Deep Feelings by: susan aka SuWon’s GrL

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  • a Suwon short story
  • completed

Chapter 1

It was the first day at the high school and all the upper classmen were parking their cars and walking into the school. Some were hanging out at the parking lot and talking about their summer break and how much fun they had. Some were quickly going into the school and finding out what classes they had. SuWon and JiYong were coming out of JiYong’s jet black car and getting ready to go into the school. SuWon tightly held on to the straps of his backpack as he took a deep breath of the fresh September air. SuWon and JiYong were friends in the high school. SuWon followed JiYong into the school and suddenly paused as he saw a familar silver car pull up into it’s parking lot. JiYong turned around and noticed it too. SuWon just stood there watching as his long-time crush came out of the passenger seat of the car.

“Oh….it’s EunJin again..isn’t it??” asked JiYong as he watched beside SuWon. SuWon slowly nodded and sighed. JiYong smiled, “Why won’t you ask her out??” SuWon shook his head, “I can’t….she’s just too popular and too good for me…”

“It’s only the first day of school~! Try getting to know her this year and if she’s not the one, go check out the other girls…there’s plently of them this year~! Including the lower classgirls….hehe~!” winked JiYong. Then suddenly, a tall, tan guy came out of the driver’s seat of the silver car. He checked himself out on the window as it showed his reflection. Then he turn towards EunJin.

“EunJin….c’mon….” said JiWon, EunJin’s older and protective bro. He walked up to EunJin and both walked into the school together. JiYong and SuWon quickly looked away as JiWon and EunJin walked past them and walked into the school. Everyone knew who JiWon was. He was espeically popular among the lower classmen girls. He was tall, handsome, tan, strong, tough and very protective over his little sister EunJin. SuWon’s shyness around EunJin wasn’t the only thing that kept him away from EunJin, it was her older bro JiWon too. She never got a chance to go out on a real date with a guy and the guys that try to ask her out in the past, get tested by JiWon.

“C’mon…let’s go inside….” said JiYong as he placed his hand on SuWon’s shoulder and both walked into the school.

SuWon and JiYong were at their lockers and looking at their schedules and organizing their locker, which they had since Freshmen. JiYong was smiling and saying hi to his friends and other students, espiecally the girls. SuWon just concetrated on his schedule and was busy with his locker. Suddenly, SuWon felt a hand slam on his shoulders. His made SuWon jump up and drop all his notebooks.

“Hahaha~! Sorry man~!” laughed SungHoon who was the one that scared SuWon. SuWon sighed and started to pick up his books. SungHoon giggled and then turned towards JiYong, “Hey was your summer??” JiYong smiled, “Alright…went to Korea and hung out at the city…you know, the usual~!” SungHoon nodded, “I see…” and then turned down to SuWon who was picking up his notebooks,

“So what did you do this summer??” SuWon looked up at SungHoon, “Just hung out…” SungHoon bend down, “What do you mean hung out?”

“Hey man, stop tesing him,” said JiYong as he helped SuWon with his notebooks and handed it to him as SuWon stood up. SungHoon smiled, “Just asking…” Then EunJin walked down the hall and SungHoon and SuWon paused and stared at her.

“Damn….she’s getting prettier and prettier every year….” said SungHoon. SuWon nodded in agreement. JiYong laughed, “SungHoon….you came to this school last year~!”

“So? Well, my goal this year is to get to know the beautiful EunJin…” smiled SungHoon as he stared at EunJin while she was opening her locker.

“Good luck~! Try getting pass him….” said JiYong as he quickly pointed to JiWon hanging out at the water fountain with his friend and follower, JaeDuc.

“I’ll handle him…” said SungHoon as he walked towards EunJin.

“I can’t watch….” said JiYong as he turned his face. SuWon just watched and wanted to see what happened. SungHoon walked to EunJin and smiled but before SungHoon could say hi and get EunJin’s attention, JiWon and JaeDuc came right in front of him.

“Hi….what’s your name??” asked JiWon. SungHoon just stood there unable to speak, “Ummm…SungHoON~!” JiWon and JaeDuc smiled at each other as they heard SungHoon’s voice squeak as he said his name.

“So where you going??” asked JaeDuc. SungHoon looked around and felt sweat coming on his forehead.

“Oppa….what’s going on??” asked a voice from behind JiWon and JaeDuc. JaeDuc and JiWon stepped aside and smiled at EunJin. SungHoon sighed and looked at EunJin. EunJin smiled, “Is my oppa causing any trouble??” SungHoon looked at JiWon who gave a cold look at SungHoon, “No…no trouble at all~!” EunJin turned to face her brother who was smiling at EunJin.

“Good….you’re SungHoon….rite??” asked EunJin. SungHoon smiled and nodded, “Yeah…and you’re EunJin.” EunJin smiled and nodded. JiWon and JaeDuc stayed close behind EunJin and listening to their little chat.


“Well, I’ll see you around…okay, SungHoon?? Nice to meet you~!” said EunJin as she walked away. SungHoon smiled and waved, “Okay~! Nice to meet you too~!” and watched EunJin walk away. Then suddenly, JiWon placed his arm around SungHoon and putting all his weight on SungHoon’s shoulder.

“Just one rule, SungHoon….don’t hurt her….hurt her, you get hurt ten times as much….” explained JiWon.

“Yeah~! Ten times as much~!” repeated JaeDuc. SungHoon quickly nodded and ran away as JiWon let go.

SuWon watched everything and so did JiYong. SungHoon quickly ran to JiYong and SuWon.

“Whoa…you survived~!” said JiYong. SungHoon smiled, “I think this is going to be a great year….” and walked away to class. SuWon just stood there staring down at the floor. JiYong noitced and sighed, “I’m sorry man…I guess I don’t understand how much you like her….” SuWon sighed, “Whatever…”

“SuWon….how long have you had this crush on EunJin??” asked JiYong. SuWon smiled, “Since 2nd grade….I can remember the first time I saw her like yesterday….I was sitting across from her and I was always way too shy. She was so cute….and very popular among the girls in the classroom….”

“Damn….that’s a long time…” said JiYong. SuWon nodded, “Yeah….I know…but I love her so much…” JiYong’s eyebrow went up, “Love?? Whoa there….are you sure??” SuWon sadly nodded and walked away. JiYong watched SuWon walk away sadly and felt really bad for him.

“Man….SuWon, I never knew you felt so strong towards EunJin….I’ll help you….” said JiYong to himself as he walked to catch up with SuWon.

Chapter 2

EunJin sat at the lunch table the next day, JiWon didn’t have the same lunch shift but JaeDuc did and sat with EunJin. Eunjin sighed as JaeDuc smiled at her and sat next to her.

“Hey EunJin….” said JaeDuc. EunJin smiled, “Hey JaeDuc….” EunJin slowly ate her food and thought sadly. She was tired of her oppa being so protective. They never argued once and he never ever yelled at her. They got along so well and he treated her like a princess but it seemed as if EunJin was being punished somehow by her oppa.

“Hey EunJin~! I didn’t see you all day~!” said a familar voice from behind. EunJin turned around and smiled as she walked up to her best friend JaeJin and hugged him. JaeDuc knew JaeJin too and said hi. JaeJin’s family were really close friends with EunJin’s and JiWon’s so JiWon didn’t have any trouble with JaeJin being with EunJin. Everyone that knew JaeJin loved him as a family and friend.

“How was your summer??” asked EunJin.

