Birthday Blues by: SHforever

bday blues.jpg

  • a Suwon & Jaejin short story
  • completed

No one remembered what day it was today. It was like every other day, with my parents buried in their newspapers at the breakfast table, each in their own little worlds. They didnt say anything to me as they both left for work.

Jiyong called to make sure I was coming over later. He wanted me to see the new car that his father had bought him for his birthday, which was two weeks ago. No one ever forgot about him no, not Mr. Rich and Popular. Everyone at school had turned up for his big bash, overshadowing anything I ever had or ever would.

Okay, so I was slightly bitter. Was it asking too much that I get the spotlight one day a year? Just because I was on the quiet side didnt mean that I was invisible, did it? I was tired of always being in the background, taken for granted.

I didnt go over to Jiyongs. I went to a bar instead, and got drunk. There, I propositioned a male prostitute.

I usually dont do guys, he said matter-of-factly.

Usually? I repeated.

Yeah, well, if the price is right He shrugged, leaning back on the vinyl seat.

I took out of my pocket the money I had withdrawn from the bank earlier on. It was the money I had been saving towards a car. Nothing new and fancy, like Jiyongs without a doubt was, but my daddy wasnt a rich businessman who was going to hand me everything on a silver platter.

He eyed the money, hesitating for the briefest moment before taking it. After all, he was in the business for profit, not pleasure. I gulped down the last of my drink before getting up.

I had trouble focusing my eyes and stumbled over my own feet. His arms went around me, steadying me.

You must have a lot to be sorrowful for today, he commented dryly, leading me out.

Yeah, I do, I slurred. Its my birthday.


We went to a hotel at his direction. He told me his name was Jaejin. I told him mine was Jiyong.

He was very good at his job. I watched as he did a strip-tease for me, moving his muscular body erotically to the music that flowed from the stereo. He stripped down to his boxers, but didnt take them off. He knelt in front of me instead, pulling down my pants to give me a blowjob.

After he was done, I zipped up my pants and got ready to leave. With his rates, that was all I could afford.

Wait, he called after me, making me pause.

I lifted my eyebrows at him, waiting.

Since its your birthday, how about a freebie?

Surprised, but not unwilling, I returned to him. I had no sexual experience, but he had enough for the both of us. It was pure ecstasy as he expertly touched me in the right spots and made me feel unimaginably good. No wonder he charged so much he really knew what he was doing.

I woke up at the crack of dawn the next morning, my head aching and my body sore. I picked up my clothes from the floor and dressed quickly, planning to leave before he awoke. But spotting his wallet, I was overcome by curiosity. I flipped it open, searching for his drivers license.

Huh what do you know his name really was Jaejin. Why he would tell me his real name was a complete mystery. He was only a year older than me, too a fact which shocked me. It was hard to believe that such a young person could seem so mature and independent.

Thoughtfully, I snapped the wallet back shut and placed it on the nightstand. Then, I stood there, just drinking in his sleeping figure, wanting to remember every detail. He was smiling slightly as he rolled over and hugged the spot where I had laid just minutes before. He looked so pure and innocent like that untouched by the world.

What drove him to sell his body for money? He was worth more than that. I felt slightly ashamed at how spoiled I had been acting about a forgotten birthday, when my life was pretty good in most other aspects. It was funny the lessons you learned in life they came from the strangest sources.

Here was a complete stranger who would be considered dirty or amoral by the decent people. But he saw another human being in pain and made me feel better, asking for nothing in return. He could have let me go without any qualms to his conscience, but he didnt. Its hard to find altruism like that in this world, where everyone is too busy taking care of his own needs.

He had no idea of the impact he had on me.

I leaned over and breathed in his sweet scent, closing my eyes. I felt warmth radiating from him as he continued to sleep, so peaceful and calm. Smiling, I moved closer until I was nuzzling his baby-soft skin with my own cheek.

Thank you, Lee Jaejin, I whispered, stroking his dark hair. Youve made this the best birthday ever.

I kissed him lightly, careful not to wake him, then left. I staggered home and was trying unsuccessfully to unlock my door when it flung open on its own.

Where were you, Suwon? I was worried sick. I brushed past Jiyong without a word and headed straight for bed. He followed me, sitting on the edge of my bed.

You were gone all night! And without telling anyone! he continued. I took a closer look at him. His eyes were bloodshot and he did look fatigued.

Sorry, Jiyong, I yawned, relenting. I just needed some time for myself.

You were supposed to come over, he accused, folding his arms across his chest.

Ill see your car some other time. Just go away, I mumbled. I still had a hangover, and all I wanted to do was sleep it off.

I dont care about that, you dummy. I had a surprise birthday party planned for you!

You did?

Yes I did you really think I would forget about your birthday? Chi and I even hired a stripper for you, too, he said excitedly.

Mustve been real fun.

You could show a bit more enthusiasm. She was pretty hot.

Im sure she was.

You wouldve had the best time. That is, if you had just come, he griped, rapidly switching between eagerness and whining. I smiled to myself, recalling my own night.

I bought all of your favorite food, including that cake you like with the miniature fruits. I had to drive two hours to get that. And I blew up so many balloons, I thought I was going to die from asphyxiation. Hey, you missed Jaeduk hyung break-dancing with his Quiksilver group. It was so cool. Oh, and Jiwon and Sunghoon got into yet another argument about who was more of the lady-killer, he chattered on, filling me in.

And Jiwon got so mad when the girl they both hit on chose Sunghoon that he picked him up and chucked him into the pool. Then, he realized that he had lent Sunghoon his silk shirt, which was ruined by the water. That was pretty funny. And then hey, Suwon Jiyong noticed how quiet I was and shook me slightly.

Suwon, are you listening to me?

I didnt answer. I was already half-way to dreamland.

~The End~


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