AMOR FATI by: lemonpop815

amor fati.JPG

Genre: AU, angst (??)

WARNING: contains mature content

Sunghoon POV

Sunghoon blinked his eyes several times. All around him is a huge outdoor park and Sunghoon cannot predict where the end of this park. All the flowers in this park are white, with lots of shady trees in the middle. The sun shone bright but Sunghoon did not feel the heat from the bright sun.
There was a sound of footsteps coming toward him, to where he had just realized, that suddenly he was here. The figure began to approach, and how relieved Sunghoon saw the person he loved until his last breath, smiling. The man helped Sunghoon to his feet, patted Sunghoon’s knee and grabbed Sunghoon’s hand, “You came too soon, did you?”
Sunghoon smiled, “At least, if it’s for Eun Jiwon, I’m willing to come sooner.”
Jiwon smiled. And Sunghoon knows, Jiwon and he will never be separated again. Even by the grim reaper.
Seoul, End of summer, 2015
Sunghoon ran out of breath as he managed to separated himself from his bodyguard (who follows him as his mom ordered) who followed him wherever he went. The existence of the bodyguard sometimes makes it worse when he has a class. For example, when he succeeded for being targeted for throwing a rotten egg as he passed the corridor between the medical department and the chemistry department, while his bodyguard was just off guarded less than a minute. And somehow, Sunghoon had a bad feeling, that his bodyguard was giving an opportunity to other students for attacked him.
Sunghoon removed the jacket he wore, trying to reduce his rising temperatures as he just ran as hard as he could. He then walked to his favorite bench, the most remote and almost unkempt bench in the park.
He hurriedly sat down and fanned his sweaty neck when suddenly he realized that he was not the only person sitting on the bench.
“I’m sorry, I don’t think anyone’s here.” Sunghoon said, bowing toward him.
The man took a deep drag on his cigarette and exhaled the smoke slowly, as if he enjoying how the smoke came out of his nostrils and mouth. He nodded briefly in response and made Sunghoon focus on lowering his body temperature again.
The person beside him looked so relaxed, enjoying every second of his cigarette puffs and every blast of cigarette smoke. He wore a black sweatshirt, combined with a contrasting white sweatpants. Actually the man next to him is pretty handsome, if he wears his black hat in more stylish way.
‘Kang Sunghoon, is not the time for you to think of other people,’ Sunghoon said to himself before going back to thinking about plans to go home without anyone is throwing a rotten egg to him.
It had been exactly a week since Sunghoon had seen him sat still, smoking his cigarette and staring at the skyscrapers nearby. Sunghoon nodded awkwardly at the man as he sat down on the bench and wiped the tip of his lips with the tip of his jacket.
“Ouch.” Sunghoon groaned slightly in pain. His lips were torn, as the result of the 3rd year students, who finally managed to separate Sunghoon and his bodyguard, and knocking him out. Luckily, his bodyguard managed to find him before he really passed out and Sunghoon escaped again from his mother haters and his own bodyguard.
Sunghoon tried to wipe his lips again, but the man next to him murmured softly, “don’t”
” You could get an infection, I’ll buy you cotton first, don’t go anywhere.”
Sunghoon nodded in confusion and watched the man turn toward the closest drugstore to the park. He sighed, and turned to the seat the man had just sat.
‘Artist? Architect?’ He thought as soon as he saw a picture in the book that accidentally left opened, showing a picture of a skyscraper building in Seoul.
Sunghoon sighed. The life of this man must have been peaceful, unlike his life that was broken apart just because of his mother. A mother who had never ever thought of him. Sunghoon heard the sound of footsteps approaching. The man was back with a plastic bag in his hand. He knelt in front of Sunghoon, watching the wound on Sunghoon’s face, before starting to wet the cotton with antiseptic liquid, “You’re lucky, your lips are not as bad as I thought.”
Sunghoon stayed silent, groaned in pain as the man wiped the cotton onto his lips. He waited for the man to finish wiping the wound and murmured,
“Thank you … err …”
“Thank you errr Jiwon ahjussi.”
“Hyung, I’m not that old.” Jiwon smiled faintly.
And for some reason Sunghoon hates that smile. Sunghoon groaned in pain again as Jiwon pressed the bandage to the tip of his lips.
“Although this bandage can’t cover all your wounds, at least it can prevent you from infection.”
Sunghoon nodded, “Sorry to disturb your work.”
Jiwon followed Sunghoon’s eyes to his sketchbook, and said, “Ah … I don’t know if something like this can be called a job.”Jiwon smiled faintly again and settled himself back on the bench. Jiwon picked up his pencil and sketchbook, then started to draw again, silently.
Seoul, mid-autumn, 2015
“Don’t you feel bored?” Jiwon asked as he smeared the anti-bruise ointment onto Sunghoon’s temple.
Sunghoon didn’t answer until Jiwon got up, and settled back to his bench, “I don’t know whether I’m too sick or I’m enjoying all these treatments.”
Jiwon lit his cigarette as he sat down on the bench. He dragged it in silence for a few moments, and exhales the smoke slowly toward Sunghoon, who dropped his head, “You enjoyed to life tortured while you can live happily?”
