Flower Crew by: N_chwa

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  • a JyonJin (Jiwon x Jaejin) short story
  • on-going
  • from asianfanfics


A JyonJin stories based on during their times at Flower Crew.

Jaejin knew that this whole idea just screams trouble to him.

How on earth was he paired up with Jiwon on an entertainment show, a travelling one at that!

Well, it should be fine, he suppose. As long as he keeps his feeling for the leader in check …….

It shouldn’t be that hard, right?


Hello everyone!

My name’s N_chwa and thank you for taking the time to read this.

I am a fellow Yellowkies (and SHCJ) and I absolutely adored this pairing.

Although I’m actually stuck between JyonJin and EunKang, but since there are none JyonJin Fic yet. I figured that I would write one for it (just to spread the love~)

Anyway, comments and ideas would be very welcomed so don’t be shy and do comment~!

PS: 1. I’m a newbie writer so please bear with me, ok?

  1. English is not my first language so I don’t guarantee that this fic will not have some grammatical errors.
  2. Do enjoy~


Before the first shooting

Jaejin’s POV

“Aigoo, where is it???”

Jaejin muttered to himself while rummaging through his suitcase. The once tidy pile of clothes are now scattered on the floor.

“Charles~ Have you seen my spare batteries ? Jiwon hyung will surely not bring these kind of stuffs to the trip. That’s his style, don’t you think so, Charles-ah?”

Instead of responding, Charles went inside Jaejin’s suitcase and started to make more mess.

“Aish, Charles!”

As Jaejin opens his mouth, ready to nag at Charles. His phone suddenly start ringing.

“Who could it be?” Fumed Jaejin.

Seeing the callers ID, his face quickly brightened. The caller was none other than Jiwon.

“Jiwon hyung?”

“ Jaejin-ah, what are you doing right now?”

“Aish hyung, packing obviously. Have you forgotten that tomorrow’s the shoot for Flower Crew?”

“Obviously I didn’t, but why are you still packing? It’s already 10 pm. Hyung have already finished packing a long time ago.”

“Knowing you, you’ll probably only brought the necessities. That’s why I’m packing for two right now, for both you and me”

At this, Jaejin heard Jiwon’s laughter from the other end of the line.

“You worry too much Jaejin-ah. Hyung’s an expert at this. I will take care of you, so don’t worry.”

Jaejin’s heart jumped. Sometimes, he will never be able to handle Jiwon’s sudden show of affection. He wondered how Sunghoon had been able to handle it until now. Ignoring his fastening heartbeat. Jaejin immediately snorted at the comment. He knows that fact a long time ago. Jiwon didn’t have to go on reminding him all the time… but still it won’t hurt to be prepared, right? Suddenly, something dawned upon his mind.

“Hyung, have you seen the pilot episode?”

“The pilot episode? Nope. I’m too nervous to watch it. I will know how the show works when I shoot it tomorrow.”

“The confidence of this hyung seriously…. And he said that he will take care of me tomorrow.” Thought Jaejin as he rolled his will take care of me tomorrow.” Thought Jaejin as he rolled his eyes.

“Jiwon hyung, I still have a lot to pack, so I’ll hang up now. Good night”

“Good night too Jaejin-ah. Sleep early, tomorrow’s going to be a long day.”

“Alright hyung, bye. Charles said bye too~”

“Bye Charles~”

At this, the line went dead. Jaejin sighed. He was not lying when he said he still have a lot to pack. Thankfully, all the items are already there…. Well except for one, those damn spare batteries.


“Oh, are you stuck, Charles? Here, let me help you~ Oh! Charles, you found it! Good girl~”

It turns out that the spare batteries had been hiding amidst Jaejin’s piles of clothes. He must have had missed it while he was searching for it. Jaejin quickly packed the rest of his stuffs neatly into his suitcase, making sure not to forget the problematic spare batteries.

And so Jaejin went to bed, unable to sleep as the thought of tomorrow plagued his anxious mind.

