Jiwon waiting for Hoony to doll up by: ginvodka

jiwon waiting for Hoony to doll up.jpg


“Hoon-ah, what time does the movie starts?”

“330pm hyung. I’ve taken my shower, you should go get ready now.”

*after shower and change*

Jiwon took out his phone to play games while waiting for Sunghoon who is trimming his finger nails. He has just completed Stage 5 when Sunghoon finished with his nails. He was ready to go, but Sunghoon opened a mask pack.

“Hoon-ah~ What are you doing?!”

“Just give me 10 minutes hyung~ I want my skin condition to be good since its a date~♡” Sunghoon smiled and winked to Jiwon. So he waited, convincing himself that Sunghoon is taking care of his appearance to please him. He waited and waited, and waited… and he dozed off.

He woke up about 15 minutes later, Sunghoon was removing the mask. Jiwon rubbed his eyes then his face, stood up, stretched, and said, “alright, let’s go~”

Sunghoon wasn’t moving, he took the moisturiser, cream and serum, applied them one-by-one onto his face.

“Heol, are you not ready yet?! We’re gonna be late for the movie!” Jiwon looked at the time, it was almost 3pm.

“Relax, hyung, we still got plenty of time, I’ll even buy you pop corns and drinks. Just give me 10 more minutes~”

“Oh my god, you had your 10 minutes just now~~~” Jiwon scratched his head, blaming himself for allowing Sunghoon to apply mask… That’s the only thing he could do, for he is Hoony, he could never be mad of his Hoony~♡

*another 10 minutes later*

Jiwon grabbed the keys of his motorbike.

“Hyung, aren’t we driving”

“We’re going to miss the first 30 minutes if we go by car, don’t under-estimate the traffic even it’s a weekday.”
jiwon waiting for Hoony to doll up2.jpg“Arreasso~♡” Sunghoon hopped on, held his arms tight around Jiwon’s waist and rested his head on Jiwon’s shoulder.

“Chul-bal~♡” Jiwon happily announced while twisting the throttle for speed. He is glad that he made a wise decision to ride the motorcycle – he can enjoy Hoony’s hug and warmth for the whole journey~♡



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