“Jiwon hyung, I don’t know how bad your finances are until you didn’t recognize me, son of the number one corruptor in Korea, but I can’t be happy since I was born as Kang Sunghoon.”
Jiwon blown his cigarette smoke once more towards Sunghoon and chuckles, “Is that so?”
Jiwon smokes his cigarette in silence. Letting Sunghoon drowned in his mind for a moment. He reached for his sketchbook and colored pencil box, gave it towards Sunghoon, “I lend my sketchbook and colored pencils”
“You must have lots of stories that you keep for yourself, right?”
“Turn it into a picture even if it’s just a storm or even a tornado picture.”
Sunghoon stares at him in disbelief, and Jiwon says, “Come on, I’ll wait until you’ve finished drawing.”
Jiwon dragged on his cigarette again and started to look at the building around the park with an unpredictable expression. Sunghoon knows, Jiwon was serious about what he says about drawing. Sunghoon opened Jiwon’s color pencil box, took the red and orange pencils, and then started drawing.
Sunghoon who initially hesitated, started slowly to draw seriously. He drew the waves in various colors, and as soon as the picture filled the drawing paper, he sighed with relief.
“Feels better?”
Jiwon pulled out his harmonica from his bag and said, “You can draw another picture before I go home.”
Sunghoon smiled sincerely as Jiwon allowed him to draw again. This time he started to draw a small leaf in blue. He was thinking of using the next color to color the leaves that he drew, and he was surprised when Jiwon started to playing his harmonica.
That can’t be called a song, but somehow the tone seems to stimulate Sunghoon to doing something crazy. Sunghoon patted his cheek softly, he just thought it too seriously. He saw the picture of a bunch of blue leaves in Jiwon’s drawing book, and his feelings were better.
Jiwon blew out his last note and murmured quietly, “Hmm?”
“Thank you.”
Jiwon smiled faintly before playing his harmonica again, accompanying Sunghoon to see the sunset.
Seoul, end of autumn, 2015
Sunghoon tightened his coat. It’s been three days since Jiwon suddenly disappeared from his routine, sitting on the most remote and most unkempt bench. Sunghoon also doesn’t aware, that his meeting with Jiwon in this park last summer had an impact on his life. The bullying against him doesn’t stop since he met Jiwon, but at least Jiwon able to make Sunghoon strong against bullying.
Whereas Jiwon just being ordinary. Accompanying Sunghoon spent the afternoon in the park without trying to judge or defend Sunghoon. He only listens to Sunghoon’s complaints throughout the afternoon, seeing Sunghoon drawing or playing his harmonica every time Sunghoon refuses to speak. And Sunghoon, really thanked Jiwon because he stayed to behave properly as a normal human being, not a garbage who treats him as waste anyway.
Sunghoon wrapped his scarf, and turned away, when he saw Jiwon coming towards him.
“Hoon ..”
Jiwon hugged him tightly. Jiwon’s body was shaking. Sunghoon tried to escape, but failed. He waited Jiwon to release his embrace and Sunghoon touched Jiwon’s cheek carefully.
“Hyung, are you all right?”
“Don’t come here until the situation is completely safe.”
“Hyung, I don’t understand. What are you talking about?”
Jiwon hugged Sunghoon again, a little tighter than his previous hug and made Sunghoon slightly slap Jiwon on the back, “Hyung, I can’t breathe. Sit down for a while, I don’t understand hyung.”Jiwon who usually looks calm, now looked messy. His breath was panting, indicating he hurriedly ran here to see Sunghoon. But why?
“Can we not talk about it in an open space like this?”
Sunghoon was confused, but he got up and lead Jiwon, “If that’s what you want, come on, I know where we can talk quietly.”
To be honest it’s not the right place to talk about something important, but at least better than in the open space. Sunghoon led Jiwon to the table near the toilet, and said, “It’s safe here, you can tell me anything.”
Jiwon looked around the little cake shop, which was crowded by other people but of course they were the only ones who chose a seat near the toilet so no one would try to hear them.
“Please don’t go see me for a while.”
“You didn’t see the news at Naver?”
“Of course not.”
“Your uncle …”
“My uncle?”
Jiwon sighed and grabbed Sunghoon’s hand, “Your uncle, Park Seo Bong, has been found dead in his luxurious mansion recently.”
Sunghoon gasped in surprise, but tried to control himself, “Dead?”
“More precisely, he murdered. The killer shot on his whole body even though he was dead.”
“But what is the connection between my uncle’s death and I?”
“The police suspect that this was a killer from the crime back then, a sadistic killer who killed all of the corruptor and the family, whether guilty or not, mercilessly.”
“Are you afraid they will kill me?”
Jiwon didn’t answer. He reached his hand into his pocket, and pulled out a silver necklace with a strange ornament pendant, “For you.”
“What is this?”
“My protective charm, I’m giving it to you. You need it more than me.”
“Hyung ..” Sunghoon whined, “I’m all right!”
“Bring it .. please.”
“Hyung ..”
“I’m not ready to lose my only friend.” Jiwon replied quickly. He bit his lip and looked at Sunghoon nervously, “Please ..”
