Jiyong’s Wish by: Jekki Girl

jiyongs wish.png

  • a Eunkang / JyongWon (Jiyong x Jiwon) short story
  • completed

WARNING: contains mature content

Sometimes I think life can be so unfair.

Like I wish I wasn’t so tall. I feel gawky and awkward when I’m with my friends, so I tend to slouch at times…

And I wish I had more muscle. I suppose I could work out, but… well, I don’t.

Also I wish I could be as good-looking as Sunghoon. He has so many fans!!

But what I really wish….. I wish I had met Jiwon first…


“And then you know what he did?? He put shaving cream on me while I was sleeping!!” Sunghoon exclaimed.

I forced myself to smile and let out a pathetic chuckle.

“Heh… You guys are so funny,” I said automatically.

We sat in the cozy cafe, drinking coffee and talking. Er, well… Sunghoon was doing most of the talking.

“Sometimes, I don’t know why I put up with him….” he sighed, running his fingers through his soft hair. He pretended to be annoyed with Jiwon, but I knew it was all an act…. And I couldn’t help but comment on this.

“I know deep down you really like him alot,” I said.

Sunghoon blushed slightly, but quickly shook his head.

“He likes ME more than I like him,” he responded. “And then again, who can resist me?” he added, grinning arrogantly.

I rolled my eyes. Sometimes Sunghoon had a bad case of wangju byung.

He looked down at his watch.

“Shoot. He’s gonna be here soon~!” he cried. He suddenly got up.

“Who’s goiong to be here soon?” I asked curiously.

“Jiwon!” Sunghoon said in an exasperated tone, as if I should have known.

“Oh….” I said, and I could feel my pulse quicken slightly.

“I’m going to go freshen up,” he announced, and flocked off to the bathroom.

I shook my head watching him leave. He was like a girl getting ready to see his boyfriend.. and oddly enough, I found myself feeling a bit jealous….


I jumped out of my thoughts and I turned my head towards the person who made the noise.

Jiwon looked down at me with curious eyes. “Oh, hey Jiwon,” I mumbled, reddening.

He gave me a half-smile.

“Where’s Sunghoon?” he asked immediately as he sat down across from me.

“He… um…. went to the b-bathroom,” I said, stumbling over my words. I felt so nervous in front of him. Why the heck was I nervous???


We both sat there looking at the table.

It was so awkward and I didn’t want it to be like this between us, so I just blurted out the first thing that came to my mind.

“Sunghoon talks about you a lot,” I blurted out.

He looked up at me with his black eyes and I saw the corners of his lips twitch, as if he were trying to hide a smile.

“Really?” he said, with a hint that he was pleased.

“The way he acts, it’s almost like you guys are dating,” I said aloud.

This time it was Jiwon’s turn to be embarassed.

“Yeah, well….” he started, turning a slight shade of pink.

“Jiwon! You’re late!” Sunghoon cried out in a mock-angry tone.

Jiwon immediately turned his attention to Sunghoon.

“Oh… Sorry Sunghoon, there was alot of traffic on my way here,” he explained apologetically.

Sunghoon raised his hand to dismiss the excuse. He then pulled out his wallet to pay for the drinks, but I stopped him.

“I got it, Sunghoon,” I said, already planting a bill on the table. Sunghoon grinned.

“Today’s been a good day so far,” he commented. “First, I get free drinks, and now I get to shopping!” he exclaimed happily.

“You two are going shopping?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, so?” Sunghoon said defensively.

“Oh…Nothing,” I quickly said. I didn’t want to offend him in front of Jiwon.

“Besides, after that, Jiwon has to give me lessons….” Sunghoon added.

I gave him a strange look. “Lessons? For what?”

“…Uh, DANCING lessons, you know~ For our upcoming song,” Sunghoon said quickly.

Maybe a little too quickly. And why was Jiwon giving dancing lessons? Jaejin and

Jaeduk should be….

“Let’s go Sunghoon,” Jiwon said suddenly, interrupting my thoughts and making me stop thinking about it.

“Ok, ok. I’ll call you later Jiyong!” Sunghoon promised.