“Okay….I had fun…until I had to go to Korea with my family…had to stick with them the whole time….” explained JaeJin. EunJin nodded, “That’s too bad….I had worse…” JaeJin sat down next to EunJin, “What do you mean??” EunJin didn’t answer and looked at JaeDuc quickly and sighed. JaeJin knew and stood up,

“C’mon….wanna walk around??” EunJin knew his idea and smiled, “Sure….”

“I’ll take care of her, JaeDuc….” said JaeJin as he walked away with EunJin. When EunJin and JaeJin got far away from JaeDuc, JaeJin faced EunJin, “What’s wrong?? You look gloomy…” EunJin sighed sadly, “It’s JiWon oppa…..”

“Oh….” said JaeJin. He knew about the over-protective thing.

“Oppa has been so protective that it’s driving my crazy~! I never went on a date alone with a guy~! He always has to be right there when I’m talking to a guy…uhhggg~!” explained EunJin. JaeJin nodded, “I see….but you have to understand JiWon, he’s your older brother….”

“I know…but this has gone way far…” said EunJin.

A couple of yards away from JaeJin and EunJin, SungHoon was sitting at his lunch table with SuWon and a couple friends. SungHoon saw EunJin and JaeJin.

“Hey, is she going out with JaeJin??” asked SungHoon. SuWon sighed, “No….they’re best friends….didn’t you know that last year??” SungHoon shook his head, “No…well, I’m gonna say hi…” SungHoon walked up to EunJin and JaeJin. JaeJin saw SungHoon and smiled at EunJin. EunJin noticed, “What??” and turned around.

“Hey EunJin~!” smiled SungHoon. EunJin smiled and waved, “Hey SungHoon~!”

SuWon watched SungHoon talking to EunJin and JaeJin. He was so jealous of SungHoon. He only knew her since last year and is talking with her while SuWon never talked to EunJin and knew her since 2nd grade. JiYong came running to the lunch table and sat with SuWon.

“Hey SuWon….” said JiYong as he was out of breath.

“JiYong…you don’t have this lunch shift…what are you doing here??” asked SuWon.

“Made a deal with the gym teacher on letting me skip the class for today and come to the cafeteria….” explained JiYong.

“Lemme guess…you ran a lap around the track….” said SuWon. JiYong shook his head, “No….even worse…but that doesn’t matter….I’m here for a reason~!” SuWon looked at JiYong, “What reason??”

“Well, I see that SungHoon is talking with EunJin,” pointed JiYong. SuWon nodded sadly, “Well…yeah whatever….”

“Well?? Well, I have an idea…you wanna get to know EunJin and talk to her….rite??” said JiYong. SuWon nodded, “Yeah…of course~!” JiYong continued, “And you want SungHoon out of the way cause he likes EunJin too…..” SuWon nodded, “Yeah….go on~!”

“Well, I figured that you have to quit being shy and go up to EunJin and talk to her~! But make sure JaeJin is with her…not JaeDuc or JiWon and-” said JiYong but SuWon interupted him, “No…I can’t do that~! You know me…I’m way too shy~! No….forget about that~!”

“Well, what other way is there to get to know EunJin??” asked JiYong. SuWon sat there and thought to himself. He looked around and saw SungHoon still talking to EunJin. Then he turned and saw JiYong saying hi to some of the girls that walked past.

“I got it~!” said SuWon as he snapped. JiYong looked at SuWon, “What??” SuWon sighed, “Well, I hope this will work but JiYong, you’re not shy…you’re good with talking to girls and getting to know them….so my idea is that I want you to get to know EunJin and be friends with her…then you introduce me and help me get to know her…connections~!” JiYong looked at SuWon, “You’re kidding…..rite??” SuWon sighed, “You’re right…..this won’t work…”

“No….no…SuWon, I’d do it and I love to be friends with EunJin but I never tried because of JiWon…you know….over-protective~!” explained JiYong. SuWon thought for a while and thought of all the things he knew about what JiWon looked for in a guy for EunJin.

“There’s only one way….” said SuWon.

“What??” asked JiYong.

“You have to make EunJin really happy and do something really nice…..or you’ll have to save her life somehow….” explained SuWon. JiYong sighed, “Alright….I’ll do it….for you, SuWon. Anything it take you to get EunJin….”

Chapter 3

JiYong sat behind EunJin in History class and tried to get her attention. JiYong looked at EunJin and thought on how he should get her attention. But before JiYong can figure out something, the bell rang and the class was over.

“What??” said JiYong to himself as he took his books and walked out of the classroom. JiYong tried to follow EunJin but the crowd was so big and he lost sight of her, “Damn….” JiYong kept walking down the hall and went to the water fountain to get a drink. As he placed his head down, EunJin’s head bumped into his.

“Ouch~!” said JiYong as he rubbed his forehead and gasped as he saw EunJin rubbing her forehead.

“I’m so sorry…” said EunJin. JiYong smiled, “No….I’m sorry…here…you can drink first….” EunJin thanked JiYong and took a drink but while EunJin was drinking, someone ran into EunJin and knocked her over. JiYong caught EunJin before hitting the ground.

“Whoa…..are you okay??” asked JiYong. EunJin nodded, “Yeah….thanks for catching me…” JiYong smiled, “No problem~!”

“Hey you~!!” said a voice behind JiYong. EunJin sighed, “Great….here comes oppa and his sidekick Duck~!” JiYong gasped and quickly helped EunJin up and was about to walk away but he felt a strong hand grabbing his shoulder.

“Oppa…leave him alone..please…” said EunJin. JiWon looked at JiYong and then at EunJin, “He’s not hurting you or anything??” EunJin shook her head, “No…he caught me when this person knocked me down by accident…” JiWon let go of JiYong, “Oh okay….” EunJin sighed and smiled at JiYong, “So….you’re JiYong….rite??” JiYong smiled and was surpirsed how she knew everyone’s name, “Yeah…and of course…you must be EunJin…” EunJin smiled and nodded, “Yeah…” JiYong saw in the corner of his eye JiWon and JaeDuc standing behind him and watching him like a hawk. JiYong took a deep breath.

“Can I walk to the next class with you??” JiYong quickly asked.

“Sure~!” smiled EunJin and started to walk with JiYong and JiWon and JaeDuc were about to follow. EunJin turned around, “Oppa….please…I’ll be fine…” JiWon sighed, “Alright…but make sure to tell me if he hurts you anyway…” EunJin smiled, “Don’t worry about it, oppa….” and kept on walking with JiYong.

“So….how was your summer??” asked EunJin.

“Went to Korea and hung out in the city….” explained JiYong. EunJin’s eyes widen, “Really?? Korea?? I wanted to visit during the summer but I was busy with other things…” JiYong nodded, “I see….so…I see that you know a friend named SungHoon??” EunJin nodded, “Ah yes….SungHoon….yeah, I talked with him a couple times…” JiYong nodded, “So you like him??” EunJin looked at JiYong and smiled, “Well, as I friend….he’s really not my type but yea….I like him..”

“I see….” nodded JiYong and then he saw SuWon at his locker, “EunJin….I want you to meet a friend of mine…” SuWon was putting his books in his locker and then felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw JiYong.

“Hey JiYong…” and then he saw EunJin standing next to him. SuWon’s heart skipped a beat and he felt his face grow hot.

“EunJin….this is my friend-” said JiYong but EunJin interupted him, “SuWon….yes, I know you….since elementary…” SuWon couldn’t breath and couldn’t talk. JiYong noticed how red SuWon looked and how nervous and excited he was. He tried to help SuWon relax, “Ummm…so EunJin…” he tried to think what to say.