Sunghoon held back his smile. This is the first time he has someone who sincerely thought of him as a friend. Before his mother’s corruption case opened, many people approached him for targeting Kang’s family wealth. Nobody sincerely wants to be friends with him. Especially after the case of his mother’s corruption began to investigate by the police. Everyone who he had thought of a friend, turned into a group of people who hate him.
“Promise me that you will stay alive for the next two weeks.”
“Of course.”
Seoul, mid-winter, 2016
Sunghoon awoke in surprise. As he recalled, he was heading to the park where he and Jiwon would meet. And now, he’s just wearing his boxer, tied to a pole at the corner of the ice skating ring. His body trembled. The people who are scattered around of the ice skating ring are wearing masks, and of course, they are his mother’s haters group.
“Oh, he still alive, I thought he was going to die because of hypothermia.”
“He will not die that easily, we have to lower his temperature constantly until he’s freezing to death.”
“Yah, Kang Sunghoon! Don’t you know how happy we were when your uncle was found murdered? We want to thank the corruptor killer for their good intentions!”
Sunghoon’s teeth chattered loudly from the cold, but he managed to say something, “Seo Bong samchon deserves to be killed, and I thank the corruptor killer for killing him.”
“Hahahaha, thank you? You’re kidding, you’re very scared right, because the coruptor killer might be hunting you?”
“Well, just say thank you to us, because the ones who will kill you, is not the corrupt killer, but us! We just make you die slowly so your mother still has time to recognize your corpse.”
“Well, good-bye, corrupt child.”
The people began to encircle the pole where Sunghoon was tied up. They poured Sunghoon’s body with iced water, until one of them said, “Look, his lips are blue. Let’s go before the boy’s bodyguard finds us.”
Sunghoon opened his eyes slowly, once he felt no more ice water poured into his body. Sunghoon tried to recognize the place. Ice skating ring in outskirt of Seoul. This place is always closed when winter, and he doubted his mother’s bodyguard was able to find him. Moreover, he only wore a boxer, and he didn’t know what the kidnappers were doing on his clothes and other things. He dropped his head in silence, trying to fight against his shivering body, a sign that his body temperature dropped. He realizes that the kidnapper left the necklace that Jiwon gave the other day.
“Hyung .. I seem to be breaking my promise. I’m going to die, in a silly way, tied up on a pole, and just wearing a boxer, Heol, it’s a bad reason of my death.”
His breathing and heart rate began to weaken. Time for him to survive is decreasing. He smiled and said, “But anyway, for my mother, my death will not have much effect, only one more flies die in her life.”
Sunghoon reflects on everything that has happened during his life, without realizing Jiwon has just entered the ice skating ring, and started to yelled in a panic, “Kang Sung Hoon, hang on !!!!”
“Uh … Jiwon hyung? Ahahaha impossible, I’m starting to hallucinate. I’m sure I’ll die soon.”
“Stop talking.” He said as he untied the ties in Sunghoon’s body, and as soon as all the rope came loose, he wrapped Sunghoon’s body in his coat and picked him up, “You can’t die.”
Jiwon brought Sunghoon to his colleague’s apartment studio. Sunghoon heard a few pieces of the conversation between Jiwon and his colleagues when Sunghoon begged to Jiwon that he didn’t want to go to the hospital. Then Jiwon begged his colleagues to allowed him to take care of Sunghoon there. In the next minute they sounded have a fight, but finally his colleagues agreed that Jiwon can take care of Sunghoon there until his body temperature back to normal. Sunghoon was still shivering and shaking, and breathing so slowly on the mattress. Jiwon has wrapped Sunghoon’s body with several layers of thick blankets, but Sunghoon’s body temperature is still below 35 degrees.
“Hypothermia and he is still conscious. He needs to be compressed but the water heater system here can only functioning properly after two hours.” Jiwon thought hard. There is one simple method to counteract hypothermia. Jiwon glances at Sunghoon once again, and Jiwon has no other choice but to do so. Jiwon picked up a glass of wine that he has prepared to Sunghoon, as first aid, and gave it to Sunghoon. Sunghoon finishes his wine in one gulp and stares at Jiwon who is bewildered.
“Close your eyes for a moment.”
Sunghoon closed his eyes. Jiwon took this opportunity to undress his clothes, including his boxer, and then climbs onto the mattress and hugs Sunghoon’s naked body which has not been wearing anything since Jiwon took him away from the ice skating ring.
“Sorry.” Jiwon whispered as he hugged Sunghoon’s naked body. “It’s the only way I can think about.”
Sunghoon moves his hand to stroke Jiwon’s cheek, and Jiwon slightly suprised, as Sunghoon’s hand is very cold and said, “Sorry”
Jiwon removes Sunghoon’s hand from his cheek to his chest and says, “Please don’t say anything else”
They hugged tightly under the blanket for 30 minutes. Sunghoon’s body temperature was gradually back to normal but Sunghoon was still shivering with cold. Sunghoon’s trembling body, making both their penis touching each other and Jiwon’s penis began to arouse because of it.
