A Week Off by: koiniji_00

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WARNING: contains mature content

The afternoon sun found its way through a fully curtained room. An alarm was heard as the clock tick at 3 o’clock. It is time to wake up but two people on a king-sized bed didn’t bother to wake up at all. Hands wrapped around each other, the two felt blissful for the week-off that were given to them. It has been a hectic two months for Sechskies with promotions here and there. They are happy and not complaining at all for they can see their fans and can perform as Sechskies, but still, even though they see each other everyday, there is still that longing, they still long to be with just each other, just the two of them together.

A phone rang from the bedside table and Jiwon, the first to be awake eversince the clock strikes 3 PM, took a hold of it and turned it off. Not wanting any disturbance and not wanting Sunghoon to wake up from the sound of it. He has been staring at the younger for a few minutes now. Every time he woke up early, he would trace Sunghoon’s face, he has always like the shape of the younger’s face, he would trace the younger’s eyebrows with his fingertips carefully as if he hadn’t done it for a thousand times already, and down to his eyes, slowly to his nose, smiling to himself when the younger’s nose scrunched up.

He would always trace Sunghoon’s lips lastly, always amazed by how soft the younger’s lips is under his fingertips.

It’s not a secret how smitten he is with the younger. Every move from the younger looks cute, every smile, and every laugh makes him laugh too, he is proud with the younger and it always shows on his face. He is just so in love that he couldn’t and wouldn’t hide it. And he knows he always has this smug look when the younger look at him for confirmation that what he is doing is right, he always motivates the younger and makes the younger feel that he is there at his back. Doing these things give him sense of satisfaction. Sometimes it amazes him, other times, well, yes, he feels smug, pleased.

After his fingertips, he traced Sunghoon’s face again, this time with his lips. And as always, he would savor his time when it comes to his lips. But this time around, as soon as his lips touched the younger’s, Sunghoon immediately answered his kiss with a soft one.

He smiled. “You are awake.” He softly said to the younger

“As soon as i felt someone kissing my nose.” Sunghoon said drowsily.

“Still sleepy?” He asked, still softly, on which the younger nodded. “Then let me kiss you awake.” And before Sunghoon could even nod, he was already kissing the younger. They exchanged soft kisses at first but it heightened escalatedly. Passion was more exchanged from the two. Taking in what the other is giving and in exchange, giving back to the other in equal passion. Soon they felt the heat, not from the afternoon sun but the familiar heat that they always feel when they are this close and intimate. Sunghoon stopped kissing Jiwon and breathed, he let the older traced kisses down to his neck, arching his neck back to give him more space. Kisses from Jiwon became more intense when the other began on sucking on his neck.

The younger let out a breathy moan as he called the older. Jiwon answering with a deep and long one making him arch his back with a long moan on his own. “Hyung, stop. Let’s eat, Im hungry.”

“Okay” Jiwon answered, leaving Sunghoon’s neck only to go back on his lips. They had a full five minute tongue mating before they stopped and went out of their room for brunch.

“Thanks for the meal~” Jiwon said. Planting a soft kiss on Sunghoon’s lips, he added “thanks for cooking our brunch~”

“You’re welcome, hyung~” Sunghoon answered with a soft kiss on his own. “What should we do for today? We woke up late again.”

“If you’re planning on meeting the others right now, the answer is no. Let’s just stay here, Hoony-ah~ it’s too tiring to go outside. And I just want to be here with you~”

“I was not going to suggest on meeting the others. I want to just stay here with hyung too, you know~”


“Good very good~!”

Jiwon laughed. “You are hanging out with the Winner kids, you are catching up with them.”

“They’re a whole bunch of funny kids. Im just being a good hyung~” Sunghoon said, laughing.

Jiwon stretched out his hand, asking for Sunghoon’s glass and when he gave his glass, he filled it up with the apple juice he was holding, saying “Drink more Hoony” as he did. The younger just sweetly smile at him as thanks.