“I will take care of you, so don’t worry.”

But, somehow Jiwon’s words were more than enough to calm him down as he settled into a deep sleep.

A/N: Uwwaaahhh, my first fanfiction. I’m really sorry if the storyline is a bit slow. But if possible I would like to insert as many JyonJin moments in the plotline. Those subtle sweet moments, I live for them. >u< Lol, just kidding. It would be very helpful if you guys would give some comments on how I can improve my writing and please do tell me if I had make the characters a bit OOC. Until then, bye~



Jaejin’s POV

“Are you two close?” the PD asked.

“Of course, we are in the same group.” Jiwon answered.

“What? Group member?”

“ Is that it? Had their relationship just meant that all this time?”

Had Sechskies never reunited, would he and Jiwon even remain as friend? Were their relationship that fragile? This question had been lingering on Jaejin’s mind ever since the question was asked.

Actually, the morning had been great, he had a good night sleep and actually ate a proper breakfast for once, not fussing over his diet as a precautionary step to prepare for the trip. He met up with Jiwon at the entrance earlier and even formed an alliance together. But, it all had to be ruined by that stupid question.

He know that he shouldn’t be bothered by the question but somehow he is. Everything about it bothered him. The fact that Jiwon answered it without a second thought annoyed him.

Group member? Was that all there is between them? And of course, he himself is to be blame for overthinking it but how could he not?

Oh, it’s none other than because of the stupid feelings that he had for the obnoxious leader. Come to think of it, all of this started because of that stupid apple game, it’s not that he started because of that stupid apple game, it’s not that he didn’t have those kind of feelings towards Jiwon back then but having to stand so close to your secret crush with only an apple as the lone divider didn’t exactly help suppress those emotions.

Nope, not even close, it even strengthens them.

Especially the feeling when Jiwon was trapped under him made him wonder what would happen if that had actually happen in real life. Would Jiwon’s face turn scarlet? Would Jiwon even be able to maintain eye contact with him? Jaejin knew that Jiwon was quite flustered on doing the apple game with him. The proof? He can’t even look straight into Jaejin’s eye during the game.

But, come to think of it, Jiwon is the type to be the one on top, right? Oh well, top or down, he didn’t care. As long as it is with Jiwon.

Great, now he sounds like a love-sick pervert. Jaejin banged his head on the wall.

“ Get out bad thought! *bang* Daydreaming about your leader is not normal! *bang* Fancying your leader is not normal!

*bang* It will never happen anyway…”

Good move, now both his heart AND head hurts. Without a warning, suddenly Jiwon shows up out of nowhere, startling Jaejin.

“Jaejin-ah, what are you doing?”

“Err, nothing hyung, let’s go.”

“Are you sure? I’m sure I saw a bump on your head. Let me see!”

Jiwon starts examining Jaejin’s head, feeling the bump with his hand.

“Ah, hyung. Seriously it’s nothing. Stop it…” Jaejin’s attempt on stoping Jiwon was all in vain. After all, Jiwon was known to be stubborn.

“See! Your forehead is swollen! Nothing, my ass! Yah manager, get me some ointment!” Jiwon yelled to his manager.

“ Tch, how rude. He could just ask for it politely” thought Jaejin.

But even so, he can’t help the blush rising to his face. The sight of Jiwon’s face so close to him is so tempting. Perhaps he should lean closer? Forget about staying in the closet and just gobsmacked Jiwon on the lips? Ah, just thinking about it seems so tempting to Jaejin.

But, no matter how tempting it is, Jaejin know that it is not the right thing to do. Being homosexual had never been viewed positively in South Korea. Should he admitted to it, not only would he be scorned for it, Sechskies would also bear the brunt would he be scorned for it, Sechskies would also bear the brunt of it.

Sechskies….. they waited so long for this, the chance to be on stage together, the chance to be with their fans again, the chance to be together once more. He shouldn’t just selfishly toss away their hard work for his own desire. No, he absolutely cannot.