I nodded and watched them starting to leave together, a small wave of jealously washing over me…

Then Jiwon suddenly turned and asked, “Do you want to come with us?”

Sunghoon looked over at him, surprised.

I must have looked pretty surprised too, because he added, “I mean, if you’re not doing anything, that is…” he said lamely.

It sounded tempting, to hang out with them, and I would be able to see Jiwon more, but judging from Sunghoon’s expression at the moment, I could tell he was not happy with this idea.

“Oh…. Nah, I have some stuff to do,” I lied quickly. “Thanks though….”

“Oh.” Jiwon said. Did I hear a slight tone of disappointment in his voice???

“That’s too bad. Maybe next time!” Sunghoon said hurriedly and started to usher Jiwon out of the cafe.

Jiwon opened the door for Sunghoon and as Jiwon was about to exit, he looked over at me one more time…. My heart skipped a beat as I felt his eyes on me.

And at that moment, I felt a small shiver run down my spine…..


So I started to think about him A LOT. I don’t know. Even though Sunghoon and Jiwon were inseparable, I – along with the other group members suspected *things* between them, and I still couldn’t help but develop an attraction towards Jiwon….. And once in awhile, when we all hung out, Jiwon would put his arm around my shoulder, or touch my arm, and do various other little things… and I enjoyed every second of it….. At times I thought he had feelings for me too, his hand seemed to linger a little longer on my arm, or his stares seemed a little more meaningful, and his jokes about us getting married or whatever, seemed to hold some truth to them because we joked about it so much.

But as time passed, I eventually began to understand my role between those two.

Whenever Sunghoon and Jiwon fought, I was always with Sunghoon, to listen to him gripe and whine, over and over about Jiwon and their problems. Not that I really minded. This just gave me an opportunity to know more about him.

But on one particular night, things got a little different. And I REALLY got to know more about Jiwon…..


“He doesn’t spend time with me like he used to,” Sunghoon babbled sadly. He had already downed two bottles of soju and he was drunk as anything by now.

“Sunghoon, alot of people are busy now, especially him~ He’s been writing a lot of songs and helping others with their music,” I said gently.

Sunghoon drank another shot.

“SO? I’m busy too! But I still make time for him…. I don’t think he cares anymore,” he said, slurring his words, with his voice on the verge of breaking.

‘Oh, no. Please don’t start crying Sunghoon,’ I prayed silently. Sunghoon always acted like a baby when he cried.

Too late.

“JeeeeeYong… What am I going to do?” he wailed. He began bawling.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. We looked at each other.

“Don’t answer it! It’s Jiwon. I know it’s him~” Sunghoon slurred weakly, quickly wiping away his tears. He tried to get up, but he was so drunk, he didn’t know what he was doing and I caught him, just as he was about to fall.

“Take me to my room, Jiyong…” he mumbled as I held him up.

The doorbell rang again, twice in a row, seeming to be urgent.

I debated whether I should take open the door or take Sunghoon to his room. I decided to do both.

I dragged Sunghoon over to the door, it seemed like he was barely conscious anyways, and opened the door.

There stood Jiwon, looking a bit dishevled, like he hadn’t gotten any sleep for the past few nights.

His dark eyes widened as he saw Sunghoon’s arm around my shoulder, drunk and not responding.

“What happened to him??” he demanded.

“What do you think happened?” I asked dryly.

He ignored my sarcasm and immediately hoisted Sunghoon onto his shoulder and started to walk him to Sunghoon’s room.

I followed slowly after him, watching him leading Sunghoon so carefully, and murmuring something inaudible in his ear. Sunghoon didn’t say a word during this time.

Jiwon then led Sunghoon to his bed and laid him down, tucking him in tightly under his sheets.

Just from watching them together, I don’t know what came over me…. He was so gentle and caring towards Sunghoon.. and I wished so much I had someone like him….

Before I could even stop myself, I walked forward and stood right behind him, so close.

He was bent over, tucking in Sunghoon, who had already fallen asleep, and then stood back up, and our bodies came into contact.

It was like time stopped. My heart was pounding in my chest and I wondered if he could feel it beating. His butt was so close to me and it started to create an irristiable itch in me that I had to apease….soon.

