place. The guys gave her sexy looks as she walked past them in the hallway.


“Ready??” The guy screamed from the second floor.


It was time now.

“Go ahead, Tami.” One of the two guys ordered her.



Sea would be spending the night in the hospital.

“Thanks Jiwon.” Sea said.

Jiwon had brought her red roses and coffee. Sea thanked him while he adjusted her pillow.

“No problem.” Jiwon smiled.


“Look~!! Its a rose!”

“Its pretty, huh?”


“It’s for you, here, take it.”


“No problem.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too…”

– – – – –

“Oh my God……Jiwon!!!” Sea was all sweaty from drifting off.

Jiwon got up from the chair and rushed to Sea’s side.

“Are you OK!?”

“Its you, Jiwon…..”

“What?” Jiwon was confused.

“Its really you…”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Jiwon was really confused now.

“I remember you, Eun Ji Won…”



“…..” Jiwon was speechless, what was Sea talking about??…

“Remember the rose, Jiwon…You gave me the pretty red rose….You said ‘I love you’…”


“I love you, too, Jiwon…we can be together now…at last.”

“We finally have it all…its now or never….”

“Its us.”

“Sea, are you OK?”

“I’m fine now, Jiwon…you’re by my side….look, I see happiness~.”

“Don’t you see happiness when you look into your eyes and see…all I see…is you and me….”



Chris had felt so weak he fell asleep…

“Ahhhhhh!” He woke up from his sleep and drove quickly to the hospital.

Angela and Hoonie just arrived to the hospital now, too.

“SEA~!!!” Chris rushed to her side and noticed Jiwon on the other side.

“Oh, hey.” Sea opened her eyes again.

“Jiwon!!” Hoonie yelled as Angela came huffing and puffing behind him.


“Why did you do that to Sea! You got her hypnotized or something! Damnit, Jiwon!!!” Hoonie got his hand ready to ring Jiwon’s neck.

“You guys, I’m sorry for what I did. But now, Sea’s weird. She was saying…for me to remember a pretty red rose and how I said I loved her….”

“I’m going now.” Jiwon got his things together.

Sea realized what was going on now…


No one ever called Jiwon his other name, they always called him regular old Jiwon….


“Why you have to leave me?”


Suddenly, Jiwon understood Sea now. She was right…..

Jiwon and Sea were together once, in a another time…..

In their past life…….

But this was the present, long over the past life. Why was she coming back to that, now??…

Jiwon turned around and walked back to Sea’s room. He had to talk to Sea, one on one now.

“Everybody, please, I need to talk to Sea, alone.”

Chris was pissed but he left the room with Angela and Hoonie.

Jiwon stood beside Sea in her bed. He looked deep into her eyes and saw something. He saw their past life……




“I’ll always love you, forever and ever!”

“I’ll always love you, too!”

Sea and Jiwon held each other close.
– – – – –
Jiwon shook his head, remembering the past life is done with. He had to let it was time to move on with the present….


“Look, Sea…” Jiwon paused and took her hand. “We were together in our past life, remember, its now present, past life is long and over with. We have to live the present…”

“I don’t understand…”

“We’re not meant to be in this life, you belong with Chris.”


“See, when the time comes to be together…I save my love for that time…we’ll be forever in after life..”

“I understand now.”

“I’ll always love you, though..” Jiwon choked out tears.

“So will I, I promise.”

“I promise too.”

“I have to leave here for a while. I am going back to Hawaii for better schooling and meeting up with family.”

“Take care, Jiwon.” Sea held Jiwon’s hand for the last time.

“You too.” Jiwon let go and forced out a smile.

He picked up his things and looked back once more. It was the last time he’d see Sea before a long time. He said bye to everyone outside and told Chris to take care of Sea. Chris promised Jiwon he would and he didn’t have to worry. Angela and Hoonie wished Jiwon luck in Hawaii, and told him to visit when he could.

“Bye guys.” Jiwon waved and called for a taxi to the airport.
Part 5

Lena was feeling lonely so she called up her sister, Angela, to have a little get together….

“Great idea, sis!” Angela hung up the phone and called everyone else.


Yuki, Johnny, Hoonie, Angela, Chris, Sea, and Lena were all at the get together. They called Tami, but she wasn’t home….? No one was really friends with Steve, besides Jiwon, who had already left to Hawaii.

“So what you guys wanna do??” Lena took a seat by Angela on the couch.

“Lets play…truth or dare!”

“OK!” Everyone agreed to another one of Angela’s idea.

“Me first!” Yuki called before anyone could say anything.

The room was very quiet now. Everyone stared at Yuki, they were scared to be asked first.

“Ooohhh..” Yuki thought aloud. “…..Sea!”


“ you miss Jiwon??”