“Yes??” smiled EunJin. JiYong quickly looked at SuWon who was looking away from EunJin and was bright red.

“Relax, SuWon….” whispered JiYong. SuWon couldn’t talk and all he did was shook his head. JiYong looked at EunJin who was looking around. He was afriad that she was getting tired of waiting.

“What do you want me to say??” whispered JiYong. SuWon took a deep breaths, “Ask her if she’s free this weekend, “quickly said SuWon. JiYong looked at him, “You sure??” SuWon quickly nodded. JiYong shugged, “Okay…” JiYong faced EunJin, “EunJin…” EunJin turned to JiYong and smiled, “Yeah??”

“Are you free….” said JiYong while glancing at SuWon who was motioning him to go on, “Are you free this…” EunJin interupted him, “Are you trying to ask me out??” JiYong eyes slightly widen and looked at SuWon and giving him a face saying ‘it’s suppose to be you to ask her out’ but SuWon motioned JiYong to say yes and go. JiYong didn’t know what to say.


“Oh….I’m late….” mumbled EunJin to herself. JiYong was being rushed and quickly said, “Yeah….” EunJin looked at JiYong, “Ummm..sure…I like to go out…this weekend??” JiYong didn’t know what to do and just nodded.

“Okay….great….I’ll see you guys around….bye,” said EunJin and walked away. When EunJin was out of sight, SuWon almost fainted, “Oh god…she’s so pretty up close~!”

“SuWon, you were suppose to ask her out~! Why me??” explained JiYong.

“JiYong….just get to know her more…please….I’m just too shy….I’m not ready….” explained SuWon. JiYong shook his head, “SuWon….what if she thinks I like her…huh??” SuWon sighed, “JiYong…please…just act like a friend towards her…I’m sure she’ll get the point…”

“Fine…but after this date….YOU have to ask her out….and tell her how you feel….okay??” said JiYong. SuWon nodded, “Fine…I will…but go this weekend and tell me what she’s like….”

Chapter 4

JiYong stood in front of his mirror looking at himself. SuWon was sitting on the chair watching. Tonight was night that JiYong was going out with EunJin for SuWon.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go??” asked JiYong as he fixed his hair. SuWon shook his head, “I can’t….I might throw up on her or something because of nervousness….I can’t…” JiYong sighed, “Well, you have to talk to her someday~!”

“I will…but just go tonight…pleeze??” asked SuWon.

“Alright…..only tonight…” said JiYong. Then JiYong took his keys and got ready to leave. SuWon stood up and smiled, “Well, I hope you have fun…don’t try to have fun too much…” JiYong tried to smile, “Oh~! I’ll enjoy it….for you…” SuWon smiled, “Thanx man…..” JiYong smiled and left the house and into his car to pick up EunJin.

EunJin was looking at herself in her mirror and JiWon was standing at the doorway.

“So you’re going on a date with JiYong??” asked JiWon.

“Yup….and oppa….please don’t do anything stupid….” explained EunJin.

“I won’t…but what if he’s an asshole…” said JiWon. EunJin turned around facing JiWon and sighed, “Then it’s none of your business…I’m old enough to make my own deisions….”

JiWon nodded, “Alright…but I’m your older brother and I’m just worried about you….” EunJin walked up to JiWon, “I know…but I’m growing up, oppa….and if i’m in trouble…I’ll go to you…”

“Alright….but what about tonight…” said JiWon.

“Oppa….I’ll be fine….” smiled EunJin as she walked away and down the stairs. JiWon sighed and followed EunJin downstairs. Then the doorbell rang.

“Oh….I think it’s JiYong~!” said EunJin as she went to the door and opened it. JiYong smiled as he stood there, “Hey EunJin…” and then his smile faded away as he saw JiWon behind.

“Umm…hey JiWon….” mumbled JiYong nervously.

“Oppa…I’ll be fine…” said EunJin. JiWon smiled at EunJin with worried eyes and then looked at JiYong as if warning him not to hurt EunJin anyway. JiYong gulped and wanted to run away.

“Ummm…ready EunJin??” asked JiYong. EunJin smiled, “Yeah….let’s go…” and walked out with JiYong. JiWon watched EunJin and JiYong going into the car. He felt worried and loved his little sister a lot. He promised himself that if JiYong hurts EunJin once, JiYong will pay for it…

JiYong and EunJin were walking around the town and talking. JiYong tried to learn about EunJin as much as possible for SuWon. JiYong didn’t like EunJin like SuWon did. He only liked her as a friend. She is pretty but not my type, thought JiYong. EunJin in the other hand liked JiYong and thought he was a great guy. He was the first guy to ask her out and not run away from her oppa. EunJin and JiYong went into a cafe and sat down to talk. SungHoon was a couple tables away from them and saw EunJin and JiYong.

“What the hell?? Isn’t that JiYong and EunJin??” said SungHoon to himself as he saw them talking in a little table of their own.

“May be they’re on a date,” said one of SungHoon’s friends. SungHoon shook his head, “But how?? With her monster brother, how did JiYong get pass him??” No one answered. SungHoon shrugged, “Well, I’m going to take a little visit and say hello….” and stood up. He walked over to the table pretending to pass it and then faced EunJin and JiYong.

“EunJin~! What are you doing here??” smiled SungHoon pretending to be surpirsed. EunJin smiled, “Hey SungHoon….I’m hanging out with JiYong…” SungHoon looked at JiYong who tried to smile and waved, “Hey SungHoon…”

“Well, I hope you two have fun….gotta go…..bye~!” said SungHoon as he walked away. EunJin and JiYong waved. As SungHoon walked away, he thought about how JiYong got a date with EunJin. He planned to talk to him later. He didn’t know that JiYong liked EunJin too.

“Well, JiYong’s not gonna win this one…” mubmled SungHoon to himself as he glanced back at EunJin and JiYong who were busy talking.

After the whole date, JiYong drove EunJin to her house. EunJin had a great time and thanked JiYong. JiYong smiled, “No problem…I had a great time too…” JiYong drove up to EunJin’s driveway and stopped the car. Both got out of the car and walked up to EunJin’s door. JiYong and EunJin stood there silently.

“Well, good night….” said JiYong while looking away. EunJin smiled, “Good night, JiYong….” and slowly went up to JiYong to give him a kiss on a cheek. JiYong just stood there and didn’t see EunJin going up to him to give him a kiss on the cheek. He turned his head to see what EunJin was doing and suddenly felt his lips against EunJin’s. JiYong’s eyes widened but then closed when he felt the softness of her lips against his. But then he thought about SuWon. I can’t do this, thought JiYong. Both slowly pulled away from each other. EunJin was blushing and JiYong stood there.

“Umm….well, good night….” said EunJin as she walked into the house. JiYong stood there and waved, “Bye….” and watched EunJin enter the house. JiYong went back to his car and thought about what just happened.

“I kissed her…, she kissed me….that’s even worse~!” said JiYong to himself as he started his car. EunJin entered her house and found JiWon on the couch and on the phone.

“Hey I gotta go…talk to you later….” said JiWon and hung up. He went up to EunJin, “So how was it??” EunJin smiled, “We kissed…I’ve never been so happy in my life~!” JiWon just stared at EunJin, “Kissed??”

“Oh oppa…I’m happy~! Doesn’t that count??” explained EunJin as she went up to her room.

“Kissed??” repeated JiWon with a frown on his face.

Chapter 5

SuWon and JiYong were hanging out at SuWon’s house and talked about the little date that JiYong had with EunJin. JiYong didn’t tell SuWon about the kiss…

“So…how did she look??” asked SuWon. JiYong sighed, “Fine…she looked fine….”