Jiwon used to read a comic about hypothermia. There is one more simple method to counteract hypothermia. But for Jiwon, that way is too absurd to do. Jiwon’s left hand grabbed the thermometer that he placed not far from Sunghoon’s pillow. He measured Sunghoon’s body temperature (without letting go of his hug of course) and sigh with disappointed voice once the thermometer went off.
“34 ..” Jiwon think fast, there’s no harm in trying that method. Sunghoon only takes 2 more degrees to get back to normal, and he knows, there’s no harm in trying that method. Jiwon scooped up Sunghoon’s lips, nibbled and sucked Sunghoon’s lower lip slowly. Jiwon licked Sunghoon’s lower lip after sucked it in and put his tongue into Sunghoon’s mouth, playing his tongue with Sunghoon’s tongue for a while before Sunghoon finally kissed him back.
Jiwon broke the kiss and looked into Sunghoon’s eyes, who was puzzled by their kiss, “Sorry, there’s no other way I can think of it.”
Sunghoon nodded slowly, pulled Jiwon’s body, and continued their interrupted kisses and also completed Jiwon’s crazy methods.
Jiwon can’t sleep at all after he and Sunghoon finished having sex. Sunghoon’s body temperature was come back to normal and he was fast asleep next to him. Jiwon sat up, leaned against the wall, started lit his cigarette and dragged it in silence.
Sunghoon wriggled up and said in cute voice, “Hyung …”
He sat up, leaned his body against Jiwon, and put his head on Jiwon’s chest. Jiwon’s right hand slid under the covers, and placed it above Sunghoon’s waist. Sunghoon waited for Jiwon to finish smoking. Jiwon turned off the rest of his cigarette, and turned to Sunghoon in his chest, “Why?”
Sunghoon got up and stared at Jiwon deeply. He deliberately let the blanket that covering his naked body slide out of his body, as he want to teasing Jiwon to have sex again, “I know we were having sex, because you want me to stay alive, but now I want to do it again.”
Jiwon grunted and smiled. He holds Sunghoon’s chin, pulled his body and kisses his lips, “The reason?”
Sunghoon wrapped his hands around Jiwon’s neck, as he want to make no distance between them. Jiwon’s hand creeped up from Sunghoon’s waist to his hardened nipplen, just stroking it slowly. “Because this is my chance once in my lifetime, when can I have sex with someone I love?” Sunghoon said in teasing way.
Jiwon is still busy with Sunghoon’s nipple, saying, “You like me?”
Sunghoon moaned softly, as Jiwon’s fingers pressed Sunghoon’s nipples gently for not answering his question.
“So this is a question for me?” Jiwon kissed Sunghoon’s neck now, licked and sucked Sunghoon’s neck until he made a hickey, and whispered, “Do you like I answer it with words or with action?”
Before Sunghoon could reply, Jiwon quickly to overlapped Sunghoon’s body, locking Sunghoon’s hands with his hands. Jiwon scooped Sunghoon’s nipple with his lips, sucked it up and licked it until Sunghoon moaned, “Ahhh..hyung.”
Jiwon stopped sucking Sunghoon’s nipple and looked at his face in a seductive way, “You don’t want to answer?”
“Don’t you know the answer?”
Jiwon smiled. He scooped Sunghoon’s nipple again, sucked on Sunghoon’s nipple and licked it. He stopped sucking Sunghoon’s nipple when Sunghoon grabbed his hair slowly.
Jiwon understands.
Sunghoon wanted to reach his climax slowly.
Sunghoon never knows, what is the best way to describe his relationship with Jiwon. Jiwon still acted the same, as if they didn’t have a sex before. Sunghoon didn’t mind at all, because he let Jiwon act like usual.
He turned towards Jiwon who just came, and smiles happily, as Jiwon started to approach him. Jiwon smiled briefly and hugged Sunghoon lightly , “Do you waited for a long time?”
Sunghoon shook his head, “About 5 minutes maybe, I don’t know, so what do you want to talk about?”
“About we have a sex back then.”
“Didn’t I tell you not to talk about it?”
“It’s … not what you think of Kang Sunghoon.” Jiwon said quietly, “I can’t stop thinking about you since the incident and … I can’t lie that I like you too.”
Sunghoon thought of Jiwon’s sentence for a moment. He smiled and said, “I was thinking you feel guilty for having sex with a corruptor’s son.”
“Speaking of corruptors, actually I have a crazy plan.”
“Well, I know it’s too sudden for us who just officially dating, but, will you stay with me in Hawaii forever?”
“Yes, Hawaii, since they are open to LGBT couple like us, so they would not be surprised to see we live in same houses and be noisy every night.”
Sunghoon bit his lip. Jiwon’s plan is not a crazy plan, but the most brilliant plan. Who cares about his corrupt mother. Was Sunghoon ever considered a child by his mother for years, wasn’t he?
“Hyung, when we can leave Korea and live there?”
“As soon as both of our visas are approved.”
“There’s an advantage in having a corrupt mother, I think I’ll use it for the last time before I move to Hawaii”
“Don’t” Jiwon said, “I don’t want to have a boyfriend who has corrupt mental”
“Then we have to wait patiently while I can die anytime because of a corrupt killer hunted me?”
“I have acquaintances at the Embassy who can speed up the visa process.”
“With my mother’s help, our visa can come out tomorrow.”
“Kang Sunghoon.” Jiwon called him quietly, “I know you really hate your mother and want to run away as fast as you can, but think carefully, you can be a suspect if you dare to use it.”
Sunghoon sighed. Jiwon is right. He hugged Jiwon who looked serious and whispered, “I’m sorry hyung.”

