Fantasy… by Jekki Kiss


  • a Wonnie short story
  • completed

I was never too hard to please.

My whole life revolved around one thing…Fantasy. It was surreal almost, but my dreams were enough to wake me up and carry me towards success.

Or destruction…

But who can really tell the difference when you’re dreaming anyway?

Each day, I closed my eyes every second that I could just to get the chance to see her. She was my fantasy that drove me to this state I’m in. It all started when my girlfriend died. SaeJin and I were dating for almost 2 years. One night, she was driving to her parent’s house in the rain. The car crashed, and my fantasy died with it. I can’t breathe, think, or even sleep without seeing her haunting image before me. She stood 5’8, 115 pounds, long dark brown hair, haunting chocolate eyes. Whenever I did get the rare chance to sleep, an image of a girl distinctively resembling SaeJin came to me. This was the only peace that I could bring myself to have; just thinking of seeing her again was enough to ignite my hopes. So as I lay here every night wishing for my angel, I secretly hoped that God would carry me to her.


Same haunting nightmare, slowly rolling over my head…

The scene: I find myself walking through a valley of some sort. It is covered with branches and thorn-filled flowers. Whenever I try to touch anything, it disappears instantly, causing me to wonder why I’m here. I walk down a long path that painstakingly reminds me of a never-ending road. But when I think it is about to end, I black out and wake up. But tonight’s episode is different… At the end of the path is an overwhelming light.

It beckons to me almost, to follow it, and I oblige easily. SaeJin is standing there with her arms outstretched, looking as peaceful and docile as ever.

“Jiwon…you finally made it to me.”

In a trance, I try to take SaeJin’s hand as she climbs a staircase backward. Fate, or something stronger allows us to not quite touch, but I still reach higher and harder following my angel.

“I’m not there yet…” I faintly whisper.

When we’re at the top, SaeJin suddenly vanishes and I’m left standing all alone. What does this mean? I decide to slowly turn around and she’s standing at the bottom of the staircase again.

“SaeJin ya…something doesn’t want us to be together.”

“It’s over my life is gone. You have the rest of your time here on earth to find someone and love again Jiwon.”

“But I only love you…”

“That’s because you never opened your heart to anyone but me.”

Her words struck something within my body. Maybe the reason I was so restless and upset was because I never gave myself the chance to love anyone again. I lowered my gaze to the floor and looked up again when I felt someone in front of me.

SaeJin was now standing directly in front of me. She looked as exquisite as never before. I reached out and put my arm around her waist as our hands intertwined with each other. SaeJin and I spun around on the raised platform relishing in each other.

“I never got to tell you how much I loved you before you died…”

“You didn’t have to tell me Jiwon. I wouldn’t have been able to face my death if I didn’t know you loved me.”

“When I wake up from this dream…will I ever see you again?” She slowly raised her head and met my gaze. SaeJin took one hand and gracefully glided it across my cheek. I breathed in every moment of this fantasy with her.

It doesn’t matter if you see me again…just know I’ll always be there.”

And with those words SaeJin leaned in close to me and brushed her lips softly against mine. God, I knew this was a dream, but it just felt so real…We broke our lips apart when I felt the bittersweet taste of SaeJin’s tears.

It was now my turn to wipe her tears away. But one tear in particular had a certain gleam to it that I will never forget. Her tear fell to the ground as the sky suddenly darkened and begun to rain.

SaeJin took my hand as we ran down the staircase together. When we reached the beginning of the path I stood before her, SaeJin spoke.

“Jiwon, here take this…go and know I will always love you.”

She reached up to her neck and removed the light piece of silver fabric. I took it away firmly and held it against my chest.

“Does this mean goodbye SaeJin?”

She leaned in close to me and kissed my cheek…

“No, this means forever…”


I woke up in a sweat, clutching my chest. My eyes slowly looked down to my bed to convince myself that the dream was somehow real.

Nothing was on my bed besides me. Dejected, I snuggled down further into my bed aching for SaeJin again.

Nothing had changed, that dream was just a painful reminder of my lost love. But as I tried to go back to sleep, I felt something poking me at the side,

I turned over and reached under my sheet to the object that was bothering me.

I gasped…

My fingers gently picked up a long piece of silver cloth that had the distinct fragrance of my dear dear angel.

“SaeJin ya…it was real?”

My fantasy had come true.


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