Jiwon volunteered on washing the dishes while he told Sunghoon to just stay at the living room. The younger followed his instruction and he looked for a channel to watch some drama. There was no drama on his taste aside from the replay of Goblin. He was watching the tear-jerker scene when Jiwon came to the living room. The older sat beside him and backhugged him with his hands on his stomach. He was so focused on the drama he was watching when he felt soft kisses pressed on his nape and his hands on his stomach has been caressing bare skin. He still has half of his attention on the drama when Jiwon moved from his nape to his shoulder, sucking and kissing.


“Just focus on your drama, Hoon-ah.”

“Actually, give me a kiss. I need a kiss.” He ordered which made the older smile seductively at him. Then he proceeded on giving the younger a kiss. A kiss that made him wants for more. And more. And more. Tongues connected, teeth clashing but they didn’t care. The fire that has lit up a while ago has been gradually growing strong. And it is the only thing that matters as of the moment.

“I miss you. I miss this. I miss us.” Jiwon said, talking between kisses.

“I miss you too. So much” Sunghoon answered, kissing Jiwon passionately to prove his point.

Only a minute after their kissing intensified, clothes are being lifted and thrown. They moved from the sofa to their bed, blindly. They have noted a vase has been broken on their way to their room. But the vase can wait, the cleaning can wait, their feelings towards each other cannot. So they dove in to each other’s arms, never wanting to let go.

He has his one hand down the younger’s member and the other on his hips while he is trailing kisses on Sunghoon’s neck down to his nipples. The younger has his hands at the back of his head, urging him to go on. He loves hearing Sunghoon’s moan. He looked up just in time to see Sunghoon sticking his tongue out to wet his lips. Aside from Sunghoon’s moan, he loves his tongue too. That thick hot appendage and that slick mouth of his when wrapped around his hard member, sucking him… he groaned just by thinking about it.

”Suck me.” He ordered the younger.

As soon as he heard Jiwon’s words, he flipped their bodies and sat on his stomach, his own hard member pointing towards Jiwon with the older’s hand still around it, and the other still on his hips. Sunghoon took a hold of Jiwon’s erection while his other hand dances on his chest, teasing his nipples. He knows Jiwon like it this way, when he tease him like this. And he likes it this way, till he would hear the older calling him in a moan.

“Sunghoon” Jiwon called in a moan. Without further ado, Sunghoon took Jiwon’s mouth with his own, with his tongue sneaking inside to tease Jiwon’s own but Jiwon caught his tongue and sucked on it. Then the battle of dominance began.

They stopped only to breathe then went back on their tongue mating, with hands busy caressing each other’s bodies. After a while, Sunghoon trailed kisses down to Jiwon’s neck till he reached his nipples. Catching one nipple with his mouth, he played with it with his tongue, while the other was played with his hand. He loves it when he hears Jiwon moan, it would always make him feel powerful, he made him feel this way, he thought. As soon as he left his nipples, he trailed down to his stomach, caressing the skin on his way. He anticipates it, when he would reach his destination and he knows Jiwon is anticipating it too. He looked up to see Jiwon already looking at him, as if telling him don’t you dare stop and he just smiled sweetly at him, the total opposite of what he is doing as of the moment, taking him in the mouth. It just made the moment become more erotic. Sunghoon expertly sucked him, knowing where and how he likes it. He grasped the bedsheet, groaning.

And not wanting to finish early, without pleasuring the younger, he hastily grabbed Sunghoon, flipped him over and kissed him, hard. The temperature around them has risen drastically; sweat trailing down their bodies as they moved together.

Moans and groans and bodies slapping are the only noises that can be heard. Jiwon kept his eyes on Sunghoon, clearly loving how his expressions changed when he hit that spot.

“I love you.” He said to the younger as he reached his peak.

Arching his back while moaning loud, the younger was able to utter his “I love you” till he cannot speak and just move his body together with Jiwon.


Well spent but, still, with fire still burning, they continued their dance till dawn breaks.


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