We stood there in silence, and I leaned over and breathed gently on his neck. I could already smell the scent of his wonderful cologne and I had this unbelievable urge to taste him.

I brought my lips down to his smooth dark neck and nipped him gently, my tongue slowly relishing in the salty taste of his skin. I could see his body immediatly tensing. I didn’t even care that we were in front of Sunghoon, doing this…..

I then brought my hand around his waist and over his stomach. I pushed him gently towards me so that I could feel his body against mine and already I was getting excited.

I could feel him breathing a little harder and he soon tilted his head slightly so that I could have easier access to his neck. I eagerly sucked on his skin and then let my hand trail down farther than his stomach, and I smiled gleefully as I could feel his growing bulge in his pants…

He sucked in as soon as I touched him, and suddenly turned around and grabbed my arm. Jiwon then dragged me out of the room and into the hallway. We looked at each other for one second before our lips met in an urgent kiss.

We couldn’t stop kissing and touching one another as we stumbled into the bathroom across Sunghoon’s bedroom. He shut the door as quietly as he could before we continued our little affair…

He was unbuttoning my shirt as fast as he could, as my lips were crushing his, wanting him to respond so badly…. He finally got my shirt opened and he pulled the shirt over my shoulders so that I was already half naked in front of him. Then he immediately started to yank at my belt and pants, wanting to see all of me… I was already hard as a rock and as he unbuckled my belt and unzipped me, his hand grazed over my penis and I thought I would explode from his delicate touch. He panted below me as he pulled my boxers down and took me in his hands. My mouth dropped as I shut my eyes tightly, experiencing this new sensation of him touching me so intimately.

And then he did the most odd thing. He started to massage me right there. We were both standing there, me naked in front of him, and he held me, squeezing me gently all around, working from the tip to the base, and I was pulsating so hard that I could hear my heart beating in my ears…. I held onto his shoulders as he pushed me back against the wall, the cold tiles shocking me against my already hot and sweating body…

“Don’t stop….” I mangaged to gasp out. He then began to unbuckle his belt, one hand still on me, as he undid his pants and I could see that he was just as hard and uncomfortable as me.

He squeezed me hard, one last time and I thought I would faint from the pain and pleasure. I then pulled him towards the toilet, the lid was already down, and I sat down on it because I didn’t think my legs could support me anymore…

Jiwon stood in front of me, his penis errect and I eyed him appreciatively as I took his hand and pulled him towards me so that he was sitting in my lap, facing me. The intimate contact was shocking as our organs brushed against one another and his soft buttocks were on my thighs.

I brought my hand down to his penis and held him tightly. I watched him in fascination, reacting to my squeezing and pulling. I let out a low chuckle as he squirmed uncomfortably in my lap.

I removed my hands and placed them firmly on his hips, trying to raise him and prepare myself to enter him, when we suddenly heard a faint voice in the midst of our panting.

“Jiwon….. Jiwon……”

It was Sunghoon calling for him.

And that was all it took.

Jiwon suddenly backed away from me. He grabbed his clothes and frantically began to pull them on. He even picked up my clothes and threw them over at me, signaling for me to get dressed. I held my clothes in my lap and didn’t move.

He couldn’t even look at me.

“Jiwon…..” I said hoarsely.

He was already all dressed, a little sweaty, but dressed. He stared down at the floor.

“I can’t do this to Sunghoon,” he said quietly and then opened the bathroom door and closed it behind him.


Was I mad at him for leaving me like that? I guess I could have been, but strangely enough, I wasn’t. We never had an episode like that again though. And even stranger, we still got along, maybe even better than before…. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

But I still thought about it long and hard. I knew that there *could* have been something between Jiwon and me. We could have been together, but right now, he had Sunghoon, and that was something I couldn’t compete with. So I guess it wasn’t meant to be, no matter how much I wished for it. And I suppose it was all for the best because I don’t know if he’d like it if he found out that I wasn’t a virgin. In fact, I lost it to another jekki member —- heh, but that’s another story.

So I finally just came down to this conclusion.

Sunghoon was one lucky bastard.


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