“…..Of course I do.” Sea’s eyes welled up. “I’ll be right back.”

Everyone was shocked, especially Chris….So he followed after her….

“Sea~.” Chris hugged Sea close.

“….I’m sorry, Chris. But I was telling the truth…”

“Its okay.” Chris assured her.

Sea stayed in Chris’ arm, she felt so safe in them.

“Hey what’s that!” Sea exclaimed.

She spotted a shining object on the ground.


Chris picked it up. It was a diamond ring!~~ He kneeled on his knees and put the ring on Sea’s finger.

“Will you marry me?”

Sea stared at Chris in shock. She wasn’t expecting anything like this or even close to it. She did love Chris, though…

“Yes..” Sea answered giving Chris a peck on the cheek.

The couple walked back into the room.

“Look!!” Sea put out her hand to everyone.

Everyone else was shocked, too. But they all congratulated the two and quit playing truth or dare. Hoonie had just left the room to find a blue bag, he came back in and sat down.

“Hoonie, what’s that!?” Angela laughed.

The blue bag looked funny, it was all torn up.

Hoonie opened the bag and dumped out the contents. There was a diamond ring….

“……!!” Lena cupped her hands. “Whose are those??”

Hoonie picked up the ring and proposed to Angela.

“Of course!~” Angela hugged Hoonie happily.

Lena felt sad now. The only one she had ever loved was Jiwon, and where was he? In Hawaii….Why was she still into Jiwon after what he did to her?? Their was no point in messing with it now. Jiwon wouldn’t be coming back, EVER. It was time to move on and find someone new….

“Congratulations, you guys.” Yuki and Johnny congratulated.

“Thanks!” The soon-to-be married couples smiled back.

(‘Heh…’) Lena felt alone.


She had already stripped down all the way, fully naked. The guys were thrilled and very excited, they gave Tami money left and right. Tami was doing the job as she was told to…Tami was crying inside. She wished she could be home, with all her friends. Expect Chris and Yuki, she wasn’t fond of them anymore. The one person she cared deeply for was STEVE, he was the one to keep her safe and warm…

(‘Love will lead you back, Steve…’)

(‘Where you belong…’)

(‘You’ll find me here, and we can be together like always….’)

(‘Don’t give up…I’ll be here…’)

(‘Waiting for you…’)

-Come soon…

“TAMI!!!!” Someone busted in from the front door.

It was Steve….!!

“STEVE!!!” Tami yelled from the center stage.

All the guys in the room turned around, they recognized Steve instantly. They all ran to the door and quickly got ready to beat up Steve.

(‘I knew you’d come, Steve…’)


“STAY BACK!” Steve yelled as he took out a gun.

The guys took steps back away.

“LET ME TAKE BACK TAMI….AND EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE…” Steve continued to point his gun.

The guys kept their hands up as Steve walked slowly to Tami, Tami was scared as hell and unable to speak, she was too terrified to breathe. Her body was tied up one the stool, upon the center stage. Steve looked into Tami’s eyes and lashed open the rope. He brought Tami up and held her close.

“I don’t know what I would do without you…..”

“Thank-you Steve, for saving my life…..” Tami’s tear dropped on Steve’s shoulder.

“I’m never letting you go…not now, not ever……”

“Me either…”

Tami felt safe now that she was in Steve’s arms.

(‘I can’t let this stop…’)

(‘I love you, Tami…’)

-Don’t let me go, Steve.
-If you do, I might fall and lose you again.
-If I would lose you, I’d die inside, forever.
-So I make this promise…..
-If we fail to lose each other now…..
-I promise to love you forever…..
-You’ll always be in my heart for all time…..
-I’ll always keep a special place for you…..
-I love you, Steve…..
-Forever and ever……



“Its over, Steve……I didn’t want the moment to stop and it did…….”

-Why did it stop…

“I made a promise, Steve…..”

-I hope you keep it like I will, too…..

“Tami, please….don’t leave….I can’t lose you…..”


“I promise to love you forever and ever…..I’ll always keep a special place for you….I love you, Steve…forever and ever……”

“I love you, Tami…..I’ll keep the promise, too…..”

“You’re the first guy whose ever loved me and really meant it…I know Chris never did…he found someone else…..”



-Goodbye Tami…..
-My heart will always be with you…


The guys beat the living hell out of Steve, he lay on the center stage beside Tami, dead…..


“If you ever need someone…I’ll be here for you, Tami…”

“You’re such a good friend to me, Steve…”

“I know I am a bad guy, but I’ve never taken you for granted….”

“I know.”

“Whenever I look into your eyes, Tami…..I see forever.”

“Just hold me, please…”


(‘I’ve always loved you, Tami…I know one day, we’ll be together….forever…..’)




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