Sunghoon panicked. He briefly saw a breaking news on TV that the police had just revealed new evidence that his mother not only did corruption but also bribes to the law department, and the police were making a statement that it was still possible that his mother had also bribed three of Seoul Court judges. Sunghoon hurriedly escaped from university, avoiding people who wanted to bullying him because his mother was no longer able to dodge with this new evidence.
‘Damn ….’ he cursed, ‘Why the police issued the evidence just before I’m going to Hawaii?’
The evidence the police have issued has nothing to do with him. Moreover, Sunghoon dared to ‘throw’ himself out of the mansion and live like a homeless person so he didn’t interfere with his mother’s business when his mother started her corruption. But still, what does the public care about? Yet in their eyes Sunghoon still remained guilty for not preventing his mother from doing the corruption.
Sunghoon has entered the park where he and Jiwon used to meet. He speeds up his pace, once he realizes the familiar sound comes from where he and Jiwon meet.
The sound of a shot gun.
Sunghoon ran frantically until he found Jiwon already limp, with blood flowing from a gunshot wound on his head. Sunghoon’s eyes widened in disbelief as he realized the gun had fallen not far from Jiwon’s body.
“Hyung ..” Sunghoon felt the pulse in Jiwon’s neck, then felt the pulse on Jiwon’s wrist. “Impossible.”
Sunghoon roughly moves Jiwon’s body and said, “Hyung! Hyung! Tell me you’re just pretending hyung! Hyung! Come on … we have to hurry to go to Incheon before it’s too late! Hyung! Hyung!”
Sunghoon sobbed. He knows exactly that Jiwon can’t be saved anymore. He cried for a few moments before finally getting back to thinking, “Hyung, how can you leave me when we just started our new life? How can you go when I really need you? You left me even before we can celebrate our 100-day anniversary? ”
Sunghoon sobbed beside Jiwon’s corpse that still in a sitting position. He grabbed Jiwon’s right hand that clenched and sobbed again for a moment, “You even didn’t say goodbye.”
Sunghoon let go of Jiwon’s hand roughly and something fell from Jiwon’s clenched hands.
A glass bottle, still clearly visible some of the label was torn and covered some part of the bottle, but Sunghoon also can see clearly that there is a paper stuffed into it, as well as some capsules that contains whatever.
Sunghoon picked up the bottle, opened it in a hurry and read the letter,
————————————————– ————————————————– ———————
Kang Sunghoon.