Mustering up his willpower, Jaejin quickly backed away from Jiwon.

“I said I’m fine. Let’s go hyung, we have to meet up with the others. Won’t want to make a bad first impression by being late, would we?”

Jaejin hurriedly scurried away, not noticing the weird look on Jiwon’s face.

A/N : Ah! Finally the second chapter is out! To be honest, I didn’t really know how to write this one hence the slow update. Lol, sorry. >_< Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Not forgetting, thank you very much to those who subscribe and commented on this fic! Haha, I will work hard! XD


Love-hate relationships?

So far, the day didn’t exactly go well for Jaejin. He knows that Jiwon noticed his silent-treatment towards him and are trying to figure out the problem. But, what can he do except ignore that oblivious leader of him? If he stick by Jiwon’s side throughout the whole shooting, he won’t guarantees that his feeling will remain hidden.

Up until now, he had been lucky that all of the variety programs that he need to join casted other Sechskies members as well. That way, he could lessen his attention towards Jiwon but now…. He can only pray that he didn’t mess up during the shooting.

As the shooting further on, Jaejin managed to keep his distance from Jiwon. But, under the scrutinizing gazes of the leader, he can’t help but squirm a bit especially when he can sense the leader’s intense gaze on him. The other crew member even keep on stealing glaces at them, wondering just what the heck happened to them. Jaejin hope that the whole shooting wouldn’t have to be this awkward. But, after a while, Jiwon had finally given up on his attempt on staring at Jaejin’s side profile for an answer. He then proceed to converse casually with the other members, asking general question regarding the shooting and whatnot.

In a short matter of time, Jiwon had been able to fit in their social circle, laughing at some of their jokes and even making some of his lame old jokes.That was of no surprise since Jiwon had meet a lot of people in his line of work thus making him able to approach other people easily. Despite his stern looks and evil personality, Jiwon had always been able to attract other people due to his charismatic appeal.

Jaejin had always admired Jiwon because of that. He on the other hand is quite introverted and awkward around other people especially to those that he just met. Surely making friends with the other cast members are going to be hard. Suddenly the whole idea of the shooting itself began to sound unfavourable for Jaejin. Should he just denied the offer since the beginning? But then, he had already agreed to do the shows….

“Ah, I don’t know anymore!!!!!” Thought Jaejin sulkily while kicking the pebbles near his feet…. only for the pebbles to hit one of the main writer at front. Shocked, Jaejin quickly apologizes towards her fully noticing the eyes of the crew members on him. Oh god, he can already sense the heat coming to his neck.

“Ugh, please just ignore me.” Oh how Jaejin wish that the ground would just swallow him whole at that moment.

“Yah, Seho-ah, why is your pant so red today! Are you trying to attract other’s attention?” Suddenly Jiwon asked Seho loudly garnering the attention of the others.

“Hyung, you got it all wrong! This is what a proper attire for mc’ing supposed to be!” Retort Seho.

“Buahaha! I suppose. But you really stands out right now. With the matching jacket and pants.” Laugh Jiwon.

“Hahahaha! You’re right~” The others had join the conversation too and are now relentlessly teasing Seho about his clothes.

The teasing however finally comes to a stop (much to the relief of poor Seho) when it is time to change the shooting destination. As they all began to move, Jiwon sneakily walks beside Jaejin.

“You okay?” asked Jiwon.

“Oh hyung, what do you mean?”

“Just now, you were embarrassed weren’t you” Jiwon smirked.

“No, why would I?” Although Jaejin seemed compose at the outside but on the inside, he was panicking. His eyes keep on darting everywhere unknown to him. Jiwon upon seeing that stifled his laughter.

“Aish hyung, go away!”

“Just admit it, you idiot!”

“Admit what?!”

“That you were embarrassed.”

‘I’m not! And even if by slight chances I were, why would you care?!”

“Yah, Lee Jaejin, that’s not how you’re supposed to talk to your leader and shouldn’t you be thanking me instead?!”