“So….what you guys talk about??” asked SuWon. JiYong shugged, “Just what kind of things she likes-” SuWon interupted him, “Did she talk about me??” JiYong looked at SuWon, “No….why would she??” SuWon shugged, “I dunno…you know…” JiYong sighed, “I’m sorry man…I had a nice time with her…now it’s your turn to ask her out….”

“I dunno, JiYong….I’m still a little nervous…” explained SuWon.

“SuWon…she’s a really nice girl…I’m sure she won’t turn you down~!” said JiYong.

“But her brother….” mumbled SuWon. JiYong sighed, “SuWon….I was scared of her brother too but he didn’t stop me from going on a date with her….”

“Becuse you’re brave~! I’m just a little wimp….” said SuWon. JiYong stood up and picked up the portable phone and tossed it on SuWon’s lap, “Call her….” SuWon quickly shook his head, “I-I can’t~!” JiYong sighed and took out a piece of paper from his wallet and gave it to SuWon, “Call her…” SuWon shook his head. JiYong felt frustrated. He didn’t go out with EunJin for no reason and didn’t kissed her for no reason. He didn’t want EunJin to feel attracted to him. He knew that EunJin was the one that kissed him.

“Call her,” demanded JiYong. SuWon still shook his head. JiYong took the phone and started to dial and quickly gave it to SuWon once he heard a ring. SuWon tried to pull away but JiYong held him back from running away and kept the phone up to his ear. SuWon heard a couple rings.

“She’s not home…” said SuWon as she tried to run away but then heard soemone answer,

“Hello??” SuWon gulped and took a deep breath, “Umm…hello….is…EunJin there??” JiYong smiled as he heard SuWon’s shaky voice and saw how red his face was. SuWon’s heart was beating fast and his stomach felt as if it was in knots.

“Yes this is EunJin…who’s this, please??” said EunJin. SuWon felt sweat from his forehead and gave a pleading face to JiYong to let him talk to her. JiYong shook his head no.

“Ummm…this is SuWoN~!” said SuWon with a squeaky voice at the end. JiYong couldn’t stop smiling. SuWon took deep breaths and knew he made a fool out of himself.

“Hey SuWon~! What’s up??” said EunJin.

“I-I’m fine….I-I was just wondering if you-you….wanna go out this…ummm…you know….just hang out??” said SuWon. JiYong started to giggle as he heard SuWon’s shaky and nervous voice.

“Sure….I like to go hang out sometime…” answered EunJin. SuWon’s heart beated fast as he heard that answer, “Oh-Oh…when?” SuWon heard EunJin giggle in the other line, “I dunno…whenever you want….is anybody else coming??”

“Yes…JiYong can come~!” quickly said SuWon who didn’t think and wanted his friend to be there. JiYong shook his head and whispered, “SuWon~! It’s only suppose to be you and EunJin~! A date~! Not a hanging out thing~!”

“Great~! What about tomarrow night??” asked EunJin.

“Yeah….okay…” said SuWon and said bye to EunJin. When he hung up the phone, JiYong was sitting there with his arms crossed.

“SuWon….why did you say I was going to come….wasn’t this suppose to be a date with you and EunJin??” said JiYong.

“JiYong….please be there~! What if I make a fool out of myself??” said SuWon. JiYong sighed and didn’t answer.

EunJin hung up the phone and smiled to herself as she layed on her bed and sighed. She couldn’t believe that JiYong kissed her on the lips. She was just going to give him a friendly kiss on the cheek but he turned around and kissed her on the lips. It was so nice, thought EunJin. Then tomarrow she was going to meet JiYong and his friend SuWon. She would love to get to know SuWon and see JiYong again.

“EunJin….” said a voice from the doorway. EunJin sat up and saw her brother at the doorway, “Yeah oppa??”

“JaeJin’s here….he’s downstairs eating away our food….just want to let you know…” smiled JiWon. EunJin walked out of her room and thanked her brother. JiWon noticed how happy EunJin has been since that date with JiYong. May be JiYong’s a nice kid….treated EunJin nicely, thought JiWon as he followed EunJin downstairs. EunJin found JaeJin eating fruit in the kitchen.

“Hey JaeJin~!” smiled EunJin and gave a hello hug. JaeJin was chewing and smiled, “Hey *munch* Eun *munch* Jin~!” EunJin giggled and saw down with JaeJin at the kitchen table. JaeJin swallowed and smiled, “So, what did you do during the weekend??” EunJin smiled, “Went out on a date….”

“With SungHoon??” asked JaeJin. EunJin shook her head, “No….JiYong….he asked me at school and I had to say yes…he was so nice~! I had a great night~!” JaeJin’s eyes went wide, “JiYong?? KoJiYong??” EunJin nodded, “Yeah….and…” EunJin went closer to JaeJin and whispered, “we kissed….” JaeJin looked at EunJin’s face and saw a big smile from ear to ear. He couldn’t believe that JiYong asked EunJin out. He knew JiYong and he always thought that EunJin wasn’t JiYong’s type and that his best friend SuWon had a crush on EunJin. Well, I guess things change, thought JaeJin as he continued eating.

Chapter 6

SungHoon drove to EunJin’s driveway and noticed that JiWon was home and so was someone else. SungHoon took a deep breath and got out of the car and walked up to the door. He rang the doorbell and the door opened. JaeJin saw SungHoon.

“Hey SungHoon….one sec…..EunJin~!!” said JaeJin. EunJin came walking in and saw SungHoon. She smiled, “Hey SungHoon~! What are you doing here??” SungHoon had his hand behind his back and rocked back and forth, “You wanna go out and have lunch??” EunJin looked at JaeJin who was motioning her to go and then looked back at SungHoon, “Sure~!” SungHoon smiled as EunJin put her shoes on and walked out with SungHoon.

“JaeJin…..tell oppa that I went somewhere with a friend….and I’ll be fine…okay??” said EunJin. JaeJin smiled, “Okay….i will…”

SungHoon and EunJin went to get lunch in town and sat there talking to each other. They finally finshed and decided to walk around the town.

“That was so nice of you to buy me lunch….but I should pay you…” said EunJin as she got her money out from her bag. SungHoon shook his head, “No….I was happy to pay for you…”

“Are you sure??” asked EunJin. SungHoon held EunJin’s hand with the money and gently placed it back into the bag. EunJin smiled, “Thanks….you’re so nice….” SungHoon didn’t let go of EunJin’s hand as she put her money away. EunJin looked into SungHoon as he smiled and looked into her eyes. EunJin tried to looked away but SungHoon got closer and closer to her until their lips touched. EunJin gasped softly as she felt SungHoon’s lips against her’s. SungHoon felt the softness of EunJin’s lips and enjoyed it. EunJin slightly pulled away and was surpirsed by the kiss. I can’t do this….I feel like I’m betraying JiYong, thought EunJin. SungHoon saw EunJin’s worried face and offered her to take her home.

EunJin sat there on the couch and hugging a pillow. She couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss SungHoon gave to her. She touched her lips and couldn’t stop thinking. She knew SungHoon liked her but she didn’t feel the same and didn’t want to hurt SungHoon’s feelings. EunJin sighed, “What am I going to do??”

“Do what??” asked a voice from behind. EunJin turned around and saw JiWon standing there, “Oh nothing, oppa…” JiWon walked over to EunJin and sat down next to her, “Well, something is wrong from the look of your face…” EunJin smiled, “I’m fine oppa….really~!”