Sorry. I invited you to stay forever in Hawaii. But I canceled it in the last minute. But, the longer I think, the more I feel that I’ve never deserved to love you.
I’m seriously excited when you tell me that you like me that night. Honestly, it was the greatest and best sex I ever had. I’ve never felt so happy, like that night. But, after I talked to you that we will move to Hawaii, I felt that I’m never worthy of being loved by someone like you.
I will never deserve the sincere love of anyone, especially you, because I am just a worse person than your mother. So before you know how bad I am, whether sooner or later, I decide to leave you. Once again, forgive me. I sincerely love you, but I don’t deserve your love. Promise me to stay alive

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————“What’s he think?” Sunghoon said, wiping his eyes, “This is the dumbest letter I ever read.”
Sunghoon was about to throw the bottle when he noticed a small label that was quite visible and read on the rest of the torn label on the bottle. It seems that Jiwon hurriedly removed the label before Jiwon took the bottle and used it to hide his letter.

Sunghoon re-read Jiwon’s letter and realized that he has missed a few sentences in Jiwon’s letter

PS. I left something for you. In case you miss me

Sunghoon heard the sirens of the police cars and also the footsteps of people running. It must be between that police officer, his bodyguard, or perhaps his mother’s haters, Sunghoon didn’t know. Clearly, there is something he must do before they all reach this place.
“Hyung, I’m really disappointed because we failed to go to Hawaii, but at least I’m satisfied because we’re going to a place where I’m no longer chased by my mother’s haters.”
Sunghoon swallowed two capsules in the bottle. It did not take long for Sunghoon’s body to react with the contents of the capsule. His breath was short. Sunghoon linked his fingers to Jiwon’s fingers, and clasped them tightly, his body starting to convulse. All the cells in his body seemed to scream, begging for oxygen.
Sunghoon tried to breathe for the last time, and then realized that there is another Jiwon standing. Sunghoon closed his eyes, he knows, the time comes and Jiwon has picked him away.
White-haired man, wore a one-eye-blindfold, chuckled. All the headline news this morning still talking the same thing, and made him bored, “Feeling lucky to moved to the another world, Jiwon hyung?







“Ck.” Said another man, pouting at the newspaper that had just been thrown by white-haired man. “Police called this case suicide?”
The white-haired man laughed and replied, “To you it may be a very silly and absurd mission, but for Jiwon hyung, it is a sacrificial mission.”
“Won her son’s heart and throwing his boyfriend’s mother in the jail? You’re kidding.”
“Both of them have never felt love in their lives, let them feel the love in another world. Well, Suwon, if you do not mind, I want to go first. ”
“Visit Sunghoon and Jiwon hyung grave of course.”



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