“Why should I? I didn’t ask for your help in the first place.”Oblivious to their surrounding, their bickering had been the focus of two inviduals at that time which is none other than Cho Seho and Yoo Byungjae.

“Those two…. are really close, huh?”

“Are you sure? I just hope that their bickering won’t turn into a fist fight.” Just when those words were muttered, a loud string of curses can be heard.

“That must be Jiwon hyung. -_-” Both of them thought. True enough Jiwon and Jaejin are still bickering, showing no sign of stopping. Every now and then, Jiwon would yell cuss words at Jaejin while the latter continue coming up with a bunch of retorts towards the leader. Although the two continue to bicker, they still stand side by side, arms brushing each other as they walked towards their destination much to the confusion of others.


Jaejin was nervous. Right now, it’s the time he dreaded the most. It’s time to split up the group. He sincerely hope that he would end up in the same team as Jiwon. The silent treatment be damned. Heck, he won’t even mind if they were to be chosen in the muddy road team as long as they are together. After all Jiwon is the expert here whilst he is still a newbie and surely being alone on a different team with none other than Jiwon would only be disadvantageous to him. Not only was he awkward but he’s bound to just spill whatever in his thoughts without Jiwon by his side to scold him.

Jaejin bit his lip, muttering prayers under his breath that Seo Janghoon would not separate them.

However, much to his chagrin. Jiwon’s name were called to the other side, at that time he can’t help but curse at the oldest in the group. He was sure by now that his disappointment must be palpable towards the others as he can spotted the PD smiling apologetically towards him. To make matter worse, the only teammate that he would have is Yoo Byungjae. Yoo freaking Byungjae. Oh god, how was he supposed to be close with this guy. Up until now, he hadn’t even strike up a single conversation with that guy.

Heck, just by what he sees earlier during their first meeting, Byungjae seems like a shy and awkward person too. *sigh* What if there would be nothing worth capturing during their time together as a team? What about their screentime? Aish… it would be bad…. And this is his first time being casted for an entertainment show without his members. He need to set up a good example for the other members like Jiwon-hyung.

Lost in his thought, Jaejin fails to notice his name being called repeatedly. Only after a few quick nudge from Byungjae does he finally realized that all of the eyes present have turned towards him. Startled, Jaejin quickly turned his face towards Jiwon, silently screaming for help.

It’s your turn to pick the transfer ticket, Jiwon mouthed.

Exhaling a breath of relief, Jaejin walk towards the PD and take his transfer ticket. Ignoring the curious stares of others, he carefully picked one of the transfer ticket hoping that by getting the right one he would be able to bring Jiwon into his team. Unfortunately, he didn’t get lucky and only received the faulty transfer ticket.

Curious, he peered to see others reaction, well more specifically Jiwon’s reaction. Most of them including Jiwon sported a stoic features on their faces, some sported an exaggeratively happy face, intending to further confuse others. The recording had just begun, yet the mind game had already been set in motion.

“I better be careful, no one are to be trusted….. well except for Jiwon-hyung”. Recalling the pact between them that had happen earlier in the morning.

As Jaejin looked at Jiwon’s face, their eyes crossed each other. Jaejin saw something twinkled in Jiwon’s eyes. Something sneaky and akin to assurance in those black orbs of his leader.

“ Could it be?” ponder Jaejin.

His line of thought however got interrupted as the PD told them to start moving to their respective vehicles.

As they all readied themselves to go to the next location, Jaejin spotted Jiwon coming toward his direction.

“ Dup dap dup dap-“ Jaejin’s heart began to speed up. Jaejin quickly averted his eyes, making sure to avoid Jiwon’s intense gaze.

“Hyu-“ Before Jaejin can finished his sentence, Jiwon however quickly cut him off.

“Byungjae, can I talk to you for a minute?” asked Jiwon to Jaejin’s only team mate.

“Sure hyung.” Byungjae not noticing Jaejin’s flabbergasted expression complied Jiwon’s request.