“Oh okay…but if anything’s bothering yo-” said JiWon but EunJin quickly interupted him, “Don’t worry, oppa….I’m fine…” JiWon smiled and placed his hand on top of EunJin’s head, “Alright….” and then walked away. EunJin looked at the clock and noticed that she had to get ready for JiYong and SuWon.

“Please~! Lemme come~!” said SungHoon as he sat there in front of JiYong and SuWon. SungHoon, JiYong and SuWon were at SuWon’s house and getting ready to pick up EunJin. SungHoon found out about it when he invited himself at SuWon’s and saw JiYong and SuWon getting ready to go somewhere.

“No~! You can’t~!” said JiYong.

“Why?? The reason I came here was that I was bored….why can’t I come with you guys?? I won’t cause trouble…” explained SungHoon. JiYong looked at SuWon, “So, what do you think?? Should we take him??” SuWon looked at SungHoon who was giving him a pleading face and puppy eyes. SuWon sighed,

“Fine…he could come…” JiYong looked at SuWon, “Why?? It’s suppose to be you to be with you-know-who…..”

“Don’t worry JiYong….I’m sure SungHoon will cause no trouble….rite??” said SuWon as he glanced at SungHoon. SungHoon quickly nodded and the three guys went into JiYong’s car.

SungHoon sat there in JiYong’s car and noticed that they weren’t driving towards the town. SungHoon stuck his head between the driver’s seat and passenger.

“Where we going??” asked SungHoon.

“To pick up EunJin….she’s coming….” explained JiYong.

“Oh…okay….” said SungHoon and sat back smiling a little. SuWon looked at the mirror and saw SungHoon smiling. They got to EunJin’s house and everyone got off the car. They walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. EunJin quickly opened the door and ran to JiYong’s car before the guys can say hi. The three guys exchanged glances and went back to JiYong’s car. EunJin sat in the passenger seat and motioned the guys to hurry up.

“Hurry up, guys~! My brother’s gonns kill me if he sees you guys~!” said EunJin. The guys hurried up and JiYong quickly drove the car out of the driveway. EunJin smiled at JiYong when they were back on the road. JiYong glanced at EunJin and smiled.

“So….how are you??” asked JiYong. EunJin smiled, “I’m fine….” SuWon and SungHoon looked at EunJin and sighed. They saw how pretty she looked and nice she was. EunJin smiled at JiYong and then looked back at the backseats.

“Hey SuWon….hey SungHoon~!” said EunJin. SungHoon smiled, “Hey EunJin….” EunJin tired to smile and then looked at SuWon who was blushing and smiling. EunJin smiled.

They got to town and hung out on the streets. The four talked but SuWon stayed quiet most of the time. SungHoon talked a lot with EunJin but JiYong tried to ruin that and tried to make SuWon and EunJin talk but so far, it wasn’t working. EunJin was so into talking to JiYong that he couldn’t think of a way to get SuWon into it. JiYong was walking beside EunJin wihle she was talking. SuWon and SungHoon walked behind.

“Isn’t she fine??” whispered SungHoon. SuWon looked at SungHoon and blushed, “Yeah…..of course….” SungHoon smiled, “You know….I kissed her…well, I mean we kissed….” SuWon’s smile faded away and looked away, “Oh I see….”

“Don’t worry SuWon~! You’ll find another girl~!” said SungHoon. SuWon didn’t want to listen. He didn’t want to believe that SungHoon and EunJin kissed. It wasn’t true. It can’t be true but SuWon couldn’t take that out of his mind and felt a little heart broken. JiYong was walking there and listening to EunJin. He quickly glanced back and saw SuWon looking down and SungHoon smiling at him. JiYong sighed and looked around the streets and found some pretty girls walking pass them.

“Anyway….I remember when my oppa,” said EunJin who was talking to JiYong but puased when JiYong was looking at the other girls that were walking pass by. He was waving at smiling at them. EunJin saw the girls giggle as JiYong smiled and said hi. EunJin quickly stopped talking and looked down. She felt a little betrayed and knew that JiYong didn’t felt the same what like how she feels towards him. She felt a little heart broken. SungHoon saw this and smiled as he saw JiYong smiling and looking at other girls while EunJin just walked and looking down.

“Great….” mumbled SungHoon to himself. The four stopped at a cafe and went inside to take a little break. They got a table and sat down. EunJin and SuWon were quiet and felt sad. JiYong didn’t know any of this.

“Well, I gotta call someone…I’ll be back….okay??” said JiYong but then he saw SungHoon about to talk to EunJin.

“SungHoon~!” called JiYong. SungHoon looked at him, “What??”

“Aren’t you suppose to order the drinks for us??” asked JiYong trying to get SuWon and EunJin alone.

“Why?? We can get waiters~!” said SungHoon. JiYong sighed and pulled SungHoon out of his seat and dragged him away.

“What?? Stop it, man~!” said SungHoon but JiYong didn’t listen and got him away from the table. EunJin and SuWon sat there alone and both were quiet. SuWon shyly looked up at EunJin who was looking down at the table. EunJin looked at SuWon and made eye contact but SuWon shyly gasped and looked away. This made EunJin smile.

“So SuWon….” said EunJin. SuWon looked up as his heart skipped a beat when he heard EunJin say his name, “Yeah??” EunJin smiled, “I haven’t talked to you for the longest time….we’ve known each other since 2nd grade…so..let’s talk~!” SuWon blushed and felt his stomach go into knots. He couldn’t talk and couldn’t get the words out. EunJin noticed his nervous face and his red face.

“SuWon……close your eyes….” said EunJin. SuWon nodded and slowly closed his eyes. Then he felt a softness around his hands. It was warm and soft as a silk. It made him relax and clam down. “Are you okay now??” asked EunJin. SuWon nodded, “Yeah….” and opened his eyes. He saw that EunJin was holding his hands and trying to make him comfortable. SuWon did feel comfortable and smiled at EunJin. Then suddenly, SungHoon came sliding and sat next to EunJin. SuWon’s smile faded away when he saw SungHoon putting his arm around EunJin.

“So what do you want to drink??” asked SungHoon. EunJin tried to smile, “It doesn’t matter….” then she saw JiYong standing at the other side of the cafe flirting with a girl. EunJin’s smile faded away and sighed, “Yeah….anything is fine….” SuWon saw EunJin’s sad face when she saw JiYong flirting with girls. He gasped softly and felt crushed. He knew now that EunJin liked JiYong.

Chapter 7

SuWon and JiYong were in front of JiYong’s locker hanging out. SuWon didn’t talk to JiYong much and thought about that time when he saw EunJin’s sad face when she saw JiYong firting with other girls. JiYong finally noticed SuWon’s worried face.

“SuWon… haven’t talked the whole time….what’s wrong??” asked JiYong. SuWon cleared his thoat and took a deep breath, “JiYong…what did you and EunJin exactly do on your first date??”

“Nothing…..just hung out and talked….” lied JiYong. SuWon looked into JiYong’s eyes and knew he was lying. JiYong sighed, “You wanna know the truth?” SuWon nodded, “Tell me everything….” JiYong looked down and sighed, “Okay…..I don’t know how to explain this but we kissed….that’s all…..kissed….” SuWon sighed sadly, “Oh… you like her too…..huh?” JiYong shook his head, “No….that’s the worse part….she kissed me….” SuWon quickly looked up at JiYong, “Kissed you??” JiYong nodded sadly and didn’t want to hurt SuWon. SuWon looked away and felt heart broken and confused. He didn’t understand. EunJin kissed both JiYong and SungHoon.

