Everlasting Love by: Videl


  • a EunKang short story
  • completed

(In Philadelphia)

{Matthew (Ji Won)’s Point of View}

I boarded the crowded bus called SEPTA (South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority). I sat down in a seat next to a younger male that seems Korean, as I am. I found him to be a guy I know in the college I go to.

He was really smart, but also really ugly.

I also saw one of my very close friend named Suwon behind me.

“Sup Suwon?” I said, giving a manly handshake.

“Yo, man. Hey, you know that young boy you sittin’ next to?” he replied.

I motioned my head towards the geek sitting next to me and he nodded his head.

“Yeah, what ’bout the geek?” I whispered to the guy behind me.

“Yo man, I swear, he cute,” he whispered.

I backed away in surprise. Why the hell is Suwon telling me this?

“Uhh,” I said hesitately, “I’m not like that yo.”

“Yeah you are, man. I see you be watching guys pass by,” Suwon said.

I was going to grab Suwon by his throat and scream out, “What you say, you fuckin’ bitch?!” but hey! It’s a public transportation vehicle.

And plus, it was true. I had a past boyfriend to try out the homosexual life. Of course, it didn’t go far, which I was KIND OF thankful for. Notice the kind of if you didn’t before. I had to admit, I kind of enjoyed going out with a guy. Because a guy knows what a guy wants.

Lucky for me, Suwon didn’t know that I’d went out with a guy. Since Suwon is a little on the g side. He’s going out with a guy name Jaejin Lee or something.

I leaned back and thought about it for awhile.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around.

“Yo, dude get’s off at yo stop, so better conversate fast yo,” Suwon whispered while pointing at the geek.

“Alright yo, chill. Hey yo, don’t you gotta go now?” I asked taking a look at the surroundings.

“Oh shit! See you later yo. I’m out,” he said, patting my shoulder, and rushed out of the side, back door.

The door almost closed on him to. I sighed while closing my eyes for a second. Although, I felt a stare so I opened them and look around. Sure enough, the dork was staring at me.

“Hey, my name is Matthew,” I introduced myself and continued, “And you are…?”

“My name is Mickey,” the boy replied with a small smile.

Kind of a cute smile. But the thick, black glasses just really messes it up.

He looks kind of…Korean?

“Hey, are you Korean?” I asked.

He nodded his head sheepishly, “Yeah.”

I asked him, “What’s your Korean name?”

“It’s Kang Sung Hoon,” he said, “What about you?”

“I’m Eun Ji Won,” I replied.

We hit it off with a good conversation and continued talking. After thirty minutes of non-stop talking, we arrived at our destination.

We both got off and headed home. He insisted that we exchange phone numbers and so we did.

I called him the next day and the next thing I know, we’re in his car, driving some where, just chilling.

Strange thing was though, he looked totally different. He had contacts on, instead of those thick, black glasses, his hair was dyed a assortment of colors, he had on some black, baggy jeans, and a GAP shirt.

Suwon was really telling the truth. Mickey, is really really cute.

Well, as time past on, we -me, really- got drunk. I told him about my ex-boyfriend.

I told him that his name was Ko Ji Yong. That he broke my heart. That it was only an experiment to see what the homosexual life was. That I actually enjoyed the experience. That I may have loved him..

I saw him, Ji Yong, pass by. I totally regained my senses by then. Mickey stopped the car and got out.

I stopped him and dragged him back into the car. I made him sat in the passenger side and drove off to nowhere in particular. I told him he shouldn’t do that. He told me that I shouldn’t be driving when I’m drunk, which I wasn’t.

Years past, and thankfully, we never bumped into Ji Yong. He asked me to marry him, and I accepted his proposal.

His family accepted, my family didn’t. Although, I made them accept it.

We adopted children.

A few years later, he went off to South Caroline to study. Two years later, I received a letter, stating my Mickey died..of a school shooting.

My Mickey never came back. He left me…

Suddenly, I woke up from my horrifying dream. Next to me was a figure.

My Mickey…

I hugged him tightly, finding he was still alive.

Tears gushed out of my ears as I said to him, “I love you, my Mickey.”

“I love you too, my Matthew,” he replied.

It was a sign for our everlasting love…



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