Watching the two figures walk away, Jaejin can’t help but feel disappointed. As a feeble attempt to calm his heart and temper, he fumbles the content of his bag until suddenly his hand come in contact with one of the objects that had kept him occupied yesterday.

“Ah, the spare batteries for hyung. Would he need it?” Sparing a glance towards where Jiwon and Byungjae is, Jaejin just huffed in annoyance and quickly put the spare batteries back into his bag.

“Why would he need it, after all he’s the expert.” Said Jaejin quoting what Jiwon had repeatedly said to him.

After the two had finished up their conversation, Jaejin saw that Jiwon is coming towards him again.

“What now. False hope again?” thought Jaejin distastefully. As Jiwon neared him, Jaejin was about to give the leader a piece of his mind for ignoring him earlier only for the leader to cut him off again by ruffling his hair.

“ Yah! Lee Jaejin, don’t be too rude, alright? Watch your mouth and don’t give that poor guy a hard time alright?” Jiwon said as he grins widely unaware of the effect that he had to the other guy.

“Aish hyung. I will say whatever I want and what were you doing with Byungjae just now??? Are you trying to gang up on me?” Jaejin pull his face to a scowl as he try to not sound jealous.

“Stubborn brat, just listen to your hyung for once will you? And I was just giving him advice on how to handle you. Wouldn’t want him to have a high blood pressure after the shoot. After all, you nearly stressed out Jaesook-hyung.” said Jiwon exasperatedly.

“Also, I won’t be with you for the time being so don’t go around making enemies, okay? If I heard any complaint, you’re dead meat!” Jaejin just rolled his eyes at the threat. The threat was nothing new, he had already been used to it by now.

“Yeah yeah, just go. You’re making Janghoon-hyung wait for you again.”

“Fine but mark my word. Don’t make any problem, okay?” Jiwon said as he ruffled Jaejin’s hair yet again before departing to his group.

Althought he was more than aware that someone is calling his name, most probably Byungjae but he just stood there motionless as he watched Jiwon’s silhouette disappearing from his sight.

After making sure the leader is out of his sight. Jaejin finally lets out the smile he had been holding. He then proceeds to touch the spot where Jiwon had just pat him, relieving the leader’s touch.

Jaejin is sure that he must look like a fool right now, well how can he not? Who on earth would be standing in the middle of the road while patting and grining to himself? Yep, definitely look like a fool, a fool in love that is.

“Jiwon-hyung is worried about me~” Jaejin gleefully thought to himself. If not for the fact that he was not alone, he would have shouted the sentence right now and then, but oh well he have an image to keep. But still, he can’t help but to hum happily as he walked to where Byungjae is, fully noticing the weird looks that the younger guy is giving him. Oh well, screw him, if he wants to hum, then hum he shall. Bearing that in his mind, he just continue his act, not caring what the younger guy would think about him.

Byungjae upon realizing that perhaps this is one of of Jaejin’s unique traits just shrugged it off.

“Come on hyung, we have a plane to catch.” Byungjae said as he get into the car.

“Wait, plane? Crap, crap, crap, did he bring it? Jaejin thought as he fumbled with the content of his bag.

“ Hyung, what are you doing?”

“Byunjae, what should I do? I left my wallet and my identification card at home.”

“You what?!”

A/N: Hey there, it’s me again. So sorry for the late update! Apart from writer block being the reason, the other reason being that I was too busy reading other’s fanfiction instead of focusing on my own. I know I know, it’s all my fault. But honestly, there are sooooooooo many good stories out there, I can’t stop reading them. *o*

But, do not fret, I will not abandon this story! Althought I may not update it constantly… huhu, sorry… T_T

Also, what do you think of this chapter??? Was it too long and boring? Sorry if it didn’t meet your expectations but if you guys have any comments and suggestion, feel free to do so at the comment section~

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Well then, that’s it from me, till we meet again. Have a nice day everyone~

P/s : sorry for the sucky title, but I can’t think of anything good right now. *brain-dead lol*


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