“I guess I’m not her type….” said SuWon sadly. JiYong looked at SuWon and felt bad, “SuWon… liked her since 2nd grade….you have to go on….”

“I mean…” continued SuWon and ignoring what JiYong said, “she likes you and SungHoon…but not me…” JIYong’s eyebrow went up, “SungHoon??”

“Yeah….he told me he kissed her….” explained SuWon sadly.

“SuWon…EunJin told me that SungHoon wasn’t her type and only liked him as a friend….” explained JiYong. SuWon shook his head, “You know what?? I doesn’t matter now cause she likes you and only you….” Then SuWon walked away.

“SuWon~! Wait…..” but SuWon already left and JiYong stood there alone in front of his locker. SuWon kept on walking and felt his eyes go watery. He actually loved EunJin….since 2nd grade….the very first time he saw her was the most wonderful sight in the whole world to SuWon. SuWon wiped a tear form his cheek and didn’t want anyone to see him cry like a baby. But this wasn’t a baby thing….it was heart broken and confusion. SuWon went to his locker and turned to another hallway. He paused when he saw EunJin standing there with SungHoon and both were talking. SuWon looked away and kept walking.

“SuWon…..what’s wrong??” asked EunJin when she saw SuWon’s sad face. SuWon jsut kept on walking ignoring EunJin. “Leave him alone….he’ll be fine~!” said SungHoon. SuWon quickly looked at SungHoon and EunJin. EunJin gasped softly as he saw SuWon’s sad face and watery eyes. SungHoon also was surpirsed. Then SuWon looked away and kept on walking. “SuWon….” called out EunJin but SuWon already left. SungHoon looked down and felt bad. He really wanted to know what was wrong with SuWon.

At lunch, EunJin sat there with JaeJin and she just looked at her food. She didn’t feel hungry or anything. JaeJin got worried about EunJin. “EunJin……..what’s wrong??” asked JaeJin. EunJin sighed sadly, “I dunno….I feel all weird inside…..” “Weird?? Like what weird??” asked JaeJin. EunJin sighed, “I dunno….remember when I told you about me and JiYong?? Well, I thought he really liked me when he kissed me…but now I see him flirting with other girls and stuff….I really like him though but I don’t think he feels the same way…I feel sorta heart broken….even though we only went on one date….”

JaeJin sighed, “Oh EunJin….I’m sorry…” EunJin tried to smile, “It’s okay….and also, remember SungHoon??” JaeJin nodded and EunJin continued, “Well, he kissed me and now I know that he likes me but I only like him as a friend and nothing more…..but I don’t want to hurt his feelings and he’s making me confused…” JaeDuc was behind EunJin and JaeJin the whole time and heard the whole story about JiYong and SungHoon. He quickly got up and left the cafeteria to tell JiWon.

JiWon was walking down the hall with JaeDuc behind him. He was going towards the cafeteria and wanted a little talk with JiYong and SungHoon. EunJin and JaeJin saw JiWon and JaeDuc walking in and walking towards JiYong and SungHoon. “Oh shit…..I think JaeDuc heard you~!” said JaeJin.

“No….no~!” said EunJin as she walked up to JiWon and JaeDuc to stop them. JiWon grabbed JiYong and SungHoon, “You listen here….I heard you hurt my sister~!”

“What?? I-I didn’t~! What are you talking about??” said SungHoon with fear in his eyes. “You….you’re driving my sister crazy with your little tricks~!” said JiWon and then he turned to JiYong, “You broke my sister’s heart…” JIYong shook his head, “What?? What are you talking about??”

“Now you guys have to pay~!” said JaeDuc from behind. SuWon stood there and watched JiWon talking to JiYong and SungHoon. Threating them and telling them what they did. Then he saw EunJin coming through the crowd and trying to stop this nonsense. “Now…you have to pay…” said JiWon as he lifted up his knuckles, preparing to punch JiYong. “Stop~!!” screamed EunJin. Eveyone looked at EunJin who was standing there with a frustrated face, “Stop oppa~! Stop it right now~!!”

“They hurt-” said JiWon but EunJin interupted him, “I don’t want to hear that bullshit~!!” Everyone was shocked by the loud voice from EunJin. The EunJin who was always nice and innocent. “Oppa….let them go….now…..” said EunJin. JiWon let go of JiYong and SungHoon. EunJin had watery eyes now, “The person that hurt me the most was you, oppa…” JiWon looked down and felt guilty.

“I’m growing up….can’t you see?? I can handle myself now….I-I just want you to leave me alone….just-just stay away from me….Fine, you heard that I like JiYong and felt sad that he didn’t feel the same but you know what?? I can get over him….I’m old enough to make that decision…Also, I know you heard that SungHoon liked me more than a friend and I only like him as a friend and he was confusing me but I’m mature enought to tell him how I feel…Oppa….please….understand….” SungHoon looked down and felt a little sad that he finally found out that EunJin only liked him as a friend. JiYong felt a little bad about making EunJin sad and JiWon felt really guilty. He finally know that he was putting EunJin through hell.

“Oppa….I just want you to stay away….things are really bad now….and let me handle it…” said EunJin. “EunJin….you have to understand that I-I love you…’re my little sister….my blood….I can’t help it~!” expained JiWon. “Well, now you’ll have to help it…” said EunJin with a tear coming down her cheek. JiWon sighed, “EunJin…” “No….I don’t want to hear it…..” said EunJin and then she walked away. JiWon looked down at JiYong and SungHoon and then at all the people that were watching them.

“Fuck this….” said JiWon as he stormed out of the cafeteria. JiYong and SungHoon sat there on the floor where JiWon dropped them and they both felt bad. SuWon felt the worst. He was the one that made JiYong go out with EunJin, he was the one that didn’t tell SungHoon that he loved her, he was the one that was too shy to do anything since 2nd grade. 2nd grade~! It was all his fault.

Chapter 8

EunJin sat on her bed crying. She was confused and frustrated. Everything was happening too fast. Way too fast. JiWon was downstairs and she hasn’t talked to him since that day where she finally told him how she really felt. JaeJin tired to comfort his best friend. He sat there with EunJin.

“Shhh…..don’t cry, EunJin….” said JaeJin as he hugged her and tried to comfort her. “I don’t know what’s going on…..I’m so confused….” said EunJin. “Well, EunJin….I think you’re going too fast….” explained JaeJin. EunJin looked up at JaeJin and wiped her tear away, “What do you mean??” “Well, you were actually going out with JiYong and SungHoon at pratically the same time…” explained JaeJin.

JaeJin did made a point and EunJin was actually going out with both guys. “May be….may be I need to take a break….take my time….” said EunJin. JaeJin nodded, “Yeah….I think that’s the best way….” EunJin smiled, “Thanks JaeJin….you’re a great pal…”

SuWon was sitting at his desk and thinking deeply. He didn’t talk with SungHoon or JiYong since that day at the cafeteria. SuWon took a deep breath. It was time for him to tell EunJin how he really felt about her.

The next day at school was a rainy day. EunJin still hasn’t talked to JiWon and he has been leaving her alone even though he drove her to school. EunJin felt a little guilty but also felt a little happy that JiWon is leaving her alone. JiWon and EunJin walked out of the school to go home. SuWon was standing near the door waiting for EunJin. He finally saw her coming out.

“EunJin??” said SuWon shyly. EunJin turned and saw SuWon standing in the rain, “SuWon….you’re getting wet….” SuWon smiled and blushed, “Ummm…..can I talk to you for a sec??” SuWon noticed that his voice was shaky.

“Sure….” said EunJin and looked back at her brother but JiWon just looked at her and left her alone. SuWon and EunJin walked a couple of feet away from JiWon. SuWon took a deep breath, “Ummm….EunJin??”

“Yeah??” said EunJin. SuWon’s heart started to beat fast as he saw EunJin’s face under the rain with her wet hair, “Umm….this is really hard for me to explain this….but….I-I was the one that ruined everything….” explained SuWon.

“What?? I don’t understand….” said EunJin. SuWon sighed and took another deep breath, “EunJin….I-I love you….I loved you ever since the first time I saw you…..2nd grade….when I saw you….I felt like I was in heaven….I couldn’t think of other girls except you….you were the only one in my mind for all these years….I’ve tried to tell you but I-I was too shy and a wimp….EunJin, I want to give you my whole world to you….and if I can’t…..I’ll die trying….” EunJin stood there shocked and speechless hearing the sweetest words coming out of a guy’s mouth. She felt her eyes get watery and looked at SuWon with his face smooth, cute skin wet and his short dark hair wet with each drop dripping through the dark strains. SuWon noticed EunJin’s eyes get watery even though it was rainy.

EunJin felt a tear coming down her cheek, “SuWon….this is going to be the hardest thing in the world….but…I-I can’t be with you…” SuWon felt a sharp pain in his heart and felt a lump in his thoat. He wanted to cry out and scream why but he stood there listening to EunJin. EunJin continued, “Things went by so fast….with JiYong and SungHoon….and now with my oppa….it’s too much SuWon….too much…..please understand….I need to take time for myself….” SuWon nodded slowly and watched EunJin run to her brother and into their silver car. SuWon felt tears coming down his cheek. All these years of loving only one girl and the only thing he gets back is a broken heart and tears filled with sadness. SuWon stood in the rain for a while and cried. Cried like a baby that lost his mother and in the middle of nowhere. But agian, this was no baby thing…it was a heart shredded into pieces.

EunJin sat in the passenger seat while JiWon drove. She was looking out into the rainy outside and felt tears coming down her cheek. She felt so bad for SuWon….but she felt nothing for SuWon….only gulit of hurting him.

Chapter 9

SuWon sat at the cafe with SungHoon and JiYong. Both guys soon forgot about the EunJin thingy but they noticed SuWon’s gloomy personality. SuWon didn’t tell JiYong or SungHoon about EunJin rejecting him and breaking his heart. “SuWon…..anything wrong??” asked JiYong. SuWon only shook his head.

“C’mon man…….you haven’t talk for a long time…I’m forgetting how you sound like now,” said SungHoon. SuWon just looked at SungHoon and looked away. JiYon got concerned, “SuWon….what’s wrong??” SuWon just ignored him and looked away. JiYong and SungHoon exchanged glances and didn’t understand.

“If it’s about the EunJin-” said SungHoon but SuWon quickly interputed, “No….” and that was the only thing he said. JiYong and SungHoon noticed SuWon’s soft and tired voice. Something was going on and they wanted to find out.

“Then…if it’s not about EunJin, then what is it??” asked JIYong. SuWon just stood up and walked out the door. He stood outside. JiYong and SungHoon followed him.

“SuWon…..what’s going on??” asked SungHoon. SuWon kept on walking away from SungHoon ad JiYong.

“What the hell’s wrong with him?” whispered SungHoon into JiYong’s ear. JiYong shugged, “I dunno…” The two guys went up to SuWon and tried to stop him. JiYong grabbed SuWon’s shoulder to stop him but SuWon just swung his arm to get him off. JiYong just stood there.

“What the hell’s wrong with you??” demanded JiYong. SuWon turned around, “None of your damn business….now leave me alone~!” JiYong and SungHoon stood there and watched SuWon walk away. They didn’t understand what was going on.

EunJin sat at her window in her room hugging her pillow tightly. She couldn’t sleep and couldn’t go to school. Sometimes she cried during the night because of all the things going on. She now actually missed her brother’s attention. She even started to hang out with JaeDuc at school but it was no use…it still didn’t get her close to her brother again. EunJin cried and cried, JiWon passed her room and saw her cry. He wanted to comfort her but she wanted him to leave her alone. If she really wants that, then fine….she will be left alone. JiWon sighed sadly as he watched his little sister cry. He didn’t know why she was crying. He didn’t understand a thing. JiWon sighed and slowly walked away. He went downstairs and sat on the couch. “Oh god, EunJin……wish I could fix all your problems…” mumbled JiWon to himself.

At school, EunJin sat there at her table with JaeJin and JaeDuc. She looked at her food and felt sick. She couldn’t eat this junk. JaeJin and JaeDuc looked at each other and got worried.

“EunJin….you haven’t eaten for a while….eat now…” said JaeJin EunJin just shook her head and turned away from the food. She looked at the other side of the cafeteria and saw SuWon staring down at the floor. From where she sat, EunJin can see bags under SuWon’s eyes and the sadness written all over his face and body. Then she saw JiYong and SungHoon eating and talking as if nothing happened. She sort of got angry at them and got upset that they didn’t care what was going on. But then again, may be they didn’t find out everything yet….may be they didn’t understand how hurt and stressed EunJin was. EunJin sighed sadly and put her head down on the table.

“EunJin….are you okay??” asked JaeDuc. EunJin shook her head, “No….I feel really sick….I’m going to the nurse….”

“Lemme come with you…” said JaeJin as he stood up and walked with EunJin and to the nurse. JaeJin and EunJin were walking down the hall and walking to the nurse. EunJin felt tired and all messed up inside. Her eye lids were getting heavy and she was seeing all blur.

“JaeJin….” she softly mumbled. JaeJin looked at EunJin and caught her as she lost her balance and tripped a little.

“Are you sure you can walk??” asked JaeJin. EunJin nodded and got back to her feet. She walked slowly down the hallway and still saw blur and her eyes couldn’t stay open. Then everything was dizzy. Side to side, up and down, everything spinning. EunJin felt so dizzy and tired that she fainted in the middle of the hallway.

“EunJin~!!” said JaeJin as he went beside EunJin who was laying there.

Chapter 10

Everything was black. Black as night. EunJin could hear voice far away. Mumbles and whispers. EunJin slowly opened her eyes and saw her brother, JaeJin and JaeDuc.

“Where am I?” asked EunJin.

“At the hospital…” said her brother. That was actually the first time he talked to her since that day. EunJin looked around and found herself in the bed with a hospital gown, “What happened??”

“You fainted in the hallway at school..” explained JaeJin.

“You weren’t getting enough sleep and weren’t eating….” said JiWon. EunJin sighed. Her oppa was right. She was getting little sleep and refused to eat.

“Well, at least you got gifts~! Look~!” said JaeDuc as he pointed to the gifts on the table. EunJin smiled as she saw the little mountain of gifts and cards. She didn’t know so many people cared about her. Then, one of the gifts caught her attention. It was a dozen red rosees with a white little teddy bear holding a small, plastic dozen roses in the middle.

“I wanna look at that one…..the dozen roses…..” said EunJin JiWon walked over and picked it up, “There’s a card here but it’s sealed so I don’t know who’s it from….” EunJin took the roses and took the card. She opened the card and read it:

‘Dear EunJin,

I hope you feel better soon. You may be surprise but it’s me, SuWon. I still feel heart broken but way inside the only thing I want in the world is you to be happy. Are you happy?? I hope you are because when you’re sad and gloomy, it crushes me to see you cry. EunJin, I may not be the best looking guy or the bravest but I will tell you one thing…..EunJin, if I had a flower for every time I thought and cared about you, I’d be walking in the garden forever. I’ll always love you even though you may not give that love back to me. I still think you’re the most beautiful and perfect girl in the whole entire univerise.

Love, SuWon’

EunJin felt tears in her eyes as he finshed reading the letter. It was the sweetst thing in the world. She looked up at JiWon, JaeDuc and JaeJin.

“When can I get out of the hospital??” asked EunJin. SuWon walked through the streets of the town and sighed to himself as he thought about EunJin. He hoped that EunJin liked the get-well gift he sent her.

“SuWon~!” said a voice from behind. SuWon turned around and saw JiYong and SungHoon running to him.

“Hey, SuWon….where you going??” asked JiYong. SuWon shugged, “Visiting EunJin….”

“Oh…can we come??” asked SungHoon.

“Sure…whatever…” said SuWon. The three guys walked down the street and walked towards the hospital. SuWon tooka deep breath as he saw the hospital building across the street.

“Well, read to cross??” asked SungHoon as he looked left to right. SuWon led the way as JiYong and SungHoon followed him crossing the street. Suddenly, a truck came up from a corner and turned into the street where SuWon, JiYong and SungHoon was crossing.

“BEEP~!!!” SuWon, JIYong and SungHoon looked and saw the huge truck trying to stop but before they can scream and get out of the way, the truck driver was finally able stop but felt a rush of fear all over his body as he felt a bump in front of the truck.

“Oh god~!!!” screamed one of the guys.

Chapter 11

EunJin was finally able to go back home after getting checked out by the doctor. JiWon smiled at EunJin and was glad she was okay. He placed his arm around EunJin’s shoulder.

“Wanna go and eat something??” asked JiWon.

“Sure…but I gotta see SuWon…” said EunJin as she took the gift from SuWon and walked out of her room. All of the sudden, a streacher came in the emergency room. Everything happened all at once. EunJin, JiWon, JaeJin and JaeDuc moved out of the way for the emergency. When the streacher past EunJin, she saw the patient. Those eyes looking up at her….those innocent eyes she recognized under the rain.

“Oh my god~!!!” she screamed as she dropped the gift from SuWon. JiWon looked at EunJin to see what was wrong but SungHoon and JiYong came running in with blood on their clothes. JiWon looked and saw the two guys, “What happened??” EunJin ran to the streacher but the doctors and nurses were wokring and didn’t let anyone inside the emgency room. EunJin placed her hand on the little window on the door and watched helplessly as the doctors and nurses tried to help SuWon. SungHoon and JiYong started to cry and explained everything to JiWon, JaeJin and JaeDuc.

“We were walking down the street when all of the sudden, a truck came up and it hit SuWon before it stopped…” explained SungHoon with tears streaming down his face.

“We tried to help him but there was blood everywhere….oh god…oh god…” explained JiYong as he paaced back and forth with tears coming down. All SuWon could see was the bright light in the emergency room and doctors and nurses everywhere. He felt sharp pains all over the body but he didn’t care…it was so painful that his body already got used to it. He felt his own blood and cried sliently to himself. He didn’t want to die. He was too young.

“Oh god…..” cried SuWon.

“It’s gonna be alright….” said one of the nurses who tried to comfort SuWon. The doctors and nurses were able to get SuWon in stable condition but he was placed in intensive care. EunJin, JiWon, JaeJin, JaeDuc, JiYong and SungHoon decided to visit him. As they walked in, they found SuWon laying on the bed with tubes up his nose and needles stuck in his arms to give him blood and fluid. EunJin couldn’t stop her tears as they ran down her cheeks. She held SuWon’s hand tight.

“SuWon….SuWon, it’s me…..EunJin…..” said EunJin. SuWon slowly opened his eyes and saw EunJin with JiYong, SungHoon, JiYong, JaeJin and JaeDuc behind her. EunJin placed SuWon’s hand up to her cheek, “Oh SuWon….I’m so sorry…..” SuWon touched EunJin’s face as she held his hand and slowly SuWon touched her tears and tried to wipe them away. EunJin bend down and went up to SuWon.

“Oh SuWon…..I-I don’t know how to explain this but that letter you sent me….it was so beautiful….so sweet….It finally solved my problems….” explained EunJin. SuWon looked at EunJin wating for an answer.

“It made me realize that I love you, SuWon…..I love you so much….” cried EunJin. SuWon smiled and touched EunJin’s cheek. EunJin closeed her eyes and felt SuWon’s soft hands against her cheek. Then SuWon tried to get closer to EunJin but EunJin held him back.

“Don’t move SuWon…..” said EunJin but she knew what SuWon wanted. She went closer to SuWon until their lips touched. SuWon felt her lips soft like silk but gentle like an angel’s wing. EunJin felt this strong feeling going through her body as he kissed SuWon. At the same time, SuWon and EunJin remembered everything that happened in the past. The first time SuWon saw EunJin in 2nd grade. She was sitting across from him and he felt like he was in heaven when he first saw her. EunJin remember his shy face and how it always blushed. As they gently pulled away, SuWon breath deeply and he felt tears coming down his cheek. Something was going on.

“What’s happening~!!” said EunJin as he held JiWon’s hand.

“I’ll get the doctor, ” said JiYong as he ran out the door. SuWon couldn’t breath and felt weak. The doctor and nurses started to come into the room. EunJin ran up to SuWon’s bedside.

“I-I love you, EunJin…..I’ll be waiting for you in heaven….” weakly mumbled SuWon. EunJin shook her head, “No…no…you’re not leaving……” SuWon weakly nodded and whispered, “I love you….” then all he saw was black.

“Nooooo~!” screamed EunJin, “I love you~!!” but JiWon pulled her away as the doctors and nurses tried to get SuWon back to life…..

Chapter 12

EunJin stood on top of the hill staring into the lake at the bottom. EunJin sighed and tooka deep breath of the fresh morning air. JiWon slowly walked up behind EunJin and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Are you okay??” asked JiWon. EunJin nodded, “I guess…” JiWon and EunJin both walked back to the car. JiWon sat on the driver’s seat and smiled at EunJin who was smiling at JiWon.

“So….you wanna go now??” asked JiWon. EunJin smiled, “Yea….” JiWon drove up to a driveway and EunJin quickly got out of the car and walked up to the door. She quickly opened door and smiled as she walked up to JiYong and SungHoon.

“Hey EunJin… are you??” asked JiYong. EunJin smiled, ” Fine….”

“Good~!” smiled SungHoon.

“EunJin…” said a voice behind EunJin. EunJin recognized the voice and smiled as she turned around and went up to JaeJin and hugged him.

“Hey EunJin….” smiled JaeJin. Then JaeDuc came up behind JaeJin and waved to EunJin, “Hey EunJin~!” EunJin smiled and greeted everyone.

“EunJin….” said a familar voice. EunJin turned around and saw SuWon smiling at her. She went up to SuWon and placed her arms around his neck.

“Hey… are you??” asked SuWon as he leaned on his crutches. EunJin smiled, “Fine….but now I’m great after seeing you~!” SuWon blushed and smiled shyly. EunJin smiled and went up to SuWon and gently placed her lips against SuWon’s. SuWon felt warm chills as he felt the softness of EunJin’s lips. They slowly pulled away and SuWon looked into EunJin’s eyes.

“I love you, EunJin….” smiled SuWon. EunJin blushed shyly, “I love you too SuWon….” Then they slowly went closer to each other again and kissed.



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